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whenever I see the 2016 rogue photos on my dash I'm always so shocked that it's more... homoerotic -I guess?- than I remember it. it portrays so much longing. like, I still can't believe those pics weren't accompanying a coming out article. even jared's quote that they put next to one of the pics!! "we thought we had the world by the balls and we quickly figured out that we did not" or something. holy shit, you know?

I KNOW!! The first time I saw those photos, I thought they were fake. Because there’s no fucking way two “straight, just best friends, that’s all haha” men would….look like that together.

They’re ridiculous and amazing and I LOVE THOSE PICTURES SO GODDAMN MUCH. Maybe the photographer was secretly also a tinhat? That’d be fucking hilarious.

Thanks for the message, bby! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks those photos look, as you said perfectly, completely homoerotic.

Fucking kill me.


Genre: Slight Angst/Fluff

Character: BadBoy!Yoongi x Reader AU

College AU 

Word Count: 3,304

A/N: I feel like Yoongi would best fit the bad boy role. Inspired by the hundreds of pictures of him in a leather jacket. My love for this man is unreal… I can’t. Hope you all like it! I really enjoyed writing this female lead c: 

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-          Admin Mochi

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              Min Yoongi, just from hearing his name some people would quiver in fear, but not her. While others tried to distance themselves from the bad boy she insisted on getting closer. The whole world knew about her crush on the leather clad flower boy and that was because she had publicly announced it several times. She claimed him as her own the moment she had laid her eyes on him in the college campus. Y/N followed him around like the little love struck puppy she was and at times he used this to his advantage. Y/N often found herself doing the silver tongued boy’s homework because he would either forget or because he didn’t feel like wasting his time on it. Yoongi also didn’t ever have to worry about packing or buying lunch because every day without a fail she would make him some. And that was nothing compared to some of the other things she would go out of her way just to do for him. Many could argue that he was only using her, but even if that were true she had fallen too hard to care.

               Although at times he appreciated everything that she did for him he often found himself getting annoyed. No matter how much he pushed her away, she kept coming back. It all started when she was walking home from school one cold winter day, she tightly wrapped her scarf around her neck and nuzzled into the soft fabric. Her ears perked hearing high pitched whines and cries, squinting she noticed a boy wearing skinny jeans, a leather jacket, and a black beanie kneeled in front of a cardboard box. Inside was a puppy, reaching into his pocket he took out a can of wet dog food and set it in front of the hungry pup who happily ate it. What he did next intrigued her the most, he took off his seemingly expensive jacket and set it inside the box with the stray dog. With that the mysterious mint haired man walked away. Y/N hurriedly ran over to the small dog, its tiny tail wagged in excitement at the pretty girl before him. The dog was snuggled into the boy’s coat, a small smile formed on her lips. How sweet. Carefully she wrapped the dog in it and carried it off with her, to its new home, her home.

               The roaring of an engine could be heard, his obsidian black Harley Davidson Iron 883 pulled up and parked in its usual spot. She squealed in delight as she skipped over to greet him. His mint hair slightly sticking against his pale forehead due to the broiling summer heat. Her hand wandered into her backpack, she took out an ice cold bottle of water then handed it to him. Without even a ‘thank you’ he snatched the bottle away and unscrewed the lid then proceeded to gulp its contents.

               “Good morning Yoongi oppa!” Y/N happily hummed taking away the empty recyclable plastic from his hands.

               “I don’t see what’s so good about it.” He grumbled shooting her a glare that she was very well immune to.

               “You get to see me~” the smaller girl cooed as she walked besides him to their first class.
               “You say that like it’s a good thing.” Yoongi groaned trying not to roll his eyes at her pouty face.

               “I made you lunch today!” she exclaimed taking out a kumamon bento and setting it in front of him. They sat outside under a big oak tree, Yoongi hated crowded places and quite honestly she did too. Plus, this way she had him all to herself.

               “Don’t you always?” his tone dull and sarcastic, but nevertheless she continued to smile. Without another word he picked up his chopsticks and started to eat from the cutesy lunch box while she gazed at him with her big doe eyes. “Are you just going to just stare at me the whole time?” she could tell he was getting irritated, she shook her head in response and he sighed. “Then eat.” he hissed taking another bite of his food. Yoongi didn’t have to tell her twice, without another word the girl slowly started consuming her own lunch but not without sneaking glances at the fair skinned boy besides her. He shook his head at her subtle attempts, they were everything but that.

               “Oppa!” Y/N waved her hand over at the taller boy and ran towards him hugging what seemed to be papers to her chest. “You almost forgot your homework.” She panted going through the folders and handing him his trigonometry packet. His eyes scanned the sheets, everything seemed just about right. He gave her a quick nod and pat on the head before heading to trig. Y/N gleefully shrieked at their slight physical interaction, she could care less about the strange looks people were giving her. It was funny how something so small could make her heart swell up in utter delight. The affect he had on her was unreal.

               Unlike him Y/N was done for the day, she peacefully sat in the library flipping through cook books. She had recently found out that ‘her’ Min Yoongi had an odd obsession with lamb skewers and she was determined to make him some of the best he’s ever had, problem being she had never cooked lamb in her life but that wasn’t going to stop her. After writing down several recipes she checked her phone and realized his class would be dismissed any minute. Hastily she packed her belongings and bolted towards the building his class was held. Y/N peeked in the room since the door was open only to notice they had already been released, yet he was still there.

               “-But yeah, you should tutor me one of these days, seeing as how you’re always getting straight A’s.” his classmate commented in her sickly sweet voice.

               “Should I?” he mused licking his lips before continuing. “What’s in it for me?”

               “Depends, what do you want?” her voice thick with desire, while Y/N’s face was full of disgust.

               “As if he’d want to waste his time on someone like you.” Y/N growled through her gritted teeth as she stormed into the room.

               “And who are you?” the girl snapped raking her eyes over Y/N.
               “His girlfriend.”
               “Says who?” Yoongi snarled.
               “Oppa!” she whined stomping her foot on the ground before making her way to his side. “I’ll give you till the count of three to leave, if I hit one and you’re still here you’ll have more than just your failing grades to worry about.” Y/N crooned with  a cute little grin adorning her lips, not wanting to find out what would happen if she stayed the other girl scurried away but not before cursing her under her breath.

               “Can you stop going around acting like I’m your boyfriend?” his husky voice lower than usual.
               “Why?” she was genuinely confused and that only irked him more.
               “Because I’m not!”
               “But you will be.” She stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, because she’d always made sure to paint it that way.
               “No, I won’t be. Ever.”
               “Oppa don’t say things you don’t mean.” Her giggling infuriated him further, enough was enough.
               “I don’t like you and never will.” His words made her frown, but that didn’t stop him. “Not only are you annoying, you’re stupid now too?” she had never seen him so furious. “So stop following me around, stop making me lunch, and just leave me alone.” his words hurt. Although she didn’t care what others had to say, he was a different story. She felt as if someone had socked her in the stomach and in that one blow all the oxygen had left her lungs, she found it quite difficult to breath. Every now and then Yoongi would lose his patience with the girl, but never had he gone this far. Had she finally pushed him over the edge? She refused to accept defeat. Looking back up her frown was replaced with a meek smile.

               “So what do you want for lunch tomorrow oppa?” Y/N questioned dismissing his outburst. “How do lamb skewers sound?”

               “Are you fucking kidding me? I know you heard me just now.” Yoongi stared at her in disbelief. “So get it through your fucking head, we never were and never will be anything.” He spoke through his gritted teeth. “So fuck off.” With that he walked out of the room not bothering to look back. Y/N bit her bottom lip so hard she could taste iron in her mouth, her heart clenched at his words, which replayed in her head like a broken record.

               The following day was a peaceful one for Min Yoongi because she wasn’t around. At first he had assumed Y/N had taken the hint, but he soon realized she wasn’t even at school seeing as how she had not showed up to any of the classes they had together. It was odd because he thought the heavy hearted feeling that had formed after he went off on her yesterday would have left by now, but instead it had only gotten worse. He sat under his usual tree with the lunch he bought, after unwrapping it he took a bite but quickly set it down not liking the taste. It was bland, it lacked something, something that he usually only found in Y/N’s cooking. Love? He shook his head at the ridiculous thought, why was he even thinking about her? Not wanting the food to go to waste he tried to ingest as much as he could, but unlike her cooking it wasn’t enjoyable.

               It was now past noon and he sat in the empty classroom looking out the window, the lecture had ended twenty minutes ago but he found himself sitting there for some odd reason. Then it hit him, he was sitting there waiting for her. It had become a routine, he tried to tell himself as he finally left the class. The hallways felt empty despite them being crowded with several other students and he didn’t understand why.

               Outside of Y/N’s home Yoongi could be spotted on his motorcycle, he had subconsciously driven there. It had become a habit to take her home every Wednesday because on that day she would stay late after school due to club activities. No matter how many times he would tell her ‘next time ride the bus’ he would always be there waiting for her with an extra helmet in his hand even though she didn’t ask, but she was always grateful. He scolded himself as he prepared to leave, but right before he could something caught his eye. Exiting from her front door was a tall chestnut haired male, before he could get a better view the man had already disappeared.

               “And this is where I go to school!” she exclaimed waving her arms at the several buildings behind her, Taehyung grinned at her cute gesture.

               “So when will I be meeting that boy you’re always talking about?” he questioned wiggling a brow at her. “What’s his name again…? Yoongi?” Y/N’s composure immediately dropped at the mention of his name, the events from the other day coming back to her. His cruel words still lingering in her mind.

               “About that…” she murmured fiddling with her fingers, she didn’t want to tell him out of embarrassment but he was her best friend. After a quick summary of what had happened Taehyung’s usual cheerful face was anything but that.

               “What a jerk Y/N.” his face scrunched in displeasure. “He must be blind not to see how lucky he is to have you even give him the time of day.” Typical Taehyung, being a sweetheart as always.

               “Taetae…” she croaked trying to keep back from crying, having noticed this he quickly engulfed her into a heartfelt hug.
               “Don’t you dare cry, he’s not worth it.” He whispered while stroking her hair soothingly.

               Yoongi froze noticing it was Y/N who was being hugged by the tall male whose face he couldn’t see, quickly composing himself he scoffed and continued to class. He refused to admit the scene bothered him, even if it was just a teeny bit. 

              Sitting in his seat he could see from the open door out of the corner of his eye as she approached their government class, but she wasn’t alone. She was accompanied by the same guy from earlier and to his surprise it was the same brunette from yesterday, the guy who he spotted leaving her house. He gave her a tight hug and then ruffled her hair before he left, Yoongi could see her smiling brightly just how she would whenever he would pat her head. He didn’t like the fact that she was smiling like that because of another man.

               The class felt longer than usual and as soon it had ended she was out of there. Although he would never admit it, Yoongi was annoyed by the fact that she had not bothered to even approach him once. But that was what he wanted, wasn’t it?

               The mint haired boy stirred in his sleep after some hearing noise. He groggily rubbed his eyes trying to get rid of the sleepiness. Yoongi could hear the voices getting louder, it was them. A couple yards away Y/N sat close, too close to the same guy from that morning. They were under a shaded tree enjoying their lunch together talking about who knows what, it must have been interesting because they couldn’t stop laughing. His eyes landed on the two lunch boxes and one was his bento, his kumamon. She didn’t. He thought enviously peering at Taehyung take food from it, he wasn’t sure why, but he felt betrayed.

               As the teacher continued to lecture, Yoongi could only think about what he had seen today. His eyes wandered everywhere except the white board until they landed on the window besides him. He admired the view outside. He spotted something familiar, he knew that turtle plush charm hanging off of that backpack anywhere. Taehyung’s arm was placed on Y/N’s shoulders as they walked further and further off campus. He’d had enough.

               Unable to stand the nagging feeling in his heart any longer, he stormed out in the middle of the lecture and made his way towards his bike. Reeving the engine angrily he sped towards her house not caring whether he had broken a couple of laws in the process. He parked his bike in front of her home and hopped off, there he leaned against his Harley with his arms crossed looking like all of hell just broke loose.

               “Bye Taetae!” his girl called out before giving Taehyung one last hug and waving at him frantically, he had to be somewhere urgently so he left her about two houses away from her own. Turning around she continued to walk to her residence and that’s when she noticed Yoongi standing there in his ripped skinny jeans, white V-neck, and black leather jacket, looking as good as ever. Y/N bit her bottom lip trying to resist the urge of running up to him and clinging onto him like a needy baby koala. She was confused as to why he was right outside of her house, but she didn’t dare ask. He had been the one to push her away, so he should be the one to pull her back. Pretending not to see him Y/N continued to walk up to her front door.

               “Yah, where do you think you’re going?” he hissed walking up to her and grabbing her arm then turning her around. Her eyes widened in shock at the sudden contact.
               “That’s surprising, you usually come running to me whenever you see me.” He cockily stated ticking his brow upwards.

               “Yeah, but I have better things to do now…” she mumbled looking down.

               “Like what? Hang out with that loser?” Yoongi sneered causing her to snap. Oh hell no.
               “Don’t call him that!” she was obviously mad and he hated that what triggered her was talking about another man.
               “Struck a nerve I see.”
               “You can say whatever you want about me, but don’t you dare talk about Taetae.” Nonetheless he tried to remain calm, but she was making it hard with how defensive she was being over some guy.
               “Taetae? What kind of name is that?”
               “His name is Taehyung, Taetae is just my nickname for him.” He suddenly felt a pang of insecurity, she’s never given me a nickname.

               “Whatever.” Yoongi scoffed. “I don’t ever want to see that guy around you ever again, understood?”
               “Excuse me?” she shot him an incredulous look.
               “You heard me, you should know by now I hate sharing what’s mine.” Wait what…
               “And who says I’m yours?” Y/N grimaced.
               “You. You’ve said it several times.” but
               “Last time I checked you didn’t want me anywhere near you.” She quickly countered.
               “About that-“
               “So you haven’t forgotten? Then go, I don’t know what you’re doing here.” As much as it hurt her to say those words she refused to keep letting him step over her. She didn’t want to go back to how things were before, she wanted much more.  
               “Is it fun? Playing with me that is and with my feelings?” her dry bitter laughter caught him off guard. “I can’t do this anymore… It hurts, Yoongi… It’s just too much, I-“ tears threatened to fall if she continued, he quickly shut her up by crashing his lips down on hers. She had been waiting months for this, it felt surreal. The kiss was soft, yet rough at the same time. Her heart pounded rapidly against her chest as his lips continued to move against her, they were so warm, so sweet. She could feel her worries melt away along with her anger. His hand rested on the back of her head, his fingers tangling in her long locks. His free arm was wrapped around her waist tightly, he refused to let her go, again. He found this easier, because Min Yoongi had never been good with words.

               “I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to ride on a motorcycle…” her sultry voice made him inwardly cringe. “Maybe you should show me.”
               “I don’t think my girlfriend would like that.” The leather clad flower boy stated with a smirk, but even with that she didn’t seem to be backing off.

               “She doesn’t have to know.” She suggested resting her hand on his chest as she shot him a coy smile.
               “Yah. Look here skank, if I ever see you talking to my oppa ever again you’re going to find out what it’s like to ride on an ambulance instead. Understood?” Y/N snarled roughly shoving the slightly taller girl away from Yoongi.

               “Crazy bitch…” she whispered walking away, but Y/N didn’t care. Her arms wrapped around his neck, she buried her face in the crook of his neck and pouted.

               “Oppaaaa!” the girl whined pulling away enough so she could see his face. “You’re not supposed to talk to other girls!” his eyes twitched at her childish tone.

               “And you’re not supposed to talk to other guys.” he argued rolling his eyes, it wasn’t like he wanted to talk to that girl, she had approached him first.
               “If you’re referring to Taetae then we’ve already been over this, he’s my best friend.” She reasoned, he could be a little too possessive sometimes. It was just one of his many odd ways of showing he cared.
               “And I’m your boyfriend.”
               “Exactly, so you have nothing to worry about.”

               “I better not.” Yoongi whispered into her ear causing a shiver to run down her back. “So… When are you making me those lamb skewers?”

#7 - “Watch me”

Sum: Shawn and Y/N are fighting and Y/N decides that enough is enough.

Words: 747

Originally posted by bottomoftheoceanworld

“No! Don’t you dare blame this on me, Shawn!”

 "Well, what do you expect me to do?“

 "I don’t know, trust me maybe?!" 

"How am I suppose to? Tell me, Y/N, because I am DYING to know!”

This argument had been going for at least 30 minutes now. The day had started out perfectly. Your best friend, Ashton, had just come home from living across the world and you hadn’t seen each other in years. Ash asked you to grab a coffee which you gladly accepted.

The thing was that fans had spotted you hugging and kissing cheeks and the tweets spread rumors faster than a lightning. Of course Shawn had seen the pictures and was by now furious.

“Because he is my best friend and I would never do anything to hurt you.” You responded with a loud voice. Shawn snorted and folded his arms over his chest. 

“Shawn, you meet hundreds of girls each day and you never hear me complaining when you kiss their cheeks.”

“That’s a whole different thing, Y/N.”

“But it isn’t!” You argued and crossed your arms over your chest as you took a step closer to him.

“Yeah it is! My job includes meeting fans. It’s pretty much my duty to make them happy. Without them I am nothing.”

“What about my happiness?” You mumbled and looked down on your feet. In the corner of your eyes you saw how Shawn frowned confused and rolled his eyes.

“What about it?” He simply answered.

“How do think I’m feeling when you go off touring, sometimes being away for over 6 months?” 

He stood silent.

“How do you think I’m doing? It’s not like I’m having sex with each guy I see just because you’re not home and I feel alone. Shawn, I wait for you to come home because I love you.”

Shawn snorted and rolled his eyes once again. 

“Why should I believe what you’re saying? Who knows, maybe you’ve been sleeping around. Maybe you’ve been a stupid groupie all this time? Maybe, each time I’m in the studio, Ashton comes here and fucks you behind my back?”


Those words hit you like knives stabbing you over and over again. How could he say that? You would never, ever do such thing. You thought he knew that. 

You just glared at him with wide eyes and a slightly open mouth. You felt like crying, but not in front of Shawn. No, he didn’t deserve your tears.

Suddenly his face turned around as he just realized what he said. 

“N-no, Y/N I didn’t—" 

"Save it.” You interrupted him and turned around to grab your bag on the floor. You couldn’t stay anymore.

“Where are you going?” He asked with a voice of panic. You stood up straight and swung your bag over you shoulder and looked at your boyfriend. 

“Not your concern. I’m surprised you even care.” You muttered and grabbed your converse to put them on.

“But it is my concern!” You gave him an angry glare and ignored him. Now he cares? About time.

 "Y/N, don’t you dare. Don’t you dare walk out on me.“ He said and glared at you with a clenched jaw. You took a few deep breaths before you turned around and headed for the door. 

"Watch me, superstar.”

You were about to open the door when a hand quickly smashed the door close again. You caught your breath and jumped around to see Shawn standing only a few inches away from your face with his hands pressed against the door to hold it close. You opened your mouth to scream at him, but no words came out.

“Don’t go.” Shawn husky muttered and looked into your Y/EC eyes with such desperation. You didn’t have an answer. You just looked into his brown eyes and felt yourself drowning in them.


Suddenly he crashed his lips on yours which made you catch your breath in surprise. He pressed you up against the door even more and held his hands on your hips. You started to relax and kissed him back which made him squeeze your hips even more.

After a few seconds he slowly pulled back and rested his forehead against yours as you both breathed each other in.

“Stay. Please. I love you.” He raspy whispered. You gulped hard before nodding your head slowly.

 "I’m not going anywhere.“




(just realized that i made these and never showed the world)

so after jumping headfirst into hell the lazytown fandom in 2016 (because why not), i saw someone uploaded the recipes that used to be on the website or smthn? anyways, the only one that i really wanted to make was Robbie Rotten’s Chocolate Bombs and so i did (i know the pictures aren’t the best but w/e). i didn’t follow the recipe exactly, as i used almond milk, egg whites, sugar in the raw, and no baking powder because ḯŧ’ş ẖǽļťḩƴ what i had.

overall, they weren’t bad (10/10 would make again) but i feel like a different sugar or maybe some chocolate sauce on top would have made them better but eh they’re pretty amazing anyways.


Coffee Date?

I was going to go into the office today, but I slept super terribly.  I need to get a few things done, but I’d much rather do it in my bathrobe and in the company of the world’s best coworkers (perhaps rivaled a bit by @runningforbiscuits‘ coworkers).  Walter was just happy for extra morning chin scratches.  The Boo Boos had other priorities.  The coffee cups are in the cabinet above the cat treats–he’s patiently awaiting his treats.

I shared the quote I liked and the book I’m reading on Facebook, as well as here.  Apparently, my mother wasn’t a fan.  I made my regular phone call to her and was met with, “I think I deserve great credit for my restraint because I HATED the quote and picture you shared, but I didn’t make any negative comment.” Um, what? This led to a long diatribe that I won’t get into here, but it really soured my mood.  I’ve mentioned before that I am not a fan (to put it mildly) of The Cowboy Church that my parents began attending a few years ago. I have no problem with any religion; however, if the cornerstone for your religious expression seems to be bashing anyone who is even remotely different than you…well, I can’t get on board with that.

I was discussing this with the husband last night, and I’m not sure which I’m more upset about: (1) the fact that my mother is now so forcefully opposed to certain things that she once encouraged me to support/embrace/learn more about or (2) the fact that the woman who was a big part of the reason that I grew up wanting to approach the world with an open mind; a desire to understand, value, and respect diversity; and a compulsion to stand up for the underdog is now someone who I don’t recognize as the earlier role model she was for me.  I think #2 is pretty significant in why I’m most upset.  It just feels like a huge blow.  Perhaps I’m being dramatic.  But, my worldview is extremely important to me.  I respect everyone’s right to their own opinions and judgements regardless of how they sit in relation to my own.  My father’s beliefs have long been radically different to mine.  So, why am I so completely thrown by this?!    

Hi everyone! i decided to do a follow forever for the new year because i want to show appreciation before 2016 ends.

So i hope everyone’s having a good day of a year that hasn’t been the best, but hopefully y’all have had some positive memories from it when the world goes into 2017 and that 2017 will be much better both personally and worldwide. i just wanted to thank everyone for making my time on here really great and for posting pictures, making beautiful edits, coming up with funny text posts or just cheering on your favorite football team! it has been up and downs on this site with people not being so kind to one and other but for the most part, in my own opinion, it has been awesome to come on here on a match day and being apart of a community that i myself don’t really have outside of tumblr (maybe some can relate to this)

anyway i hope 2017 will be a year of prosper, happiness, new experiences, new people, making even more memories that will last forever and that you will take of yourself because you are important, wonderful, amazing and deserve to live the life YOU want to live. so HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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I don’t know if you knew but Misha might be retiring. I thought I would share this picture because it’s the one that actually got me into Yuzuru Hanyu. Misha was one of the first skaters I started watching and when I heard this news I was devastated.He always seemed like the person who you thought would never retire but when they do it’s heart wrenching and you wish they could just skate forever. He is such an amazing person and skater and I wish him the best of luck to whatever adventures he might go on after worlds.

This things comes from the love I have for the universe in Rita’s fic, the wonderful A little push in the right Direction from the lovely @crossroadswrite.

The whole “the Hales are protectors of Beacon Hills. Everybody knows what they are, but are too polite to mention it. Also the Stilinski/Hale kids are too cute and they want to pinch their cheeks” vibe was the best and I kindly screamed about it in reviews.

So I decided to write a Kate trying to seduce Teenager!Derek in this world, only to face an entire city turning against her.

It was supposed to be a few words of fun, it turned into 5k writen in one night on a tiny phone and I just don’t know. I give up.

(Also @seanconneraille is a gift to mankind)

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Children’s Tales

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 Growing up, Kate’s favorite story was one polished by dozen generations of Argents. It always started the same, with her mother caressing her hair and kissing the middle of her forehead before whispering.

 Be careful, little girl.

 Don’t go causing troubles in Beacon Hills, because the Hales live there, little girl.


 Be careful of their fangs and claws, little girl.

 They are of the oldest blood, little girl, wild things roaming the forest on four legs.


 Be careful of wild magic, little girl, of a land alive and untamable by men.

 Be careful, little girl, because their power comes from the bones of hundreds protectors and thousands beaten foes buried in the ground.

 Keep away from Beacon Hills, little girl, or the Hales will destroy you.

 And Kate, still a little girl, listened and dreamed of being the one turning legends to ashes.

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The Signs as Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Aries: “Do I know you? Because you look a lot like my next girlfriend.”
Taurus: “Did it hurt? When you fell out of heaven?”
Gemini: “Do you have a name or can I call you mine?”
Cancer: “You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall… is in love with me.”
Leo: “Do you have a map? Because I just keep getting lost in your eyes!”
Virgo: “If you stood in front of a mirror and held up 11 roses, you would see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.”
Libra: “Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?”
Scorpio: “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”
Sagittarius: “Even if there wasn’t any gravity on earth, I would still fall for you!”
Capricorn: “Was your Dad a baker? Because you’ve got a nice set of buns.”
Aquarius: “Are you Google? Because I’ve just found what I’ve been searching for.”
Pisces: “Your hand looks heavy. Let me hold it for you.”


beautiful niagara falls! i can’t even tell you how much i miss it. here are some of my favorite moments from it in pictures:

- going to niagara on the lake, which is the most beautiful incredible little town on the lake. everything is old and historical and romantic, like another isolated world. also on the drive in and out, there were a ton of farms where we got the best produce and honey i’ve ever had!

-going to the casino and spending all my designated betting money on wine and going to the buffet drunk and eating like 5 helpings of just pasta primavera

- all the motels and neon on the strip! the bowling place/ferris wheel area took my breath away, it was so beautiful. everything was sparkling almost. it was lovely and i took so much film!

i miss it so much. i can’t wait until i end up back there. the university i want to go to for my phd is very close to niagara, which would be so much fun!


I started casting about a month and a half ago after discovering in the past year how much I love silicone. Seriously, as a pretty anxious person it’s just marvelous to squeeze and play with when I’m in a mood.

These have been my latest experiments. They’re pretty flawed because the mold was not the best thing in the world (I’m planning on remaking it in the next few weeks), but I’m so happy with how they came out.

The sculpt was based on mochi bunnies, which I figured would lend itself well to the material. Color inspiration is mostly from candies, but there is a sky in there as well.

Excuse any hair/water droplets. I may not have fully dried them off before snapping these pictures of them. And my cat was wandering around while I set up.

Detail/individual shots to follow, eventually

Rurouni Kenshin Fight Sequence Analysis Series: Costume Designs

A sad reality about the film industry is that there are many departments that don’t get the recognition they deserve. After the big five categories are announced during the Oscars, (Best Writing, Picture, Actor, Actress, Director), many of us turn it off as the other elements aren’t as important to us. The truth is, there are many elements of filmmaking that aren’t necessarily conducive to praise or recognition because they are only noticed when done wrong. They are unsung heroes of the craft, since without them, some of our favorite movies wouldn’t be the same, and members of this group of unsung heroes are Costume Designers.

Costumes designers aren’t really noticed unless the costumes are terrible; their primary function is really to just set the world and sell it as a part of production design. Obviously, a person in 15th century Japan isn’t going to wear jeans and a hoody, otherwise it’d shatter immersion. That being said, however, there is a silent language to costumes, a hidden world of elements that we may not notice consciously, but our brains certainly do. 

To recognize and study this language, we need to set out to ask and answer certain questions: How do costumes fit in with a film like Rurouni Kenshin? Is there a purpose beyond mere world building? Can they be a cinematic tool to tell a story? Can they be used to express character and if so, to what degree? 

Today, we’re going to begin the search for answers to see how TeamOtomo used costumes to not only set and sell the world of RK, but to also see how it can be used as a grammatical element in the ever rich visual language of the film’s action sequences. 


  1. Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter Directed by David Zeller, Costume Designs by Kiersten Ronning and Tony Crosbie
  2. Game of Thrones Season 5: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken directed by Jeremy Podeswa; Costume Designs by Michele Clapton
  3. Star Wars Episode III Revenge of The Sith Directed by George Lucas; Costume Designs by Trisha Biggar

                                     The Unsung Craftsman

Often times, especially in any industry where collaboration is required, part of doing your job right means no one will notice you at all. The production team gets almost as much flack as VFX designers in this industry; no one notices you and if they do, it’s not considered a good thing. Nevertheless, these people are craftsmen; they are artists that conceptualize and bring to life these imagined worlds that feel so beautiful and so lived in that for two hours or so, you forget that it’s not real. I know this kinda sounds like a crappy Oscar speech, but hey, its true!

The craftsman we will be looking at today is Kazuhiro Sawataishi, the costume designer of the RK trilogy.

His short but high profile filmography includes work on the famous Takashi Miike film, 13 Assassins, before heralding the now famous and successful Rurouni Kenshin Trilogy.

The responsibilites of a costume designer are particularly deceptive. On the surface, production design’s primary function is to build a world and make it believable and costumes have a major role to play in that. Some costume designs are so iconic that you don’t even need to have actually seen the films to recognize them. Consider the “Alien” (Xenomorph) by the brilliant H.R. Giger or John Mollo for his work on both the original Alien as well as the Original Star Wars Trilogy. That’s right, Darth Vader is his. We can look at the magical land of Oz and its wonderful costumes by Adrian Adolf Greenberg and many more. These costume designs are as iconic as films themselves and are testimony to the immense power and beauty behind the art of crafting the perfect costume and how essential to the film they can be.

Rurouni Kenshin is absolutely no exception. A costume designer’s most obvious and supperficial responsibility is obviously designing the costumes themselves. They are artists in charge of the designs, deciding the color palette, fabric and texture, and fit for the actor’s build, choosing what to accentuate and what to deemphasis in accordance to the director’s vision. Their costumes, when actualized by their team, have to look good on camera and ensure that they portray the correct color when the Director of Photography lights it and so on. They also need to decide what to simulate, such as Shishio’s bandages which is closer to plaster than fabric according to an interview with Sawataishi. It can be pretty creatively taxing for everyone involved. 

In some ways, Sawataishi’s work is made simultaneously easier and more difficult by the fact that the film is based on a manga. Otomo probably emphasized getting the costumes as accurate as possible to the original manga’s design, leaving only room for change if it was impractical for the actor or if it doesn’t test well on camera. It can be easier because he has to work off the designs of someone else, or it can be more difficult because those designs weren’t designed with a film in mind and he somehow needs to make it work for one. So essentially, Sawataishi needs to find a sweet spot between being true to the manga’s simplistic designs, making it at least easy for the actors to move, and make it consistent with the world Otomo and the Production Designers were. 

But looking good isn’t the Costume Designers only concern, just the primary superficial one. Their main focus is actually character and story. 

                                       The Fabric of Emotions

As readers of the visual poetry of cinema, we’re tasked with analyzing and considering the significance of certain stanzas of the poem itself. Traditionally (but by no means necessarily), a film needs to answer questions that it wants us to ask ourselves. “What kind of people are these characters? Can we identify them with costumes? How do the costumes add texture, context, and meaning to the visual landscape of the film we’re watching?” And perhaps the biggest question never asked: “Can we tell a story through costume design?”

 Before we move on to RK, I want to invoke an example of character and visual storytelling in cinema through costumes. This is Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter, directed by David Zellner and costume designs by Kiersten Ronning and Tony Crosby

Without spoiling too much of the plot, the character of Kumiko is an introverted one. She doesn’t fit in very well in contemporary Japanese society and the film even implies that she might have a form of Aspergers. To demonstrate visually the isolation she often feels, the costume designers Ronning and Crosby gave her a red jacket. Seems simple enough, except in the visual rules set by the film itself, Kumiko is assigned the color red. To enforce this, the director/DP are very careful about how much red we see thats not her. Having everyone else wear neutral and darker tones, the bright red contrasts with the otherwise neutral visual landscape, making her stick out like a sore thumb. The disproportional visual weight given to her by her color choice and the contrast it affords, we can pick her out and isolate her from a crowd because she doesn’t quite fit in the visual landscape, not unlike how her character doesn’t quite fit in the world she occupies. 

Later in the first act of the film, she runs in to an old acquaintance who wants to catch up and talk. Here, she’s wearing a red scarf which immediately tips the audience off to a connection with Kumiko, due to us knowing by now that red is Kumiko’s color. This is a great example of how costume can enrich the visual grammar of a film. Even if you don’t speak Japanese, you can probably fill in the blanks without subtitles. 

Sawataishi-san applies these same grammatical principles by giving Kenshin the color red. (Fun Fact: In Japanese media, red is considered the color of a hero, which is why many shonen protagonists in anime wear red.) No major characters in the trilogy wears red as a primary color except Seijuro Hiko in the third film, a major overhaul of the original Hiko design and a great visual cue that Seijuro Hiko will be the one to restore Kenshin’s faith in his own vows.

This is also why the color palette of Cho was switched to beige rather than his classic red. The red that manga fans grew up on is treated with reverence and significance as we see Kaoru give it to him with expository dialogue informing us that it belonged to her father. The writers of the trilogy reestablishes its significance when Megumi gives Kenshin the kimono later in the third film when Kenshin returns to Tokyo. 

Beyond establishing the world and time these characters live in, it becomes a symbol of who he is as a human being and the ideals he carries. Its a symbol of the Rurouni, the wanderer who helps people, the man who protects the weak. The production team knew this; that’s what makes this shot from Kyoto Inferno so emotionally signficant after Kenshin leaves for Kyoto.

It shows us that Kenshin left behind all the ideals that the color red represents in the story and is now wearing black. The directing and camera placement puts us inside Karou’s head as she sees it first, and then we see “through her eyes”, putting us in her state of mind as well as setting up the moral conflict of the film, which will come to a head against Cho and then Shishio on the Rengoku. The red gi becomes as symbolic of Kenshin as a person as his sakabatou.

In these examples, we can see costumes telling us about the people who wear them and in Rurouni Kenshin’s case, what a character fights for and believes in. In Kyoto Inferno, we actually get something deeper: we get a subtle emotional response through the costume design. By treating the kimono and hakama with such reverence, the audience understands the significance and danger of Kenshin walking away from it. 

To take this matter even further, consider the fact that Kenshin is now wearing black. The only time we saw Kenshin wear black before heading to Kyoto is in flashbacks when he is Hitokiri Battousai. This is further exemplified when we flashback once per movie to the most significant moment the character has in that costume, which is the moment when he is confronted with the consequences of his assassinations as he watches Tomoe breaks down near Kyosato’s body. This reflects to us the challenges Kenshin will face as he heads down the road of death, where he will face the ever increasing odds of killing his opponents and being forced to choose between his vow and the necessity of his mission.

The visual idea of Kumiko’s acquaintance and her scarf is also used in RK, that idea being visual association. This is why Shishio’s men all wear blacks and greys except the Juppongatana. It’s why Kanryu’s samurai all look similar. Saito’s police uniform looks different from the rest of his men to show his rank without stating it, but the color palette is still similar, albeit brighter or bolder. It’s also why the Oniwaban wear deep blues and why Aoshi and Okina wear cloaks (or a coat in Aoshi’s case) with a similar color palette over their ninja outfits, establishing them as authority figures over their respective teams/groups. (Think back to Aoshi when he watched his group die.) We can tell who these groups are when we cut to fight scenes between them, especially in the set pieces involving multiple people. It is easier for us to keep track of who is fighting whom. 

It makes it easier to understand who is fighting and in some cases, dying. It can also be used to denote rank, relationships, similarity, and even a character’s philosophy. We see it in other mediums like video games too when characters keep mementos that the audience associates with people the character lost. 

We can tell a lot about a character just by what they’re wearing. Film however, has a more important demand in fight sequences for costumes, and this is one that is absolutely vital and can be understated unless its done improperly: Spatial Orientation. 

               Keeping Track: Spatial Orientation in Combat

For this last chapter, and the one that finally answers how costume is used for fight sequences, I’ll need to invoke a negative example. I’m going to preface this first by warning this may upset many of you, and I grievously apologize beforehand if I do since this is an unbelievably popular TV show….but as some may have guessed, I’m going to have to pick on Game of Thrones.

To get my personal feelings out of the way, in my opinion, season 5 had some of the crappiest action direction I’ve seen in a major production, which makes it ripe for the picking in demonstrating what RK does right. To illustrate my point as a negative reference, I’m going to call upon specific scene: Bronn and Jaime’s incursion with the Sand Snake sisters in Dorne midway through the season. I have taken the liberty of including a video of the fight in the bottom of this link; if you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to watch it before continuing to read. (For the record, this really hurt because Michele Clapton is actually pretty amazing).

Most people think the editing and handheld camera is the problem with action scenes in movies today, and for the most part they’re right but that’s not the only or maybe even the most severe problem. Many shots in RK’s fight scenes are shot in handheld. The problem here is that aside from their weapons and a few different details, these characters are dressed nearly identically to each other. The differences are useless because when everything is shot and edited extremely quickly, those details can fly by and we not have established who these weapons and details are associated with in any concrete capacity yet. This is association done poorly.

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Its true that earlier I said RK used costumes for association but just as important as looking similar when representing a group, especially during scenes with specific individual characters, they need to have a bit of contrast. Contrast is there so when the action starts, we can keep track of the major players of the scene and remain invested.  

Jaime and Bronn are wearing more or less the same garb and are using the same type of weapon, while the Sand Snakes are wearing more or less the same armor, which instead of telling us anything specific about their characters, just lets the audience know that Jaime and Bronn are in a foreign land, and these girls are related to Oberyn Martell since they wear armor similar to the armor he wore in his fight with The Mountain in the previous season. (For non - Game of Thrones fans, please recall my previous entry in this series where I used Oberyn as an example for choreography and the placement of stunt doubles.)

 Looking too similar when inappropriate, espcially when improperly accentuated with bad editing and cinematography, can create a disastrous problem and violate a very important principle in filmmaking: the audience’s sense of space and orientation. In other words, the action is happening so quickly and is cut together in such a haphazard way that it’s extremely easy to lose track of who is who. It’s good to have similar costuming to show characters are on the same side in large battles or set pieces with multiple players, but when downscaled, it can distract the audience and pull you right out of what’s happening, and instead of manufacturing a tone or progressing the story, the audience can become really irritated or worse…bored. I’ll take a poorly executed film over a boring one any day. 

What makes this example even worse is that later in the series, we’re treated to these costumes which look fanatastic and are actually individualized enough to tell them apart, but similar enough in style that you can still grasp the character’s cultural and perhaps even familial association. They are also heavily individualized in the books these charactes are based on.

With no visual grasp of anything concrete due to the editing and immesion consistently being shattered by the audience’s fruitless attempt to regain some sense of orientation, its difficult to be invested and this problem is only aggravated further when the characters look the same.

In the RK trilogy, every major fight Kenshin has that involve one to four other players not including himself, are not only stylistically different in direction, composition, design, choreography, and tone, but all of his opponents have differing costumes, often times contrasting with Kenshin. Kenshin also has the bonus of having red hair and a unique hair style, so if he’s fighting multiple opponents in similar colors, such as the opening of the first film, the Kyosato flashback, and Shingetsu village battle in Kyoto Inferno, his red hair is enough to diversify him from his opponents, so we never lose track of him or where he is, who he’s surrounded by, or where he’s going.

Soujiro and Kenshin, while they are both wearing cool colors, remain visually distinct from each other so when they entangle and their confrontation explodes into a flurry of swishes and slashes, we never lose track of them. The camera work and editing also helps as the action is clearly visible and the editor cuts on motion so we never lose grasp of what we’re seeing and what is happening. 

And to rub salt in the wound, The Legend Ends also has a scene where 5 players in a fight are involved: the infamous 4 vs 1 finale against Shishio. Each character’s color palette, and costume designs are so diverse that losing track of them is actually rather difficult. 

The biggest challenge they might face is that Aoshi and Saito would blend since they both wear blue, but this is easily rectified by having Aoshi wear his coat.

In the second movie, Sawataishi demonstrates his skill as a costume designer once more as he does what Game of Thrones aimed to do but actually executed it correctly. During Aoshi’s big fight, he removes his coat against Okina to emphasize that they’re on the same side visually; he keeps it or another layer of something similar in color and fabric on in every other action sequence. The reason he got away with this is both because of the differences in their age and hair color. Having them dress the same grants poignancy to the fight as we are given a reminder that they were once on the same side, multiplied even further by the fact that Misao wears the exact same colors when she walks in on their duel.

 Anyway, because of this we can always tell who and where they are in relation to each other, keeping us routinely invested in the action. Instead of distracting, it becomes immersive and interesting. By getting out of the way and not drawing attention to itself, the costumes immerse us deeper into the action and more importantly, the story.  

                   Final Thoughts: The World They Live In

Before we wrap up, we’ll discuss something that sets apart Sawataishi’s costuming from most of his competition and is probably why Otomo hired him. He does one thing that is sort of his trademark and honestly makes his costumes look fantastic: He lets actors get dirty.

He lets actors sweat into their costumes. They get cut and sewed up, torn, they get leaves in their wigs and so on. Otomo will also have the actors roll around in the dirt before doing a take to create a layer of authenticity. This layer of dirt can be seen in 13 Assassins too, another prolific film in Sawataishi’s filmography.  

This authenticity sells the world to us and grounds it in believability. Contrasting with movies like The Last Samurai or the like, it removes any gloss or romanticization that often permeates in the chanbara or samurai genre since the fascination with Japanese culturei in the west grew. 

Kurosawa was also paritcularly fond of his characters getting dirty too. It shows the audience that these combatants aren’t superhumans, even when they do superhuman things. They get tired, hot, beat up, and grimy. They probably smell bad too. They look like they can get worn out and actually get hurt. This creates tension, especially in the finales of Seven Samurai and The Legend Ends, such as when Kenshin and Shishio, battered and bloody, try to one-up each other despite being almost unable to stand or earlier in the film when Kenshin and his master roll around in the dirt.

His costumes, while we may not notice or pay mind to them, are a very important part of the RK verse that TeamOtomo created. Its a world not unlike our own but one where extraordinary people live in. It has a layer of grit and dirt to it that makes it feel so lived in and real. Its a minor detail, sure, but it makes every hit feel real, and makes use the actors’ probably real exhaustion to create tone and characterization.

This can be directly compare this with Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith’s Mustafar duel. Anakin’s limbs were freshly amputated and Obi-Wan just finished fighting over lava and molten rocks and yet he barely has a glisten. Obi-Wan looks more put together than I do taking a brisk walk in a Floridian afternoon. 

Sure, Obi-Wan seems to have broken a sweat, but he could’ve looked like that fighting in any location. Despite the sweat though, he doesn’t look very dirty for fighting a planet literally blackened by ash. His clothes look fine too, which is odd considering the intensity of their duel. I may be picking on this movie, but this really cheapens it for me, and removes a layer of depth Sawataishi afforded his films by letting actors get dirty to create authenticity and as a result, fails to sell the fact that they’re fighting on a molten planet, likely because the actors were actually fighting in a blue screen studio set.

 The suspension of belief is potentially shattered because the fight doesn’t feel real and doesn’t seem like any of the characters are in any serious danger until the screenwriter decides they are, which is a shame given the emotional intensity of the scene. Heck, the aforementioned fight between Okina and Aoshi and that had far more narrative depth to me despite being thematically identical as both scenes were about betrayal. How much more emotionally impactful would the tragedy have been if Anakin or Obi-Wan looked like Shishio and Kenshin at the end of the duel?

These costumes are so important to cinema. They’re emblems of a world that costume designers, despite maybe not getting the respect they deserve in the grand scheme of film like actors do, work really hard to not only realize RK into a film trilogy, but to bring the RK world to life and make it a world we can believe, and one that we can come to love enough to revisit. 

So next time you watch a movie, watch out for the costume designer and their team. What do their costumes say about their characters? How do they use it in an action scene? These are good questions I think, and ones worth asking. Keep watching guys, and thank you for reading!

                                               Special Thanks 

-To you guys for reading and making these cool graphics and screenshots. You’re also seriously bad ass and I wish I could credit everyone.

-To White-Plum for being a good friend and creating HYRK, the greatest avenue for me to write about this amazing series and a place where we can all gather in our love for RK.

and most importantly, to TeamOtomo, for bringing to life a manga that had been over for nearly 15 years, with no financial incentive other than to bring a comic we all love to life, with his wonderfully talented team. 

DISCLAIMER: None of the images or gifs used are mine. These graphics have been crowd sourced through tumblr and google, making their original creators difficult to identify. If you see that I’ve used an image that belongs to you and you’d like proper credit, please contact me via private message with proof that it is yours, and I will update this post with a special thanks to you as well as credit and a link to your blog. 


Magnus is Offered the Cup

SPOILER WARNING: Go listen to the newest The Adventure Zone episode

This moment. It really hit me hard. I can’t explain it, maybe it’s just because I can picture my wife and I talking about my hobbies and how proud she is of me when I succeed. I tossed in a little extra dialogue to really convey in the four panels I gave myself what a gut-punch this was. How stunning it is, to picture an empty chair, to think of who sat there.

(I can’t believe how robust Griffin, Travis, Clint and Justin are making this world. It’s one of the best works of fiction I’ve ever consumed, made with reverence for the source material but also a complete disregard of it. Keep it up, fellas.)

After being apart for 18 months. This was the best feeling in the entire world.. After countless nights of crying because I missed him, all the FaceTime dates, thinking about how much it sucked and then finally getting to have this moment, I suddenly forgot all the sadness I felt while he was gone. It makes me tear up just looking at the picture.. Currently I haven’t seen him in 10 months and I still have another 6 to go and I can’t wait to have this feeling back again.

My best friend for the last 3 years and the only person who has never given up on me. I can’t explain in words how much I love you but I know you feel it when I squeeze you and never let go. One day the distance will just be a memory and we’ll never have to experience it again. Until then, I can’t wait to see you ❤️

*please don’t remove my text, it’s a personal photo.
Fuckboy season is quickly approaching and I already gave y'all a few tips on figuring out when the nigga that's trying to holla at you is a fuckboy. But here's a few more by popular demand

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Clearer picture of this, and an update and story. So, I couldn’t go to Dragon Con because reasons, but my omazing friend took this picture with him and had Gareth David Lloyd sign it for me. Well, when he showed Gareth the bit of text I’d requested via his cell phone, Gareth proceeded to slip into character and repeated the words back AS SOLAS! “Ir abelas, vhenan. In another world…” AS SOLAS! OMFG I am DEAD. Just Dead. And also, so incredibly cheesing over here! @noctuaalba

Please consider.

Picture the Inquisitor telling their and Josephine’s daughter a long, very long story about the smartest, kindest, most beautiful princess of all the lands. A princess whose subjects all adore her for she is a gracious and merciful ruler; a princess who kicks serious ass everywhere she goes, but that’s okay, because it only means that people love her even more because she’s just so awesome and nice, even to those she defeated.

She’s pretty much objectively the best and most amazing person in the world.

Her story is full of twists and turns, adventures, dangers, even dragon-riding, and all those great things- the princess, of course, wins every battle and every debate with her awesome skills, and wits, and wicked words.

The child is entranced. She squirms in daddy’s/mommy’s lap, she gasps at every sharp plot twist, her eyes are sparkling from the first word till the very last. 

After nights and nights of this same story, as daddy’s/mommy’s throat is getting hoarse, the princess finally delivers eternal peace to all the lands. She gives her final speech, about acceptance, and equality, and love for all, and the people from Qundalon to the Southernmost corners of Gwaren, from the rulers of Par Vollen to the lowest servant of Mont-de-glace, all rejoice and embrace one another.

The child, in awe, asks what happened to her new favorite hero afterwards. Where did she go, what did she do, what other amazing deeds did she go on to accomplish.

Then, the Inquisitor just smiles affectionately, ruffles their daughter’s long, wavy hair that is so perfectly like her mother’s, and all they say is-

“Then, she married me.”

Just. Please consider this.


I wanna take the time to wish a very special person a happy birthday @jinssmile !! Madelyn my love, happy birthday. You are literally my ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. I’m super duper happy to have met you. I love the way you portray yourself. You are never afraid to express yourself. You aren’t afraid of being silly or taking funny pictures. Honestly, I admire you for that because I can’t don’t that lol You’re personality is one of the best out there. You have a way of making people happy just with your presence and I love that so much. I want to thank you Madelyn because without you I would have never met some of the best people in my life. So thank you so much. I hope you got/get what you want/ed today because you deserve it. You deserve the world! I love you so much Madelyn! Happy birthday! 💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️

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Do you ever miss how you felt with someone but not them; the memories you have with that person when you were so happy and you wish just for a quick moment you could have that back. Whenever you see a picture of that person does your stomach twist in knots and you feel your anxiety rising then you feel really low because you remember how inseparable you two were. It was you and her/him against the world then you started to talk less and less and less until finally one day “frequently” turned into not at all. Sure there’s still the occasional “How are you?” or the fake “I miss you”. Is it weird knowing it will never be the same, “my best friend” went to “was my best friend”. You stopped caring and trying and it tears you apart sometimes to think about it because you told yourself it would be forever and forever has turned into nothing. Forever has lost some meaning and now you’re mentally branded with the memories of how great things used to be. You’ve found someone else who makes you feel okay but the pain never leaves it stays with you like scars. Little scars that remind you every once and awhile how great you two used to be, the scars that mended your brokenness but don’t let you forget..



Floating World AU is a go. I had to teach myself to draw literally everything in this picture over the course of a week. I am legit proud of this piece though look at precious Yuuri’s beautiful face

Going to try colouring in both digital and traditional watercolour; you guys can decide which one you like best.

About the picture itself: you can tell Yuuri’s comfortable with Viktor by now, not just because of the proximity (so close Viktor marvels at how warm the famous ‘snow maiden’ is, not realising it’s because Yuuri is BLUSHING TO DEATH under his white makeup). There is an actual blanket on Yuuri’s double futon instead of an overrobe, and his own artwork on the wall. (He has a print of one of Viktor’s first self-portraits hanging on the other side of that kimono.)

I’m not exactly repostable enough to say so, but just on principle: please reblog, don’t repost.