because this is it's final form


So yeah, as you probably noticed there was a big ol’ Grimmbaby giveaway, and i managed to lay my cursed grabbers on this lovely bean! Their name is Navy, and they are a Grimmchild in it’s uhh final(?) form, the one after the ritual is complete. 

In a town somewhere on the way to Hallownest the Grimm Troupe was apparently summoned and the ritual took place, but after it was done, the Grimmchild charm was abandoned in one of the houses. Long time later Wren (along with Erasmus which you can’t really see here) will stumble their way through the town, and probably through various houses to see if there is anything valuable in this dead place. They find this charm and nothing more. After they leave, they try the charm on to see what it does, and for the next five minutes they’re running around screaming at the bat bug child to scram lel. Of course Wren immidiately forgets that this charm exists, so they dont exactly realise they can just take it off, though by the time they do find out they’re already used to this tiny jerk. Cuz let’s face it - they are a jerk. Not the bully kind of jerk, but they don’t exactly get along with Wren. At first at least. They follow them around mostly for food. Which, in my mind, would be Wren’s nightmare fuel: all the bad emotions like fear, self loathing and this kinda stuff, that causes Wren to have nightmares. Navy will feed off of that, leaving Wren feeling slightly better than usual - hence the “an actual cure for depression” phrase lmao. Of course this doesn’t last long, Wren is a factory of this kind of thing, that’s why Navy decides to stay with them instead of just leaving, which i think they can totally do, in my opinion all the charm does is summon them into existance, and what they will do during this existance is a whole other thing.

After they get fed enough they will grow up to look similar to Grimm, no suprise here i bet. They will be taller than Wren for a good while, that is until Wren grows up themselves. I think it’s worth mentioning that Wren and Erasm have no clue of what Grimm Troupe is, but once Navy is all grown and starts to talk, maybe they will figure it out. Navy can talk as an adult, but chooses not to, they’re pretty quiet. If they ever open their mouth it’s to either roast you figuratively or literally.

Also i feel like i need to point this out: Navy spends most of the time resting / sleeping on Wren’s shoulders, at first simply to annoy them, later because its comfortable.


On the Teen Titans Go! Thanksgiving special, Robin warns the Titans not to do something, they do it, and then shenanigans! A.K.A:NINETY PERCENT OF THIS SHOW! I can handle the show being a mean spirited parody, but does it HAVE to be so formulaic?!

On a “sneak peak” of Unikitty, we see the creators of Teen Titans Go create a legitimately good cartoon that I have no problems with…something smells in the state of Denmark.

OK KO teases the Voxman shippers, and Professor Venomous’ adorable mousedaughter Fink has a superform that looks a LOT like…KO’s form….MAN Denmark is STINKING tonight folks!

We Bare Snares reveals the bears HAD to have been kids in the nineties with laser tag, while adult Grizz makes everybody smile with a flower costume because of course he does…also I ship Ranger Tabes and Xiao and YOU CAN’T STOP ME!

Finally close it out with a Clarence Thanksgiving special where its revealed it takes place in…NINETEEN NINETY EIGHT?! I…have questions.

23 Black Female Scientists Who Changed The Damn World

Okay so prior to Alice, people had known for hundreds of years that a potential treatment to leprosy existed in the form of something called Chaulmoogra oil. It was too thick to effectively circulate through the body, but Alice Ball, science prodigy and chemist extraordinaire, was the one who FINALLY figured how to turn it into a working treatment. It’s thanks to her that a leprosy crisis was avoided in the early 1900s. Bless you, Alice.

Stay with me for a second because this is actual rocket science. Centaur is a second-stage rocket launcher: the workhorse of the rocket world used to propel countless probes and satellites into space. It’s been invaluable to NASA since its creation, first allowing the U.S. to catch up to the Soviet Union during the space race, and eventually propelling spacecrafts to land on the moon and fly by other planets in the solar system.

So yes: Annie Easley helped DO that. She also contributed energy research to power plants and electronic batteries, which enabled the creation of hybrid vehicles. Go ahead and thank Annie for those, too.

Prior to Jeanne, the impact of discrimination and its accompanying stress factors were rarely explored or acknowledged in relationship to health. She also researched the impact of racism on childhood development and ways to approach therapy that addressed the needs of people of color. And Jeanne broke a ton of ground for black psychologists through her roles in academia and her publications.

Jewel researched ways to alter cell growth AND experimented with growing human tumor tissue outside of the human body to use for cancer treatment tests (instead of testing on living people). As if that wasn’t enough, she also helped to form the National Science Foundation’s Committee on Women and Minorities in Science.

The chair of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission monitors the byproduct of nuclear reactors, so it’s a pretty big deal. Shirley also served on a bunch of advisory boards for international security and energy, AND she was the first black woman to get a Ph.D from MIT.

See the full list:

23 Black Female Scientists Who Changed The Damn World

Okay, okay, okay, but I CANNOT get this AU idea out of my head:

Castiel, as a Reaper instead of an Angel.

Castiel, meeting Dean for the first time when Dean is four years old, standing in front of his burning home with the flames reflecting in the tear tracks on his face. Castiel revealing himself to Dean, gently prompting Dean to mind Sammy’s head as the infant cries and squirms, because he really doesn’t want to reap more than one soul tonight. Laying a sorrowful, sheltering hand on Dean’s head and staring down into pleading green eyes and whispering, “I’m sorry,” before walking slowly up the burning porch to reap Mary Winchester’s soul (who refuses to go with him anyways).

Castiel, as the Reaper who appears to Dean after the car accident while Dean is in a coma, shocked when Dean remembers him from that night so many years ago. Dean jokingly asking, “Are my guardian angel or something?” and Castiel sadly telling him, “No. Rather the opposite, I’m afraid,” and having to explain to Dean about the existence of Reapers. Castiel wishing to himself that he didn’t have to reap this vibrant young man, who is brave and frustrating and stubborn and obviously so full of life, and then realizing he should be careful about what he wishes for, because Dean is spared but Castiel is forced to reap Dean’s father instead, and he hates that he’s causing Dean more pain.

Castiel, meeting Dean again less than a year later. And then meeting him again. And again. And again, as Dean and Sam work the Trickster case, and Dean dies every day. They get to know each other pretty well, and it becomes something of a running joke: “We’ve got to stop meeting this way, Cas,” Dean teases, and each day Dean bemoans the ridiculous new way that he’s just been killed, and Castiel commiserates sympathetically and helpfully points out that at least Dean didn’t pee himself this time. And he hates that Dean has to die every day, but he hates himself even more because he can’t help dreading the day they catch the Trickster and it all stops, because then he won’t have an excuse to keep seeing Dean and listen to his laugh and hear about his favorite bands and watch the fond way he looks at his brother.

Castiel, appearing when Sam is stabbed by Jake, sick to death with the thought of reaping the soul from Dean’s brother. He doesn’t reveal himself to Dean in the real world this time, even though he could, because he can’t bear to have Dean turn those stricken green eyes on him, he’s a coward, a coward, a coward - but it doesn’t stop Dean, kneeling in the dirt and clutching the lifeless body of his brother tight in his arms, from screaming out, “I know you’re out there, Cas! Don’t you dare take him! I’ll never forgive you!” And he thinks it’s a cruel, cruel joke that he’s destined to continually reap the souls of the people Dean loves most, one by one, and when Castiel leads away the soul of Sam Winchester, there are tears on both their faces as they tell Dean ‘goodbye’, even though he can’t hear them.

Castiel, being summoned one year later, unsure of what’s happening, suddenly finding himself staring down at Dean’s shredded body on the floor at his feet - but Dean’s soul is still here, obstinate and unyielding, circled by snapping hellhounds but refusing to let them drag him away because “I said I’d go to Hell and I will, but I don’t need hand-fucking-delivered by these fleabags, I’ll take my own way there, goddammit! I’m allowed a Reaper! Bring Castiel the Reaper!” And Castiel raises his eyes and meets Dean’s gaze, and it’s gentle, and resigned, and frightened, and forgiving, and Castiel doesn’t deserve it, he’s never deserved anything less than the understanding in those eyes, and he’d rather be anywhere else, he’d rather be dead himself, than here to take away Dean’s soul to Hell. But he does his job and he leads Dean to the gates of Hell, except then he can’t go, he can’t leave Dean here, he can’t - until Dean kisses him, sudden and fleeting, and tells him, “It’s okay, Cas,” and pushes him away.

Castiel, blindly turning away for only the briefest span of time - the blink of an eye, the pulse of a human heartbeat - before he realizes he can’t do this. Screw the job, screw the deals, and screw the laws of nature, he will not leave Dean here…except when he turns around, Dean is already gone. 

Castiel, spending the next forty years breaking into Hell, laying waste to horde after horde of demons with the fatal touch of his ghastly true form. The memory of Dean’s kiss burns a brand against his lips, and when he finally, finally finds Dean, the touch of Castiel’s spectral hand burns its own brand on Dean’s soul as he grips him tight - the touch of death claiming a soul already dead, because Dean is his. Dean looking up at Castiel, and his soul is messy and tortured and broken, but he still manages a smile as he chokes out: “See? Told ya you were my guardian angel,” and Castiel carries Dean’s soul out of Hell and chooses life.

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kaz. kaz has this been done before: top ten hottest publicity photos of yuuri?

10) An advertisement he did for a sports drink he sponsors which was basically a sweaty post-practice Yuuri gulping from a bottle while wearing a thin white shirt that had become very see through over the course of the photoshoot. Viktor has multiple copies of this saved onto all his electronic devices

9) In reference to an old ask about Yuuri sponsoring KitKat with the tag line being KitoKatsuki, Yuuri got the sponsorship just after his Olympic win. The picture of him on the packaging was one of him holding up his gold medal and smirking in a very smug, self-satisfied way and everyone universally agreed it was way more attractive than it had any right to be

8) A publicity photo of him with his and Viktor’s new puppy where he was dressed smart-casual and basically looking like the hot dad with the cute dog at the parent-teacher conference that all the single mums fight over at the school gates

7) The promotional photo of him in the ‘original’ Eros costume before he started the season in chapter 11 (for reference the costume looks like this)

6) A photo from a magazine that was following Yuuri through a day of training which was of him in the ballet studio doing a split with one leg on the floor and the other completely vertical by his head. It was the moment people realised just how crazily flexible Yuuri was and that was definitely a very popular revelation

5) A promotional photo for Yutopia with Yuuri looking like he was just out of the hot springs standing at the front of the building with his hair all wet and plastered to him and his face flushed with a towel round his shoulders and only some very loose clothing on. The general consensus was that the fact that photos weren’t allowed to be taken in the onsen itself was a national tragedy.

4) A promotional ad that both he and Viktor did promoting gender neutral clothing. Yuuri ended up in heels and red lipstick and no-one on the internet has ever recovered from it

3) A black and white photo that ended up plastered over shopping centres everywhere advertising the ‘Eros’ cologne. It looked exactly like you’d expect a cologne ad sponsored by an athlete to look and while Yuuri thought it was really embarrassing everyone else on the planet was thanking every deity they could think of that it existed.

2) A shot from the first shirtless photoshoot Yuuri ever did that I mentioned in a previous top ten. He did it with Viktor and the most famous photo of them ended up being one of Yuuri in the centre of the photo doing the classic ‘sultry eyes’ look at the camera with Viktor standing behind him with his arms wrapped around Yuuri’s chest and kissing his neck also looking directly at the camera but with a very obvious ‘back off’ look in his eyes. It ended up on a lot of people’s walls or under their pillows

1) A picture from a magazine spread about the two of them that Viktor convinced Yuuri to do. It was taken in their apartment and the photographer wanted a shot in their bedroom. Viktor kept teasing Yuuri about ‘showing the world his true eros’ and Yuuri ended up playfully wrestling Viktor onto the bed which changed its tone pretty fast and both of them completely forgot that the photographer was there. The final picture was of Yuuri straddling Viktor and pinning his arms above his head and smirking with both of them giving each other serious bedroom eyes. All the comments on the article when it was released were some form of ‘holy hell Viktor Nikiforov is a very lucky guy’ and ‘why the hell does Nikiforov even leave the house because if that were me I’d never even leave the bed’.

OK story time! SEE THIS BABY BLUE BOY? yeah his name is ethan or @crankgameplays , i had so much fun drawing him, i made this so he could maybe sign it at pax in poster form. I cant go to pax because money and its too far away , BUT i was lucky enough to have an online friend that IS. If they are still willing to go with our plan then maybe this will get to ethan in a physical form. anyways thank you ethan for making me laugh and smile everyday love ya!

Oh and yeah i finally posted something on tumblr, hehe its been a while!

Grantaire who hasn’t always been allowed to express his emotions, who grew up on a steady stream of ‘men don’t cry’ and 'don’t be a pussy’ learning to proudly love the amis

Grantaire who didn’t know that a friend could say 'I love you’, slowly incorporating it into every time he texts his friends, saying it again and again and again, getting a little thrill each time he gets a rely of ’ I love you too’ because he didn’t have people telling him that when he was a kid, after his mother died. That was supposed to be 'weak’ but he’s not weak for loving others the amis say.

Grantaire who is almost as bad as Enjolras about ranting about how amazing the rest of the amis are, who wants to tell the world he loves them because before he found them any compliments would’ve been met with a 'what, are you gay?’ When they go toe to toe complimenting each other, its a sight to seen, the loudest form of PDA.

Grantaire who loves to send his friends photos of flowers, or dogs, or just a string of emojis to say 'im thinking about you’ because he’s had to pretend to not care about people for so long, or face sneers and jokes and exclusion and ridicule.

Grantaie who hates the world but loves other so much, finally in a place where he can express that love.

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Ok, so I was watching Tarzan when this idea hit me. The Paladins find a baby Galra abandoned on a planet, and decide to keep it until they find it a home. (Bonus if Keith is part Galra, and bonds with the baby)

In other words you want Paladins with babies? Hell yes.

-Lance would be the one to find the poor abandoned Galra orphan, having no idea that the babe is Galra and just brings it back to the ship, already having named it and showing him around

-Allura would have a damn near heart attack, (Lance is pretty sure she was being a tad over dramatic, but she insists she was not)

-Hunk, naturally, would be the second to jump on board, because this is a child and they certainly wouldn’t be good paladins if they left a poor child alone.

-Keith, the poor soul, has no idea how to handle children. Like at all. I mean can you really blame him? So he walks around like he’s walking on eggshells.

-But the little Galra tot has taken a liking to Keith  as if the little munchkin can tell he’s Galra too 

-Coran of course informs him that that’s exactly the case, and the Galra baby would likely be happier if Keith would spend time with it and give it the sense that it was surrounded by familiar scents and company

-But of course, Keith thinks staring at him from across the room as Lance prances around with him calling him the cutest little Galra ever is going to do the trick and form some kind of bond

-Lance would totally knit him little sweaters. That’s canon. Fight me. 

-It’s not until Pidge asks Keith to take him while working on a project does Keith finally take the Galra kid into his own arms and it’s almost painful how uncomfortable Keith looks. 

-Especially because immediately the Galra baby just stares at him with wide eyes and Keith swears a little drool is coming out of its mouth.

-Shiro is laughing because he’s under the impression that the reason the baby is staring at him like that was because he was just copying Keith and that’s how he thinks he should interact and that’s not true Shiro Keith is grumbling

-Lance thinks it’s the funniest thing because now there is two grumpy cats sitting around the castle, one that’s actually grumpy and one that’s mocking him

-The Galra kid becomes Keith’s little shadow, and for days everything he does the kid copies, so when Keith argues with others the response he gets is red faces from holding back laughter as a small Galra behind him is mimicking his hands and faces

-Hunk may or may have not taken pictures. 

-But what kills Lance to death is when he walks in on Keith trying to teach him how to bare his teeth at the Mice and Lance has to clutch his heart because omf that’s cute 

-Keith also develops a habit of playing with the Galra’s ear which is slightly bent trying to get it to stand up and Pidge swears to this day he said “You won’t be a very threatening Paladin if you come across as a cute kitten, buddy”

-Coran has a secret video of Keith playing peek-a-boo with him, but refuses to let Lance see it. 

-Of course the Galra baby can’t stay with them, so when Allura informs them a member of the Blade is willing to take the little one in, they’re devastated and Keith is trying his best to remain bothered and reasonable 

-Just as they’re dropping him off with his new family the little tot starts to call Keith “Keef” and oh man, Keith is as red as his lion.



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your tights are always so sexy, I would fuck u up anyday

You know the Infinite Monkey Theorem? The idea that a monkey sitting at a typewriter for an infinite amount of time would almost surely type any given text, with the most common example given being the works of Shakespeare? I think you just disproved it.

You could sit that damn monkey down in a room and give it the biggest, best typewriter in the entire known universe, and you could grant that monkey immortality, and I’m fairly certain that, after it had finished typing out the last few lines of Dante’s Inferno, after it had completed the entire works of Victor Hugo and had finally typed the Bible in all its myriad translated forms, complete with scholarly footnotes and Facebook comments about the authenticity of certain passages, that monkey would still not have typed what you just did.

You know why? Because that monkey has manners. That monkey is not a piece of shit. That monkey has friends. Don’t be this way, dude. That monkey has it sorted. Type something else.

The Heart

Chapter 1

The mission was simple. Get into the Galran ship, get prisoners and information then get out of there. A quick grab and go. And that’s what it had been, but things turned downhill towards the ‘go’ part.

Lance and Keith made there way towards the prison bay being as quiet as possible. It had seemed the ships security hadn’t been informed on their arrival and they could get in without a problem. However, Lance’s thoughts rushed through his head as his boots tapped against the rough surface of the hallway.

“This is too easy” Lance stated as he looked around the empty hallways with a cautious eye.

“I agree maybe we should go back. That sounds like a good idea” Hunk rushed out in the coms nervously as he sat his lion fidgeting.

Keith looked towards Lance and nodded in agreement to his statement. It was too easy. Usually each mission resulted in some combat but so far, there had been none.

“Let’s just get this over with” Lance stated before reaching the end of the hallway and standing in front of the door to the prisoner bay.

“Can you open the door Pidge?” Keith asked.

“You got it!” Pidge replied in the coms. The sounding of fast paced typing was heard then a satisfied click sounded. “It’s open.”

Keith pushed open the now unlocked door and the two made there way inside with their weapons at the ready. Once inside they looked at eachother confused. Keith spoke into the com unit with a hint of caution. “Shiro. There’s no one here.”

As if on cue a yell filled the room “Keith watch out!” As Lance lifted his bayard and shot towards a Galra sentry that was going to shoot at Keith. Lance sighed before looking towards Keith and grinned. “Watch your surroundings mullet.”

“Is everything okay?” Shiro’s worried voice rung through their helmets.

“Ya what’s wrong? Is someone hurt!?” Hunk said with fear

“Are you guys okay?” Pidge rushed out.

“Everything’s fine,” Keith replied and heard sighs of relief from his helmet.

Keith gave Lance a smile before motioning towards the door. “Lets meet up with the others.”

Lance grinned, “You got i-“ Before he could finish his sentence there was a blooming pain in his head and the world went dark.

“La-“ Keith shouted before a sharp pain sprung in his neck and he was welcomed with the same darkness.


“They are taking way to long.”  Hunk said with worry coating his voice.

“I agree with Hunk. They should be back by now.” Pidge stated in agreement.

Silence coated the room as Shiro tried their coms again and was greeted with static. “We need to go find them.”


“Leave the red one” A Galran sentry stated as he motioned towards the unconscious red paladin.

The other Galra nodded before handcuffing Lance’s hands together and picked up his unconscious form.

“Sir, why did he only want the blue paladin?” The Galra holding Lance questioned.

“Because, Lotor wanted to destroy Voltron from the inside out.” They then pointed towards Lance, “He wanted to start with the heart.”

Remebering “one of these” in German

I used to get really confused about how to say this in German (”one of the/one of the(o)se”) because of what ending to use but it’s legit so simple - e.g.

Einer[1] dieser[2] Steine[3] = One of these stones.

[3] = The plural form of the final word, super easy (e.g. stones/Steine).
[2] = This always ends er because it’s genitive plural - thus dieser/der.
[1] = This is the bit that throws people, it’s declined like “dieses”, but if that’s too much thought just find the gender of the plural word + add the ending of its definite article - e.g. deR Stein

diE Katze = Eine dieser Katzen.
daS Haus = Eines dieser Häuser

Like honestly I can’t believe how simple it is after all of the confusion I’ve had :/

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17. Clexa

This was a bad idea. One hell of a bad idea. The woefully unfit mother of all bad ideas. How Lexa ever thought this could work in her favor was now entirely beyond her. She winced as she stood, partially hidden, at the end of the hall and watched the now painfully familiar scene play out.

Clarke only briefly glanced down at the small white envelope tucked into the door of her locker. She didn’t bother to open the thing, just a quick look at her own name scrawled across the top, and then she rolled her eyes hard enough to send them rocketing into the back of her skull. For the fifth time in a row, she wadded up the unopened envelope, tucked her English book under her arm, and then shut her locker and headed to class. The crumpled unread note landed on top of a heap of trash in a hallway bin, and Lexa wanted to crawl in with it. She may as well stink as bad as this utterly idiotic idea and it’s completely hopeless execution. Just another high-school trash pile.

“Give it a try,” Mr. Jaha had said. “You might be surprised by the results.”

Yeah, Lexa was surprised all right. She knew Clarke had been anti-relationship since Finn Collins cheated on her sophomore year with a girl from another school and gave her Chlamydia. But she hadn’t expected her to be so completely jaded that she would take one look at a nice, nerdy note from a nice, anonymous nerd and act as if someone had sent her an eviction notice despite her having no intention of ever paying the back-rent.

It had been two years, but at the mere mention of ‘love’, Clarke acted like she was still waiting for a pharmacist to fill her Azithromycin prescription and cure her of every last Finn-Collins-related symptom. That was unfortunate for Lexa considering she had been in love with Clarke Griffin since the sixth-grade Honor Roll trip when Jasper Jordan stuck gum in Octavia Blake’s hair, and Clarke diligently ate the chocolate off six Reese’s cups so she could use the peanut butter to slide the gum out. A sacrifice of peanut-butter cups to save your best friend the horrors of a bowl cut. Talk about heroic. Lexa had pushed her glasses up on her nose and swooned from the back of the bus at the sheer cleverness of the girl.

And thus began her quiet pining for Clarke Griffin.

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Yo dude um, I don't want to tell you who to hang out with or anything, but I just thought I should warn you that power-of-innocence is a pretty un-cool. I've seen a huge group of people talk about them be problematic so there's a lot of evidence if you want to look I just don't have it on hand right now. I can say that they ship jdronica, and hate Heather Mac but draw her chubby and black, implying that it's a bad thing. I don't want you to get a bad name for being their friend without knowing.

Alright…. I woke up to this message and literally saw red. 

1. You sent this to multiple people - who actually know and LOVE Rillie (including myself because she’s a fucking sweetheart) she is a large part of why I’m involved in this fandom AT ALL - and also - 

  • Her dislike of Mac is based on the fact that Mac is portrayed by the fandom to be super pure/sweet/innocent when she isn’t, she is a bully - a HEATHER - just like Duke and Chandler. Which I agree with. If you want to portray her as sweet and nice - fine, I certainly did too. But why should she get hate for a fact based in the movie? 
  • I despise copy paste asks - as stated on quite a few occasions 

2. If you actually FOLLOWED me you would know that 

  • I draw jdonica all the fucking time? Its like the cornerstone of my blog and why over half my followers are here??? Jdonica in its normal form ends up being very toxic - but at the end of the day they WERE together. And our AU’s are either of Veronica dealing with the fall out of their feelings or of a version where JD get’s help before anyone gets hurt. 
  • I draw mac the same way and have stated on my final Mac design that I took inspiration from her version of her. Because there is NOTHING wrong with being black OR chubby ((OR buff as the final design of her is)) and it is in no way shape or form that its implied that its a bad thing. How did you even come to that conclusion?? 

Like I… am losing my mind, I can’t believe this was actually sent to me lmao! I was going to make a post today about how in general people need to stop being shitty to each other and chasing each other out of the fandoms especially one that they put so much heart into and have really enjoyed. 

And over what?? Some random call out post somewhere?? You don’t even know me - you certainly don’t know her - you probably won’t even see this because you obviously aren’t following me!! but if any of y’all really don’t like that I’m friends with her then go!! get out!! go away!! 

Broken {Part 01}

Bucky x Reader (Soulmate!AU)
Summary: The day Bucky returned from Wakanda changed your life forever. Upon finally meeting the man formerly known as the Winter Soldier, your watch reached 00:00:00 and you came to realization that you’d finally met the man you were meant to spend the rest of your life with. But what are you supposed to do when he doesn’t feel the same?

Prompt: The soulmate clock is actually something breakable and you accidentally break yours or vice versa (taken from this post).

Word Count: 1963
Warnings: angst but also eventual fluff, I promise.


Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

A/N: Honestly, i feel like this could have been written so much better but also i’ve had the nastiest writer’s block and this is the best i’ve got to show after a month of writing rip sorry guys but i still hope you enjoy! 

The tower had an unusual nervousness about it when you awoke that morning. 

FRIDAY was uncommonly silent and the rooms and halls felt large and empty, the usual bustle of friends and staff gone. Tony had called for all meetings and tests to be cancelled, everyone already overwhelmed with the flood of visitors you were to be expecting that day. 

Of course, the majority of those visitors had been assigned to you. No matter the occasion, you just never caught a break.

But the nervous energy filling the tower was suffocating and you couldn’t help but fiddle with the ring on your finger – something Steve had bought you last Christmas for just that purpose – as you walked towards the livingroom. 

Things weren’t much better when you arrived. Tony was uncharacteristically quiet as well, pacing across the living room as Rhodey watched from his seat by the couch. Nat and Sam sat just as silent and anxious at the kitchen counter, throwing you a small smile but much appreciated smile when you entered.

You hated the sudden changes in behaviour but knew that it was to be expected because today was the day that Bucky Barnes returned.

You’d never met the man before and your friends hadn’t seen him in over two years, the last time being shortly before he’d been put in cyro. While things hadn’t ended on the most stellar note, everyone had put it behind them and they were  was happy, albeit a little bit anxious, to have him back.

You, however, were behaving oddly for an entirely different reason.

It wasn’t because you were the only one to have never met the man before and it wasn’t because in just an hour you were to face a roomful of new recruits (although both were good reasons).

It was because the small inked clock on your arm was nearly at its end; in just under an hour the digits on your skin would finally read 00:00:00.

You were going to meet your soulmate.

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Celebrate Good Times

You woke up to the constant dings and dongs your house was making. You buried yourself in your bed sheet hoping that whoever was at the door would grow tired of not being answered and would whoosh itself away. Sadly, whoever was ringing your door was too diligent at it and you found yourself stomping towards the door in your nighties.

“Stop! I’m coming already. Sheesh.” You mumble as you sleepily tried to find where your door was.

You checked your monitor and saw a delivery guy holding a bouquet of sunflowers. You squeaked and pried the door open. You signed the delivery form and took the flowers from the guy and said thanks. You were about to close your door when he stopped it from shutting.

“Wait. Don’t you want the others?” he asked.

“What others?” you asked him suspiciously.

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I see no difference.

The Future/(is now)

I can’t believe this is something I saw with my own two eyeballs, because apparently all that’s happened so far wasn’t coincidence, or carelessness - apparently Dabb watched Season 8 and made a deliberate bet with someone - he’d make it gayer, or else. And so here it is, (almost) out of the subtext (Sorry, Dean and You can’t just go dark like that. We didn’t know what happened to you. We were worried. That’s not okay and I needed to come back here with a win for you and We’re just better together and I’d like that and THE TAAAAAAAPE). Honest to God, I think I read twenty versions of that fight yesterday as people scrambled to write pre-codas out of nerves and excitement, and they were all magnificent and yet, somehow, less shippy and less obvious and less romantic than what actually happened on the show, wtf? And Dean sulking in his room, Cas knocking at his door, hesitating, coming in? 

I swear to God - when Dean called him back, when he started telling Cas all those things - for a second, I actually believed he would yank on Cas’ tie and kiss him, because that’s always, always what happens in that scenario. Or, you know, Dean gets overwhelmed by his own feelings, by how much he’s just showed his hand here, and walks away. That’s also textbook fanfiction, and yeah, so it’s fluff instead of angst, but, come on - this is Supernatural - did anyone doubt it’d be angsty? Let’s just hope in a happy ending, because that Kelly voiceover (I love you. But we won’t ever be together. There is no happy ending for either of us.) gave me the creeps.

And what about the mind control, someone might argue. Mind control, schmind control. That’s like, the number one Prove that you love me forever and ever trope, and even if we’ve seen it before (if simply because Destiel has been built with every single love trope in the book, and, in this case, they used it over and over and over again), we’ve never seen its final form. During the crypt scene, Cas deflected instead of admitting the obvious (let’s be generous: maybe he didn’t know himself), and in the Bunker, Dean just barely managed not to kill Cas, and had to walk away before the Mark overpowered him, so no, that was not a good time either. So this thing we’ve been promised for a while - this My love for you is stronger than time or tide or evil curse - is yet to come, and with the way things are going, I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

Also: however Dean will read this when he wakes up, Cas is choosing love, and he’s choosing free will. He went to Heaven hoping they’d have a way out of this mess so that Sam and Dean would be safe, he stole the Colt so they couldn’t face Dagon and be hurt (which is text, by the way, not subtext), he went against orders because he felt that was the right thing to do (a human feeling, because angels are created for a mission), he stayed away from Sam and Dean to protect them - all of that is unangelic behaviour, and man, Dean and Cas are going to get into so many fights, aren’t they, because Cas learned how to love from Dean, and that means he’s got that same kind of stubborn, maternal, overbearing way to love Dean has, which means lots of I didn’t tell you because I love you and I walked away because I love you and I booped you to sleep because I love you and I really hope Sam’s going to stay out of the way, because there will be a lot of storming through corridors and huffing and outrage and Can you believe that bastard and it will be absolutely glorious.

As for the rest of it - though, to be perfectly honest, I barely noticed a ‘rest of it’ because my eyeballs were glued to the unbelievable Gay Feelfest unfolding in front of me - I’m really happy with it. I’m happy we’re finally talking Big Things again - Could either of you kill an innocent, do our parents determine our destiny, is there such a thing as innate character, and so on - and I’m happy with the insight we were given both in Kelly’s and in Dagon’s minds, and why they do what they do. I loved every scene Cas and Kelly had together, that kind of, We’re not heroes, and we may be worthless, but we’re what’s left vibe, and Cas’ smile when the baby was kicking, and I like where they’re going, how they’ll try to get this pregnancy to term. Sure, this baby’s got a lot against him - he’s Lucifer’s kid (although, we still don’t know who and what Lucifer was before he was forced to carry the Mark), and one of his temper tantrums could possibly destroy the Earth, but, then again, so could a lot of other things - he’s not special (to quote a famous tumblr post). And if we’re going with free will and self-determination of our own destiny, then we should have the courage not to nitpick: everyone should be able to decide for themselves, and this baby is no exception. 

(I mean, think about it. He’s clearly able to give anyone extraordinary powers - he gave Cas enough ammo to take down a bloody Prince of Hell - so he could have chosen anyone as his protector. He could have picked Dagon, he could have stuck with Kelly, he could have chosen any lesser demon or angel or random doctor they’ve been in contact with over the last few weeks - and yet he chose Cas, and Cas - as we’ve known for a while - is the curiosity, the abomination, the miracle: the angel who can love. No, I want to believe we’re headed towards good things here - narratively or otherwise.)

Final point: again, I know it’s not ideal to carry around a nuclear warhead in your belly, but the beginning of this episode gave me heavy The Handmaiden’s flashbacks (superb show, by the way, go watch it), so the fact they’re giving Kelly some kind of choice - that’s uplifting. Because yeah, maybe she’s slightly brainwashed, but this isn’t like any kind of brainwash I’ve ever seen on the show, because both Kelly and Cas are also lucid, completely themselves. They resemble most closely what Dean was like when he lost his memories, and I think now I’m going to go and cry forever at the implications. But hey, at least Cas’ got his own room at the Bunker and Yes, dumbass - we

No player characters died beyond Scanlan’s activation of death ward and the half second he was out before getting healed back to consciousness. He was then very swiftly getting boosted back into the triple digits. 

They successfully locked away a would-be god with only two of the trammels, one of which was the fragile one. 

Nearly everyone still had a decent amount of resources left - Scanlan and possibly Pike were running low on spell slots, but otherwise the group was still okay overall. 

They survived three Meteor Swarms. 

They did….really stinking well all things considered. That battle couldn’t have gone much better than it did. 

Worth The Risk {Part 12}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risk?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 13 / Part 14 

Word Count: 2041
Warnings: angst? not really in this chapter though ;)

A/N: Managed to whip this up despite the flood of papers and finals! Also shoutout to @melconnor2007 for helping me with some awkward phrasing lmao

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You sat curled up in the large armchair in the corner of your room, legs draped over the side and a mug of cold tea balanced haphazardly on the windowsill beside you.

The weather had been getting better recently and with the sun finally out (but the cold still present) you had decided to spend your morning laying in the sunshine with one of your favourite books. Hours went by without your noticing, much too absorbed in your book and the new CD Sam had bought you playing in the background to care.

But by noon, your stomach was rumbling and so you stood, making your way over to your dresser and pulling out a cliff bar. Tony had scolded you many times before for keeping food in your room but you honestly couldn’t care less; sometimes it was just too much of a hassle to leave in search of food.

Letting yourself fall back into your seat, you opened your snack and watched the clouds go by. You were zoning out again which wasn’t hard to do in this weather and the comfort of your room.

A few minutes later though a knock on the door distracted you and, throwing the now empty wrapper in the trash, you walked over to let Sam in.

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