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23 Black Female Scientists Who Changed The Damn World

Okay so prior to Alice, people had known for hundreds of years that a potential treatment to leprosy existed in the form of something called Chaulmoogra oil. It was too thick to effectively circulate through the body, but Alice Ball, science prodigy and chemist extraordinaire, was the one who FINALLY figured how to turn it into a working treatment. It’s thanks to her that a leprosy crisis was avoided in the early 1900s. Bless you, Alice.

Stay with me for a second because this is actual rocket science. Centaur is a second-stage rocket launcher: the workhorse of the rocket world used to propel countless probes and satellites into space. It’s been invaluable to NASA since its creation, first allowing the U.S. to catch up to the Soviet Union during the space race, and eventually propelling spacecrafts to land on the moon and fly by other planets in the solar system.

So yes: Annie Easley helped DO that. She also contributed energy research to power plants and electronic batteries, which enabled the creation of hybrid vehicles. Go ahead and thank Annie for those, too.

Prior to Jeanne, the impact of discrimination and its accompanying stress factors were rarely explored or acknowledged in relationship to health. She also researched the impact of racism on childhood development and ways to approach therapy that addressed the needs of people of color. And Jeanne broke a ton of ground for black psychologists through her roles in academia and her publications.

Jewel researched ways to alter cell growth AND experimented with growing human tumor tissue outside of the human body to use for cancer treatment tests (instead of testing on living people). As if that wasn’t enough, she also helped to form the National Science Foundation’s Committee on Women and Minorities in Science.

The chair of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission monitors the byproduct of nuclear reactors, so it’s a pretty big deal. Shirley also served on a bunch of advisory boards for international security and energy, AND she was the first black woman to get a Ph.D from MIT.

See the full list:

23 Black Female Scientists Who Changed The Damn World


So there’s been a lot of hype about today’s episode and Yuri and Viktor’s relationship and as such there have been a billion posts analyzing different scenes and what they meant development-wise. Specifically, there have been a lot of posts talking about the scene in which Yuri cries at Viktor. While that was an incredibly important scene, people seem to be neglecting the scene right after it, Yuri’s freeskate.

In my opinion this scene is one of the most important scenes to Vikuuri’s progress, because it’s where their relationship finally gets to its first goal. That goal is Viktor and Yuri being on equal ground.

From the beginning it was clear that there was a wall between them in the form of Viktor being put on such a high pedestal by Yuri, making him effectively unreachable. People this far apart from each other can never have a close relationship, so in all the previous episodes, the main emotional progress made was a way to knock Viktor down from his pedestal while raising Yuri up so that one day, they could finally meet eye to eye as equals as only then could their relationship bloom.

In the scene of Yuri’s freeskate, you can hear Yuri’s inner thoughts during it. (I could actually make a whole other post about his own singular character development in this scene but I’ll just stick the Vikuuri development for now.) 

”Viktor’s expression when I started to cry was priceless.”

Yuri thinks about how clueless Viktor was when he was crying. This thought is sort of playful, showing that Yuri is fine now, and is thinking back on the scene beforehand. After this comes what is in my opinion, the most important line in the scene:

“Viktor’s too inexperienced as a coach.”

Yuri criticizes Viktor. 

“He should be prepared for this much.”

Yuri seriously criticizes his idol, one of the most renown skaters in the world, and now, his coach. He points out a major flaw of someone he only ever thought of as perfect and untouchable.

“Stupid Viktor!”

And THAT is what finally breaks down the wall between them. THAT is what finally sets them on the same level. Yuri allows himself to see Viktors flaws, to see Viktor helpless, clueless, unsure, doubtful, floundering, all of these things Yuri has only seen in himself so far. Suddenly, when Yuri was crying, he was the one who had to guide Viktor through something, he was the more experienced one, he was the leader of the situation. Through these little thoughts, Yuri allows himself to see Viktor as a human, just like him. And now they’ve reach a codependency, an equivalent exchange as skater and coach and as partners.

This is such an important scene because it’s what allows the following kiss to happen. Yuri and Viktor are on equal ground now, they can finally see each other in the same light as themselves, and their relationship is going to prosper now because of it.

hey guys, I want to talk about an upcoming movie called Split.

it’s not coming out until 2017, but I feel it’s important to discuss it anyway, because its first trailer just came out…and frankly, I’m horrified.

here’s the synopsis of the movie: “When a young man with 23 different personalities is compelled to abduct three young girls, he strives to survive as the final and most dangerous one of all tries to take full control.”

….because there weren’t enough movies/shows out there demonizing people with DID as it is, of course.

a brief explanation of what dissociative identity disorder, or DID, is: it’s multiple personalities, formed by trauma, sharing one body.

very, very few of those personalities are aggressive, and I’ve never actually encountered any that were outright dangerous–and yet every movie and show that involves us makes us out to be killers and kidnappers.

Criminal Minds has had two episodes involving people with DID, and in one the man with DID kidnapped a federal agent and tortured him, on top of being a serial killer; the other man with DID was just a regular old serial killer. even a show that’s usually quite good about not demonizing mentally ill people demonizes us.

and now there’s this. a horror film about a person with DID, who presumably went through some serious trauma to get it, and how he’s a kidnapper and probably also a killer.

here’s the thing, though: we aren’t dangerous. we aren’t bad people. we aren’t killers and kidnappers fighting to stop our alters/systemmates from acting out. people with dissociative identity disorder are just typical groups of people who happen to all share a body! we aren’t dangerous to anyone; if anything, most of us tend to be more dangerous to ourselves than anyone else, thanks to self-destructive systemmates who want to hurt the body or other system members. but the bottom line is: we aren’t out to hurt anyone and we aren’t dangerous. the fact that every single movie and episode about us makes us out to be violent killers and kidnappers is appalling and horrendous and screams stigma.

DID has a serious stigma around it. and movies like this are only serving to add to that stigma, to demonize us more, to make more people afraid of us.

I refuse to stand for it.

please, if you can–boycott this movie. tell them you won’t stand for the demonization of your fellow mentally ill people anymore. tell them that we are not their props or toys to play with and create stigma against. tell them that just because it doesn’t affect them doesn’t mean it’s all right to hurt others with their bullshit. listen to systems and people with DID and OSDD who talk about this movie and how it’s bad, and don’t speak over them, but work with us to try and change things so this sort of thing is frowned upon and doesn’t happen so much. please.

blue and gansey not being able to kiss is a narratively unsatisfying choice because the curse storyline has no tangible endgame and therefore loses its whole purpose. for me, the storyline was always about either gansey dying for good thanks to blue’s kiss or blue and gansey breaking the curse by fulfilling it. that seemed to be the only two rational outcomes and neither happens and that makes blue’s curse quite pointless, to be fair. all that build up in four books leads to literally nowhere because nothing changes, not the fact that they can’t kiss, not the fact that they still desperately desperately want to. gansey dies, he comes back, and nothing changes, and that just falls flat in my opinion. it makes their storyline feel really unfinished and incomplete, thus i am electing to ignore this for the rest of my life.

Economically speaking, capitalism becomes oppressive through the phenomenon of accumulation. It is oppressive through being what it is, it accumulates in order to increase what it is, to exploit it all the more, and accordingly to accumulate still more. At that moment accumulation would be necessary only to a very small extent in order to guarantee social benefits. But the revolution, in its turn, becomes industrialized and realizes that, when accumulation is an attribute of technology itself, and not of capitalism, the machine finally conjures up the machine. Every form of collectivity, fighting for survival, is forced to accumulate instead of distributing its revenues. It accumulates in order to increase in size and increase in power. Whether bourgeois or socialist, it postpones justice for a later date, in the interests of power alone…It arms and rearms because others are arming and rearming. It does not stop accumulating and will never cease to do so until the day when perhaps it will reign alone on earth…Such is the economic law governing a world that lives by the cult of production.
—  Albert Camus, The Rebel

TWEWY cast as Pokemon trainers - Neku

Honedge / Smeargle / Meloetta Aria Form / Cherrim Overcast Form / Wishiwashi / Eevee

His Honedge represents him as the JRPG protagonist that he is. Of course he has a sword!

Smeargle is all about his love for CAT and graffiti. Neku and Smeargle are the best artists in Shibuya.

His Meloetta is about his love for music. Actually, he got the idea of having his headphones on 24/7 because of her.

Cherrim represents Neku’s state of mind at the start of the game. He is closed off and doesn’t care about the rest of the world. Also, the kanji in Neku’s name literally translate to “cherry”.

Wishiwashi represents Neku’s state of mind later in the game. Just like Wishiwashy gets super strong when it calls its friends, Neku becomes powerful when he is partnered with his.

And finally Eevee is about Neku’s psych genious and potential. Eevee has the potential to evolve in so many different forms. Just like that Neku has the ability to use any kind of psychs from fire to water to ice etc. based pins.

Other teams: Neku / Shiki / Joshua / Beat / Rhyme

Does it ever hit to you that if a single line wasn’t said by anyone the story would have gone in a completely different direction?

“Just get naked” is a funny one and yeah, very silly. Reading it without any context makes no sense but that’s what makes KLK what it is. of course a odd line would be vital for its story development. The point is, in this scene Ryuuko was about to give up because she just couldn’t take it fighting with Senketsu anymore. The embarrassment being seen with its synchronized form was just too much and the idea of “getting naked” would never cross her mind…. if it wasn’t for Mako.

This line and the very own Mako is what made Kill la Kill what it is. I honestly have no idea what would have happened if this didn’t happen but it certainly made Ryuuko snap out of it and say “I finally get it now. I have to get naked”.

Day 7: Cover me - Comfort/fluff

It was finally over. They were finally able to have the peace and the quiet that they craved. They found a place in the warm weather because it was better for Jack’s joints. It was a small beach house but they didn’t need much space. Gabriel no longer shifted into wraith form, his anger and anxiety gone. Being at peace allowed him to remain the same Gabriel Jack had known all those years before.

Not that it would have matter as Jack was now fully blind, and needed help doing even the most basic of tasks like shaving. But it didn’t bother him because it was Gabriel who did those things. It was his life partner, the man he had fought for, with, and against. The man who knew him inside and out.

They comforted each other through nightmares, flashbacks. It wasn’t perfect, but it was theirs. Sombra would peek in on them from time to time because Gabriel had helped her complete her objectives, which meant she owed him a favour. And he had already told her what he wanted: when Jack left this world, she would hack and disable his nanites and let him join him.

People visited from time to time, still not used to the idea that Soldier:76 and Reaper were living a domestic and idle life. Swimming in the ocean helped relieve stiff joints and their nights were spent wrapped around each other, happy for the first time in years.

The night was clear and the breeze soft as it blew through the small house with all it’s windows open. They talked, late into the night until Jack couldn’t keep his eyes open. As he said every night, just in case, he croaked out the words “Don’t be too far behind me. We have the gates of heaven to storm. I love you Gabriel Reyes.”

Gabriel’s reply was soft in his ear. “I won’t be long behind you mi luna. Yo quiero Jackson Reyes.

That morning Jack didn’t wake up. His flesh was cool, lips pale. Gabriel glanced down and knew immediately. He reached for his communicator and connected to Sombra. “It’s time.”

It didn’t take her long to get there and once she was, she held up her glove hand that dealt with all her hacking. “Are you sure about this Papá?”

He nodded. “That fool is going to storm the gates of heaven and never learned to guard his left. Because that’s where I should be. Tell everyone we love them.”

She brought her hand down and hugged Gabriel who hugged her back. “And when you find that ingrate we called our son….. Tell him we’re proud of him. And of you.” he said, and she clung to him for a moment longer before stepping back and holding her hand up again. She was trying to hold her tears back because damn it she was a tough woman, she didn’t have tear ducts, but they fell anyway, silent and slow.

“I’m going to try and make this as painless as possible. I’m sorry if it hurts.” she said before her fingers started to move and Gabriel’s body started to glow purple and disintegrate. He held back his small noises of pain and soon was as gone as Jack was.

Jack sat at a bar, young, built and blonde. On his face was none of the aged, weathered damaged, just the scars that Gabriel had liked so much. Someone slid onto the stool on his left and he glanced over at the man. “Hey baby you’re a 9 and I’m the one you need.”

“You from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only ten I see.” Gabriel replied just as rakishly handsome as he had always been, with just a little grey starting at the temples.

“We finally made it.”

“Now what?”

“The same thing we do every night Gabe. Take over the world.”

Gabriel was lost for moment before he burst out laughing. “Good god Jack that was an old reference.” Jack was laughing as well, leaning his head against the man’s shoulder.

“I thought you’d enjoy it.”

For some of you, getting angry enough to disassociate with anyone who voted Trump or may have voted Trump is a form of protection. A form of self care. Putting up boundaries that you choose for yourself and that can be smart and its certainly your right.

But this crosses a line in some of the posts I’ve seen, ordering others to cut ties, because what for you is good and strengthening, can be the final straw for someone else. Consider those out there just as vulnerable as you, as terrified, as hurt, and maybe they’re young, maybe they live at home, maybe they have complicated relationships with loved ones who voted Trump, and you shout at them, “kick your worthless racist/misogynistic/homophobic/etc parents out of your lives,” 

and they wonder if it not wanting to do that makes them bad. And maybe they had been feeling betrayed by these loved ones but had different strategies than you. Maybe they want to talk and not cut ties, want to try and change minds or build different sorts of support systems because, after all, they know their parents much better than you do.

Please, in general, remember that what is right and good and protective for some people may be the opposite for others and that demanding that others take care of themselves the way you take care of yourself can lead to making someone else’s situation much, much worse.

Hey!!! So guess who’s seriously having second thoughts about life choices after uni does everything in its power to make you wanna cry and scream and sob!!!!! :D 

So here’s a little doodle cause really it was necessary…but as soon as i’m free i’ll upload a little comic (like three little drawings) to explain the image better!! and of course by then i’ll finally be able to upload all the comics form the inktober that i still havent because of freaking uni!!! aghhhhhhhhh i’m so done with everything!!!! but! on the brightside! only a few more weeks to go! (i will actually be studying during christmas *sobs*) AND… HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW OSOMATSU SAN EPISODE!?!?!?!?! I LAUGHED SO FREAKING HARD!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!! 

Okay gotta go back to study now, but once the semester is over i’ll be back with lots of drawings and comics and stuff!!!! (my fingers are itching to be able to freaking finally draw stuff for the steampunk AU oh mi god…)

Hugs and snowflakes for everyone!! 

✖ we’re not ashes ✖

Imagine this.

Yuuri finishes his free skate program in Grand Prix Final, heaving out his chest also finally landing a quadruple flip without prior notice to Victor himself. Victor’s mouth is genuinely wide open and he can’t really function because what he saw on the rink was love in its true form. He doesn’t really run to the Kiss and Cry because he’s flabbergasted. Yuuri finally runs to him and brings back his senses by asking how he did. Victor doesn’t say anything but he pulls him into a embracing hug and finally kisses his soft lips. Although Yuuri is taken aback, he gives in to the kiss, moving in absolute sync. When they finally break it, Victor takes Yuuri’s hand and traces the gold band and says, “Please be mine forever, really?”


Poulenc - Cello Sonata

Poulenc is a problematic composer in that he is one of those “conservative” 20th century artists. In order to present important milestones, and to make a historical narrative that goes in one direction, clear of diversions or exceptions, composers like Poulenc get forgotten or pigeonholed. Even though this sonata stays clear of sharp dissonance, it is an incredible work in cyclical form. Despite how moving the piece is, and despite being hallmark Poulenc [fun melodies juxtaposed with “serious” tones], it isn’t played often. Probably because its a difficult piece for both musicians to play and syncopate.


1. Allegro - tempo di marcia

2. Cavatine

3. Ballabile

4. Finale

Most of my writing usually feels to me like a bad idea, which makes it hard for me to know which ideas feel bad because they have merit, and which ones feel bad because they don’t. Often I watch myself gravitating toward the bad idea, as if the final girl in a horror movie, albeit one sitting in a Tuff Shed at a desk sticky with milk. But somewhere along the line, from my heroes, whose souls were forged in fires infinitely hotter than mine, I gained an outsized faith in articulation itself as its own form of protection.
—  Maggie Nelson

anonymous asked:

Watching the gifs one can see that h/l go from v interactive/giddy to sedate and somewhat melancholic (especially dear Louis). Watching them I feel that Harry was the one who decided to finally move on. I remember leaving my first love ( for valid reasons) and it hurt like hell. Because I'm old I remember Gwen stefani dating her bandmate and then they had a breakup and they still stayed together as a band. Same with Fleetwood Mac and probably many other bands. Love is not always a fairytale :/

To think of how circumstances changed for them over those five years, how they’ve changed in response, how much we’ve seen and how much we haven’t…

9 Dec 2010

25 Nov 2011

26 Nov 2012

22 Nov 2013

17 Nov 2014

25 Nov 2015 — as Harry said at a different moment in the interview above, “I think it’s better to, if [a relationship’s] not right, it’s probably best to say goodbye…if you’re not in it, if you’re not a hundred percent in it, I think for both parties it’s probably best to say goodbye.” And Louis agreed. Whatever’s between them at present, it’s nice to know they’re on the same page with that idea. 

Spellcrafting and Finding Your Method📝

I never thought that I would be able to write my own successful spells. It was something I just couldn’t see myself doing. I thought it would be too hard. But I finally found the confidence to start Crafting my own spells.

It seems to me that “lazy Witchcraft” is taking a foothold in the Witchcraft community because people think that Witchcraft, in its purest and most effective form, is a difficult thing. But it doesn’t have to be at all. It can be as simple as carrying a charm in your pocket, or reciting a quick chant to do good on a task. Magick isn’t just generated by blood rituals under a forest at midnight on a full moon. Magick is generated by purpose and intent.

Crafting a spell can be intimidating. But that’s only if YOU make it an intimidating ritual. In actuality, Crafting a spell is as easy or as hard as the Caster makes it. So keep that in mind. YOU as the Caster determine how complicated the spell is.

The Crooked Path has literally soooo many ways to raise Magick. The possibilities are endless. There’s spells that use herbs and plants, spells that use candles, spells that use specific items that work under a certain correspondence. It’s literally impossible to list every single way to do Magick. It’s amazing!

So find your method. Experiment. See what works for you. Once you find your method, you’ll be filled with confidence. And not to mention, you will literally feel like a badass witch.

Hope you guys find what works for you💜
Stay Witchy🔮

A Bonding Exercise

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Klance (Keith/Lance)
Rating: Teen and up: for language mostly
Summary: Coran was taking the role of Shiro’s partner, and Lance would have burst out laughing if it weren’t for the fact that he had to take dancing lessons as a bonding exercise.

Author’s Notes: This entire fanfiction is based on this marvelous fanart and dedicated to its creator, @thealeksdemon-art! Thanks so much for letting me try my hand at writing it! And everyone should take a look at the fanart before you read because it is GORGEOUS.

Also on AO3.

Allura was unhappy.

That was an understatement, Lance realized as she seethed in front of the group. She was pissed. And when he acknowledged that, his clever retort died on his lips and he sucked his breath back in.

Nuh-uh. No way was he going to incur her wrath again. No way, no how.

“You have been forming Voltron perfectly until now,” she finally spit out, hands on her hips. “You haven’t had any problems that prevented you in several of your Earth months, so what in the world is stopping you now?”

The five paladins remained silent. Shiro’s brow was furrowed in thought, his arms crossed. Pidge was at his side, shifting anxiously and trying not to look directly at the princess. Hunk just looked sheepish and confused, and Lance didn’t blame him. Keith seemed like he wasn’t paying attention, glancing out the window of the control room and out into the vast expanse of stars, and Lance honestly didn’t have a clue.

His profile was nice, though. It was somewhat softer than when he glared at Lance. It was easier to look at Keith when he wasn’t looking back.

When no one spoke, the princess let out a small shriek of frustration.

“That’s it. Coran!” she called, and the trusty Altean stepped up from behind the paladins.

“Yes, princess!”

“Coran, there is yet another bonding exercise that you’ve not made them do, I’m sure?” Pidge barely stifled a groan at the idea of more training, but Lance wasn’t as lucky. Allura shot a piercing glare at him and he nearly shoved his fist in his mouth, looking away as quickly as he could. Damn, she was scary. Hot, but scary.

“Which one would you like to put them through?” he asked, raising a hand and starting to count down fingers. “We have hundreds of fighting drills, diplomacy, teamwork, intimacy—”

That,” Allura snapped her fingers, her eyes flashing in a way that Lance didn’t entirely trust. “Intimacy. That could be just the drill we need. How about…ah, yes. The diplomatic intimacy drill, just to make it even better.”

“So you mean—”


That can’t be good, Lance thought to himself, swallowing hard.

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Loss in All Its Many Forms

So @crossroadsdimension and I were chatting earlier this evening about the Gravity Falls finale, and I feel the need to share some of our discussion and feelings. We were discussing, specifically, the final few scenes in the Fearamid and in Stan’s Mindscape in the Flaming Room. 

It’s just … thinking back about the finale and what actually happened is so heart-wrenching when you consider it through the characters’ eyes.

Because yeah, we as the audience know that everything will most likely work itself out in the end, that everyone is going to be happy and everything is probably going to be magically resolved. But the characters? The people going through it at the moment? They have no way to know the future.

The decisions they make can and should be irreversible. 

They rightly think that what happens is permanent. That there is no going back.

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