because this is golden

Finally went back to the dog park near our apartment! The last couple of times we’ve been, there’s been this very old lady who sits on a bench and does nothing as her obese pug goes to town humping my poor Blaine. So we’ve avoided this park for a while but today was great!

Right away this guy asked if Blaine was pure lab and I said “No! He’s part golden too!” And the guy says “Yeah, I could tell by his face.” And it made me honestly giddy because I love it when people recognize Blaine’s melt your heart golden eyes.

We also ran into a guy with an old bully mix that we’ve seen at a different dog park and this really nice guy with the two cutest Dobermans I’ve ever seen.

Only bad thing was this (I assume) grandma had a small dog on a leash and a ~year and a half old child and she let the child walk himself through the part of the park that is where dogs play. And of course Heidi and two other puppies were running and chasing (like dogs do in a dog park) and I felt like the lady was judging us for letting our dogs play while her child was walking. But like, this is a dog park, and this is the part of the park where this happens. It’s the only really open part of the park and you probs should take your child to the human park that’s only a couple steps away… what really got me about the situation was that the dog was on the leash the whole time. They really thought it was okay to just take a casual stroll through the dog park with their freshly walking child. Okayy. But they left quickly and Heidi had a really great time playing with this heeler mix and a golden.



There’s something below the surface in this story about a good brother, following simple instructions, and a strange, wise little fox that carries people on its tail, but I was distracted by the sheer amount of gold objects in this one story. Golden Bird! Golden Horse! Golden Apples! Golden Castle! And the King must own them all! With the sheer amount of gold things that pop up in fairy tale land, you’d think it would hold no intrinsic value because it is apparently not rare whatsoever. I mean, when you’ve got Golden Apples growing readily on a tree, its wholly and completely worthless to base a monetary system off the stuff. Economics 101.


Never incur the wrath of a sparrow. If you kill its dog friend, it will strike forth in furious vengeance: “Not unfortunate enough yet…it shall cost you your life!” This bird emptied out all the offending man’s wine, prompted him to cut off his own horses’ heads by accident, tore apart the interior of his house, tricked the man into chopping up all his good furniture, let himself finally be swallowed by the man, only to trick the wife into beheading her own husband as the sparrow escaped without a scratch! This bird is Inigo Montoya. You killed its dog. Prepare to die.


I guess there’s something relatable about a story of a stupid spouse and how they bring the other spouse to ruin. But the stupid spouse in question kept doing as she was asked literally and after she got it wrong, stated: “ Indeed…I did not know that, you should have told me.” Honestly? I couldn’t agree with her more. If you tell her to make the house secure, surely you meant making the door secure. And what better way of making the door secure than by taking it off the hinges and with you so you know it won’t be stolen? That’s good ole logic. You must be more specific, dear.


Out of all the fairy tales Walt Disney could have chosen to make films for, I can’t believe he skipped this one. It’s got some length to it, and it is a pretty compelling tale. Long lost brothers; the two befriend beasts of the wild; dragon fighting to win the hand of the princess; betrayal; odyssey; and the return to claim what is rightfully theirs. You can’t tell me that’s not more interesting that Snow White and the Nameless Dwarves.

Plus, there’s a really weird scene where this guy’s head gets chopped off because his animal companions don’t guard him; but no fear! There’s a magic root that will cure him and magically put his head back on! Except…wait for it…the animals put his head on backwards! As this simply won’t do, the animals have to kill him again by tearing his head off, give him the magic root again, and place it back on correctly. COMEDY. GOLD.

anonymous asked:

Lapidot is the only thing make my Life make sense, everyday i want to die, now lapis is leaving the cg, the people will stop shipping lapidot? How many episodes do you think lapis will leave peridot?

Aw man…

Anon, seriously, don’t worry about it.  Peridot and Lapis will be reunited again, if Lapis does leave!  And honestly?  I’m seeing more Lapidot shippers who are looking forward to the potential angst-fest rather than letting it stop them from liking the ship - because this is a golden opportunity to strengthen the relationship.

I’m not qualified to give advice on these things, but I suffer from depression (earlier in the year I was signed-off work for almost a month and given anti-depressants, which I’m still taking now).  I’m not saying you’re necessarily suffering with the same thing as me - I have no idea of your circumstances and what-have-you, after all.  But, if you’re feeling that low, please seek some expert advice from a doctor.  You don’t have to suffer like this, ok?  You don’t deserve to feel like you do.

Seeking medical advice is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done.  Sure, I still have the occasional bad day, but I feel a million times better than I did.  The road to recovery is a long one, but it’s not impossible!  Please don’t suffer like this.

The Fibonacci sequence can help you quickly convert between miles and kilometers

The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers where every new number is the sum of the two previous ones in the series.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.
The next number would be 13 + 21 = 34.

Here’s the thing: 5 mi = 8 km. 8 mi = 13 km. 13 mi = 21 km, and so on.

Edit: You can also do this with multiples of these numbers (e.g. 5*10 = 8*10, 50 mi = 80 km). If you’ve got an odd number that doesn’t fit in the sequence, you can also just round to the nearest Fibonacci number and compensate for this in the answer. E.g. 70 mi ≈ 80 mi. 80 mi = 130 km. Subtract a small value like 15 km to compensate for the rounding, and the end result is 115 km.

This works because the Fibonacci sequence increases following the golden ratio (1:1.618). The ratio between miles and km is 1:1.609, or very, very close to the golden ratio. Hence, the Fibonacci sequence provides very good approximations when converting between km and miles.

Drarry AU

My brain keeps returning to this idea – what if, in POA (movie universe), Harry never realizes that the crane Malfoy sent him was a note (because I mean, who would)?  Like he just stares at it, confused, then goes “okay” sets it down on his desk and goes back to ignoring Snape

I mean, Draco would be furious because how dare you not appreciate my bullying Potter and the next class they have together, he grabs another piece of paper, writes something along the lines of “You suck Potter”, folds another crane and blows it over – only for it to be left sitting on Harry’s desk again after the lesson, and Harry didn’t even look inside, he didn’t do anything with this damn crane, and Draco is absolutely seething from this lack of attention

So he does it again.  And again.  And again.  

First it’s insults (because of course he hates Potter, they’re archenemies, never mind the actual murderer stalking Harry at this very moment) – “I hope you die Potter” “I wish I met Sirius Black I’d help him” “Your glasses are appalling why do you still have the same ones from first year your prescription can’t possibly be the same you moron” “Eat a bag of dicks Potter” – but a month goes by and he’s running out of things to say and Potter never reads the notes anyway so Draco just starts ranting about everything else he finds annoying

Soon the cranes are just a way of venting – talk about your day, fold a beautiful crane, send it to the person you definitely hate the most.  He still tries to snark and generally antagonize every time he sees Potter, because it’s practically my duty to take the Golden Boy down a peg, Goyle – but he can’t do it the same way anymore, so he takes a step back – in everything except the cranes.  

Every day, every class, and sometimes at breakfast, a crane will land next to Harry Potter’s elbow.  Without fail.  Harry will pick it up, stare at it, and set it back down.  Or maybe slip it into his bag, and Draco’s stomach flips the first time he does that.  

It’s almost like they’re friends.  By now, Draco’s told him things he never even voiced to his friends – that he’s actually terrified of the Dementors, that he keeps feeling like he’s not good enough, because no matter what he tries, there’s always somebody better than him at it – that he still can’t understand why Harry didn’t want to be his friend that time on the train, seriously Potter what did I do?  you didn’t even know me! – and Potter didn’t crumple any of the cranes, so maybe he doesn’t hate him so much anymore?..  Draco knows Potter never reads these notes, but he likes to pretend that Harry knows all these things about him.  And maybe even cares a little.  

It’s stupid, and he really shouldn’t be putting any of such personal details in writing (honestly Lucius would be so disappointed, these cranes are perfect blackmail material and what the hell are you thinking Draco yells Draco’s inner voice) – but he can’t stop.  It’s become a habit, and Potter stared at him for fifteen minutes at lunch today, so he can’t stop.  Draco keeps talking, and making Harry little doodles, and trying not to smile too obviously when another crane ends up in Harry’s pocket.

And meanwhile, Harry’s going nuts.  He just doesn’t understand what Malfoy wants from him, or why he doesn’t run into him so often anymore – and the cranes really seem to be just paper (Ron why does Malfoy know origami is this a general wizard thing or is it just him), and they’re delicate and elegant, and he feels bad about destroying them – so he just leaves them.  

Until, of course, he absentmindedly shoves one in his bag one day – and finds it that evening.  Sighs and sets it on his bedside table, because what else can he do?..  Even if he throws it out, he’ll just get a new one tomorrow.  Or three.  

He’s confused, because Malfoy isn’t even so loud or dramatic anymore, it’s almost as if he’s trying not to attract attention – beyond the cranes – but Harry’s eyes are glued to him anyway.  He knows that Malfoy has to be up to something, because of course he is – but he just can’t tell what, there’s no way to know, and holy shit Ron he just smiled at me what the hell is he planning – and all this time, the pile of cranes on his bedside table keeps growing

He doesn’t lie awake at night, thinking of Malfoy’s smile.  He doesn’t.  Really.  

The next day, when he gets his morning crane, he flashes Malfoy a brilliant smile, and laughs at his stunned expression like ha, two can play at this game!  Gotcha now!  and he’s still thinking that Malfoy’s messing with his mind – except he can’t help but think that it would be nice if Draco was really like that.  If he really just sent the cranes over to brighten Harry’s day.  If there wasn’t something else behind this, because he’s starting to like it.  

All this goes on until Hermione barges into their dormitory again, in the ungodly hours of the morning, like she usually does – and stops dead, staring at the pile of cranes, Ron may have been complaining but she never imagined the true extent of this new, yet age-old obsession.  And of course, Harry tries to protest, that it’s all for science, Hermione, I have to find out what he’s up to and this is the only source of information – but the excuses run dry when she quizzes him a bit and finds out that none of the cranes are cursed, or charmed to yell insults, or anything, really 

So she’s like “well have you tried to unfold one” and no he didn’t, who the heck writes notes inside a crane anyway, isn’t it an artwork??  But hey, that’s an idea, and that night the trio gets together, sitting on Harry’s bed with the crane he just got in Charms, bated breath and all, waiting for it to unleash something nasty (Harry finds himself really really hoping it won’t) 

All kinds of security measures done, and they unfold it 

Hermione’s like “oh.  Oohh,” and Ron’s eyebrows fly away to roam the world

Because inside

there’s a shitty little drawing of Harry and Draco holding hands, with little hearts all around 


Raising My Legson: The Origin Story

(Single Dad Legmon doesn’t know the answer to that question either :’-((( @1lsan )


Some more of those expressions! I’ve been on a bit of a lineless kick lately so that’s been…happening…

I think this is the last of them, guys! If anyone didn’t see their ask, then either tumblr ate it or it was a repeat of one I already did ^_^ Thanks for everyone who sent some, they were good practice!