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Having a baby with Tom Holland would include:

@rachel-mariah-lynn requested: I was wondering if you could do a ‘having a baby with tom holland would include’ because im unable to find that certain one anywhere.

this was fun to write but im not sure if i did a good job, i wrote this while my wifi was out at around midnight!! i hope you enjoy, all criticism is welcome this is my first time writing a piece in this format.

requests are open!! 

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  • when your cravings kick in tom rushes to make whatever you need, even if it’s pickles and peanut butter saying something along the lines of “babe ill cook whatever and if i have to look up the recipe i will.”
  • while picking out names tom obviously says, “well if it’s a boy y/n jr and if it’s a girl y/n jr! it’s the most logical thing darling”
  • when you can’t sleep because the baby keeps kicking tom stays up with you to read it a story. even if he got home from work late or has to go in early he is by your side through it all.
  • when the baby kicks for the first time the smile on his face is glowing proudly and a tear runs down his face.
  • “boy or girl me and mama will love you till the end of the world” while tom is cooking he sings horrible free styles to the baby.
  • “y/n i’m gonna be the best dad ever. not just that we’re gonna be the best parents ever”
  • painting the baby’s room a light pastel green because that suits a boy or a girl, tom thinks that it’s a good idea to paint your tummy as well just so the baby can get an idea of what his/her room will be like.
  • when shopping for baby clothes tom can’t help but grab the spider-man onesies.
  • “but please babe!” “you can have two spider-man’s running around the house”
  • when you finally give in tom has the largest smile on his face as he walks around the store, while your pushing the cart tom would wrap his arms around you tapping your belly lightly as he’d hum in your ear.
  • even if it’s 2am tom would fetch you a large fry, large iced tea, and a big mac from mcdonalds and just because he loves you so much he would go the extra mile and get an oreo mcfleury for you and a caramel sundae with extra caramel for him.
  • when your water breaks tom would first ask why you dropped your water bottle before realization hits him.
  • “oh fuck!” he’d shout “it’s really happening i’m gonna be a dad!” tom would get overly excited.
  • “tom i’m not having this baby in a bath tub call the damn ambulance for god sake” you would have to shout at him.
  • toms hands would be shaking as he dialled the three numbers. tom would try to soothe you saying thing like, “soon you will be a mother”, “they’re coming soon hold it together”, “in here with you every step of the way, y/n darling your never alone in this journey.”
  • after the child is born tom would be in the room with you secretly wondering what it is covered in before it gets washed.
  • when you’re told it’s a baby boy you and tom decided that mitchell harrison holland will be the full name of your baby boy.
  • while tom is holding him, tom and you sharing the hospital bed he would say cute things to him, “hey mitchy welcome to the world”, “this is daddy and that is mommy”, “i love you mitchy, daddy loves you.”
  • tom would look at this little boy in awe and in complete shock wondering how he and you could make something so beautiful and pure.
  • tom trying to figure out breast feeding.
  • “so he just gets to suck your nipple?”
  • when harrison comes to visit tom is overjoyed that he gets to introduce mitchell his son to his godfather harrison.
  • when it’s finally time to take mitchell home tom can’t wait to show him his room.
  • mitch is already in his spider-man onesie and tom can’t wait to wear his suit now knowing that his son at home is matching him.
  • when it’s late at night and the baby starts screaming you begin to get up hoping that all he’s just hungry or needs a diaper change.
  • tom also gets up telling you “no it’s okay babe i got it” or “i’ll go check on him you get some sleep love” he’ll even place a light kiss on your forehead trying to get you to lay back down.
  • after some three am bickering tom and you both get up to assist a screaming mitchell.
  • when you pick him up he continues crying but when tom takes him from your hands it immediately hushes into small sniffles.
  • tom then takes a seat in the large rocking chair that has a large comfy cushion at the bottom and one supporting the back.
  • with mitchell in his arms tom pats his lap tiredly looking at you, you go and sit on his lap, “lay down and get some sleep.”
  • you would rest your head on the arm rest of the chair that had a soft cushion and your bum would be right in toms lap as he would let his arms rest on what’s left of your small baby bump.
  • slowly you would hear toms breath begin to slow and you knew he was asleep, mitchell obviously was sound asleep and now you could be sound asleep because you knew that both of your boys were safe and sound right here with you.

Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of how amazing STAR WARS fandom can be, when there can be so much awful behavior by fans that never seems to end. But then you fling yourself back into reading fic and maybe not all fic all across fandom is perfect, but some of it is so incredibly talented and some of it is so incredibly good spirited and some of it is so incredibly fun that you remember, ah, yes, this is what makes fandom so much more than worthwhile. FIC SAVES ME EVERY DAY OF MY FANDOM LIFE and bless it for that.  Fandom is amazing.

Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, obi-wan & ahsoka & anakin & shmi & satine & cast, time travel, 133.5k wip
   Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious.
Bitter Confessions by FireflyFish, obi-wan/anakin, 4.7k
   Obi-Wan Kenobi is having a secret affair with Satine Kryze and Anakin Skywalker is trying very hard to be okay with that. Until Satine ends the relationship because she’s tired of sharing Obi-Wan’s attention with a mysterious third person.
Equinox by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, sith!obi-wan, 30.1k wip
   During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin crash on a remote planet and take shelter in the ruins of a grand estate only to find they are not alone.
Little Notes by Dragons_Heart, obi-wan/anakin, modern au, 1k
   The idea of the secret admirer has been around for decades, possibly centuries. They never speak directly, but instead choose to leave little notes for their love to find. They only dream that one day they’ll be together.
to prove it so by retts, obi-wan/anakin, force ghosts, 3.5k
   ‘Then it was real, my Padawan.’
Don’t Let This End by SoftlyFocused, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 4.9k
   Anakin is frustrated by how devastatingly handsome Obi-Wan looks at one of Padmé’s political parties, he gets drunk to cope. Obi-Wan is frustrated with how needy and demanding Anakin has been, he gets drunk to punish him. Both of them really need to release some tension after this seemingly endless war.
Four Letters, Starts With L by frodogenic, anakin & luke/mara, 3.2k
   A fluffy oneshot set in the Limpet AU. A terrorist attack, a medcenter, and the unpredictable consequences of a certain four-letter word.
the sanctity of dreams by SpaceTimeSkywalker, obi-wan/anakin & bail, ~1k
   Right before reaching Zigoola, Obi-Wan receives a transmission from home.
closing in by SpaceTimeSkywalker, obi-wan/anakin, 1k
   Anakin and Obi-Wan were already long gone at that point, as their souls had perished together in the lava and amidst the acrid smoke; and all there was left was their shells, empty, remembering fragments of happier times that had long since passed.
Helpless by DonkerRood, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, bondage, d/s, 1.9k
   Anakin finds himself helpless.
just a little bit by retts, obi-wan/anakin, 1.9k
   Anakin took a deep breath and leaned into Obi-Wan’s space. Obi-Wan kept his ground and arched a brow at him. This was curious. ‘I like being tied up,’ Anakin whispered conspiratorially. Obi-Wan blinked. ‘I beg your pardon?’
Young Lust by Writer_Markilyn, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka, NSFW, modern au, 19.1k
   Obi-Wan is only human, he sometimes forgot to turn off the stove, spent all his money on coffee, or even forget to change the oil in his car that now sounds like it’s going to explode when he turns it on. He ends up finding a mechanic shop that luckily isn’t too far from his home, and when he arrives, he lays eyes on a messy haired, oil streaked mechanic, with bewitching blue eyes, and it’s in that moment, Obi-Wan knows he’s a goner.
slices by springsoldier (ladydaredevil), ahsoka/barriss & luminara & cast, modern au, pushing daisies au, 1.7k
   In which Barriss bakes pies and wakes the dead and Ahsoka is her alive-again childhood sweetheart.
Tiny!Obi-Wan and the Red Man, Part 6 + Part 7 by phosphorescent-naidheachd, obi-wan & qui-gon & mace & cast, 2.2k wip
to be made right by SpaceTimeSkywalker, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & cast, 10.1k
   Anakin is not angry; Obi-Wan is dead, and he feels hollow. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan realizes his mistakes, and Ahsoka is left to clean up the mess.

full details + recs under the cut!

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Fuzzy Blankets

Little drabble because I was suffering while on my period a little while ago and I didn’t  finish it then so when I finally did, it was short. But I think it does pretty well. And hopefully makes up for bad guy!Sam in my Stay series?

Unbeta’d, tags at the end. Enjoy. Would love feedback because I need validation sometimes.

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Darcy/Thor and #20, please?

Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Thor
Word Count: 1051
Prompt:  #20 That old cliche: “New neighbor is a hottie, oh my blob, what do I do?”

It was the hottest day of the summer.  

Or at least, it was the hottest day of the summer so far.  

She was lying out on the porch swing at her parents’ house because there was nothing on TV and honestly, the AC wasn’t keeping up with this heat so she might as well be outside.

She wasn’t exactly sure how she ended up house-sitting for her parents while they went on a Caribbean cruise, but here she was.  Was it really house-sitting if she lived here when they lived here too?  Wasn’t it just…them going on vacation and leaving their adult daughter at home because they needed an effing break?  

She sighed.  Whatever it was, it was sad, and it was her life.  

The moving van that turned down the street was honestly the most interesting thing she’d seen in days, so of course she pricked up when it pulled into the house next door.  

She pricked up more when she saw who was driving it.  

Standing at least six foot something, he had long blonde hair swept back into a messy man bun on the back of his head.  And he had muscles for days.  DAYS.  They were rippling out of his white t-shirt as he crossed over to the back of the truck, pulling open the back and setting up the ramp.  

Darcy didn’t see another soul with him, so she assumed he was just a mover or something.  Maybe the real geriatric owners of the house would be coming in later that day.  

But still…hot dudes didn’t show up every day around here.  In fact, since she’d moved into her parents’ basement, the only hot guys she’d seen had been on TV or on the covers of her mom’s paperback romances.  

Speaking of which…Tall, blonde and muscular was looking more and more like one of those dudes and less like someone who she would ever see in real life again.  

Geez, she was hard up.  It had been a while.  

There was a bang of a screen door and the Widow Wyatt was already on her way over with a plate of cookies.  Damn, the old ladies moved fast.  

Darcy hauled herself up and went inside, not really sure what she was looking for, but not wanting to be present for the display as all the widowed women went to hit on the mover guy.  

Maybe once upon a time, she might have whipped up some lemonade, taken it over in a glass pitcher with beads of condensation running down the sides.  

But meh.  Who had the time anymore?  

She was fiddling with the dial on the air conditioner when someone rang the doorbell.  

Darcy answered the door, fully expecting there to be someone there asking her to move her car or whatever.  

Boy, was she pleasantly surprised to see Blonde Muscles outside her door.  Looking very sweaty and very hot.  Oh, holy hell was he hot.  

"Hello, my name is Thor and I’m actually…moving in next door…and I can’t seem to find my hammer…”  he gestured over at the house, where the Widow Wyatt was still standing.  "Ms.  Wyatt said you might have one I could borrow?“ He smiled widely, proving himself to be even more handsome close up than far away.  

Darcy tried to ignore Ms. Wyatt’s rampant thumbs-up signals she was sending her and instead tried to direct Thor (seriously, how was that his name?) inside so she could look for it.  

"My dad has one somewhere…you wanna come in while I go look?”  

“If you don’t mind terribly…”  

He was British too.  What even.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it…” she said, standing aside and letting him come stand in the foyer.  "I’ll just be a minute…gotta go rummage in the closet back here…" She jutted her thumb over her shoulder to imply where she’d be.  

It was just around the corner, but still.  Better to safe than sorry.  

She was halfway into her dad’s toolbox when she heard Thor ask her a question.  Well, she heard the rumbling timbre of his voice.  No actual words, though.  

Darcy grabbed both of the hammers she found, figuring he could pick which one he liked better.  

“What was that, dude?  I didn’t hear you…was kind of face deep in a toolbox…”  

“I was just making horribly awkward small talk.  Asking you if you lived here with your parents or…”  

Darcy emerged from around the corner and smirked.  "Yep.  I, unfortunately, am living with the rents until I can figure out what I’m doing with my life…so…"  

“Ah…yes.  Well, I was there as well.  Up until this morning…” he chuckled.  "And now I’m here.  Next door to your parents, so…" He shrugged.  

“Well, living alone is still better than living with those who birthed you…you do live alone, don’t you?  There isn’t someone else?  Did I put my foot in my mouth?”  

He laughed and shook his head.  "No, no.  Nothing like that. I … I live alone.“

"Cool…well in that case…” she held out both hammers.  "Take your pick…"  

Thor chose the one in her left and hefted it in his hand.  "Thank you very much, Ms…?“  

"Lewis.  Darcy Lewis.”    

“Darcy Lewis.  Thank you for the hammer.”  

“You are totally welcome, Thor. Question…do you have plans for dinner?”  

He shook his head.  "I was probably going to order a pizza and eat it over the sink like the sad singleton I am.“

"Well, instead, how about I cook something…and we both eat it over your sink?”  

“If you’re coming over, I can find chairs.  They just might not match…”  

“I’ll make my peace with the unmatching chairs.”  

He grinned. “If so, then it’s a date.  I’ll see you in a few hours, then?”  

“Yep.  In a few hours.”  Darcy walked him to the door and watched him walk back over to his house.  

Ms. Wyatt was still standing at the end of her driveway, staring at the two of them.  She lifted her thumb in the air again, and Darcy returned the gesture with a laugh.  

Of course, Thor turned around at that moment and she had to turn it into an awkward wave and then quickly scuttle back into the house.  

Now she just had to figure out what to make for dinner.

poldorking  asked:

I'm surprised Dwight and Caroline marrying wasn't a bigger deal socially. I know Dwight is a gentleman, but if I understood S2 properly, they were still considered to be from different classes, no?

yeaaaahhhhh so this doesn’t make any sense to me -  Caroline and Dwight were both gentry ( ie minor aristocracy that held property but were not inheriting titles ect like your Lord Falmouth types). And Dwight even said “I am a gentleman” to Ray Penvenen last season. There was not a difference in class but in wealth and income. Dwight was on the lower end of the income scale to Caroline but tbh that wasn’t that unusual, a lot of “well bread” gentlemen who lacked in income married heiresses and that was basically the “job” of the second sons who were not going to inherit (because the land was usually entailed). It wouldn’t exactly be a “catch” to marry a penniless doctor,but she wasn’t marrying below her station.

Anyway so. that all made sense, until this season when Caroline is discussing social classes and marriages and lists herself and Dwight as being from different classes….. now that’s patently not true and could be sloppy writing but im wondering if they’re trying to retcon Dwight into being middle class ….confusing.

You do you.

So I am going to approach this a little differently.

If you need to unfollow me, or block me, because that’s what is best for you at this time, then do it. I wont be upset. I wont be petty or angry, I may be a little sad, i’ll admit it I’m human. But I am not responsible for your well being, I cant do what’s best for you.

I know I am not everyone’s cup of tea, and certainly not visa versa. I try to be supportive of the people I interact with here but I am not required to keep supporting people who didn’t make me feel very good about myself just because I am fitness/recovery blog, and no, that doesn’t make me “fake.” I am not a professional, lol I am struggling human like most people here.

So that being said I hope if something I have done makes you not feel good about yourself, that you do whats best for YOUR recovery an unfollow/block me.

You do you, I’ll do me.

The first time Mulder wore the Postage Stamp tie was at the end of Conduit when they went to visit the returned abductee in the hospital.  Mulder was having a bit of a sulk when the mother of the abductee didn’t want her to talk about her experience. And despite him doing ‘brooding malcontent’ so well, Scully wanted to stick him in a post box addressed to Outer Siberia because she knew she’d have to listen to him whine for days.

Mulder wore it next at the end of Shadows.  After watching Lauren Kyte drive away, Mulder asked Scully if they could go see the Liberty Bell.  In an effort to entice her to come with him, he promised that she could lick the postage stamp tie if she came along.  Scully didn’t need to be asked twice. They were too late, but Scully consoled Mulder by demonstrating how she could imitate the action of the bell’s tongue with her own.

After that night the tie just proved too distracting.  When he wore it in the Kennedy Centre in Space, neither of them could focus on whatever they were supposed to be doing because they kept having flashbacks to Philadelphia.  From then on Mulder kept it tucked away in the bottom of his suitcase, reserving it for after hours entertainment only.  It’s unfortunate that we never saw it again.

Why I love Sansa

As someone who grew up abused, Sansa Stark is important to me. I see a lot of myself in her. Growing up for me was literally like being forced to play a game where you don’t know the rules and once you start figuring things out, everything changes again. That’s the situation Sansa is in and there is very little you can do in a situation like that except go along with what is wanted. So being able to see Sansa make her own decisions and become empowered, figuring out how to play the game and actually playing it is super important to me. It’s 8 years after my abuse ended and I’m still healing from it, so to have the chance to have a character like Sansa, who managed to stay strong through abuse, arguably depression as well, and also still wear dresses as she becomes stronger, is so amazing because I can have someone to relate to and grow stronger and more empowered with. I love her because we’re both survivors.

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Katelyn once wanted to go to a One Direction concert, and accidentally bought two tickets, so she took KC. It didn't end well, because all KC did was talk about which band members made the cutest ships. Needless to say, Katelyn never took KC to another concert.

This implies that Katie was into 1D which is a cursed topic

Re-reading Bleach early chapters, I remembered Isshin told Ichigo to “live well, age well and go bald well,” and I’m here like is Ichigo truly living well? Is not being a shinigami making him happy? Is his marriage to Orihime giving him happiness? Did he choose this life because it made him happy or because he didn’t have another option?

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If I recall correctly, Cas was supposed to die shortly after Anna showed up. They were going to make her the angel that betrayed heaven and chose humanity and free will. She was supposed to be the one standing with Bobby and Dean at the end of the world. But Cas was already popular and well liked and Anna didn't go over well so Cas got her storyline (which should have been his all along) and she died instead of him.

I got a few replies to my question about Cas taking Anna’s storyline, so I’ll answer them here. 

To the anon: I think it does make more sense that Cas took that storyline because she already chose humanity by falling and I’m not sure why the writers thought that would be interesting, unless it was a thing where she was going to pretend to go with Heaven and then really be on the side of Sam and Dean, but huh, it just doesn’t seem there’s anywhere to really go with that, no personal arc. Personally, I really liked Anna but her story seems pretty well told by the time Dean gives her up to save Sam. It was actually kind of sad that she was so powerful as an ally to them and she ends up being brainwashed or whatever happened to make her turn on them, especially because there was no build up and she got a really abrupt death. 

From @orangemoonchild: the angel sidekick storyline – basically she would have been the boys’ angel. (This actually makes more sense. She would have made a good sidekick)

And from @hekate1308: From what I’ve heard she was supposed to be Dean’s “guiding” angel and might even have been considered as his endgame at some point.(This also makes sense although from her POV as a character it doesn’t sound very interesting. Cas’ arc is much more so.)

Thanks for the replies. All told, I’m glad Cas got a long journeying arc. It does make more sense, but I am still bummed about Anna’s final story. I really liked her. 

quotingloving  asked:

There's this boy. Me and him have always been close , me being friends with his whole family and bestfriends with his cousin. His brothers loving me and resulting in everyone from our school saying that we should be a thing - heck they've even given us a ship name . Back in May he asked me out , it was surprising considering I never thought the feelings would be mutual , but I don't know recently I've liked him less than I originally had but I also love him more than anything. What should I do ?

Well, I think it all really depends on you. Do you want to go out with him? I think you should consider what it would mean, and whether or not it would make you happy. I think in the end, that’s all that it comes down to: whether or not you are happy because of the outcome. Consider it, see which would make you happiest

Will we ever know when tf the mind palace starts though… I wonder… because when they play with your mind in movies or such you don’t usually know what was real and what not even after it ends…. cause it ends and you think you’ve cracked it, you think you know perfectly well what is going on but then they do that one little thing, that thing that makes you go “hold on, but is this really REAL” again… and it happened in Stay and in Inception too

Submission: My Story Idea

Hello :)

I really like your book as well. Aside from this, I have had this idea in my head for a couple of days and I think it would be lovely if I got feedback on it. I am thinking of writing a story about it but at the moment I am not sure because I every time I do, I get writer’s block and I end up not finishing my little book. So here it goes:

  • 42 Days - After schools break up, a group of people get together and go on a trip to a Land for a couple of days. On the coach back to their Homeland, things take a sinister wherein the government introduce measures to separate the races and later on introduce measures to divide people based on their level of intelligence. Later on, people start going “missing”. The government wants the people to remain pure, law-abiding citizens. For those 42 Days of summer, a small group of people get together but then for 3 out 6 of them, they get sad endings whilst they devise a plan to bring down the regime and carry out a campaign of civil disobedience. They start to have damaged relations with some of their peers who believe the government is right. The 3 are harassed by police (one is stabbed, the other runs away from the country but is later “missing” presumed dead  and one gets a ferry to evade arrest from the police only to drown by one of his/her rogue false friends).

So that is that. I hope you see this and feedback would be great. Thank you :)

Well it certainly sounds like a thrilling story! But if you’re waiting for people to tell you that your story idea is good or bad before you write it, you’re not going to get anywhere. I know writers block is hard to break through, but the motivation to write your story has to come from within. Here are a few ways to break down the process of writing without getting stuck too often:

1. Collect notes. Write down your ideas, put them all in the same place. Keep a journal or notebook by your bed at night, or send ideas to your email through your phone.

2. Outline. You already have a good outline built up, but you need to make it more detailed. You have a lot of characters, so you need to make sure you have a good understanding of each step in the story for each character.

3. Start writing. Don’t look back and read what you’ve written. Just keep up your energy, try to stay excited about it. Set aside an hour everyday or a couple times a week that are just for your writing. 

Hope this helps! You have a good story idea on your hands!

anonymous asked:

i'm trying this new creative process to give me some inspiration and maybe you'll find a spark too so: if you could imagine, what does your ideal life look like? in a perfect world where you could do anything and everything

hmm. if i could have everything my way, i would be living somewhere warm by the ocean like florida or georgia and i have visions of 2 daughters for some reason. i run my own kind of practice or have recognition of some sort that allows me flexibility and enjoyment and passion but i’m not sure what it is. health/psychology/wellness related. i touch lives and my heart is overfilled with joy and peace with my surroundings at the end of the day. i go to yoga classes and have a beautiful home with an open kitchen. i create a book of recipes and have an office upstairs where i blog. the house also has a little personal work out room and a finished basement because we like to have get togethers. fresh fruits and veggies are available all year here and i started a garden in the backyard where we also have a pool and space for the dog to run around. it all just comes down to me being at peace in my own part of paradise, i think.

in need of (mostly) trans wlwoc voice actresses/writers/coders/artists

hey! its pretty official now that im making a dating sim, and i could use a lot of help! as the title implies, i need a large amount of trans wlw to help. i need people from other demographics, but about half of the romnceable women will be trans women, and all of them will be wlw (half of the trans women being specifically lesbians, so around 4-5) and i want to give trans women a platform to share their skills in a field dominated by cis men.

 im not going to lie, i plan on there being a whole lot of romanceable characters, a lot of endings, and  a lot of work so i need help with the coding, writing, and art in addition to the voice acting. and i need poc to help because, well, i plan on having ¾ of the cast be non-white.

keep in mind that im just one college student so i cannot provide much in the way of money, but when we get to the later stages of development, i plan on starting a kickstarter (like once we have character refs and an actual demo and everything), and at least ¾ of that money will go to funding my team, if not more of it

if everyone could signal boost this, that would be great! as it stands, i need:

  • 4-5 trans lesbian voice actresses
  • 4-5 trans wlw voice actresses
  • 4-5 cis lesbian voice actresses
  • 4-5 cis wlw voice actresses
  • 4-5 trans gay men voice actors
  • 4-5 trans mlm voice actors
  • 4-5 cis gay men voice actors
  • 4-5 cis mlm voice actors
  • at least 2 more coders
  • at least 2 more artists
  • at least 2 more writers

the link to the application is here, and thank you all so much for your support!

The traditional Altean masquerade ball! Neither was particularly interested in it, but Lance bet Pidge couldn’t get the juniberri princess to dance with her, there was no way she could refuse it, right? And maybe it turns out the princess is not so bad…

For the @alluraotomeweek day 1 - Princess

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Guys. I just realized something. Cult End is DEFINITELY the good end for Joseph.

Joseph’s Good End picture involves him sending a postcard. “Greetings from Margaritaville” or whatever. He draws a heart in the sand, winks, and says “Miss You.” It’s an odd thing, because sometimes this picture will appear even if you don’t get the Cult End, which I think is either a hint, or a bug.

The issue is, though, does Maple Bay even have a beach? And the endings we do know as well, the “Staying with Mary and dumping you” bad end, and the “Staying with Mary, but having you on the side to continue an affair” neutral end, seems really odd that we just would get a picture of that if either of those are actually his good end.

Mary and his kids also aren’t present. It’s just a picture of him looking like some smooth criminal with his martini, flirting with you.

So if he sticks with Mary in the other two ends, where is she and their kids? And why did he decide to just randomly send a postcard to us on the beach?

Well, here’s the thing. The Cult Ending, if I understand right, is the only ending where Joseph ends up on the run. Not only because the MC found out about the cult and survived, thanks to Mary’s interference, but because apparently he is being tracked by some division of the FBI for various other crimes as well. (Example, he was apparently embezzling funds from the church he was a youth minister in.)

If he’s on the run, it’s likely he left Mary and his children behind. Though considering the fact that Joseph’s children are literally like, fragments of himself, I fear for the fate of Mary. So they’re out of the picture now. And if he’s one the run, it’s likely he’s going to many different places.

The Good Ending for Joseph is the Cult Ending, because it makes the postcard picture make the most amount of sense. He’s on the run to try and sneak back into obscurity and continue his plans after his embezzling church funds caught up to him, and with how you managed to survive his sacrifice. He’s completely by himself because of this fact, leaving behind the facade he built with Mary and the children.

And now, he sends you a simple postcard. Letting you know you’re still on his mind. Letting you know that he’s not done with you yet.

Letting you know it isn’t over yet.