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SG1 Meme: Relationships (3/6) | Jack O’Neill and Teal’c

#i wonder when they’re gonna start filling the bunker’s cupboards with novelty mugs like regular people :P - @mittensmorgul

I needed to preserve that tag somewhere. 

Honestly I’m surprised they don’t have a few mugs knocking around, even those… tin? enamel? what the heck are they? metal-ish mugs that are pretty unbreakable except for chipping, often but not always connected to old fashioned thermos flasks… (they’re actually terrible for keeping things war though - we used to have them at a place I worked a while back) I like to think there’s a lot more junk in Baby esp. in the early seasons than we ever saw because it wasn’t TV friendly for the car to be stuff with all the things you’d need to live out of a car, but they LIVED in there. They’d have like, at least 3 thermos flasks and use them to death. They’d have a few beaten up mugs and stolen glasses from motels and bars for when they were in places that didn’t have them. Probably those similar military style metal plates and stuff… The green cooler is just the start of their old “kitchen” :P So I firmly believe they had at least some cracked and dirty and hellishly coffee-stained novelty mugs from roadside attractions and landmarks and stuff, that they’d swap out when they got too terrible…

Of course those might still be in the car, but it’s been 4 seasons and I’m getting really grumpy that the Bunker in general doesn’t show more permanent signs of its new occupants than the mini fridge Sam installed in 8x13, in the time skip between immediately discovering the Bunker and them starting to live there :P Like, I approve they’re respectful of the old aesthetic and I spent all of last hiatus joking that Toni showed up to shoot Sam for putting his feet on the chairs and messing with the wiring, but aside from what you can really only glean from behind the scenes pictures is that they’ve added their own books to the library; other than that most rooms aside from the bedrooms are in basically mint condition >.>

Let’s think of those smashed mugs as a new opportunity for adding a homey touch :D

The Best Dessert

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: Dean looks amazing in a suit, and Y/N can’t keep her hands off

Warnings: smut, nsfw, sexual gifs, semi-public sex, dirty talk

Words: 1372

Note: I just really wanted to use that second gif… Let me know if you like the gifs incorporated throughout this, I might make more!

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Gabriel tells everyone that his brother, Castiel, can spin straw into gold. 

It’s a tall tale, but no one believes him until a dragon called Dean hears about the attractive peasant boy in the local village and kidnaps him to spin straw into more gold for his horde. 

Gabriel is horrified because he’s sure the dragon will eat Castiel once he finds out Castiel can’t spin straw into gold. Although he’s terrified, he forces himself to go up the mountain to Dean’s cave, hoping to save Castiel.

When he gets there, Castiel is alive and perfectly fine, being guarded by a huge green dragon. 

“My treasure,” Dean, in dragon form, grumbles, curling around Castiel and his horde.

Gabriel tries to explain that Castiel can’t spin straw into gold and Castiel laughs because Dean knows that. Castiel told him as soon as he set them both down at the mouth of his cave. But by then Dean had forgotten all about gold. He’d decided Castiel was as precious as any gem could ever be. 

Castiel is more than happy to stay with Dean, and he has Gabriel and his tall tales to thank for it. 


Anonymous asked: Destiel or Malec?

But seriously guys, this is just because I’m more emotionally invested in dean and cas, alright? magnus is my bi master and alec my babe and i love their relationship so much abut it’s more of a fluff ship whereas destiel is more hardcore for me and I’ve shipped them longer, ok?

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5x04 “The End” // 5x10 “Abandon All Hope”

A Vision of the Future or Let Me Fangirl about Ben Edlund Some More

Maybe I am just extremely slow, but it took me until today when I re-watched 5x10 “Abandon All Hope” to realize how very much these two episodes directly connect to one another and I don’t think just for a second this is accidental as none other then Ben Edlund wrote both of these episodes.

Anyway, while watching 5x10 “Abandon All Hope” and the moment Dean shoots Lucifer there for the first time I instantly felt reminded of the way we see 2014!Dean shoot Jäger. His whole posture is very similar. On top of that Dean is wearing a very similar jacket in 5x10 as 2014!Dean did.

And you know, that parallel also made me realize something else about 5x04 “The End”, because that episode after all is all about 2014!Dean setting out to kill the devil with the Colt. This episode, 5x10 “Abandon All Hope” is the reason we don’t see the confrontation between 2014!Dean and Lucifer, but only see a close up of the Colt changing focus to 2014!Dean’s face. We are meant to take note of that gun and it lieing there.

The crux of us not seeing that confrontation and Dean not seeing this confrontation is due to the fact that if we had seen it and if Dean would have seen it, we would have known that their quest in 5x10 “Abadon All Hope” was a dead end, that Lucifer couldn’t be killed with the Colt. And how much do you want to bet that when Lucifer rose after Dean put that bullet into his skull that Dean thought back to him coming face to face with Lucifer last, remembering his last confrontation with the Devil when he was wearing his brother’s face? I think he did flash back to this moment in 2014 in these moments.

And for us, the audience, the point of parallels is definitely driven home by the shot ending with Lucifer sending Dean flying away and landing on the ground, the Colt right next to his face like the shot in 5x04 “The End” right before Lucifer breaks 2014!Dean’s neck.

Understanding the Car Scene and why it’s a good thing for DeanCas

So, after thinking about this for a while, I think I get what they were going for.

First it’s important to understand that Dean planned to talk to Cas and he had to get drunk before doing it. Explained beautifully in this meta: x 

Even then, with his liquid courage, his talk was pretty impersonal (using ‘we’ instead of ‘I’) and it all felt awkwardly emotionally detached. Even the angle it was filmed at was awkward. Having the conversation in the car further kept things impersonal by keeping them from having too much eye contact. It also let them share a physical space while keeping them comfortably separated. 

However stiff this scene felt, it’s important to remember that Dean set this whole thing up because he wants to check on Cas; he wants to talk to him and make sure he feels loved, but Dean just…isn’t great at that. Hell, in the fandom how often do you see the term ‘emotionally constipated’ used to describe him? Not to mention, he isn’t really sure where they stand anymore. The beginning of this season, there was tension between them because of their MoC and attack-dog spell fights. Then, just as they were starting to slowly mend things, Cas let Lucifer in.  

In a way, I see this scene as Dean trying to bring them back to where they were mid season 10. (Think of the lunch date scene). However, he’s trying to do it and play safe at the same time. He knows Cas has been through a lot and he doesn’t want to overwhelm him or push him away. He just wants to say what he thinks will help the most and hope that it works. 

We have to remember that no matter what he had said, Dean can’t fix what is going on with Cas that easily. Cas has had a depression/PTSD arc for a long time now, and no miracle chat is going to fix it. However, this super awkward chat did manage to do one thing. It brought them back to where they were. Dean reached out and Cas reached back. The result of that is seen in the hug and Cas being ready to die with Dean, as always. Cas still has a lot to work on with his mental health, but if nothing else, he has Dean back. 

Let me reframe a scene for you.

We’re all familiar with Dean’s line from Let It Bleed: “I was too busy having sex with women.” He says it by way of explaining why he has never heard of famous horror writer H. P. Lovecraft. The line is immediately suspect, and often read as Dean simply over-compensating. He does not want to come across as a geek.

Because not only does Dean read (see brilliant gif-set, which is not an exhaustive list of the literary references made by the character over the years), not only would H. P. Lovecraft’s stories be pretty much directly up his alley, there’s also the case of the Metallica song The Call of Ktulu. Bobby actually mentions Lovecraft’s short-story “The Call of Ctulhu” to Dean in an attempt to pique his memory, and he still gives them the “What?” face. Like Dean has no idea what Bobby is talking about.

There is literally no chance that anyone who listens to Metallica does not know the (instrumental) song or the story behind the name. We all read the story after Ride the Lightning came out. The chance of Dean Winchester not knowing who H. P. Lovecraft was is zero, and they lampshade it by mentioning the one short-story that Dean 100% would know. There are two things here that Dean ought to know, and he claims not to.

Even Ben freaking knows.

So, what’s going on? Sera Gamble, a writer that had been with the show from the first season, had total amnesia? Maybe she decided to write Dean completely out of character for a cheap no-homo joke? To make sure the audience knows how straight Dean Winchester truly is in an episode focused heavily on his past relationship with a suburban, conventionally feminine all-American woman because it was this episode in which the audience needed a reminder that Dean likes women?

I sincerely doubt it.

Meet Judah (last name unknown), a horror literature buff:

Bobby went to Judah to get more information about Lovecraft. We see the man’s apartment, full of geek-y paraphernalia. You get the idea, looking at his apartment, that he and Dean might have hit it off if Dean had been the one to work the case. Alas, he doesn’t.

But what’s interesting is this:

This was only the third time the tiger painting had been used, so it’s difficult to make hard conclusions on what it was used to signal. But in Hammer of the Gods, it was used next to the ‘Black Cat’ painting that had been associated with Ash from the start, and afterward was used to signal his lingering presence in Dean’s mind. The first time we saw the tiger painting was in Simon Says, an episode that actually featured Ash (and naked Ash) – in Andy’s van (the newer fans might not remember this, but people used to ship Ash and Andy pretty hard even though they never met, which just tells you that there was something similar in their characters). Dean actually says “I like the tiger”, upon first seeing it, growing fond of the guy. 

It’s possible to read the episode in multiple ways, but one of the possibilities, factoring in the broader arc of the season, is that Andy was a mirror for Ash, Ansem (Weber, that is) was a parallel for Sam, and Tracy was Dean. Regardless, Andy and Ash had a lot in common, their big cat paintings the least among them. A suggestion might be made that the painting was used to signal not Ash, but not!Ash. Someone like Ash but not actually him.

Which would fit in well with Judah, whose outward appearance is like a mixture of Ash and Castiel. He’s kind of like Ash in Castiel’s colours.

But what’s really interesting is that we see Judah look at the tiger painting immediately following this exchange:

Bobby: So, I hear you have a large collection of Lovecraft’s private letters.
Oh yeah. World’s largest.
Bobby: Wow. You must be catnip to the ladies.
Judah: I’m in a long-term online relationship, so…

Note that he does not say he is in a long-term online relationship with a woman. His mention of his long-term online relationship makes him not look at his computers, but at the painting of the tiger.

Okay, so the Lovecraft geek has an online girl-friend, what of it?

Nothing, unless it was mentioned in an episode in which Dean Winchester hysterically denies knowing something he ought to know really well that this man has a passion for. You’ll notice later, after Dean finishes his call with Crowley about Ben and Lisa’s hostage situation, that he no longer pretends not to know who Lovecraft is. He recalls the name easily. Tells Bobby to stay on “the Lovecraft thing”.

Note also the fact that Dean R. Koontz is mentioned alongside Dickens by Judah as literary masters. Dean is actually name-checked by him. You know, because when you’re in love you want to say the person’s name all the time, even if it means paralleling Charles Dickens with a B-rate horror writer instead of, say, mentioning Stephen King.

I’m not saying Dean was Judah’s “long-term online relationship”. But I will point out that we never learn how Bobby (or Castiel, for that matter, who had crept on sleeping Dean to acquire the Lovecraft journal) even knew how to find Judah.

Featured on the mantle: a (relation)ship with a sun clock and “it’s a small world“ globe.

The fact that Dean might (emphasis on might) have had an online relationship with a Lovecraft aficionado puts Dean’s choking at Sam informing him that nothing can be deleted from the internet into new light.

Judah’s name, incidentally, means affirmation or thanksgiving in Hebrew.

Exhibit A for why I really don’t care for Roman’s supposed ‘Heel Turn’ against Dean, because this right here is his character dead set and one of the major reasons he’s beloved by fans who have stuck through with him since his Shield days, as opposed to the more recent ones, bless you, who are under the assumption that confidence, swagger and a silent enforcer outlook immediately means he’s suppose to be better as a ‘Bad Guy’.
They’re called ‘Anti-Heroes’ for a reason, and it’s quite a bit of wonderment that Roman, in being just who he is embodies the Hustle, Loyalty and Respect part of John Cena’s creed with far more ease and realism than Cena himself yelling it every night could ever muster.
And that’s something to behold.

What sense would it make for him to go to bitter war against Dean when they’ve been nothing but brothers all along and not just brothers but brothers who fight like brothers even when they understand that there can only be one person at the top? 
These two have stood at the opposite side of the ring against each other, biggest test of friendship they had and they passed with flying colors. 
Hell, he even offered to buy beer if he lost. 

Roman is not a lone wolf. He’s a poor-ass example of one, even more so when his 24 special showcasing his family and what a damn mama’s boy he is, is literally termed ‘Never Alone’.
His loyalty, family values and commitment to those closest to him is a cornerstone of his characterization and I’ll be damned if the WWE bucking under pressure and waning a quick, flashpan solution looks to ruin the character they have built since the Winterstorm edition of RAW by trying to make him more ‘edgy’ and needlessly push him into villain territory by having him do something he would never do.

He’s been nothing but supportive of a brother, holding no grudges for Dean pulling the trigger on him with the only clause being that against one another, they give each other their best without subterfuge. 
He put his body on the line, throwing himself in a fight he knows he can’t win for Dean simply to buy the man time. 
He picked up the contract and handed it to Dean to sign without a shred of misgiving or second thoughts. 
He knows Dean earned this fight and accepts it, and he’s not about to spoil it for his best friend. 
If Dean, footloose ‘lunatic’ Dean Ambrose could preach the same notion last year by saying that he was proud of Roman’s title match at Wrestlemania and looked to find his own way there without getting in Roman’s way, you think the guy who carried Dean on his back after Payback would think any different? 

Does he look like Triple H to you? 

Look at what they’ve done to Seth Rollins’ character, from fiery ‘We are the authors of our own fate!’ revolutionary who was often the first to run into any given situation (Whenever Shield attacked as a unit, Seth always acted as the sighthound at the very front) who had no problem nearly killing himself every PPV to save his friends into a gutless, sniveling coward who hides behind his flunkies and shies away friom ever challenge with no explanation whatsoever. Evil makes you stupid? Evil gives you a complete character makeover?

In no way am I against a heel turn for Roman and even if he does I will continue supporting him, but turning him heel against Dean without reason or rhyme when they’ve set it in stone that it’s simply not in his nature to do so is pretty bad storytelling, period.
I would have happily bought him as Paul Heyman’s Next Big Thing, perhaps even turn him into a shade of his old Leakee self, but he isn’t Leakee anymore just as Dean Ambrose isn’t Jon Moxley anymore. 
They’ve grown past those characters, he’s grown past that character, he’s Roman Reigns now, and Roman Reigns carries a different set of characteristics that defines him. 

Betrayal is not one of those characteristics. 

I know you’re furious. I know that what I did was a betrayal, and maybe unforgivable, and that you’re probably going to have to hate me for as long as I’m alive, which really isn’t seeming like much of a stretch right now. And I know that you don’t want to listen to anything I have to say. So here’s my pitch: Help us anyway. And not because I’m all righteous and looking for you to redeem yourself, or some pure-hearted lady-fair who you’re trying to win. Because if this semester has taught me anything it really is that I have no business trying to be righteous. Everything that I’ve ever done to uphold what I think is right has caused so much damage. And I don’t want to do that anymore. Because it makes me just like Vordenberg, or like the Dean was–so dead set on what I think is right that I’m willing to risk anything or anyone for it. And I hope that you know that I never meant to sacrifice Mattie. Or you. 
So here’s what I believe now: That the best thing that we can do with whatever strength we’re given is to help each other. To be as kind to each other as we can. And right now there are a whole host of people who need our help. And not because they’re human or not, or good or not, but just because they need our help. 
And so, it doesn’t matter that it breaks my heart that you hate me. It doesn’t matter that you’re going to have to hate me for as long as the Earth is round because right now, we can do something. We can stop the damage. Help us.
—  Laura Hollis, growing and learning

anonymous asked:

Is season 0 season 3 or are we getting a season 3 that picks up after season 2 with vamp Danny? Because I for one cannot have perry stay Dean possessed forever.

Season Zero is set before S1/S2.

It hasn’t been renewed for a third season yet, which is why we gotta make our voices heard and tell @ubykotex how excellent they are and how great Carmilla is for their brand!