because this is basically just fishing for compliments

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idk if youve ever been asked this sry if you have but what are your fav kavinsky headcanons?

oh my god, how much time do u have? bc buckle in, we’re about to be here for a minute

keep in mind, these are my personal headcanons and are what i like to see in his character, they’re not endorsed by anyone but me and possibly @kcvinsky sometimes

  • joseph kavinsky secretly needs glasses; he wears contacts and never likes to talk about how he has a black pair of glasses he sometimes wears in the privacy of his own home
  • he grew up with neglectful and abusive parents; his father sexually, verbally, and physically abused him; his mother neglected him 
  • as a result, kavinsky grew up watching a lot of tv. his favorite show being the x files
  • his first gay crushes were david bowie in labyrinth and fox mulder
  • kavinsky loves space ☄ 👽  🌙
  • he’s actually very smart but also dyslexic, he thinks he’s just stupid
  • kavinsky is bipolar, undiagnosed, and undermedicated
  • he shot his father when he was only 14 years old; his father tried to kill him because he refused to have a queer son
  • kavinsky! is!! a!!! bottom!!!!!
  • k is perpetually lonely and very needy 
  • his favorite thing to do is talk to men on tinder and fish for compliments
    • he doesn’t even use it to hook up, he just likes to get compliments from guys on the internet 
  • his parents used to call him joey, thus he hates the nickname and refuses to let anyone call him that ever again 
  • he wears his sunglasses because he hates himself and doesn’t like to view his own gaze
  • kavinsky is madly in love with ronan lynch - i mean idk if that’s my own personal headcanon it’s basically canon but ya know
  • the first time he met ronan, was ronan decking him and he took one look at ronan with his buzzcut, blue eyes, hidden tattoo, and sharp cheekbones and knew it was over, it was all downhill. he was truly Fucked™
  • kavinsky also took one look at gansey, saw how fucking jacked he was due to all of the athletics he participated in, and realized he wanted to let gansey fuck him, but that’s his dirty secret
  • k loves animals 
  • he also tips really well because he knows he and his friends are obnoxious assholes at restaurants
  • he didn’t mean to kill prokopenko, it was an accident. he spent an entire summer in mourning, desperately trying to dream proko back to life; he never quite got everything right
  • more than anything, he longs for friendships and acceptance 
  • ronan scorning him was the worst thing to happen to him in years and it really fucked him up 
  • k makes fun of gansey’s car, but tbh, he’d love to drive the camaro at least once 
  • kavinsky is very artistic and talented! he paints, draws, and makes things with his hands. he’s v good. 
  • k wants to be a tattoo artist 
  • he doesn’t know a lot of bulgarian, he only knows select words and phrases 
  • he loves reality tv
  • he’s a junkfood addict; he’s only the most unhealthy person in the entire world, all he consumes is junk 
  • exercise? pfffttt fuck that
  • his nipples are sensitive ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  • he’s a quickshot and he hates it so much; he’s so embarrassed anytime he has sex or masturbates
  • racing makes him forget how much he hates himself, which is why he does it so often, except when he loses, then he remembers
  • i think if kavinsky had lived, he would regret hurting ronan by kidnapping matthew and would grow up and apologize
  • kavinsky deserved better