because this is a beautiful angle

I was looking up pictures of the Jedi council room and I couldn’t help noticing Obi-Wan in every shot because while everyone else sits very formally and/or a bit awkwardly we have Obi-Wan just half laying on one arm like he’s in some sort of photo shoot. 

I mean, look at his body language compared to the others:

Then, there is of course this one: 

Obi-Wan, what are you doing.

Honestly. The leg. Why.

You know whats one thing that is absolutely fucking horrible about mp100? The fact that its given me such fucking high standards for other animated shows.

Like, i cant even sit down and watch some other cartoon/anime without picking apart every little aspect of the animation quality. I cant help but feel disappointed when i realize that no, this show isnt going to have amazing multi media that doesnt feel out of place or forced. No, this show isnt going to have great camera angles that capture every aspect of the scene perfectly. No, this isnt going to be animated so fluidly and near faultlessly.

Seriously, am i just watching all the shows with bad animation? Or is mp100 as out of the ball park as i feel that it is? Because from now on i know for a fact that, no matter what im watching, i’ll ask myself ‘is this animation as beautiful as mob psycho 100?’

The day i can, in all complete honesty, answer that question with 'yes’, will be the day that my soul ascends to the heavenly plains.


^  16.11.2016 | my study desk.

hello! how are you guys? how’s school or college? :-D hope you guys doing fine! anyway, this is my study desk. it took me 2 minutes to find the right angle. the struggle is real. lol. i love the view from there, especially at night because i could see the beautiful city lights. unfortunately, i can’t take a picture of it because bad quality photo at night. :-( 

More fluffy headcanons for the magic! au, for @littledeconstruction

-eventually the squad discovers about Aaron’s powers and they’re as thrilled as Alex

-this means flower crowns for everyone!!!

-artstudent!John jumps on the occasion to be able to draw rare flowers and begs Aaron to make some sprout for him, and Aaron happily obliges, sitting with him and making the plants move to show the best angle

-flowers appear in John’s hair while he draws because he’s so cute and Aaron can’t help it

-sometimes LaF gets homesick so Aaron does a little research and make typical french plants and flowers grow around him and in his hair to make him smile (it works)

-Herc is super excited and they spend an entire afternoon trying to knit a scarf with thin vines and petals and the others are mind-blown over it because it turns out beautiful 

-now each one of them keep vases or mugs on their desk for when Aaron comes to hang out, and they each have a plant based on their favorite color/mood/preference

-the day they ask Aaron to be part of their poly relationship they swear all they can see all the colors of the world because the room fills with all varieties of flowers, mostly red on him, the same color as his cheeks

-just. flowers everywhere and nerds being in love with flowers and vines and leaves in their hair

guys i legit just cracked myself up but. pretty sure i’ve just confirmed that it is indeed Even in the sexy time scene with Isak. i know that we all pretty much agreed that it was him anyway but. i like having confirmation. because you never know with this show!

so anyway… i was watching the sexy time clip in slow motion (because why not right?) and i noticed that obviously the majority of the body parts we can see are isak’s. HOWEVER. there is one part where a chin and lips are shown for the briefest time. it’s so so quick. but i managed to screen grab and it’s pretty obvious that it’s Even.

first of all, let’s look at a picture of Even from the same angle.

now see he has those two cute little beauty marks/moles/freckles (whatever you wanna call em) on his chin? 

now take a look at this chin from the sexy time clip:

looks familiar right? and bonus! i got the lips that belong to that chin too:

i’d say that mouth matches up too don’t you?

anyway, this was fun and silly and i think now we can all 100% agree it’s likely Even in this scene with Isak which we will hopefully be blessed with very soon :)

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I seriously don't get how the actor won bin is considered to be one of the most handsome men in korea. Like he is just so weird looking to me... I really have tried so hard to look at him from different angles or in a movie or something and I just can't see anything handsome about him. Same with lee soo hyuk. Netizens called him one of the best looking men in korea. HOW???? I'll take jhope over them any day.

Oh, my sweet Anon!  You have no idea, because I’ve never shared this, but I LOVE LEE SOO HYUK!

He is the most beautiful bird faced man I have ever seen!  

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He’s unusual looking, I’ll grant you that, BUT LOOK AT HIM!!!!!

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I respect that everyone has different tastes, but 


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I like you too, Soo Hyuk.  I like you too.


So I’ve been getting lots of anonymous messages about having a “big forehead”.

First of all, y'all don’t even realise that’s a compliment to be because I always wanted to have one and have seen them as such a beautiful thing - so THANK YOU!

Second of all, you need to remember that you are seeing small snippets of my life (and face) online, be it here, Instagram, snapchat etc. Photos convey one millisecond of time captured. These two pictures show me in two different ways. I have makeup on in one and am completely fresh-faced in the other, but they are also from different angles. The first is from above (which enlarges and illuminates the forehead) and the other from below, which gives a more accurate portrayal of what I look like each day.

Third and lastly, what’s with all this commenting on one another’s appearance anyway? Call me crazy, but is there really not anything else you could be doing with your time than sending messages to a blogger or someone you follow online about the diameter of their face?

I am so happy in my own skin, and I haven’t always been. It feels amazing to finally be confident and comfortable with who I am inside and out (most of the time), to the point where these messages don’t affect me. I love myself, I hope you love yourself too, and embrace anything about you that the world may perceive as “ugly”.

My differences are what make me beautiful.

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I never know why or what’s going on with my face in my photos so 😓… I’m bad with angles, lighting, facial expressions just everything.
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I don’t what it was.
The light?
Your smile?
But in that moment, you looked so
—  i could have stared at you forever
You’re not my ex boyfriend.
You were a passing moment, an almost.
a maybe one day we’ll be something.
But one day never came, you passed by,
and ‘almost’ didn’t happen.
And yet it feels like something did
because I know your favorite songs,
what you think about late at night,
and how beautiful you thought I was.
And I know you knew even more about me.
Our story was like an acute angle,
a meeting point and then off in different directions.
So close and then farther and farther away.
We were an almost, maybe, someday.
—  W.V.L.

I always have such a hard time sharing these photos, one is me as is and one is me manipulating light and angles. I’m hairy, I have hella pigmentation, I have a big crooked nose. My beauty doesn’t exist despite that, it exists because of that! My beauty and worth isn’t based on how Eurocentric I look, here’s to being brown n proud in 2k17

And just as music is the space between notes, just as the stars are beautiful because of the space between them, just as the sun strikes raindrops at a certain angle and throws a prism of colour across the sky - so the space where I exist, and want to keep existing, and to be quiet frank I hope I die in, is exactly this middle distance: where despair struck pure otherness and created something sublime.
—  Donna Tart, The Goldfinch

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Omfg I'm dying because can you imagine if Krennic comes across a picture if younger Tarkin and was like HOLY SHIT and imagine it spreading around the Death Star or even the entire Imperial army like WHO IS THIS BEAUTIFUL MAN WTF??

Okay so…sorry but this came up to mind. Bear with me….

On one of his late nights, scrolling through the Empire’s database, Krennic came across a picture of a very good looking man. His face was all angles and sharp edges, soft lips and intense blue eyes. Krennic had to set his wine down to get a good look at it. Who was this beautiful man and how could he contact him?

Rarely ever he was so intrigued by a man’s face like now. His search proved fruitless, the man apparently didn’t exist. He sent it to his intelligence team in the Death Star, maybe they would be able to locate the handsome man; unfortunately and much to his dismay, there was a leak and everyone on the Death Star had gotten the picture in their emails. He was incensed.

Dealing with the leak was easier than anything he had ever done and right when he was prepared to leave for his office, it came to his attention that Tarkin requested his presence. Nevertheless, he walked to meet him in one of the docks, holopad in hand as he once again looked at the picture of the fierce, young looking man.

“Director Krennic, I see you’re being as useless as always.” Tarkin said, hands laced behind his back as he stood straight.

Krennic, stopped in front of him and tucked the holopad away. “I’m merely inspecting and directing, doing my job, Governor.”

Tarkin glared at him and turned away. The way he looked at him looked familiar. Krennic narrowed his eyes at him and continued to observe.

Sharp cheekbones, piercing blue eyes….Krennic’s heart started beating fast. Taking out the holopad, he looked at the picture and then at Tarkin, then back at the picture.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake! It’s you. Can’t catch a damn break!” He said as he broke the holopad in his hands and threw it away. He glared at Tarkin but this time, there wasn’t only hatred in his eyes, there was also a touch of curiosity.

“Director?” Tarkin asked with an eyebrow raised. “Such an explosive temper-”

“Save it, you lanky-grey stick.” With one last look, he huffed and walked away. He needed time to come to terms that he had wanked over a picture of a young Tarkin.

Jimin’s cute little dimple appreciation post ; - ;

If you are a true Jimin stan, you must’ve noticed that little blessing on his right cheek because I am overly obsessed with it hence it being TOO ADORABLE TO HANDLE. 

May I say that his dimple is not always visible because it probably is as shy as its owner but if you’re lucky enough to see it in the right angle, congratulations because you’ve witnessed a presence of gods poking at his cute squishy cheek. Jimin’s dimple is like a mystery which is teasingly annoying just like him and won’t show itself all the time but will rather slip out whenever you’re least expecting it.

So let me start with the times it’s slightly peeking, making you kind of notice it but doubt whether it’s just his laughter lines or you are witnessing a miracle.




i can see it Park Jimin, even if you’re showing the left side of your faceu







am i sensing a part 2