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Lexa || The 100

Finally done! And I officially declare myself one of Alycia Debnam Carey’s No.1 fan. Lol! I’m going on a little hiatus from fan-arting  for now, because life is literally killing me. But I’ll be back for sure. Especially when Lexa comes back! Hope you guys like this :)

Okay, so this is purely hypothetical (and wouldn’t happen until the summer hiatus anyway), but if I were to (hypothetically!) re-write all of Legends season 2 so that it didn’t suck, (1) would anybody like to join me and (2) what would people’s wish lists be?

Mine thus far are:

- Sara having a decent character arc instead of seesawing around wildly between kill everyone now!!! and “I would never adjust history for my own interests because Time is ~~sacred~~”
- Ray actually being forced to confront his privilege/self-absorption and grow as a result instead of turning into a frat boy (possibly omitting Nate entirely from the narrative, unless someone feels strongly about us needing two identical white boys with identical story plot narratives)
- also, Ray making nerdy jokes again
- screen time for Jax (a full episode, even) that doesn’t revolve around the fact that he’s black
- Amaya actually dealing with the implications of A, her lover dying, and B, being in the future
- Mick’s depression being noticed and commented on in a supportive manner by people who care about him
- the Legends not being total bastards to Mick all the time
- Len coming back, if the show doesn’t give that to us by summer
- Gideon actually being used in an intelligent fashion
- episodes involving the future again

I’d also appreciate suggestions (offers of help?) by people who know historical time periods really well, because while I am a history major, I am a real world history major who therefore knows one or two periods Really Painfully Well and several other periods Moderately Well and the rest of history only very slightly because even when you read history books for fun like I do there’s only so much time in a given day. aka Nate Heywood makes no sense. So I’d love to pick Tumblr’s collective brain about how we could write time travel stories that are both fun and make sense and go to interesting parts of world history without being horrifically superficial/racist.

(Please respond to this post so I have all the suggestions in one spot instead of sending me asks, if possible)

So, uh, thoughts?


Garnet Cubed
and my hiatus crisis

Earlier this week, my teacher asked the class to make something using Processing, with colors and forms just to start investigating the program. So I decided to make something from SU since they use simple forms to draw the characters, also because THIS HIATUS IS KILLING ME, I JUST WANT MY BABIES BACK. So to distract me a little from the daily pressures, I redid it using SAI because the pattern turned out pretty cool.

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Wait youre on hiatus?

yes but not the kind where i disappear completely for a month ahh so basically

  • all my photo posts are queued because i don’t have the sims obviously (edits were made a week before i left, the story i started like on new years day LOL so way ahead) 
  • i have wifi so i answer some asks sometimes when i wake up before i head out, not really messages though so i’m sorry if i haven’t replied omfg 
  • also i’m not answering wcifs but all my queued posts include a cc list and if it’s something basic it’s in my resources page :’-) 

booth & brennan + instagram

Yeah, okay I won’t be watching this show anymore. I was looking for an excuse to quit this show and I found it. 

I knew they would kill off Michael, I knew beforehand that this would happen, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon and I am devastated. When, Michael was shot, I was shocked by it and thought throughout the summer hiatus that he could have been dead, and when they saved him and he survived the bullet I was happy because I wanted him to live. Michael, had grown on me to become my favorite character on this show and he will always be a great and memorable character. But, I am absolutely devastated over this and I will not be watching the show anymore.

Michael, was loved by many but what I can’t stand is shows killing off characters that are so great and Michael is one of those characters. I’m a HIMYM and I do not like the finale they had but as some might know, they killed off a major character, a character who was written really wonderfully and who had great potential and chemistry with all the other characters on the show. So, I’m not shocked that shows do this to characters that are good, pure, decent human beings but I am not happy about this death at all and for me I had to turn the channel because I couldn’t watch those last few minutes but I switched back and saw the last minute of it with Jane at the end. But, Michael was a character who was loved by many and all including his best friend Rogelio who they didn’t really have many scenes together in the last couple of episodes. But he lost his best friend, and Jane someone who should be spending the rest of her life with the love of her life, lost the love of her life and I don’t think she will ever, ever get over that, not in one year, not in two years and most definitely not in three years. She will never get over that, she won’t move on from the most devastating thing to ever happen to her and I won’t either. But, it’s not the same for me, I am okay with not watching this show anymore because I am okay with not watching it because I was going to stop before this happened but this makes my choice all the more permanent.

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Hi! Can i please know the names of the people you selected for the rest of the bright sessions characters?

Oh well, I haven’t fancast everyone and it’s honestly just me throwing faces into gifsets because the hiatus is killing me but lets see…

Joan Bright - Lucy Lui

Mark Bryant - Godfrey Gao

Sam Barnes -  Alexis Bledel

Chloe Tumer - Zendaya

Caleb Michaels - Rome Flynn

Adam Hayes - Christopher Larkin

Damien - Bob Morley

Ellie Wadsworth - Viola Davis

That’s who I have so far. I have a couple recommendations for Agent Green that I’m considering because hes SUCH A DORK but clearly Joan liked him for some reason so he must be marginally cute?


Let’s just talk about this video for a moment, because it’s a masterpiece.


This fandom is so talented and I want to thanks all the people who make incredible videos like this one, draw amazing fanarts, who write the fanfics, the reviews and the crazy theories from the spoilers.


Special thanks, bless your heart girl, to amellybettrickards for this wonderful video. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve already watched it.

I need to write nygmobblepot hiatus fic but my finals are killing me: The micro-ficlet.

[not beta’d, my English is awful. plenty of mistakes. go away. may be continued idk]

Gotham Bay was dark and still, but kept it’s sinister shine like an endless pool of liquid hematite. This glowing darkness always seemed to resonate with something paradoxical deep inside Edward Nygma. He had to force himself to look away, only to lost his sight in the velvet black sky.
Why did he came back to this place?
Because you’re stupid. Because you are helpless idiot and nothing will change it” He heard his own voice.
People always assumed that auditory hallucinations are a literal voice inside your head, echoing in someone’s skull over and over again until there’s nothing left but a broken mind. Edward were used to hear his voice just a little bit behind him, like shreds of his own soul left the body and creeped around like shadows.
- I had to make sure there was no other clues, besides the one I intend to leave here. - He whispered under his breath.
You’re basically a cliche of a killer. Every policeman knows guilty come back to crime scene. They’re already watching you. You’re screaming to be taken back to Arkham. You’re hopeless! You want to get punished. You’re begging for it!”
There was no way to silence the screams, but to act quickly and leave this damned docks for good. Man took out a can of spraypaint to leave his signature, green question mark. Last one for the tiny riddle of “where’s Mayor?”.

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I do believe Nut Tree is the recruitment center. They would make calls to a recruitment center, because it wasn't a hiatus. Simon intends to destroy them. Thus Harry saying to the fans don't forget us and also running to the recruitment center can you help me find a job. He knew that would get back to us.

I agree the RBB at the job center had this implication. But RBB wasn’t at the Walnut Tree recruitment center in 2015? I don’t think? That came later when Harry was there, in 12/ 2016.

I’m not 100% with the Keane song. And what about the Polish money? That’s killing me.

You know what in a few days (I hope) we’ll get the trailer and I can say that at this point I don’t care who will be the main because we’ve waited so long this hiatus is killing me well actually killed me and I’ll just be so fucking happy that Skam will be back and the positive but hurtful anxiety for the clips the messages and any other update will be back and I’m so anxious so glad to feel all those things again cause it’s like happiness and it hurts but it’s happiness at the same time I just love Skam so much too much and all of that things we do I just miss so much feeling like I was feeling two months ago can you believe we’ll be refreshing the website again every second like we used to do two months ago I’m just so excited and happy omg

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What did you think of Lucifer's finale? That scene when Amanediel was fighting off the security and Lucifer was being brought back to life killed me, they chose a perfect song for that moment.

Well for starters I’m annoyed FOX sent it’s shows on hiatus when all the other networks did, leading me to believe those were it’s mid-season finales, only for them to come back with two episodes and then call it a ‘winter finale’ see you in May. Because wtf is that, what is that. 

ESPECIALLY, SINCE LUCIFER LEFT OFF THE WAY IT DID. HONESTLY I WANNA FIGHT. They can’t have him leave and then expect me to wait till May, I’m losing it, ya’ll.

But all in all, the episode was splendid as always. Heartbreaking would be in understatement.

OK, I have to make a little pointer here because I’ve seen stuff in the Kurapika tag as well as some others that is making me really annoyed with this new chapter release.

Some people are mad that Togashi killed Shalnark and Kortopi and that Hisoka is going on a rampage to ‘kill all the Spiders’ now. Some people are even telling him to go back on hiatus or rewrite it all. This is his story, remember, and he can do what he wants. Yes, I know it’s sad when characters you adore die, I’ve experienced this before and I am now, but you don’t need to throw hissy fits to Togashi either. Authors and creators of work do what they want with a story but negative backlash will just make creators want to stop and make a negative fanbase.

He had also mentioned before that the Phantom Troupe was going to die. After all, he killed the Chimera Ants. Togashi kills off his villains in the manner he deems timely and fit. Plus, there was foreshadowing of death for Troupe members during the death fight between Hisoka and Chrollo when Chrollo possessed Nen of his own fellow Spiders. The fortunes Chrollo even wrote during Yorkshin / Yorknew were evidence enough that hey, characters are going to die. A lot of characters didn’t even read theirs out loud and it may of mentioned death at a later point. 

We all also know Hisoka is a sore loser. He doesn’t like losing, especially when he has things he wants to do. And why did he go after Kortopi and Shalnark first? Why not Machi? Why did Togashi put them there? They were Nenless and likely not going to regain their Nen. Machi had hers and was left there, and since Hisoka payed her for a treatment but then denied it, he might of also had this planned from even before the battle to rid of the Troupe and make Machi his messenger. Shalnark and Kortopi, in his mind, are now ‘ broken toys ‘ without their Nen. If he cannot fight them, then what is the use of them being alive? Plus, it sets an example, a warning to the other Spiders. He does have a temper, but he is also smart and cunning, and we cannot deny him of that as he’s shown many examples in the past of this.

Now I want to move onto something that’s been severely ticking me off– demonizing Kurapika. People are getting pissed at him for killing the Troupe, and I have seen some accounts and I haven’t been able to return to the tag since the spoiler release Wednesday. How is he a bad person for killing the Troupe when they’re the mass murderers? He doesn’t even want to kill. In past, when he did fight Uvogin, he mentioned how he hated the feeling and emotions that arose from the fight, and he gave him option after option for forgiveness. He didn’t want to kill. In the Trick Tower, he says how he doesn’t condone violence and doesn’t want to kill unless forced to.

Uvogin accepted death and refused to apologize. Pakunodona didn’t have to use her Nen, and Kurapika went the pacifist route after killing Uvogin with his chains being used instead of murdering. Paku chose death to inform her fellow Spiders of who Kurapika was. He didn’t want to kill, but she chose it. 

He also made a promise to Gon about no longer continuing to go after the Spiders, but his Clan’s eyes. He’s kept this promise since after Yorknew, not once trying to go after the Phantom Troupe. Maybe he’s thought about it, but not once has he broken that vow. Kurapika doesn’t like violence, he hates the death, and it’s even shown in the 99 anime how badly it affects him- he vomits after killing Uvogin, when he’s back and gets a fever from his illness over his guilt. Hell, he even sees mirages of them with the guilt and remorse he feels over taking two people’s lives, even if they were mass murderers and thieves who cared for no one besides their small click of thieves.

Yes, you can mourn over your favorite character’s deaths. Yes, I understand, even if they’re a villain, you can like them. If they die though, that doesn’t mean you can take it out like this and make a fanbase look bad, or make others so annoyed and irritated to the point of wanting to leave. If you really do not like the decision an author or creator makes to the point you’re make these threats to an author or severely misinterpret a character to where others cannot go do what they like without being bothered or upset, take a break. Take a breather, step away. If that’s not enough and you want to leave, then leave. 

This is what makes a severely unhealthy fandom, something that makes people hate the group of people they used to cherish a similar love for now despise it. Please, Hunter X Hunter is a great fandom, and don’t ruin it over this.