because this can changes lives

You can fall back into comfort and run back to people in the past but just know that nothing will grow there. You’ll be comfortable and you may feel safe but it’s not real, it’s an illusion. Or you can break the mould, put an end to your problems by focusing on improving yourself which will then open you up to more opportunities in life and a better lifestyle all together. It’s that simple. I know what you’re going to choose because you’re more into comfort than change, I just hope you can live with the realities of your decisions. Peace.

Future AU where Kaz and Inej are actually known as the King of the Barrel and his Wraith queen and they rule with an iron fist and are the most feared people and you don’t want to cross them and have your business practices discovered to be wronging people. Because he only knows mercy when she advises it and she’s not very merciful to those who have none in their hearts.


if you feel alone, remember there are so many people disappointed right now and we can and will work together to see changes. we will come together and ensure that we are better and deserve better than the hate we’ve seen tonight. we will get to say “i told you so” someday. just you wait, just you wait.

get some rest. our work starts tomorrow. we are here for you. 

alec hirch: its so weird that people like ford!!! after all hes so unlikable and unemotional and disgusting and yet people relate to him??? i cant see why!!!

survivors of abuse and trauma who see themselves in ford:

  • someone: hey dude why haven't you learned how to drive yet?? i know you're nervous but it wears off :)
  • me: dude you literally cannot comprehend the level of anxiety i get when behind the wheel, the thought of driving makes my stomach drop and i feel like im gonna be sick, im honestly terrified of hitting someone with a car and killing them
  • them: what
  • me: ..i mean it's just so much easier having other people drive me :)

“You have been told to follow your dreams, but what if it’s a stupid dream? For instance, Stephen Colbert of 25 years ago lived at 2015 North Ridge with two men and three women in what I now know was a brothel. He dreamed of living alone—well, alone with his beard—in a large barren loft apartment, with lots of blonde wood, wearing a kimono, with a futon on the floor and a Samovar of tea constantly bubbling in the background, doing Shakespeare in the street for homeless people. Today, I am a beardless suburban dad who lives in a house, wears no-iron khakis and makes Anthony Weiner jokes for a living, and I love it because, thankfully, dreams can change. If we’d all stuck with our first dream, the world would be overrun with cowboys and princesses”
-Stephen Tyrone Colbert.

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Ooooh I noticed a plural in that. Child[ren] is it kinda like a dog or other animal then? Would S/O be expecting multiple skele babs?

Each boy (sans or his stand ins) can produce up to five babies. Depends on who you’re mated to on the rate that they’re fine normal beings, or just straight up assholes who will probably destroy the planet. So yeah the S/O can expect anywhere from one to five babies.

Bomberboy: 2 in 5 chance they’ll be normal, 1 in 5 chance they’ll be okay but probably hunt humans, 2 in 5 chance they’ll eat the planet

Cherryboy: 4 in 5 chance they’ll be normal, 1 in 5 chance they’ll eat the planet

Canine: 1 in 5 chance they’ll be normal, 4 in 5 chance they’ll eat the planet

Towelboy: 3 in 5 chance they’ll be normal, 2 in 5 chance they’ll be okay but probably hunt humans

Loverboy:  2 in 5 chance they’ll be normal, 2 in 5 chance they’ll be okay but probably hunt humans, 1 in 5 chance they’ll eat the planet

I clearly follow the right people here since everyone’s so nice and don’t tolerate any hate or harassment towards the fandom or the actors 💚

You don’t have to feel bad

I don’t know how to start this off, but I get messages from people who are depressed almost every day and someone I know took their own life just a few days ago and I feel compelled. You’re worthwhile. You’re good. Whatever happened to you in the past, however someone made you feel, however you made yourself feel; you don’t have to suffer. You’re not a shitty person. You don’t have to carry the baggage of feeling like you’re not worth shit. You can see a doctor or talk to a counselor or therapist or even start talking to your family or friends. Start getting help. It can change everything. It can free you of the shit you carry with you constantly. You might not believe it because you’ve lived with it for so long, but everything can change and you can feel great about your life. It’s not usually an easy path, but the path exist, and you might surprise yourself by how quickly things change while on it. Christ, this is going to be disjointed. 

I’ve been writing this in fragments because I start to weep like an asshole and then get up and walk around and distract myself then come back to this later. This person I knew who killed himself, he was troubled his whole life. He was my neighbour, and I remember seeing him walk to high school with his head hung down, quiet, morose. Fuck, I remember him throwing candy with his friends to kids on Halloween from on top of his roof. I remember his parents leaving for a weekend and those dumbasses jumping from the roof of his house into his pool. I remember how cool it was to see that he was a grownup now and had a job, the rebellious teenager he used to be was now working as a mechanic and tower, and was just then going out to help someone who was stranded and came over to ask if we could keep watching their dog for a couple hours more while he was out. He just seemed so adult and in control of his life and confident, even. He was suffering even then. He never got help. His dad urged him to, but he’d never cave. His dad knew there was a deep pain nagging at his son, as well as bipolar issues. Christ, it’s so clear now, but at the time you just think it’s a pissed off teenager mad at the world. From what I’m told, he just didn’t think he had a problem and didn’t care to ever get help. I think he did know though; I think he thought he just wasn’t worth a fucking shit or that “help” doesn’t work. Maybe the pain was so much that he just felt fucking hopeless about it. He was only 38 and he had a son and it’s so fucked up that he had this pain eating him alive that from outward appearances, he’d just come across like a quiet, sombre guy and now it fucking got him and he killed himself. So now I’m fucking weeping again like an idiot over this guy I half-knew; we knew each other, spoke a few times over the years, myself being a kid while he still lived next door so we were never really friends or anything, but christ, this was a young person in my family’s life. He was a good person. He probably didn’t know it.

So when I get these messages from people who feel the same way my neighbour did, you have to know there is help out there. You don’t have to torment yourself and you don’t owe yourself trying to work out mentally what you should have done or what you did wrong or try to “solve” your depression with cyclical mental processes. You just dwell on the depression and make it worse. At the very least, talk to someone, join a depression forum or something, I don’t know, but acknowledge that this isn’t you. There is an unwellness captivating you and it’s not going to get better unless you do something about it. That’s real. It doesn’t just go away. You have to put action into it. That stuff can scare the shit out of you, because what you really need to do once you get to that point is to see a doctor. You don’t have to come in with some perfect list of symptoms. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by what you think is going to happen. A good doctor is going to see it on you right away anyway. You just have to tell them the truth about yourself and trust that they know how to help you. You’re not the one unique guy who’s sad about shit. They’ve probably seen your exact case 3 times that day already. If you happen to weep like an asshole in front of your doctor as well because it hurts that much to finally say the words out loud to another human being that you’ve been suffering, don’t give it a second thought. Let it go. They understand. I’m laughing to myself now because I did this two weeks ago to my doctor, because I’m currently in the same fucking spot. They get it, dude. Take your time and tell them everything you have to and have a good cry for a bit. You’re not weak or a fuckup for any of this. Weakness is letting it win and never getting help. Then you’ve given your whole life over to this fucker. It robs you of moments you could have owned, could have been carelessly happy about whatever things you’ve got in your life (or don’t!). But instead it makes you dwell and burn up every fucking living moment you’ve got thinking and worrying about the stupidest shit. Just make an appointment to see a doctor and don’t think about it, don’t worry about what’s going to happen. Just know it will help you.

I mentioned I was in the same boat. I have bad anxiety problems. I was on meds for years but recently had to come off them due to other health issues. It’s been fucking harrowing and I remember how I used to feel and all that shit comes back and I understand what you’re talking about when you send me a message or email about this fucking shit permeating everything in your life and your being. It’s paralyzing. It gives you this urgent despair. It makes you think of everyone you know dying, and soon. It makes you realize that you’re going to die, and a lot sooner than you think. It brings up people you knew who’ve died, it brings up all the mistakes you’ve made, it reminds you that you’re a fuckup with no worth. So when you feel like this, you don’t feel like getting help is worth it, because you’re not worth it. You’re shit. You’ll take up someone valuable’s time or be a burden to have to deal with, or do something incorrectly. Don’t believe all this; I fucking told you already you’re worth it. I even felt similar when I considered following up with my doctor about starting new meds to replace the old ones. Just fucking get over it, this is a phase and soon you’ll be fine, you tell yourself, but it gets worse. Then you don’t even want to call the doctor because you’re a hassle, right? I eventually did and I’m glad, because I’m on new pills and already feeling better. But christ, looking back on it, what a motherfucking surreal shitscape. Holy fuck the things you torture yourself with! I guess I say this because it feels so ineffective and redundant to both mention several times here to see a doctor but also to respond to these messages with urgings to see a doctor but I have been in a similar place that you have and it’s really that easy. That’s where it all starts. How about this, too: the people who message me and I tell to see a doctor, later tell me things are improving a lot for them. So fight me if you think it doesn’t work or you’re not worth it. I get messages like this 4 or 5 times a week on tumblr, email, or even the shitty youtube chat system. They can’t all be talking shit about getting help and feeling better.

This was a ramble. This has been on my mind a lot lately and these messages keep coming in and then this suicide really made me feel like I’d be a fuck not to just take the time to be a completely vulnerable sob bag and tell you you’re good and worthwhile and whole because fuck, I wish I got true help for my anxiety and depression as a teen, when they started to really manifest strongly, and really stuck with the treatment and had all that shit squared away so all the days and months and years proceeding could have been filled with moments that I owned and was the master of, instead of worry, or looking for things to punish myself mentally about, or not being exactly who I wanted to be. It wasn’t until my mid-20s that I really did something about it, and the difference was incredible. It’s not a perfect solution that will make you into an ultimate being, but it’s part of the path of getting rid of shit that makes you what you don’t want to be. You see how useless your old mindset and mental patterns were. You don’t even think about that stuff anymore. You start to emerge from all that. You really do feel like you’re liberating and invigorating yourself. The thing was, doing all this and starting the process of becoming well, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It wasn’t hard at all. So let me repeat again that if you’re suffering, if you’re depressed or wracked with useless anxiety, if you have a problem, if your mood rules you and you can control it and don’t know why, just please see a doctor, soon. You’re worth it.

I just can’t with the people who try to invalidate Bamon with BOTH ‘Damon waited 100 years for Katherine so he’ll wait 60 for Elena!!!!’ and ‘Elena is the love of his life!!!!’. Do you not. See. How. Those. Two. Arguments. Completely. And. Thoroughly. Contradict. Each. Other. 

honestly, it’s truly heartbreaking how Phyllis Nagy worked on that script for nearly twenty years, how Todd literally brought it to life in such a beautiful and thoughtful way, how Cate and Rooney embodied these characters so perfectly, how everyone who worked on this masterpiece did such an incredible job only for a bunch of old, white, heterosexual people to completely disregard it because “I’m straight and can’t relate”

this movie changed lives, this movie changed MY life, this movie was something so many of us needed and it has touched us in such profound ways I just can’t wrap my mind around the idea that old white het people are so fucking numb to subtlety and beauty that nothing short of Nicolas Sparks is considered emotionally charged enough to win a fucking award

shoutout to young people who want to change their diet but can’t because they live at home and their parents consider dietary changes to be “high maintenance”

To Love What Can Kill You: In Which Marianne is the one who Changes

Strange Magic Deception AU *Part 2 (Because I am Still Utter Trash Please Someone Just Put me On the Curb)

*Part 2 Simply means that someone suggested an alternative and so I’m giving the example of how that story might go along. 

This isn’t a story. Just a “what would happen if and Suzie Guru made me do it” kinda thing… You know. Same old same old. 

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I hit the ground before I even fell…

Marianne, soon to be Queen of the Light fields hears rumors of an attack before her subjects can fall into a panic.

Fairies have been known to do that. A pin could drop and suddenly bags are packed and mothers are carrying screaming children through streets lined in fire. She’s always been hardier she suspects, and so she knows it’s up to her to her to discover what rumors are true and what are simply the elongated Fairy Tales of her Childhood.

But Fairy Tales are still stories, and she remembers them all. Goblin’s picking their teeth with Fae bones, hanging wings over windows and skulls lining the fences.

Besides, her father had taught her and her people well enough. Correspondence with the former King and the current had caused many a council meeting, and, finally, a public appearance by his majesty, standing before his Kingdom with a solemn face and a weary eye.

“The Bog King of the Dark Forest has made his intent clear,” he told them all, silent and staring up at him. “Steal a primrose, cross the border; if a chanced glance at a Fairy is seen in his realm there will be no mercy, and not even I can prevent it.” And he held the letter high, spidery handwriting dark and bold. “Executions will be enforced.” The chittering only died down once the guards and stewards had shouted at them all, and panic receded into an electric hum. “Executions will be enforced,” he repeated dourly, “and I can’t stop them. In his land there is only Goblin law. And we must respect it. Please. For your sake -for ours- never enter the Dark Forest.”

And that had been that.

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clouds have lived longer than i ever could,
and they change and change–
a new and different color to accompany
the weather, sometimes grey,
sometimes black, sometimes see-through,
if clouds have existed long before
my depression and sorrows–
tomorrow will look better.
tomorrow will exist for me.
tomorrow will exist for you.

it gets better, because if something
that has lived for that long can change–
we all can, even if it feels impossible.


Well, hi guys. I’m back from a long hiatus on here. Tumblr is a bit changed lol. Let’s going to remember when i saw Brandon a few days ago at Lollapalooza in Buenos Aires because it was the best day ever!!! His show was totally unexpected and i can’t believe i heard Only The Young and I Can Change live, because these are my super mega faves from their solo albums. We have to thank a lot to Snoop Dogg because of his cancelation on the festival we saw this man and it was fucking great. I was on the barrier with Ceci aka my-sams-town I finally met this girl and we enjoyed together every song. Dreams come true, yes they do!!! ♥ ♥  I still remember our conversations when we imagined seeing him or The Killers, and it came true. We saw Brandon. Love you Ceci!!!! Y gracias por compartir este show conmigo!!! :’) The show was perfect and the response of the people was beautiful. Brandon felt our energy and he couldn’t stop smiling. This time i couldn’t meet him again and it was a little bit sad. But when i think that some people who met him couldn’t go to the show, i think i was very lucky. In fact, i saw him. He was in front on me at the hotel. But he was with hurry so i couldn’t ask for a picture or anything. And i didn’t wanted to do like other people who chased him, because i saw his face that night… and he only wanted to dinner and rest. Maybe i could have chased him and get my picture, but i didn’t. I met the crew and also part of the new band. The guys from the crew are the best guys ever as always. I got my setlist thanks to Steven. I prefer to enjoy the show. And i really enjoyed. It was great. I really hope he comeback with The Killers very soon (as he promised…next year!!!! *fingers crossed*)