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Well shit, how did Obi end up as Anis father and what’s this about his heart living in the temple? Bloody hell they won’t take Ani because he’s force sensitive will they? Can Jedi forcibly take him because Anis so strong ?

Following the old master with Anakin on his hip, Obi-Wan sighed a bit. “Don’t think me ungrateful master, far from it but why exactly are you inviting us for dinner?” He questioned warily as he avoided the eyes of the other Jedi.

Now that he had Anakin, he was not really in his element anymore.

Yoda hummed. “Missed you I have, a friend you are. Well you have been?” He raised his ears.

Shrugging a bit, Obi-Wan shifted his hand to the small of Anakin’s back as support. “Somewhat, I drifted around the galaxy for a while after Melida/Daan I admit.” He sighed.

Yoda hummed at that. “Heart in the temple your son claims you to have.” He questioned.

Obi-Wan gave his son a grim smile before shrugging. “This is where I grew up, this was where I lived and took my first steps and learned my first words. Of course my heart lives here. This is still home since I haven’t had another since.”

He followed Yoda into the commissary.

“And a son you now have?” Yoda chuckled as they joined the que.

That got a small snort out of Obi-Wan. “Adopted. I… I landed on Tatooine a few years back. Anakin was the sole survivor of a tusken raid.” The boy waved happily at Yoda before peeking at the food with curious wide eyes.

“…Young he must have been.” Yoda noted sadly as he floated a tray to grab food.

Obi-Wan took a tray took. “Two, he was two. He’s been with me since. I got him the correct papers on Ryloth and… well I taught him as best I could until we settled on Coruscant this year.” He eyed a few dishes and then floated them onto his tray since both his hands were occupied. “And no Anakin, you can not have the noodle dish, that one has irva spice, you’re allergic.” The boy instantly pouted.

That got a small chuckled out of Yoda. “Close you are, aware of him.” He floated his own dishes to him.

“We got a bond.” Obi-Wan shrugged. “It occurred naturally when I meet him so…yeah.” He sighed and shifted Anakin a bit on his hip before looking at the boy. “If I set you down, you’re going to either hold onto my braid or my belt, do you hear me Ani?”

Twitching his legs, Anakin gave a happy nod and grinned when he was carefully set down, instantly latching onto the smaller waist length braid on Obi-Wan’s right side.

“…Please don’t pull to hard on it this time Anakin.” The redhead sighed before meeting Yoda’s eyes.

The old being was looking at the braid and raised his brows at Obi-Wan.

“…It never felt right to cut it myself, so I just grew it as long as the rest of my hair.” Obi-Wan shrugged and reached for a bowl of soup for himself, it had been a while since he had fish anyhow.

“Long it is, envious I almost am.” Yoda ears were twitching.

“Its a bitc-…errg…” Obi-Wan glanced down at the curious blue eyes looking up at him. “…Its a bit hard to care for.” He lamented lamely, a few hidden coughs indicating that they were being eavesdropped on and that the adults at least knew what Obi-Wan was really about to say.

Yoda just outright cackled before pointing at a smaller station. “Desserts there are, tempted I am but refrain I shall if punished young Anakin is being.”

The blond gave his father a wide eyed look. “Daaaaad please?”

“I don’t know.” Obi-Wan peered down at his son, raising one copper golden brow. “I seem to remember someone promising me they were going to stay at the aftercare at school until I picked them up. But yet here we are.” He raised both eyebrows.

“Pleaseeeeeeeese?” Anakin made his eyes as big as possible.

“…You’re eating all your greens first, you hear me? But alright, you can pick one.” Obi-Wan snorted, giving Yoda a dour look. “Pick your battles.” He murmured as Anakin gave gleeful cheers as they moved towards the dessert station, Obi-Wan’s tray full of his own and Anakin’s meals.

“Busy you have been then, children work are, travel also work is.” Yoda noted.

Obi-Wan paused a bit, long enough that Anakin got ahead and tugged on the braid which quickly prompted Obi-Wan to follow. “You could say it so, feels like I haven’t had a day off in… far too long.” He sighed then he smiled down at Anakin as the boy peeked at the different desserts. “But the rewards are there too.” He noted.

They picked a dessert each, Obi-Wan opting for a fruit one while both Anakin and Yoda went for cakes before they found a space to sit and eat.

“Work you have?” The old being noted.

“Dad’s a pilot!” Anakin beamed as Obi-Wan set a plate of mixed stir fry in front of the child. “I wanna be a pilot when I’m an adult too!”

Snorting a bit, Obi-Wan poked Anakin in the nose and then handed him his fork. “What he said, I work at a shipyard on Coruscant, ware and personnel transport. Its given Anakin a more stable life on planet in comparison to the previous job, also piloting.”

“You mean smuggling.” Anakin chirped.

Obi-Wan blinked slowly and then opened his mouth. “I am in no place aware of any smuggling happening on any of the ships I piloted and anything any customers brings on board the ship was simply listed as cargo.” He said in a mechanical voice that caused Anakin to giggle before the boy dug into his food, obviously hunting out the meat bits first.

Yoda raised both his ears and his brows at the redhead.

Obi-Wan stared back, not blinking until the old being chuckled in amusement and dug into his food which prompted Obi-Wan to dig into his.

King of Anything (1/2)

Prompt: Part 1 of 2 for @nataliarxmanxva ‘s season writing challenge! ‘Are you…wearing a suit? At the beach?’ 

Summary: You’ve avoided going to New York because you don’t want to run into your old best friend, Carter Baizen, but a supposedly relaxed day at the beach proves that you can’t run from your past. 

Pairing: Carter Baizen x Reader

Word Count: 1297 words

Originally posted by coporolight

Notes: The next part will be uploaded in a few days, so if you want to be tagged in that, feel free to send me an ask! The next part, it will be basically all Carter. Nicole is based off @carriefish-er , one of my best friends and is the sweetest human being ever. I also haven’t watched Gossip Girl, so I’m going off wikipedia posts!

“Come on, Y/N! Hurry up, we have to get to the beach!” Nicole whines through the door, and you quickly grab your bag, calling back, “I’m coming!”

Ever since your best friend left the suburbs and moved to New York without telling you anything and never keeping in contact, you’ve avoided going to New York, any area of it. You didn’t want to run into him, because one, you would’ve beaten him up and two, considering how he left you, he would’ve changed, probably for the worse. But your best friend Nicole came to your apartment one night with two first class tickets to New York and a booking at a fancy hotel. Who knows how she got them, but you couldn’t pass up that opportunity, you’d be an idiot to.

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A woman finds a man trying to steal a selkie’s fur, and stops him. The selkie is grateful, and the woman offers to protect the fur whenever the selkie takes human form, so that this can’t happen again. The two of them become very close over the years. One day, the selkie decides to give her fur to the woman, because she loves and trusts her more than anyone else.

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Hey I'm doing a fic with a another writer and we're trying to decided what to do so can I have some help with some interesting arranged marriage au's?? Thank you so much!

Arranged marriage AUs can be found here

I ran away from home because I didn’t want an arranged marriage but I met and fell in love with you and it turns out you were the one I was supposed to marry anyways AU

We went through with an arranged marriage to make our parents happy but we agreed it was just a front and we would continue to see our previous lovers AU

We had an arranged marriage but it turns out neither of us know how to cook oops AU


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Barisi, #15: "You either know or you don't".

Okayyy so a) sorry this took so long and b) sorry it’s really messy. I’m cringing at how much this would NEVER happen because they’d never question him without a lawyer… But like… I have no excuse sorry.

(also, we all know I can’t write short drabbles, so this is just over 1k - also unbeta’d and angsty because I can only write ancst apparently)

Sonny could feel everyone staring at him, even though it was just Liv and Rafael in the room at the time. He knew Amanda and Fin were on the other side of the glass, and he desperately hoped they’d at least stopped anyone else from watching. It was humiliating, being a cop on the wrong side of the law.

He twisted his hands under the table, unable to meet Liv’s questioning eyes. He stared at Rafael’s shoes where he stood in the corner of the room, instead.

“Carisi, we know you didn’t do this. Evidence will back that up. But you need to cooperate,” Liv was practically begging now, and Sonny hated the sound in her voice.

He could feel his tears threatening to overflow and his throat felt tight. He clenched and unclenched his fists, shifting as he twisted in his chair, eyes still stuck on Rafael’s shoes.

The cleanness of them stood out in stark contrast to the filthy looking interrogation room floor. The thought nearly made him laugh, but instead, a quiet, strangled noise escaped from the back of his throat.

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I Can Feel Life Come Alive

Hey-o! I’m back with another fic of the week (heey that rhymes!). And it’s special too, because I’ve almost reached 100 followers! Yay!

I was actually kind of feeling insecure about whether or not I should post this. But my awesome pal @kerarin wanted me to, so, her ya go, dude.

Thank you for your continuous support. As always, this is for you guys and I hope you enjoy it!

Word count: 1789

Soulmate Color AU - the world is only in shades of gray until the moment you gaze into your soulmate’s eyes

Prompt and title are taken from the lyrics of: Oh Wonder - High On Humans

Everytime I meet your eyes I can feel life come alive

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Oooh! For the prompt list, so many possible bkdk feels to choose from, how about 85 and/or 87?

(Doing 85 because another person asked for 87, so I can do them both!)

85: “I will never apologize for saving your life, even if it costs me my own.”

[This story is an epilogue to Prompt 59]

“I love you, Kacchan.”

“I know.”

“I really do.”

“I know.

Bakugo shifted his weight, but Midoriya’s arms only wrapped around him tighter.

“I love you—”

“I heard you the first twenty-seven times,” he griped, looking over his shoulder to snap at Midoriya, embracing him from behind as they lied together on the bed.

Midoriya propped himself up to stare at Bakugo in a somewhat contemplative way, as if he couldn’t quite process his words.

“…Were you really counting?” he asked.

“No. Now shut up.”

Bakugo rolled back onto his side, facing away from Midoriya. He heard the subtle sound of amused snickering in his ear as Midoriya’s hands traced mindless patterns into the curves of Bakugo’s chest.

“You’re a terrible liar, Kacchan.”

Read the rest of this story on AO3!

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7.10 post ep based on the song only love can hurt like this by Paloma Faith


A/N: The idea for this story came when I saw this video (slightly spoilery) on twitter (the first part is new, the second was filmed before, but is likely from the same episode). Anyway, ideas started rolling and this story was born. I also incorporated the lyrics to this song because I think it more than fits the theme. I also have another take on this possible darvey scenario written here.                                                          

Say I wouldn’t care if you walked away,
But every time you’re there I’m begging you to stay,
When you come close I just tremble
And every time, every time you go,
It’s like a knife that cuts right through my soul
Only love, only love can hurt like this

He knows something is off the second he steps off the elevator, the air around him thick and palpable. Harvey makes his way further into the space of the firm, catching the eyes of everyone around him, noticing how they give him a solemn glance before quickly looking away, almost in shame.

His forehead knits in confusion and just a touch of agitation as he continues to make his way to his office, a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach for a reason he can’t quite discern.

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Any prompts for a couple and their group of friends spending a day at the zoo (no supernatural or fantasy please)

If you two are going to keep stopping  to make out the rest of us are going to leave you behind AU

The couple keeps trying to set their other friends up AU

You were trying to make a romantic gesture but the animal behind you had other plans AU

Is this a date or a group outing because I really can’t tell AU

The zoo is too big for us to see everything in one day we’ll have to divide and conquer AU

People arguing over which animal to see next but the exhibits like aren’t even that far apart this isn’t a big deal AU


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for the writing prompts thing, can i have 76 and jungkook!!! thank u !!

send a number + an idol and i’ll write you a drabble :)

76: “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

It’s just turned 10am and you almost can’t believe what you’re reading when you stare down at the white plastic thing on the bathroom counter. You try to tell yourself you’re dreaming and you’ll wake up next to Jungkook and everything will be normal but that’s not the case.

Positive. You’re pregnant… with Jungkook’s baby. You can feel the sweat start to bead across your forehead and your hands start to shake, you can’t be pregnant. Jungkook is at the peak of his career, you’re just getting started with yours and although a child would be nice you both just aren’t ready right now.

The thin wall separating you and Jungkook feels as though it’s closing in on you and you feel a sudden burst of courage as you step out of the bathroom, standing in front the door and watching your boyfriend’s sleeping form laid out peacefully against the white sheets. 

“Jungkook,” you whisper, voice wobbling and eyes welling up with tears but he doesn’t budge. “Jungkook!” You say again, louder this time. He’d always been a heavy sleeper and you couldn’t decide if this was for better or worse.

Slowly, you walk towards the bed, crawling atop of the sheets and shaking Jungkook by the shoulder. “Jungkook please,” you’re crying now, hands clammy and head fuzzy. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

Jungkook wakes up with a jolt, his hands coming up to grip yours whilst the tears begin to flood from your eyes. “What’s wrong?” He says, his voice rough with sleep. 

You take a deep breath, looking down at your stomach and you feel his eyes follow you. “I’m pregnant.”

Prompt:  Alphys going to an anime con for the first time on the surface. I’ll leave it up to you who she brings with her.

Thank you to anonymous for the prompt!  @originalindigogirl also mentioned liking my example suggestion of sans and alphys at a con, so he’s definitely in this.

Characters: Alphys, Undyne, Papyrus, Mettaton, Sans, Asgore

Rating: G

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If you're still doing these - #36 the "we can never be together" kiss for Uveci and Quinn? If that's not too revealing of spoilers, of course.

Ok this took a while, sorry! This takes place right after the last prompt, where they were caught in the explosion on Quesh, and they’re now back on-board the ship and is more or less a continuation. This isn’t very polished because it will probably have to be rewritten by the time Dance in the Shadow of Honor gets this far. It’s only a little spoilery…

After everyone had scattered, Quinn found Ucevi on the bridge, arms folded across her chest and comfortably settled in the command chair. The half-mask that had concealed the fact she could not see rested on the console in front of her. He swallowed uncomfortably, too well aware that when the others had quickly reassured her of their complete loyalty to her over Baras, he had remained silent. Even more, while she had turned her head as if looking at each of the others for that pledge, she had ignored him.

Of course she knows. There is nothing in her world more important than her honor, and she would expect nothing less from me.

“Don’t lurk in the doorway, Quinn, it’s unnerving.” She hadn’t turned her head, or even visibly shown any sign of listening. The Force? Perhaps. Don’t the Miraluka use the Force to see?

“I’m sorry, my lord.” He quietly entered, taking up his normal post on the port side of the bridge, taking the opportunity to observe her. She knows I owe Baras a debt, which makes me a liability. If she were most other Sith, I’d already be dead now that he has openly turned on her. Perhaps she said nothing because she plans to put me off the ship, for her safety and for the others, something she should have done months ago. I could…I should offer to leave again.

Before he had time to speak the words, she reclined against the headrest, sighing. “It’s odd, I always believed that honor would be my weapon and my defense, not a noose hanging over me, Quinn. But if living up to a sense of honor was easy, then it would be too weak to have any value, don’t you think?”

Quinn answered cautiously, his heart racing as he tried to guess where this was going. “Very true, my lord, we only value the things we struggle for.”

“Still, it’s only a person with honor that you can really trust to keep their word, wouldn’t you say, Quinn?”

“I think that’s a given, my lord.”

“Good. Not that I had any doubts.” She raised a hand to briefly rub her forehead, as if trying to ease some pain that was not visible in her face. Then Ucevi picked up the half mask, pushed herself to her feet with a heavy slowness quite unlike herself, and unerringly approached him, a wry smile twisting her lips. With surprising certainty, she raised her free hand to cup his cheek, calloused skin warm against his.

“I know you expect me to ask you a question right now, but I won’t because we both know the answer already. But there is one thing I will ask you to promise me, Quinn, on your honor. Everyone on this ship is under my protection, and I want your word that you will do everything in your power to keep this ship and my people safe.”

Kriff, is she…yes, she’s saying that when Baras demands I pay back my debt, that I must strike only at her. He felt a surge of dismay and shame for the role they both knew he would play, as well as fierce loyalty, as ironic as that was at this moment. I wonder if the others realize how far she is willing to go to protect them? Vette,  perhaps.

“Of course, my lord, I will devote myself to ensuring the safety of your ship and crew. On my word of honor.”

“Good man. I have no doubts.” She brushed her thumb across his lips with a delicate caress that left an impression of warmth behind, then followed that caress with her own lips. Lightly at first, then her fingers tensed just before he felt more than heard a groan, and her hand was behind his head, holding him tightly as she kissed him hungrily, for just a second unleashing the passion that he had always known burned in her. And his hands found her waist, pulling her hips tightly against his, kissing back just as desperately.

Then just as abruptly, she drew away, turning her back on him to settle the mask back in place.

“I’m sorry, Captain, we will dance eventually, but we both know that it will not be this dance, will it?”

This would give Baras a new and dangerous weapon against us. He already has another dance in mind for us, and damn him, while he may not understand you, he understands my sense of honor far too well. “No, my lord.” At least one of us will not survive that dance, and that kiss…we can never be together without losing honor.

“Good. Vette has orders to get underway to Nar Shaddaa.” She turned toward the doorway, her profile now visible, and he could see no sign of the emotion that had burned so brightly when she kissed him. “Until I’ve been able to see a doctor I can trust, I’ll be spending most of my time in my cabin or working with Jaesa who can lend me her eyes. Meals as normal.” Her head turned almost toward him for a moment. “You have the bridge, Captain.”

“Yes, my lord. I will make certain everything on the ship runs as much like normal as possible. Might I suggest dropping Pierce and Broonmark off on some mission as pretext along the way so they don’t notice any change in routine or question your business on Nar Shaddaa?”

She paused in the doorway, one hand resting on the wall. “That’s an excellent idea, but I think you should accompany them. Your presence can give whatever mission you think up a sense of urgency that it might not otherwise have, and I’ll need Vette and Jaesa on Nar Shaddaa with me.”

And if I’m not with her and don’t know what happens or who she sees, Baras can’t extract that information from me later. I’m not so stupid that I haven’t understood her hints that Baras uses the Force to manipulate me.

“Of course, my lord, I think I can do that.”

With that assurance she vanished, and Quinn was left with the ghost of warm, hungry lips on his, unwilling even to smooth the hair that slender fingers had briefly clung to. And despair deeper than he’d ever imagined could exist.

If I were a braver man, I’d cycle myself out the airlock before Baras has a chance to use me against her. But that won’t stop Baras from coming after her, and someone else might not care as much to save the rest of her crew. If he is too ready to rely on me as his surprise weapon against her, she may still survive, and better to die that way, with my honor and her life safe. I cannot imagine any life I would want without her any more…

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Can you write something where jay gets sick while they're (Elliot and him) chilling at his house and he was feeling fine all morning when they were together but now that it's nearing noon and him and Elliot are in his bed he's feeling nauseous and Elliot gets him water and crackers but it doesn't help and jay ends up really distressed because he doesn't want to be sick but he knows he's going to and eventually he ends up puking all his way to the bathroom ? Thanks!

Ooh, I love these detailed prompts, it makes me feel like people are imaging scenarios with my OCs which is so cool! Sorry for this being a bit slow as usual. This is a really busy time at school right now, but fall sports also just ended so I should hopefully have more time to write. My planned fic order keeps shifting around cause I want to space out the different characters, but unless I ever specifically say that I’m not going to write a prompt, know that I’ll definitely get to it :)

Also, this mentioned Jay’s house, so I set this in high school, but they are 18 in this fic if anyone is wondering. I’m personally not bothered by 16-17 year olds in sickfic but I know a few people are, so just letting you know

It was difficult to pinpoint exactly when Jay’s parents had stopped caring what Jay did in private, but whenever it was, Jay was infinitely grateful for it. In public, he was still supposed to be respectable, more of a status symbol than an actual human being. But when he was alone, he could basically do what he wanted when he wanted it. And what he wanted was nearly always spending time with Elliot.

It was just a little before noon, but they’d already been together for four hours. Elliot had come over around eight on the weak pretense of doing homework, but with only a few months left in senior year, even Jay could agree they had better things to do. The time had passed slowly and quickly as they sprawled out in Jay’s enormous bed, alternating between talking and making out and just lying there together doing nothing at all.

Jay didn’t want it to be anything but perfect, but a feeling was starting to creep up on him, masking even the warmth that Elliot brought with him. It had been easy enough to ignore at first, but it had crept up on him quickly, until every small motion sent a sick jolt through his stomach. He had curled in around himself slightly, but it wasn’t doing much to help. He didn’t want to be sick. Panic was starting to rise up in him too, even as he tried to push it down. That wasn’t helping either.

“What are you thinking?” Elliot asked, and as Jay turned his head to look at him, he realized he’d gone silent for a long time.

“Not much,” he replied tersely.

Elliot raised his eyebrows.

“You okay? You’re super quiet.”

“I’m fine,” Jay snapped instantly, which only made Elliot look more concerned. He didn’t want to say it out loud, at least not yet. That would make it real.

“Okay,” Elliot said after a moment. “Do you want to talk or no?”

Jay just shrugged, and his stomach churned. He closed his eyes and begged it to pass, but while the nausea had lessened slightly after a few seconds, it was still an insistent weight on him. His breathing was starting to speed up. That wasn’t a good sign. Jay shivered a little, and swallowed. Nothing. Nothing could control this.

“Jay?” Elliot prompted gently.

“I just…” Jay faltered, but when his stomach gave another small bubble his resolve was gone. “I don’t feel well.”

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m sorry,” Elliot said. He pressed his lips to Jay’s forehead and drew them away with a frown. “You might be a little warm. Do you feel like you have a fever?”

“I don’t…it’s just…stomach,” Jay admitted. He pressed his lips together as he finished speaking, trying to push back the wave of nausea that swept over him. His head was too low to the ground. He sat up, but his stomach lurched as he did, and he hugged his knees to his chest, swallowing quickly to try and get things under control again. It didn’t work. Never did.

“I’m sorry,” Elliot said again. “Do you want me to tell your parents? Or just stay up here and do something else, maybe try to distract yourself? Or do you want to go to the bathroom?”

Jay shook his head, swallowing again. His mouth was filling with warm saliva faster than he could handle, and every breath threatened to make him gag on it.

“I just want it to stop,” he muttered.

Surprisingly, Elliot just nodded, seeming calm.

“Okay,” he agreed. “I’ll bring you some stuff, and maybe that’ll make it go away.”

Jay didn’t watch Elliot get up and leave the room; he just closed his eyes again and doubled over, pressing his mouth against a pillow. There was even less air to be had there. His head swam and his stomach clenched fiercely. He shut his eyes tighter.


Jay felt Elliot’s warm hand on his shoulder and reluctantly lifted his head. Elliot smiled a little, and pointed at Jay’s nightstand, where he’d set a glass of water and a small plate of crackers.

“That might settle your stomach a little,” he suggested. “Want to try some?”

Jay reluctantly accepted the water and took a sip. At first, the cool liquid felt like a relief, but once he swallowed it, he could feel it travel all the way down his throat. He forced down a bit more as his stomach bubbled ominously, then put the glass down again.

“Not so good?” Elliot asked.

Jay didn’t want to say it. This had to work. But his stomach let out an audible gurgle and he was forced to just shake his head.

“Try the crackers, maybe?”

Putting anything more in his stomach was the last thing Jay wanted to do, but if there was a chance of it working, he had to. He took a small bite and it instantly turned into a thick mush that took several tries to get down. He managed the rest of the cracker, but it never seemed to get past the very top of his throat.

“Not working,” Jay got out. He tried to swallow, but his mouth was too dry and sticky now. He reached for the water again and took a large sip without thinking. It bubbled all the way down his throat and set off a viscous lurch once it reached the bottom. Jay clamped his hand over his mouth.

“Sweetheart,” Elliot murmured sympathetically. He stroked a hand down Jay’s back and Jay uncovered his mouth again. “Maybe just give it another minute?”

Jay did his best to breathe normally for a few seconds, but he was cut off by a sharp hiccup. His throat wouldn’t close.

“Not working,” he repeated, more urgently.

“Well, maybe you just need to throw up.”

“No!” Jay shook his head vigorously as another hiccup slipped up, bringing the taste of acid into his mouth. “I can’t.”

“It’s gonna be okay,” Elliot said softly.

“No, don’t,” Jay muttered. “I don’t want to get sick.”

“Do you think you’re not going to?”

“I—” Jay hiccupped forcefully again, and it turned into a small heave that he caught in his hand. Sick was climbing up his throat, and it was only a matter of time – probably minutes, or even seconds. He shuddered.

“Okay, come on,” Elliot said, his tone gentle but firm. “Let’s just get to the bathroom in case.”

Jay’s legs shook a little when he stood up, but Elliot’s arm around his waist quickly steadied him. Elliot led him into the wide hall, glancing around as he always did, as if he couldn’t quite believe how big Jay’s house really was. Now, Jay just would have given anything for a shorter walk ahead of him.

They were halfway to the bathroom when Jay’s shoulders lurched with another small heave, and he felt the wave of liquid rush up, pushing hard against his throat. He froze, mouth hanging open as he breathed shallowly over the floor.

“Let’s keep going,” Elliot said, and forced Jay to take another step forward. That was all it took. Jay hiccupped again, and a thick splatter of water and crackers hit the floor in front of him. He let out a dry gag, but his next retch quickly turned solid. A larger wave of vomit poured out as he doubled over, stomach still bubbling relentlessly.

“Oh, Jay, sweetie,” Elliot murmured. He stopped for a moment and rubbed a few circles on Jay’s back as his boyfriend heaved up another round of sick with a slight groan. He was showing no sign of stopping, and Elliot cringed a little at the growing pool of vomit on the floor.

“Hey, let’s get to the bathroom,” he said softly. Jay gave another gurgling heave, shuddering as another stream came up. When Elliot nudged him lightly, he finally started moving again, running as much as he could while keeping both arms wrapped protectively around his stomach.

He was nearly at the bathroom door when he stopped again, cheeks bulging out. He leaned over and let the thick wave of vomit spill out. Elliot hurried to his side, rubbing his back again and murmuring vague words of comfort. Jay looked miserable. His face was flushed and sweaty, and Elliot could hear the sick sound from his stomach that preceded the next heave. Jay spat out a large mouthful of watery puke, and a bit of it fell onto his shirt.

“You’re alright,” Elliot said softly. Jay’s next gag sounded awful, but it was mostly dry, so after a moment Elliot gave him another nudge. Jay finally managed to stagger to his knees in front of the toilet, shoulders still jerking back and forth. Elliot skirted the pool of vomit next to him and knelt at Jay’s side, stroking his hair. His stomach seemed to finally be empty, but he was still jolting forward with hiccups every few seconds, occasionally spitting a bit of bile into the bowl.

“Try to breathe,” Elliot murmured. Jay took in a shuddering breath before resting his head against the toilet lid.

“That was awful,” he muttered.

“Yeah, I’m sorry,” Elliot replied. “Do you feel any better?”

Jay shrugged, and his eyes slid closed. Elliot ran his hands through his boyfriend’s hair for a while longer, but eventually he stood up.

“Can I get you back to your room?” he asked. “I’m gonna go clean this up, but you should get some rest if you don’t think you’re gonna throw up again.”

Jay raised his head and scoffed.

“Don’t clean it. Someone will do that for us.”

“Oh, okay,” Elliot agreed. He felt a little bad making some housecleaner who didn’t even know Jay that well clean up the mess, but he was glad for the chance to stay with Jay too. “I should at least tell your parents then, right?”

“Ugh,” Jay groaned. “Later.”


“Just come back to my room with me?” Jay asked, and his brown eyes were just pleading enough that Elliot couldn’t bring himself to say no.

“Yeah, okay,” he said, and helped Jay get to his feet. “Let’s just get you to bed.”

prancingpterodactyls  asked:

6 for the ask prompt if you’d please ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

“Uh,” Jack drawled, cheek propped against his fist. “Would you believe it’s because of a hilarious accident?”

Gabriel had to bite back a laugh. “No,” he said, “can’t say I would.”

“Shame,” Jack sighed and stretched. Looked like he was thinking for a moment, then asked, “What about that I’m just trying to get some rest but very, very warm?”

By this point Gabriel was chewing he inside of his cheek in an effort not to break into laughter. “No,” he choked out, “still not buying it.”

“Darn. You’ll have to tell me your theory, then…”

“I think,” Gabriel replied, tossing his coat at the chair next to the door as he headed for Jack, “you think you’re smooth. You’re not. But…”

“But?” Jack raised a brow, grinning.

“But I’m not gonna say it isn’t working…”


You broke me…. I know it wasn’t your

intention, but you did. Words can’t describe

how you made feel. I still come back to you

because the feeling feels familiar. It shouldn’t

feel familiar, yet it does. I’ll always be the fool

who came back to you after all the hurt you

caused me. They told me you were an ass I

deserved better, but I was blinded but what I

thought was love. Love shouldn’t feel

unwanted, insecure, or hurtful. It should be

magical, passionate, and endearing. I never got

to experience that with you…. she hurt you so

you hurt me,for then I’m going to hurt the

person I’m with next. I still come back to you,

but this is the end of such a toxic cycle… I want

to thank you for showing me what not to do to

someone that’s loves you unconditionally. I’ll

move on and next time I come back to you I

won’t be the same fool I was 2 years ago

anonymous asked:

how do yall feel about having your quotes in a piece that has abuse in it? like theyre dialog a character says to describe how theyre feeling? credit is obvious but is it alright with you? also obvious but abuse wouldnt be glorified

You do you – we can’t police you on what content you write based on our prompts, so all rights to you then! Some of our prompts are sort of like, implied to have abuse or have characters go through bad situations, because that’s what happens in life. But yep the short answer is “you do you – go ahead and go do it, just remember to credit the blog for the inspiration, please”. 

-admin chamomile 

October Week 4 (10/22-10/28)

It’s the final week of Spooky Poetry! And we love it so much we are giving two prompts:

Witch’s Brew

And because Halloween is all about the pleather costumes. The second prompt option is:

“I can do anything I want because I look good in (p)leather”

You do NOT have to do both prompts! Also, you don’t have to use the phrase or words directly, but you may certainly do so if you wish! *Please let this inspire your writing in any way!*

For our prompts, we accept and encourage all types of writing. We just ask you to please stay on topic and please read our post

on topics we do not want glorified and condoned.

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