because this author is very close to me

diamonds, homeworld, and the concept of love

looking at homeworld, it’s a place that REALLY discourages connection, intimacy, friendships, really just feeling ANYTHING at all whatsoever. like how you have aquamarine scoffing at the topaz fusion about how gems start feeling “sentimental” when they fuse like it’s such a terrible and unacceptable thing 

but then you have acts of affection and care that are just so obvious and apparent between the diamonds??? 

it’s clear they have a very close bond not only in power but EMOTIONALLY and that if they don’t love each other they at least care for each other (regardless of whatever yellow diamond’s intentions were with pink diamond)…and it’s so weird to me that having that kind of relationship with another gem at all seems so discouraged when you see something like this happen between homeworld’s own authority?? it’s so open 

homeworld’s gems have the capacity for connection and even love, but maybe the diamonds let themselves have feelings and connect because they have power. and i think … if the rest of the population which is *under* the diamond authority don’t have real connections with each other and don’t feel love it makes them easier to control 


and homeworld is united in their loyalty to the diamonds and their way of life, not out of loyalty and love and trust for each other. so i think the diamonds accept love and allow themselves to experience it because there is no way it could make them weaker or cause them to lose control 

because LOVE IS WHAT MAKES PEOPLE STRONGER, THAT IS A MAIN THEME IN THIS SHOW. that’s why the diamonds can experience it, becaUSE they ARE STRONG. but love is also what gives people a reason to attack. a reason to rebel. and so homeworld is taught not to experience it and look down on it so everyone else STAYS UNDER the diamonds and everything works out the way they want it to 

i just…i’m dead. send help please

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List of fav fanfics in bnha and hxh?

Oh my gosh, I have an excuse to point out the faves. So excited. 


I’ll be forming a link for each fic I post and of course, tag the authors and link them to their page on AO3 as well. It’s muy importante. 

I’m leaving it to my top five picks because… it’s really hard to pick from the massive pool of talent-driven works I’ve read… honestly there are sooo many that I hold so close to my heart, but I can’t list them all here because I need to trust my ultimate favorites and, yeah.  

Also I’m only posting one favorite per author, because there are always multiple favorites with each writer but it helps narrow it all down if I do it this way. 

Oh, and these works that I have finished reading. So, if I haven’t finished the fic or haven’t read all of the chapters posted up to that point, then it’s not fair for me to call it a “complete favorite.” So stay tuned until the very end to see those other wonderful recommendations! (And I swear that I will finish them!)



Report x Card by @olivemeister 

  • Okay. So. I think this is… probably my favorite oneshot work from the Hunter x Hunter fanfiction archive. This is just, absolutely phenomenal and heartbreaking and filled with angst and threads of hope and Killua and Gon are so interesting to observe through the eyes of multiple characters as tension and difficulties come into light. Oh, speaking of that, the level of suspense and buildup is just… ah. This is great, from beginning to end and I’ve read it dozens of times. 

Words That Water Flowers by @decembercamiecherries

  • I’ve definitely sung praises for this fic before, but it’s seriously, without a doubt, one of the most tightly written, creative Alternate Universe Killua/Gon stories. Killua and Gon’s relationship feels so raw and real, and the Hanahaki Disease is difficult to capture well in most settings, but I’m so glad that the concept behind this was taken in such an intriguing direction, and it allowed us into a very canon-like appreciation of Gon and Killua’s friendship/relationship. 

Lawfully Unwedded by @xyliane

  • I love this work mostly because of how believable it feels each time I read it. It’s mostly very sweet, but there’s a certain… candor, to it, that feels so refreshing when regarding the question on whether or not Killua and Gon would actually get married if they had the chance. I love the pacing, how the topic is handled, and I’m afraid if I say anything else it’ll spoil it. Please read it and leave lovely words behind for this talented writer.

Motor Scooters and Gelato by @fireolin

  • I never get tired of reading this story. I was honestly very torn between either posting this as my favorite from this author or Fireworks on Whale Island, which also displays this writer’s very sensible talents. The writing style is emotive, sensitive, and allows plenty of room to breathe, if that makes sense. You really feel every moment with Killua and Gon in this sweet, beautifully constructed piece. Honestly, reading this will make you just shine from the inside.

pro tempore by perennials

  • So. Um. There are many, and I mean many, works by this writer that are just jaw-dropping in the Hunter x Hunter fandom. I can’t even express how lovely everything they write is. But, I can only pick one per author… so, this one it is. Honestly, this story resonates with growing up, the angst and pain that radiates through Killua and Gon’s friendship, and so many more aspects of their relationship that come into light as they reunite as adults. The writing is marvelous and poetic and beautiful. I can’t recommend this enough. 


DNA by @killushawn

  • AH. I’M A HORRIBLE PERSON FOR NOT FINISHING THIS. I’ve listened to this heart-racing and solemn and wonderfully voice-acted piece almost to the very end, and that’s not a testament to Shawn’s talent because he’s brilliant. Now, this is the first audio fic I’ve ever listened to and if you haven’t listened to that many (or any) and are skeptical like I was, please give it a chance. The characterization of Killua in this is intriguing and different, and very refreshing. There’s so much passion and love put into this and you can feel it through each chapter/audio. 

one hundred by wartransmission

  • Okay, I love how this is written. I honestly do. I’ve read up to… chapter nine, or so, dozens of different times and kept trying to push through to the finish and just fell off for no other reason aside from my forgetfulness. This fic, though, I think, is honestly one of the best in the Hunter x Hunter archive. The characterization is interesting, especially with Gon, and I love how smooth the pacing and writing is and the take on each prompt is creative and fresh.

First Times by @murderxbaby

  • THIS. FIC. Is so… heavy. The pacing and the tension and the buildup are all brilliantly woven together, and I do realize that this story was actually recently completed. I’m planning on going through from the very beginning and reading it to the very end because it’s enthralling and wonderful, and I believe I stopped around the eighth chapter. Please, read this. It’s incredible.


WOO. Alright. Now it’s time for Boku no Hero Academia. Damn. 

Alright. Here we go.



Like the Moon by @osakakitty

  • Okay, so, um, it was really difficult to choose between this story and the equally masterful and wonderful character-driven piece, Make Every Moment Last. Both works are wonderful, but there’s something very raw and open about how she portrays the relationship between Katsuki and Izuku in her works, and… ah. Osakakitty has a fantastic, insightful view on these beloved characters and I adore how she writes Katsuki Bakugou especially. I can’t honestly praise this fic enough. Please read.

Falling by @soulestring

  • I think… nearly every person who likes BakuDeku/KatsuDeku knows about this story. This is, in my opinion, the BakuDeku fics of all BakuDeku fics, especially for first-time readers curious about the ship. It’s set in the canon universe and closely (with creative liberties taken of course) follows the main storyline of the manga/anime with a very intriguing look into the dynamic and “unrequited love” aspect of the Katsuki/Izuku relationship.

Incandescent Snow by Chicory

  • Okay, so, where do I even start with this? I love, and I mean, love, the concept behind this. This AU is so refreshing and unique and I love how in-character and tragic and angsty this story is, with outstanding imagery and themes that definitely border on the line of ambiguity and social construct. I love the questions raised in this story about relationships, family, and brotherhood. I personally consider it to be phenomenal and criminally underrated. Please read this.

For Want of Izuku’s Toe Joint by Talavin

  • This story is… for one, the amount of effort taken into capturing the elements of the original story and broadening the horizons within them in each chapter is worth mentioning on its own. I love the relationship between Izuku and Katsuki and their dynamic with the rest of their class, on top of how well the canon events are handled with a few twists thrown in there. Also, Izuku’s characterized very, very well in this, and I love that he stands equally with Katsuki. That’s honestly quite a rarity to find in fanfiction, and it’s something to behold.

How to Mend a Broken Soul by youwishyouwerethiscool

  • This is my favorite interpretation of the Soulmate AU that I’ve seen in the BNHA archive so far, especially with BakuDeku. I’m sure there are many exceptional ones under other ships, but… this is my list. Heh. Anyway, this is a wonderful fic with a great eye for characterization and detail, and it’s mostly from Katsuki’s perspective, which is great. I always love seeing different interpretations of his character and how he would handle being Izuku’s soulmate. This fic is wonderful.


On The Run by Justaperson1718

  • I LOVE THIS STORY AND I WANT TO CATCH UP. It’s not even completed yet but I really love the dynamic between Katsuki and Izuku in this. This author has also written many other oneshots that I love and wanted to recommend but they would be out of my top five. Still, read Fascinating and Manage Me, and then go read THIS because it’s wonderful and action-packed and angsty and dramatic. All the good things. 




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How do you feel about being associated with all the other youtubers who have books out? I know you were critical as everyone else when zoella gushed over writing a book forgetting to mention she didn't actually write it. Is it all like that? Or do youtubers (other than you) actually sit down for hours and write these days? Jw cos I was surprised to see you'd gone with an agent who represents loads of YT people. Has your exp with the industry made you more sympathetic to the likes of zoella now?

i will start this by answering your last question: not really, no. i think what she did was shitty and, although perhaps not deliberately manipulative, was definitely dishonest. there is something to be said for the money made by publishers off of the zoellas of the world - with more sales from ghostwritten books, they can afford to fund lesser known writers, whatever, but the principle of the thing is still super upsetting to me.

so, as far as i know, the only books that have been pretty clearly ghostwritten were/are the ones from the gleam lot. i’d go as far to say that MOST youtubers write their own books. does that mean they don’t work very, very closely with their editor? no. but that’s different from ghostwriting.

i went with my agent in particular because he has worked with youtubers, but has also worked with traditionally published authors. forgoing using my already-established audience would be short-sighted, i think, so i wanted someone with connections in both areas - the “traditional” side of things and the “youtube” side of things.

but yeah. that’s my spiel. i’ve said this before, but as far as i know, i haven’t found that people immediately associate me with other youtubers writing books. i was a writer first and a youtuber second.

On Harvey, and the rest...

Unless you were in a coma this week, you’ll have heard the “shocking” news about Harvey Weinstein’s serial groping, harassing and general abuse of women. You’ll have followed the phoney “outrage” of men who thought women should have spoken up sooner, or called the police, or “manned up, ‘cos that’s showbiz” or whatever shite men (not all men, but hey, a bloody lot of them) say when they feel one of theirs is under attack. 

The fact is, everyone already knew that Harvey was a bully. There was a whole plot-line in ENTOURAGE about it, based on the standing joke that Harvey (I can’t remember his character name, Harley or Herbert or whatever, but the portrait was damn lifelike) never forgives of forgets, and will go to any lengths to get revenge on anyone who annoys him.

I met him a couple of times, you know, when we were making CHOCOLAT. I never saw him sexually assault anyone, but what I did see was how terrified all his people were of him. Stories abounded about him: how he’d sacked a studio executive for letting in a goal during an inter-studio football game: how he’d given Gwyneth Paltrow £5 million in diamonds to try and persuade her to do a film. I don’t know if these stories were true or not, but one thing was clear: Harvey loved those stories. And Harvey loved the fact that everyone who worked for him lived in fear of his temper, his presence, his bludgeoning rudeness and his reputation of never forgiving anyone who crossed him.

I could tell he enjoyed that. The first words he ever spoke to me, at a party early on, were: “Hello, I’m Harvey Weinstein, and when I walk into a room, authors shit their pants.” To which I replied: “In that case, Harvey, I’ll send you my next dry-cleaning bill.” And Harvey laughed; apparently delighted at my reply. Later, one of his people took me aside and said: “He likes you. He likes people who stand up to him.” She made it pretty clear to me that not many of his employees did. 

But here’s the thing. I wasn’t a studio employee. He couldn’t threaten my career, or make me persona non grata in Hollywood. He’d acquired the rights to my book from David Brown, who originally optioned it. He had no power over me. What he did do, though, was exploit a tiny clause in my densely-printed, 50-page contract: a clause that I had been led to believe meant that he owned the stage rights to the screenplay, but that he maintained meant that he now owned the stage rights to my book - rights that, for the past 18 years or so, I’ve been receiving weekly offers. If his company ever decides to use these rights, as far as I know, I don’t get a penny - and the one time I happened to mention this (at a party, where my conversation was overheard by someone from the Daily Mail), my agent - who had been trying  in vain for several years to get in touch about maybe making the contract a bit fairer to the author - got a phone call the very next day from Harvey’s people, making it clear that Harvey wasn’t at all happy to hear that I had been discussing his business. To me it felt very intimidating - and I realized that that, although I’d been off Harvey’s radar since 1999 as far as paying me any money was concerned, he was watching me very closely when it came to any kind of criticism of him, or of his business. 

Of course I have no idea of the motives behind his refusal. Why would a huge company like Miramax begrudge a few grand to an author for rights? Was it just because they could? Was it because they didn’t care? Probably.  And yet I can’t help wondering: what if I hadn’t been quite so smart with my repartee, that night? What if I’d let Harvey have his joke, fluttered my eyelashes a bit; pretended to be impressed and intimidated by the big movie mogul, instead of laughing at his boast that he made authors shit their pants? 

I know. In the general scheme of things it isn’t an important story. But in 1999 I was an unknown author: the money I got for CHOCOLAT was nice, but nowhere near the millions that J.K. Rowling got for Harry Potter. It was enough for me to live on a couple of years without worrying too much about going back to my teaching job, which was great - but it wasn’t much. Not compared to the kind of sum the Weinsteins made from the movie. Not even compared to the money they spent on goodie bags for the actors.  If Miramax had been prepared to pay for the stage rights to my story, it wouldn’t have cost them much. My goodwill wouldn’t have cost much. Doing the right thing wouldn’t have cost much. 

Since 1999 I’ve heard rumours of plans for a stage musical of CHOCOLAT - a project I’d love to be part of, and not just for the money, but because it’s my book, and I’d like to think that I could contribute something. I’d like to be included. I’d like to sit in theatre and think: I helped make this, instead of You took this from me. So far, the Weinstein Co. hasn’t spoken to me once about the project (which is still ongoing, as far as I’ve heard). As it stands, the disputed clause in my contract means that, even if it does get made (a possibility that seems increasingly remote), they owe me nothing.  Not a penny. Not even a phone call.

So why didn’t I fight? Well, for the same reason, I guess, that no-one else has tried to fight back. There’s no fighting back against the kind of money and power wielded by the Weinsteins. I couldn’t afford to contest their claim, and if I had, I would have lost every penny I had made, whether I won the case or not. And so I moved on, just as others moved on from various other kinds of abuse. Because although I don’t pretend to have suffered in anything like the same way that Harvey’s sexual-assault victims suffered, there is a link between the two kinds of incident. Both come from an arrogant base of power, and privilege, and intimidation. Both come from a misguided belief in one’s personal invulnerability. Both come from the widespread belief that power is strength; that strength is good; and that the strong will always survive.

And this isn’t a sentiment exclusive to Harvey Weinstein: it’s a belief shared by  many powerful men - Jimmy Savile, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby - who revel in the fact that they can get away with anything: who bask in the knowledge that others are afraid of what they might say or do; who use that fear to build empires, and to create little mini-mes everywhere they go: because that kind of arrogance trickles down, infecting others with their beliefs. It teaches men that yes they can: it teaches women to keep their mouths shut. It’s what we used to call bullying when we were children: now, it seems, it’s what a lot of men call success

And yet, a success that’s built on making people shit their pants was always going to stink. It’s a smell that some can tolerate: they may even fool themselves into believing that it’s the smell of money. But there are successful people who manage not to bully and intimidate; just as there are men who somehow manage not to be rapists and abusers. All power and money does is to intensify what already exists. And so tonight I’ll be raising a glass of (cheap) champagne to the women who finally spoke out about the stink that’s been wafting around their heads for years. It isn’t new, and it isn’t nice, but that doesn’t mean we ignore it. It’s the in locker-rooms and boardrooms and hotel rooms and college rooms; it’s the smell of male power and privilege, and it’s high time all of us stopped pretending that it doesn’t smell like shit.

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for the fandom meme: miraculous ladybug ((if you know that show))

Oohh, yes, I adore Miraculous Ladybug!!! I went through a craze a few months back XDDD

Favorite Male Character: Chat Noir

Originally posted by sarady

Do Chat and Adrien count as two different people? ‘Cause if they do, I prefer Chat. He’s adorkable and sweet and he loves Ladybug so much <3 <3 <3 I wish we got to see more of this side of him as Adrien.

Favorite Female Character: Ladybug

Originally posted by miraculousladybuggifs

One of the few series where the main characters are actually my favourites, surprisingly. I adore how sassy and confident she is as Ladybug <3 And like with Adrien, I just love when you see her confident side as Marinette. I want to see more playful banter between their civilian selves T^T

Least Favorite Character: Chloe Bourgeois

Originally posted by akumatized

I hate bully characters like her, and ngl, I’m still bitter about her getting the bee miraculous.

Favorite Ship: Ladynoir

Originally posted by miraculousgifsbug

And every other side of the love square!! Though Ladynoir is definitely my favourite side <3 They’re just so badass and I love the easy camaraderie between them!!

Favorite Friendship: Marinette and Alya

Originally posted by miraculousgifsbug

They just??? Love each other so much!?!?!? They would go to the ends of the Earth for each other and they always have each other’s backs and I adore them so much <3 Nino and Adrien come at a very close second!

Favorite Quote: “ Geez, it’s hard to be creative under pressure.” As an author, this quote speaks to my soul.

Worst Character Death (if any): I don’t actually think there are any…does Ms. Agreste count? It’s the only death I can think of, but it does make me rather sad T^T She looked so sweet and loving, and poor Adrien…

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: 

Originally posted by cookiemonster-x3

Listen, I know it was just because of an akuma but???? I WANT THEM TO KISS SO BADLY???? PLEASE bring us a kiss, s2!!!

Saddest Moment: Basically the entire Bubbler episode?? I’m just…poor Adrien!!! And Nino just loves him so much and he just wants his best friend to have fun and have a birthday party and just enjoy himself. And then Gabriel just has to go and be a fucking douchebag. Poor bby T^T

Favorite Location: The Dupain-Cheng Bakery

It’s just such a beautiful, gorgeous place, and honestly, I would kill to live there. Marinette’s little balcony is gorgeous and it would be so awesome to be able to go up there at night and watch the sky and drink a nice hot cup of cocoa.

Voice actor auditions for The 7 Sins Show.

These are the audition lines for The 7 Sins Show by Phantom Glitch Podcasts. I’ve had the idea for this show for a long time and am so excited to actually begin seeing it come to life. All characters will be non binary except life and death who are written as a specific gender and are both pansexual. Their form will change depending on what they are trying to accomplish hence the they/them pronouns in my opinion. Minors can audition for greed, pride, death, life, gluttony, sloth, and envy. Though I don’t want minors audition for wrath or lust. Please understand that this is not meant to be sacrilegious in any way. (Maybe a little but I will be respectful of religious views as a whole.) also actors will not be compensated. Please have the audition lines in by the 1st of September. Send them to the email, Include,


Tumblr URL

Do you have a discord/ can you get one

Why you want to be a part of this podcast

And Character names and voice files

Please specify you are auditioning for The 7 Sins Show.

Thanks so much!!! The lines are beneath the cut and I can’t wait to hear from all of you!!!

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What are your thoughts on small cons vs large cons? As a guest, do you prefer one over the other? Are there certain DOs and DON'Ts for attendees at small cons that are different than large ones?

They are totally different things!

The biggest con I regularly attend is probably San Diego Comic-Con.  Hundreds of thousands of people.  No author, not even Stephen King, is ever going to be Top Tier Famous at SDCC.  I can move through the crowd, albeit slowly, without worrying that I’m going to upset somebody by ignoring them or needing to leave.  I am nobody and it’s amazing.  Pros: so much to do, so much to see, nothing wrong with taking the back streets.  Cons: you will never see it all, the con can become really impersonal, people line up for giveaways not because they want the things, but because they want to sell them on eBay and the like, thus recouping part of the cost of the con.

The smallest con I’ve been to recently was last year’s CrossingsCon.  First year literary convention focused on a single author.  Since that author (Diane Duane) was unable to attend, Mark Oshiro and I were tapped as Guests of Honor.  Which meant that, if we were outside our hotel rooms, we had to be On.  Full-stop, no discussion, On.  Headache?  Don’t care.  Tired, hungry, need to pee?  Stop and sign and smile, because this is why you’re here.  Pros: very close, intimate connection with people, a chance to meet readers who are truly impacted by your work.  Cons: if you relax, even for a second, someone could get their heart broken because “_______ was so mean to me!”

I love both kinds of cons, but they take a very different approach to survival.

You know that one book that you read for the first time

And from the very beginning you think, this is IT

And with every word you read you feel… understood. That level of understanding where, if you could meet the author, you feel like you could talk for hours in perfect agreement.

That book that kinda perceives the world like you do, that shares your point of view, and reading actually feels like a talk with a close friend

The book that you automatically reach for when you’re down and need comfort

A friend in a form of pages and letters.

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You know, sometimes you say things jokingly about sheith, but really - if you had to pinpoint your interest or why you believe in them, what would it be?

I’m not sure I’m getting this question..

Like what makes me think there’s actually something there?

It’s mostly just my wishful thinking haha. (I think it can be a really amazing thing if they go that way specifically with Keith and Shiro, for so many reasons. But sadly I’m aware the world might not be there just yet :\ )

Hmm I dunno, I have to say that what stands out to me most is that there’s something a bit “extra” to their relationship? Like, all their scenes would have been totally brotherly in nature if it wasn’t for that one weird tiny extra little detail they added to it for some reason.. Not sure how to explain it.

Like I think Keith and Shiro act more like exes that want to get back together but can’t say it, than two bros or two friends? haha.

And like alot of their scenes have like kinda romantic themes to them? Like Keith being Shiro’s knight in shining armor all the time, fate bringing them back together, watching a sunset by the fire for no fucking reason..  Like stuff you would usually see in romantic plot lines and not like “mentor/student” “big bro/lil bro” relationships. (I dunno, if either of them was a girl, would anyone think this is not like the obvious romantic plot line? (Which btw I guess can also work for Keith and Lance haha))

But I guess jokes and reaching aside, these are the things that really do make me think there might be something there:

  • Keith’s introduction. The first things that are established about his character (badass, loves this Shiro guy, Shiro’s savior)
  • The Keith sneaking away after looking at Shiro thing (just a super odd thing to show?)
  • EVERYTHING about “Across the Universe” (ok seriously, that episode was so gay it actually makes some straight fanboys uncomfortable and it’s hilarious haha)
  • Keith’s expressions and voice when he talks to Shiro (yeah.. not brotherly..)
  • The way their hug was framed
  • And I guess also the big focus on their relationship so early on in the show? I mean relationships in stories can’t stay in status quo, they have to develop or evolve during the story somehow, and Keith and Shiro start off with a very strong relationship already. So you kinda have to wonder where can it evolve from here? In most cases the strong relationships that are established at the beginning will go towards conflict (between the characters, about one of the characters) or death of one of the characters, but sometimes it can also be something like best friends to lovers kind of thing. Anyway, that relationship was made to stand out from the start for some reason..

And I guess that’s it? (And I’m only looking at what’s in the show and not like outside of it)

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Never, ever, piss off your garbage handler...

(warning: long story)

Amazing story a good friend just posted about bonding with her father:

My father is a shy and quiet man. Growing up, he and I weren’t close. He didn’t quite understand my overly dramatic responses to everything. We didn’t “connect” on any level. The only time he generally spoke to me was when he was angry with me because I was arguing with my mom.

However, when I was 11, I was able to form a special secret bond with my father. We did a very bad thing, and then kept the secret from my mother, and in my mind, the authorities. This secret (which will now no longer be a secret) has bonded us together ever since. To this day, we still talk about the time when we practically broke the law. My dad still beams with pride, as if it was his crowning moment. It’s a story I treasure because it’s ours.

Sunday was obligatory church day in our house. My mother taught Sunday school, my brother attended Sunday school, I sang in the children’s choir and my dad was a deacon or some such ranking official. After church, my mother would stay in town and pick up greeting cards at the Hallmark store or refill prescriptions. On this particular Sunday, my parents had driven separately to church so my father wouldn’t have to partake in card shopping. My brother was going with my mom. I weighed my options and decided to forego shopping and hopped in my father’s pickup truck.

“We have to stop off at the shop.” my father said.

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The Songbird and the Sea by


Originally posted by knart95

Author Summary:

In a world where dominance of the sea is an endless battle between pirates and mariners, Park Jimin is content living in his little village on a small, uninteresting island by the eastern mainland. He wants nothing to do with the bloodshed of good and evil, the heartless killing of both innocents and condemned, the constant establishment and disruption of order. What he wants is peace, to live his life in the same town he was born in, to spend his days in the beautiful forest, and to use the powers of his Blessed Rune to nurture the home he loves so dearly.

But when his island is attacked by pirates, Jimin will have no other choice than to do as they command and leave all thoughts of peace behind in favor of boarding the Agust, a pirate ship captained by the infamous Min Yoongi, Black Fox of the East.

**Notes: I noticed people liked Yoonmin a lot so I decided to share this beauty so everyone can come suffer with me. I stumbled upon this fic while randomly going through the yoonmin tag and I have to say, IT’S THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME. I am honestly not the kind of person that really likes to start incomplete fics (because I’m tired of my heart being broken when author’s abandon them for whatever reason), but this author is LOYAL.! (She updates every Monday, or very close). I have to admit, for my particular tastes, this slow burn has LITERALLY been roasting me from the inside out, but I am SO PUMPED for where it’s heading. Pink haired, soft pretty canary bird gifted Jimin, and black haired pirate tsundere inanimate object moving gifted Yoongi (if that didn’t make sense, READ and it will). It’s got magic, supernatural gifts, fluff to the max, and deep development of characters, even while basically through the eyes of Jimin. PLUS side VKook & NamJin. This is a keeper ❤️💔❤️.


Done with ACOWAR!

I loved the trilogy. LOVED IT. It took over my life for the last week (fortunately, I was on vacation). ACOMAF is such a great book, with ACOWAR a close second. Rhys and Feyre are seriously OTP material and I want to read about their adventures forever. And get all those answers still missing (because seriously, SO MUCH STILL TO UNRAVEL).

However, there’s this small thing nagging me. And that is the fact that Maas is clearly very inspired by Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels saga - perhaps an inch more than what I think is healthy (and usual in ALL authors), if we are talking about a published author and not fanfiction. Because Rhys and Daemon Sadi (almost all of it - the powers, the sex slavery, the masks they wear to hide the dreamer behind, the snark, the devotion)? Cassian and Lucivar? Court of Dreams and the Dark Court? Illyrian and Eyrien? Just to name the more blatant things. She added just enough for me to forget it most of the times. Most of the times.

And now I have an entire new world to explore on Tumblr!

THAT Wonder Woman script, part 2 of oh shit it got worse

Previously on Wonder Woman, we met our hero – brave, selfless, moral, willing to go to bat for perfect strangers without a thought for personal safety, but uneasy with emotional vulnerability, preferring to rebuff intimacy with snark and condescension.

I’m talking, of course, about Steve Trevor. Wait, who did you think the hero of this movie was?

Anyway, Steve crashed in plane on an island of Nasty Women, proved his moral superiority and won a convert in the form of a luminous-elemental-natural-curvaceous-waterfall-girl, who beat up her mother to save his life, then decided to follow him home. Just because.

Now Steve and The Girl are flying into a war zone, where Steve is overdue to deliver much-needed supplies to sick, starving refugees.

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Hi there!

I’m the ‘friend’. First of all, I would appreciate very much if you wouldn’t speak for me and tell my very talented FRIEND CJ what I fucking think or why I do what I do, or how I feel about her and her amazing work. 

We good on that? Ok. Good.

So! :D

I’m SO sorry you have nothing better to do with your “valuable” time than to bully someone,—which by the way is a crime punished by jail time, also probably why you are doing it on anon mode— but hey I can’t blame you, cowards and haters. Not everyone has a life. 


Now, I’m trying to find some logic behind your argument, but the thing is, there isn’t one. I could establish an argument supported by numbers because CJ won- ehem like 10 times in the Fanfic Competition - or tell you, you have no right or authority to say who here is a better writer or author when you can’t even tell tell the difference between ‘something’ and ‘some thing’. (By the way, this comes from someone whose second language is English- and I pretty much suck at it, so you should feel very embarrassed that even someone like me actually knows this.) But I’m not going to. I can just assume you’re a petty little thing, desperate for the attention CJ gets, to the point you’ve selected her as your target.

Yes. I smell salt. 

If you don’t like her stories, my dear piece of scumbag. Here’s something that will help. Pay close attention because this might get hard to understand for someone like you.

You ready?

Wait! Wait. I think I need to make it clearer, as you really seem to need it.

Here it goes again.

Life changing, isn’t it?

And here’s something even more transcendent.

We are not going to miss you.

Let’s say that louder for the people in the back.


CJ is not going to miss you.

Hmm… In fact I don’t think anyone is. Well, would you look at that! :D 

So… be a dear, or whatever the heck it is you are and skedaddle. Pronto!

Also, as a side note:


This is not exclusive to CJ. This is just a sad reality. Fics require time to read. Time, not everyone has. So it’s easier for an artist to get attention. Therefore, your argument is invalid.

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I feel like GRRM’s initial lack of positive portrayal of female friendships or filial relationships impacts how people read characters like Sansa and Catelyn and the idea of feminine characters having internal flaw/sin to overcome (such a Christian idea) and how despite him trying to subvert the idea of these characters being bad, why he fails is because he doesn’t give us those human moments that inform the the motivations of the characters - especially Sansa. 

He tries to write more positive friendships later with other characters like Arianne, Margaery and even Sansa in the Vale. But this initial misstep of not layering the Catelyn-Sansa dynamic and showing how a woman was hurting and took it out in a way she could under the patriarchal structure - on her husband’s illegitimate child rather than her husband herself - and how a daughter saw how much her mother was hurting and how her siblings ignored it and internalized her behaviour. He could have shown how Sansa bullied Arya because she subconsciously wanted to jerk her away from Jon - to make her mother happier, and it manifested into something else along the way. She’s still flawed, but more humanized this way. But did this happen in the books? No, it didn’t. 

He tries to correct fans for certain perceptions of Catelyn and he does have a point, but he couldn’t translate it as much into his writing because he didn’t let Catelyn to vent her vulnerability to another character she could trust as much. The character could have easily been Sansa, but he didn’t exploit the situation that clearly presented itself. Sansa as a character could have easily been given a background where she grew up in a family where lies were realities and secrets were the elephant in the room because of Ned’s “infidelity” and no one allowed to ask who Jon’s mother was. While it still can be read that way, the author didn’t really try to take it to the next level. The material was all there. 

Yes, she was classist initially and because of the songs she believed beauty/nobility = good, but she was also 11 and a child can’t think that way without being influenced directly if in her environment no one cultivates such behaviour. Exploring a more direct source of that is as important as showing its deconstruction, but we hardly get that. Otherwise it just looks like she represents it, when how can a child of 11 do that? 

What he pulled instead was an Edmund Pevensie (the odd, evil susceptible sibling) on AGOT Sansa with a dash of what C.S. Lewis did to Susan at the end of the TCoN series - locking only her out of Narnia heaven because she liked lipstick and boys. It’s general failure of fantasy writers with their internalized problematic aspects of christianity and sexism otherwise anyway. I will say GRRM tried to subvert it and his original outline was even worse concerning Sansa, but because he’s a man and he’s pretty old too he hasn’t been as successful with this kind of flashback nuance. That’s why when someone points out Sansa’s flaws to me, I think: it’s a given she has flaws because the author never lets us forget in the first book, especially. Pointing them out doesn’t actually needs very little close reading. I’m not ignoring them. What I say is after acknowledging them is the audience fails to read between the lines. 

How is it that in AGOT Catelyn, Septa Mordane, Jeyne and Sansa - all female characters - are the characters who are shown to be restrictive? There’s a trend here showing more about the author than the characters. Of course, he does try to show these characters have more human arcs later, but he’s not fair to them in the first book or in backstories sometimes and first impressions matter and that’s why people think Sansa needs to be punished or tested constantly, while Jaime is getting a redemption arc when he technically threw a child off a tower? Isn’t that worse? But there are reasons it doesn’t translate to the general audience. 

The fact that the author writes Cersei as a misogynistic character because she has internalized all the misogyny the men around her have subjected to makes sense because women are capable of that, but apparently Cersei was also a psychopath all along? The woodswitch tells prophecises her fate in her friend’s presence so she kills her that day and never regrets it? So what is so subversive here? When Jaime and Cersei’s dysfunctional attachment to each other is a product of both of them, why does Jaime come out looking better? Because he has a backstory and a time of innocence that isn’t involved with some psychotic behaviour. So when people don’t accept that women who are more feminine aren’t done as much justice as they could have been done in this book series, they’re denying this trend here. 

It’s Susan being locked out of Narnia heaven because she likes “lipstick and boys”. It’s Eve being punished for the original sin because she is inherently evil. Not as individual characters but as a collective whole for being feminine/courtly characters that then end up with added layers. But the author’s tendency is there because of culture. I mean I get that he might have been making a caricature of courtly “goodness” but there’s a difference in how the male and female characters are approached.  

It’s not the same with what he’s doing with Dany as a hero that becomes a villain story because Dany doesn’t start out looking like a flawed character but a victim of men and while she wears dresses, along the way as she uses her wits and then immense power falls into her hands too quickly, she is associated with war and surrounded by male characters who revere the strength she represents with her dragons and command. It’s one of the reasons she would be a successful antagonist because she didn’t start out evil or as a bad apple. 

They didn’t have to be less flawed but if they were given a motivation that guided their behaviour, GRRM would accomplish what he’s been trying to accomplish much better. If he could do this with Jaime and Theon, why not Sansa? D&D obviously handle it worse, but it clearly shows that a man wrote this in either versions. Only a woman who understands how such family dynamics work could write otherwise. That’s partly why so many Sansa and Catelyn fans argue in their favour because underneath what was written is a history of their voices in such domestic situations going unheard.

Why wouldn’t someone in this family have an issue with their mother being scorned with the presence of an illegitimate child? Place it out of the context of this universe and you realize, while no fault of Jon’s, this kind of lack of nuance in two women behaving this way supposed to mean mostly classism when it could be classism being an after-effect of this shows the lack of being able to encapsulate a woman’s point of view. The ingredients were all there in this situation and they weren’t used right as much as the author wanted to accomplish much of it. Write flawed female characters and deconstruct their problematic behaviour later because anyone can be problematic, but understand where it comes from. Otherwise, people continue to miss the point being made and you lose opportunities to add more to your characters. 

I hope one day someone pulls a Wide Sargasso Sea on this and writes that or rewrites that if they’re up to making another adaptation one day by enhancing the story, not reducing it further. But before that he needs to finish first. Don’t get me wrong. He does a lot of things right in terms of layering of the fantasy genre with plot and politics, but they aren’t immune to other forms of problematics like racism and sexism. It’s just a lot more subtle and says more about the culture he grew up in and the culture we still live in. 

Love From A Jail Cell, part 2


Part 1


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The air was cool, sweet.

It felt good to be out of that cell.

You knew you had to return to hiding soon, before the authorities found you again. But for now, you enjoyed the feeling of fresh evening air on your skin.

You couldn’t wait to get back to work. There were plenty of horrible people who deserved to have their final meeting with you. Your fingers were itching to hold onto a knife again.

The only disappointing factor about being out was the fact that you were away from Mycroft.

But you knew you would see him again.

The world would demand you went back behind bars. The search for you would drag across every continent. You would let them stew.

And then you would reach out to Mycroft.


Mycroft scowled disdainfully at the newspaper. The headline read once more about how you had escaped from Sherrinford. Police had thought they’d found you, but of course, it was nothing more than a wild goose chase.

Mycroft’s secretary came in, setting the mail on his desk. He flipped through the envelopes, bored.

Until he found the heavy envelope sealed with a wax seal.

“Meredith?” Mycroft called.

“Yes, sir?”

“Where did you get this?”

“The box, sir.”

“Are you sure?”

Mycroft’s secretary scowled at him.

“Have you seen anyone outside today? Anyone unusual?”

“No, sir. And if you don’t believe me, check the security cameras.”

Mycroft watched as Meredith huffed away. A few strokes at his keyboard pulled up the security footage. Mycroft scanned and scanned it; no unsavory or unexpected visitors appeared on the tape. The mailbox was touched by no one but the mailman and Meredith. A facial scan of both revealed they were exactly who they appeared to be.

Mycroft picked up the envelope, examining it in every manner possible. Nothing stuck out as odd. There were no tell-tale signs or clues as to where this letter could have come from.

He sliced the envelope open with his letter opener. A single piece of paper fell from it.

To My Dearest Mycroft—

I am terribly sorry about the trouble I’ve no doubt caused you. But you must understand, my job required I return. Your amenities at Sherrinford were wonderful, but the blade called.

You’ve no doubt seen my work. Some of my jobs may have seemed a little rushed, but I was making up for lost time.

I think of you all the time. I miss our afternoons when you would bring me the paper. You were always so wonderful to me. I would like very much to see you again.

Join me at Café Ombre at eleven pm on Sunday. Fear not—I know the owner and he owes me a favor. We will be allowed to dine and will be left alone. And I will make sure he has your favorite chocolate cake freshly made.

Should you feel it necessary to involve law enforcement (or your brother), you will regret that decision. I will know and I will take matters into my own hands.

Until then, my love.


Mycroft read the letter once, twice, three times. He damned his stomach for growling at the thought of chocolate cake.


Mycroft stepped up to the café, his umbrella clicking against the pavement. He’d come alone, stooping so low as to even take public transport for a good portion of the journey, walking the last four blocks alone.

Checking his pocket watch, he saw that it was two til eleven. The street was empty, silent, dark. At the stroke of eleven, the door creaked open behind him.

Mycroft made his way through the darkened building. As his eyes grew used to the dark, he saw a flickering light coming from the kitchen.

You looked up, shadows thrown on your face by the small gas lantern placed upon the table. “You came.”

Mycroft said nothing, simply sitting across from you. A slice of chocolate cake sat before him, glistening in the light of the flame.

“Go ahead,” you said. “It’s safe. Delicious, too.”

“What’s the meaning of this?”

“I told you. I wanted to see you again. I missed you.”

“I don’t suppose you’ll tell me where you’ve been hiding out?”

“Of course not,” you said with a small laugh.

“What about how you broke out of Sherrinford?”

“Child’s play.”

Mycroft sighed. “How many have you already killed?”

“How many have been in the papers?”


You nodded. “They’re missing one.”

Mycroft made note. “How many more are you planning on?”

“As many as I can get to. The world is filled with horrible people, Mycroft. The governing body does what it can with its laws and punishments, but there are still plenty that fall through the cracks.” You leaned forward. “Think of me as… the clean-up crew.”

“Ah, yes, the friendly neighborhood janitorial murderess.” Mycroft paused. “How did you know I would come?”

“I didn’t. I just hoped you would.”

“How do you know I won’t go tell the authorities of this encounter? How do you know I won’t slip a tracker into your coat?”

“Because it would look poorly upon you, meeting up with one of the most wanted criminals. Especially since you didn’t alert the authorities. Or at the very least, your brother.” You stood, stepping towards Mycroft. You leaned down, your lips dangerously close to his ear. “And I’m not wearing a coat.”

Mycroft’s nose was infiltrated with your perfume, a wonderful blend of citrus and spice. His eyes dared to drop for just a moment; when he opened them again, he found himself alone.

Turning, he found he was completely alone. Somehow, in the few seconds he’d closed his eyes, you’d disappeared.

He looked once more at the cake in front of him. A small heart was drawn in white icing on the top of the slice.

Shrugging, Mycroft picked up his fork and slid it into the delicacy.



OSCAR WILDE: playwright, fashion expert, speaker of immovable truths. likes handsome men, lavish parties, and intelligent conversation. dislikes fools and being rushed.

‘CALL ME EDDIE’: banker, mysterious, nobody knows his real name. likes monkeys, the count of monte cristo, and historical trivia. dislikes authors, dishonesty, and lenore.

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For the ask game: rough sex

So I’m not sure which ask (because I dumbassedly reblogged two in rapid succession) you mean, I’ll answer for both:

Kinkshame/ kinksame: i fall just to the side of kinkshame on this one, because rough sex in het fic is too close to unfortunate real-life experience for me to enjoy.  It would have to be the right author and the right context/ build-up for me to enjoy it.  I nope the fuck out of anything I think is degrading, and a lot of what I consider hallmarks of rough sex overlap with female degradation, regardless if it takes place within an equal and loving relationship.

Never have I ever: Never written rough sex.  If I did, I think it would fall more on the spectrum of intense, very physical fucking.  Like, the bed-breaking kind.  Biting-scratching-pinching, but no slapping or hair-pulling.  Accidental bruising from hipbones colliding or wrists being pinned (though, only at the lady’s express request).  And, because I am who I am, I’d probably write Sherlock as being a big whiny baby through the whole thing and being afraid of himself and afraid of enjoying any of it, while Molly would be like “Jesus Christ just use your teeth, you don’t have rabies, I won’t die.”