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diamonds, homeworld, and the concept of love

looking at homeworld, it’s a place that REALLY discourages connection, intimacy, friendships, really just feeling ANYTHING at all whatsoever. like how you have aquamarine scoffing at the topaz fusion about how gems start feeling “sentimental” when they fuse like it’s such a terrible and unacceptable thing 

but then you have acts of affection and care that are just so obvious and apparent between the diamonds??? 

it’s clear they have a very close bond not only in power but EMOTIONALLY and that if they don’t love each other they at least care for each other (regardless of whatever yellow diamond’s intentions were with pink diamond)…and it’s so weird to me that having that kind of relationship with another gem at all seems so discouraged when you see something like this happen between homeworld’s own authority?? it’s so open 

homeworld’s gems have the capacity for connection and even love, but maybe the diamonds let themselves have feelings and connect because they have power. and i think … if the rest of the population which is *under* the diamond authority don’t have real connections with each other and don’t feel love it makes them easier to control 


and homeworld is united in their loyalty to the diamonds and their way of life, not out of loyalty and love and trust for each other. so i think the diamonds accept love and allow themselves to experience it because there is no way it could make them weaker or cause them to lose control 

because LOVE IS WHAT MAKES PEOPLE STRONGER, THAT IS A MAIN THEME IN THIS SHOW. that’s why the diamonds can experience it, becaUSE they ARE STRONG. but love is also what gives people a reason to attack. a reason to rebel. and so homeworld is taught not to experience it and look down on it so everyone else STAYS UNDER the diamonds and everything works out the way they want it to 

i just…i’m dead. send help please

You know that one book that you read for the first time

And from the very beginning you think, this is IT

And with every word you read you feel… understood. That level of understanding where, if you could meet the author, you feel like you could talk for hours in perfect agreement.

That book that kinda perceives the world like you do, that shares your point of view, and reading actually feels like a talk with a close friend

The book that you automatically reach for when you’re down and need comfort

A friend in a form of pages and letters.

smartypants82  asked:

for the fandom meme: miraculous ladybug ((if you know that show))

Oohh, yes, I adore Miraculous Ladybug!!! I went through a craze a few months back XDDD

Favorite Male Character: Chat Noir

Originally posted by sarady

Do Chat and Adrien count as two different people? ‘Cause if they do, I prefer Chat. He’s adorkable and sweet and he loves Ladybug so much <3 <3 <3 I wish we got to see more of this side of him as Adrien.

Favorite Female Character: Ladybug

Originally posted by miraculousladybuggifs

One of the few series where the main characters are actually my favourites, surprisingly. I adore how sassy and confident she is as Ladybug <3 And like with Adrien, I just love when you see her confident side as Marinette. I want to see more playful banter between their civilian selves T^T

Least Favorite Character: Chloe Bourgeois

Originally posted by akumatized

I hate bully characters like her, and ngl, I’m still bitter about her getting the bee miraculous.

Favorite Ship: Ladynoir

Originally posted by miraculousgifsbug

And every other side of the love square!! Though Ladynoir is definitely my favourite side <3 They’re just so badass and I love the easy camaraderie between them!!

Favorite Friendship: Marinette and Alya

Originally posted by miraculousgifsbug

They just??? Love each other so much!?!?!? They would go to the ends of the Earth for each other and they always have each other’s backs and I adore them so much <3 Nino and Adrien come at a very close second!

Favorite Quote: “ Geez, it’s hard to be creative under pressure.” As an author, this quote speaks to my soul.

Worst Character Death (if any): I don’t actually think there are any…does Ms. Agreste count? It’s the only death I can think of, but it does make me rather sad T^T She looked so sweet and loving, and poor Adrien…

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: 

Originally posted by cookiemonster-x3

Listen, I know it was just because of an akuma but???? I WANT THEM TO KISS SO BADLY???? PLEASE bring us a kiss, s2!!!

Saddest Moment: Basically the entire Bubbler episode?? I’m just…poor Adrien!!! And Nino just loves him so much and he just wants his best friend to have fun and have a birthday party and just enjoy himself. And then Gabriel just has to go and be a fucking douchebag. Poor bby T^T

Favorite Location: The Dupain-Cheng Bakery

It’s just such a beautiful, gorgeous place, and honestly, I would kill to live there. Marinette’s little balcony is gorgeous and it would be so awesome to be able to go up there at night and watch the sky and drink a nice hot cup of cocoa.


Hi there!

I’m the ‘friend’. First of all, I would appreciate very much if you wouldn’t speak for me and tell my very talented FRIEND CJ what I fucking think or why I do what I do, or how I feel about her and her amazing work. 

We good on that? Ok. Good.

So! :D

I’m SO sorry you have nothing better to do with your “valuable” time than to bully someone,—which by the way is a crime punished by jail time, also probably why you are doing it on anon mode— but hey I can’t blame you, cowards and haters. Not everyone has a life. 


Now, I’m trying to find some logic behind your argument, but the thing is, there isn’t one. I could establish an argument supported by numbers because CJ won- ehem like 10 times in the Fanfic Competition - or tell you, you have no right or authority to say who here is a better writer or author when you can’t even tell tell the difference between ‘something’ and ‘some thing’. (By the way, this comes from someone whose second language is English- and I pretty much suck at it, so you should feel very embarrassed that even someone like me actually knows this.) But I’m not going to. I can just assume you’re a petty little thing, desperate for the attention CJ gets, to the point you’ve selected her as your target.

Yes. I smell salt. 

If you don’t like her stories, my dear piece of scumbag. Here’s something that will help. Pay close attention because this might get hard to understand for someone like you.

You ready?

Wait! Wait. I think I need to make it clearer, as you really seem to need it.

Here it goes again.

Life changing, isn’t it?

And here’s something even more transcendent.

We are not going to miss you.

Let’s say that louder for the people in the back.


CJ is not going to miss you.

Hmm… In fact I don’t think anyone is. Well, would you look at that! :D 

So… be a dear, or whatever the heck it is you are and skedaddle. Pronto!

Also, as a side note:


This is not exclusive to CJ. This is just a sad reality. Fics require time to read. Time, not everyone has. So it’s easier for an artist to get attention. Therefore, your argument is invalid.

(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)



THAT Wonder Woman script, part 2 of oh shit it got worse

Previously on Wonder Woman, we met our hero – brave, selfless, moral, willing to go to bat for perfect strangers without a thought for personal safety, but uneasy with emotional vulnerability, preferring to rebuff intimacy with snark and condescension.

I’m talking, of course, about Steve Trevor. Wait, who did you think the hero of this movie was?

Anyway, Steve crashed in plane on an island of Nasty Women, proved his moral superiority and won a convert in the form of a luminous-elemental-natural-curvaceous-waterfall-girl, who beat up her mother to save his life, then decided to follow him home. Just because.

Now Steve and The Girl are flying into a war zone, where Steve is overdue to deliver much-needed supplies to sick, starving refugees.

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All my drabbles

I am going to collect all my under 500 word drabbles that I write, most for prompts, all in one post. I put them here rather then on my Fanfic Masterlist, because they were taking up a lot of space for not that much actual writing. But if you want to read my short drabbles, they are all here!

The genres in these vary widely from pure crack to super mushy.

Six Sentences Prompts:


Right to the Good Parts Prompts:

Words prompt:

  • Apodyopis - The act of mentally undressing someone (Djwifi)
  • Capernoited - Slightly intoxicated or tipsy (Djwifi)
  • Mamihlapinatapei - The look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move (Alyanette)
  • Mamihlapinatapei - The look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move (Ninette)
  • Strikhedonia - The pleasure of being able to say “to hell with it” (Ladynoir)
  • Cheiloproclitic - Being attracted to someones lips (Djwifi and Ladynoir)
  • Basorexia - An overwhelming desire to kiss (Alyabug)

Ninette Week:

Alyadrien Week:

Kiss Meme:

Pride Month:

Ladrien June: 


Never, ever, piss off your garbage handler...

(warning: long story)

Amazing story a good friend just posted about bonding with her father:

My father is a shy and quiet man. Growing up, he and I weren’t close. He didn’t quite understand my overly dramatic responses to everything. We didn’t “connect” on any level. The only time he generally spoke to me was when he was angry with me because I was arguing with my mom.

However, when I was 11, I was able to form a special secret bond with my father. We did a very bad thing, and then kept the secret from my mother, and in my mind, the authorities. This secret (which will now no longer be a secret) has bonded us together ever since. To this day, we still talk about the time when we practically broke the law. My dad still beams with pride, as if it was his crowning moment. It’s a story I treasure because it’s ours.

Sunday was obligatory church day in our house. My mother taught Sunday school, my brother attended Sunday school, I sang in the children’s choir and my dad was a deacon or some such ranking official. After church, my mother would stay in town and pick up greeting cards at the Hallmark store or refill prescriptions. On this particular Sunday, my parents had driven separately to church so my father wouldn’t have to partake in card shopping. My brother was going with my mom. I weighed my options and decided to forego shopping and hopped in my father’s pickup truck.

“We have to stop off at the shop.” my father said.

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A Lovely Night

Title: A Lovely Night

Fandom: Les Miserables

Character: Enjolras

Pairing: Enjolras & (F) Reader

Words: 1464

Description: Enjolras walks you home because you said he wasn’t a gentleman. Then he offends you and you get salty. [Very closely based off of ‘A Lovely Night’ from La La Land.]

Author’s Note: If you see something like this posted on Wattpad with the author saltydalty07, that’s just me, not some plagiarizer-person. I hope you enjoy it, this is my first (and probably only one for a while) Les Miserables one shot!

It was a wonderful and productive Wednesday night. As usual, the meetings on Wednesdays ended earlier than usual due to the fact that some of the revolutionaries had 7 AM classes the day after. And by some of the revolutionaries, that mostly included their leader. Although his country comes first before everything, he needed to be well educated before he can even begin to save the people of France.

Everyone had left leaving you and Enjolras. He was still getting his papers together while you were already cleaning up the empty chairs and empty tables.

Grantaire had left only a few minutes prior. Of course, you forced him to go before he had too much to drink because like hell are you going to take care of his drunken ass while you clean up.

“Hey, can you pass me that last cup over there?” you ask. He took the glass and passed it over to you, his eyes still scanning his pieces of paper before stuffing them into his bag.

You smiled. “You know,” you start, keeping your eyes on the table you’re wiping. “Sometimes I forget how much of a gentleman you really are.

Most of the people that’re left here when I clean up don’t even have the courtesy or respect to avoid spilling their drinks on the floor. Of course, most of them are drunk but still. I won’t lie, sometimes I find you annoying because you seem to put all these revolution plans above everything, but it’s tiny moments like these that–” You looked up from your table and realized he’d left. You felt insulted. You were complimenting him, he could have at least stayed to hear it all!

You opened the door and looked down the street, seeing him walking. “Hey!” you yell. He turns around, a look of slight annoyance on his face.

“You were rambling,” was all he managed to say as if it were a good enough excuse for his rudeness.

“Can’t you be a gentleman for once and–!” You stopped, your face melting into a half-smile that read ‘I should’ve seen that coming.’ This was so typical of him. You were also a bit ashamed with yourself. He does one nice thing but that doesn’t mean he’s a gentleman. He’d probably be the type to pull a chair out for a girl and forget to push it back in for her. You groaned. What were you expecting from Mister ‘my country is my mistress?’ “Never mind.”

Annoyed and curious all the same, he stopped and turned around to prove your unfinished statement wrong. “Finish up quickly. You’re lucky your apartment is in the same direction.” He’d be lying if he meant that the direction of your apartment was the only reason he was offering to walk you at all.

You rolled your eyes and threw your apron on the rack before locking up the doors and running to catch up to him.

As you two walked, there was an awkward silence. Although you were glad he was walking you, it didn’t stop you from being petty and salty as fuck.

Enjolras looked at the sky. It was filled with different shades of blue and purple. Like you two had just missed a sunset but were just in time to see its beauty fade away slowly.

“The sky seems quite exquisite today, doesn’t it?” He asked, staring at the canvas above him.

In your mind, you saw two options: (1) You could agree with him and start a healthy conversation or (2) continue being petty as fuck and say nothing. Obviously, you chose the latter.

He chuckled. “What’s so funny?” you ask, a bit annoyed and self-cautious.

“Nothing, really. It’s just that this sunset reminds me of the sunsets you only ever get to read about. The types that don’t even seem real.”

You stared at him skeptically, waiting for him to explain. “You know the ones. Where you miss the sun almost completely, except for that small glimpse you catch just before it disappears entirely. Then it becomes dark enough to see the silhouettes of the buildings in the far distance, but not dark enough for the street lights to turn on. Or maybe even the small yet distinct line of silver that stretches all the way to the sea.” His eyes were glued to the colors in the sky as it slowly yet gracefully faded from golden yellow, to raging red, to a softer and calmer purple before finally settling on the cool and breezy dark blue it was.

You had to admit that he was rightーthe view was amazing. “I don’t see your point.”

“It’s almost as if the sky had been tailor made just for two people to stumble upon ー much like you and I had. Of  course, if that were the case, then it’d just be a shame.”

You raised a brow. “And why is that?” you asked, stretching the first word a little slowly.

“Because,” he started. “Indisputably, had any other pair stumbled across this same very sky we stand under, they would have loved it. Romanced under it, maybe even.” He sighed. “Yet, out of the thousands of people and the millions of combinations that exist, regrettably the universe chose us.”

“And what exactly is wrong with 'us?’

He turned to look at  you, an amused half-smile on his face. “Because we, (Your Name), have no shot at anything together. None at all.”

You stopped, scoffing with a half amused and half insulted smirk. “Really now?”

“Oh don’t be so surprised, you’re not even my type.” He said, keeping his eyes on the road he was walking. “There’s no spark and that’s that.”

You roll your eyes for the umpteenth time tonight. “Well, then I guess it is a waste. The beautiful sky, I mean.” You two continued walking in a somewhat comfortable silence but the same uncomfortable feeling kept echoing in the recesses of your mind—He ended that conversation. Who does he think he is? It’s not like you want to be his type anyway.

After the silence, you couldn’t help it. Maybe you didn’t want to leave something unsaid, maybe you were just petty, but next thing you knew you were saying, “Well, just to, you know, clear things up, it’s not like I would have wanted to be your type anyway.”

He seemed to have been a bit offended by your statement based on his facial expression. “What? I’m just saying. You’re going on and on about how nothing can happen between us anyway, I just want to make it clear that I wouldn’t like someone like you either.”

He stopped to scoff and look at you like you were a rare gorilla in a zoo— amused yet unamused at the same time. You realized how that sounded. “I mean, I’m not saying you’re not attractive— you do look quite dashing in your little golden xylophone getup,”

“It’s a coat,” he corrected.

“I’m just saying that I wouldn’t be interested in someone as… passionate? As you?” You said, as if asking if passionate was the right word and hoping he wouldn’t get too offended (Of course, a pettier side of you still hoped he would to some degree.)

“But yeah, you’re right, we’d never work anyway. I’d never fall for you at all.” You grin mischievously as you walk away.

“Maybe your whole blond-with-blue-eyes look can charm most of the other girls–particularly other girls who don’t work at bars–but not me. In fact, I’m frankly feeling nothing,” He smiled and caught up to you.

“Is that so?” he asked, a bit insulted yet even more intrigued with the conversation.

“Actually, now that you point it out,” you said, putting on a fake look of contemplation. “It might be less than nothing.” You joke.

He chuckled a little. “Well, I’m glad you agree. What a waste.” He smirked at her.

“That’s right. What. A. Waste.” You say, smiling back at him.

The rest of the walk had been quiet— but  a comfortable quiet. You walked closer to him, enjoying the view. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and you looked at him surprised, (you weren’t sure if you were imagining it, but you could have sworn his cheeks seemed pinker) but he continued to keep watching the road. You didn’t mind.

After maybe a handful of minutes, you both arrived at the bottom of your apartment. You thanked him for walking you and before you entered the building, he stopped you to ask. “(Your Name), a little question before I leave,”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Am I really that unlovable?”

You smiled. “Oh, absolutely. And what about me?”

He smiled back. “I’m afraid so.”

chen-meilin  asked:

Well, I think that every fandom writer writes OOC for every character, because only the original author knows everything perfectly abt the character he created. The ways ficwriters portray characters are the perspertives of these writers and these perspectives may be various. It's just... the way you see (and portray) Saeyoung comes very close to my point of view about him. And that feels fantastic when I read your works^^

Hmmm… I never thought about that… that’s an interest way of seeing it, it’s just writers are very used to fear accusations about these three little words, LOL. Anyway, thank you for bringing a new pov on me for this, and thank you for appreciating my writing <3



OSCAR WILDE: playwright, fashion expert, speaker of immovable truths. likes handsome men, lavish parties, and intelligent conversation. dislikes fools and being rushed.

‘CALL ME EDDIE’: banker, mysterious, nobody knows his real name. likes monkeys, the count of monte cristo, and historical trivia. dislikes authors, dishonesty, and lenore.

P.S.A #1 - Underage Smut Reading

Ok so firstly I would like to start off by saying that these messages I have received are a few days old but I have had no time to address them as I work weekends and I have no time for this shit when I am tired. 

Secondly, I would like to point out that although these messages were all sent separately I find it a bit suspicious that they were sent so close together all saying very similar things. If they are indeed different anons I find it unlikely that four different people would send me a message about the same thing not half an hour apart from each other. If this is the case you anons feel free to unfollow me now because I already think so much less of you for bombarding me with the same messages.

Anon 1: Firstly thank you I appreciate your complement. However, it doesn’t matter that you’ve never encountered an author getting/ thinking they would get into trouble for a minor reading smut, the point is you can.  But to be honest that isn’t my main concern, I don’t want minors (because thats what under 18′s are wherther you think you’re mature enough or not) reading things they shouldn’t be, by law.

Anon 2: I get you might be angry but please don’t be so fucking rude if you don’t even have the decency to come off anon, I don’t care how old you are if you’re prepared to try and sass me into backing off you might not want to do that from behind a wall. Please read THIS POST.

Anon 3: Thanks for following me and setting notifications for my work, there’s still plenty for you to read I am by no means a solely smut blog. I’m sorry you don’t feel comfortable on my blog anymore but it is my blog and first and foremost MY safe space; imagine waking up one morning and going onto your safe space to find all these anons essentially telling you you’re paranoid and what to do on your own blog IN BULK! Again please read the post linked above (and re blogged below) to understand why I got upset at that request. Also I’m well aware it is unlikely the police will come banging my door down but that doesn’t change the fact that providing pornography for a minor is illegal, and to be honest I think in terms of trying to use that as a valid argument for being allowed to read smut, its a bit childish.

Anon 4: The majority of people who read and write “this stuff” aren’t teenagers but I’d like to see your statistics anyway. Secondly, I’m not overreacting. Whether you’re 12 or two months off of 18 it is still illegal to provide pornography to a minor (again see the post linked above). And whether or not you can go into a book shop and purchase 50 Shades of Grey is none of my business I neither wrote that crap nor sold it too you, I am not providing you with that however if I don’t at least try and stop minors from reading things they shouldn’t on my blog I may be liable.

I would like to now say to everyone who follows me and anyone that may see this that if you ever have a problem with something that I post on my blog please come and speak to me off anon, I leave my messenger open for this purpose exactly! I don’t appreciate negative or hateful anons on my blog hence me condensing these messages into one large post as I want as little negativity on this blog as possible. Furthermore (and I’m not trying to guilt trip anyone here) but I suffer really badly from anxiety and depression, I especially don’t like confrontation from people too scared to show their faces but are quite willing to be negative on my blog.

 I’ve now topped off what should have been a really good week of finishing my undergraduate degree and getting an offer to study my master degree with a fucking terrible weekend and I’ve honestly not felt worse in such a long while. 

If anyone has any other things they are not happy about with this blog please let me know now whilst I still have the stomach to stand reading it.

Master list of my Stormpilot ficlets:

I’ve written a bunch of these now, and they’re all kept in a lovely Ao3 work here, but I know some of you are tumblr only. :) This is also because I’m an obsessive organizer.

One Shots (by rating):

Senators’ Sons AU:

Sliding Doors Style fics:

  • Part 1 (844 words, rated T)
  • Part 2 (582 words, rated T - Major character death)

Kidnapping AU:

Coffee Shop AU:

Corporate AU

“Wait a minute. Are you Jealous” series - EMOTIONS:

Trans!Poe Series:

Poe Goes Missing on a Mission Series

Rebel Finn Sunday prompts (more to come hopefully):

Looking to prompt me?

So for the J3 op… I decided to do something very personally meaningful to me. After the idea, I emailed Chris and asked if this would be okay. He said yes and actually printed out the photo I wanted to use in my photo op with J3.

I get in line for J3 with specific instructions to go last or as close to last as possible. The volunteers were surprisingly helpful this time. While hanging out at end of line, I met Lynn (author of Fangasm) and she saw that I was nervous. Told her I don’t normally get nervous but because this was a “memorial tribute” to my mother, she understood why I was nervous. So she kind of took me under her wing and asked if I would be more comfortable if she introduced me to the boys. I said “sure” since the boys know her pretty well.

It’s my turn. We walk up and I’m so nervous that I’m barely looking up. I hear Lynn tell the boys who I am and Jensen jokes “Oh, that’s nice of you to introduce her. She’s pretty hardcore shy.” Then I glanced at Jared and Jeff, my mom’s photo grasped tightly in my hands, as I tend to move without knowledge right to Jensen. I took a deep breath, though it didn’t help, and started to explain my op.

“My mom died nearly 10 years ago summer before the pilot aired. The show gave me something to look forward to and help me with my grief. It was a way to distract me from everything.” (Now it came out a lot more choppy but it all came out some how). Then I turned to Jensen and said, “I really gravitated towards Dean because he used to be funny.” Jensen smiled big and Jeff laughed and said to me, “You’re right, he used to be funny. Not so much anymore.” I glanced at Jared and his expression was fully of sympathy. I glanced back at Jeff and asked, “I was hoping we could have my mom in the photo too?” And Jared replied back immediately, “Yes, of course” as Jeff took the picture frame from my hands.

I was so out of it when Jensen said, “Come here, sweetie” and grabbed me into a huge, comforting hug. I had no idea what Jared or Jeff were doing. All I can remember is being engulfed in Jensen’s warm, protective arms and scooting back to get closer to Jared or Jeff when Chris motioned to Jensen to move back a bit.

The photo was taken by Chris: I can’t even remember it being taken. All I can recall is grasping onto Jensen’s shirt as he held me. As I started to back away from him and thank him, he once again pulled me into a protective embrace saying, “Hold on, sweetie, let me give you another hug.” So as I was being embraced by Jensen… I so wasn’t expecting him to brush my hair back and press a kiss against my forehead.

After getting a voluntary kiss from Jensen I am not sure how I functioned. But I thanked Jared and he gave me a really big hug. Then I thanked Jeff and he also pulled me into a hug and kissed my forehead as well.

These men are so humble, respectful, and truly care about their fans’ lives. I cannot thank Chris enough for helping make this happen. I feel so relieved that J3 took the time to listen to my story and truly listen and show interest in what I had to say even when I was scared to death as I spoke.

As you can see in the picture I was a nervous wreck and Jensen was pretty much my lifeline during that photo op.


I confess I don’t read as many fanfics as I’d like, because I don’t usually have much free time for reading and I alternate them with published books, but during the last year I’ve read some awesome stories that I’ve enjoyed even more than some tradicional books. Some of them are very popular and some not so, but I would give my right hand to write half as well their authors do.

So, these are some of my favourite Sansan fics so far (as usually, I’m sorry that my english doesn’t allow me to praise better their virtues). 

Close to canon, realistic and poetic at the same time, one of the best fanfics out there. It’s a Blackwater AU whose prose is above the average, though I know I’m not saying anything new, Sansa’s chapters are wonderful, but Sandor’s ones, from ch. 27, are perfect. I’ve re read it plenty of times and some of its images and scenes are still struck in my mind. It’s a shame the author doesn’t update since ages.

My new favourite. Modern Sansan set in the mafia world, it has little to do with Westeros but who cares! If you give me a great story, an interesting plot and a great dosis of our favourite characters, I buy it! The story is intriguing and has a very build up plot. The interesting original characters, the details the author puts in every chapter, the background of each character, the stories inside the story (so Paul Auster!) of course, the love story between a moss boss and a sweet (but strong) little bird makes G&M a very special work. I left apart one of my favourites series (Prince of Nothing) to read it in one sitting as if it were a novel, and didn’t regret it for a moment. I wrote a longer post here.

You show me, and I see. You reflect it back to me, and I see now in a way I couldn’t before.“

Redcandle has plenty of wonderful fics (I love her Gendry/Arya and Jaime/Brienne fics too), but these two are my favourite. With a very insightful knowledge of the characters she is writing about, she dares to go further than anyone. Songbird is the most realistic AU Blackwater I’ve ever read; austere, hard and certainly not romantic. I never get tired to read it. The same could be said for Proscript; what happens in it could be hard to read but it could perfectly be the next Alayne chapter of TWoW. Her fics are so true to canon that they look like a lost chaper GRRM left apart and didn’t published; any of them could perfectly be part of one of the Asoiaf books (published or to come)

A work of art. You can not define this beautiful and precious work any differently. A unique and outstanding work in the fandom that her author gives us all for our enjoyment. But not only the fan art is really wonderful, the text is delicious: sexy, sexual, intense … a delight to read and a Sansan wet dream come true. Besides, the writer has a very profound understanding of the psyche of the characters, specially Sansa’s, and so, throught their sexual encounters, she leads us into her thoughts and we learn more about Sansa’s thoughts and the dark corners of Sandor and The Hound. If you don’t like porn stories, don’t read it read it anyway or you’ll be missing some of the better hours of your week, because it is a must.

Kindred is also a Blackwater AU and in a way it reminds me to Into the Wood but keeping its own style and personality. What I really like about this story is how the author keeps Sansa and Sandor always IC. Her descriptions are precious and they make you feel inside the story with them. The text is perfect; not even need to spare it a single word or sentence. And it has magic. Maybe the plot so far isn’t too original, but the realism of the story mixed with a veil of fairytale that surrounds it thrills me and makes me shiver in equal measure. There isn’t a chapter without a sentence of the protagonists, a description or a single line that doesn’t get me goosebumps. There is always something that leave me breathless in her writing and I think this is very difficult to achieve. 

The story of Sansa Stark told as the chronicles of Westeros would tell it a thousand years after her death. I don’t agree with all the assumptions on which the story departs, but I admit that the tone in which it’s told, original and different, has conquered me. And If you don’t shed a tear in the end is because you’re made of stone.

I’d never seen this fic recommended before but I do like it a lot. Sandor doesn’t leave Kingslanding after the BW and Sansa stays as a hostage for Joffrey to punished her as his wish. But at least she has Sandor to give her come comfort among all her suffering. I like a lot the style in which is written, melancholic and kind of sad. Doesn’t really have a happy ending but it leaves an open window through which we can dream about them having some hope in the future.

A short Sansan tale through Gregor’s eyes. Strange, different and unique. I haven’t read something similar in the fandom. Don’t miss it.

  • Pas de deux, once beautiful and brave / amplifyme (COMPLETE)

Maybe it isn’t her most popular fic but as I have a soft spot for one shots, this has been one of my favorite for long and I guess it’s one of the first fics I ever read. I don’t know what cheers me up the most: the fact that Winterfell is full of life again, seeing Sansa happy, drinking and dancing or that lovely and happy ending. It’s short, but it doesn’t need any other word to be perfect, like a small jewl. I have read it more than 12 times and I’ve enjoyed every one of them as if it was the first.

What I like about Littlefeather it’s that she knows very well the characters and the books she is writting about. She has a lot of great stories (i’d sell my soul to the devil to have so many great ideas to write). Maybe Meet the Starks isn’t her most popular and I don’t really know why I like it above others; it isn’t very true to canon and a priori it shouldn’t be of my liking but, as I said before, if you write a good story I buy it. I guess I cann’t help to love seeing all the Starks together again (even if it’s in a fic) and some scenes between Ned, Cat and their new son in law made me laugh out loud, and that, ladies, is unpayable!

There are a lot of other stories I have enjoyed / I’m enjoying a lot (A chance encounter, Marching song, All the things she never said, Winds of change, Beggar’s banquet…), though I’ll leave them for a second post ;) Please, feel free to tell me some recommendations too, I’d love to read them!

consultingbeekeepers  asked:

4 and 13 :)

4. name three authors that were influential to your work and tell why

I am gonna name three fanfic authors if that’s cool? 

Shae_fay, starrysummernights and EGT were three of the writers that influenced me most when I first started writing in the Sherlock fandom. I know there are tons more now that influence me a ton but those three will always be very close to my heart because of all the inspiration they gave me when I first started out!

13. hardest character to write

I find John Watson extremely challenging but also incredibly satisfying to write. He is so complicated in the most delightful of ways and exploring his character is a blast, but I swear sometimes it feels impossible!

asks for fanfic writers

violetflowersandflames  asked:

You remind me of Touko from Dangan Ronpa because you draw her a lot so I kinda associate her with you haha and also she's an author like how you're an artist. Also Moon from WoF because she's very nice and she's quiet but close with her friends ^^

NICE!! both of those characters remind me of me too lol (i love them!)

siderealsandman  asked:

Inking Indigo is just my fav because soulmates are just my #aesthetic but Roadmap of Stars is a very close second. I'm just such a fan of your phrasing and word choices that I'll read something like "Stems topped with dramatic, colourful blooms demand attention, but Marinette’s focus is singular as she reaches past to gather an armful of pure white camellias." and need to take a moment to really digest it~

BANJO!!!! askdjflkj I love that you snuck three separate fics in there haha- it took me a moment to place where that last one came from. You’re always so wonderfully kind and supportive and it always means a heck ton to me! Thank you! ❤

Tell me which story I’ve written is your favourite (and why)! 

Original Imagine: Imagine Parrish holding you from behind and kissing you gently on your neck. 

Author: Ophelia

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 667

Your college tests were close and it was a terrible and anxious sensation. Books, notebooks, a tablet, you cell phone and the computer were a confusing mess on the kitchen table because you didn’t know exactly what and how to study, so all you could do was trying the easiest first and then the harder.

The headache and tense shoulders didn’t bother you anymore; actually, they’re a part of you. A very painful one, for that matter. Again, it was past midnight when you heard the door opening.

“Honey? Let me guess, are you studying?” Jordan asked, even already knowing the answer.

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On Rubies (Part 3 of 4)

This is the third instalment of my Rubies analysis and another set of character analyses. If you’re interested in the first two parts, the links are down below at the end of the post!

So the first two Rubies I talked about from the squad have motives that are rather clear. They seem to carry a lot of authority and cause the audience to feel intimidation. I mentioned though, that from what we’ve seen, these two characters, Doc and Eyeball, do feel responsible and have a close relationship with their squad-mates, because despite their domineering presence, their teammates feel safe and comfortable around them. Enough to joke around, enough to look to them for cover.

In this post, I’ll be looking at another two members of the squad, Army and Leggy. Like Eyeball, they’re wearing what I’m assuming is the standard Ruby uniform. Their suits look very similar to Peridot’s and Jasper’s uniforms, which makes me think that V-necks with yellow diamonds are the thing to wear now on Homeworld, probably by assignment.

One thing I’ve pointed out but would like to expound on now is the differences in their uniforms. Together with Eyeball, they have little variations in their outfits that for me, would say something about them as well.

For instance, Eyeball has the longest shorts, followed by Army, and then Leggy. Leggy’s would be the shortest to accommodate her gem, but even in the concept art, details such as the size of the diamonds on their chests are not the same.

Source: Rebecca Sugar

There wouldn’t be a practical reason for this deviation. But as mentioned in my last post, Eyeball is more wary and sceptical of her environment. It might make sense for her to pick the longer pair of shorts in order to feel safer in a hostile and alien place. Considering that as a soldier she’d have to deal with scratches and scrapes, protective clothing may be one way for her to feel safe. Her diamond symbol is also the most prominent of the group. That could indicate that she is again, someone who wants to stay on the safe side, the side close to rules and authority.

Digressing a little, the diamond motif is actually pretty loosely incorporated into their clothing. Doc’s yellow diamond is split in half; Navy’s as well (as I assume the other yellow triangle is on the back of her vest, serving as a collar. The other three squad members have their diamonds displayed in the same position but in varying sizes. These are small signs of individuality within a uniform. Additionally, it may give us some insight into how Yellow Diamond as a ruler governs. She’s very distant. She’s not the one making sure each and every one of her gems bear her image in all its veracity and completeness. She’s distant in the sense that everyone has to know who’s in charge, but their likelihood with getting to interact with YD personally in their lifetimes is pretty low. This has a twofold effect of both making YD seem more powerful (because you have no idea what she is, think of the giant floating head in Wizard of Oz) but at the same time takes away from that ideal because she doesn’t feel like a looming supervisor (you have looming supervisors to thank for that ominous feeling instead).

Because if YD were more about prioritising people showing off the yellow diamond sign and being perfectly uniform, she’d take away from what she really wants to do: Work. When we see her, she’s busy at work, even opting to take the call with one hand or hands-free. She has someone screen her calls for her to ascertain whether even being the one to answer the call is worth her time, on the Diamond Line no less. YD is looking like someone less concerned with the perks of leadership and more a person who has worked so hard for her people that she’s lost sight of being one of them. More on her in the future, but I think that these uniforms make a pretty neat point.

With that point made, though, let’s get into the individuals.

3. Army

Army’s gem is rather close to her shoulder on the left arm (not to be mistaken for the Ruby in The Answer with her gem on the shoulder of her right arm). From what we’ve seen, Army is the Ruby most readily expressing her emotions. Although we have a very intense Eyeball, the latter is pretty cryptic about her reactions. On the other hand, we can clearly tell Army is angry when Ruby purposely strikes out. She follows it up by criticising her and doing a “better” job of it herself. Later on, she’s ecstatic that Ruby makes the home-run and flexes in triumph.

These indicate that Army is more emotional (as in, reacts with emotion). She has flashes of really strong emotion that dominate how she acts but these come just as quickly as they are intense. She’s the type to be really angry with you if you mess up, but after she lets out that anger it’s done and she doesn’t keep holding it against you, which is exactly what she does with Ruby. 

I imagine scenarios in which Army would smack talk the living daylights out of someone for, say, knocking down her things and that person would cry. But tomorrow she’d see that person and exchange pleasantries as though nothing happened. Or she’d be incredibly up and excited for something one moment, but one sad thought turns her into a miserable pile of Army as though she’d never been happy in her life.

To me this is someone who just has to let out her emotional reserves and then after that she’s good to go. She’s not one to keep things from people, particularly what she thinks of them and how she’s feeling. The catch here is that she’s not one to use words in these cases. Instead, she’s more likely to act on her emotions without knowing it at times, in a way we’d call impulsive. This could lead her to outbursts that her teammates would deem inappropriate in context.

Her gem placement may have something to do with this. Because it’s on her arm, which to me is closely linked to strength and action. She’s not the type to explain her motivations and actions to others, and even herself. When she feels something is off, she has to act on it. When she feels things are great, she has to act on that too. So her responses tend to come off as rather exaggerated, because that’s what she’s feeling right now.

The other thing about Army, which is also seen in the concept art, is her salute during Doc’s briefing before the Rubies go out to search. Army just throws herself one hundred percent into what they’re doing. She commits. As mentioned above, she’s the type to go into action. Words don’t carry as much weight with her. So when she says she’s loyal to her squad, she acts on that and shows it. For instance, when Doc says there should be five of them, Army says “Five Rubies!” And during the game, Army took a pretty active role for herself and volunteered to officiate a little. It’s Army’s going “STRIKE ONE! STRIKE TWO! STRIKE THREE!” during the match. She’s not the leader of the mission, and she wasn’t delegated any of this responsibility, but she just leaps into that role.

For me this shows that Army can’t just sit still and watch passively as things unfold. She wants to play a part in making sure that things go her way, or at least that they go smoothly. For me it goes back to actions. Emotions alone mean nothing. You have to act on them for them to make any sense. Words alone mean nothing. You have to show people that you mean what you say. So she wants to win this match; she says she’s loyal to her teammates. She’ll go the extra mile to prove this is true.

Of all the Rubies, she reacts the most violently to the idea that Ruby might not be one of them. And I think deception hits her the hardest because of how earnest she is with her actions. When their opponents are revealed to be gems, she says “We’ve been tricked!” while the others react in shock. Because she’s consistent with emotions, words, and actions. For all her mood swings and outbursts, at least she’s completely honest about how she’s feeling in that moment.

4. Leggy

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inside-illusion  asked:

As a Libertarian who makes a distinction between Capitalism and Corporatism. How do you theoretically oust the corporatist in governments? Is it a matter of creating an "honest" political party and fighting it out in parliament/congress. Or is there some outside the system/revolutionary approach aside from general grass roots activism you endorse.

Ugh, this could be a very long reply. But I’ll try to keep it (mostly) short.

Basically, I don’t think it’s possible to end corporate corruption of government without ending all opportunities for it. As long as government is given the ability to interfere in the marketplace, it will do so at the behest of the rich and powerful.

This is the case for two main reasons:

1. Regulations will always written by the richest of the regulated. Our representatives in Congress cannot be experts on every topic ever. So if they are allowed the power to regulate/tax/fine/whatever a given industry, they will inevitably consult that industry’s “experts” for the knowledge they need to write the new law. And those experts will inevitably have some degree of connection to the most powerful businesses in that industry, whether they’re lobbyists (which mom and pop stores just can’t afford) or former executives who have passed through the “revolving door“ into government. 

When these industry insiders write the regulations, etc., they will shape the law in favor of their business and against their smaller competition. (Here’s an example of this in the beer industry which I wrote about recently.) And that brings me to the second reason:

2. Government intervention will always be less troublesome and more profitable to big business than to smaller companies. Big corporations have more resources and more leeway to adapt to government intervention in the market than small outfits. A requirement which Wal-Mart can afford to meet may put a small, local store out of business. Conversely, if the government is handing out subsidies in a given industry, ceteris paribus, a large business will have an easier time meeting the requirements and making the political connections to secure that funding.

Because of these two, closely-related factors, many libertarians believe we wouldn’t have big business in the way we now have it if the market was truly free. The mega-corporations we currently see are very possibly an artificial distortion of the marketplace brought on as a result of corporatism.

So how do you oust the corporatists from government? Well, if government has nothing to sell, they’ll have nothing to buy. You oust them by taking away government’s authority to play favorites and otherwise interfere in the marketplace.

P.S. Sorry it took me SO long to answer this. It’s been a crazy semester at school.