because this au is perfect and i need it

Last day of the Wholesome Week! I know I didn’t participated execpt for this entry right here but that’s because I didn’t know what to do with the prompts. 
Random AU seemed perfect though. And this is it. A new AU I just came up with because I felt like it. @wholesome-week
Little bit of info under the cut

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Welcome to my SU AU(actually I don’t know if anybody did this yet)

Meet Bilbo. Guess what his gem is.

Here we have Bilbo defending Thorins gem. Thorin got poofed by Azog.

My poor baby’s gem got cracked when he got chased by Smaug.

Personal headcanons:

-all the people in Middle Earth have gems. They still have their own names and being called by your gem is rude(at least concerning hobbits) and considered classicist

-hobbits usually cover their gems. that is why you don’t see bilbos gem(it’s also very convenient for him since they’re LOOKING FOR THAT FRIGGIN GEM IN HIS CHEST!!!)

-bilbos summoned weapon is sting(surprise!), thorins is his shield(his gem is on his forearm)

-after the first run-in with azog everyone is worried that thorins gem got damaged. but bilbo got there in time :D cue thorins regeneration on the carrock

-orcs, goblins and the other creatures of morgoth are artificial and corrupted gem. Corruption can manifest differently in this verse (they can still be intelligent and stuff, hence azog and shit)

-Bilbos gem/the Arkenstone(there, I said it) only starts corrupting the people in his vicinity AFTER it got cracked. That’s why Thorin fell so fast ( jep, goldmadness is corruption here). Also why the shire isn’t full of corrupted gems.

BILBO DIES ENDING: Bilbo get’s shattered. Yes, sorry, just ignore this part if you want. He gets shattered by Azog when he distracts him to save Thorin. With the Arkenstone shattered Thorin and co.’s corruption disappears.

EVERYBODY LIVES ENDING: Bilbo only get’s poofed. Thorin shatters Azog and pulls a Rose Quartz/Rapunzel on Bilbo’s gem. BOOM. CORRUPTING GEM CORRUPTS NO LONGER; EVERYONE GETS DE-CORRUPTED AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER, GOOD NIGHT, THE END. also imagine the awesome fusions. BAGGINSHiELD FUSION!!! OH GOD!!

Something Clever

Strifesodos soulmate au: Cloud has the entirety of Loveless written on his back.

Because why would I need sleep?

They were almost artistic, the words down his back.

Cloud hadn’t noticed when they’d appeared, tiny lines fading in one by one, in a near perfect script, neatly paragraphed along his shoulder blade. At ten years old Cloud had little interest in his back and had just reached the age of being appalled by the very notion of his mother wandering in on him changing and half dressed, and so with the only mirror available to him high and small above the bathroom sink he couldn’t say when the words began to darken. It was only when he got hurt playing on the trails outside of town that he clambered up onto the little counter to inspect the damage, hoping to not have to let his mother know what he’d been up to, that he saw it.

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AU where Dib and Zim end up getting stuck in a cursed forest that otherwise functions as a purgatory on Earth–Limbo.

Any time they both die, they get sent back to where they first fell down and Zim is the one who remembers each failure and is increasingly more and more upset at how bad Dib is at not dying. He has to keep going back to the start because he loses his motivation to do anything if his nemesis is gone.

Maybe one day they’ll make a perfect run and get out of there.

I needed to do this crossover hhhhhhhhhh

Also not good at painting which is how I did this entire thing in save for the panels and character lineart. Rip

i swear to god every non-magical au that doesn’t make remus trans is missing out on the most perfect metaphor ever bc he would:
a) have something he hated and had to try to hide once a month that is p bloody
b) be an outcast from a bigoted society
c) possibly be scared of people finding out because he wants them to see him as a normal guy and worries they won’t if they know
d) need regular medical treatments and stuff like madame pomfrey did but for his hormone injections which he might also try to keep secret
e) maybe have top surgery scars instead of werewolf scars
remus lupin is trans as hell in the magic world too but when people don’t use that for muggle aus it’s actually a real life sin against every god imaginable

A fanart of Jimin from @p-mustacho ’s grease au ( which is just SO AMAZING and the style and literally everything about it is so perfect im so in love aah) I’ll be drawing other stuff because im literally addicted to this story like ugh it’s so dramatic and beuatiful!! Huge thank you to kat for blessing us with this au!!


ShieldShock Witch AU

for @mouseymightymarvellous

“So, you’re a witch.”


“Witches are real.”

“I think so… I mean, you should know how real I am. PLUS! Who needs a taser when you have blue lightning coming out of your fingers?!”

“What does this mean? Why are we running from whatever that is?”

“We’re running because I need to get my heart pumping and my magical fingers brewing.”


“It means that if, nay, WHEN we survive this evil foe, be sure to remind me to download this song. It’ll be perfect for my “Running for Your Life” treadmill mix!”


Kingsman AU

Hetalia: The Secret Service

This is an apology because i’ve never drawn this two dork together, also because i rarely draw some art because– school. School is getting on the way of my creativity. I reaalllyyy want this AU to happen but i am no writer, so here have some art!

Kidge Week Day 4: AU

I couldn’t decide between the ghosthunters AU or the college AU so I went with neither. I instead decided to do Altean!Pidge because we need more of that. Now time for some context! Pidge is a princess while Keith is a royal guard. Pidge has to go to another planet for diplomatic reasons and of course, they aren’t sending her alone. So Shiro being the great brother that he is (and also the highest ranking soldier) he suggest that Keith would be perfect. He also suggests him because he feels that Pidge would be the most comfortable around him as well. So when they meet, Keith realizes that he’ll be having to stay close to the princess, that he just so happens to have a crush on, for about a week. That’s all I’ve got so far though.

P.S. It’s transparent


Okay! First cover for Hämärä done and done! (And before you go gaga over the background, I gotta come clean: I didn’t draw it. That’s Umbara arc concept art you’re seeing. Very very pretty concept art that I liked enough to use. Everything else is me.)

Hämärä is part of my Frisson AU series and will begin getting posted next week! (It’ll be four chapters, each around 10k words, give or take. This is the cover for the first chapter. Because I need something to make me smile after writing this pain for months.)

Hope everyone likes it! Stay tuned *hwaaaah noise*

actual footage of reborn in Out Of Retirement au, except replace ‘16 years’ with ‘42+ years’ and replace rolling around with, like, cradling leon to his chest and staring out the open doorway.

(and then reborn pulls out the most extremely long and complicated math formula he can think of, because he’s old and petty. the worst adult influence and role model. why do they keep hanging around him.)

(read barakamon. it’s perfect. it’s great.)

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So first I want to say I saw your thing on marriage proposals on Jakku and it was perfect and wonderful and just urgh, I can't even XD but I had a thought... What if Rey one day saw Poe receiving food AND THEN GIVING SOME BACK. And at first she's cool with it because hey, new place new customs but he never introduces his 'new wife' to her and she doesn't know what to think because surely it's only good manners, right? So she confronts him... :P


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I can’t think straight


This is a b-day present for @bisexualcastlemore because today is her birthday (yay!)

Summary: Simon is straight. And he’s absolutely not attracted to his roommate. Well maybe he is. A little. Maybe a little too much.

Note: This has nothing to do with neither the film nor the book with the same title (besides the fact that it’s also gay af)

(eight year AU)


I like girls. I like Agatha. Yes, Agatha. I need to focus on that thought.


But it’s so fucking hard to focus when your roommate has the perfect lips. And the perfect torso. And the perfect arse…


No, no, no, no, no.

I don’t like male butts. And I definitely don’t like Baz’s round and firm arse. And I positively don’t want to squeeze it right now.


I look up at Baz’s face. “What?”

“You’re staring,” he says, looking back at me.

“Not at all!”

“Are you uncomfortable with me changing in the room?” he asks. “I can change in the bath-”

No!” He cocks an eyebrow at me. “I mean… this… This is your room, too.”

“Okay,” he says. He looks amused. The bloody bastard. I bet he’s doing all of this on purpose.

Like now. He’s wetting his upper lip with his tongue. I wonder what it would be like to lick them with my own tongue. To do it while grabbing his perfectly smooth hair with my fist. Yes. No.



“I need to use the bathroom.”

“Agatha! Wait,” I shout after her in the Great Lawn, after classes. I haven’t seen her since we broke up.

“What do you want Simon?”

“Do you still love me?” I ask her, taking her hand into mine. It’s so soft. I wonder if holding Baz’s hand would be like this. Probably not. It would probably be rougher but also sturdier. It would be like walking on the edge of a cliff. I would intertwine my fingers with his to make sure I didn’t fall down. I feel my heart beating faster at the thought.

“Of course I do. It’s just…” Agatha says, with her beautiful pale pink lips. Baz’s lips are thinner. I could capture both between mine.

I close the distance and kiss her. She lets me do it.

We are alone. Everyone must be already at dinner.

I think of kissing Baz’s mouth. Would he taste like this? I’d move my lips and clash them against his, hard. I’d touch that perfect torso with my hands and then I’d let one fall lower and lower.

“Simon!” Agatha protests. I remove my hand. “I don’t want to do that. I love you but I don’t think I can go all the way.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think I’m asexual,” she answers. She looks at me unsure. “Is that a problem for you?”

“Yes. I mean no! I mean… maybe. I don’t know, Agatha.” I don’t know why I touched her like that. “I just… I think… I think I just want to make sure I’m not gay.”

“To make sure?” Agatha looks confused and mad at the same time. “And you’re using me?”

I reach for her lips again.

“No, Simon. This is not okay.” She pushes me aside. “I’m not a tool that you can use whenever you please.”

“I wasn’t using you! I like you. I like this. I was…” What was I trying to prove, again? Ah yes. “I was just trying to remind myself that I like you and not other people.”

“Same difference.”

“I’m sorry,” I say. And I mean it. I didn’t want to hurt her.

“Yeah,” she says, already leaving.

“You did what?” Hollstein looks at me, scandalised, after I explain her what I did to Agatha.

Hollstein is our classmate. She likes both boys and girls, so I thought she could give me some advice on the matter.

“I did it to remind my brain that I’m not gay,” I tell her.

“Merlin, that’s so stupid,” she says, placing the palm of her hand on her face. “It’s like trying to prove yourself you don’t like chocolate by eating only cheese.”

“But I like both chocolate and cheese,” I argue.

“That’s my point.”

“Oh.” Oh. “You mean, that I’m bi? Do you think I’m bisexual like you?”

“I don’t know, Simon. Maybe. You could also be pansexual or demisexual or a lot of other things,” Hollstein explains.

“How do I know?” I ask her.

“You’ll know it in the right time.” I may look so uncertain to her, that she adds “And even if you never figure it out, it’s okay. Labels don’t define us people.”

That definitely makes me feel better. “Thank you, Hollstein.”

“Anytime, Simon.” She smiles at me.

I go back to our room. I skipped dinner but I don’t care. There’re other things I want to eat. And all of them are Baz.

He looks at me as I step in.

“What’s wrong with you, Snow? You weren’t there at dinner,” he says as I step closer. “It’s not like you to skip a meal. Are you sick?”

I don’t answer him. I step a little closer.

“Aren’t you hungry?” he asks.

“Very,” I reply, stepping even closer. “I was saving my appetite for dessert.”

I stare at his lips. Merlin, I want to touch them. So I do. I trace them with my finger and he parts them.

I close the distance between our faces and I brush the tip of his nose with mine. I can feel his breath right now. Almost as unsteady as my heart pounding against my chest. Almost as strident.

I move my hand to his hair. Perfectly slicked back. I grab some of it with my fist. He closes his eyes and moans. So I do the same with my other hand.

I pull his head slightly down, enough for my lips to meet his. I begin to move them against his. And he moves his back. Then, the movement becomes more aggressive, more urgent. Desperate. And our tongues find their way into each other’s mouth.

I’m kissing Baz.

I’m kissing my enemy. But he no longer feels like my enemy. He feels like everything I’ve ever wanted.

“Simon!” Agatha grabs my wrist at lunch, the next day. “I just want you to know that I’m not mad, anymore. Hollstein explained everything to me.”

She’s also there. They’re actually holding hands. Wait.

“Are you two together?” I ask, bewildered.

They giggle. 

“Are you in love with a bloke?” Agatha asks.

I look at Baz, who’s coming at my direction right now. I take his hand. And intertwine my fingers with his. Then, with my thumb I start tracing letters on his palm. The first one is an I

Agatha gapes at us.

“I’m not in love,” I say.


“Maybe I’m attracted to someone,” I continue.


“With irritatingly perfect hair,”


“And perfect lips,”


“A person perfect in every way,”


“You’d think I love him,” I say.


“But the truth is I hate him.”


I finish tracing letters on Baz’s palm.

“Yeah. Me too,” Baz says. “I love you, too.”


Ari: I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it ;)

One More Year: Chapter 16

Once again I’m going to beg for reviews! Pretty please help a friend out!

I apologise if this is crap, I haven’t had time to proof-read because I’m super tired and I need to sleep before work, but I hope you like it anyway :)

I do not own Pitch Perfect or any of its characters

Chapter 16

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Oh i like to flip my knife cleaver
flip it in the air
Where will it land well i really don’t care
Inspired on THIS video (warning for blood and cuts and all of that (there is a warning in the beginning of the video but))

i don’t know if i should color it :0 – maybe i will do it later… (and add something else heheh)

This version of horrortale belongs to @sour-apple-studios

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Do you read any skam fanfic? Can you recommend some? (i'm not talking about the smutty stuff btw, just some nice evak fluff to bridge the time til season 4)

Hey! When it comes to skam I’m not a fan of these “imagines” and fan fictions and AU’s, simply because the canon story gives me everything I need and is so perfect, and also it’s too weird to read them talking in English hahah.

So I’m sorry I don’t know any, but maybe some of my followers do? I know our fandom has tons of talented artists and surely writers as well!

Mafia AU-Yoongi

I Need You Pt1

Info: Yoongi part for Mafia AU…not good at descriptions sorry.

WC:1000+ (short part)

Warnings: Slight Violence

Originally posted by yoonkooks

“Listen…you’re beautiful, smart, funny. Hell, you’re perfect and I cannot lose you. So promise me that…promise me that if anything happens you will not turn back, you will run. You will keep running until you can’t anymore because I swear to god if anything were to ever happen to you. I wouldn’t be able to live another day.” His words rang through my head, I had promised him that night and made a vow to run away when trouble ensued.

It was a lie though, I could never run from danger when it involved him, I could never leave him. I ran, but towards the danger, towards his bruised and bloody body as guns shot off around us in the small warehouse echoing an ear splitting bang that resounded inside my heart all the pain I felt at the sight of his broken body. He had screamed at me to run, to leave him and chanting over and over that he would be okay because god forbid I get hurt too.

He wasn’t okay though, he was slumped behind a large shipping container, out of the way of gun fire. Jin was stooped down by his side trying to stop the bleeding, hands pushing firmly into Yoongi’s side with a look of urgent serenity. I couldn’t see the blood against Yoongi’s black button down, but it was there and Jin’s bloody hands proved that. The red liquid straining out of his mouth as he coughed gave way to how much pain he was holding in. His eyes closed in agony and the string of curses spilling out were more proof that he was in a dreadful state. When his eyes open to find me crouching down to his side hesitantly he looked ready to strangle me, why did I never listen to him immediately.

“Y/N what are you doing here? I told you to run, jagi I need you to get out of here…” He started coughing at the strain of speaking,“Fuck! Get out of here please, I’ll be fine”.

“Yoongi shut up! Talking is only going to make it worse,” Jin growled at his friend who was trembling in discomfort of the wound under his hands.

“You’re not fine! Look at you…” I let out a shuddering breath accompanying my slightly raised words, my body quaking with silent tears. How could he ask me to leave him, how could I ever leave him. My beautiful celestial lover with his rough voice and soft eyes. The man who had carried me so delicately into this world and promised over and over again that he would never allow anything to happen to me. I didn’t want that promise though, I had always only wanted his safety. He is my everything, my breath of fresh air in such a cruel world.

“I won’t leave you ever!” I screamed at him now fully sobbing at the image of my ragged lover. On my knees and clutching to his jacket as though it were my lifeline I chocked out more tears. One of his hands lifted to cup my stained cheeks, hushing my loud sobs with soft strokes of his thumb.The bullets around us started to die down as did my tears and from the sound of voices I could tell our side was winning. Namjoons authoritative voice ringing out over every other sound.

“They only have three men left!” His deep baritone blazed loudly. Most may think this was him telling the others to go all out, but I knew just as the Bangtan Boys aware, he was warning them to be careful. Namjoon always repeated a single phrase when referencing these moments “trapped animals fight harder”. It was more dangerous for me now than it had been before and from the way Yoongi’s eyes sparked in panic I could tell that my choice was truly idiotic, why do I never listen the first time.

“Get the fuck out of here!” His brash raised voice sounded agitated, his big dark eyes hardening in that families dominance he always exhibited to get his way. Then he doubled over and gasped at the sharp pain pumping through his veins. I know he won’t forgive me if I stay, he would be furious with me and lecture me on how I could have gotten injured or killed. We would fight all night and the only way it would end is with me handcuffed to the bed.

I nodded finally giving in, giving in to him as I had so many times before when he was right. He would be okay and Jin would take care of him, neither of them had ever let me down before. I helped guide him back into a sitting position and pressed my lips to his tearfully, ignoring the copper of blood as he pressed back with a passionate force. His breath staggered and urgent, pushing all of his unspoken love into the tender kiss.

“Go” They were the last words he spoke before lightly pushing me away, was he crying too? Yoongi had such emotional eyes, they always spoke for him when he couldn’t place his words and right now he looked so tired and so desperate. Desperate for me to leave him there, for me to get somewhere safe so there was zero chance of me being injured. I hesitated for a moment, not wanting to leave him when he was so weak.

“Don’t worry Y/N I’ll take care of him,” I looked to Jin who had silently watched or exchange, more focused on stopping Yoongi’s bleeding. I nodded and let out a shaky breath finally standing and making my way quickly from the scene.

I just managed to reach the stairs when a hand shot out, roughly gripping my arm with a bruising force. The large hand yanked me away from my escape route causing my head to snap back. A cry of shock and pain escaped from my mouth in a pathetic, high pitched noise.

“Lay your weapons down or I shoot her!” I looked to the man holding me, my eyes wide and fearful, was he going to kill me anyways. Yoongi always said men like this usually killed regardless of their words and the cold barrel of his gun pressed to my temple wasn’t convincing me otherwise.

“Stop shooting! He’s got Y/N” It was Jimin shouting, of course the Yoongi’s best friend would be the one calling for the ceasefire. Everyone froze in place on both sides, baited breath and hesitant trigger fingers. Jimin was stock still, but his gun was still raised and finger poised. Hoseok too, his eyes full of worry for me. We were very close friends, both teachers at the arts college and he happened to be my ex before Yoongi. Taehyung and Namjoon were the only ones who had downcast their guns, but their bodies were still poised with anticipation.

“I said put your guns down!” The burly man holding me yelled again, he looked panicked with mussed hair and crazy eyes, probably due to the lack of men he had left. They had lost most of the ten who had originally attacked the small warehouse and now only two were left standing, him being one of the two. The third from earlier had been shot not too long before I was grabbed. The second was now standing up from his hiding spot with a raised weapon, but his hands shook violently. He looked absolutely terrified as though he did not want this shoot out to continue. His feverish eyes flicked over the bodies of his companions.

“Let her go,” It was Yoongi, the idiot stood up and was ripping a gun from Jimins hand as he passed. He staggered forward with killers intent holding the weapon out towards the coward holding me, his hand was pressed roughly into the wound on his side in order to keep the blood flow to a minimum. His face was screwed up into a scowl, the look of pure rage present in those deep eyes.

“Hyung don’t be stupid!” Jimin shouted at him grabbing his shoulder and pulling him back before quickly ripping the gun from Yoongi’s weak grip. Jimin and Yoongi were very close and no one else would ever dare to so boldly take a weapon from Yoongi let alone yell at him. Jimin looked a little disappointed at his superior’s actions and was speaking to Yoongi in a hushed whisper. Yoongi seemed to want none of it though and started shaking his head rapidly, looking close to terrified.

“He’s going to kill her!” I had never heard Yoongi’s voice break like this, his body shook and he fell heavily to his knees. I hope he isn’t about to beg, that isn’t Min Yoongi’s style, he does not beg. I would not let him beg for me, my Min Yoongi was not this weak man before me. Tired dark eyes trained on me with a plead hanging silently in the air. He had never gone this far in all the years we’ve been together. He has never come across as so weak.

“Don’t you dare Min Yoongi,” I warned him, I was not about to let him shame himself for my well being. His heavy eyes were still locked on mine, blood staining his lovely pink lips and pale skin as it had run down his throat from earlier. He’s the picture of beauty and pain as he silently pleaded with me, wishing, begging for me to be safe. He looked so pitiful and all I wanted was to run to his arms and let him know everything was alright. That he didn’t have to be on his knees for me, that his pride was not worth giving up for me.

“It’ll be alright,” I cooed to him in hopes to ease his heart.

“Shut up bitch” The brute holding me jerked roughly and brought the blunt end of his gun down onto my temple hard. My vision flickered, black, white, red, is that blood I feel by my ear. I saw Yoongi hollering something, Jimin quickly bringing his gun up and Hoseok bounding over the nearest shipping container. Then, with a few loud bangs, everything went silent, black, empty.

I hope it’s okay! I would appreciate feedback and don’t worry, if you like it I have more coming. PS: I’m really not he best at punctuation so I apologize.

Threads I’d love

  • High School Teacher / Modern AU which is perfect for interactions with non-Star Wars people like Marvel, Harry Potter, Hannibal, Sherlock, etc
  • School Threads with Krennic or others who were in the Rebublic Futures Program
  • Bodhi Rook, need I say more?
  • Fluff with Lyra and/or Jyn because Galen deserves nothing but happiness