because this always happens but this time i still wanted to do this and i like the way it turned out


@taylorswift I hope you’re doing well and your break is turning out exactly the way you want it… I miss you so so much and I know you hear that everyday but I really do, I miss hanging out with you on tumblr and our personal jokes… the fact that you liking a post would make my whole week or year or life TBH… the fact that you used to have a safe place where you could be yourself until people ruined it and the fact that you were one of us. That time will always be so special to me and it’s given me so many happy memories. I know you’re always watching and there’s still a small chance you see my stuff… but I also know there’s a lot of us. But if you happen to be lurking or whatever. I love you and I miss you and please know whatever the next chapter brings I’ll always be here cheering you on. I’m always on your side because you’ve always been on mine. That’s what friends do. I’m so proud of you

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because they have spent YEARS setting themselves up for hurt and failure because they "are always right" Look, im not saying that you cannot ship Johnlock. You can do what you want. 3/? you kno what im gonna continue

Why is TJLC delusional? because they believe they are owed a gay couple and have been “led on” because they STILL think that were queer baited because they ignore what they were told - it was never going to happen (1/3)
you kno what im gonna continue
because they believe that shipping two male characters is some kind of revolutionary lgbtq+ movement because they believe that not getting their way justifies trolling, threatening and harassing the cast and crew. 2/3
  because they have spent YEARS setting themselves up for hurt and failure because they “are always right” Look, im not saying that you cannot ship Johnlock. You can do what you want. 3/?

(I honestly don’t know how to make an organic show of this person answer; tumblr is being dumb and negating me posting more than one pic up there, so this looks a bit bonkers, but there it is).

I’ll be honest. I’m tired of Johnlock haters (gonna talk about them because no one does). They lump all people together, don’t see differences between people, don’t even try to listen, literally put themselves on a pedestal of self righteousness and spew hate on every Johnlock post they can find, if there are a couple of trolls trolling an actor people like these (and maybe you from the self righteous way you tried to police my free time and accuse me of being part of the people who harassed Loo?) are the first to jump on the hate bandwagon and shit endlessly on Johnlock tags and Johnlockers. This is not healthy, sane or even respectful. Get angry at the true assholes, call THEM out, not random people on the internet who just happen to believe in tjcl, or like johnlock or whatever. Don’t ‘paint all people with the same brush’. I’m not a tjcl ok? I don’t care for most wank that happens. I don’t have a duty to call out people (which I did now and in the past but apparently for the vigilantes is never enough) if I don’t want to get involved, I’m tired of people dragging a whole category, attacking people, with the excuse ‘eh one johnlocker was awful you’re all the same now prepare for trouble and make it double all Johnlockers united!’. I’m tired of reading angry people shitting on my ship in the tags and on the posts about this ship. Get your toxicity out of the door thx. I’m tired of the little fairy tale that only Johnlockers are bad and other shippers are all pure snowflakes. I’ve seen vicious Sherlollies and Adlockers and even Mystraders tbh and yet can totally say that I believe most of the people who ship those ships are nice people and they’re not all assholes just because they share their ship with some bad apples, lol? Literally everyone is always shitting on assholes Johnlockers and calling them out the moment they step out of line, even actual tjcl and other Johnlockers do these call outs, you’d have to be blind not to see it. Just yesterday my dash was full of people supporting Loo, and I mostly follow Johnlock blogs so… 
What I haven’t seen is people calling out people  who harass, police, belittle and lump together all tjcl and Johnlockers at the slightest troll. It’s not fair, it’s not sane, it’s hateful and tiring. I’ve seen so many people abandoning this ship/fandom just because of vigilantes who are arrogant enough to tell people what they should do with their free time and that they’re part of the problem unless they do 10 call out posts a day and intonate a ‘mea culpa’ every half an hour to show repentance for their sin (shipping Johnlock, because Johnlockers are all inherently bad unless they are constantly apologising for existing, lol).
I’ve seen more crazyness in the people who talk about ‘teaching tjcl a lesson’ (that lost special site was a huge creepy trainwreck) than from actual tjcl, and that’s saying smth since I’ve been blocked by like 6 tjcl blogs because I said I didn’t like the idea of John and Sherlock becoming a couple in the show! And still… The most viciousness I saw was from anti Johnlockers. It’s a long history and I won’t get into detail, but basically if you ship a same sex couple you’re considered crazy by the majority of people. That sure doesn’t excuse the trolls and all, but the trolls can’t be equated to people talking about marginalised groups getting shit on and dismissed and considered crazy just for hoping? 
SUMMARY: (I’m using a generic you and not talking to anyone in particular, not even the (quasi)anon. No not all Johnlockers are assholes or tjcl, ( and not all tjcl are crazy or rude). Stop lumping people together, it’s not ok. Stop the fairy tale ‘all Johnlockers are bad and only them, other shippers are all angels’. Stop spreading hate in the Johnlock tag and on the Johnlock posts unless OP is spewing hate and is an asshole, but if you see that, say, Louise got a couple of trolls that ship Johnlock, and create a post saying ‘OMG ALL JOHNLOCKERS ARE BAD I HATE THEM THEY DESERVE TO BE BULLIED’ (just an ex. that summarises what I’ve seen lately in the tags) and then spam this post all over the tags and call abusers every person who tries to say ‘Hey not all Johnlockers are trolls?’? You’re being a bully and honestly are no better than the trolls harassing Loo (it’s a generic you, not attacking anyone). Stop asking people to do call out posts if they don’t want to partake in the drama (I personally like to dive a bit  but still, it’s because I want to, not because I have a duty, I’d like to stress out; people, if someone asks you ‘call out trolls OR you’re as bad as them’, run for the hills, this person is barmy and guilt tripping you into seeing yourself as part of a problem you don’’t have anything to do with).