because things that are not cannot be

Don’t you know who is wrong for you and who is right? Don’t you know who is making you worse and who is not? Don’t you know that you shouldn’t talk to him because he breaks you? Don’t you know that going back to him is wrong, that wishing for him to come back is going to make you worse, that the right person is in front of you but you ignore him?
Ever thought about it. We all make mistakes, we all do things we shouldn’t, we all think we cannot put the person we love out of our lives even though they hurt us. You keep going to him, in your lonely times, in your happy times, in your bad times, at all times, because you think it is the right thing for you. But it’s not, holding on was never right. It will never be and it never was.
So, try to follow what is right for you, not what you think is right. Don’t fall for people who won’t help you get up. Don’t work for people who will not give credit. Don’t bleed for people who leave you to bleed alone. Fall down for yourself, work for yourself, work on yourself, and you know what, bleed, but only for yourself.
—  Bini //you are important, and more than anybody

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lotor doesn't seem to care particularly about allura, coran or the castle ship from what we've seen. do you think the writers dropped the allura obsession the character was written with from the past series? or transferred it to haggar perhaps.

The writers have said that Lotor isn’t going to feel that way about Allura, which, I think makes sense, because…

Lotor’s infatuation with Allura, at least how DotU spun it, came from a fundamentally sexist root in several regards.

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Q: I have so much to do. I just cannot afford to keep my mind quiet. M: It is because of your illusion that you are the doer. In reality things are done to you, not by you. Q: If I just let things happen, how can I be sure that they will happen my way? Surely I must bend them to my desire. M: Your desire just happens to you along with its fulfillment, or non-fulfillment. You can change neither. You may believe that you exert yourself, strive and struggle. Again, it all merely happens, including the fruits of the work. Nothing is by you and for you. All is in the picture exposed on the cinema screen, nothing in the light, including what you take yourself to be, the person. You are the light only. Q: If I am light only, how did I come to forget it? M: You have not forgotten. It is in the picture on the screen that you forget and then remember. You never cease to be a man because you dream to be a tiger. Similarly you are pure light appearing as a picture on the screen and also becoming one with it.
—  Nisargadatta Maharaj 

I’m going to address this once and I hope it is the FINAL time I will have to say this. There are two things I find to be an issue here. Not terrible, but I wouldn’t be doing my job as an admin if I didn’t say something.

When you all applied for this role play that means you agreed to the rules. If the rules cannot be followed, I am sorry to say but you will be kicked out. I’d hate to do that because we are all here to have a good time

First thing: The anons. 

Cut it out.

It is okay to send an anon to someone’s character about what they may or not be doing because after all, people do request anons for this reason. As an RPer, I know we all find joy in answering anons about our character. 

It is not okay to send anons to the player, as in the person behind the face. The creator that is here to do what the rest of you are doing: role play. You make people hesitant to play a role the way they would like. It is unnecessary, disrespectful and NOT okay.

I am making this completely optional. If you feel comfortable on an ooc level about anons you are receiving or may receive in the future, you are welcome to turn them off. If you are feeling harassed because in some case it can be the same person, I cannot stop you from blocking them. However, keep in mind, once you block an anon, you cannot unblock them. I want you all to be comfortable, do not hesitate to come to an admin if you feel as though you are being harassed. 

Second thing: The swerving. 

Yes, in RPs this is the inevitable, but it should not be intentional. You guys are doing well with jumping onto starters, even if I have to reblog some from time to time. I appreciate that there is minimum swerving. I do feel like we can make it better and to the point that I do not have to intervene at all. 

Please reply to at least 2 starters before posting your own. If there are no starters on the dash this doesn’t apply then. You should talk to everyone. You don’t have to like every character here, but you can still interact. With interacting, act out your dislike.

 We all know it doesn’t feel good to be swerved so let’s try to not do that okay?

Like once you’ve read.

hi. i cant sleep and i need to talk about something. it will be unde r a read more

im going to try taking ir easy on the vocabulary and things because i want this to be directly from my heart so i dont care about spelling abd typos and things like that

today is my qpps birthday. who went missing on july 1st whike we were having a conversation; backtalking his mother

he completely just left and i dont know what to di. its been a month abd a hakf and we have never veen thiscseperafe in almost 5 years

i live everyday waiying fir him to come back but i feek like he wont and i am lying to myself. first everyone promise a few weeks : and then a month : and then august first. now everyone is saying he will be bsck around his birthday nut its just not true i dont think

his mom is so avusibe but i never expected it to go this far and i really think a piece of me is lost witg him. i donr kow when hes comibg back. he probably wont. i cant form relationships abd he was my impulse control. So many things have jappened abd i have no way of telling him

teres no way i can ever love someone the way i love him and within a few minutes 5 years of love got completely stolen

i wish i could tell myself to move on abd stop waiting and crying over this but its impossible and its to the point im so extremely emotionally closed off i cant ecen form proper crushes and i am so oblivious to romance

this is something extremely serious to me and i feel like im stucj in this spot or something Nd i wuestion my own sanity. Maybe he was fake and i made him uo in my head/ maybe i died and im just a trapped soirit without him / maybe he committ suicide since that was something we would have done years before without each other. He probably hates me

i am nor going to be able to hold on much longer without him and my health has deteriorated so bad its hard to function now

this was the most important person in my life and hes gone. i dudnt dven get to say goodbye to him. hes gone and i am alone and there are some things i wanted to say to him that i will never het to say now

I literally feel my heart breaking ovet and over and over because i keep convincing myself he will come back and things will be okay. i turned to religion ad to my friends and advice websites and youtube vudeos but nothing is working and nothing is going to work. the more i keeo living like this the more it hurts

we wrre so dependent on each other i am so scared something happened to him and theres no way i could kos or find out

Tgus is extremely long and hard for me to out all my enotions into this but i cannot keep internalizing everything when i t just makes me more suicidal af I literally feel myself falling apart at the seams

I have attempted suicide seriously once since he left and i know i am going to try again soon but i am so tired. Im exhausted. I cant keep doing this and i just dont want to kive anymooew especially withour him

he turned 18 today and i missed it. i missed one of the most important days of the most important person in my life. im going to miss him started college. i an going to miss everything from this point out abd i cabt axxept it abymore. i feel like i need to sleep abd not wake uo until hes back abd has his phone

maybe he does have his phone abd he just hates me. i have ni way of knowing anymore

Good morning everyone! As many of you probably remember from last year, I went to camp around this time, and I’m going back this year, as are many members in the group. This will mean a few things.

1. The dash will be a little slower. This is not because the rp is dying and people are going inactive, but because a lot of people who are usually very active will be on hiatus. Do not worry! Things will be back to normal soon. I encourage you, if you see the dash is slow, to do some replies of your own to get things moving!

2. We will not be accepting this next week. Since I am gone and I review and approve all new bios, we cannot accept until I am back– the next acceptance will be held on September 4th. You are still welcome to apply for new characters! Just be aware that they will not be accepted until I return,

3. It may take a little bit longer to answer your questions. While Ime, Senen and Violet are incredible and can answer most things, there are some questions that only I can answer, so they will need to get in contact with me before they can get back to you, and since I will be at camp, that might take a little while. Please be patient!

4. There will be no activity checks this week either. I will not be around to do them, and I know a lot of people will be on hiatus. I will do an activity check on September 7th, to give everyone who will have been away a chance to get settled and catch up with their replies. This does not mean everyone else can slack off– please keep your activity within the rules, even if there will be no check. 

5. Some people might not reply to you. I’m not the only one going to this camp– there are many roleplayers here that are going as well. If you message someone and they don’t get back to you, they are not ignoring you– it might just be that they cannot get to a computer to reply. 

I want to thank you all in advance for understanding. I have no doubts that things will run very smoothly in my absence. The admin team has a lot of cool things planned for the fall and beyond, and we are very excited to launch them, so please be patient until then. You guys are great! On that note, I have to go catch a plane, so I wish you all the best and I will see you soon!

Admin Katie

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I feel like the anti movement has ruined our ability to talk about things critically, because nobody is willing to listen to the banner of "it's my personal opinion that..."

The anti community has ruined any form of critical thinking bc the second you talk critically about something that just yell at you for ‘hating’ like they cannot comprehend that you can like something and not passively accept every part of it.

In response to people saying that these tips cannot be applied to a cartoony style - you can make things cartoony but still accurate, its just about how much you care about that fact and how you use the material you’re working with. Just because something is in a certain style doesn’t mean you HAVE to sacrifice accuracy, and sometimes its important to set up rules or limits to yourself when drawing, it gives a challenge which may help you improve and work better with limited things or stuff that cannot be worked around as easily unless you’re clever and have experimented with it. I used to suck at drawing birds and making them expressive, but using references and knowing how they work actually has helped because i had to find a way to use the traits they have to my advantage.

Don’t see accuracy as a obstacle, use it to your advantage and grow as an artist by working with stuff you’d otherwise look past because of convenience or because its not a common occurrence in other people’s styles

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Im starting to realize that im probably a trans boy, i want to have a bottom surgery very badly although im still young. If i would buy more clothes that are made for males i would easily pass as a guy but my family already is suspecting something because i prefer 'male' clothes and i cannot buy a binder without them seeing, do you have any advice?

It depends on what you need advice for?

If you want to come out to your family in order for them to be able to undersatnd why you would be buying these things, I do have a tagged/coming-out that could be worth having a look through.

If you want help finding a way to get a binder without needing to buy one yourself, you could perhaps ask a friend to buy one for you and have it delivered to their home. That way you could possibly be able to sneak it into your home later without your parents knowing.

Clothes are a bit trickier since they are going to be fully visible when you wear them. But you could maybe make up some excuse about “men’s clothes” being more comfortable/practical and that’s why you prefer to wear it?

If any of my followers have any other advice for anon, please do feel free to add to this post.

24 things I’ve learned in 24 years:

I’ve seen this go around, and I thought it was a really cool and thoughtful!

  1. Kindness is so important, and your heart is your greatest compass in life
  2. You cannot please everyone, no matter how hard you try, and at the end of the day, if you’re happy with yourself, that’s what matters
  3. Forgiveness is so important - whether that’s forgiving other people, or forgiving yourself, because holding grudges is toxic
  4. People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime
  5. Creativity is so important, and don’t let anyone tell you that it isn’t
  6. It’s okay to love the things that you love
  7. E Q U A L I T Y is so important
  8. Critical thinking is a necessity - you can’t believe everything you read, hear, or see
  9. There is always more than one perspective
  10. Avoid being stagnant, take every opportunity you can to grow and embrace positive change
  11. Smiles and laughter are the best medicine
  12. There is nothing more calming or soothing than sitting by the sea
  13. Giving yourself the proper time to grieve does not make you weak
  14. Never give up on your crazy, crazy dreams
  15. A challenging day can be cured with a good cup of tea
  16. Perfection is boring
  17. Try not to take things too personally - what others do is not a reflection of you, but a reflection of themselves
  18. Persevere - life is hard and people will take advantage, but you can get through it
  19. Don’t be afraid to make drastic changes when necessary
  20. A heart can be broken, but it still keeps on beating, you keep moving on
  21. Take a leaf out of Peter Pan’s book - never fully grow up
  22. There are three sides to every story - yours, mine, and the truth
  23. Your value doesnt decrease based on someone else’s inability to see your worth - don’t get your self worth from others
  24. Live your best life - whatever version your best life means to you

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I bet when Lauren see you she's like wtf she's so hot and probably checking out you lol

Hahahaha! Lauren is very sweet actually. She hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then she started dancing in front of me. I cannot remember the song that was playing we were like what song is that and no one can remember because we were all in awe. I wasn’t aware I was holding her waist because I was so fucking high. I only realized it when I felt her hands sliding on my arms. And then she called me “baby” 🖤🌹and she said so many things I was juz staring at her, I was so mesmerized. 🤣


G, my love, my little Australian moonbeam. I love you. I say it all the time (at least once a day) but please know that I mean it with all of my heart. You are truly special to me, I don’t know what I’d do without you if i’m quite honest. I cannot go a full 24 hours without talking to you about one thing or another, and I am so pleased that we became friends because without you my world would be a lot duller I think. 

As an author, you are truly inspiring. You are the most creative, imaginative, talented and determined person I know and everything you come up with/publish/tell me about on whatsapp absolutely kills me. You are fantastic! I love everything you create and I love love LOVE all of the crossovers we have.

I’m so excited for you to finish TMD and for you to start exploring Alexis and her story more. I know i’m a day early in posting this, but I needed to express just how special you are to me and I was too excited to wait until tomorrow. 

Thank you for being my friend Georgie, I don’t deserve you, and yet here we are. 

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Killua is such a tsundere and can't handle when Gon just says stuff like "you're my best friend". How do you think he would have reacted if Gon had said he loved him? Not necessarily in a confession sort of way just simple acknowledgement (because regardless of the nature of those feelings it's indisputable that Gon loves Killua)

I think Killua would explode from embarrassment ahaha XD

Okay, seriously though, I think he would just blush and stutter and groan and Gon would laugh at him for getting all flustered and would hug and nuzzle Killua ^-^ Killua and Gon are kind of simple like that; Gon is openly affectionate and Killua is not (well with Alluka yeah but that’s about it).

Killua would probably mutter it back to Gon, making him also blush and get this really big grin on his face. Or Killua would whisper it to Gon while Gon’s sleeping or something because Killua cannot handle feelings and things like that ahaha 

If they’re older, it would probably be different. Killua would still blush, but not as much, and I think he would tell Gon he loved him back. Killua’s more emotionally mature I think when he gets older!

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Hi.Just stopping by to say your clone post is gold.Everything about it is great - HC wanting to test his prowess, YJ knowing that the most supreme of sexy times can only be had with him, BYG being traumatized because of his twin situation, JU being the smartest in considering the dangers of a clone turning on you, and DH in full-on horndog mode(+YJ rubbing his temples at the painful image that he cannot unsee).Also,ZL perv-face should be copyrighted and a national brand.Splendid job! Congrats!

omg thank you for this message anon, i’m so glad you liked it!

i’m easily amused so i had a good time thinking of and making the clone post, but it really brightens my day to hear someone tell me they like what i make

really, thank you so much ♡♡

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Pros and cons of GO TV show


  • Fanfic/fanart of “characters watch the show”!!!!!
  • Music video edits!!!!!!
  • Potentially more fan content in general and more people will read the book because of the show


  • We’re getting these books with the live-action covers now aren’t we