because they're really sweet and they really care

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How would Silver and/or Steven Stone take care of their s.o when they're sick?


  • He’d be really good at taking care of his s/o because he’s used to taking care of himself when he’s sick
  • He’d insist they stay in bed and he’d make them soup 
  • He’d dote on them and be all over them until they were better

Steven Stone:

  • He wouldn’t be very experienced at taking care of sick people but he’d try his best
  • He’s a terrible cook
  • His s/o would end up doing most of the work but would find it really sweet that he was trying so hard

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For Drarry confessions: Personally, I'm usually in the mood to read cuddly Drarry without all the smut. I know a lot of people like reading Drarry smut but I really like the fics where they're just affectionate with each other without getting into the actual sex part.

Awww, anon, that is so sweet! I can totally understand where you’re coming from tbh.

  • Give me Draco giving Harry goodnight forehead kisses. 
  • Give me Harry leaving little love notes on the lunches he packs for Draco because his boyfriend would completely forget to eat if it wasn’t for Harry making him food everyday.
  • Give me Draco fighting over which side of the bed he wants to sleep on not because he really cares but because it’s just so much fun arguing with his stubborn-headed Harry.
  • Give me Harry falling asleep on Draco’s shoulder during Auror meetings because he’s so damn tired from the late night mission the night before and Draco glaring at everyone like i dare you to say something
  • Give me Draco swallowing his pride long enough to actually ask Hermione for help in finding Harry front-row tickets to that Muggle concert that he’s been dying to go to for so long even though Draco thinks it’s all a strange bunch of nonsense anyways
  • Give me Harry gathering enough courage to ask Lucius for Draco’s hand in marriage because he knows how much Draco values his parents’ opinions
  • Give me Draco who’s willing to put up with Dudley because Harry cares about him and that’s enough for Draco
  • Give me Harry who makes sure that Draco has his own Weasley Christmas sweater every year
  • Give me all the fluffy lovable Drarry