because they're just too damn adorable

in-alptraum-verloren  asked:

The fact Moose has serious lip-game sort of freaks me out a little. Like his lips are made of metal and stuff BUT THEY'RE FLEXIBLE TOO??? Also he has a cute pout.

bro, I dunno what to tell you because I find robot lips FANTASTIC

I mean

look at this smug asshole and his beautiful lips

absolutely perfect

we also got this babe from Transformers Armada

so cute

and then there’s Lipimus Prime

everyone remembers TFA as the universe of chins but it had some strong lip game too

also Primeling is hella adorable

just look at his smiles



he’s probably the king of lips

like, god damn son

you got yourself a fine set of lips

so in conclusion

robots with lips = win

signs as dogs
  • aries: lanky teenagery german shepherd that you think might be mean but is actually really loyal and wants to run around and sniff things and love life
  • taurus: border collies because they have steel trap minds. scary smart. will destroy your entire house and everything you hold dear but can also be wonderful if you know how to be their friend
  • gemini: jack russell terrier, takes all of the indestructable toys and just eats them
  • cancer: saint bernard. perfection. like yeah they might accidently crush you but really 100000% worth it. just incredible.
  • leo: golden labradoodle that wants hugs and will accidentally drool on your phone but still smile and be an absolute gem
  • virgo: greyhound that likes running gracefully and being super otherwordly but also lays around being a goof like 60% of the time
  • libra: pomeranian puppy that everyone loves because they're the mostly godly adorable thing ever but they secretly know how to play everyone. what, you didn't want to pet me now? well thats too damn bad im here to be petted
  • scorpio: husky that won't admit that it wants attention but if you stop petting will complain vocally by howling/talking (you know. the husky thing. huskies man) incredible
  • sagittarius: irish wolf hound ready to lick people's faces and drool and be adorable and convince everyone that owning a dog the size of a small pony is an excellent idea
  • capricorn: misunderstood pit bulls that love living and want to benignly chew up your furniture and be forgiven because theyre angels
  • aquarius: yellow labrador retriever that makes you smile and wants to go swim around in a lake and bring back tennis balls for you and cuddle and be your best friend. like, you cannot be unhappy with this sweetheart.
  • pisces: akita dog royalty that's gorgeous and fuzzy and etheral but will fuck you up so bad