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Gosh, that part in Much Ado About Nothing when Beatrice and Benedick read each other’s secret love letters and admit their love is always so cute. But, like, too cute. 

That’s more like it. That’s the response I’d expect of two hyper-critical sarcastic dorks in love.


Grant, Candice and Keiynan cuteness before filming
(a very spoilery scene, proceed with caution)


OTP: Highsnobiety In Hiding.

Am I the only one who thinks that the song played during the Kalagang sex scene (Wise Enough by Lamb) is just perfect for them?

Here are the lyrics:

“I had a dream that all of time was running dry
and life was like a comet falling from the sky

I woke so frightened in the dawning, oh so clear
How precious is the time we have here

Are we not wise enough to give all we are?
Surely we’re bright enough to outshine the stars
The human kind gets so lost in finding its way
but we have a chance to make a difference til our dying day

And you might pray to God, or say it’s Destiny
But I think we are just hiding all that we can be

Are we not wise enough to give all we are?
Surely we’re bright enough to outshine the stars
The human kind gets so lost in finding its way
but we have a chance to make a difference til our dying day

All I’m really asking is: what are we doing here?
Are we just killing time? Just living year to year?

In this big world, no one else can play our part
Ain’t it time to just wake up and give it all

Are we not wise enough to give all we are?
Surely we’re bright enough to outshine the stars
The human kind gets so lost, and in finding its way
we have a chance to make a difference til our dying day

we have a chance to make a difference til our dying day
we have a chance to make a difference til our dying day”


Shane Walsh // Joe Teague

“You do it for love.”

doodlue  asked:

your videos are so pleasing to watch, sometimes i get so sleepy by watching them (not because they're boring (they're incredibly entertaining), but because watching you draw with the background music is so relaxing) and i wanted to say that i am so happy you're improving and accomplishing your 2017 goals and i hope more people appreciate your art and the amazing content you post. keep it up roby! ❤

thank you so much!! i get that a lot, also of people saying it helps their anxiety a bit which, as someone who also has anxiety, makes me glad to hear. 

also yeah i have to look back at what my goals for 2017 were but i think i’ve gotten through a couple so far :D

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Hello there! Just wanted to say, no matter the content, no matter where you take your stories, that your fans (Me! Hi!) will love every word, every characterization, every subtle exchange, every obvious motive, every moment of drama, and every bit of horror/comfort that comes our way. Your writing takes the reader to a place where we can fully immerse ourselves in your stories, because they're incredible. You've gifted us with your storytelling and your time, we could never be disappointed! <3

“Technically, no.”

It’s Albus who answers, and his voice has taken on a sudden, surprisingly academic tone. “We play a different game, one that we invented ourselves… It started as GURPS, and then grew into something a bit more… convoluted.”

Albus sits at one of the chairs surrounding the miniature fantasy setting, and motions for Harry to take a seat next to him. “GURPS?” Harry asks, shoving past Tom to sit next to the redheaded man he has decided he doesn’t hate quite so much.

“Generic Universal RolePlaying System,” Albus answer smartly. “It’s a sort of generic platform to make your own tabletop game, but ours has evolved far beyond that point. You see, Tom and I have been… playing against each other for a long time.”

“Is that so,” Harry says, looking to Tom. 

Tom scowls and sits at the chair at the end of the end of the table, furthest from them. “Albus is the one who got me into this mess,” he mutters.

“What Tom means to say is, ‘Albus is the kind, wonderful person who introduced me to a world of magic and mayhem’.”

“You basically threatened me in a very passive-aggressive manner.”

“I gently coerced you into entertaining the notion; to take you to a place where you could fully immerse yourself in a story…”

“There was fire involved!”

“It wasn’t real.”

Harry’s eyes were swiveling back and forth between the two of them as they quipped, equal parts amused and astounded. It was clear that these two were not exactly… friends, but… Well, they couldn’t quite be enemies, either, if they were willing to play games with each other…

More like rivals, he concludes.

“So, wait. Hold on a second,” Harry interrupts, glancing at Tom. “He got you into playing Dungeons and Dragons - or whatever this is, I guess - GURPS? What do you call it if it’s not even that, anymore?”

Harry stares down at the table they use, at how intricate each individual piece seems to be, and can’t help but think that this is something ridiculously specific. “The name changes from game to game, depending on who’s running it,” Albus says. “Most recently, we were calling it, ‘Philosophically’.”

“Er… what?”

“Albus always comes up with the stupidest names when he’s the DM,” Tom snarls.

“GM,” Albus says, as though correcting him. “And how are my game titles stupid?”

“They always end in an -ly, like you think you’re so interesting, using unexpected adjectives.”

“I am interesting. And so are my games, thank you very much. Admit it. You love every characterization, every subtle exchange, every obvious motive, every moment of drama… You’re just salty because you did so terribly last round.”

“I did not!” Tom huffs, and Harry gets the distinct impression that Albus is even more skilled at getting a rise out of Tom than he is. “I solved all your stupid riddles in record time!”

“You still didn’t win the philosopher’s stone,” Albus says lightly, his eyes glittering behind his spectacles. 

“Well, my main character didn’t die… much to your displeasure,” Tom growls.

“No, but your other one did. And besides, there are fates far worse than death, Tom… I admit, just killing your main character off would not quite satisfy me, at this point…”

“I swear to god, Albus, every time you talk, I hate you a little bit more.”

Harry isn’t sure if he should be laughing or not, but when he catches Albus’s sly smile, decided it’s allowable. “I sense that there’s a very interesting history, here,” he says, grinning. 

“Like I said,” Albus murmurs, “Tom and I have been playing against each other for a long… long time.”

The sound of the front door opening and footsteps shuffling above them causes them all to pause. Albus claps his hands together, looking joyful. “Ah, well, I suppose we’ll fill you in more as a group, Harry.”

Albus’s eyes brighten and he stands. “The rest of the party is here.”

I know there’s a ton of pressure on women to be cheerful and whatnot, but I am so done with the glorification of negativity and cold bitterness. I’ve been cold, I’ve been bitter, and I’ve been negative. I’ve been ✨  misunderstood ✨ , and I’ve given in to the glorification as a means of self-preservation. And I’ve been all of those things on a regular basis, for years. But what I’ve realized since getting out of such behavior patterns and attitudes is that clinging to those things for strength was nothing more than a glorification of unhealthiness. I wasn’t overcoming stereotypes – I was deeply depressed (and often blind to the fact). Yes, we live in a difficult and deeply unjust and miserable world. Yes, there are tons of reasons to be angry. We NEED to be angry at the state of the world and we need to act and push others to act. But being /constantly/ angry is tiring and being constantly negative is immature. Yes everyone functions differently, and I /understand/, but I am so done. Being around dark things drags me down, and I am done. Be angry, act, but try to make things better. Strength is trying to rise above the negativity of the world. Strength is fighting to be better by being kind. Overcoming sexist stereotypes is sometimes not being afraid to be warm and soft and “feminine” if that’s what you want to be. I’m done with the rest of it. I’ve been dark and cynical and frigid and ✨  strong ✨  but all it did was give power to the things that were actually dragging me down and feeding the shiny darkness. I’ve given a decade of my life to it, and I’m done. 


Suzie Mathers, Rachel Tucker & Oliver Savile, Wicked London’s 10th Anniversary cast.

okay but if the theory that jude and joey somehow find a portal to the new universe is correct, just imagine how heartbreaking it would be when they see Roxy. Everyone they know and love is essentially dead now, and then, out of the blue, there’s their older sister/babysitter. Precious wonderful Roxy, who probably helped them build that treehouse and helped with homework and roughhoused with them and did super annoying motherly things like lick her thumb and clean their faces. The only familiar thing they have left. But she has no idea who they are.

Ok so you all knew it was coming.  Yes Campwolfe Fandom Nan™ just has to weigh in on the shenanigans and current angst-fest unfolding on Holby City for our Goddess Serena Campbell oh her anguish someone hold me intrepid couple Serena and Bernie.  Many things I will say have likely already been said. Some perhaps not.  As per usual, I shall pop it under a read more because I am wordy as shit to save y’all’s dash. 

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If I ever met Emily and David (or anyone from the cast, really) I’d tell them that I am so grateful for the fact that they made me love some fictional characters so much but not only that, also that their friendship and mutual love and respect for each other made my heart so warm so many times. Like not only I simply adored the characters, but I just admired them as people for being so cute and close to each other. It’s simply amazing and rare.

People who see a tarantula/spider/insect and immediately think “ew, kill it” shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near animals.

I know people have phobias. But people with a fear of dogs, for example, usually don’t see a dog and think “kill it.”

Grow up. Appreciate nature.

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I've always kinda imagined Oikawa has a far tamer knee injury than what others have suggested. I like to think it was a partial dislocation because they're so incredibly frustrating. Oikawa on crutches for weeks because his knee refuses to hold his weight. He's so annoyed because people keep on telling him to take it easy, sit. But his knee will never be quite right again. And it's that 'quite' that makes him cry in frustration because 'quite' seems far too small to ruin everything.

Yes! He keeps pushing though, tries to ignore the pain and goes on to worsen it.


Olivia Carolyn Pope Appreciation Post

The signs as masters (fantasy/adventure setting)
  • Aries: usually a tough or odd character, lives in a weird place difficult to reach, occasionally scares or tests people who want to meet them to prove their determination. Can become aggressive at times and may act rude, but actually cares for their pupils, and will be vocal about it.
  • Taurus: a master ready to protect their pupils at all costs. Won't think twice before saving/helping them, even if they are in a very dangerous situation. With their funny and affectionate personality, they will conquer their pupils' heart, that will always try to do their best for their master.
  • Gemini: not a very present master, often away for missions or for meditation, but a great leader. They don't like working in group because they're individualistic and their pupils often learn from imitation, rather than actual lessons. Their charisma is proverbial between pupils.
  • Cancer: may not be the best master, but their pupils will be almost flawless. Even if Cancer is evil or in a difficult situation, they will try to put their pupils on the path of "justice", somehow trying to make up for their own bad actions. Pupils may be surprised to find out what strangers think about their master, because they're described differently from how they know them.
  • Leo: a sort of "older sibling", or a senpai. Will help their pupils in every field and always try to bring out the good in them. But just like Aries, Leo can become aggressive, especially if their trust is broken. In that case they will become very wary and won't esitate to execute pupils who commit bad actions.
  • Virgo: a very silent and mysterious master, a sort of a spiritual guide, that will have a lot of disciples that admire their moral depth. However, they are usually not aligned and it may be difficult to say if they're good or evil. Their pupils will always have the impression they don't know their master.
  • Libra: considered incredibly wise and influential by a lot of people, Libra may surprise their pupils because they're incredibly young, or kind of frivolous, or because they have other unexpected trait. They never stop surprising their pupils, because they're also very powerful and know a lot of things.
  • Scorpio: a sort of "shadow" master, because will rarely stay with their pupils, actually nobody knows where they are most of the time because they're really enigmatic. But they will test their pupils' ideals and always know what they think perfectly: Scorpio may demand even the sacrifice, but will save their pupils if they think they deserve to live.
  • Sagittarius: another older sibling figure, extremely present in the life of their pupils, spends a lot of time with them, gets to know them well. They're considered a very good and noble person and have a lot of disciples and admirers. Will be remembered by everybody after their death.
  • Capricorn: strict, serious, demanding masters. They're not easy to impress and want to see the best from their pupils. Don't (or can't) show their emotions and their pupils may have a hard time understanding their masters, but Capricorns are secretly proud of every single development.
  • Aquarius: fatherly figures that grow fond of their pupils like if they were their children. They transmit every knowledge they have, encourage disciples to create their own opinions on things and not to agree when their beliefs are threatened. Most likely to sacrifice for pupils.
  • Pisces: idealistic person that sees the world like they *think* it is, they often end up raising other idealistic disciples that follow their ideology. Considers power very important and will probably end up having a clear bias for certain pupils, making the others feel bad.