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“May I interest you in the New Salem Philanthropic Society?” he mumbled, but he hadn’t expected to be given a response.

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Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws don’t like when they have to do more than they think they do, so when they see the Gryffindors waving around their wands more than necessary, they just get tired for them.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

When someone in the class asks if anyone has a spare quill, the ravenclaws are always the ones with five or six, but don’t give them out, because what if they don’t give them back?


Jay & Evie protecting each other

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How about Cross and Nightmare just sitting on the beach watching the sunset or looking into space in Outertale :3 I honestly love both ideas X3 they're both so beautiful

Shepard, upon realizing that nobody knows they’re alive yet at the beginning of me2, takes advantage of their temporary anonymity and promptly goes to Omega to go on a week-long bender

little things that make up the ITH couples

usnavi/vanessa: coffee. everyone knows usnavi gave vanessa free coffee every day back when he was still crushing on her and he STILL does it, and he knows her coffee order so well he can do it blindfolded. also he makes it before they open so its ready for her when she comes in. vanessa likes to try and make usnavi’s coffee sometimes as a joke, too. and once, they switched coffee orders and vanessa thought his was too bitter but he had drank half of hers in under a minute, making her laugh really hard. he swears he falls in love all over again when she laughs.

benny/nina: books. benny didn’t like to read as a kid, but when he grew up and started dating nina, he’d drop everything if nina wanted to read with him. on some days, when it’s pouring outside, they sit on their couch, with nina reading some giant classical book and benny listening. he loves her voice. nina got him into reading, so much so that he would ask her to read books to him on the phone while she was in stanford and he would follow along with his own copy, 3,000 miles away.

sonny/pete: hugs and forehead kisses. we all know sonny is TINY and pete’s got a good five inches on him. the height difference is perfect for them, because sonny fits right into the crook of pete’s neck, and he’s the perfect height for pete to cup his boyfriend’s face and place a lil kiss on his forehead or temple. sonny playfully tells pete to fight him, and that he’ll grow, don’t worry.


I know that like, technically they’re fighting in this scene… but look how patiently he’s listening to her in that first gif and how he makes her smile in the last one. and like, look at how they’re sitting. LOOK. SHE IS PRACTICALLY SITTING ON HIS LAP IF NOT ACTUALLY ON HIS LAP. WHAT IS GOING ON.

Yuri On Ice Decameron AU

I’m really sorry for this but

  • they all live in Florence and to escape the Black Death they hide in Michele and Sara’s villa
  • they’re all gay
  • since it’s like 1350 and there’s no internet they decide to pass the time telling each other stories 
  • everyone tells one story per day
  • everyone is “king” or “queen” for a day
  • that means that whoever is king or queen (or whatever the gender-neutral term is to substitute those is) gets to decide the theme of the stories that should be told that day
  • Yuuri’s theme is Eros
  • he tells the story of how a beautiful seductress abandoned the man she danced with all night
  • Victor lowkey cries because that’s what Yuuri did, except he doesn’t remember it because he was drunk on Tuscan wine
  • Yuri’s theme is Agape
  • Chris fails miserable to deliver a story about Agape because lbr he fills it up with sex
  • on the other hand he totally nails the Eros theme
  • Otabek wins the Agape day with the story of how a boy fell in love unconditionally with a beautiful, younger boy with the eyes of a soldier, and after being separated from him for three years he meets him again and tells him how he never forgot about him and asks him to be his friend because all he needs is to be close to him, until hopefully one day the boy will love him back the same way he loves him
  • Victor’s theme is Love&Life
  • he delivers a heartbreaking story of how the best dancer in the world kept dancing and dancing just to please his audience but has lost the ability to enjoy things for himself and felt no passion anymore, until a beautiful seductress made him feel something for one night and then abandoned him
  • he looks at Yuuri while telling this story and it’s awkward
  • eventually Chris continues this story for them, telling how the beautiful seductress didn’t abandon the dancer on purpose, but because she was put under a spell by an Evil Witch that made her forget everything

Someone please take this off my hands because I can’t anymore lol I just wanted to put it out there, if you have more HCs I’d love to read them <3

Arthur young man you put your clothes back on.

[ spinoff where Jou, Mimi, and Sora are in their late 20s and all have apartments in the same building and drink wine together in the evenings while listening to podcasts or jazz. I say spinoff because you can’t prove it’s not canon ]

Imagine you and Woozi having a movie date at the Seventeen dorm and although you originally planned to have the whole thing just be the two of you, the night slowly progressed with the boys one by one joining you two in the dorm living room, all watching the movie you had played on the television screen.

I saw seven birds.

I saw all of existence, all at once. I saw a dark storm, a living hunger, eating it from within. But I saw a brilliant light heralded by seven birds flying tirelessly from the storm. I saw seven birds:

The Twins.

The Lover.

The Protector.

The Lonely Journal-Keeper.

The Peacemaker.

And the Wordless One.



jk this blog runs in real time and they don’t get married for another two years, and GOOD LORD IF I’M STILL HERE IN TWO YEARS I WILL…. I dunno what I’d do but jesus that feels unlikely. I should have a life by then right? so I will say they do get married in 1939. they dunno that yet tho. kids? maybe. I dunno, still throwing the idea around. all I know is if they did have kids it would be on complete accident, and they’d be cursed blessed with twin boys.))

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my aesthetic: jacob and enoch laying in a messy bed and holding hands. jacob looks out the window and says something about how the sky is really bright for night time and enoch tells him that it’s not as bright as he is, immediately realizing that he actually said that out loud. jacob’s whole face turns red and enoch doesn’t look at him for a solid ten minutes.

both are thankful when they’re called down for the reset.