because they're freaking adorable

anonymous asked:

How do you make an OC? How do you make so many?? Where do all these ideas come from because they're all so freaking adorable !!! >ω>

thank you so much!!! this is basically how i think about all of my ocs ….

like for example, yesterday i was laying on my bed with my eyes closed, listening to music….and then i thought :
“what if aphen & scaer’s class went to swimming class. there’d be ma’am…aphen would be scared to swim but ma’am would say “don’t worry, there’s…..” theres what? oh yeah, a swimming prof! but what would he look like….maybe a merman.. and he’d be all muscular! no wait, what if he’s chubby with a big tummy. yeah! and then his name would be “choux” ahah…OH wait what if his real name is SHOE…but everyone think its choux!!!bc it’s the same pronounciation!! what about a beard. he’d be cute with a bear and short hair. Ah but hair is not good for swimming…wait what if mermaids and merman have special flowing hair?? that are specially adapted to water!!”

so you see, it’s mostly weird stuff mgksDkfksdf also!!!!! a good tip is to note down things!! so you don’t forget!