because they're becoming friends and I really like that

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hc of mc and rfa+v&saeran breaking up because of something terrible that happened, but they still love eachother, and after the breakup they don't talk for like six months and when they meet again in like a coffee shop or something on accident they become friends again and after a few days they're like LETS DO A ROUND TWO SHALL WE!~? i'd be really really grateful i love your writing🌟

This is so cute!

~Omg my heart!

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◉ Yoosung

  • It had been a while since you saw Yoosung
  • Or even talked to him
  • You don’t know how things ended up the way they did
  • Your relationship went from passionate to feeling more like roommates
  • Yoosung was always on his computer instead of spending time with you
  • And one night you couldn’t take it anymore
  • You packed up your things and you both were crying
  • Saying maybe it was for the best
  • You spent a lot of teary nights staring at your phone thinking maybe he’d call or text
  • But he never did
  • And you never did…
  • You were out shopping and decided to grab a coffee
  • After paying and grabbing it from the counter
  • A familiar voice called your name from a table across the cafe
  • You turned to see the blonde boy sipping from a cup alone
    • “Yoosung?” you called out
  • He waved you over with a smile and you sat down
    • “I can’t believe I ran into you here! How are you doing?” he asked excitedly
    • “Oh, I’m doing alright. Hey…”
  • You stopped to point at him
    • “Is that my scarf?” you laughed
    • “Oh…hah, yeah, it is.,” he blushed, “this is embarrassing but, I found it in the closet after you left. And it smells like you…so I wear it.”
  • He blushed
  • You two ended up talking for a long time after that
  • He seemed to have grown a lot
  • He was more into his studies
  • And less on the computer
  • You were leaving separate ways
  • When he called for you
  • You turned around to find him there beside you
    • “MC. I’m not that nervous young boy anymore. I can’t help but think that there’s a reason we ran into each other today. So…will you please let me take you to dinner? On a date?”

◉ Jumin

  • He had gotten into the habit of working extra long hours at C&R
  • When you confronted him about it he seemed like he wouldn’t budge
    • “MC. You keep bringing it up but you know my answer remains the same. I like to work. You have everything you could need in the penthouse, why are you being so difficult?”
    • “Yes. Everything but you. I’m not asking for a lot, Jumin. But I can see you aren’t willing to work with me, here. So I’ll leave. I didn’t sign up to be alone in a big house by myself every day and night.”
  • You packed up your stuff and left
  • It was almost like he was in shock and didn’t believe it was really happening
  • He just let you go
  • A few days after that he was sending gifts to you
  • Flowers and jewelry
  • But you turned them all away
  •  This wasn’t something money and gifts could fix
  • Weeks went by and months went by but you guys still hadn’t talked
  • You were out shopping when you heard a familiar voice from behind you
    • “That color would look really nice on you.”
    • “Jumin?”
  • You turned around to see him standing there smiling
    • “What are you doing here? In the women’s section?”
    • “I followed you over when when I saw you walking around”
    • “Why does that not surprise me?” you laughed
  • Seeing him now made your heart melt
    • “Why didn’t you accept any of my gifts?” he asked, a bit offended
    • “Why didn’t you call?”
    • “Because you didn’t accept any of my gifts”
  • You both were staring at each other
    • “It seems I approached this all wrong…” he remarked apologetically
  • You gave a nod that says ‘yeah, ya messed up buddy’
    • “Allow me to buy this?” he pointed to the dress you had been looking at, “it really would look good on you”
    • “Only if you’ll make time to actually see me in it”
    • “You are my number one priority from now on. I’ll tell you that 100 times over dinner tonight.”

◉ Zen 

  • You had to leave him
  • He was getting so caught up in work that it was like you never existed
  • He read fan mail more than he talked to you some nights
  • It hurt that you had drifted like this
  • You just told him you needed some time apart 
  • And he was seemingly too busy to drop what he was doing and try to convince you otherwise
  • Every time you passed a magazine with his face on it or saw something about him on the internet it made your heart hurt
  • You wondered how he was doing and if he missed you
  • But your life had to go on
  • You were going to a new musical that just opened up
  • One that, thankfully, Zen wasn’t in
  • You were a little chilly waiting outside for the show to start
  • Out of nowhere a jacket was draped over your shoulders
    • “What the-”
  • You turned around to see Zen
    • “You looked a little cold,” he grinned
    • “What are you doing here?” your heart skipped a beat
    • “I came to watch, I have some friends in the cast. What about you?”
    • “I was meeting someone.” you replied
  • You could see his face fall flat
    • “Oh…date?” he looked sad
    • “No, a friend, actually. But she apparently got sick and has bailed on me last minute.”
  • He perked up a little at that
    • “So…is there anyone you’ve been seeing?”
    • “No,” you laughed, “what about you Mr. Big Time Star?” you poked his chest
  • He grabbed your hand and held it in his own, looking at you directly in your eyes
    • “No. Of course not. You’re the only thing I’ve been thinking of since you left.”
  • He kissed your hand
    • “Well, then. Allow me to escort my lady to the show. I can’t have you sitting by yourself. Who knows who might try and approach you…”
  • You went back to his place afterwards

◉ Saeyoung

  • He started to push you away again
  • You wanted so badly to stay and help him work through his emotions but he just wouldn’t open up to you
  • He was barely sleeping and started to avoid you
  • You felt like you had no other choice
  • You could tell he was hurting when you left
  • But what more could you do?
  • It was eerie not talking to him anymore
  • Not seeing his smiling face around
  • Weeks and months went by with no word
  • You were really worried about him
  • One late night you went on a chip run to the convenience store
  • One bag of Honey Buddha left!
  • As you grabbed for the bag a hand reached over your shoulder to grab at the same time
  • A familiar jacket on the arm
  • You snatched the bag and turned around
  • Your heart was racing
    • “Saeyoung?”
    • “You got my chips,” he huffed
  • It made you laugh to see him pout
    • “You mean my chips? Seeing as I got them first.”
  • He put his hands out to signal he wanted to play you for them
  • It was your usual way of settling qualms
  • It was like you had never broken up at all
  • Like the months had just been a bad dream and here you were fighting over chips
    • “Alright then,” you nodded
    • “ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS” you said in unison
  • Saeyoung slapped his head when you won
    • “Have fun with your Lays!” you snickered from the cash register
  • He followed you out of the store and into the dark
  • He was just
  • Following you
  • You felt a tug at your arm
    • “How about round two?” he was looming over you seriously
    • “Of rock-paper-scissors?” you clutched the chip bag
    • “No. Of us.”
  • He pressed his lips into yours
  • You dropped the bag of chips

◉ V

  • You found a photo of Rika in the closet inside an old box
  • You admit now that you may have gone overboard
  • It started with a small argument
  • And eventually you left
  • You knew he cared for you
  • But you needed time to sort out your feelings
  • You were grabbing some coffee from a cafe you enjoyed
    • “Double-shot mocha!” the barista called out
  • However another person grabbed for the cup at the same time and ended up with your hand
    • “Oh, I’m so sorry! I guess we ordered the same drink,” V smiled
    • “V?” you said rather too excitedly
  • He couldn’t see but recognized your voice
    • “What are the odds?” he chuckled in that melodic way of his
    • “I didn’t know you still came here?”
    • “I can’t stop after you showed me this place. It…reminds me of you,” he smiled
  • You were glad he couldn’t see how much you blushed
  • Seeing him now made you understand how much you missed him and how stupid this whole mess was
    • “V…I-I’ve been meaning to-”
    • “Are you hungry?” he cut you off
    • “Um..yeah. Yes! I am.” you smiled
    • “It’s not much but I can manage my way around the fridge enough to make a sandwich. Shall we take our coffees back to the apartment?”
  • You almost skipped
    • “That sounds lovely, actually.”
  • He reached out to feel your arm, snaking his hand down until he found your own and grabbed it

◉ Saeran

  • Saeran was hard for you to read
  • Sometimes he was so distant that you didn’t even know if he liked you
  • You knew he had trouble sorting out his emotions…
  • But the pain on your heart at giving affection to someone you were beginning to wonder hated your guts, was pretty taxing
    • “If that’s what you want…”
  • It was his cold response to your mention of a break
  • You thought you saw the slightest hint of sadness in his eyes
  • But he didn’t say anything else
  • Just looked away and shrugged it off
  • You tried to continue life as usual
  • And at night you fidgeted with the necklace he gave you
  • It was one of the only keepsake you had from him and although it had been months, you never took it off
  • You wondered if he even gave you a second thought
  • That hurt the most
  • You waved goodbye to your friends after a late movie
  • It was a nice night and you just enjoyed walking alone
  • Three people approached you as you attempted to pass them on your way home
    • “Hey, pretty lady…you’ll be coming with us now.”
  • You clutched your purse, trying to decide whether you could outrun the,
    • “Touch her, and you little shits are dead”
  • You turned around to see Saeran
  • One look from him had them running
  • You stood there in shock staring at him
    • “What kind of idiot walks alone in the dark like this,” he scolded you as he walked up
    • “W-Well…I-”
    • “You’re lucky I was watching you.”
    • “You were…watching me?” you said, puzzled
  • He stood over you now
    • “I’m always watching you,” he admitted, “and I’ll always be there to protect you.”
  • You couldn’t help but cry a little bit
  • “He did care…”
    • “Hey-hey, cut that out.”
  • He wiped your cheeks
  • Kissing your forehead before pulling you into an embrace

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What's your opinion on Aqua moons? They look at me like they know everything about me like they're really quiet but outgoing and up for anything and dangerous. I know one and she reminds me of effy. She's nice but reserved and makes little digs sometimes but she just *knows* and she finds everything quite boring and unstimulating. It has to be really far fetched to seem interesting. And she likes weird people and has either smart dominant friends or me, naive quirky ones. I'm a cap sun, gem moon

I personally love Aquarius Moons, because we both play games of who-knows-what. I learn from them and sort of become better at observing and just… knowing things.

I feel like they’re intuition, y'know… the thing they’ll deny having until their death, is geared towards others. Both how to help and how to hinder.

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I have two characters who relate to each other because of their pasts. They just met and become close by talking to each other about how bad things used to be for them. How can I write them to be extremely close to each other on a 'slightly more than friends but not dating' basis? They're male and female and I don't want them to have that boring love story relationship but I don't want them to be just friends.

By “more than friends” do you mean like would-do-anything-for-each-other kind of friends? Here’s the thing, it’s your story. I really think that if you want the characters to be friends but not in a relationship than just don’t make them fall in love. Write the banter and goofing off and them supporting each other as if there is no preconception that they will get together. It’s a weird thing that two people of the same sex can be so close and have mushy moments and nobody would ever suspect that they would fall in love (even if they actually do) but the second a male and a female have an actual conversation the wedding bells start ringing. Don’t focus on what readers might expect, focus on their friendship just as you would with same-sex friendships. They can have close and deep conversation but just leave out the romance. They can hug but don’t talk about how she wishes she could fall asleep in his arms or that kind of stuff. Write characters who share a deep connection and who care about each other and are there for each other but don’t want to sleep with each other. 

It’s really a simple solution to something that has been made difficult. Two people can get along perfectly well and yes even love each other without being in love and being attracted to each other.

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I'm really upset that platonic A/lurance is starting to become overshadowed with romantic A/lurance UGHH

I know wtf I love them as friends and people nonstop shipping them just because he respects her really annoys me because 1) it makes it seem like RESPECTING someone is a romantic thing WHICH IT ISN’T and 2) they automatically assume a BOY being nice to a GIRL is romantic and the heteronormativity is getting on my nerves 

Why Jacob Clifton's Pretty Little Liars Recaps Were Basically the Best Thing The Internet Had to Offer
  • Cousin Nate: Sadly, Nice Guys—also, often, Crazy People—are so into their own stuff that they don't really see you at all, just the stuff they're projecting onto you. So vague girls like you, and flighty artsy girls like Maya, are the two kinds of person that most often become Dream Girls to us. It doesn't matter if you say no or how hard you Friend-Zone me, because I wasn't listening to you before and I'm certainly not going to listen now, so at the most what you're doing is dicking me around and/or being a bitch. But because I put you on this pedestal, it seems to myself and sometimes even other people that I'm being a feminist, or at least I'm not a misogynist, when the truth is that I am a worse thing, which is a person so consumed by his own self that he honestly thinks women are objects put on this earth to carry his psychological burdens, and has never known a person he didn't demonize or divinize in this way. It's kind of like being Neo in the Matrix, except you're the only real person.
  • Emily: Oh my god, that's terrible! Are you some kind of horrifying space-age monster?
  • Cousin Nate: No, I am most guys.
  • Emily: So you killed Maya because she didn't play along with your weird fantasy that she was in love with you?
  • Cousin Nate: You're not listening. It didn't matter if she was in love with me, because I didn't need a cosigner. I was in love with her. The end.
  • Emily: Are you sure this isn't a deep psychological problem specific to you?
  • Cousin Nate: No. I promise you this is how most guys are. Especially under 25. We are socialized to feel entitled to everything—it makes us feel good when we get things—and you are socialized to constantly give away everything—it makes you feel good to give things—and when you add those things up, it's real easy to see how the Madonna/Whore complex became what it is today.
  • Emily: I hate the things I learn on this show.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SENSEI!!! I have a headcannon that Takeda appreciates his birthday but he doesn’t really like it anymore because he doesn’t want to get any older. So instead of going out with a lot of friends/family he decides to go out himself. (And then since Ukai’s family shop is closer than his home from the bar he stays there until Ukai kicks him out at closing. Ukai listens to him drunkly ramble then walks him the rest of the way home.) Idk it’s dumb but i just feel like as people get older their birthdays become less significant to them. :^(


"There is just no way he could survive a fall like that."

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could you write a fanfic where james&lily's son (harry) and sirius&marlene's son grow up together and become like james and sirius and they go to Hogwarts and mcgonagall is like oh my gosh because it's like james and Sirius all over again and they're both really close family friends and just something like that please? ps I love your fanfics x

thanks anon I love you x

Early retirement was an option. And an appealing one at that.

Because really, she had not been prepared for this day. No one had been.

Yet here they were, standing in front of her just as their fathers had done. And just as she’d known then, she knew now just how much trouble they were going to give her.

Because Harry Potter resembled his father a little bit too much for her liking. His hair was just as unruly, he was of the same build, and stood in the same way. Granted, he had Lily’s eyes, but they were framed by glasses which looked exactly like James’, and they held a twinkle that was far too like the one James’ held all those years ago.

And Elliot Black seemed to be no better. Although his hair was blonde like Marlene’s, he still had his father’s trademark smirk, and carried himself in the way Sirius always had. And just like Sirius, his stormy eyes were full of mischief and trouble.

Except that wasn’t all that worried her.

Because Harry Potter and Elliot Black were not just replicas of their fathers. No, it was much worse than that.

She could tell by looking at them they’d inherited traits from their mothers which would make them far worse than James and Sirius had ever been. It was evident that Lily’s passion and Marlene’s fierceness surrounded the boys, something she thought was incredibly dangerous to mix in with the traits of their fathers.

And they seemed to already have begun to make friends with other students, which worried her just as much. They now stood laughing with the youngest Weasley boy, his own family’s courage making his addition to the boys making her uneasy.

But then they smiled at her, both of them sending a little wave, and all of a sudden retirement didn’t seem that necessary.

Because she remembered just how fond of James and Sirius she was. How even though they were always in and out of her office, trying to look innocent as she scolded them for yet another prank, they’d often drop in for a chat and a biscuit. How even though they often lost the house several points for their trouble, they never failed to win them back by playing Quidditch or being kind to the younger students.

And if they did inherit their mothers’ qualities as well as their fathers’, then surely Harry was just as gentle and loving as Lily was, and Elliot was surely just as kind and protective.

Except then she saw them smirk wickedly at each other, and retirement seemed plausible once more.

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you keep posting these layhan stuffs, and although they sadden me a bit, i love you all the more for it, because they're my favorite brotp, and your love for them gives me life. cheers!

i love their friendship so much, it was and is still so beautiful and im so glad we were able to see it through all the fancams/photos. i love how they always goof off with each other and just looked so carefree??

this is gonna sound really lame lol but like im just so happy they were able to meet and become the best of friends???? ㄒ◡ㄒ i’d feel so blessed to have a friendship that comes even close to theirs #bestfriendgoals pls excuse my inner layhan feels 

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What's your favorite bird? I like ravens because they're really smart.

I love ravens, too. I’ve been trying to get some in my neighborhood to be my friends, but so far I’ve just become like a god to the squirrels who are eating all the peanuts I keep putting out for the birds.

I also love owls and raptors.

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Your thirsty followers need to quit asking "would you date this kind of girl" because the obvious answer is you will date anyone you're attracted to as long as they're a nice person. Dates are nice and all but me, I'd just really like the chance to become your friend. I bet you consider all your followers to be friends to a certain degree though, so I'm already part of the way there. :D

Exactly! I just like.. wanna date people I like and am attracted to. I don’t get why people are trying to draw fine lines. lol.

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ooh what about a bellarke headcanon where like they're both like Olympic athletes and meet at the games and then they meet and become friends and go to support each other when they're competing aw

OH MY GOD OKAY BUT LIKE: clarke’s a gymnast and she and raven are the best of the best but then they meet octavia and she’s the youngest gymnast on their team in 30 years and they’re like fuuuck she’s amazing AND THEN THEY MEET HER BROTHER



because bell’s not competing that day so he comes to support o and so she introduces him to her team and raven’s like that guy is so hot literally wtf clarke u need to get on that like seriously girl if I wasn’t already dating wick… and clarke’s like raVEN NOW IS NOT THE TIME but bellamy totally heard and raven has somehow disappeared bc for some reason she’s really good at that so bellamy’s being kind of an ass but also adorable because he knows he’s hot stuff okay

and they get to talking and one day clarke goes with octavia to watch him compete and hot fucking damn that boy is killing her and bell totally knows she’s practically drooling like at this point he’s just playing with her and they make it a habit to watch each other compete and one day after clarke does a particularly hard routine she walks off the mat all sweaty in her little leotard and bellamy says something about how it’s really working for her or that red’s her colour or something and winks and she almost trips bc what just happened???

and on the last day of the olympics clarke gives him her number because it can’t hurt right but it turns out they actually live in the same city because when octavia joined their team she moved to their base and hell if he was going to let her go alone so they end up getting coffee and they totally have sex in the locker room at some point okay

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Hey, how close are Spidey and Deadpool in the comics? I mean for real. Because sometimes I think they're kind of enemies or at least Spidey don't like Wade much and sometimes I see something that makes me think they're friends and I'm really confused... Or maybe they become closer after some time? I need the truth! xD

They’ve regularly teamed-up to defeat various villains, much to Spidey’s reluctance. He despises Wade. You see, Peter was very selfish at some point in his life, and it got Uncle Ben killed. So he fights this part of himself. And Wade embraces his selfishness. Peter hates it. He hates Wade’s recklessness when he himself fights himself so much, at great costs. 

Wade, on the other hand, loves Spidey. LOVES him. Spidey is the embodiment of a true hero and pure goodness in Wade’s eyes, even though Spidey’s coldness toward him sometimes gets to him. He likes to brag that they are best friends, especially to his daughter, apparently.

But in the new Spider-Man/Deadpool series, Wade asked Spidey to help him earn the right to call himself a hero and when saved the city from Mysterio, sparing the baddie’s life, Spidey finally agreed to give Wade a chance. Peter is still wary of the merc, but you can tell Wade is slowly growing on him.

They had seemed to reach friendship level in Deadpool annual #2 but in Uncanny Avengers #1 couldn’t stand Wade again… hopefully when Wade and Peter solve the issues at Parker Industries they will be best friends, and not just in Wade’s mind.

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so after the promised day, winry and riza get to know each other a little bit better (mostly because of ed and roy's interactions with each other, or at least at first) and one day they're talking and winry's like .. .. "i actually got my ears pierced because of you!!" and riza's like "no way omg i grew my hair out because of you!" and it turns out they are pretty much kindred spirits and they become really good friends~

AHHHH I loVE this headcanon so hard!!! Like I totally see them becoming friends and stuff!!!