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Musicals as types of people in school
  • Phantom of the opera: The emo kid with short hair that's always in every singe musical the school puts on
  • Cats: The kid that knows that everybody hates them but they still fight to pursue their dreams/the kid that nobody knows is an acrobat
  • Sweeney Todd: The goth kid who hisses as people in the hallways and only hangs out with like two other people and keeps a diary
  • Heathers: The really popular and preppy girl who's secretly really sad about everything
  • Spring awakening: The kid who makes waaay to many sexual jokes and lost their virginity before everyone else
  • A chorus line: The kid who's never available to do anything because they're at rehearsal
  • Wicked: That one kid that was always ignored in school but grew up to be extremely famous
  • Into the woods: the kid with an unnaturally morbid sense of humor
  • Les Misérables: The kid who's way to into politics and starts fights just about every day

“Thank you, Ray”

It’s easy to forget who you really are when you pretend for too long

(…..I wanted to draw crying Zarc probably…)

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).


Peter Cushing + That sexy neck thing he always does after getting choked out

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yikes! do you know you're embarrassing and homophobic or have you somehow deluded yourself into thinking you're not

I’m guessing this is about the Jughead post


Jughead has been queer-coded in the comics for a very long time now by not expressing any interest in having sex or romantic relationships with women but not expressing any interest in men. since the latest comics in which a writer chose to interpret him as asexual, a lot of aphobic lgbt+ people have decided this is taking valuable representation away from him because they view him as being gay-coded

let me repeat: a significant standing of lgbt+ people see a male person who has no interest in sex or romance with females BUT DOES NOT EXPRESS ANY INTEREST IN SEX OR ROMANCE WITH MALES EITHER as being gay

a significant standing of lgbt+ people identify with this character and feel they share similar experiences / issues / traits with him

a significant standing of lgbt+ people view Jughead as representation for the queer community SOLELY ON THE BASIS OF HIS LACK OF SEXUAL AND ROMANTIC INTEREST IN THE “”OPPOSITE”” SEX IN A HETERONORMATIVE SOCIETY

then many of these same lgbt+ people who just said and even insisted on all of that turn right around and scream that asexual and aromantic people don’t deserve to be in the lgbt+ community

that we’re basically straight

that “”real”” lgbt+ have NOTHING in common with us

that we don’t face any or enough oppression

that simply experiencing a lack of attraction shouldn’t let us into the community

that we can ONLY be accepted in IF AND ONLY IF!!!! we also experience “”same gender”” attraction or are trans

  • (which they actually don’t even care about AT ALL, as seen by how often aphobes will assume I’m straight and erase my lesbian and non-binary identities, so actually, not even then)

Jughead does not meet any of that criteria. his only coding is that he isn’t interested in sex or romance, specifically doesn’t like women, and also isn’t attracted to men

now, if you personally want to headcanon the older issues of Jughead as being gay, that’s fine. if you’re a gay person and identify with him, that’s fine. if you want more gay characters in the comics or show–great!!

but in my post, I specified aphobic lgbt+ people because the entire point of it was that there is SERIOUS HYPOCRISY GOING ON

you can’t claim Jughead is gay and then invalidate asexual / aromantic people

you can’t say Jughead is “your” representation and then say you have nothing in common with asexual / aromantic people

you can’t say Jughead’s lack of attraction to women is ALL it requires to make him gay and therefore “yours” and then refuse to admit asexual / aromantic people into the community because they’re “basically straight”

TLDR: if aphobic lgbt+ people can admit a character whose only queer-coding is lack of attraction, then they must admit asexual / aromantic people belong in the community too

PS: I just looooooove how aphobes never check my about me to see that I’m gay and nonbinary, because it’s just so much easier to assume I’m straight, erase my “”valid”” identities because you really don’t give a shit about them, and then call me homophobic

they now have the same hairdresser and phil has made it a rule that he has to go first so he can make the best small talk because if dan goes first he’ll take all the small talk and all the best stories because they have the same stories because they’re always together

popular tumblr post: don’t date or be friends with people who [trait i have because of my personality disorder]

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He woke tho

random quotes from Super Best Friends play Final Fantasy XV

“I want him to just pick this thing [Carbuncle] up and eat it.”

“I remember that first trailer back when I was nine. This game took 85 years to come out.”

“Noctis looks like such an asshole I can’t stand it.”

In game: Find out what Gladiolus is weak to and let him have it.
Matt: “He’s weak to insults about his performance in the bedroom.”

“Prompto is the most boyband of them all.”

“When Noctis’s Papa Roach CD is done, the game is over.”

Patt: “I will rescue you buddy.” *revives Prompto*
Matt: “I rescued you with my magical boy hands.”
Patt: “My magical boy hands for my magical boy bands.”

“When teaming up with your buddies nobody can stop the amount of dicks you draw on each others faces.”

*seeing Ifrit in the first cutscene*
Patt: “The fact that it’s a perfect naked man that will not leave his chair–”
Matt: “I feel like at the end of my life that’s what I’ll be fighting. And I will fail.”

*imitating Regis* “So your boybands doing shit huh, what, you’re gonna go on tour?”

“Gladio can you please button up your shirt it’s distracting everyone.”

“Gladiolus looks like he’s from The Bouncer. In fact he might be from The Bouncer for all we know.”

“Gladiolus and Ignis look like that one guy from The Bouncer in the cactaur outfit put into two people.”

*Matt, imitating Regis again* “Remember Noctis, every moment you live is a disappointment for me.”

“And please… do something about your hair. It’s a constant embarrassment.”

*Patt, now imitating Regis* “You look like such an asshole, but, you’re my asshole.”

“It would really suck if he was doing the deed with Lunafreya, and he yells out some other dumb girls name in the Final Fantasy universe. Like ‘Oh! Yunalesca!’ and she’s like ‘Who the fuck is Yunalesca?’ ”

Matt: “Push the fucking car losers!”
Patt: “Push the car, and make sure that Gladio’s butt is the one that’s really in center there.”

“Why is Prompto always on the floor?”

“Wait, I don’t wanna play as Gladiolo– Gladiyolo, god–”

*after seeing Noctis summon his weapons* “No wonder she’s getting married, she probably saw that and went ‘Yes!’ ”

*sees Ignis walk off in the background* *Matt bursts into laughter* “Ignis is just like ‘fuck it I’m out of here!’.”

“I’m seeing photos people are posting of these guys taking selfies with themselves walking around in the background.”

Patt: “I just did a backflip slash for no reason, other than I think Noctis thought it was cool.”
Matt: “Well it’s because he knew Prompto was watching.”

“That should be the Logo of our channel – stop bitching, start killing.”

*Prompto starts singing the FF victory tune* “AHH!!– AH YEAH! ALL RIGHT, YOU WON ME OVER!”

*Ignis explains the Crownsguard attire* Patt: “Oh, so that’s why. They’re forced to dress boyband.”
Matt: “Or forced to dress like they just raided a Hot Topic.”
Patt: “It’s the law… So the King, that King? [Regis] Was like ‘everyone has to dress like this in my army’.”
Matt: “Okay, you know what? Fair enough. I never realize that.”
Patt: “That King is the weirdest old man in the world.”

*imitating Regis* “I want all the hot boys to dress in leather in my army.”

“Cindy, and one of these guys, I wanna help that along.”

Matt: “You know what this place [Hammerhead] needs!? It need one of those big inflatable floaty guys!”
Patt: “And it should be a cactaur.”
Matt: “Yeah! OH!! That makes me so excited!”
Patt: “There might be in here, who knows?”

“Why aren’t your lips moving Ignis?”

“Join us… We promise we’ll treat you better than them.”

Both gullible and cute. Just the assistant they’ve wanted lol.


I love and adore BIGBANG to the ends of the earth and am so extremely proud of them and all the billion things they’ve accomplished during these past 11 years and there is no doubt about the fact that I’ll be a VIP until whenever.

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