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That’s gonna be an awesome time! Tell everyone I say hi!

A few favourites from my colection: Hercule Poirot mystery paperbacks + contemporary guides

I love vintage 40s, 50s and 60s American editions of Agatha Christie books so much, they’re worth the expensive international shipping costs ($20 shipping for a single paperback)! Can’t buy them as often as I’d like but I enjoy collecting them. The gloves and stiletto-like corn knife on the 1944 edition of 13 at dinner (UK title: Lord Edgware Dies) are simple yet amazingly creepy. ♥

I love all three versions of Spider-Man. Each actor brought something new to the character and put their own spin on it. Toby Maguire was the lovably dorky nerd, preferring to take pictures and watch people at a distance because he seemed to always say the wrong thing. Andrew Garfield was socially awkward, nerdy loner, who always tried to hunker down and be invisible when he was uncomfortable (which didn’t work because he’s very lanky). Tom Holland is the adorable, overly eager kid hungry for approval and recognition, who just wants to be accepted by those he admires. 

I love all three portrayals.

i never thought i’d stan a group other than shinee, but they’ve done it. Nu’est has made it into my shinee filled heart and i don’t mind in the slightest <3 

It amazes me how beautiful girls are. There's the girls that have freckles. The girls that are curvy and have stretch marks. There's the shy ones. The nerdy, gamers. The bookworms. The skinny ones. It amazes me because they're all different. Unique even. Black, white, Hispanic, Muslim etc, doesn't even matter. Goddesses in different ways😍


why was australia heathers so much better than the off broadway version

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I love seeing pictures of other Pangur lookalikes and they all have amazing names because they're like majestic weasels who aren't supposed to have ordinary names

any normal name bestowed on an Oriental cat would somehow become warped into strangeness


This is actually the most adorable thing ever💕 Jinho is such a sweetheart and Yuto is just such a cutie💕

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How does Yakuza Genji end up with a hRem, if I may ask?

ohhh my god that’s such a story.

Okay so. He and Satya meet and hook up while she’s there on a Vishkar assignment, and Sojiro found out – but because he indulges the hell out of Genji he kind of. Brokers a deal. With Vishkar. So Genji and Satya can get married. Because alliances!! It’s all very political and it’s convenient that they happen to really like each other.

Shortly before they get married Satya’s like “look I realize this might complicate things but there’s. This girl. I’ve been talking to her online for a while and she’s been kind of….sharing some Vishkar secrets with me. You know. She’s also really pretty and I’m kind of into her.” Genji’s like “well goddamn, introduce me.” It’s Sombra, they get on like a house on fire, and yay, happy poly triad!

A couple years later, after some Shit Has Gone Down and Genji and Hanzo are sole leaders of the clan (Sombra rooted out the plan to kill Genji, warned them ahead of time, and with some time to actually consider his options Hanzo was like “actually fuck this” and they utterly destroyed the Clan elders) Genji runs into this omnic monk being hassled by some punks and is like “you wouldn’t dare hassle the oyabun‘s guest, would you?” and brings Zen home with him. Zen stays with them for a while and Genji, Satya, and Sombra unanimously decide that they really like him and invite him in. It’s great I love them.

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I follow a lot of blogs, and they're all good. But not this one, because this one is amazing, and inspiring, and just teaches not only me but others about the much needed care for animals. Thank you <3

That is great to hear, but I hope you’re also learning about the humans that come along with the animals, and some of the complexities of the world we navigate.

ok so: an autistic young man (coded but not confirmed in canon) who has tremendous skill in an area he doesn’t value in the way others do, but he still uses. protective of genius younger brother to the point of extreme violence if necessary, despite disliking/not being suited to fighting. shigeo kageyama or tick jefferson?

But what if Gregor shows up to the underland with dyed hair and everyone just loses it and Luxa cant stop touching his hair and she asks him how he changed the color and Gregor tells her about hair dye and brings some on his next visit to the underland and starts a trend among the younger kids/teens and the underland is filled with children with multicolored hair

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First of all I love everything you post you're so talented and creative and awesome. Second, I would LOVE IT if you made more "if Darkiplier had a YouTube channel" gifs because I think they're amazing. If not I get it, we're all busy, but I would love the shit out of them!!! :D

aw heck dude, you’re too kind! thank you so much! and i’ll definitely be making more gifs of those! i’ll be making edits like those for the other egos as well! i just gotta finish up finals week first. 💚 but yeah! i love making those.