because they were so cute idek

Day6 Live and Meet in Toronto :^)

Here’s my fan account as promised !!

The members came out one by one and I had a fxxking heart attack every time one of them came out… the screams that left me …. unholy lmao.

They sang a few songs (I can’t remember which ones. I was too excited 😭 Plus my seat was right in line with where Sungjin was standing so rip I was distracted). Their voices were amazing! Even better than the recordings… especially Brian whoaaa. I was slain. 😱😱😱

Then the games and Q&A started. I can’t remember all of them but I’ll try !!

Jae got the pop the balloon game and was Not About It since it involved hugging his members to make the balloons pop so he tried to switch the game, but the MC wouldn’t let him 🙅 Jae made it real quick with the popping to get it over with lol. The MC asked how the other members felt about getting their hugs and Sungjin was like “Wow he’s a Man!!” bzhnnshddjdbdkd idek. Jae also kept mentioning how he feels like A Real Musician now and that he couldn’t believe it was at all possible to tour in North America so successfully. He was meme-y through out. Even dabbed when we were singing the jeopardy theme song 😂😂

Wonpil had to play the mystery box game at one point and was so hesitant and scared. He kept asking what the thing was and the members would be like “NO YOU TELL US WHAT IT IS!!!” Anyway after a bunch of that, he got it right (a fur scarf. Brian thought it was a fox though lmao). He was supposed to only have 30 seconds to guess… but it took like over 5 minutes 😂😂. He was very very cute. His thank you speeches were so long and heartfelt 😭

Dowoon was asked about why he drums or something like that and he said it’s helped him with his blushing? Idk 😂 He was very cute. At one point a fan screamed that she loved him and he gave a very awkward thumbs up. It was so great 😂😂

Brian was really excited to be back in Toronto. Couldn’t even believe how much had changed since he’d been here last. That so many people came and all that. He tried to avoid some of the games lmao. Oh and there was a bingo game and everyone wanted him to pick 6 (for day6 and because Toronto is also known as The Six. Idk why okay. It just is lol), but he ended up going with 2 and felt bad about it 😂

I’m a horribly biased person and rmemeber the most about Sungjin… rip. He was just so great throughout. His face was so expressive lmao. Like you could tell exactly what he was thinking 😂😂. He also like busted a few moves during the jeopardy songs and during their performances… he was so so soooo cute. At one point he got asked what he was in a previous life and he said a king… but then changed it to dictator king and made this like idk dictator stance and expression ??? Anyway he said he’s the dictator of his group… and the MC asked the members if it was true… they like … were silent lmao. Then Jae got up (like a comedian of course lmao) and explained Everything. How where they eat depends on what Sungjin wants. They’ll ask him what he wants and he’ll say that anything is okay, but then rejects all options - with no reason at all 😂😂 (buddy SAME). Sungjin was like !!!! You should know what I want by now !! It’s been years !! Also like when they were playing another game (hackey sack game), Sungjin said he hit it 4 times (he actually did 3 how sneaky 😂😂). He was fighting the MC about it so the MC asked the crowd and we said it was 4 😂😂. He also had to sing a song about Toronto (in English!!). His voice was beautiful my heart eyes were huge. Imeantheywerethewholetimebutevenmoresocough.

After a bit of the games and Q&A, they played a video of them in Toronto while they got ready to preform again. It was weird seeing them in places I’ve been before lol. Omg at one point in the video Sungjin sang hotline bling and Brian was like “Who used to call you? That’s right! ME!” 😂😂

They then performed a few songs. I was blown away again drjsfbdjjdbd. But then they stopped the music because Brian’s bass got unplugged so he had been pretending to play it for the last few songs 😂😂😂. While we were waiting for everything to be fixed they all said how they felt about being here and how they felt about the tour being over. They were all very thankful and kept mentioning on how surprised they were that people showed up for the concerts. Brian was like “I know Toronto has my back !!!” Then they played the two last songs.

Before they left though they were like heyo if you scream encore we’ll come back ;))) so we did and they came back as promised. They went wild. Brian went into the crowd and Sungjin was dancing all over the stage. They thanked us again then left for real 😭😭

Theeeeeen it was time for high touch. When I was in line my legs were fxxking shaking okay. When it was my turn Sungjin was the first you got to meet. I saw him and I just. Idek. He was glowing and so so sooo beautiful and handsome. Radiant even. Wow. I looked right into his eyes and eeeeee they were so pretty and he was so enthusiastic about the high five. He just one of those people that glows. Then Brian was next and like wow all of a sudden I was looking into his eyes and it took a second to process (because ffs I had just met loml Sungjin). But when it processed that I was looking at Brian I just idek it was A Lot. He was so very pretty. Both him and Sungjin were quite broad I was shook dhnsbdjdd. Then I can’t remember if it was Jae or Dowoon next, but they were greaaaaat. I looked into both their eyes too 😭😭. Wonpil was last and he was so cute and little I could not handleeeee. Then it was over and I was in shock for like …. well I’m still in shock 😂😂😂. I meant to say something to each of them, but all I could do was smile widely at them omg. Goodness they were all so beautiful aaaaaahhh !!!!

It was one of the best experiences of my life. I would totally see them again 😭💕

Undercover Agent!Yoon Jisung

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i LOVE jisung SO MUCH and gjhdgfhgsjf he looks so gOOD in his teaser pics lmao gtg byeee

Genre;; uhh undercover agent!au,, fluff,, sorry if the stuff about the police and stuff is wrong lmao am not a cia agent

Warnings;; theres mention of a contract killing & hits and a bar and like,, gang stuff??

Pairing;; Yoon Jisung x reader

Requested;; nope

Summary;; You are undercover for the organised crime unit. Yoon Jisung is your prime suspect for the contract killing of a rival gang member. Little do you know, he’s thinking the exact same thing about you…

Style;; bullet point + stuff

Word Count;; 1801

im SUPER sorry;; if you’ve requested something im super busy w family stuff and work but next week im free so ill get the requests done,, this was just something i’ve had written for a while lol its basically the plot of an episode of a tv show i watched when i was in spain in august idek what it was called but it was super cute and i thought it fit jisung because?? idk i feel like his personality fits this sort of thing lol anyway hope u enjoy

  • you joined the organised crime unit straight out of police training and tbh you were a prodigy
  • you were known for solving cases in record speed and you were always effective in undercover work
  • you knew of someone else on the force who was just as good at solving cases/being undercover as you were
  • but you had no idea who they were, just that they were in the homicide unit
  • anyway
  • your unit had been following a gang for quite a while
  • and you’d come to know all of their members quite well
  • when suddenly, the guy you were preparing to arrest was killed by a contract killer
  • your unit managed to catch the killer and he confessed that he was paid to kill the guy by a guy within the main gang in the city
  • and so your unit decided,, you should go undercover
  • you studied up on the members of this second gang and you focused all of your efforts on who appeared to be pulling the strings even though he wasn’t the leader
  • this guy called yoon jisung
  • luckily someone else in your unit was already undercover in the gang and so when you joined he introduced you as his half-sister
  • and straight away you spotted jisung looking at you up and down
  • you knew he was a bad guy, his files said left the police force a year ago and joined the gang straight away
  • he was very close to the leader already and was almost like his right hand man
  • little did you know, jisung was also an undercover agent
  • THE undercover agent from the homicide unit
  • he kept his real name in the gang to make his story more believable,, also because he can’t deal with fake names because he’d never adjust to being called something else lol

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You’re Beautiful // John Murphy Imagine

title - you’re beautiful

pairing - john murphy/you

prompt - “”  HIII can u do a murphy x reader based on the line “pins her against the wall tells her shes beautiful” thank you :) “”

warnings - alcohol, swearing, light smut (oops)

a/n -  the line is from a the maine song and the link this here if you wanna listen to it (i hope that the right song bc it if isn’t then fuck thats awkward) anyway this is cute but i wasnt really feeling it so pls tell me what you think of it bc idek i think its kinda bad?? but enjoyyyy ((requests are open babs)

It was raining. The wind blew violently through the forest, and the tents were flapping with just as much ferocity. On any other given day, you’d be outside, happily enjoying the rain while practically everyone else looked on at you in disgust and concern, and the feelings were mutual–as far as you were concerned–because you just couldn’t understand how they could hate this weather. It was beautiful.

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haha do you think that in the car/spaceship ride over to that place where the “president” was being held the arrow/flash gang started trying to relive a bit of tension and talk about if there was one day they could visit (key word visit) anywhere they wanted, when/where would it be?  And the Legends talked about some of the things they’ve seen (like Martin Stein geeking out about the Einsteins) and Kara’s just so quiet and listen Kara’s a horrible liar but this isn’t lying–this is going invisible, and for the past decade this is what kara perfected, and maybe only Sara noticed but then they get to the battle and shit happens and then after everything goes down, after they defeat the aliens and they go out to celebrate.

And Sara trails behind and asks so Supergirl, you never said, where would you go? And Kara gives just the saddest smile she’s ever seen and tells her she’d see her family one last time, see her planet in its prime. And that’s when Sara finds out about what brought Kara to Earth because all Barry said was there was an alien with superpowers who was nice (they were clearly surprised that kara looked human, that she could fly, and had heat vision and all her other powers. Barry probably only said that she was r strong and almost as fast as him), and neglected to give any other details and oh no Sara’s falling hard because this girl is so cute and adorable and kind and listen. Sara knows Oliver McBroodyface. And yet this girl has lost so much is still so optimistic and bright???? Poor Sara, she’s just struck bi the gay (see what I did there)


11/ 「random gifs of my favorite GOT7 members a.k.a my ot3 markjinson♡ 」

markjin edition two: realgot7season2epi5 was just an excuse for markjin to go on a night date ft. the non existent giant maknae

Sweet Tooth

Bucky x Reader | AU One Shot

Requested by @scarlett-nutshello

Summary: As a dental assistant, nothing exciting ever goes on. That is, until someone new comes in.

Word Count:  1,874 i got carried away hah

Warnings: Uh, slight language?

Notes: I enjoy going to the dentist haha only because of the way my teeth feel afterwards. They feel so slick and smooth. Also, does the title even fit? Idek. I enjoyed writing this cute fluff! Also, I’m sorry if it seems slow at first. I just really like details lol but I hope you enjoy reading it babe :)
btw, if theres any mistakes, let me know and i’ll fix them asap

“Do I really have to come in today, Nat?”

You were laying on your left side, with your phone against your right ear. It was barely 9:00 am, and you specifically planned on sleeping in. Today was supposed to be your day off, but here you were, listening to your co-workers voice.

“Please, Y/N? I know this was your day off….”

Hah. I love how she uses the word “was”

“…but I really need you to cover for me today. Remember Clint? He got into some kind of accident and he might’ve broken his arm. I know it’s last minute, but pretty please, Y/N?”

You couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle.

“Is the all mighty Natasha really begging? Should I record this once in a lifetime moment?” you teased back. Everyone back at the dentist office steered clear of Nat, solely because she was a force to be reckoned with. She wasn’t one to start fights, but rather finish them. Nonetheless, she was good at her job and got things done.

“If you record this, does that mean you’ll come in today?”

“Mmmmmmm, alright. I’ll come in today, only because I know you have a crush on Clint and want to spend more time with him”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Y/N! I owe you, I promise”

Usually, she gets at you for teasing her about Clint but not this time. You could hear her shuffling around in the background, grabbing keys and some other stuff. In the back of your mind, you were kind of worried for Clint. You had only met the guy twice, and you’d be a liar if you said he wasn’t cool.

“Wait, Nat! What time do I have to clock in??” you stammered out, before she hung up on you.

“Oh shit! I almost forgot, my shift starts at 9:30.”

“Alrighty then, have fun at the hospital.”

With that, you hung up and placed your phone on your nightstand. Yawning, you snuggled back into your sheets and began drifting off.

Wait… What time is it?

You twisted your body so hard, you ended up falling out of bed. Quickly, you stood up, grabbing for your phone and pressed the button to illuminate the screen.


“Damn it Nat”

By the time 9:26 rolled around, you managed to pull into the parking lot and “calmly” walk inside the dentist office. As you looked around the empty waiting room, you managed to knock over the small fern by the window, causing a domino effect and knocking over a couple picture frames on the table.

“Y/N? Is that you?” a voice called out from the back.

“You know it Wanda” you shouted back, bending over to pick the plant up and standing the photos once again. As you brushed your hands off on your scrubs, you looked up in time to see Wanda poke her head through the little front desk window, where people sign in.

“The moment I heard that fern fall over, I knew it was you” she laughed out, “You’ve been working here for like, half a year and still manage to knock that thing over every week.”

“You know, I’m starting to think you and Natasha move the damn plant an inch closer to the front door each day. I’m still surprised it’s alive by now.”

Wanda laughed once again, and shook her head. You kicked the plant aside a bit more, and walked up to the door that leads to the back of the office. A muffled buzz signaled the door was unlocked, and you opened the door and headed in. After you put your stuff away, you sat down at the front desk and checked the agenda to see what you had in store.

Hmph. Look’s like it’s going to be slow. Only two check ups are scheduled today.

“See you next check up, Sam! Take it easy on that smile, don’t want to blind any girls” you called out, waving at your long time client.

Opening up the agenda again, you crossed out “Sam Wilson: 2:00 pm″ and sat back with content. It was slow days like these, that made you feel at peace. Sometimes, it was boring not having any clients come in, but if you were being honest, you preferred that over the busy days where clients flooded the waiting room.

“Hey Y/N, you can catch a break right now since we finished with our only appointments today” Dr. Banner mentioned, as he patted you on the back. You smiled and nodded, leaning back in the swivel chair even more. The room filled with the sound of his foot steps as he left the front room, and then quiet again. Normally there was music playing low in the background, but Nat was the only one who was able to figure out the stereo. You, Wanda and Dr. Banner didn’t dare touch it, in fear that one of you would mess it up, or worse, break it.

About ten minutes later, you heard the front door open. You kept your position in the chair, expecting to hear someone. Instead, there was silence. Opening your eyes, you noticed a man standing at the front desk window staring at you. Startled, you nearly fall out of the chair only to grab the desk and regain balance.

“Oh, hello. How can I help you?” you asked him. You took a second to take in his appearance. He seemed almost 6′ft, shoulder length brunette hair that was wrapped in a sloppy bun, stunning blue glacier eyes, and some slight scruff. A new face, no doubt. You would’ve remember those features.

“Hi.. I’m here to see Bruce? Dr. Banner? I don’t have an appointment, I, um… Can you just let him know Bucky is here?” he asked you, maintaining eye contact with you.

Nodding, you got up and headed to Dr. Banner’s office. You knocked on the door, despite it being open.

“Hey, doc? There’s a handsome guy at the desk named Bucky?”

“Bucky?? Is James really here?” he looked up at you, with a slight surprised expression.

“Uh, I’m not sure. He just said ‘let him know Bucky is here’ and that’s it.”

And with that, your boss got up from his chair and headed to the front desk, with you following behind.

The room was flooded with the sound of memories being reminisced, and laughter. You haven’t heard Dr. Banner laugh so hard before, nor smile as much. According to him, Bucky is a long time friend of his. Before he opened up his own business, he would practice on two kids. Bucky being one of them, while the other was named Steven.

“So what brings you here, Buck?” Bruce asked Bucky, wiping the tears from his face.

“Well, you have to promise not to get mad, alright? Ever since you moved out of town, I haven’t actually… Uh, gotten a check up” Bucky admitted, looking down at the floor.

“You’re kidding?” Bruce replied, “Jesus, this kid is going to be the death of me one day, Y/N. Mind getting a room set up real quick?”

“No problem, boss” you answered gladly, looking back at Bucky only to meet with his eyes.

As you were getting the sterile tools out, you noticed a change in the room. You turned around to see Bucky leaning against the doorframe, smiling. Without saying a word, you simply raised an eyebrow only for him to reply back with a shrug, clueing that he meant no harm. You turned back around to finish setting everything up, still feeling his eyes watch your every move.

“Alrighty,” you stated, patting the chair. “You can take a seat now. While we wait for my boss, let’s take some x-rays.”

“Whatever you say, doll” Bucky replied, giving you a innocent smile.

Carefully, you placed the pieced the holders in his mouth.

“Bite down, but not too hard and don’t move at all” you told him, as you walked around and positioned the machine to the side of his mouth. Just before you pushed the button he winked, making you playfully roll your eyes.

Moving the machine back against the wall, you walked back over to Bucky and retrieved the holders from his mouth.

“You have an amazing smile, you know that?”

Blushing, you gently shook your head at him. You placed the wire around his neck and clamped the paper down.

“I actually do. Being a dental assistant does have its perks, you know” you said, moving back from the chair only to hit the tray and knock off a couple tools. “Shit” you mumbled. Bucky chuckled, leaning off the chair to help pick up the tools, handing them to you.

“Sorry about that, I’m a bit… Clumsy” you muttered under your breath.

“No harm done, love” Buck reassured, handing you the tool.

“Ouch!” you retracted your hand quickly, looking over it closely.

“Oh.. My God! I-I am so sorry, are you okay? I swe-” Bucky stammered out, grabbing the tools and putting them on the tray again.

Gently, you grabbed the bottom of the glove and lifted it over and off your right hand. Right away, you noticed a small red bead form in your palm. As you flexed your hand a bit, the bead grew bigger.

“I’m so sorry” Bucky said, looking at your hand. He seemed to be turning red, clearly embarrassed for basically stabbing you with a dental tool.

“Hah, it’s fine Bucky. I mean, James. I’ll survive”

His eyes perked up, connecting with yours. The ends of his lips slowly curved outward, giving you a comforting smile.

“Call me Bucky”

The both of you didn’t move from your position, but then came in your boss.

“Buck, you distracting my assistant now?” Dr. Banner questioned.

“It’s more like the other way around, Bruce” Bucky said back, “I’m surprised you don’t have a line of people waiting outside, with her working here.”

Although you didn’t have a mirror, you already knew your face was redder than the bead of blood on your palm. You got up carefully, and rinsed your hand in the sink. The bleeding seemed to stopped, so you put another glove on, grabbed the tools from the tray and replaced them.

“Can I make a deal with you Bruce?” Bucky asked Dr. Banner while he looked around his mouth.

“What is it that you want Buck” Dr. Banner replied in a flat tone. He was too busy focusing on Bucky’s teeth.

“If you give Y/N a day off Friday, I promise to come back for a checkup from now on”

Dr. Banner stopped poking around Bucky’s mouth, furrowing his brows at him. Bucky smiled, and shrugged. You could feel your cheeks getting warm all over again. You boss turned to look at you, back to Bucky, and back to you.

“Well, Y/N, enjoy your Friday. I’ll have Natasha cover for you, considering that you took her shift today” Dr. Banner stated, giving you a friendly smile.

Bucky turned his gaze towards you, already beaming. 

“Is this a date?” you asked him, giving him a smirk.

Before he could answer, Dr. Banner stuck his tools in Bucky’s mouth and started cleaning.

“It’sth dethinately a date’th” he managed.

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YES I DID ! omg thanks for caring anon 💖💖 apparently he wasn’t allowed to get into the street were we live anymore, so he had to wait for like two hours at a street which is like 5 minutes away from our appartment omg


All done! \( ; ▽ ; )/ I tried drawing all of them in different styles. (Don’t get me started with the poses; idek what any of them are doing, besides Judge and Valerie.) I had to edit some of the colours because they didn’t fit too well together, like they were so closely alike and just bleh. (The 2nd one was a mess to fix.) ¡Espero que les guste!

nonbinarybatters misguiding-hunter

Fly in NYC Day 2

I’m sure I’m hella late but I had to share my experience. I went to the show with a friend. It was lit af. First off I gotta say that them boys know how to put on a show. I decided to be cute and I wore a bodycon dress and my fro was flourishing and I wore a cat ear headband.

We were in section p2. The view was great and I’m a tall gal so I could see extremely well I was pretty chill and singing along until Something in me told me to look up. When I looked up, I saw JB staring at me. It was intense like I had to look away one because I physically couldn’t and idek what to do lol. I just gave him a little smirk. The show progresses and I notice JB is staring at me again and I’m just like lawddd. JB isnt my Got 7 bias but he was coming for my life.

Next is Jackson and his extra ass. I forgot the song they were dancing to but jackson is being a lil hoe and I start smiling and next thing I know is Jackson is looking straight at me and he proceeds to smile and continue the sexy ass dance he was doing. I was dead after that. I also remember Yugyeom smiling at me a few times. That smile is so pretty like God blessed him.

Fast forward to the hi-touch. All I can remember is Yugeyom and his soft ass hands and bright ass smile. Fast forward to JB because after touching Yugeyom’s hand It was a blur. JB came for my life again. So I slightly trip because my friend was kinda in a daze. I end up standing in front of JB abruptly. I look at him and I’m smiling and he’s just staring. So I touch his hand and while our hands rub together, he continues to stare and then gives this beautiful smile. I almost died after that. Next was Jackson, he looked a bit tired so he gave one of those cute smiles. I believe JR was last and I was still kinda dead from JB. That man is just too much, he managed to climb up my bias list
In a matter of a few hours. The show was amazing and I will most definitely see them again when they come to NYC


Moriarty slipped up, he made a mistake. because the one person he thought didn’t matter at all to me; was the one person that mattered t h e  m o s t.

cirquedukyo  asked:

If there were a moon guardian in KHR what do you think he/she would be like? (It's a strange question I know, people talk about it sometimes so I thought I'd ask you xD)

Something like this ? i’m sry it’s just a messy sketch, what’s up with that ribbon haha, idek myself orz… Can he be like, a total flirt or smth who calls Tsuna cute and stuff all the time, b-because i wish there was someone like that lmao…. ♥

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at the first listen i was like, oh hahaha CPR (ep 6 flashbacks)
and then when i listened to it again i realized that That Is Not How You Give Someone CPR
and then i listened to it again again and i realized that haru couldn’t possibly be asleep because they were so LOUD


 finally watched The Force Awakens, and okay, so–

Finn, who grows up moving from foster home to foster home, never quite feeling settled or like he fits, who decides it’s time to get out there - maybe to try and chase where he’s from, maybe just to explore the world on his own terms. It’s scary, but he needs to do it.

So he packs up, gets in his car, and he doesn’t get nearly as far away as he’d like when his car breaks down. He has no clue why, what’s wrong with it. It just… doesn’t go now? He feels like an idiot, explaining this and shrugging, hands held out in front of him to display his cluelessness to the pretty girl who turns up when he calls a garage Google tells him is nearby.

She looks at the engine, looks back at him, her hair escaping from its ponytail in the wind, and smiles and says, “I can fix that.”

So, long story short, Finn checks into a B&B or motel in town, because his roadtrip doesn’t really have a schedule and Rey, the mechanic, is nice once they get talking. He instinctively likes her, even though she gives him a suspicious look when he asks where’s good to eat around here, so why not stay for a couple of days? They end up grabbing food together, and she elbows him, says, “Stop flirting,” around a mouthful of burger, and he wasn’t - he doesn’t think he was, talking about his travel plans and getting animated, bumping her knee with his under the table and touching her arm to illustrate his points. 

You stop flirting,” he says, which is childish and a bad comeback, but makes her laugh anyway. She’s cool: she knows an engine like the back of her hand, she knows more about his car than he does, and she’s gorgeous, but somehow isn’t intimidating with it in the way all the girls back in school had always been. Maybe he just feels more comfortable now he’s striking out on his own.

When his car is fixed, he’s chatting with Rey, in no real rush to get anywhere else, and a roaring motorbike pulls up. The guy who gets off of it - well. Finn feels like he’s blushing. He wants this guy’s swagger, his jacket; he wants his everything, and he’s definitely blushing when Rey follows his gaze and elbows him and whispers, “I know, right?”

“What,” Finn says absently, still staring.

“His name’s Poe,” she tells him. “Go over. Start flirting.”

“You start flirting.”

“I’ve tried.” Rey is blushing now, and she’s so pretty, Finn thinks - how could she flirt and be unsuccessful? “Anyway, quiet, he’ll hear. So, you car…”

(Poe doesn’t have to go there to get parts and supplies for his bike. It’s probably more expensive than other places. He drops in at Rey’s maybe once a week, once every couple of weeks anyway. But hey, you’ve gotta support small, independent local businesses, right? Right. And hello - who’s this?)

🌸mb w/ me @tybeaute from insta, lastnight .
& umm, yea i kinda-sorta kissed Roc.. on his neck.. when i hugged him. ;) 🙈but bruuuh, surprisingly he didn’t say anything or pull away, i was thinking to myself ok cool, thats was easy, lmfao then he was like “bye see you later” but prince & roc gave me so much life . while ray over there looking like felicia . 😂 he was finna catch these hands b . & here’s the reason why, so i come up there looking cute or whatever & Prince asked me “How old are you?” & i was like: “Im 19.” so Prince kept arguing me down saying im not 19, & i was like yes i am, my birthday is Feb 7, 1995 . but he still didn’t believe me, so he was like “is she really 19?!” to my friend then ray come into the convo & say “she sound like shes 12!” so turned to him & was like “ray don’t play with me” so staring each other down, like nigga ion care who you are 😂 you can catch these hands lmfao then he looked away & rolled his eyes . so i turned back to prince & was like yea, i am really 19 tho. so then i got up & bc they were done taking my picture & prince was like she smell good, like a fall thanksgiving night 😂 lmfao i guess he was hungry! & then i gave roc a hug… & kissed his neck y’all, i was so surprised at myself, because it was so naturally & like kinda sexy 😏 that why i think he didn’t mind it but idek, then i went to hug prince & he was still on my age 😂 he was like “is she really 19?! she cute” 💕🙈 i feel accomplished, bc that was my first time meeting them & it was pretty cool.

This….. is a very meaningful picture to me because this was the first one direction picture I’ve ever seen. This was the picture that made me wonder “hmm that curly one in the left is kinda cute” “why is he the only one who doesn’t have matchy matchy colors with the others” “anyway who dis” so I asked my friends if they knew who these boys were and they said its one direction!!! and I was like cool never heard let’s google it. And it was where it all began. I can still tell you it was someday in middle June 2012…. And idek why in a few days I ordered up all night on the online music store and I bought 3 different versions cos I was stupid idk what’s the different between deluxe version and souvenir addition. It’s been 3 years wow…. I might not be in this fandom long as some of you and sometimes I feel really stressful over the dramas and shit but still I’m in love with these stupid boys and all these beautiful memories I have had. I see the boys growing up, the fandom growing up and myself growing up as well. I know we joke about this all the time but fuck yeah Imma stay for another 5, 15, or 50 years. even if I don’t I will still remember everything I’ve done. It might be embarrassing, it might be sad. But it’s all meaningful.