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Steve/Nancy/Jonathan for the ship thing?

Yess my OT3 babes <3 

  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible Good god okay so both Steve and Jonathan are awful dancers, but Jonathan admits that he doesn’t know how to dance. He knows that he can only stand there and sway. Steve, however, is convinced that he’s good at it and will be there jumping up and down and calling it dancing. 
  • likes to watch reality tv I looked up reality tv in the 80s and oh my goodness, Steve is definitely addicted to America’s Funniest Home Videos. 
    • He was also a big fan of TV Bloopers & Practical Jokes (with DIck Clark) and cried like a baby when it ended. 
      • “Hun, you’re 45. Let it go.” “IT WAS AMAZING, NANCY YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.” 
  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone Goodness probably Steve lolol I promise the rest of this ask won’t be so Steve-centric. 
  • is the jealous / protective one Holding onto my promise wooo this is so Jonathan c’mon even when he didn’t really like Steve he was being protective over him. 
  • goes all out on the holidays Jonathan!! He’s taking 500 pictures and making a freaking scrapbook about it, and helping everyone decorate - they’re the house putting up decorations for Thanksgiving, even though no one else on the block is doing it and doesn’t understand why they are. 
  • cries over books Jonathaaaaaan he’s definitely a stan of Catcher in the Rye and has cried over it multiple times. 
  • is terrible with kids My darling Nancy is great with kids - unless they are middle school boys. Those, she doesn’t know how to talk to. She tries to awkwardly make conversation with Mike and the boys and it just never goes well so she awkwardly excuses herself after that. 
    • Dustin felt bad and told her that they all liked her so she didn’t need to be nice all the time; they liked her even when she was being snobby, and that made Nancy feel better. 
  • drinks too much caffeine Oh lord Nancy definitely does but she has the best tolerance and could probably down 5 cups with no side effects and it Terrifies the guys. 
  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight On the flip side, we have Steve Harrington, who can wake up from a 4-year coma and still ask if he can take a nap. 
  • never wears matching socks Jonathan! He doesn’t really care about what’s on him as long as there’s something on him, so he never makes a big deal about his socks being the right colors or patterns. 
  • punches a tree when they’re angry Nancy probably did this and refused to admit that her hand was sprained afterwards.
    • She denied it all the way to the hospital. 
  • gets scared by the toaster This has happened to all of them at some point while they were alone because their toaster makes the loudest fucking noise as if a damn alarm is going off and it’s stressful okay they need to buy a new toaster. 

💎 After everything happened, they were stuck together like glue during school. They usually would skip classes to go to the cafeteria during each of their lunch and gym periods.

💎 About a month later, though, they had already missed too much and had to eat lunch in their respective periods. 

💎 And then again next week they ate in the school’s darkroom while Jonathan developed pictures.

💎 Steve would sit in front of the darkroom floor, making it so no one else could come in that period.

💎 On days Jonathan was absent Steve and Nancy would eat in the bleachers, still during Jonathan’s lunch period.

💎 Jonathan used to eat the school’s disgusting pizza everyday, but Nancy started making ham and cheese sandwiches for all three of them.

💎 Sometimes Steve would pay for the three to leave campus and eat at the Dairy Queen in the next town over if they were feeling fancy.

💎 They avoided eating in the cafeteria because, you know, the staring and whispering.

💎All three of them would sleepover at Nancy’s on Fridays to eat Nancy’s mother’s brunch.

💎 The OT3 eating lunch together

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For the character meme: Chara!

Thank you for asking! :D

Chara (Undertale)

  • First impression

Honestly? Neutral and mixed feelings after the True Pacifist end. I thought their friendship with Asriel was very touching, but the fact that they manipulated the latter to kill humans… well, it kind of tainted my vision of them and I did not know what to think of them.

  • Impression now

A very complex and interesting character, like every character in Undertale^^! Unfortunately, like Frisk, we do not have that much information about them so they are up to interpretation -which is not bad actually, I personnally like that a lot! And I blame a lot of people like @mintyfreshdoodles@ask-the-floating-heart ​ and @channydraws -among others but mainly you three!!- who made me love Chara XD

  • Favorite moment

*ahem* not a lot of canon moments sadly, but I would pick the moment where Asriel found them and brought them to his family and all those little clues indicating that they were happy with the Dreemurs ;_;

  • Idea for a story

…..I’m going to regret telling it I’m sure but here I go, inspired by the story @caretaker-au , Chara becomes the Caretaker of the ruins and one day, they find various things where the humans fall, including a baby carriage. They’re very confused at first and kind of freaks out when they see there is a baby (alive) in there. After a lot of struggle and a long inner monologue, they bring the baby home and call Asriel and his parents for help, have still some mix feelings and feel weak for not being able to kill such an “easy prey” until baby Frisk (see that coming, didn’t you?) gently grasp their hair with a cute babble.

Then, married Charisk trying to raise their new adopted baby, hilarity (?) ensues and a lot of fluff. :p

  • Unpopular opinion

Hm… I think that maybe the Dreemurs were too lenient and kind to Chara? I mean that they must have been a bit more strict with them, I know some people think (and I agree with them) that if Asriel had told them how Chara sometimes treated him, things might have been different.
If Toriel or Asgore had walked on Chara belittling Asriel or obviously being abusive, I wish they had given them a stern lecure or scolded them. Not too violently of course! But just hard enough to make Chara understand that they could NOT get away with manipulating and abusing Asriel, that such things were wrong and that they would have to face them both and the consequences… but it’s hard to tell if it would vae really helped.

I guess that since Monsters’ main need in life is love, the way they raise their children could be very different from humans. Humans have different needs, even if love is one of them too. And it is possible that Chara was mentally unstable/ill, so it must not be an easy task to take care of them; it is quite obvious that the Dreemurs had no idea of Chara’s state of mind and even if they did, did they have the means to treat them?

  • Favorite Relationship

Chariskriel! Either as friends or OT3 –if friends, add MK to the group^^!

Or daddy Asgore with Chara, not sure why, but I see Chara as a daddy child. I know the way they speak and behave is more related to Toriel, but I have a feeling they were closer to Asgore. (same with Toriel and Asriel).

  • Favorite headcanon

Mind if I put more than one here?
Chara loved to read fairytales (but hid it) and the reason they went to Mt Ebott was because they hoped they would find their way either down a rabbithole or anything to a better world where they would find somebody to love and who would love them back.

So I’ve been thinking about a lot of headcanons about ships :D but today I wanna share some stuff that me and my friend have about Gasgoriel because nobody posts about gasgoriel, and honestly, this OT3 is so cute? (this could be a fanfic but I already buried me into a 23-chapter long kingdings fanfic and I am a lazy guy)  So:

-Asgore and Toriel are in an pre-arranged marriage. Gaster already were dating Asgore before the marriage, and Toriel just “go on, I don’t care about you dating with him”

-Time passes and ASgore have Asriel. Gaster is ok with this and keep dating ASgore. Gaster often is on their house and they become close friends

-Some day, Gaster and Toriel are left alone and start to share things about Asgore. They reach to the conclusion that both are in love with the big goat and “Well, we can share him, right?” 

-Asgore not knowing about them sharing things, until some day they reach to the conclusion “Why we don’t date already?” and happy polyamori

-Skeleton sandwich (in either innocent or in a kinky way)

-Asriel loving Gaster and even calling him uncle Gasty

-Toriel reading books with Gaster on the bed

-Toriel and ASgore baking togheter

-Asgore and Gaster taking care of the flower and drinking tea togheter

-Everyone thinks that Gaster is just a close friend to them until they saw him kissing the king, They went crazy and the gossip about the king and the royal scientist soon was a topic of conversations, until someone tried to tell the queen and she went “Yeah I know. We’re on a polyamorous relationship. Now please shut up”

-Chara finding super weird the three being togheter. They went from zero to three grown ups taking care of them

-There’s was (surprisingly) a good acceptance towards the king, the queen and their boyfriend

-When Chara and Asriel died, Gaster stood up for ASgore’s idea and tried to convince Toriel that was the only way. When she left, Gaster and Asgore broke up for some time before coming back togheter before Gaster falls in the core and Asgore be left alone


-Gaster comes back, and ASgore and Gaster are in a relationship again. Despite forgiving both, Toriel are not sure about be in a relationship with them yet.

-It took some years to them to be togheter again

okay, so I wanna talk about luckington headcanons (which may or may not pop up in a fic I’m outlining)

Cause okay, with ot3s it’s always fun to play around with like how the relationship gets to be a thing. Like were two of them together first? Which two? So for your consideration:

  • Locus and Tucker both pining over Wash
  • Wash having a big old crush on Tucker and a lot of ????? feels about Locus and just not dealing with any of that because someone has to make sure they don’t all die
  • So then Locus and Tucker hang out (idk, they’ve gotta train together because alien swords)
  • And Wash comes up, because of course he does
  • And they both start kinda moping about him and bonding a little through lots of sass and snark
  • Like so much sass okay
  • Tucker’s gotta give Locus endless shit, that’s just a rule
  • And yeah Locus is trying to be a better person, but he’s not just gonna take that lying down, so he snarks back
  • At first it’s probably not super friendly, they might like almost fight a couple times (Wash probably has to break that up, or Caboose, he just hugs the grumpy feelings away)
  • But then the banter kinda softens a little
  • And maybe they go on a few adventures and sorta bond and save each other a few times
  • Obligatory night stuck out alone together around a fire where they start talking deep stuff (Tucker reaches social link rank six and unlocks some of Locus’ tragic backstory)
  • Which leads to - Tucker voice: Soooo you wanna make out?
  • And they’re both still casually pining over Wash, but then they’re kind of a thing
  • They get back to base and are not subtle and Wash is ???? confused??? jealous maybe but he doesn’t know which one he’s jealous of????
  • And he probably gives both of them ‘serious talks’ about it and they’re both like ‘wow you’re so dumb, why do we like you’
  • Which then leads Tucker to plan The Seduction of Agent Washington and Locus is dragged along sighing all the way

On Cishet Rocketshipping…..

Okay. I’m gonna put in my .02 here even though I don’t feel like I’ve been allowed to. We’re adults. We can have a discussion here. And I’m making a separate post in order to not flood the original.

Yes, I ship them cishet but I DO NOT conform to any of the aforementioned traditional characterizations that (apparently often?) come with it. Like even if I did write fic on a regular basis, I’ve never believed in making James hyper masculine or Jess hyper feminine, making Jess a “damsel in distress,” characterization based solely/mostly on their abusive past relationships, stripping away what’s been established in canon, or having them conform to the nuclear family/having kids (which personally is something I’m never doing myself, either) although I do once in awhile love me a preggo Jess (because it’s fucking precious) and I like the idea of them having a kid or two, it’s not something I’m heavily subscribed to. If they chose not to, that would be great too! 

However, I only ship them with each other because that’s just who I am. I’m a very old soul and an old-fashioned romantic and that’s how I’ve always been. And that’s okay. It is not intended to take ANYTHING away from your other headcanons, ships, ot3s, crackships, etc. 

Many LGBTQ+ see them as icons and representation of their culture, especially from a time before it was really a thing in TV shows and movies (the 90′s), and that is huge. They absolutely DO need more representation in fandom. I myself don’t see them that way (perhaps I would if I were LGBTQ+). We tend to see things in ways that align with our worldview. There’s no right or wrong. But the way I see/ship them DOES NOT MEAN I want to take anything away from you, and I’m sorry if anything I ever did or said made it seem that way. 

I see them as complicated, multifaceted, emotionally complex and beautiful characters whom I love and identify with (as we all do) for many reasons and on many levels. We all love them and we should all be allowed to love them the way we choose. Yours is yours, mine is mine. That doesn’t have to be hard. I don’t look down on you for h/cing and shipping them the way you want (because why would I?), so please show me the same respect. 

I will say this again: It’s fucking wonderful that we all exist here together and that we love these characters so deeply and have loved them for so long. This should be a comfortable, safe space for all of us. And obviously, once in awhile there is bound to be conflict, but I made this post because I wanted to get out that shipping them cishet is not invalid or wrong, and that it doesn’t always mean what people think it means. I was tired of being silent and feeling villainized for it.

I love you all. <3

Imagine Bossuet coming across a box in the street and as he goes to walk past it it meows at him so of course he immediately runs over to it and there’s an abandoned kitten inside with a piece of paper that says “THREE KITTENS, FREE TO A GOOD HOME” and he frets for a second because he wants to take this little bedraggled scrap of fur home so badly but Musichetta’s a dog person and Joly’s allergic to cats so he doesn’t know how well it’d be received

But the little ball of fluff looks so sad and lonely and cold that Bossuet can’t bear to leave it on its own, especially seeing as its siblings have already been taken away and this kitten has drawn the short straw in life and Bossuet feels like he can relate so he scoops up the little bundle in his arms and hurries home with it before he can change his mind

And when he gets in he just sits on the living room floor playing with it, trying to remember just how it is you look after cats when Musichetta calls “Who’s that?” from the bedroom and Bossuet just stands up and says “Before you say anything–” and freezes because Musichetta is also holding a kitten and staring at him with the exact same look of astonishment he’s looking at her with

And then they hear the front door open and Joly sneezes and says “you guys will not believe what I found on the way to work” and walks in and he’s holding a kitten too and they all just stand there for a moment blinking in surprise and “the box on the corner of–” “yeah” “oh my god” “I only took one because I wasn’t sure you guys would be ok with cats” “same” “oh my god

And that’s the story of how Bossuet, Joly and Musichetta accidentally adopt three kittens ((called Lucky, Hermiaowne and Desdemona, in case you were wondering))

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1, 2 & 12 :D 💕


I did 1 & 2 but here’s 12:

12.  Your most scandalous headcanon for your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s): Most scandalous??? I have no idea?? Like?? Maybe my headcanon that Merlin actually hates dogs?? Like, I have this headcanon that when he & harry were trainees together (bc they totes were) he wasn’t a fan of dogs, and all the other trainees knew it, but he was the fastest one to train his dog, and he kept that damn dog for the rest of its life, but jesus he’s so happy to just have his cats. He purposefully keeps his own house/flat, because he…doesn’t like JB. Eggsy is scandalized. Harry sips his tea. 

Fandom Meme Asks!

Kourenao headcanons!

Because this OT3 makes me very very happy.

  • Aoba was the one who first suggested to Ren that they add Koujaku to their relationship.
  • Ren was the one who first brought it up to Koujaku.  He was stammering and blushing the whole time, because he’d developed a pretty serious crush on Koujaku over the past few months.
  • Koujaku didn’t realize Ren and Aoba were together romantically until Ren told him.  Like, he knew they were close, and that it was a pretty intimate relationship, but he didn’t figure that part out on his own.  But he doesn’t even have time for the envy to set in before Ren is like “but we both have feelings for you, so…”
  • The first unexpected benefit to adding Koujaku is that his bed is huge.  The second is that his bathtub is also huge.
  • Aoba and Ren kind of gradually moved in with Koujaku.  More and more of their stuff ended up at his place and they stayed over more and more often until one day it had been two weeks since they’d gone back to Tae’s house.  Koujaku’s like, “Well, let’s make it official.” and rearranges his bedroom to fit their stuff.
  • Koujaku and Aoba both enjoy spoiling Ren.  Everything’s new to him and they love seeing him react to those new experiences.
  • Ren still likes to take naps with Beni, and makes a concentrated effort to still be his friend.  Koujaku takes pictures of Ren while he’s napping and sends them to Aoba while he’s at work.
  • Of the three of them, Aoba is the only one who knows how to cook, but once Ren decides to put forth the effort to learn he’d eventually get better at it than Aoba. Koujaku lived on take out and mooching from Tae before they moved in, and never learns to make anything more complicated than rice and boiled eggs.
  • Koujaku does most of the housecleaning.  He likes to keep his place tidy.  The only actual arguments he seems to get into with Aoba are over the fact that Aoba is NOT tidy, and has a bad habit or leaving his laundry on the floor instead of putting it in the hamper.
  • Ren takes over the household finances since neither of those dorks pays attention to their money.  He ends up taking over bookkeeping for Koujaku - which is why Koujaku was finally able to get a proper salon.  Ren ends up his de facto receptionist.
  • Ren sprawls out when he sleeps and usually ends up lying diagonally across both of them, Aoba steals the blankets, and Koujaku sleeps in the middle (and complains about not being able to get up without disturbing them).
  • Basically they’re adorable and domestic with each other all the time.
  • People tease Koujaku about dating twins.