because they use the word 'he gushes' and 'she sighs' and i'm laughing

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Plsss write about annabeth's birthday party or something like that pls pls pls pls

Happy 23rd Birthday, Annabeth Chase.

“I don’t want a big fuss.”

Percy’s smug little half-smile didn’t slip. “No fuss. Got it.”

“Percy,” Annabeth said sternly. “I mean it. I just want a relaxing day, with no surprises and no stress.”

That made him frown. “I am not going to let you stress on your birthday, Annabeth.”

She dropped her head forward onto his chest and he curled his arm a little tighter around her waist. She was lying half on top of him in his small single bed back at Sally and Paul’s apartment, where they were staying for the week. Her feet were hanging off the edge of the bed, but the hot summer sun was poring in through the window and hitting Percy’s hair just so - she didn’t want to move and ruin the view.

“Seriously. This is my first birthday where I haven’t been freaking out about the end of the world, or preparing for the next semester at college, and I just want to relax. Besides, twenty three is a nothing age. It’s not a milestone or anything. I don’t even need a party.”

“You will be relaxed,” Percy insisted. “I am not going to stress you out. Look at us right now, we’re pretty relaxed, aren’t we?” 

His hand started rubbing lazy circles across her bare back and she closed her eyes. “Mhmm.”

“See? Your birthday’s going to be great, Annabeth. I promise.”

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in search of new friends, or, the one about the mattress

So I wrote a short story inspired by @katrinawritesthings and @taketaemtoyourleader in the hopes of adding some humor to @minhoandthebabes‘ birthday. Then I decided it would be funny to have prestablished minkey’s quest to make new LGBTQ+ friends a series, so here is the ‘part one’ of sorts! Takes place in the domestic au, but you don’t need to be familiar with that for this. This series will explore homophobia, so be aware of that before reading. Enjoy!

“I’m telling you,” Minho persists as they return home, turning the key in the lock, “we need more queer friends.”

Kibum looks at him as he removes the receipt from his back pocket, scanning it over again. “Why do you say that?”

“’Are you sure you’re not brothers?‘” he quotes, “Are you kidding me?”

Both of them recall the ordeal they’d gone through that afternoon. 

After Kibum had gotten a huge raise at work, they had decided to splurge on a memory foam mattress, which Minho had been campaigning for for the better part of a year. He had always wanted one, not only for the comfort but for the comedic potential they possessed. Kibum just wanted to move on from the old full-sized one they’d been using that had belonged to him before college. At the store, they had chosen a mattress and Minho had brought a saleswoman over to help them calculate the price to have it delivered to them, as taking a mattress home via subway system seemed rather impractical.

“So,” she had asked after taking down their address, “Which one of you is this for?”

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I'm Not That Girl ~ Newt Imagine

Requested by anon: reader and teresa are best friends but she thinks newt likes teresa bc they’ve been talking a lot lately but it turns out teresa’s been bugging him about telling y/n how he feels? idk i think it’d be cute haha {i was listening to treasure by bruno mars when i thought of this lmaooo}

You hummed softly to yourself as you picked at the berries on the plant in front of you, placing them into a small basket. Gardening always made you happy, it was peaceful, and calm, and momentarily distracted you from the situation you were in. Looking around you spotted your best friend, Teresa walking out from the kitchen hut. At the same time, you saw Newt walking along, staring intently at the clipboard in his hands. He didn’t notice Teresa until she had stopped right in his path. You couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but you could see him laugh and shake his head, trying to wave her off as he continued walking. You watched as she followed, continued to talk, clearly explaining her reasoning for something. The cute grin on his face was apparent, as though he found her amusing.. or cute. The thought made your chest tighten, and you looked back at your plant. Teresa was your best friend, she knew you liked Newt, she wouldn’t do that to you.. right? 


Later that night you sat next to Minho by the fire, sharing a jar of Gally’s trade secret drink. The two of you were deep in conversation about the vines covering the walls of the Glade and the maze, and the pros and cons of using those vines as blankets; but as focused on the conversation as you were, you could still see Newt sitting on the opposite side of the fire, talking to Thomas. You continued talking to Minho for a while, and the next time you looked up, you saw Teresa in Thomas’ place. She looked like she was begging Newt for something, and he had that same, embarrassed, cute grin on his face. 
You looked down at the drink in your hand, blocking out Minho’s words completely. 
“Hey uh- I think I’m gonna go to bed okay?” you said softly. Minho gave you a look and asked if you were alright, but you just shrugged and got up, heading towards your hammock. 

[Newt’s POV] 

“Teresa, for the last time, I’m not bloody telling her,” I huffed, chuckling softly and taking a large gulp of the drink in my hand. 
“But Newt, come on! You’d be cute together. Trust me, she won’t be able to say no to you.” Teresa whined. 
“What if she does? Then we’re stuck in this bloody hell hole tryna’ awkwardly avoid each other." 
"But she won’t. Like I said, trust me,” she repeated, her blue eyes staring at me so intently I thought she’s pop an eyeball or something. 
I narrowed my eyes suspiciously at her before rolling them and sighing. “Fine, I’ll tell her.” I stated, taking another gulp.
“Yay!” Teresa grinned, sitting back next to me. We stayed silent for a bit, neither one moving until she spoke again. 
“Soo… are you going to tell her now?”
“Yes, Newt! Now. For christs sake, if you wait too long, someone else will snatch her up!" 
I sighed again and stood up. "Fine,” I said, looking over to where Y/N had been sitting before.. only she wasn’t there anymore. 

With a frown I walked over to Minho. “Hey, where’d Y/N go?” I asked. 
He looked up and shrugged, biting his lip and glancing at the Homestead. “She said she was going to bed. I don’t know man. She was fine one minute and the next she went all, weird. Maybe she’s got that time of the month thing she and Teresa were talking about.” he muttered. 
I frowned and looked over at the Homestead, thanking Minho before walking over there. 
“Y/N..” I whispered softly as I approached her hammock. She sat up quickly, and even through the dark I could see she had been crying. 
“Are you okay?” I asked quietly. 
“What are you doing here?” she answered, ignoring my question. 
“I was coming over to talk to you and saw that you’d disappeared.. Minho said you went to bed so I thought I’d check on you." 
She looked down at her hands, picking at her nails. 
"Well you don’t need too.. I’m sure Teresa’s waiting for you.. so you may as well go back to her..” she mumbled under her breath. 
I frowned again, extremely confused. 
“Teresa’s the one who told me to talk to you?" 
"What?” she asked quickly, looking up and blinking. 
“Yeah,” I shrugged. 
“Why would she do that?" 
"Because.. she found out that I uh.. kinda maybe like you a little bit and she wanted me to tell you..” I chuckled awkwardly. “The shank’s been hounding me for the past couple of days.”
“She has?” Y/N grinned, more tears flowing down her cheeks, only this time they looked like happy tears. 
“Yes, she has?” I laughed slightly, tilting my head to the sight and smirking slightly. 
“Is there a reason she was so adamant on me telling you..?” I prompted playfully. Y/N laughed tearfully and bit her lip, her cheeks going bright red.
“Maybe..” she whispered. I grinned and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear, wiping the tears from under her eyes.
“Will you come back to the party with me please? I can’t bear to listen to Gally’s lame stories without you there,” I chuckled. Y/N giggled and nodded, climbing out of her hammock and linking her fingers through mine. I smiled and together we walked back to the fire, hand in hand. We both laughed as we tried to ignore Teresa’s gushing babbles of excitement as she saw us. 

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OK, maybe I've made this more like a challenge than a prompt: 25, "you're so small." ONLY it's not about dick size. Stiles/Derek please. And if you can find a way to put some smut in there too, I'm fine with that. THANK YOU!

Oh, this was fun! There isn’t really smut, because it didn’t really fit with the particular fluffiness that your prompt inspired, so I guess I owe you some? I hope you enjoy this anyway! 

A P.S. for the 2 dozen plus people who have sent me prompts in the last month, I am so sorry I’m so behind, but I promise you’ll all get your fics written just as soon as time and my distractable muse allow! Thank you so much for your support, inspiration, and patience!


The sound of giggling from the living room made Derek nervous. Laura and Stiles were in the living room, doing something that was obviously suspicious, because giggling. Derek decides it is probably best for everyone involved if he intervenes. For safety, really; those two together are dangerous. With a fortifying sigh, he sets aside the chopped vegetables and the knife he’d been preparing dinner with, wipes his hands on a clean dish towel, and turns to walk the sorry distance from the kitchen to the living room.

A particularly loud laugh, followed by a saccharine sweet “Aww“ from Stiles catches Derek off guard, and he pauses mid stride to let the bare affection of the sound wash over him, to appreciate all the ways that Stiles can still surprise him. He lets himself be grateful that the other man is in his life, that he can laugh so freely after all they’ve gone through, that Derek gets to be the one to hear it, even to cause it, on occasion.

Then, the distinct sound of laminated pages being turned and his sister’s snicker break the moment, and instead of basking in all the things he feels for Stiles, he’s muttering “Goddamnit, Laura,” under his breath and walking faster than he’s ever walked when no one was in immediate danger.

His suspicions are confirmed as soon as the oversized couch comes into view; Laura and Stiles are hunched over an old photo album, recovered from god knows where, their heads conspiratorially bowed together, Laura pointing and gasping out some story that Derek barely catches between her laughter. He catches a few stray words; “obsessed,” and “costume,” and “wouldn’t take it off,” and. And oh no. Derek knows exactly what picture they’re looking at now. And he’s absolutely horrified.

One Halloween, seven year old Derek has dressed as Han Solo, and he’d been so enamored with how he felt as the hero, he had refused to wear anything else for weeks. His poor parents must have washed the outfit dozens of times to avoid his tiny meltdowns. Finally, before Thanksgiving, they had told him it got ruined in the washer, a horrible mishap with a red sock. Derek had been devastated.

He’s about to interrupt when Stiles notices him..Derek is momentarily struck dumb at how beautiful Stiles looks flushed from laughing, his expression totally unguarded. Then he turns the album and holds it up for Derek to see, one long finger pointing at the exact picture Derek feared. “Der! Babe,” Stiles gushes, breathy from the exertion of his laughter. “How could you keep this from me? You are just-look at you! You’re so small! Oh god, you, c’mere,” he wheezes, throwing a hand in Derek’s direction and wiggling his fingers in a vague approximation of a beckoning gesture.

Derek sighs, resigned to his fate, and slumps his shoulders in defeat, trudging the last few feet of distance between them and reaching to twine their fingers together. Stiles squeezes his hand automatically, and Derek lets himself be pulled down next to his grinning boyfriend, making sure to send a scathing scowl in the direction of his smirking sister. Both her and Stiles just laugh at him for it, and Derek lets some of his weight land over Stiles’ lap in retaliation.

Stiles, of course, happily accommodates the extra contact, using their still joined hands to tug Derek closer and settling them on Derek’s thigh. “Oh, stop, grumpy wolf,” he says, pressing a kiss to Derek’s temple. “You were the cutest little rogue pilot I’ve ever seen. I wish we could have kids that look just like you,” Stiles means to make a joke of it, but there’s something wistful and longing in his voice, and Derek loops an arm around his shoulders and kisses his cheek. Laura makes a cooing sound and Derek snorts into Stiles’ neck.

Derek grins, “I don’t suppose Laura showed you her costume from that year, huh? I’m pretty sure you were Pippi Longstocking, right? With the overalls and braids? I’m sure it’s probably on the next page,” Derek reaches for the album and Laura snatches it away abruptly.

Standing quickly, Laura breezes out “Well, why don’t you two enjoy some time together, I’ll just go finish up dinner, ok? Great.” She rushes from the room, carefully clutching the book of memories, Derek and Stiles’ laughter chasing her.

Derek and Stiles settle into the couch, catching their breath, still tucked into each other, and Derek raises their clasped hands to place a kiss where their knuckles are slotted together. Stiles turns his head to look at him, and they spend a long moment just looking at each other, smiling.

It’s quiet, just the muted sound of Laura moving around the kitchen in the background, and Derek thinks he’s probably the happiest he’s ever been with where his life is right now.

Stiles breaks the quiet, because of course he does, and Derek smiles at him indulgently as he speaks. “You know, babe, I meant it. Tiny Derek was a-dorable. But,” he says swinging one leg over Derek’s lap so that he is straddling him, looping both arms around Derek’s neck, “but that you kept your Solo cosplay history a secret from me is a problem. We could have been winning couples costume contests for years at this point!”

Derek rolls his eyes fondly, and Stiles squawks indignantly as Derek rocks his hips up quickly, setting Stiles off balance and making him fall into Derek’s chest. Derek uses the proximity to capture Stiles’ lips, and soon they’re both humming happily into one another’s mouths.

When Laura comes in an indeterminate amount of time later, Derek has Stiles pressed into the couch, one leg on either side of Stiles’ and their hips are moving slowly together. Hands are buried in soft hair and snuck up under colored cotton, and their lips are still very much fused together. Laura’s cry of “Dinner’s rea- Oh god! What did I ever do to you! My eyes!” echoes after her quickly retreating footsteps, and Derek and Stiles once again fall together laughing.

Stiles slaps at Derek’s shoulder, “You totally did that on purpose to get back at her for the pictures, you jerk,” he teases without any heat, dragging his nose along Derek’s cheek.

Derek adopts an offended expression, “I have no idea what you’re implying. I just like kissing you,” he punctuates his assertion with a kiss to Stiles’ jaw. Stiles chuckles, clearly unconvinced.

With one hands on either side of Derek’s face, Stiles places a quick peck on his mouth. “Good answer. But I am proud of your petty revenge tactics. You’ve learned so much from me, it’s touching,” Stiles wipes a non-existent tear from his own cheek and Derek rolls his eyes again and gingerly climbs off his boyfriend, and then the couch, offering the former his hand.

Derek helps pull Stiles from the couch, and calls to Laura that it’s safe to come out grin wherever she’s hiding. To Stiles, he adds “Yeah, well, we’ll have to get it out of our systems before we have kids, right,” a grin splits his face at the surprise on Stiles face. He grabs for Stiles’ hand and starts to turn to lead them to the dinner table when Stiles squeezes his hand tightly and murmurs something Derek doesn’t quite catch. “What was that,” he asks, concern creasing his brow.

Stiles swallows thickly and looks at Derek like he hung the moon, “You really want that with me? Kids, I mean?”

Derek is startled by the awe in his voice, he’d thought it was pretty obvious, so he tells Stiles so. “I thought you knew by now,” he says, pulling Stiles close, “that I want everything with you.”

They’re kissing again, slow and intense when Laura wanders back towards the kitchen. “Oh, for Pete’s sake!”

The combined volume of their laughter is no match for Laura’s “I’ll be eating in my room!”

Stiles takes a much needed gulp of air and manages to say “Oh god, I need to see the Pippi picture! Do you think she his the album?”

Laura bellows from behind her bedroom door “You’ll never find it, Stilinski!”

Stiles mock whispers to Derek, “I’m a sheriff’s kid. I have ways.” They dissolve into a riot of hysterics, and as Stiles collapses against him, his head against Derek’s shoulder and arms draped around him, Derek is absolutely certain that he’s never been happier.

BONUS! A picture of baby not!Derek as Han Solo!

(thank you for the nice) based off of i’m not the only one by sam smith 

gif credit (even tho i’m pretty sure the owner is someone else but idk who so i’m sorry :/)

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