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Hello! @type-ho-negative and @valhallstruevalkyrie tagged me to post a selfie, thank you very much :)

I’ve been looking like a bored punk/hobo since 2009 because before that I was too young to be cool. And sometimes I have pineapple hair. Wooo.

I’ll tag @tobiassammetsavangaysia, @cactiflowergirl, @bruceedickinson, @beauty-at-matrix, @floregrohlssard and @helloweeny-gamma-maiden if they want tooo

soldier 76 if his story is literally just angry old man looking for revenge because of Overwatch: boring, yawn, seen it before

soldier 76 if everything is the same except he is a gay/ bi man who use to be married to Gabriel Reyes and he wants to save his ex husband: *lady gaga voice*talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique

anonymous asked:

Hi! Congrats on your followers!!! You'll be in the thousands in no time. 🙈🙈🙈 For the AU list, can I request greek mythology au and assassin au ideas?? Thanks!!!

Thank you Anon! 

I’ve already compiled a list of assassin aus over here !! (Though I didn’t particularly think they did much justice so I’ve thought of a couple more to add to it)


  • “We’ve been best friends for a long time and I’ve never told you that I’m actually an assassin… until you catch me breaking into your lover’s house (I didn’t even know you guys were still serious) and it just so happens you were there too… I guess the black clothing and gun in my hand is a giveaway?”
  • “I came to kill you, and it turns out you saw me coming but you didn’t actually care about me killing you oh my god, now i feel really bad and I kinda wanna give you a hug??”
  • “You called me in the middle of a mission! What the hell you nearly got me killed! WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WAS MY FAULT WHY THE HECK WERE YOU CALLING ME WHAT WAS SO IMPORTAN— oh.”
  • “I wasn’t entirely sure what to put on my job description on this dating website so I just made something up and now that we’ve actually met it turns out that you’re really interested in that job which I don’t know shit about, so in order to avoid further questioning I just kinda blurted out that I was an assassin??? Oops? (i hope this doesn’t ruin our date)”
  • “What do you mean being an assassin doesn’t count as a hobby?”
  • “We were both assassins and have been assigned to the same target, on purpose or not I don’t care I just know I have to kill him first.”


(I was a bit confused so I just decided to focus on immortal beings? Hope this is all right, but I tried my best!!)

  • “We used to be really good friends ages ago but somehow we lost contact and holy shit I think I just saw you in the supermarket and omg hey! — wait, why do you look exactly the same as you did all those years ago?” Immortal being AU 
  • “I’m a god and I decided to go visit the mortal world because I was a bit bored, I really should be looking where I’m going before I — and mother of Zeus I didn’t know mortals could be that hot” God AU
  • “Whenever I see you you’re always wearing sunglasses or some time of attire to cover your eyes, everyone keeps saying that you can turn people to stone with just a look, that’s so weird isn’t it?… That’s a joke right?” Medusa AU
  • “I pushed you into the pool/sea and the water moved around you so you could stand and now you’re just standing in the middle of a pool and everytime you move the water moves, wHAT THE FU—” Related to Poseidon AU (not sure how to name this haha!)
  • “I’ve always been into Greek Mythology and I absolutely love it, you could say I have a bit of an obsession but once I died I had to visit the ‘underworld’ and part of me is wondering if — OMFG IT’S YOU HADES OH MY GOD.” Hades AU
  • “Additionally, I thought this mortal would be upset or something but once I saw them they just started; hyperventilating? And then they started rambling about Zeus or Poseidon or something god are all mortals this annoying?” Hades AU
  • “We’re on our first date and it’s going alright other than the fact then all these people come up to you and keep complimenting you, and I mean damn I know you’re a catch and all but could you stop flirting with everybody for one second???” Hedylogos AU

requests open!

this is just pure self-indulgence (‘∀’●)

bonus krew reaction:

Mirror, Mirror in the Shop

In a small antique shop in some big city, all but forgotten, sits an old antique full length mirror… among other things at least. It is old and very well designed, but unlike most the things here, currently it had a sheet thrown over most of it, with a thin layer of dust atop it. It is unmarked, but as the shop is closing down due to the owners failing health, it is up for sale for a considerably cheap price for such a beautiful piece.

Care to take a look before you buy?