because they look like teenagers

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Aerial and Wonder would make an interesting crack baby based on color palettes and whatnot :o

Coat colour was fine but finding a compromise on the mane was d e a t h

reasons you should pick up gotham academy

so i’ve been getting a lot of people asking me whether or not gotham academy is the worth the money. and i get it. comics are expensive. but this one is worth it i promise. you should get it because:

  • teenage girls that actually look like teenage girls
  • if you like scooby doo or nancy drew or fun kid mysteries like that
  • several non-white protagonists
  • most of whom are girls
  • olive is great. she’s the first young protagonist who doesn’t like batman, because of what happened over the summer, and she could honestly go either way at the mo in the hero/villain department
  • also she can start FIRES
  • it’s also got a really heartfelt side in that this is a girl recovering from her mother’s death and then having her world torn apart again when she realizes that her mom’s not only alive but a SUPER-VILLAIN
  • also maps. maps is a great character. there are few characters in comics that make me laugh out loud but maps is one of them.
  • if you’re a killer croc fan and like seeing him being portrayed sympathetically then you will like issue 5/6. it’s the best written croc’s been in years imo
  • also if you’re a fan of damian wayne issue 7 is probably right up your alley
  • also it’s so much FUN. dc likes its dark and gritty, which is okay for a short while, but this is so far from that. it’s not about the DOOM OF GOTHAM it’s about these young kids growing up, being friends and exploring mysteries in their school/city
  • it’s off the wall at times but in a good way. there’s an issue where clayface battles the school’s drama teacher in a actor vs actor verbal battle. and then they defeat him with a water hose. that kind of 1966 batman stuff that makes gotham academy all that more special
  • they don’t have an lgbt+ lead yet however the creative team have said they are actively trying to work one into the upcoming issues.
  • the upcoming issues will also branch out into gotham some more. maps and olive will go exploring in gotham pretty soon and also have to go to arkham asylum to rescue one of their friends. that premise alone excites me so much

This leucistic eagle was spotted on January 6th, 2013 nearby Bellingham, Washington. Leucism is a mutation in DNA that causes it to be unable to create pigment in parts of its body, thus resulting in animals with white splotches of fur, feather and even skin. However, this eagle may have some problems in its life. Because the leucism causes the feathers to look much like a molting teenage eagle, other mature eagles may think that it is not matured and thus, it will not mate. The way that this eagle was able to be identified as an adult is the telltale yellow beak, golden eyes and all white head. 

I Promise (Part 2)

Rated: T

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: You/Jay Park (Jaebum) Slight You/Kiseok (Family)

Word Count: 1.6K

|PART 1|

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Age Headcanons for the Undertale Characters

Frisk; 10-14

Toriel; 34-45

Flowey; satan

Sans; 15-19

Papyrus; 20-24

Undyne; 24-29

Alphys; 19-22

Asgore; 36-47

Asriel; 9-12

Chara; 10-14

Gaster; 32- 39


In The Weight of Jade by @thelastpilot I kinda want Nino to rant to his best friend about all the new burdens he’s taking on. You know just to get it off his chest and destress a little. 

BUT on the other hand I want Alya to find out that Jade Turtle is basically training to be the human miraculous wiki. Which is probably going to stress him out even further, because Alya has hit an info jackpot. Who is also cute and she can hit on said jackpot- I mean what? Girl is not going to let this boy go now. Nope, sorry, Nino, you’re basically married now. Alya’s probably claimed that little turtle butt of yours.

Not pictured is Wayzz probably being reminded what it is like to have a teenaged chosen. Because wow look at all mental images springing up because Alya is all press up against him. “Nino, say something. Stop thinking about her boobs.” Wayzz probably to help, but Nino is probably just internally dying already.

*whispers* I butchered borrowed @tides-miraculous ‘s design because I’m not creative enough to design a turtle suit.

boys are so fucking disgusting and judgmental like you want a girl thats thin but when she thin you tell her to go eat a hamburger and when they thick you tell her to go eat a salad and god-forbid your girl weighs more than you or is taller than you god forbid she have a few stretch marks which are TOTALLY NATURAL and completely normal, god forbid a girl look like an actual fucking human being than your weird stigmatized idea of girls

and like dont even get me STARTED on the whole blonde hair blue eyes thin waist big breast pretty face facade like??? do y’all not realize that not a lot of girls in the world are just naturally born like that? like i dont even understand where people get this idea of the “ideal” teenage girl comes from because like NO teenage girl looks like this naturally. like im not saying there arent women that look like this, obviously thats not true, its just that your average teenage girl isnt going to look like a fucking full grown woman. like that should be an easy enough concept; i am 16, i have not finished growing, therefore, i will have the body of an average 16 year old

so like why the fuck do yall expect that from us??? teenage girls are still growing??? their bodies are still changing??? how the fuck are yall gonna expect us to look like kylie jenner or some curvy bombshell when we aint even finished growing yet??? 

and what makes me even ANGRIER is the fact that girls ALWAYS gotta look their best, we always have to look like supermodels before we even fucking hit 18, while these same greasy fuckboys who’re tellin us to do squats and tone our bellies and stuff our bras, are the SAME fuckin guys who cant even grow a full goddamn mustache without having gross patchy bits. some of y’all got a jawline of a goddamn fish. some of y’all got the voices of a little flute. you know why?? Y’ALL HAVEN’T FINISHED DEVELOPING.

yet we’re supposed to accept that without question? when it’s a teenage boy, he’s just not done growing. when it’s a teenage boy, he has other redeeming qualities. when it’s a teenage boy, he’s just a late bloomer. but when it’s a teenage girl, we’re all quick to pass judgment on her, huh?? we expect her to look like a woman, before she’s a woman? what kind of sense does that even make?

I love photos of Mathias with Samuli, because they look like a cute couple.

Where Vreth is an excited teenage girl and Skrymer is her concerned older boyfriend that is tired of her shit

Mathias: #withBoyfriend #Love, #Skrymer<3<3<3

Samuli: *oh please no more selfies…*

or like cestvreth​ noticed, they look like taken out of some anime.

Vreth: *Skrymer-senpai has noticed meee  (●´ω`●)*

Skrymer: *you annoying little shit*

They’re adorable together, I’d ship them if they were together.

Taeyeon and Baekyeon still together or not?

Many of you have asked me if I think that Baekhyun and Taeyeon still together, to which I always answer them “Yes”. And I don’t say “Yes” because I’m a Baekyeon shipper, I say “Yes” because they are not teenagers, they are adults, they look like teenagers because idols in korea literally look like 12 years lol. And I’m not a close friend to Taeyeon or Baekhyun. But I’m sone, and I always see videos, interviews, all of Taeyeon (She’s my life, lol), and she is a very mature person, I know she does strange things and sometimes acts as derp, but otherwise she is very mature, and both as adults assimilate more things, is not the same take decisions and have a relationship when you’re 15 or 16 years old when you already have more than 23 years old. Besides that it shows that they are very much in love, you know?, if you’re a hater obviously you’re not going to see the love that they both have, and I notice their love not only because I love the couple or because Taeyeon is the love of my life, is because I know how a person acts when is in love, don’t you see the Baekyeon moments? If they are together in the same place, they try to stay close together at all costs, laughing loud and pretending have a great moment with their members for the another notice it, they are so fucking obvious, Baekhyun literally always is looking at Taeyeon, if you only stop to see Baekhyun and the way he looks at her, you don’t need have to read everything I write because you could understand what he feels for her. He looks at her in a way so especial, he’s in love with her, he can’t see other person in the same way like he do with Taeyeon. Many people say it’s unfair that Baek is the only one who shows interest in their relationship but you don’t know how hard it’s being a woman. Taeyeon is not only a mature woman, she’s very reserved about their feelings, the other members always talk about their ideal man but she never talks about their relationships or their tastes and not because she’s lesbian, simply because she is someone who don’t like to talk about how she feels and has always felt alone. And if she don’t break with Baekhyun, and takes measures like don’t look or don’t talk to him, it’s because she want that their relationship have a future, because she prefers no show any kind of love in public for no make problems with their fans, she knows Baekhyun is someone who has changed her life, and fans say that has changed in a negative way, but that’s not true, Taeyeon is fun and happy, but she has always felt alone, she usually is reserved and sometimes very quiet, and Baekhyun is a crazy boy, he has a big personality and an incredible energy, and he’s so happy and handsome, you think she will leave a person like Baekhyun? Baekhyun is younger than her, but Taeyeon don’t look at him like a kid, and there’s a reason of why she wants date with him, and obviously nothing lasts forever, and one day they probably going to break their relationship, but I don’t think it will be soon.
Probably you don’t understand what I try to explain, and dont ask you for approve the Baekyeon..just accept it. Think about Taeyeon and Baekhyun feelings. This is my opinion..obviously I don’t know anything about them, I’m not their friend :’(, we don’t know maybe I’m wrong or I’m right, I’m just a person who really love and want their happiness.

Sorry for my english, Love you♡, hope you can understand why I’m trying to say.♡

It’s funny looking up pictures of the lead singer of Green Day (Billie Joe Armstrong) with his family because 

he looks like that one rebellious teenager in a preppy family a̶n̶d̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶f̶e̶d̶o̶r̶a̶ ̶c̶h̶i̶l̶d̶r̶e̶n̶ ̶w̶h̶o̶ ̶s̶o̶m̶e̶h̶o̶w̶ ̶e̶x̶i̶s̶t̶


The fact that the only time we see Max or Furiosa look ‘shy’ or cast their gazes downward when speaking is when one is asking the other to stay by their side.

Maybe we think Shiro’s not a teenager not just because he looks like he’s 25
but because it would mean that, when he
-was captured
-was forced to definitely fight and possibly kill
-had to teach himself skills like memorising timing of his guards because of the dreadful necessity
-probably thought he’d never see earth or his home again
-learned that he was stronger than his friends, and so chose to suffer in their place
-had to mature to far beyond his years because if he didn’t, then he’d die
-went through all that then did his best to be strong so he could support some teens and help save planets he didn’t know existed
-never asked for anyone to be strong for him
-supported others when he could barely support himself

he wasn’t even an adult.

he’s about the same age as the kids he’ll always put before himself

and his hair had started to grey when he was only 18.

I don’t want to have to accept that.