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frank castle telling karen that he can’t let her die because of him his voice breaking when he says “please” and then so softly kissing her on the cheek y’all what the fuck why did no one prepare me for this the sound that escaped my mouth was a legit whimper I have tears in my eyes that was so p u r e oh my God

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213 w/ Harry Styles!

this is a lil angsty uhm 

harry’s not drunk, but he isn’t fully sober either. he’s that perfect in between that allows words and opinions to roll off his tongue with clarity and confidence. so, when she calls him up, saying that she’s lonely and that she misses him: harry decides this time will be different. the finale to his night will be different this time because he’s fucking tired of what she continues to put him through.

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  • first, YO I GOT NEW HAIR i haven’t done anything to change my appearance in like 10 years so this is pretty exciting!! i’m a ginger now aw yea
  • second, i have been super busy!! i knew that making art my work was going to be a challenge, but i’ve been put through it the last couple of weeks. you guys’ll see the product of that in the coming weeks! on a related note, i’ve found that i’m not meant to be a keeper of information because this is killing me
  • i still have a few more things to take care of before i do more Fun Art Things, but i’m hoping to be all caught up by the weekend!!

i do still check over here every day in case there’s a message i can answer quick, but i’ve kept anon off literally just to help keep things from being overwhelming

and just as a quick reminder,

i will be at the january louden swain shows in new york and vending orlando the week after!

I was rewatching Rise of the Guardians and the whole time I couldn’t get this out of my head

Rise of the Guardians AU