because they have the loveliest little friendship


Danny + Dodger

I really can’t believe that I’ve reached this milestone…I’m honestly honored to have this amount of people interested in what I have to offer? Sid’s kind of stupid &&. I didn’t expect?? To reach this number… //gets emotional real quick…
Tbh, I’m really glad that most of you stuck around when I lost Sid’s muse, or when I was having tough times, &&. I’m thankful for all the people who have reached out to me, talked to me, &&. helped me develop Sid into the toxic, gross, emotional, loyal, tsundere asshat that he is today… He’s become so important to me &&. all of you are also important to me!! So, thank you so much &&. without further ado, more sentimentality from ya boi Tatsu B)))

(If I miss anyone, please don’t feel like you’re unappreciated! You’re all great &&. I’m probably forgetful af &&. that’s why you’re not on here.. )

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