because they have the loveliest little friendship

Two gay cinnamon rolls because omg they are so cute together ° ^° and Chloe got a little Irish arm… bandana… because YAY MARRIAGE EQUALITY IN IRELAND!! YOU GUYS ROCK! <33

And now for something completely different: Sometimes the dialogue in Life Is Strange can seem pretty cheesy, but it actually isn’t. When you experience a very, very deep friendship and/or love, saying things like these is common and appreciated. I exchanged messages with one of my friends that went like “You are vital for my soul to function” or “Good night, sister in the distance” or “You have the loveliest, cuddliest aura in the whole world” or “Your beauty and your qualities are far beyond any shallowness” (translating this one is strange, I don’t know, haha)

And this friendship lasts for 12 years now. So please, be cheesy with the people you love the most. It’s not just for movies and games ;) Always be honest with your feelings and express them.

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