because they have the loveliest little friendship


“I flippin’ adore Leigh-Anne. I’ve never met anyone like her in my life because she’s like a diva but the loveliest little diva that you will ever meet. She is literally made for this popstar life. Like, everything down to fashion, down to just having her hair and makeup done, to being on stage, to having people take pictures of her. She just loves it. But what I love about Leigh-Anne, she admits that she loves it and I really like that about her. But aside from that, she’s the nicest, kindest person you will ever meet.” - Jesy


Hello everyone~~ I thought I’d make a lil post now that this blog is a year old (actually a year and three months…) As you all know I’m incredibly indecisive and I’ve changed this blog so much over the past year so thank you for sticking around <333 I’m now finally comfortable and happy with the blog and stress free since there’s no weight on my shoulders to post any fics. Thank you all again for the love, even if it’s just a little visit to my page or a like here and there. It means so much <333 

I send love to all my beautiful mutuals and all of ya’ll that follow, LOVE YOU I can’t explain in words how grateful I am <3333

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Some cheesy thank yous and rambles under the cut:

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I really can’t believe that I’ve reached this milestone…I’m honestly honored to have this amount of people interested in what I have to offer? Sid’s kind of stupid &&. I didn’t expect?? To reach this number… //gets emotional real quick…
Tbh, I’m really glad that most of you stuck around when I lost Sid’s muse, or when I was having tough times, &&. I’m thankful for all the people who have reached out to me, talked to me, &&. helped me develop Sid into the toxic, gross, emotional, loyal, tsundere asshat that he is today… He’s become so important to me &&. all of you are also important to me!! So, thank you so much &&. without further ado, more sentimentality from ya boi Tatsu B)))

(If I miss anyone, please don’t feel like you’re unappreciated! You’re all great &&. I’m probably forgetful af &&. that’s why you’re not on here.. )

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