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i feel like i need to let you guys know that i live in an alternate universe where Breaking Dawn didn’t happen like it did in the book. 

Like, sure, Bella/Edward get married/have Renesmee, but the Volturi already knew about human/vampire hybrids because literally how could they not? So there’s no giant confrontation because sending every single coven-member away from your home base is just stupid and the Volturi know better than that, and instead send out a few guards and maybe a leader to check Renesmee out and be like ‘yeah no that’s defs not an immortal child wtf’ and then Irena dies regardless because chECK YOUR RECEIPTS BEFORE YOU GO AROUND MAKING WILD ACCUSATIONS

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I discovered your fic with the philosophical discussions in "Aimantation" and i'm still not over it.

Oh gosh, and you’re still here - wow! 

The philosophical wrangling in Aimantation was coming from the very shitty mental place I was in. I felt like because I’d taken the “safer” path my whole life, I was always going to be miserable and felt like I really had no agency at all. I’d also ingested a lot of harmful art = suffering metaphors, or just felt that I wasn’t ~exceptional enough to do anything worthwhile. Enjolras and Grantaire both have things very, very wrong, because they’re the extreme ends of the internal arguments I was having with myself (though obviously I wasn’t debating whether or not to violently overthrow the monarchy). 

I’m really glad they’re still meaningful fics to you! Though they remind me of too many unpleasant things about 2013, other than meeting my darling life-saving wife. Writing has the unsettling quality of preserving personal battles in glass. 


So the cast of RFA Party PH’s RFA Cafe has taken over my life and ruined my work schedule but I have no regrets because I love them all… and they inspire me, okay??? Thank you guys for making our days brighter long after the end of event! I drew their out of costume group photo as their characters cause I thought it’d be cute~ and aren’t they just as gorgeous out of costume? haha again… Thank you guys for what you do for us. ♥

Miraculous Ladybug Timeline (COMPLETE) (FIXED MISTAKES)

Because a kids cartoon has taken over my life, and I love it.

 *some of the episodes positions on the timeline are based on speculation


This is how I think the chronogical order of episodes is:

And this is why I put every episode where it is (sorry that it turned into a 27 slides powerpoint)

Okay, that’s it! This is probably the logest meta post I have ever done! If someone finds some inaccurancies just tell me (but politely), I am open to correct mistakes and such!

Also, I’ll tag my ladybug friends who may be interested @nubriema (27 slides PP I told u!) @zoetekohana @joyfulotaku


Digital collages by slimesunday

Slimesunday is a moniker that is not supposed to make any sense or have some profound hidden meaning behind it. Its a random incidental title I gave myself in late 2014 while watching an old Eminem interview.

The goal from day one has always been to create something; To occupy a blank page with some idea before I fall asleep. If that day I’ve created nothing, then I won’t fall asleep because there is this overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction. If there is something there, I wake up the next day ready to repeat the cycle. I have created a situation for myself in which the only way to sleep is to create something before the day ends. It doesn’t make sense but it’s how I’ve come to operate on a daily basis. It’s more or less an obsession that has taken over my life but in many ways this obsession does not deserve any negative connotation.

Mandatory bughead post #2: My thoughts on Bughead and why it is important.

I’m aware that the words ‘bughead’ & ‘important’ in the same sentence seem like a misfit but there is a good reason why I’ve chosen to write it so. This thought came to my mind whilst trawling through the morass of ‘ships’ & ‘ship-wrecks’ on tumblr & twitter about Riverdale. 

Now, I’m not someone who watches a lot of TV shows ,however, Riverdale was a serendipitous discovery that happened to me two weeks ago. 

I have been a fan of Archie comics since I was little & my two favourite characters were Jughead & Betty, in that order. Watching Riverdale was a revelation as it brought me back to the Archie’s world and I saw it in a new light. I went into it without expectations.

What I was not prepared for was how Bughead would gently creep up on me and reign over my entire existence in such a short span of time. 

You see, I have had a few ships, some fleeting and some enduring,some canon and some fantasy, however nothing as rabid or as intense that’d induce an “I’m SHOOK” moment. Until bughead happened.

When I used to read the comic books, I had wanted Archie to one day wake up & realize that Betty was the one for her, because I could so relate to her as a kind & sweet girl, being taken for granted every time and with a history of unrequited love. I’m 30 now and life-experiences, especially of the bitter kind has certainly changed my perspective about these things, especially about romantic relationships. No more suffering fairy-tale princesses for me. 

In the comics, although Jughead and Betty were my favourites and they always were good to each other, the thought of them as a potential match had never crossed my mind. I was intrigued and amused by Jughead’s woman-hating stance and had imagined that one day an extraordinary woman worthy of him would come and sweep him off his feet.I had no concept of sexuality and its associated complications that we see today, it was only a pure and innocent fantasy in my mind. 

I had only been familiar with the ‘classic’ and humorous golden age Archie comic digests and was unaware of the modern reboots and the various universes. Therefore, when I started watching Riverdale, I was immediately hooked to its modern,quirky & dark narrative and had my assumptions broken down bit by bit with each episode. When I started with the show, five episodes were already in so I binge watched them in a single night, which left me with little time to process the minute details and subtleties, which is why I missed noticing the growing chemistry Betty and Jughead. 

It was only when I began exploring the show on the internet and understood the whole narrative and tone of the show,re-watched the episodes, saw the interviews, trawled Tumblr & youtube and accidentally saw the leaked bughead kiss is when it hit me like slap on the face and a swift kick in the ovaries. It nearly felt like enlightenment!

Once I had seen and felt it, there was no going back. It was a like a virus firmly implanted in my psyche. I resurrected my dormant and inactive tumblr and twitter accounts only to ship bughead. I’m sure fellow bughead fans know the drill of our coming undone so I won’t go into much detail. 

Coming to the next part. Riverdale or rather Bughead has come into my life as a breath of fresh air when I am going through a very dark and stressful phase. I have been going through a very difficult divorce from a man, who caused mental abuse and cheated my family of money & absconded and left me to deal with the consequences and legal battles, triggering my anxiety,fear and depression. A man whom I had trusted with my everything and was completely vulnerable to, used me and left me with a deep fear and mistrust of relationships, trauma and some very hard learnt lessons. I’m an eternal romantic but a part of me has become cynical about it. 

Riverdale is a unique show as is evident in its excellent writing,for those who care to notice the nuances and characterisations. The symbolism, fore-shadowing, word-play, subtle body-language cues of the characters, parallelism and of course, a quality mystery is the gold-standard of writing. Can we also talk about the wonderful and talented cast who have given life to the characters? The show is a slow burn and not for those with a shallow mind who are looking for popcorn entertainment with a lot of mindless drama and illogical  and unstable romantic pairings based on lust and superficial chemistry,

Bughead is not just a run of the mill ship that people are fangirling over. It is beautiful union which tells you the story of two woefully young and tender yet jaded individuals, thrown together by a tragic fate, who are battling the darkness within and without, fighting for something that’s bigger than them and their personal problems. They are fighting for justice, light and hope. In spite of their struggle with their personal demons. Can you imagine what they are going through? For any child, parents are the safe space when the world around them crumbles, but both Betty and Jughead’s parents let them down with lies, manipulation and broken promises and the possibility that their families could be the perpetrators of murder. Under such horrible circumstances, they find the safe space with each other.  

They both are mature beyond their years, insightful, righteous, kind, compassionate, supportive and caring and there for each other without being asked. They communicate with their heart and eyes (sometimes with heart eyes too ;) ) It is not a connection based on lust and hormonal surges. Something very old-fashioned and real in the era of hook-ups. An oasis in a desert.

People who keep harping on about how there is no chemistry at all between Jughead and Betty and that it was rushed and illogical, then I’m sorry that you’re oblivious to everything that is going on in the show. They have been friends since childhood.

I think we do not give the writers enough credit for writing something so profound and refreshing in spite of it being a teen drama. A homeless, abandoned, rudderless boy, an outcast who is bullied, selflessly helps a  girl find her sister and uncover the truth, not because he wants to get into her pants. A stifled, lonely yet nurturing and loving girl giving strength, support and courage to a lost and scared boy failed by his father and society. They are each other’s guardian angels.

So I ask this to all the haters..can’t you see this? Are you so blinded by your superficial hate and violent desire to stuff your ship down everyone’s throats because it gives you some sort of false sense of control over others that you have lost the ability to objectively see what the show is striving for through this beautiful narrative within the confines of what is ostensibly a teen drama? Can we not rise above our pettiness of mindless and hostile shipping to learn from it? Everyone is free to ship whomever and whatever they want but it is another thing to be so vitriolic and spiteful towards the others to have your way. Isn’t shipping supposed to be all about love anyway? Bughead is so much above all this petty drama, it is transcendental.  

There’s so much that all of us, teens and even adults can learn from this ideal of a super healthy relationship that both television and our lives need. We need to move away from toxicity both in entertainment and our lives. Can we not be inspired to work on ourselves and build supportive, organic and nurturing relationships? This should give so much inspiration to the teens of today. With Betty & Veronica, the show strives to re-build the idea of strong, female friendships which seems to have become an alien concept in the world of ‘frenemy’ culture. Why can’t two girls be healthy best friends without the assumption that there is something sexual between them? People are hating on Bughead also for a fact that they are a heterosexual couple. As I see it, love is love in any shape or form.

Also, I do agree that all sorts of representation must have a place in popular culture and thankfully it is happening. However, those who are unhappy with Bughead saying that it erases Jughead’s asexuality, I disagree. Are you saying that Asexual people can’t fall in love? That they don’t deserve an intimate bond with another?

Now, in the larger Archie comicverse, Jughead was never portrayed as being an asexual, he simply was smarter and wiser and had other priorities compared to his hormone crazed pals. He was always the voice of reason. I’m sure that there are people like that, not everyone who doesn’t choose to be a crazy, horned dog is asexual. Besides, Jughead is shown to be asexual in only one version of the comics. There can be multiple variations of characteristics in the larger universe. Riverdale chooses its own narrative and characters as it sees fit for the context of the show. Therefore, in this version, Jughead isn’t asexual or aromantic. There is no erasure of any kind. Even if he were asexual, I’m sure that Bughead still can have a loving and healthy relationship.

It is my personal opinion and I am not trying to belittle anyone or trivialising the serious issue of representation in anyway. However, I do feel that in today’s world where there is so much hate and strife, showing love and companionship in its true and purest form is the most important issue here, first and foremost. It doesn’t really matter whatever is the sexuality or orientation of the characters in question. So, let us all keep our differences aside and show our love and support to something is for the greater good. Love is universal and not restricted to a specific type or form. Besides, it is fiction,let’s remember that. 

I also think that we must avoid pressuring or attacking the creative team, actors and show runners into bullying them to change their vision for the show. That truly doesn’t serve any purpose other than being detrimental to the quality of the show and making the team de-motivated. Let’s all appreciate the hard work and love everyone has put in to present to us something that is so beloved and cherished by all.

Why is showing a healthy, supportive, wholesome and stable relationship necessary? I can tell you why, because I have suffered greatly in an unsupportive, toxic and abusive relationship that was all about selfishness and greed with no regard or love for the feelings of the other person. Where one person only gave and gave and the other only took everything. I was left drained and battered and I’m still bearing the burden of its ruins.

So, when Bughead came along, it was catharsis and relief. It was about having the hope of bright sunshine in the pitch black darkness. It was about selflessness and having high standards and working for the greater good, something that is bigger than us. It was about women not wallowing and pining after some boy who had little value or regard for them and not allowing a man decide the course of their lives .It was about unconditional love and support without labels. It was pure beauty and art, like a perfect symphony.

Bughead isn’t merely escapism. It is the light of goodness that illuminates our hearts and fills us with compassion and hope for something beautiful. It is the delicate flower that grows in the parched desert of hopelessness and deceit.

Let us protect it all costs.

Jennifer and I met on GWLG almost 2 years ago now. We didn’t start dating immediately but we were both attracted to each other and would talk occasionally. Eventually we started dating, and made a 4 hour drive between us, and me not being out for the first 8 months of our relationship, work because we knew we really had something. 

August, I move 2 hours closer, and come out, December we celebrated a year together, and this past weekend, I proposed and we are officially engaged!

This just to say, it does get better…and you might actually end up marrying someone you meet on tumblr. Life might not be perfect, but it does have it’s perks. Hang in there. 

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but if you try to flirt with my fiancee I will send you pictures of very vicious dogs.) 

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46.1%!!!! fic ab Alec almost getting killed by Valentine in the fight next ep but Magnus saving him (lots of fluff after?)

“Alec? Alec!”

Magnus was nearly out of the building when he heard it. He had Madzie in tow and he was trying to be careful, trying to find somewhere safe to create a portal so he could get the young warlock girl out of this hellhole and somewhere safe, where she won’t be used or manipulated for her powers again. She was young. She’d bounce back. But it made his blood boil that Valentine, the man determined to wipe them out, was still happy to use Downworlders for his own ends even if he was planning on killing their species later.

Before he could create the portal, though, he heard a voice from the rooftop. Isabelle’s voice. He wasn’t sure she’d be here, still too high on a terrible concoction of Yin Fen and vampire venom to see clearly. Raphael, too, high on Shadowhunter blood. He’d kill Victor Aldertree for getting people he cared about wrapped up in this mess. But that had to come later.

Instead, he ran upstairs, Madzie following, and onto the rooftop. The scene he saw turned his stomach.

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Hold Me Tight

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“Your cold face tells me everything rather than words
I can see a break up rising over me like a high tide
I know it will soon be our last but I can’t let you go
Don’t talk, don’t leave, just quietly hold me, girl”

- Hold Me Tight: BTS -

“Each time I sit here thinking of you, I can’t fight the immeasurable amount of pain that comes with the loss of your love.

I wish I could take back every moment I ever took you for granted. All those stupid arguments we would get in because I was too proud to admit I was wrong, haunt me now.

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Bridget’s Diary

TW: Mentions of Sexual Assault


I’m going to go to a party tomorrow.

I can’t believe I’m doing this! I know parties are places of temptation, but my friends are all going and I just can’t help myself. They’re all purity club members, we’ll keep each other on the straight and narrow. I’m so excited, and at the same time I want to throw up because I’m so nervous. My parents obviously don’t know I’m going, I told them I’m staying at my friend Holly’s tomorrow night. I will be, kinda, just… after the party.

I will seriously throw up. This is so exciting. I just have to remember that I’m a fine china tea cup, not Styrofoam and disposable. I’m not easy, and I will remain pure until Jesus chooses my soulmate. ♥

For now though… I have to figure out what I’m going to wear!

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When people say they have no regrets, I find myself questioning why I have so many. I regret that the people who have left haven’t taken the best of me with them. I regret that the people who have left did so because I never afforded them anywhere near the best of me. I regret not putting my best foot forward. I regret that the people who stay will not see the best of me. Because the best of me doesn’t exist yet. That elusive notion is just as slippery as eternal happiness. So regrets exist. Nostalgia exists. Saudade exists. And try as I may, I simply cannot imagine a life not weighed with regrets.

A Good Decision

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Stiles Stilinski x Reader, Stiles Stlinski x Lydia Martin

Length: 1264 words

Warnings: none

Stiles Stilinski was entranced, as he stared at Y/N from across the hallway, leaning on his locker casually, figurative hearts in his eyes. Eyes trailing the body he was captivated by, he softly smiled, before he caught the figure of Lydia Martin across the way, his long-time crush and recently; a close friend.

Lydia was literally the most beautiful female Beacon Hills High School had seen, with flowing strawberry blonde hair, and full lips that could kiss the life out of a man. She’s the definition of a Queen Bee, with grades as perfect as her being, and a wit as sharp as her brow-game. He didn’t really know what that meant, but had been told by Lydia herself that it was a compliment.

She’d never looked at him though, at least, not until everyone in Beacon Hills lives had gone to shit.

Y/N, however, was new this year, and wasn’t as pretty or as smart as Lydia. But still attractive, especially to him, and the biggest smartass he’d met. And that was coming from him. He’d planned on asking Y/N out, but then he’d had a ‘moment’ with Lydia in a recent werewolf-related chase. They’d held hands, had been pressed close together with a lot of staring and heavy breathing.

Stiles turned away suddenly, wondering if his inability to get over Lydia was really ‘love’, like he’d once thought. Or was it something else? His old crush, which began when he was young, had been almost a coping mechanism in response to the issues and problems he became burdened with. Perhaps this was a way for him to cope now, reverting to a simpler time where he’d not been involved with werewolves, and other ridiculous supernatural creatures.

The warning bell sounded, and he literally jerked out of his thoughts, flailing slightly, and managing to hit his funny bone on the edge of his locker. “Ow!”

“Dude, you good?” Scott laughed at his friend’s clumsiness, “Maybe if you were paying attention, and not staring at Lydia and Y/N, you might make it through the day without hurting yourself.” He smirked, the twitch in his uneven jaw hinted at a sadistic sarcasm at this point. His ire had been years in the making though, hearing Stiles talk enthusiastically of Lydia for years, and then Y/N for months on end – he was tired of it honestly, so as of late his teasing had been slightly harsher, but in return so had Stiles’ of much of what he considered to be the stupid actions of his friend.

Stiles rolled his eyes at his best friend, “We can’t all be amazing werewolves with amazing reflexes, though, can we Scott?”

“No,” Scott scoffed, “But I thought that people on the lacrosse team would at least have some reflexes, in order to play.” He smiled widely, white teeth gleaming in the awful fluorescent hallway lights, and was returned with Stiles’ own strained smile. The two left the area they’d been standing, walking towards their next class, “Did you have any idea which one you have genuine feelings for?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“It means, it’s been ten years, and/or ten months, and you’ve still done nothing.” Scott sighed, pulling his friends arm, leading him to the side and out of the way of other rushing students, “You have to decide whether what you feel for Lydia and Y/N is real, and what to do with that information.” He smiled softly at the confused looking boy, “Your emotions have been all over for weeks now, man. You can’t keep avoiding this, it’s not fair to you, or them.”

Stiles eyes him with uncertainty, “Them?”

Realising that he may have compromised what he knew of Lydia and Y/N’s feelings, one via his super-human senses, and the other via the mouth of the woman, he forced himself back for a moment. “You’re my best friend, Stiles, you deserve to be happy. I think you have to decide how that’ll happen, though.”

Hazel eyes looked at the chocolate brown in shock.

“Think about it.”

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“Hey, Stiles!” Y/N called out to him as he walked towards his trustee powder blue jeep, later that same afternoon. “Hey!”

“Oh, hey Y/N, what’s up?” Stiles smiled softly, although his voice was strained slightly, “How are you?”

“I’m good, I feel like I haven’t seen you all day?”

Because he was avoiding her.

“Really?” Stiles smiled awkwardly, his voice a higher pitch than necessary, before waving his hand, as if shooing away her thought. “’Been busy, that’s all.” Yes, busy trying to ‘think about it’. He’d even spent lunch in the locker rooms, head pressed to the cool metal in attempt to force his brain to think on the subject. Lydia or Y/N?

“Oh, really? Something I can help with?”

He usually responded with the answer ‘no’ in these cases, when Y/N offered him help, mainly because he was usually pondering a weird supernatural enemy trying to kill his friends. But this wasn’t one of those cases.

“Actually, yeah.” Stiles let out a huff of air from his lungs, “Do you, Y/N, want to, maybe, go to the movies with me, or something? You don’t have to! If you don’t want to, of course, because you’re in charge of your life, and-”

He was too busy rambling to notice the wide grin that had taken over Y/N’s face, “Yeah, I’d like that. Pick me up at eight, from my place.”

“It’s totally cool if you don’t want to-” Stiles paused mid-sentence, to meet Y/N’s eyes, his own eyed wide from the disbelief he felt, “You do?” His voice was even higher than earlier, when he’d been attempting to lie to them, so he cleared his throat and began to speak once more, this time in a way that didn’t make him seem like a crazy person, “No, yeah, that’s cool. See you then!”

Y/N smiled at his attempt to seem casual, especially when he attempted to lean back against his car, only to find out it was too far back and nearly fall over. “You good?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Stiles gasped out, then waved goodbye to the now retreating figure, “Way to act like a spaz, Stilinski!” He berated himself, before jumping into his vehicle.

“So, you went with Y/N?”

“Ahhh!” A hand reached out to smack Scott, only to be caught by said werewolf, as Stiles reacted to being startled by the intruder in his vehicle. “Dammit, man! Don’t scare a brother like that! Damn!”

Scott rolled his eyes at his friend’s dramatics, “So?”

“Yeah, I’m going out with Y/N. I’ve spent a long time pining after Lydia, right?” Stiles didn’t pause for Scott to answer his rhetoric question, “I’m going to do myself a favour, and give into these feelings for Y/N, as I think we’ll have more in common, and we’ll get along better than I do with Lydia.” In his head, it made a lot of sense, Stiles wasn’t sure if it was being communicated as well, though.

“Do yourself a favour? Alright.” Scott nodded, “Y/N is nice, funny, and laughs at your terrible jokes – practically a match made in nerd heaven.”

“Hey, I am a delight, Scott!”

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“Hey!” Y/N was dressed casually, but still nicely, when Stiles picked them up later that night, “What are we going to watch?”

Stiles shrugged, “What are you up to watching?”

“The new Stars Wars is epic, I wouldn’t mind re-watching, if you’re up for it.”

There was silence, while Stiles stared at Y/N, a smile on his face. “Sound goods.”

Yeah, he’d made a good decision.

Seven Days

Y/N remembered how terrified she had been, sitting in front of him, her hands trembling as he stared expectantly at her.

He was waiting, because she had told him that she had something to say.

But now, she really wished she had never said those three words.

Because Joe never said it back, instead only replying with a simple oh. The single word, more of a sound, felt like a knife into Y/N’s heart, and she had stared at him, desperately searching his eyes for a hint that he felt the same way. But there was nothing.

And so she had made a quick excuse to remove herself from the room, sneaking out the door not long after.

There was no way she could stay there, not after her I love you was not returned.

That was a week ago.

Seven days since Y/N had told Joe that she loved him, seven long days since he had responded with a simple oh, and seven exhausting days of her mind running over every part of their relationship.

The two had been together for quite some time, nearly a year, but neither had uttered those three words before. Yet Y/N knew that she meant it when she said it that night, it was why she had said it. But she never thought Joe wouldn’t say it back.

They cared for each other, she knew that much. The signs were there, scattered throughout moments of their relationship. So why did he not say it back?

Maybe she had taken their relationship more seriously than he did. Maybe he actually didn’t love her, and was just with her for fun. Maybe she wasn’t good enough.

The reasons went on and on as to why he might have not said it back, each one weighed heavily on her.

There had been no contact from him through the week, either. Nor had she tried to contact him.

What was she supposed to say? Oh, just kidding. I only just like you?

No, Y/N didn’t want to lie to him. She wanted to be completely honest with Joe, that was why she had told him in the first place.

But how was she to be with someone who didn’t love her back?

Instead of trying to answer that question, she just threw herself into work. Because it was easier than letting her mind wander, wondering once again what it was about her that Joe didn’t love.

“Hey, Y/N?” One of her coworkers popped his head into her office. “There’s a visitor for you.”

Not expecting anyone, she sent him a confused look, “You sure its for me?”

“They asked for you specifically.”

“Oh. Then just send them in.”

Nodding, he disappeared from her doorway, and Y/N racked her brain to figure out if she had forgotten an appointment or meeting for today. But the mystery was quickly solved as Joe walked into her office, a bouquet of flowers in hand.

“Hello.” He said softly, smiling at her.

“Uhm, hi.” She shifted in her seat uncomfortably, the trembling feeling of that night returning. “Sorry to be blunt, but what are you doing here?”

“I have something to tell you.”

“Joe, please don’t…”

“I love the way your eyes sparkle when you’re happy.” Joe cut her off, “I love how you look wearing my clothes. I love that you laugh at my stupid jokes even when they aren’t funny. I love that you’ll sit through a scary game for me because you know that your presence calms me.” He chuckled softly at that, moving further into her office. “I love that you know when I’m getting too stressed and force me to take a break. I love that you sing and dance to the weirdest music while cooking. I love that you came into my life. And I love that you were brave enough to say those three words to me, because I was too scared to say them.” He finished, placing the flowers on her desk. “It shouldn’t have taken me this long to say it back, but I was terrified, Y/N. Absolutely terrified. Because you are so important to me, and I’ve never felt like this towards anyone before. So, while it’s over due—”

“Don’t say it just because I said it.” Y/N interrupted quickly, her hands gripping the desk tightly. “Please, don’t say it back only because I said it.”

“I’m not.” He assured her, smiling softly, “I’m saying it because I mean it. I love you, Y/N.”


“Yes, really.” Joe laughed, watching as she stood from her seat, walking around the desk. He opened his arms, allowing her to step into them, embracing her. “Sorry it took me so long to reply.”

“Yeah, you took your sweet time.” She giggled into his shoulder.

Pulling back slightly, he placed one hand on her cheek gently. “I think I loved you the moment I lad eyes on you though.” He smiled again before leaning in to kiss her gently.

“I love you too.” She mumbled against his lips.

When they parted, he spoke again: “Next time, I promise to not wait a week to tell you.”

“Make sure you don’t.”


Newt Scamander x Reader

Fantastic Soulmate Series: Prelude-Love Letters and Scribbles of Hope-Uncommon-Leta

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The beasts were restless when you walked into the case. Newt could already tell you were angry. It is a blinding sight, you feeling that way, mostly because he’d never seen it. 

“Darling, what’s-” he started but got cut off by the shattering glass of a photo frame. You stood there, cheeks red and stained with tears. “How long?” you whispered. 

Newt didn’t have to turn over the splintered wood of the frame  to know the picture. “[Y/n], it’s not like that,” he explained. 

“Queenie told me that she’s Leta Lestrange. L.L. How could you have kept her picture, Newton?!”

He pressed his lips together, wringing his hands nervously. “Leta was my best friend, you know that.” Your jaw locked visibly, hands clenching by your sides. “You were in love with her. I know that,” you snapped angrily. “How could you have kept her photograph, Newt?”

His heart broke when your voice did. In his mind he knew why. “Because I…I was in love with her.” He shrugged his lanky limbs, unable to say or do anything else. 

With widened eyes, you licked your lips to begin to speak: “Are you still in love with her?”

His silence was enough of an answer but either way he responds with an: “I truly don’t know.”

Everything crashed down on you when he said that. You had known it was true before you even asked. But hearing it…A sob spasmed in your chest.

Newt’s knees felt weak as he watched your eyes fall flat. “It doesn’t mean that I don’t not love you, [Y/n]!” he tries to exclaim.”Is that supposed to make me feel better?!” you ask bitterly. “All my life, I have wanted you, Newt. You’re my best friend and the love of each and every life I can and will ever have. But I-I-can’t just be okay with this. And of all people, why her?!”

Newt runs his hands over his face, trying to refresh himself; trying to get himself to man up and save his relationship, even if it meant lying, but what good would that do? “She was always there for me,” he tries to reason. His mind was telling him to stop because reasoning with such a situation could only make this worse but his heart had taken control.

“She was a fucking bitch and she didn’t deserve you,” you suddenly shouted. Newt stood stunned by your words. “You were good, Newton, you still are. She was a damn parasite and she sucked the life out of you, putting her own thoughts and opinions into your head.”

Newt can’t look at you with the anger unfurling in his belly. “Well you’re acting no different right now,” he suddenly accuses. “Excuse me?” you counter. “You’re going on about how bad she is for me, doing exactly what you claim she did to me.”

“Well,” you say between angry tears, “if she’s so much better than me, why don’t you go find her and run away.”

“Fine! I will,” Newt yelled back.

When he left you, your knees finally gave out. The chittering of the occamies wailing made you cry as well.

Leta Lestrange would always be your enemy-your nightmare-the one thing that you envy because she held Newt’s heart in her hands. “It’s more than you could do,” you imagined her laughing, dazzling that sweet smile of hers. 

Things a Luthor Does Not Do

I actually forgot to post this here… LIke, I’m really bad at being organized. Anyways:

A Luthor does not cry.

A Luthor does not beg.

A Luthor does not kneel.

A Luthor does not show weakness.

A Luthor does not love.

It lasts until Kara Danvers comes along.

A Luthor does not cry.

Lena learns such thing one week into the Luthor’s household.

She’s five. She’s terrified. She cries. A lot. Never in front of Ms. Luthor, never again in front of Ms. Luthor. Not after the first night.

At five years old, memories are still too vivid in her mind. Her parents smiles’, her parents laughs’, and it’s too much. The hole in her chest is too much.

When Lillian, no, when Ms. Luthor finds her one morning, hands clutching at the duvet and sobs escaping her lips, she barely acknowledges her pain. She’s met with cold eyes and an unwavering voice.

A Luthor does not cry.

Lena learns. Lena follows. Lena tilts her head up, her back way too straight for a seven years old. It takes her two years but she learns. She doesn’t cry.

Not when Lionel dies when she’s eleven and she stands at a eighteen years old Lex’s side, jaw clenched and eyes fixed on a point far way, never focusing on any of the reporters.

Not when she’s sent away for boarding school because, once Lionel is no longer around, mother doesn’t have to pretend to love her.

Not when Lex becomes what he becomes.

She just stares at it all, chin up, settled eyes and unwavering voice. Just like mother. Because a Luthor can be sad, but it can never be shown or heard.

But Kara Danvers appears in her life. Kara Danvers with her bright smile. Kara Danvers with her blushing cheeks. Kara Danvers with her sweet eyes.

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Observations about the Rationals


-  not sensitive over normal things so seen as cold, but sensitive over abnormal things so also dubbed overly sensitive by others

-  may or may not see physical obstacles, walks into them anyway

-  combusts when overwhelmed with too many details


-  sits in the wrong classroom and doesn’t realise it until a different lecturer walks in; also loses their phone for an entire day and finds it in the car boot 

-  remembers details but remembers them incorrectly

-  won’t tell you about their vision unless absolutely necessary, unlike INTJs who won’t tell you about their plans unless absolutely necessary


 -  remembers something you said on a random day two years ago, tells you the same story over and over again for three days

-   even clumsier than INTJ (read: daily injuries and no recollection of how they got there)

-  really smart but somehow also lacks life skills


-  knew one ENTP two years back and not very well, but can confirm the surplus of puns and memes because they still inundate my FB feed today

-  I mean for God’s sake control yourself man

-  the world is not ready for that much wit at one time 

~ Mod Amal, INTJ

Studyblrs get real

I stayed up until 2am last night and got up at 6 this morning to finish my English Literature essay. I got it in with 3 minutes to spare.

This is not #goals

This is not #aestheic

This is not what we see in the Studyblr community that often because people are so taken up with perceived image.

I should have done this essay a week ago but I was busy and sometimes life just gets in the way.

I got it in and I am proud. No amount of over exposure is going to change that.

Devils Contract | Prologue

A/N: Hello lovelies, thank you for sticking with me even though I’ve been quite inactive, I’ve gotten some questions in my ask box wondering if i’ve gone on Hiatus and I have, in fact NOT. I have just been working on a new thought that came to me at 2am 😅. Here’s a lil sample of what’s to come!

Pairing: Taehyung x reader


Originally posted by mvssmedia

Looking back on things, you never realized how precious life really was. It could be taken away within seconds, you never realized this. Until now. Then again, if you were dead, how come you could still think?

Right, because you weren’t exactly, well dead. Yet. Looking down you was a beautiful flower blooming over your chest, right above your lungs. It was growing insanely fast for a flower, you’ve never seen one so, well red. Wow it was beautiful, you wanted to touch it. Fingers trembling, you carefully skimmed the petals as if they were to break, the pigment was transferred to your skin, it wasn’t a flower.

It was blood.

Gasping and coughing you stumbled, knocked out of shock and your own thoughts to be greeted with a tall guy, knife in hand that was red, with your blood. Slowly looking down you realized the flower was blood, leaking from your body.  Staring back at him you stumbled, words forming in your mouth.

“W-w-why?” you coughed,

“SHIT! I fucking killed the wrong person shit fuck!” was all he sputtered realizing that he stabbed the wrong girl. Just like that, he was gone zooming away on his motorcycle. Leaving you for dead on the sidewalk bleeding out.

“W-wait.” you yelled, “Please come,” you coughed up blood, “please come……back.” you fell to your knees, before collapsing arms to weak to hold of your body, lungs failing to breathe the oxygen. “I-I-” you felt tears streaming down your cheeks, then again, it could be blood. Red flashed in your vision, “I-I-” you coughed blood onto the sidewalk, “I don’t……want to-” your body shuddered, on it’s last seconds, “I don’t want to die.” you whispered vision blackening, reaching for nothing now, you lain there, on the cold ground.

“Please.” you whispered, “Someone save me.” Closing your eyes you breathed your last breath.

Please anyone, save me. Save me. Save me. I still want to live, I still want to fly. I still want to remain here on earth living my dream. Even if it only means living for a day, please there are so many things I haven’t done yet. I still want to live.


“Looks like you got your wish kitten,” Taehyung smiled, standing above your lifeless body, black horns protruding from his skull tail waving in the wind.

“Because now you’re dancing with the devil.”

So what do you think? Send me feedback, should I post it all at once or do it in parts?

Bye lovelies!