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what was my muses 5 last sent texts yours?

( rebecca jonny, message sent 04/06 at 3:45 PM ) : hey jonny boy, i am going to have a long day of work today, do you maybe want to meet after? i could use talking humans and some laughter.
( rebecca jonny, message sent 04/01 at 4 AM ) : i don’t know if you’re awake or not, but i could use someone to talk to– i don’t want to worry jax or gavin.
( rebecca jonny, message sent 04/01 at 4 AM ) : either way, you’re probably not awake… but if you are, can you give me a call?
( rebecca ➜ jonny, message sent 04/01 at 6 PM ) : i burned my toast. who burns a toast? there is a great chance i might be having a mid life crisis, help. i need words of encouragement.  
( rebecca ➜ jonny, message sent 03/30 at 8 AM ) : so, gavin is back home. he is a little battled and bruised, but i thought to give him a celebratory dinner, what do you think? i promise i’ll be ordering. 

what was my muses 5 last unsent texts yours?

( rebecca jonny, message unsent 04/04 at 2 PM ) : it’s weird when you sort of keep someone on your mind, isn’t it? freaks me out when that happens.
( rebecca jonny, message unsent 03/29 at 3:57 AM ) : i can’t sleep again, you’re my night buddy and i don’t want to disturb you, so i don’t know why i’m typing because i’m probably not going to send this anyway.
( rebecca jonny, message unsent 04/03 at 7 AM ) : kind of freaked the hell out of me when i saw you seated on the sidewalk that day, i swear to god i just… always call me when you need to get home?
( rebecca ➜ jonny, message unsent 03/09 at 1 AM ) : i have absolutely nothing to do with whatever you and jax went through, but i don’t know, sometimes i just think he misses you…
( rebecca ➜ jonny, message unsent 02/28 at MIDNIGHT ) : i always wondered why the sky is blue. why is it blue? also i might be slightly drunk on wine.  

what was my muses last snapchat to yours?

what my muse saved your number as?

Rebecca’s screen name for Jonny is Jonny Boy

what contact photo my muse has set for yours?

what ringtone my muse has set for yours?

Rebecca hardly does separated ringtones for people, the only ringtone that is not the regular is her mother’s. So, Jonny’s would be the regular iPhone ringtone. 

how many times my muse has called your this week?

She doesn’t call people a lot, she usually only calls when it’s an emergency, but with Jonny, I think she likes to chat with him. So, maybe she might have called him about three times this past week, one of them inviting him over, the other two probably to check up on him and make small talk.

how many calls has my muse missed from yours?

None, the only way Rebecca would probably miss Jonny’s calls would be if she was in the shower or perhaps working. Other than that, she would be sure to answer him or if she has indeed missed his call, she would call him back immediately, as soon as she was free.

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Hi, can I ask you to block, tag or call out la-muerte-roja? It is an ugly, deluded, yandere special snowflake and honestly should delete because it's toxic as fuck. You guys are super cool and I'm sure you wouldn't mind. Thank you (sorry i had to contribute to the meme :D)

ill call her out because shes actually rlly beautiful and i love her but ill tag uwu sorry if it triggers u!

also i think anyone who knows me is now contributing omg


Black Sails meme: [2/5] relationships
  ↳ Eleanor and Richard 

“I was focused on the work and I saw no future in which a daughter would have a meaningful part in that. But, Eleanor, look how wrong I was. Look at what you’ve accomplished here. Pirate crews repurposed as merchant shippers and showing profits. You have proved the conceit possible. You are making real what was for decades a fantasy. The idea that this place can be transformed, made profitable, redeemed from within and on its own terms? You are doing this without any help from me, nor from Whitehall, nor from anyone in London at all. It is entirely of your own making. And it is miraculous.
One day, years from now, someone in London will sit down, light his pipe and tell his children of the unlikely success story that was Nassau. And he will say it all began with a woman who decided to make it so. You have proven me so very wrong. And I could not be prouder of you for it.”