because they bring happiness to my heart

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27, 44, 74, 83, 95 💞

27) What’s a sound you hate; sound you love?

I despise the sounds when you empty the dishwasher – plates, cutlery etc. It’s the woooorst!!

My cat purring is deffo a sound I love 😻

44) What was the last movie you saw?

“Journey to the Center of the Earth“ from 2008. It’s lame, but it was on TV so…

74) What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it?

Switch by NCT 127 is my god damn bop!! It gets me so pumped 🙃

83) Give me the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word; heart.

I thought of @kimtaeheart because of her URL ❤️

95) You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?

Seoul! Especially if I could bring someone like @mytaeddy along, that’d make it 20x times more fun 🌹


This powerful image is from one of the memorials last night for 16-year-old Maren Sanchez.

Maren was stabbed to death in her high school stairwell on the morning of the prom. She was killed for allegedly turning down a young man’s invitation to be her prom date.

Her classmates paid tribute by dressing up, and bringing out the gown she would have worn to the prom. Even though this memorial was a sorrowful and traumatic event, the students smiled through their tears for the camera because… Maren would have wanted them to be happy on their prom night.

I grew up in Milford, CT, and I live about 15 minutes away from Jonathan Law High School. My partner attended JLHS and I have friends with family members who currently attend.

With the Sandy Hook shooting in December 2012, I can’t believe that here we are again, just a year later, with another tragedy in a Connecticut school.

My heart goes out to all of those affected.

Over the years, seeing the boys instantly point to Louis when asked who’s the closest to their mom, and hearing Louis always talk about how much he stays in contact with her, my heart grew because of knowing Louis was the biggest mama’s boy.

This was my favorite picture of them, which I always say when it crosses my dashboard. To see Louis visiting his momma at work and seeing them both happy, I can’t explain the joy this picture has and now always will bring me

I want you to know that it is not always easy to love me. In fact, it’s probably never easy to love me. Not even for a second, I’m hard to love. Cause sometimes my heart fills with so much emptiness that it’s hard to breath. And sometimes my mind wanders out to the extreme and brings back emotions I thought would be gone. My point is I’m not easy to love, and if you can’t love me when I don’t talk to you for three days because I’m just so depressed that getting out of bed is hard then you are not fit to love me. If you can’t love me when I’m warm & happy at 2 pm then you can’t love me when I’m cold & harsh at 4 am. I need a lover who knows how to love me when I’m sad because the fact is I can’t do this on my own. Even if I say I can, I know deep down I can’t. And I don’t want to do it all alone which is what I’ve been doing for the past 18 years of life I’ve had. So please, if you’re gonna love me when I’m happy and sweet and spilling I love you’s out like it’s your name then you’re gonna have to love me when I’m on my bathroom floor crying, to tired to move, scared of what I’ll do. You’re gonna have to hold me. You’re gonna have to tell me it’s gonna be okay even if you don’t think it is. You’re gonna have to tell me that even in this mist of sadness that I have you. That I’m not alone even though I feel like I am 99% of the time. So please, please, please be careful with my heart. It’s been broken so many times and sure I’ve always put it back together but my kindness is growing weaker with every I love you that is met with a “goodbye, you weren’t enough.” So all I ask is think. Please think for a good 10 minutes of this, if I’m what you want. If you can handle this. If you choose to stay I promise I’ll love you the same each day. I promise I’ll love you when you are down about life and I promise I’ll love you when you are so joyful that it hurts to smile because you’ve been doing it all day. I promise I’ll love you with everything I have which isn’t much but I hope it’s enough. I hope I’m enough. So when you figure everything out let me know. I’ll be waiting.

Yall wanna know what keeps me up at night? The fact that Calum uses tumblr. And I’m not talking about the “OGIUDHGS I HOPE HE HASNT SEEN MY BLOG” stuff. I’m talking about all the positivity about him on here. I always see people defending him and editing whitewashed photos of him to bring back his brown skin, the way it should be, and just overall being so kind and wonderful toward him and it honestly warms my heart but what makes my heart jump into my throat is what if Calum sees it too? What if he sees these posts and genuinely smiles at each and every one of them because he sees how appreciated he is on this side of the fandom and he sees the photos giving him back his brown skin and he just gets so? Happy? And that smile comes onto his face, the one we all love, the one where he smiles so hard that he gets little crinkles around his eyes and his cheeks get all big and his eyes light up and his dimples get so deep? Oh my god I need a minute.

jaime_king: Dear Tay- Tomorrow is your birthday and I will be in the air. This picture I took of you brings back the fondest of memories. It captures all of your beauty that I know, that the world knows, in one photograph. You have the uncanny ability to just get straight into the Soul’s of us all in one shot. With your music, you grab the hearts of countless hearts & don’t let go. As my sister, with your irresistible enthusiasm, un-f*cking unbeatable passion and true honesty, feels like home. We have changed the perception of female friendships because somehow, in this crazy world where women want to hurt each other, we have a thoughtful group of friends where we have chosen to love each other through it all, and support our peers along the way & with open arms you bring this to life. Intimately and sincerely, I love you, I am profoundly proud of you, your Light is a rare and brilliant gift. Happy Birthday!!! (Your always sensitive, expository and teary eyed friend;) xo Jaime @taylorswift


“You were amazing up there.” (Avengers Prime #3)

This is my gift for iwritestony, who asked for the classic quote that we all know and love from Avengers Prime (and also not to break her heart XD). So, I bring you only fluff and rainbows, from every outlet of Steve/Tony that I could manage. I hope you like it! Happy SteveTonyFest :)

Happy 28th Birthday, AmazingPhil/Phil Lester!

I’ve been watching Phil’s videos since before or around 2009 and I can’t for the love of me express how much he and his videos mean to me.  I may not know him personally, I may not have even met him (unless you count seeing him across the signing hall at VidCon 2013 haha) but if it wasn’t for him I would’ve not been introduced to the incredible youtube community/family that has become what it is today, I probably wouldn’t be embracing a lot of qualities about myself that are a bit weird or random, and I most certainly would not have the support I have on Tumblr because hahaha I draw him (and Dan) a lot and a lot of people seem to enjoy it and share their love passionately - it brings joy to my lil doodlin’ heart seeing all these people happy.  He’s also shown me what friendship can bring you through his relationship with Dan (and other fellow YouTubers). I can honestly say I’ve experienced something very similar with various people I have grown to love so I really empathise with the two. Seeing them [Dan and Phil] work together or just dork about makes me really happy, even on really bad days. 
But yeah, anyway, Phil is a lovely youtuber who I am thankful for inspiring and motivating me in a number of different ways. I wish him the bestest super awesome amazing birthday. 

If you’re reading this Phil, Keep doing what you’re doing, you’ve impacted my life so I hope this impacts you/your day in some way - even if it just a lil smile or warm fuzzy feeling. Thank you for everything! <3


It never fails to make me happy, that my husband thinks I am funny. Not just “ha ha you’re adorable”, but in the way where I can render him gasping for breath with tears streaming down his face Funny. And he tells people too, at every given opportunity. He’s proud of me, immensely so, and it makes my little heart sing because I was always told this would never happen.

My mother always told me that boys don’t like funny girls. They especially don’t like girls that are funnier than them. Boys don’t like a lot of things, according to my mother. They don’t like sluts but they also don’t like prudes, and they don’t marry bimbos, but they also don’t want someone too clever either. Because you’re life is supposed to be a supporting act. You can be funny, but you are part of a duo. You are the cheap laugh to his comedic genius, the assistant fluttering the feathers to distract everyone from his slight of hand.

And it makes me sad because my father—a profoundly funny man—agrees with her. Oh women can be funny of course, but not because they are quick or witty, but because they are laughable. The fact that I work hard at my craft is irrelevant, explained away by an anomaly of chance and luck, and as he so often says with an buff of his nails on his imaginary lapels, genetics—empirical proof that some men will try to take credit for whatever you do, even if their last worthy contribution was sometime post utero, but mostly prior.

A sentiment many men in my life feel the need to reiterate as they comment on my facebook with things like “wow you sure are something” or “where did you get that line from” as though it could never have come from my own pretty little head.

Which is hurtful, to say the least. Insulting as middle ground and at worst a broken record stuck on repeat for the last thirty years of my life.

So the next time you think about sending me a message that says “wow you’re really funny for a woman” I would like you to reconsider your outlook on life, and whether or not it might be better improved by first removing your head from your arse.

To one of my all time favorite Youtubers; Jacksepticeye!

I really love Jack. He’s funny, bombastic, cute, silly, and really open with just anyone in general. I love the community he’s built and I am so proud of him and everyone else, cause he’s almost at 5 Million Subs! WOW! 

I stumbled upon falling for Jack and for his channel thanks to my best friend about 5ish months ago. When I first watched his Happy Wheels vids, I couldn’t stop laughing. Later on, I’ve come to realize Jack really made my days when they were really low. Just pulling up a new vid and listening to him always brings a smile on my face, whether it be because of the jokes he’s making, the reactions he does, or just simply Jack being Jack.

Please never stop being you, Jack. Never stop doing what you love doing most. You really are a unique individual that has touched the hearts of literally millions.

It’s an honor to watch you and be a fan <3 


Tadashi is here”

First post of the year!!!

I label myself as a traditional artist, digital is a real struggle for me, so I decided to make a quick practice with digital because I suck at it, and this is what came out from it….it’s also my very first time doing this kind of little comics…so, yeah…

Just drawing little Hamadas because they give me life and at the same time they broke my heart into tiny little pieces :)

BTW I know it looks odd, but I like to think that Tadashi brings comfort to his baby brother by rubbing his ear. That’s something I used to do when I was little when I was scared or worried so picturing Dashi doing that to calm down Hiro….I just… *gross sobbing*

Hope you like it, and (super later) Happy New Year everyone!


Happy birthday Matthew Goode | 3rd april 1978

“Bring on the posh!”

Our Superman

I remember being a little girl and watching “Superman: The Movie” or “Superman II” for the millionth time and waiting anxiously for that final scene, the one with his smile. I remember all the times my mom watched these movies by my side and to tease me she would say: “He’s smiling at me honey” right at the moment Chris smiled so beautifully.

Originally posted by alexhchung

And I remember how much I used to get jealous because of my mom’s words and my answer would always be: “He’s smiling at me. He’s my Superman”. And right after that I would have her holding me with a smirk on her face and saying: “Yes baby, his smile is just for you, he’s your Superman”. And in my mom’s arms I would feel calm and happy again, because Supes’s smile was mine.

So I grew up with that smile on my mind and in my heart. A smile that brings hope and love, which inspires you, a smile that is saying: “I am a friend and I am here to help you when nobody can”. A smile that always gave me the sensation of: “He’s here for me. I am safe”, every single time I’ve finished watching one of Chris Reeve’s movies.

And as time goes by, I became more aware of how important this character is to me, how being a Superman fan is part of who I am as a person, how people that know me recognize the importance he has in my life. And because of this character, three different actors became part of my story as a fan of the Man of Steel.

The first one was Christopher Reeve, of course. He brought Superman to my life when I was a little girl; he taught me that to do the right thing is always the best way. He made me believe a man could fly. He gave me the smile that changed me forever.

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Then, years later Tom Welling showed up. I was a young woman already and for one decade I’ve learned a lot with him and his Clark Kent. The journey his character went through was also part of mine. His struggles, his sacrifices, his love for his parents, friends, for Lois, the way he learned how hard it was to become an adult. Tom’s version of CK is part of my life and because of his portrayal I’ve fell deeply in love with Clark Kent.

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And last, but not least, Henry Cavill happened. The one who brought Superman back to my existence in a way not even Chris or Tom had. Maybe because today I’m a grown up woman and I can see things in a way I couldn’t years ago. The truth is, all the love I’ve always felt for my favorite superhero since I was a kid and that was resting in some part of my heart after the end of Smallville, came back in full force when Henry became Superman. Cavill’s kindness with the character, his love for the superhero, his portrayal of CK, Kal or Supes made me realize that no matter how much time goes by I will always be a Superman girl. His legacy of hope will always be in my heart, especially in the world we live in today.

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Because of Chris, Tom and Henry, I’ve learned that this superhero lots of people don’t get it because they think he is too boring, too powerful, that you cannot relate to, well, I am sorry to disappoint you, but he is the most human of them all. He’s the one who acts out of love, of kindness, of altruism. He’s the one who trusts in mankind even when they don’t deserve to be trusted, the one who will always put himself in a place of our protector, who will always fight against whoever may be to save those he loves. The one who will always share with us his most beautiful smile, because he’s our Superman.


Someone Bring Out the Confetti and Party Hats and Those Little Whistles that Go FVROOOOOOO when You Blow Into Them.

Because “Horrortale Teaser” made the Front Page of Newgrounds, people. Woo woo woo.


Shall I take a moment to thank everyone from the bottom of my pitpat heart? I think I shall. Thank you for your comments, your support, your encouragement in making this happen. I really, really pushed for quality and content for you guys, and I’m happy not to have failed you. Horrortale would never have existed if it weren’t for you.

Now onto business.

I’ve received a plethora of questions, namely “when will the full game come out”. To celebrate I’ve put together a short FAQ together hopefully answering most of these questions. If you still have any do not hesitate to send me a message ^^

Woo woo woo, guys. Woo woo woo.
Undertale © Toby Fox


Today (August 23rd, 2014) I’ve reached 2000 followers here in Tumblr. I’ve never expected to have so many followers, meet so many interesting people and make such wonderful friends here. I really treasure each one of you that is here with me sharing the love for Satoshi, Nino, Ohmiya and Arashi since January 2013, when I created my blog. Our feelings for these awesome men united us and this is something very precious to my heart. All I want to say is THANK YOU, my dear followers, for multiplying the love and the happiness. And, of course, THANK YOU, Arashi (and especially Ohmiya), for being the beautiful bridge that connects all of us. All my love to you! ♥

I hope the thought of me will bring a smile to your face.
—  L.W. // Because the thought you brings a smile to mine
Damn you, Peter and Gwen.

        Being a fan of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy’s love story is like committing suicide. It’s like eating a buffet when you’re on a diet or eating tons of sweets when you have diabetes. You know you’ll regret doing it but you do it anyway because it brings you happiness, it makes you smile like an idiot while in the process of being in that moment, then get your heart broken in the end, and cry like wimp while asking yourself why the hell did you even fall for it. 

        I know what I was going into. I know how and when it ends. I know it was not a happy ending. But it didn’t matter to me, I couldn’t, I could not help it. Spiderman thought us about choices, and in that moment that was my choice. I chose to fall in love with Peter and Gwen’s love story and accepted the fact that I will be the one who’ll be left hurt in the end.

Damn you Spiderman, 
and your web, 
for not saving Gwen. 

And damn you Gwen Stacy, 
Damn you for dying. 

I’ll always be a fan of your tragic love story. 
No matter how much it made me sad.