because they both could use somebody like each other

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y u no caleo ship why *cries

im pretty tired now so i cant give a really educated explanation atm so in short

-shes cursed to love him (which is icky and takes away a lot of calypsos say in things)

-caleo is a major case of pair the spares (which Riordan is very guilty of in many cases as a way of avoiding actually developing individual characters and instead sticking them in a pairing which apparently immidiately and magically eradicates all of their problems) 

-adding onto the above point i think that the whole “a relationship will solve all of your problems and is what you should be shooting for” thing is the wrong message to be sending to young children im not saying thats what hes trying to do but its one of the things that comes across in the books 

so leo who is desperate for a relationship from the beginning i would have expected (or hoped) that he would have a more personal development such as coming to terms with himself (realising that he doesnt need another person to validate his worth)-some sort of involvement with his mother in the plot like seeing his mother in the underworld and finally getting to have a heart to heart with her and forgiveness all around i expected him to try and find his mother because of the line “‘nothing is unfixable” except the fact youre gone forever’ which sounded like foreshadowing to me tbh but instead rick gives us a couple of chapters of yet another unnecessary relationship beecoouuss das mur impurtant

-their personalitys dont naturally go together well so both of these characters (that i really really like) had to be butchered to make them suitable  for each other thus making the caleo chapters seem forced and really really badly written 

so in conclusion caleo had potential for fanfictions but is a really weak route for somebody writing as a profession 

i could probably write way more but im exhausted rn and nobody wants to read that shit so  

"The Morning After"

Prompt: Justin and Selena are no strangers to spending nights together after not speaking for months, but this time, it would be different.

Word Count: 860

 I should’ve gotten up from his bed, put on my clothes, left his house from the moment I woke up, and never look back like I did so often before.

I should have.

  Instead, I found myself turning to face him, looking at the face I had avoided coming face to face with for months. He was still sleeping, his lips in a small pout while the rest of his face was completely relaxed, making him look years younger. His eyebrows were slightly thicker, and the scar under his right eye was slightly more faint than what I remembered. Other than that, he looked the same, and it was moments like these that reminded me of the same boy I fell in love with five years ago. 

  I lifted my hand to lightly trace his cheek, tracing down the curve of his cheekbones, to the beginning of his jawline. He seemed to feel it, as seconds later his eyes slowly opened, staring at mine. We stayed like this for a while, just staring at each other, unsure of what to say, or just do without ruining the moment, the present.


“Morning” I replied. I noticed his eyes traveling down my body, which was only covered by his large shirt that I hastily put on in the middle of the night. I pressed the sheets closer to me, suddenly insecure. I got up, sitting upright on the bed. He looked up at me once again, giving me a smile.“Why are you getting up so early?”

“I have to go soon”

He sighed, noticing my hostility. “You just woke up, and you’re already leaving? do you have to start out the morning like this?” I stood up, walking over to my clothes that were thrown around random areas of the room last night, picking them up. 

“I’m serious Justin, I really do have to go soon, I have tour rehearsals at seven, it’s almost one.“ He got up from the bed, walking towards me. His hands wrapped around my waist from behind, while he laid his head against my shoulder, pressing small kisses against the side of my head.

“You still have six hours to spare”he mumbled against my ear, before pressing a small kiss against it. I found myself leaning against him, enjoying the feeling of his lips pressed against my skin.

  He turned me over, placing his forehead against mine. Eventually, I knew that reality was going to have to set in, and we wouldn’t be able to hold each other, kiss each other, touch each other the way we were doing right now, or last night, because the harsh truth was, we were no longer together, and If we have any chance  of moving on to other people, we had to stop this, and it hurt to think about it.

 ”We’re going to have to talk about this eventually, don’t we?” he said quietly.

“What is there to talk about Justin? we already know what we have to do, we just choose to not do it”

He stepped away from me walking over to the bed and sitting on it, running his hands through his messy, blonde hair.

“And what is it exactly Selena? Act like we don’t exist to each other? We’ve tried that shit like a thousand times, it doesn’t work”.

   Part of me knew he was right, completely right. But I also knew that while we couldn’t live without each other, we weren’t exactly experts at living with each other either. I sat next to him and looked at him while he stared at the floor upset.

“I go a few months not seeing you and I feel like I’m ready to move on, and then these things happen, and I realize that i’m not over it…over you”his eyes were on me now, focused on every word I said.

“..and then I wonder, how is it that I could move on from you? or to somebody else, if these feelings aren’t going anywhere. That scares the hell out of me y’know? because we can’t figure each other out, but nobody else is going to make me feel like you”

He nodded at every word I said in agreement, and after my confession, he wrapped his arms around me placing my head against his shoulder, kissing the top of my head. 

 “I know we both have tours, but i swear we’re going to figure us out, eventually. I know one day i’m going to be the man you deserve, but just for now, all I want is for us to stop spending nights together, and then not speaking to each other for months. It’s just going to make things worse baby” he said.

“Things will be different from now,I swear”

I believed him wholeheartedly. Even if we were tainted, and imperfect, and even though he had said those same words before, unlike all those other times, he wasn’t giving me false promises he knew he couldn’t keep. He was willing to wait until the time was right, and so was I. But as for now, being in his arms, listening to his heartbeat was all I needed.


Hi Taylor! It’s Martha your British Lil Sis 😂 I’m going to write as much as I can right now! It’s time to let all my emotions out! So firstly I need to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and Olivia! We’ve been trying for so long to get you to notice us and you noticed Olivia twice on Instagram and you don’t know how many tears there were! Then we decided to join tumble and we were struggling so hard to get you to notice and people are making pictures of what me and liv were saying before you didn’t notice us and it always something like “she’ll never notice me” or “whys it so hard to get Taylor to notice” and those were like 1 month or 1 week before you noticed us on tumble and it makes me so emotional and it’s given so many people hope and it makes me so so soooo happy! I never knew after seeing all the people getting packages that I would get one! I was just happy to sit and watch it all roll by! I never thought that you TAYLOR SWIFT would actually choose a 14 year old hardcore swiftie British girl named Martha 🙊 {I’m crying} I just… I just can’t believe that you would call me beautiful, smart, imaginative, lovely, GORGEOUS (this is the truth because that mirror only tells me the truth 👍😘) , bright, interesting and so much more and I just couldn’t believe it! {crying} sorry SO MANY TEARS! SO EMOTIONAL! I couldn’t understand it! I never knew somebody that’s so busy and beautiful and gorgeous and so high in the industry could actually spend there time doing something like this for some little person in the world it just blew my mind! Me and Olivia are just constantly asking each other “how did this happen” “she chose us in a day!” “Why did she choose us out of the people she could’ve?” “I’m so happy it was both of us together!” And we are truly happy you chose us together! Because I can’t imagine not doing something with Liv because she is my BFF and I love her to pieces! I didn’t cry in the video because I didn’t know whether it was actually happening! I was so in shock like I was touching something my idol I’ve loved for so long had punched and sent to ME! I mean… I’ve been trying so long to get you to notice me I just couldn’t handle it! I cried my eyes out as I laid everything out in front of me that night! It was so crazy! I still can’t believe it! I still cry! The letter was what I really needed! It just boosted my self confidence even more and I really needed it since I just joined high school and I constantly feel judged by all the boys and girls I pass in the hallways and if you told me all those words I just {crying hardcore} sorry had to take another break! TAYLOR YOU MAKE ME TO EMOTIONAL! STAHP! And the fact that you attempted to send it on my birthday (FedEx held it back a day 😕) was amazing and that I got told happy birthday and presents off of YOU JUST BLOWS MY MIND! I felt like the luckiest person in the world! It truly was the best birthday I have ver had and I know you wanted that! Thank you very much for saying that and everything you said in the card and notes! It means so much to me! My parents were tearing up when they watched me opening my package {mum (Andrea OMG OUR MUMS HAVE THE SAME NAME 🙊)comes back home… Okay that was creepy. Now she’s asking me why I’m crying and I’m like Taylor! And she’s saying you’re so emotional and I’m like yah I know! 😂} they think you’re totally amazing and you’re an amazing person! They thank you so much for making me the happiest they’ve seen me! I called my dad crying over the phone when you followed me and he started happy crying and I was like why are you cryin too?! And he said I’m so happy for you 🙊 and my brother says thank for the hug. Ahaha! He’s 15 and won’t share his real emotion 😂😂 older brothers 😐😂 and the presents you sent me are so personal and beautiful! The fan from Japan is amazing! The vintage camera is so beautiful and I love it so so sooo much I mean I can’t believe I won something so amazing! The Polaroid camera is so good! And thanks for the film! That candle is the best thing I’ve ever smelt and I need that scent in my life! Say thanks to karlie for those cookies babe! So tasty! Yum! That ring is absolutely beautiful but I have to pry it off my finger it’s small 😂😂😂 but it’s grgeoussss! That M book is definitely interesting and fits my room perfectly! THANK YOU FOR THE 1989 MERCH!!! I REALLY NEEDED THAT! I’m wearing the this sick beat on RN! My mum wanted me to say that she loves shake it off I hear her humming it and sometimes you hear her shout SHAKE IT OFFFF SHAKE IT OFFF! Tour is so close! I hope you have an amazing time on it! I hope you meet many tumblr friends and make their dreams come true! I can’t wait to see you in Manchester with Olivia and her amazing mum! We’re at the very back but we don’t care because we get to see YOU and here your amazing voice! ❤️ - Thank you for everything Taylor! I love you so so SOOOOOO MUCH! I’m sends you so much love and hope you have a good tour!❤️ Love your British little sister, Martha the sassy ❤️❤️😂💌😘😘