because they are so alike


I think I overdid this

Oh my god what I have done


korra: i have to find my own path as the avatar.

katara: i know you do. aang’s time has passed. my brother and many of my friends are gone.

zuko *flies by on his dragon*: KATARA WHAT THE HELL

toph *pops up from a hole in the ground*: QUIT TELLING EVERYONE WE’RE DEAD!

katara: sometimes i can still hear their voices…


sirius and regulus + instagram x

two sides of the same coin


MOODBOARD GRYFFINDOR + SLYTHERIN friendship  (requested by: @runningfromthemaze​ ) these two houses have a history of butting heads, not because they are different, because they are so alike. slytherin and gryffindor duos get into some trouble, as they are both serious risk takers. however, if they get into any trouble with authority, they can almost always worm their way out of it using slytherin’s manipulation skills and gryffindor’s dramatic story-telling. so competitive. if one of them gets into a fight, they won’t hold them back, they’ll egg them on from the sidelines, and they know that the other can handle themselves. (words.) (got any requests?)

OMG!! I FORGOT TO TELL YOU GUYS!!! A GUY THAT HAS MESSAGED MOST OF US ON SA AND THAT WE’VE BLACKLISTED, IS MY FUCKING PROFESSOR!!!! HOW CAN I FORGET TO POST THIS VITAL TEA!! 😭😭😭😭😭 BRUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH let’s just say that class is awkward as fuck. I can’t even look him in the eye!!! I was skeptical if it was him or not because he looked sooooooo familiar but all white people look alike so you can never be too sure. So during class I’m straight up staring at him cause I had a strong ass feeling, like my stomach was doing flips and he kept glancing at me. He mentioned how he goes fishing often and that’s when some ‘That’s So Raven’ type shit happened and I had a vision. It triggered the damn memory of his SA profile and a pic of him holding a fish on a fishing boat (is that a Florida thing?) and I’m like…… This is him, it has to be. But here’s the shit, we had a test a couple days ago and I know I failed. I’ll admit it, I didn’t study but whatever, C’s get degrees am I right? Anyway, I turn my test in and pray to God that he didn’t notice I Christmas treed that shit. He takes my paper, eye fucks me, and then winks at me. I awkwardly walk away cause he’s fucking ugly and I was shook. Fast forward to a few minutes ago… I check my grade today. Bruh….. How I got a 98% if I didn’t study? How I got a 98% if I didn’t even open the damn book not once this semester? There’s no way in hell I guessed my way to a 98%! He knows I know!! I don’t have that class until Tuesday so I’ll have to update you on this tea when it comes around 😂

Dear Chase, I feel like I can call you Chase because you and me are so much alike. I would love to meet you some day. It would be great to have a catch. I know I can’t throw as fast as you, but I think you would be impressed with my speed. I love your hair. You run fast. Did you have a good relationship with your father? Me neither. These are all things we can talk about and more. I know you have not been getting my letters because I know you would write back if you did, and I hope you write back this time and we get to be good friends. I am sure our relationship would be a real home run. Rooting for you always, Mac

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Louis Tomlinson loves Harry Styles. Harry Styles loves Louis Tomlinson. Bye

They’re going to get married and have babies together can you believe? Most iconic love story tbh 

beauty and the beast (2017) au where lefou’s story and character isn’t reduced to a homophobic joke:

lefou had a husband (who was gaston’s brother) who worked at the castle and they were really soft. but then the enchantress cursed the castle and lefou forgot about his husband (similar to mr. potts)

so because gaston and his brother look alike, that’s why lefou is pining after gaston–he reminds lefou of his husband but he doesn’t remember him. so he tries to be all cuddly and cute with gaston but gaston doesn’t feel the same.

but then the curse is lifted and lefou remembers his husband and they reunite at the end and share a loving kiss and it’s beautiful and pure and everyone is really happy for them

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