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Virus headsup!

This weekend there has been a global cyber attack, dubbed WannaCry virus. At least 150 countries have reported cases of it and over 200.000 computers have been affected since this weekend. 
Right now I do my internship in an IT support company where the telephone is ringing constantly and our mailboxes are overflowing with mails from people who have been hit by it. So I kinda feel obliged to inform you guys of it and what it could do to you.

What is it?
This virus is not a virus that you can just run your anti-virus or anti-malware program on and quarantine it. Most virusses download dangerous programs on your computer or record your actions to get access to your personal data. But this virus is of another kind, because the attackers have no interest in your data, they just want to make easy money. 

They do this by making use of ransomware or more specifically a cryptolocker. A cryptolocker encrypts all your data and files on your computer and connected devices, which means you cannot access those files anymore and use them. Unless you got the decryption key.
To get that decryption key, the cyber attackers ask you to pay $300, but there is no guarantee that you’ll actually get the decrypt key and get your files back.

There is not real remedy.
Once you get a cryptolocker in your system, you are screwed, unless you have backups and these backups are not connected to your system. (offline backups or in another domain)

Anybody can be a target, but right now the big ones are companies who have older systems like Windows XP, because they don’t have the same security measures as the newer systems. Now you might think: ‘Who still has Windows XP?’ Well, hospitals for example. They still use software that is made for their machinery and hasn’t been updated to newer versions. So if they get one in their system, people who rely on these machines can actually die.

Under the readmore I added some tips to prevent them and in case you really get one.

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I Hate You (M) // Kim Yugyeom AU

Originally posted by yuginom

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst

Summary//Request: You and Yugyeom both attend the same college - and you hate each others guts. But one day when you both reach the end of your tether, the two of you find a better way to take out your frustrations; on each other.

This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains smut and strong language.

“Can you move?”

“I don’t know, can I?” Yugyeom didn’t even bother looking up from his phone as you tried to step over his legs which were currently blocking the entrance to the kitchen in the student common room.

“Seriously Yugyeom, you’re such a dickhead” you said under your breath as you stepped over him, stumbling slightly before finding your balance – shooting him an evil glare before you began rummaging through the fridge to find your lunch you had placed there earlier.

“And you’re a bitch, but you don’t see me complaining” he replied nonchalantly as he watched you from the corner of his eye – bent over and beginning to become even more agitated than you already were.

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my-mystic-hero  asked:

Hi! I wanted to tell you I love your headcanons (and gosh, I had no idea you had a HSM one) I'm not sure if requests are open but... Do you think Jumin and Zen would ever get into a fist fight? Like they were arguing but then something happened. How would the rest of the RFA react?

well, Jumin is way too chill to ever get into a fist fight, but i think under the following circumstances it might happen?

  • if it happened, it would probably happen duing Jumins “route”
  • like all those days the Jumin kept MC in his penthouse even when he didnt need to, and in a bad ending scenario where Jumin puts a chip in MC’s heels… (i think thats what happens?)
  • if MC told Zen about that, i think he would go as far as to go to Jumin’s house and confront him
  • the dilogue would go somethingish like this, (zen’s words bolded)
  • MC told me what you did and i came to get her. i know you like her but you took it too far this time, Jumin. now let me in
  • no, im nor forcing MC to do anything. she’s staying here with my because she loves me. now get out of here before i call security 
  • im not leaving without MC
  • i think you are, and you arent coming back
  • no build up, zen just fucking goes for it and unleashes his pent up anger
  • and to be honest, i feel like it wouldnt be much of a fight. zen probably knocks him out with one good solid punch
  • is he surprised him enough and was able to land it just right,,…goodnight jumin
  • he’s too soft
  • BUT if that doesnt work, i could also picture zen just pulverizing Jumin and MC comes downstairs and has to yank Zen off of him 
  • and they do that dramatic thing where they’re like “you’re gonna kill him!”

now for the rest of the RFA’s reactions, yah?


  • is Jumin OK
  • please do not kill Jumin,,,
  • i know he’s not the best but Killing Is Bad


  • no?
  • oh……thats fine too i guess
  • bitch had it COMING
  • has to stifle a laugh when Jumin comes into work with a black eye 


  • why wasnt i recording??? ://////
  • a Missed Opportunity™
  • “hey Jumin, hows your face?”
  • threatens to sell the story to the press if Jumin doesnt let him see Elly

V (because i feel like he would DEF hear about this

  • oh, Zen :)
  • you really did that…. i guess :)

I love the fact that now we actually can see the world in Sana’s eyes because she always seems so secure of herself and strong but right now you can see that she feels a little bit like an outcast even surrounded by her friends.

gingeremoji  asked:

I want an inkheart au where nursey is an author and he has this ability that enables him to bring the characters or anything he is describing to life and he accidentally brings dex (a character from his books) to life and falls in love with him

Holy shit. I’m so emotional about this right now?? Idk, what kind of books does Nursey write, is the real question. Are his books fantasy novels, set in a made up land reminiscent of a time when there were kings and dragons? Is Dex a knight or a farmhand or what is he? Are Nursey’s books more modern? Are all of his characters dark and brooding and when Dex comes out of the book all he can do is laugh abt how pretentious Nursey is, how pretentious the world he came from is?
Is Dex the main character? Or just some side character Nursey fit in to fill some plot holes? Was he written as an antagonist of one of the protagonists friends? Or is the book more like Game of Thrones where there are like 200 characters? Like, how important is Dex to the novels, what role does he play? How does Nursey feel about Dex when he’s just a character, rather than this real life thorn in his side who he has to take care of now because this guy doesn’t even have a social security number, let alone, like, money to take care of himself; and if he’s from some fantasy land, he would have no idea where the fuck he is. OR. oh my GOD maybe it’s a futuristic novel, maybe it’s set in space. Maybe Dex is some kind of mechanic on board some major important, or maybe just a cargo ship.
Do they still fight about privilege? How do their fights occur, given that Nursey literally wrote Dex into existence and any flaws or privileges or handicaps that he has were given to him by Nursey? All of the wonderful beautiful things that make up Dex, that Nursey ultimately falls in love with, were given to him by Nursey; we can wonder how much of a character is really created by the writer, and how much the writer was influenced by the character, how much of the character’s persona was just tiny accidents.
Idk. This is just. A really good idea. And I really, really want to flesh it out. Thank u so much ahhhhhhhh.

Best Part

Note: Okay, so I really really really enjoyed writing this one. There seriously needs to be more Oak x Reader imagines out there. This one had me melting and squealing on the inside because flufffffffff.

Request: Hi:) you write cast fics right? I was wondering if you could write a really fluffy Oak fic where he asks the reader to marry him? Maybe with 12? Thank you!!

Word Count: 1360

Pairing: Oak x Reader

Warning: None, just fluffity fluff and a lot of it

“Okieriete Onaodowan!” Your voice echoed off of the walls to the apartment you shared with your boyfriend.

“One sec!” Oak’s voice shouted down the hall.

A couple of beats later, his head popped into the doorway to your shared bedroom. He saw you standing in the middle of the room with your arms crossed, giving him a pointed look.

“What?” He asked, not knowing why you were acting like this.

You sighed, pointing to a pair of dirty socks that were thrown on the floor. Oak’s dirty socks that were thrown on the floor.

“How many times have I told you to not leave your dirty socks on the floor?” You asked, causing Oak to sigh. “I love you, but damn…pick up your dirty socks.”

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Winter Interrupted (Part 10-Final) (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Part 9

You held out your hand, finally accepting Steve’s help so that you could stand, feeling a wobble in your gait despite your determination to keep it from him. Steve looked at you skeptically, but you ignored him, your eyes fixed on Bucky with each uncertain step closer. With his free hand, Steve pushed his own chair closer to the gurney so that you could sit again, but as usual, you declined him, much to his annoyance.

“(Y/N), sit.  You look like you’re going to fall over.”

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the ending of teen beach 2 is so incredible, and i’m getting more emotional the more i think about it.

because a lot of people talk about it from a very linear standpoint, that it doesn’t make sense to change history because if mack and brady never met, she would have left for private school already. 

but that’s just missing the whole point–that all it takes is one formatively feminist movie, one character that you feel represents and challenges you, to change your life. and now, because mack had that one movie, she’s more secure in everything she does. she found her passion for surfing sooner. she made the decision on her own not to go to private school. she made the first move in asking brady out. lela’s existence, lela’s narrative, changed her whole life, made her more confident in who she was. and she was already confident, we know that, but the first movie is about her self-doubt and her perfectionism and her desire to please her family, but because of lela, she was able to handle and overcome all of that by herself, because she knew what she wanted to do and where she wanted to be.

and it just overwhelms me because that’s how important representation is. that’s what this movie is about, letting women take ownership of their destiny and inspiring one another, and it makes them better, it makes the people they love better, everything is better.

anonymous asked:

Yo hmu with hcs of Sasuke finding out Itachi has a child? Kinda like a sequel to the pregnancy ones you did. Itachi is dead now, his final breath was his gf's name and his child's name. Sasuke tracks them down in like a cabin in the woods, what next? Thx friend. *disappears into a world of goldfish*

Coming right up! Thanks for requesting!

HC’s About Sasuke Finding Out That Itachi Has A Girlfriend and Child:

Originally posted by veenia

  • So when Itachi utters his last words, Sasuke immediately knows they’re names. And not just one name, but rather two names. He wouldn’t have thought much of it, but those were his brothers last words, so there has to be something going on. But he honestly doesn’t know where to start, were they names from the past? Were they people Itachi knew currently? It would kind of drive Sasuke bonkers because he’s just stumped on why is brothers final words were two names.
  • He would make it a part of his mission when he leaves the leaf village, as an adult, to find these two people. He would ask the Hokage for the list of all the members in the Akatsuki and start from there. He would quickly go down the list, noting who was dead. But then there is going to be this name at the bottom of the list, it’s going to belong to a female Akatsuki member that he didn’t really recognize. While they were wanted for some heinous crime, she never stuck out like the rest of them, hence why he doesn’t really recognize her. BUT he would recognize the name as one of the two Itachi muttered before he died. The Hokage would inform him that she’s been AWOL for a few years. People have said they’ve seen her around Kumo, but were never really sure.
  • So of course he’s going to start there. If he finds this person, then they may know the second person and the puzzle will be complete and all will be right with the world.
  • He would end up in Kumo, he would ask around, people would be pretty iffy about the information but one common theme is that they all mention a cabin. So what does he do? Go to the cabin. 
  • The first person Sasuke meets when he approaches the cabin is not Itachi’s girlfriend, but Itachi’s child. The small person would in the front yard playing around when Sasuke approaches them. He doesn’t think much of it until he sees their face. The hair color would be the girlfriends, but those facial features, those eyes. Those belong to Itachi, it’s unmistakable. Things slowly start to click, but not all the way, he has a hard time believing that Itachi has a child and needs someone to spell it out for him.
  • The child would notice him and call for it’s mother while slowly backing away from Sasuke (he’s not the friendly neighbor type). Now Itachi’s girlfriend knew all of his fears, one of them being that Sasuke would roll up and kill both her and his child. So she sees him, shoves her child inside the house, and prepares to fight Sasuke. (She knows full well she will not win, but she would DIE for her child because it’s her child AND because it’s all she has left of Itachi).
  • Sasuke would ask for her name, she’d hesitate still anticipating for a fight. But she would give it to him nonetheless. He’d then ask for the child’s name and when that’s given to him, he would finally understand. 
  • From that point Sasuke is going to feel a lot of emotions. He’s going to be a little shocked because he never figured that Itachi would be the dating or the baby-making type. He thought that Itachi would just stay by himself until the final fight. 
  • He’s going to feel like more of an asshole for killing his brother. I don’t think that Sasuke would have not killed Itachi if he knew about his brother’s family, but he might have lightened the blows. He can partially relate to the child about not having a father. Sasuke had Fugaku but he wasn’t really a father in his eyes; Itachi was more of a father to him. 
  • Sasuke is going to be jealous of his brothers family and of his brother. He spent the majority of his life training to kill Itachi. He didn’t focus on relationships or friendships (eh, he did, but that wasn’t his top priority), he lost so many people because of what his brother did. And yet here was Itachi, making memories, being loved, creating a family. Sasuke would rather have that life than the one that was given to him. He doesn’t like that there was someone that got his brother’s affection after all these years. It makes Sasuke feel second-rate and he hates that feeling. He doesn’t like the fact that Itachi got to do some good and got to create good memories, it drives him insane. So if Sasuke seems a little harsh to his new family, it’s mostly jealousy. 
  • He’s also going to be extremely happy. He does miss Itachi, especially after the truth was revealed about why he killed the Uchiha clan. So he sees his new niece/nephew as a piece of Itachi and feels the need to protect them so Itachi’s legacy does not burn out.  He’s also happy because now the Uchiha legacy is more secure and that the repopulation won’t strictly rely on him.
  • He would end up going into the cabin with Itachi’s lover and talking things over with her. Now that he has a new family, he doesn’t want them in Kumo. He wants them to come back to the Leaf Village where they can stay near him and where he can protect them. This is his chance to rebuild the clan he lost, there’s no way he is risking that by having them staying in a foreign land. He would also want to teach his niece/nephew the ways of the Sharingan and what it really means to be an Uchiha - but hopefully he doesn’t unlock the clans Curse of Hatred. 
  • Itachi’s girlfriend would be hesitant because she has a feeling it’s a trap and that she’ll be arrested. But Sasuke swears she will be pardoned for her crimes and he will bend over backwards to make sure she and her child are not separated. She’ll agree, reluctantly, but she’ll agree.
  • Sasuke is going to keep his promise and gets Itachi’s gf pardoned. Now that there’s an Uchiha to be trained, he does come back to the leaf village more frequently and splits his time from bonding with Sarada and his niece/nephew.
  • Itachi’s gf and Sakura become great friends and Sarada and Itachi’s child become super close. 
I never wanted to be the type of blogger

Who disappears from their blog without any word or notice. 

As a blogger who genuinely cares for her followers and mutuals, I always thought it was respectful to let those who enjoy their blog know when they’d be going and when they expected to return. However, I feel as though I left without a word and I found myself to be exactly the type of blogger I didn’t want to be.

I’m sorry to those of you who have sent me anonymous confessions that I haven’t replied to. I’m sorry to those of you who have sent me messages saying hello or asking how I’ve been who I also haven’t replied to.

Maybe I’m being too sentimental, but through my 4+ years on tumblr, I’ve learned to adore and appreciate this site for various reasons. One of my biggest reasons for logging on almost every day in the past was to help you guys. I loved when my inbox became flooded with messages from anons who came to me in order to seek advice. I loved how you guys were willing to share with me some things that were objectively very personal. I felt honored to be able to converse with you both on and off anon. I felt like the big sister I’ve always wanted to be (I’m the baby of my family). I was really blessed by the honesty that many of you approached me with, but I was especially blessed with the words of encouragement you guys would send me (posts I would tag as “nice anon”). My blog really became the “safe place” that I had hoped it to become. So many of you in the past have told me that the title of my blog fit the feel that it gave and I agreed. You guys helped my blog feel safe enough for me to share personal stories and to express my feelings, whether they were happy or sad. Sometimes posts became like forums and you guys would help each other out, offering advice or giving direction. It was a great thing to witness.

But like with most blogs, there comes a point where life gets in the way and we as bloggers take a step back to reevaluate and prioritize things. I realized that I began putting the needs of those who came to my inbox with their problems before my own real-life problems. The act of helping those, even if it was through the computer, felt so good and gave me a distraction from dealing with some of the things that I was dealing with in real life.

So I distanced myself. I weaned myself from logging onto tumblr as frequently and immersed myself in different projects and assignments. In fact, it felt a bit liberating to do so because it helped me focus on my studies and on other aspects of life/life obstacles.

This is the summer of my DAT (dental admissions test). This is a test I failed to take last year because of personal issues. This summer I’m going to take it. I’m stressed. I’m underperforming, but I’m still determined to go through it. So much rides on this score and it can help ultimately determine if I get a call for dental school interviews and of course whether I get accepted or not.

Life is so ambiguous and is often times scary because of it. I think that’s a huge reason why people tend to quit what they’re doing halfway or fail to start things because they let that fear control their lives. Will I get into dental school my first round? Who knows. Am I scared of possible rejection? You bet I am. Am I scared of people talking about me and thinking that I’m “dumb” because I didn’t get accepted? Definitely. But am I still going to try? Absolutely.  

Those of you who have been following me for a long time should know that I struggled in school (particularly in the sciences). I had to work harder than my peers just to get mediocre scores. However, that hard work has paid off and has taught me so much. It’s really highlighted the tenacity I hold inside to get things done even when I find them difficult.

This last spring quarter I got all A’s in my classes and was finally able to make it on the Dean’s list of my school, which is a list only students with a GPA of 3.8 – 4.0 for that quarter are on. I was able to do this while also working three different jobs and being in several on campus clubs.

I got voted as vice president for PSI CHI, a honors society in psychology where only the top 15% of the class get officiated and only those with leadership qualities obtain positions.

I finished my first TA job for a class called introduction to dentistry where I was the only TA for one of the largest intro to dent classes.

I was on top of things and finished my dental school application early on.

I received a scholarship in psychology for outstanding performance. This helped lower my tuition by a great amount.

My relationship with my dad has gotten a lot better because I never gave up on him.

Those are only few of the things that I’ve recently accomplished. This fall I’ll be entering my senior year of college (I’m almost done. I can’t believe it!) I’m excited to see what the future holds for me, but I’m also scared as well. I have no idea how well I’ll do on this test. I have no idea if I’ll get a call for an interview or an email for acceptance. I don’t know what people will say about me if I fail to get those. I just don’t know. But many things in life are ambiguous. Someone once told me that, “The world is neither black or white, only shades of grey,” and I would have to say that I completely agree.

Everyone goes through obstacles, the important thing is how we deal with them and how we let them affect us. If we don’t accept these obstacles as learning experiences then by the time the next obstacle comes, you could feel just as scared and hopeless rather than feeling secure because you’ve dealt with this before.

For now all we can do is be brave and try. Try our best at what we’re doing and see what happens. I strive to become someone who is able to deal with all of life’s various outcomes, especially the negative ones. Although there are so many times I want to run away and hide, I know that I’m strong enough to deal with the things I fear (i.e. failure) if I let myself go through the experience with a positive outlook and learn from it. I hope you guys will allow yourselves to do the same.

These are only some of the things I’ve been dealing with and managing. I hope that it’s cleared up some reasons for my absence on this site. Most of you probably didn’t even notice the absence and that’s perfectly fine. Maybe it’s more for my sake that I’m making this post :-) I still plan on keeping this blog (this isn’t a goodbye!) My appearances will probably just be more sporadic if anything. Thank you always for the support and for reading this far. I hope you will all be well.  


– your friend, Annie 

aka forever and always humanseoul

I woke up this morning and realized a few things that kind of took me by surprise. Honestly it’s crazy how my life has changed in the past few months. I’m writing, producing, and working from home and making money doing it. I’m able to pay all of my bills and live in Los Angeles, CA more than comfortably. I have a loving and caring boyfriend who values and respects me and dicks me down mercilessly. I didn’t even realize we’d been officially “together” almost a month and we haven’t had one argument (disagreements, yes, but rare and always respectful/loving/healthy– he’s never even raised his voice at me). We legit just be together all of the time and like doing that shit, and we still check in and remind each other to focus on projects, take breaks to get shit done and come back to each other like it’s nothing. We can work silently in the same room and it’s kosher. I have great friends who love me and care for me and support the fuck out of me. I’m hosting a couples game night tomorrow for them at my place and we’re going to make tacos and get drunk and watch The Office and play charades. My bestfriend from childhood might come to visit this month which would be super lit because the weather is getting awesome and we could go to the beach and I’m sure she’d/we’d have a great fucking time. The Get Down Pt. 2 didn’t disappoint me. I might get a dog. I’m performing all over LA and making a name for myself as a poet and community leader. I’m working hard on my passions and figured out a way to work from home and get paid weekly and generally kick ass at life. I woke up this morning feeling weird because there was an absence of something I became so used to, and it was crying. Like, I haven’t cried in SO LONG. I haven’t been unhappy in SO LONG it seems like. I guess I’m not used to the consistent, unwavering feeling of happiness. I’m not used to it just being chill, it used to feel like something was missing if I wasn’t in pain in some way or another. I know there will be more trials but right now I’m pinching myself because I’ve never felt this secure, happy, and safe and I’m just very grateful that I’m still here to feel and witness it. Ok. That’s all. Ima go buy taco ingredients for these vegan ass niggas coming over tomorrow.

(watch me write fics on my phone at work again)
youkael + genderfluidity (there’s a note in the end)

it is with a shaky breath and a painful churn at their heart that mikael tells yousef.

the thing is, when you tell someone something so personal, you bare yourself so vulnerable to the world. and outside, the birds keep twittering and the children are still laughing.

“i don’t think i’m a boy,” they mumble silently. their face is buried down in their own arm and their skin does a job at blocking the sound.

“sorry?” yousef asks, and mikael can’t help but feel the tears threatening to well over.

please understand, they think, desperate to not be utterly alone.

they’re tired of being alone. they’re tired of not completely fitting in.

but then they feel his hand brush their hair away.

“hey,” yousef say softly. “what’s going on?”

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what to buy with sugar money

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share what I’ve bought with my sugar money and what I think the best use of sugar money is.


It’s a rookie mistake to buy lots of luxuries when you first become a sugar baby. I’ve certainly made this mistake. My first month of being a sugar baby I bought a $300 Prada wristlet, $200 of MAC makeup, $300 of luxury bedding, some designer dresses…those are just the biggest things I can think of. I was constantly eating out/getting takeout, always ordering the most expensive wine the place offered.

I don’t regret buying these things because I learned from my mistake. But I’m glad I learned because now I feel more secure. Why is it a mistake?


Come month 2, I was asked to leave my apartment by my roommate (it was his house, granted…) and I had nowhere to go. On top of that, a drunk driver totaled my car while it was parked. I had saved the majority of my allowance this month (mostly because I couldn’t think of what to buy!) and I had gotten spending out of my system. Luckily I had the money to put a deposit down on a new place, pay for half of a used car, and buy myself a TV for my room. If I had spent the way I had the month before, I’d be screwed.

Since then I’ve used my allowance for groceries, a George Foreman grille, dish soap, toilet paper, swiffer wetjet fluid, and more. I’ve only splurged on a bluetooth speaker, which I use daily in my car and room, much more than that prada bag!


I don’t put this under luxuries or necessities because it’s somewhere in the middle. It’s necessary for a sugar baby and a luxury for vanilla folk. What I’m talking about is hair, nails, skin, and even makeup.

This is an absolute must for an SB and it must be budgeted for. $150-250 a month for hair, if not double that if you get it done twice a month. $50 a month for acrylic fills and french tips 2x a month. $50 for pedicures 2x a month. However much you spend on your skincare, I spend relatively little a month since I use expensive Lush products that last a long time. But still, expensive.

MAKEUP in my opinion “luxury” makeup is a must for an SB. If you’re lucky you can get your SD to buy you this stuff as a gift or you’ll buy through Glambot, Poshmark, or another discount site. But the foundation I use is Lancome and costs $50 a bottle for example which doesn’t even last a month. I also use $30 self tanner and don’t get me started on the rest of my makeup products. You want makeup that’s going to last you all night and hopefully to the next morning if you’re doing an overnight. You don’t find that shit at the drugstore.


student loans or not, you want to save so that if you lose your SD or something else happens (drop your phone, your laptop dies, lose your job, etc) you’ll be okay. You should be saving at least half of your allowance a month in my opinion.

anonymous asked:

i could really use some advice. so i thought i was ace but... i noticed i find certain things attractive? like I find biceps attractive and I guess they turn me on? but i still don't want to bang the person with the biceps. would that make me not ace? because i've been really secure with being ace until now :/

Arousal =/= sexual attraction. Aesthetic attraction =/= sexual attraction. These things do not erase your ace identity. You’re still ace, or at least you’re still on the spectrum. You might want to look into the label aegosexual (was once known as autochorissexual but renamed later on), which is on the ace spetrum:)


Broken 16

Warning: Domestic Violence. 

Broken 16:

Sunday came before you were ready for it to. You quickly packed up what you had brought, as well as what Bucky had packed. Making sure you put all the medical information the hospital had given you was placed in his bag. He was sitting on the bed, “Ready” you ask him as you zipped up his bag.

“Yeah Peanut, back to the real world huh” he asks as he stood and put his hand out for the bag you had just hoisted on your shoulder.

“I don’t think so” you told him, “you’re still healing”

“Dr. Cho said I can resume normal activities” he told you.

“She said to take it easy for the next couple of weeks and not to over exert yourself, she also said she recommended physical therapy”

“Know it all” he stuck his tongue out at you.

“It’s one of my most attractive qualities” you told him rolling your eyes, but you noticed him tugging down the sleeve of his shirt a little subconsciously.

“Bucky,” You called as he looked at you, “would you find me repulsive if I had a glass eye” you ask

He gave you an odd look, “No Peanut, your beautiful inside and out nothing would change if you had a glass eye, are you trying to tell me you need one”

“Then stop worrying about your arm, it doesn’t change who you are” you told him, “Now let’s go because you know airport security is going to be a blast”

You were correct, Airport security took a little longer than it did the last time, and Bucky had to produce the medical paper work but before you knew it you were both seated on the plane and ready for takeoff.

The journey didn’t seem as long going home as it had to get there in the first place and you had to take a deep breath as you walked out of the terminal, you dreaded facing Brock, but in your heart, you knew it was worth it. Bucky was family and family took care of each other.

You made it to where Bucky’s rental car was parked and he clicked the button to open the trunk. You placed both bags in and closed it. “You mind driving” he ask you and you shook your head no as you made your way to the driver’s side and he go into the passenger’s seat.

It didn’t take long for the two of you to make it to your mother’s house and you pulled into the drive way. You went around to the trunk and got his bag out and he had moved to the front door waiting on you. Once you got there you opened the front door with the keys and you both went inside. “Where do you want your bag” you ask as you put his prescriptions on the counter in the kitchen.  

“Just sit it in the living room, I’ll move it later” he told you sitting on the couch, “I hate feeling this tired” he complained.

“It will get better” you told him as you took a seat beside him, “If it makes you feel any better I could use a nap myself”

“Do you mind if I take you home later” he asks you and only then did it hit you that Bucky had picked you up from your house.

“That is fine Bucky, you rest I can call Nat she will take me home” you smiled as you went to get up.

“Don’t leave me alone yet” he gave you puppy eyes, “Lets watch The Empire Strikes Back”

“Your twisting my arm Barnes” but you grinned as you sunk back into the couch.

The Empire strikes back, turned into Return of the Jedi and at some point, you had fallen asleep. You awoke to the sound of the alarm on your phone and blinked. It was dark outside you could see that through the open curtains that hung on the window. You had been slumped against Bucky who was snoring softly. You sat yourself up and let out a yawn before you stretched and got up turning off your alarm.

You went to the kitchen and got a bottle of water out of the fridge and opened Bucky’s prescription bottle and shaking one out into your hand. Laying it on the counter you put the cap back on and made your way back into the living room.

“Bucky” You called softly, “Buck” you called again as he stirred, “Time to take your medicine”

“Doll what time is it” he asks voice raspy.

“It’s ten” you told him and he nodded as he took the pill from your hand, “We need to get you to bed” “

“we haven’t even had a date” he grinned at you.

“Buck” you rolled your eyes as he drank half the bottle of water. “come on” You said holding your hands out. You helped him off the couch and started down the hallway to your old room. You left him to get changed as you made your way into Steve’s old bedroom opening the closet. You found an old tee shirt that came down to your knees, and quickly changed. You were not going to go home tonight, you would face life again Monday morning.

You padded back down the hallway into your old bedroom, “I’m going stay tonight Buck” you told him leaning against the door. “I’ll sleep in Steve’s old room”

“Good idea” Bucky told you as he smiled from where he was laying, “But you want me to sleep in Steve’s old room, this one is yours after all”

“Nah” You shook your head. “If you need anything yell ok”

“Ok, Night Peanut” he told you softly.

“Night Buck” you whispered closing the bedroom door.


Morning came too soon for your liking. You groaned as you got up, and went through the dresser in Steve’s room finding an old pair of athletic shorts with a drawstring. You pulled it as tight as it would go and then made your way into the kitchen taking stock of what would be needed. You should have stopped on the way back to Bucky’s house to get milk at least. You quickly jotted down a list of things that he would need so that he wouldn’t have to go out unless he wanted to. You would see if you could convince Nat to pick them up for him sometime today. Opening the freezer, you pulled out a box of French toast sticks and threw a couple in the microwave and put the box back. Then you grabbed another bottle of water and the French toast from the microwave before making it back to the bedroom.

“Morning Sleepyhead” you called as you sat the plate on the night stand. Bucky groaned at you, “I know, but I have to get going” you told him softly  

“How you going to get home” he asks as he rolled over and gave you a sleepy smile.

“Nat” you told him, you hadn’t called her yet, but you knew that she would pick you up, “I brought you French toast sticks. I will get groceries for you today but it will be after work unless I can talk Nat into bringing them to you”

“Hey, I have two working arms now, I can get groceries” he told you.

“You need to rest, Dr’s orders” you gave him a stern look.

“Fine I won’t argue yet, it’s early” he agreed.

“Good” you nodded your head, “I will see you soon Bucky”

You closed the door to the bedroom and found your phone. Quickly you dialed Nat and ask her to pick you up. You grabbed your keys from the counter where you had set them and when you heard her honk the horn you locked the door behind you and got in.

“Walk of shame” She ask eyebrow cocked.

“These are Steve’s clothes” you told her rolling your eyes, “Plus I live with Brock remember”

“One could hope” she dead panned, “Even Barnes is better than Brock”

“Nat” you admonished, but in your mind, you agreed Bucky was ten of Brock.

“I assume you want me to drop you off at home” She ask raising her eyebrow again.


“Why didn’t you drive your car over to Bucky’s, and if you say it didn’t start again I promise I am sending Clint this time” You bit your lip, and before you could say anything, “Nope, not this time Clint will pick it up today you need a working car” She pulled into your driveway and you cheered inside as Brock’s car was not in the driveway.

“Hey Nat, can you pick up a couple things for Bucky” you ask.

“the store doesn’t sell brains” she quipped.

“Seriously Nat, he just had surgery can you please do this favor for me”

Sighing she nodded and you handed a list from your purse, “You’re the best” you said getting out of the car.

“Clint is coming to get the car” she reminded you as she backed out of your driveway and headed down the street.

You shook your head you would worry about that later. You made your way to the door and slide your key in the lock. Once open you turned and shut and locked the door before you started up the stairs to take a shower. You looked up and bit back a gasp as Brock was standing at the top glaring at you.


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halloween is soonnnnn (idk im just doing what people have been doing to me. aka spaming me with halloween stuff ;w;.) (P.S good to u see u back on here ;;w;; <3)


((It’s glad to be back! I missed you guys ;w; <3))

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RFA's reaction to MC wearing a more ""risqué"" dress to the party? Emphasis on Jumin hehe


  • a/n: i like this one winkwonk willy wonka. i will do this based on the good endings of each characters so for those who still haven’t finished the game, spoilers ahead!
    also this is your small fluffy break from that Jumin x MC angst, everyone. since lovely Anon wanted to emphasize more on Jumin on this request. fufufu~


  • he hasn’t noticed anything until he stopped kissing you in front of the guests and the other RFA members
  • he was too caught up in the moment that he was just staring into your eyes as his hands were both firmly holding your waist
  • but when he finally lifted his touch to your back, he was so surprised to touch your bare skin poor bby
  • it seems that you were wearing a small champagne colored tube dress with an exposed back
  • “M-MC?! W-what are you wearing…? I-I…!”
  • you smiled sweetly at him and wrapped both of your arms to his neck and whispered,
  • “Do you like it? The dress I’m wearing…” giggle
  • “B-But I thought that you would only wear a shirt… and jeans…” he couldn’t look at you anymore, his face is burning red
  • “I wanted to do this for you… Do you not want it? I can… remove it, you know…” you lean in and whisper and you can feel him shiver under your voice and touch but to the others the two of you just looked like you were hugging
  • “W-what…? No..! No! Of course, I-I do! I-I mean…! MC, you can’t remove that here! U-uh…” he sighs to calm himself but to no avail, you can feel his rapid heartbeat
  • “Well? What do you want to do~?” teasing poor yoosung is fun but is bad at the same time. you cannot frustrate a cinnamon roll
  • “W-what?” his face is bright red it’s impossible for others not to notice; but he surprised you when he hugs you tight, covering your entire frame with his body and saying, “I.. I just don’t want others to see what is only mine to begin with…!”
  • “Of course, sweetie. For your eyes only.”
  • he’s dead
  • goodbye yoosung


  • he was so focused on getting his heartfelt speech and meticulously gathered evidence against Echo Girl that he was not really paying attention to the details of your dress
  • so long as you’re covered he’s fine with it
  • when he went down the platform, he’s a bit worried he couldn’t find you anywhere
  • when he saw Jumin on the drinks bar, standing and talking to Seven and Yoosung, his eyes caught your figure in a– holy shit is that a black, sequin detailed dress with a high slit you’re wearing??? and isn’t your back fully exposed?! is that your neck and your chest?! he can see your entire leg from where he is!!!! holy shit
  • and aren’t you being too chummy with Jumin fuck
  • yoosung is that a fucking blush on your face
  • and that Seven…!
  • he immediately marched up to all of you on the bar, sliding an arm on your waist, fully covering you from behind so your exposed back won’t be seen
  • “Ah. The man of the hour…” Jumin greeted Zen in a smirk. Zen glared towards Jumin’s and the Director just shrugged, sipping again on his champagne
  • “Z-Zen?!” a surprised Yoosung, “Umm… Excuse me for a while… I have to go… greet some guests! Yeah!”
  • Ohh! Ohhh! That was some awesome speech there, Zen! How is it? Did I help you a lot? Of course, no need to thank me–”
  • glares
  • “…excuse me for a while, MC! I must go call and report to V!! Bye~!”
  • “And you? What are you still doing here?”
  • the corporate heir raised an eyebrow. “I guess my presence is not needed anymore.” Jumin took one final gulp of his drink and laid the glass on the marbled table. “Then, if I must. MC, congratulations on the party. I look forward for the next one. Ah, I must say this… but that’s a nice dress. Well then, enjoy the party, both of you.”
  • That jerk…” you heard Zen mumble as he watched Jumin take his leave and greet other guests
  • “Zen?” you tried calling to him. oops, wrong move. his fierce red eyes are now on you, studying you from head to toe. you felt yourself suddenly grow conscious under his gaze
  • “What do you think you’re wearing…?” a pause. “That’s… that’s too much skin… Those guys.. they were enjoying the view…! Tch!”
  • “I- I’m sorry. I just want to… prove to you and to everyone that… I am worthy to be with yo–” he suddenly kissed you, grabbing you closer to him
  • You are.” he said, breathless. “Just… don’t make me go mad about you. I can’t… take it when other men ogle at what’s… only supposed to be for my eyes only…”
  • “…yeah. I’m.. sorry.” then he removes his coat and drapes it over your shoulders
  • “Cover it.” he cooed, his voice sounded too hypnotizing for you. “Cover it or I’ll cover it for you.”
  • and you did as what you’re told


  • after a flock of women went chasing after Jumin when Jaehee stated he’s looking for a new secretary, jaehee was blushing while walking up to you
  • why would she not be? you’re wearing a white off-shoulder dress that’s barely covering your long, plump thighs and healthy chest and she could not help but notice how gorgeous you are
  • her dearest friend she had thought she’d never find in her entire lifetime is now standing a few meters apart from her, dressed gorgeously as possible
  • she felt a little small when standing next to you and felt a little under-dressed for the occassion, you were so gorgeous awwe jaehee you are too!!!
  • “…I like your dress… it emphasizes your curves.” was what came out of her in a small voice when she finally reached you
  • “I.. I chose it for you…” your voice equals her own, a small, faint blush appearing on your cheeks
  • she was so surprised to hear it from you that her eyes widens
  • “R-really…? For me..? What are you saying, MC? But.. You are already perfect as you are…”
  • “I.. want to look good for you, Jaehee… I mean! I want you to know that I can make extra efforts for you, too..”
  • at first you hear a small snort then it slowly grew into a small laughter and you found yourself laughing along with her
  • “No matter what you wear and what you do, you are you, MC. And you are my dearest friend. That will not change. But for you to do it for me…” she smiles, her cheeks getting a bit flushed “…it makes my heart flutter in happiness. This is a feeling.. I’d love to get used to.
  • though that happiness is cut short when she suddenly said,
  • “But I’d love it more when you cover your skin more… Ah. I’m sorry. I can’t help but notice how others keep on looking your way. They might have suggestive thoughts because of what you’re wearing.” sighs. “Should I call the security now?”
  • im sorry momhee i wont do it again


  • from when he entered the party halls together with his father even though they entered through the backdoor to avoid the scrutinizing gaze of the media
  • his eyes immediately spotted you amongst the sea of people
  • but that isn’t what he bought for you to wear for the party today
  • you really do love to defy what he says not that you didn’t want the dress but you already planned what to wear days ahead even before he bought that one for you
  • your hair was tied up in a high bun with princess braids, bangs curled to the side of your face
  • you were wearing light make up but matched the color of your eye makeup to the color of your dress
  • midnight blue
  • he couldn’t tear his eyes off of you, he was looking at you the entire time you were talking to Jaehee on the front entrance
  • and what bothered him the most was the people were looking at you
  • even Zen checked you out without him knowing first who you were
  • you were that attractive in your party dress
  • the dress you were wearing hugged your body perfectly and in all the right curves, making your skin dazzle with it
  • the details of the dress was glittering against the lights and it made you dazzle and be the most attractive one out of every women in the hall
  • your dress revealed too much of your neck and chest since it is a tube dress that has a slit on the middle that’s only covered with black, thin, lacy fabric. it’s short enough that it also exposes your perfect, creamy & plump thighs
  • that even he was not able to see while you were together inside his house since you loved wearing your leggings and leg warmers so much
  • one glance and he was able to memorize these details about you
  • one glance and he have never felt so much urge to kiss you badly in front of oh so many people
  • just one glance and he immediately wanted to take you home and own you
  • but he knew he can’t
  • not until when the danger is still around and still hasn’t been taken care of
  • all he could do is stare at you from afar, getting pissed at Zen for constantly hitting on you and getting frustrated that you were not aware that he’s already inside the halls
  • oh what he could just to touch you this instant and proclaim you’re his
  • “Jumin, I trust that you have already made up your mind on how to apologize to Sarah today?” his gaze then shifted at the man beside him, his father. “What you did to such a lovely lady is unforgivable for most account, son.”
  • Jumin smiled. A smile of satisfaction- satisfaction to what will come their ways. “Yes, father.”

A/N: I might have turned this into a small fic. I kind of merged Seven’s and Jumin’s into one scenario. Oh dear.

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i turned 18 today and i'm scared now because i just lost like all security in my life just by getting a year older. when you're a kid w/anxiety, depression, an ed, you're a sad story and need help asap, when you're an adult w/shit you're just like everyone else and need to get over it. like thanks karen gonna go od now ahaha suicide gang am i righht?? i'm still in high school but a number just ruined my life (story of my ed life tho lmao) if any of this makes sense lol

I understand I understand I understand I understand. Mental illness and the self destructive things you do because of them make you do feel pathetic.


I was feeling terrible because I forgot to commemorate my cat’s eighth adoption anniversary, but I just learned that tumblr will make gifs from videos! So here are some pics of my imperious kitty while he’s trying to go to sleep despite my interferences.