because they are both suiting up

some 90s au things bc Why Not

  • the boys play mario kart 64 and it either results in brutal arguments or them temporarily banding together to defeat dogdad because hes better at it than the both of them (sess later turns against inuyasha and shoots a blue shell up his ass because. you cant fucking rely on this guy)
  • sesshomaru punched inuyasha in the eye so inuyasha broke his arm
  • dogdad and izayoi are alive and Well and live with both sesshomaru and inuyasha. chaos ensues
  • sesshomaru (is forced to) visit his mother on the weekends
  • sessmom is a Successful Lady who is always wearing power suits and can usually be seen with an alcoholic drink in hand. constantly complains that her son is selfish (he is)
  • inuyasha is in school, sess is in college/university studying smth Cold and Calculating like accounting
  • sess is also the asshole who shits on creative majors
  • inuyasha is Very Grumpy but izayoi is always spared his Stinky Teenage Attitude because he loves his Momma
  • they all went to see independence day because fight me its the 27th highest grossing film in the japanese box office and this is set in 1996
  • sesshomaru was born in 1977, inuyasha in 1981 (like kagome)

ok yes amputee pharah is an excellent concept but jen’s art reminds me to invite you to also consider: cybernetic augment spine mercy

  • not a new invention in itself– they’ve been around as both prosthetic and/or “upgrade” for a while now and for a range of purposes (see: sombra) but she made herself the prototype for one that incorporated the nanobiotic tech she pioneered
  • (because she refused to let anyone else take the risk of the surgery’s consequences when the outcomes were unknown)
  • source of low-level stream of biotics that helps her body regenerate over time when injury is detected
  • links up to the Valkyrie suit to allow the user to control its wings via direct neurological signals, improving maneuverability in the air. the side effect being that her wings pick up on fluctuations on her thoughts and moods as well (evidence for this in mercy’s idle/sitting animations, where her wings twitch and quiver at times every now and again)
  • ^she probably clocked McCree in the face with an unintentionally flared wing at least once
  • in battle, protected by a second layer of armor plates integrated with the Valkyrie suit
  • out of battle: it still catches her by surprise sometimes, the feel of fabric brushing against the curves and edges when she changes clothes, a textureless sensation that nevertheless is sensed, in a way difficult to put words to, but makes her think of stepping stones pressed deep into the soil
  • every night she runs her fingers down each vertebrae, checking for any cracks or dents that shouldn’t be there
  • (even more important nowadays, out among too many worn-out tents and too little supplies, desert sand dusting every crevice, athena’s diagnostic systems a fond memory)
  • a new ritual, years later; fareeha’s warm fingers trailing down the same path, counting segments while they rest forehead to forehead, knee to knee, the stiffness in angela’s shoulders easing once fareeha reaches the end and bumps their noses together, a murmured “all clear” through a soft smile
  • (she does the same for fareeha’s prosthetic arm, sometimes, though not so much to examine– that much is done downstairs, in whiter rooms of sterile air– as to simply feel, and be felt, to memorize curves and edges worn with desert sand, to listen to hitched breaths drawn when her hands linger where metal and skin meet in jagged lines)
  • (and fareeha, sometimes, draws breath from her in the same way.)
A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

In response to this prompt I saw from @werewolfzeroSterek fic, future or AU possibly all humans, where Scott is getting married and his best friends Stiles and Derek are the two groomsmen and they both love Scott but HATE each other, everybody knows this, until suddenly they don’t know anything because Erica Reyes just walked in on the two in a closet goin’ at it with suits around their ankles and even though Scott is getting married in 30 minutes the only thing all his friends and family can talk about is how his best friends are hiding a torrid love affair and isn’t that just so interesting?

Erica closed the door to the bridal suite and sighed at the sight in front of her. “Oh my god, you two are pathetic.”

Scott and Allison both just grinned up at her from where they were sitting on the carpet, on opposite sides of the propped-open bedroom door. They were even holding hands around the door, Jesus Christ. 

“We’re not breaking the rules!” Scott protested. “I can’t see her.”

She rolled her eyes and stepped over to the full-length mirror to check her hair. “The cake is fine, by the way, it looks great. It’s all set up.”

Allison breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh, thank goodness. Thanks so much for checking on that.”

“Could you try to find Stiles and Derek?” Scott asked, puppy eyes out in full force. “They’re not answering their phones and no one has seen them in a while, so there’s a decent chance they’ve killed each other.”

Erica scoffed. “You know it was probably a terrible idea to pick two best men in the first place, let alone two best men who hate each other.”

“Yeah,” he said, sighing. “I know. But it’s my brother and my best friend! I couldn’t pick one over the other.”

“Even though they almost got into a fistfight at the engagement party?” she said dryly, and Allison stifled a laugh.

“They’ve pushed each other’s buttons since we were kids, it’s weird. I was hoping that they could put stuff aside for the wedding, but clearly that was too much to hope for.”

“Did you decide which one would get to stand next to you?”

“No,” he said sulkily. “It started a fight every time I brought it up. They said they’d figure it out between themselves.”

Erica rolled her eyes again and headed for the door. “Fine. But if I have to break up a fight and get blood on this dress, I’m gonna be pissed.”

“Thanks, Erica!” Allison called out, and she tossed a halfhearted wave over her shoulder.

Erica took the elevator down to the hotel lobby and sighed, her hands on her hips. She had no idea where to start looking for two feuding best men. Lydia probably would, though, and since she was surely whipping everyone into shape in the ballroom, Erica headed in that direction. There was a long hallway connecting the event center to the hotel, and Erica paused when she heard a suspicious thump coming from…was that a door? 

Unable to resist her curiosity, she very gently tried the handle. Unlocked. Grinning, she pulled it open with a flourish. Erica was greeted by a manly yelp, and she blinked, trying to adjust to the darkness and pick out the two figures who were frozen in front of her.

Holy shit. It was Stiles and Derek, and from their messy hair, loosened ties, and undone pants, it wasn’t exactly a tough mental leap to figure out what they’d been doing. She laughed and stepped in closer, trying to get a better look, but Derek scowled fiercely and shoved Stiles behind him.

“This isn’t what it looks like!” Stiles called out, from behind Derek’s shoulder, and Derek rolled his eyes.

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does anyone else see josh on the street as a parallel to the heathens vid?

tyler sees josh, who is busy drumming and doesn’t even seem to notice him. he just continues drumming as light flares up around him - meanwhile tyler’s motif is dark, shade, and black colors

and when he runs into josh the flames begin to get brighter and the scene wilder and as tyler breaks out of the car everything is liberating - just like in the prison when he gets his yellow suit on 

and does anyone notice when everything goes back to normal, and tyler looks disenchanted again, josh isnt there - and maybe that’s because in both videos, tyler imagined josh as a coping mechanism and a manifestation of liberation from his mind,

Fake Girlfriend 2 || Dan Howell

A/N: It made me really happy to see that so many of you couldn’t wait for me to continue this story. I hope I did your expectations justice. 

There will be a part 3 next Friday

Word Count: 1.6k

POV: Dan

Masterlist   PART ONE

Originally posted by mrphilip

“I prepared the guest room upstairs for you two. Why don’t you get your bags up there before you join us for dinner?” Aunt Sarah suggested.

Y/N and I smiled at her and nodded as we got rid of our shoes and coats. As my aunt headed back to the kitchen I started carrying both of our suitcases up the big stairs. Y/N followed me while curiously looking around.

“Nice house.” She commented as I opened the door to our room.

Everything was huge and fancy. My cousins and I used to play hide and seek here a lot because finding somebody was an actual challenge. The guest room that we were going to stay in had a en suite bathroom and big windows. I could only see the silhouettes of the big forest and the little lake that surrounded the mansion. Right in the middle of the room stood an enormous king size bed. I swallowed hard at the thought that Y/N and I had to share it. Why didn’t I think about things like that before deciding to come here? I carefully checked her facial expression when she walking in. I could tell that she hadn’t really thought about things like that either since she looked a bit surprised and blushed slightly.

“I’m sorry for making you do this.” I apologized as soon as I had closed the door behind us. I had underestimated the whole situation.

“I shouldn’t have lied and I certainly shouldn’t have made you do that.” I admitted, knowing that my whole family was waiting for us downstairs.

Y/N sceptically eyed me up and down. “Pessimism won’t help us right now.” She scolded me, sitting down on the edge of the king size bed. Knitting her eyebrows, she looked like she was deep in thought.

“We have to look like a couple and to make everyone believe that we’re actually in love we need a plan and a few rules!” she exclaimed, after quietly thinking for a minute.

She was totally right but that was easier said than done.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked with little hope, sitting down next to her.

“First we need cute nicknames for each other.” She simply stated and I couldn’t believe my ears.

I couldn’t believe that the girl that just said that to me was also the girl that would normally call me names.

“I personally like ‘baby’, but I think you should call me ‘love’ around your grandparents.” She told me as if it were the most normal thing on earth.

I swallowed hard and blinked at her. I then gave her a little nod to signalize that I had understood.

“What do we need rules for?” I asked her in confusion.

Y/N secured a strand of her hair behind of her ear before she answered.

“We need to make our relationship look credible, right? So we kinda have to, you know, hold hands and stuff like that.” She explained and I could feel my palms start to sweat. Great.

“We need to be super nice and complement each other and we have to at least act like we are interested in what the other one says.” She continued, playing with her hands.

“Okay, I get that. You still haven’t told me your rules though!” I told her, getting a bit impatient.

Y/N avoided eye contact. “Well…the rules are no mouth kisses, I get the left side of the bed and I don’t like it when people touch my bum, so don’t do that.”

I nearly choked on my own spit. Holy shit! What were we doing?! The whole situation was simply absurd and nothing but insane, but we still exited the room five minutes later and headed downstairs to eat dinner.

Aunt Sarah and her soon to be husband had prepared a huge table full of food for everyone. All wedding guests who didn’t live in Berkshire were invited to stay over. That included me, my cousin Harry and his sister Claire as well as my uncle Andy and his family. Everyone was already sitting on the table when Y/n and I walked in. They grew silent and all attention was on us.

“Daniel!” my family exclaimed. “There you are. Good to see you!”

“Hi, everyone! Let me introduce you to my girlfriend, Y/N.” I said, using the word girlfriend when talking about her felt weird.

After half an hour, everyone had finished their meal and aunt Sarah served dessert. Y/N and I were seated right across Harry. He seemed to be very interested in our relationship and Y/N in general.

“So, how long have you been together for?” he asked, his eyes focusing on her.

“Nearly, a year. Right, baby?”

Y/N’s face was glowing when she eagerly nodded her head and took my hand in hers. Harry kept asked her questions and at one point she started to slightly lean against my body and just the two of us talked. I learned a few new things about her and I actually made her laugh, although I wasn’t sure if she laughed because she thought that I was funny or if it was all a part of her act. I liked the sound of her laughter whether it was fake or not.

After everyone had finished their desserts Harry and I offered to carry the dirty plates into the kitchen. It was just the two of us and I set the plates on the counter next to the sink.

“So, you and Y/N, huh?” Harry asked cocking one eyebrow. For a second I thought that he knew that it was all not real, but then he continued.

“Honestly, Daniel she is fine.”

It took me quite a while to comprehend what he had said.

“Yeah, she is.” I then agreed and nervously scratched the back of my head.

“If she weren’t dating you, I would totally go for her. So watch out or I’ll steal your girl.” Although Harry wanted to sound like he was joking we both knew that he was 100 percent serious. There was a hint of jealousy in his voice and I felt some sort of satisfaction. I was the one with the pretty girlfriend and perfect relationship for once. But soon a strong wave of anger hit me as I realized that Harry tried to flirt with my girlfriend all evening. What a fucking jerk!

My blood was boiling as I headed back to the dining room where Harry was already talking to Y/N again. Her girly giggle sounded through the room and that was all it took for jealousy to take over my body. I sat down next to Y/N and my hand went directly to her thigh. I didn’t really know what I was doing when I started to stare at her lips. I didn’t have control over my body anymore and suddenly I was leaning in, crashing my lips onto hers. It wasn’t my intention for the kiss to mean something to me, but it felt like a spark set my whole body on fire. My eyes flew shut as my body was tingling. After 5 seconds it was over, but my heart still hammered in my chest.  

“You look damn beautiful tonight, babygirl.” I whispered in her ear right after we pulled apart, making her blush a deep shade of pink.

“Dan!” she whisper-screamed in surprise, getting all hot and bothered.

I felt Harry’s eyes burn into my skin as they followed my every move. He was pissed, but I had totally forgotten about him. Y/N’s name was echoing in my head and the whole room seemed to glow.

“Have I told you that I am on a rugby team?” Harry asked her as an attempt to get her attention back, but she wasn’t listening. My little kiss had left her all flustered.

When we walked back to our room I was still on cloud nine. There was a huge smile plastered all over my face and I couldn’t help but touch my lips to remind myself that I had just kissed her. But then I closed the door behind us and we were all alone.

“What the fuck, Dan?!” Y/N shouted, bringing me back to reality.

“I can’t believe you kissed me just because you wanted to be a jerk and break the rules!” she shouted.

I was completely taken aback by her words. I felt helpless as I had just fallen from cloud nine.

“That’s not why I kissed you!” I defended myself, trying to keep my voice down.

“If that’s not the reason then why did you do it?!” Y/N wanted to know, probably asking me the hardest question of my entire life.

Because I got jealous? Because I like you? Because you are damn beautiful and I’m so sorry for ever thinking otherwise?

“Harry told me that he is into you. He’s been flirting with you all evening. He is my cousin and you are my-“ I stopped myself in the middle of the sentence. ‘You are my fake girlfriend’ that’s how the sentence should have ended.

I told her everything that Harry said in the kitchen and how he always tries to be better than me. Y/N understood why I got so angry and she even understood why I kissed her, at least that’s what she thought. We got into bed next to each other. Both of us were extremely exhausted so there was no time to think about the fact that we were so close.  

“Can’t wait to meet the rest of your lovely family.” Y/N told me, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Don’t worry. Harry is the only asshole.” I assured her.

“I can’t wait to convince everyone that we’re together. I just hope you are a good actor.” She said with a grin before turning off the lights.

As I stared at the ceiling I had the slight feeling that I wouldn’t even need to act at all.

okay, you know what i wanna talk about next? drunk jack zimmermann

3k, M, fluff!, alcohol use, basically happy fun sexy times with zimbits, fits in the dan erikson universe (but you don’t have to have read it to get it)

So, Drunk Jack Zimmermann:

I’m thinking that after Jack and Bitty come out, Jack is finally, finally able to take Bitty to a team fundraising event and they both dress up in nice suits and are more nervous than they are willing to admit because… it’s a hockey event for very wealthy people and, well, Bitty listens to his pre-game playlist and Jack goes in with a bit of a game face (and personally vows that he will cause a fucking scene if anyone says one wrong word to Bitty because he is done with being quiet. Bitty should not have to deal with anymore silence in his life.)

Of course, no one is more aware of Jack’s ‘ready to fucking throw down’ face then Eric R. Bittle because they’ve been dating for four years at this point and the last time he’s seen that face, Jack had gently but firmly taken the phone from Bitty’s hands and informed Mrs. Bittle that she was not to call again unless she planned on doing something other than crying.

So Bitty puts on his (slightly more mild) version of a ‘here to fight’ face and they head out.

And then it is very, very awkward because here they are, two gays boys ready to take on the establishment, and it seems no one even wants to fight them. Jack gets swarmed when he arrives (obviously, he is the Captain who led the Falconers to a Stanley Cup Victory in his third year in the league) but no one tries to separate them and no one rudely ignores Bitty in favor of talking to Jack and, really, many people seemed absolutely thrilled that Bitty is there.

So, when a server comes around and offers the group drinks, Jack feels confident enough to release his hold on Bitty and actually take one.

And it just keeps getting better and better. After the first hour or so, Jack has put in enough face time to keep the high-ups happy and they are free to hang out with his team and their wives and more servers come around and Bitty has switched to his left side so he can drink and let his arm dangle off his boyfriend and then when he sees one of his teammates sneak a quick kiss from his girlfriend, Jack realizes that he can do that too and does and–

This is fun.

They are out and no one is being a jerk and Bitty looks fantastic and Jack is allowed to put his hand on Bitty’s shoulders and his lower back and–

“Jack!” Bitty hisses, laughing and pushing at him. “We are at a formal event!”

Okay. Not there. He can’t quite put his hand there.

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horsyunicorn  asked:

Imagine: Shep wakes up after the citadel party and wanders downstairs. Ashley is leaning on Kaidan's back, holding her head, annoyed that he woke her up early. "Omelette, Shepard?" Vega asks. Shep nods and, two minutes later, they're halfway thru chopping onions when BAM Tali bursts through the door "MY SUIT DETECTED ACID!" Garrus drops from the balcony, rifle ready; Wrex and Liara charge in with weapons drawn because THE THREE SPECTRES ARE CRYING THEIR EYES OUT. /onions are only found on Earth



Prompt 26- “Is that my shirt?”

It’s the perfect time of the year for death my bois. Or fanfic or both. The next one is gonna be pure Angst and I’m excited because I'm emo Newt trash

Edited by @winter-patrick

It was a snowy cold day in New York. Tina and Newt went off to MACUSA and Queenie went to spend time with Jacob. You were fine with being alone, it suits you. The whole day was filled with reading Newt’s manuscripts and cleaning up a little. 

You began to think about your life traveling with Newt. Newt let you travel with him when you graduated Hogwarts. 

Unfortunately, in some cliche manner, you began to fancy Newt just a little. You considered telling Newt, but you never did as it could ruin your friendship. You pushed your feelings aside and focused on working. As night began to fall, the apartment got colder. 

You spilled tea on yourself earlier, so you only had an undershirt on. You debated going through Newt’s closet in his case for warmth. Ultimately, you decided to, and went down in his case and went through his closet. You found an old white shirt of his covered in fur. 

It was surprisingly warm, as it has been in the case for a long time. You put it on, and go to look at yourself in the mirror. His shirt hung just above the knees. You end up reading on the couch when Newt and Tina came in through the door with Queenie and Jacob. 

“Y/N! MACUSA is considering letting my book be released in the United States,” Newt said excitedly. 

“That’s fantastic, Newt!” He goes to hug you, but stops when he sees you in his shirt. 

“Um, Y/N, i-is that my shirt?” He began to blush as he said that. 

“Yes, it is, I hope you don’t mind. It was cold, and I spilled tea on myself.” 

“No, no, I don’t mind.” You both stand there awkwardly, searching for something to say. 

“Y/n, dear, he thinks you look absolutely adorable in his shirt.” Queenie commented from the other room. Both of you turn red. 

“Queenie, I would appreciate it if you didn’t read my mind,” Newt snapped, embarrassed. 

“Is that true, Newt?” you ask with a hint of hopefulness in your voice. 

He meets your eyes and gives a small smile. He takes your hand and leads you to the other room. Tina’s and Queenie’s laugh could be heard as you left the room. 

“Um, yes, Queenie was telling the truth. Although, I always think you look amazing.” Thoughts swarmed your head, 

“R-really?” you ask in disbelief. 

“Yes, why do you sound so surprised?” 

“Well, I just never thought you could like me back, I guess.” Newt smiled at you and rested his cupped hand on your cheek. 

“Well, Y/N, I never thought you would like me either,” His eyes travel to your lips and you close the space between the both of you. The kiss was light, but full of love. It lasted for a couple seconds until Newt pulled away. 

“Y/n, I think you should wear my shirt more often.”

If anyone knows how to name things then like send help because my tittles are trash. Also, may do some Angsty headcannons later 

Jimin and Yerin are so talented and their music is so beautiful, but they never should have been 15&. JYP Entertainment did Jimin so dirty by putting her in a duo because both Jimin and Yerin would have been amazing soloists. Jimin’s taste in music and her goals are not suited for JYPE and I hope she leaves when her contract is up. Yerin is more suited for JYPE music and promo style and I hope she continues to compose, but Jimin needs to be released from the dungeon to do her own music.

okay but the baes with mugs!:


  • Miyuki:

  • Kuramochi:
  • Sawamura:
  • Furuya
  • Haruichi:
  • Ryousuke:
  • Isashiki:

#studio ghibli nerd

  • Yuki:
  • Chris:
  • Kawakami:

(kawakami being a die hard fan of studio ghibli too just saying).

  • Toujou:
  • Kanemaru:

(shh kanemaru stil watches dbz what are u talking about)

  • Shirasu:

(confirmed punner/memer=who also likes cute things)

  • Tanba:
  • Masuko:

  • Okumura:
  • Seto:


  • Sanada
  • Raichi


  • Harada
  • Narumiya

  • Shirakawa
  • Carlos


the mugs the senpai / teammates gave them on birthdays:

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I can be getting my ass smeared across the wall by an ambush of 10+ daemons and no one will bat an eye until, tooth an nail, I fight my way down to being one-on-one…then Ramuh wants to show up. That, or he comes .62 seconds after the battle begins. He either comes stupid early or after I’ve done 99% of the work. Don’t even get me started on the others; Shiva only brings her frosty tits out when it suits her (she’s fucking more inconsistent than Ramuh!!!), Levvy has only showed up twice for me, and both times she wasn’t able to kill the dicks I was up against (though…granted, one of those dicks was Ultima Weapon, so…can’t reallllly fault her), and Titan has never once showed his marble ass up to help. Shoulda left him under that meteor, because at least he didn’t let it down.   

I’m so salty. I got my first game over screen last night in the ‘Menace Sleeps in Castlemark’ quest because they don’t let you use any goddamn items in the deeper dungeon. Come on!!! I can’t trust my buddies to keep themselves alive, and I sure as shit can’t trust my summons! All I had were my items! Has anyone beaten that damn dungeon?!? HOoooowowwwWW? 

“Bomb, third floor,” says Nat, over the comms. “T-43 seconds.”

“Everybody out!” shouts Tony. 

Jarvis has finished calculating the best exit route when the comm crackles and Steve’s voice comes in clipped. “Need Evac,” is all he says, but Tony’s already changed directions, knowing from his ID that they’re on the same floor and it’s just a simple hop skip and a jump to pick up Cap and fly them both to safety–

Only Cap isn’t there. Or–

Well. He’s there, but he’s not Cap. 

There’s not really time to sweat the details, Steve shouts at him to go, now, and Tony listens because they’ve got fifteen seconds to clear the blast radius or they’ll both be buried in the rubble. Tony would survive, probably, he’s got his suit ,but Steve–

Steve isn’t Cap anymore, so there’s no damn way that wouldn’t be fatal. 

Tony doesn’t say anything, just scoops Steve up in his arms and twists to hit the nearest window back first to shield the smaller man from as much debris as possible. He realizes halfway out the building that Steve’s still got his shield in both his hands, positioned over his face and chest, his legs tucked up as far as he can get them. He’s turned himself into a little ball, which would usually give Tony the giggles, he’s seen Steve do it before, but it was always so. It was silly before, because Steve was so damn big, how did he manage to ball up so tight to fit 90 percent of his big dumb mass behind his tiny shield, but now it’s the opposite. There’s so much shield and so little of him. 

What the hell happened?

The bomb goes off. They land, Tony setting Steve onto his feet before snapping his visor up to Stare at the skinny man. He’s shed his tactical gear from the waist up, his helmet too, probably too heavy and ill-fitting for his non-super soldier body. “What the hell–”

“Some kind of beam,” says Steve. “Short range, didn’ get a good look at it. Happened maybe a minute before Nat found that bomb. Whatever it was–”

“Its probably gone now,” finishes Tony, turning to look back at the remains of the base behind them. Another small explosion bursts like a soap bubble, a little destructive punctuation. “Shhhhit.”

anonymous asked:

There NEEEEDDS to be a request for tfp Wheeljack taking care of a sparkling with s/o or my life is a lie 😂 pls and thank you!


  • Poor guy doesn’t know how to deal with a sparkling. He’s a loose canon, a drifter… Honestly, he’s not too hot about the idea of taking in a baby at first. Wouldn’t someone like Ratchet be much better suited?
  • However, he decides to give it a try. For you. And while he doesn’t commit often, when he does it’s for good. He loves you both and would do anything for you. 
  • When the sparkling wakes up in the middle of the night he kisses your head and tells you he’ll take care of them. Part of it’s because he’s used to not getting a lot of recharge, plus he’s very busy during the day and doesn’t have much time to help out then.
  • Ratchet is your go-to babysitter. Wheeljack loves Bulkhead like a brother, but… he waits until the kid is a little older before leaving them with him. He’s very Large and also wouldn’t know how to care for a baby baby.
  • When he comes back to base he says “Papa’s home!” He tosses the smol up and catches them. Wheeljack, no!! He laughs and kisses you, but tells you he won’t do it again.
  • “Hey, babe… We’re raising the most AMAZING kid…”

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Juminzen
A/N: I’m sinking… with this ship right now… send help. 

The party is everything Zen expects it to be. The guests are all interesting, quirky in the best kind of way. They all bring a spark to the party that helps to light the fire the RFA aims to stoke every time they throw one. He can’t help but smile as he fluidly moves through the crowd of guests.

Then again, he’s also smiling because he likes he keep up appearances. The smile hides the thoughts, hides the question of where he is, ever present just on the outskirts of his mind. He catches glimpses of him as they both mingle, glimpses of a faint smile, a nod here or there he passes him by, hears the rumble of a fake laugh when appropriate.

Jumin, for all the walls he’s put up, is an excellent host. He wears the right kind of suit that fits him so perfectly Zen knows it’s been tailored to his exact body shape. He knows how to tie his tie with the perfect knot, how to style his hair so it looks classy, but gives him a look of being borderline dangerous, enticing.

Zen shakes his head and suppresses the grimace at the thought. Jumin, enticing?

“Never,” he mumbles, finding a corner near the door to nod to the guests as they leave. 

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How to Close a Closer.

Drabble Challenge - Prompt 149 - “I just need ten minutes.”  Filled for @novemberhush  Thank you for helping me unblock my fairy floss filled brain, I hope you like it. :)

Harvey and Mike had been a team now for a year, which was exactly how long both parties had wanted to merge into each other’s hearts and beds.  Mike was waiting on Harvey to make the first move because he was the boss; Harvey was waiting on Mike because, as his boss, he couldn’t be seen to be harassing his associate.  

There was a sticky note taped to Donna’s desk scribbled with 72 vertical lines.  The exact amount of times that Harvey and Mike had been in the office, flirting with each other and Donna had thought this was it; this was the time they finally jump each other.  72 times Donna had thumped her head on the desk in frustration when they chickened out once again.  So unfortunately at this juncture, the only merger going on was between Feltham Pharmaceuticals and Portal Distributors.

Harvey was hunched over Donna’s desk, discussing how best to broach the rejection of Louis’s latest insane idea, when Mike strode toward them.

“How’s my merger looking? Better than that skinny tie I hope?”  Harvey teased, grasping Mike’s shoulder gently.

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He got them done while he was at MIT due to a dare that was given to him by Rhodey. They were both incredibly drunk at the time and went immediately to get it done. When Tony woke up the next morning with his ears arching, he received the shock of his life when he noticed two golden studs decorating his ears. 

Rhodey laughed his ass off for about five minutes as Tony angrily pouted on their couch but it soon changed when Rhodey truthfully said that they suited him. After another look in the mirror, he decided that they did suit him really well and decided to keep them because he liked them. 

Of course, Howard nearly had a heart attack when Tony came home one Christmas with pierced ears while Maria brought her hands to her mouth, trying to cover her amused smile. In the quietness of Tony’s bedroom, Maria admitted that she liked them and as long as he was happy with them, she was happy with them too. 

So, he grows up and gets a bit more courageous as he gets his cartilage done as well as add another three holes to his left ear. Tony never leaves without his earrings and he keeps them safe in a small jewelry box along with other pieces of jewelry that he’s bought or received. 

Steve’s first gift to him were a pair of beautiful ruby earrings and those are the ones that he wears constantly. He loves his earrings and doesn’t care what anyone has to stay about them. 

There’s also one time where Tony jokes about getting a tongue piercing and Steve gets slightly flushed as he begins to fidget in his seat. 

Tony’s tongue is already lethal as it was and then adding to piercing to it…

A familiar heat pools at the bottom of Steve’s stomach, Tony seemingly oblivious as he continues to chatter away. 

Tony with piercings, yes please!

heres some sweet, healthy overwatch ship headcanons:

zarya loves to wear meis fuzzy coat!! its so warm and comforting and mei thinks she looks adorable in it!!

mei likes to help zarya dye her hair and zarya is still trying to convince mei to dye hers too!! mei doesnt think she’d look cool w it and that itd fade too fast but zzarya is still trying to convince her

sometimes zarya will put on meis glasses and it always makes mei smile and giggle because zarya looks so strange with glasses on!! they dont suit her at all!!

zarya likes to pick up mei and kiss her and mei loves it too!!! she loves being bear hugged and picked off the ground by her big strong girlfriend!!!

they wear matches pajamas cause their both nerds and love to cocoon themselves in their blankets while they sleep together!!!

Rhys and Vaughn are the type of couple that are so intensely in love with eachother that atleast one of them cries 3 times during the week because they were thinking about how much they loved eachother to hard.

Rhys and Vaughn are the type of couple to wear matching bathing suits, bracelets, necklaces, socks, rings

Rhys and Vaughn are the type of couple to force themselves to stay up at 4 am just so theyer both not alone in their head so late.

Rhys and Vaughn are the type of couple that stare at the other in adoration while the other is kicking the everliving shit outta another motherfucker.

Rhys and Vaughn, you guys.

Dating Wade Wilson Would Include:
  • Him being really shy and dorky when first meeting you
  • Witnessing him be more and more comfortable with you as time goes on
  • Eventually eases up to you to show himself to you without the mask on
  • You loving him nonetheless
  • Fixing his suit all the time when he gets hurt or ruins it
  • Hearing lame pick up jokes from him every single minute
  • Him showing you off whenever you’re out in public with him
  • You secretly enjoying the attention he showers you with
  • Baking sweets together because both of you have a horrible sweet tooth
  • Wade constantly trying to find your likes and dislikes
  • Annoying you all the time as soon as he finds your dislikes
  • Karaoke nights together
  • Getting confused when he persistently talks to himself
  • Him rendering you speechless when he mentions the two of you are in a movie 
  • Snide, sarcastic arguments between you two
  • Sending each other emoji filled messages 24/7
  • Him begging you to go on a mission with him to track down Francis
  • Movie nights with Al
  • Going to various clubs together
  • Going on unusual missions with him
  • Wade being loud and reckless on the job
  • You always being strategic and careful on the job
  • The two of you making a great team
  • Pulling random pranks on Spiderman once in a while
  • Annoying the hell out of the Avengers
  • Always surprising him with random pecks on the cheek
  • Him being extremely protective of you all the time
  • Constant reminders from him that you’re hot as fuck
  • Him complimenting you every single second
  • Cursing 24/7
  • Hearing him make a sexual joke in public under his breath
  • You trying not to laugh out loud in public
  • Exploring each other’s kinks together
  • Incredibly hot sex together
  • Generally wonderful sex
  • Him always being thoughtful and gentle with you
  • Never having a boring day with him