because they are both so perfect

I want to try doing more writing with my legacy so I am brainstorming Marlowe and Margot’s personalities based on the game and challenge.

Marlowe is sweet and good at basically everything. She’s popular but obsessive over doing everything perfect. She’s beautiful but her boyfriend is surprisingly Leo Armstrong, one of the nerdy, unpopular kids at her school. They both get along because of their intelligence. Leo is a behind the scenes kind of genius while Marly is not afraid of being in the spotlight and taking risks. They make a good pair because they balance each other out. She finds gardening boring and loves to paint and wants to be an artist despite her parents threats to disown her.

Margot is good with a bit of a wild side. She loves to take risks and go to parties but has straight As and has the responsibility, good manners, empathy traits. She loves punk and rock and dresses to stand out. Her hobbies also include gardening like her parents and intends to carry out the family legacy.

Misunderstood Nerves

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Title: Misunderstood Nerves 

Pairing: Yuto x Reader 

Genre: Angst & Fluff

Word Count: 1K

Prompt Request: “stop talking and listen to me” with yuto??? please?? a bit of angst but mostly fluff?? heh

A/N: I apologize this isn’t my best work, I am having a major block and I am trying to get through it so sorry if this isn’t my best. I couldn’t come up with a good title to save my life agh I am so sorry.  Also, I was screeching for about half of this because I was listening to Callin’ by A.C.E while writing this. Hope its okay.. :/

Prompt List 

“Stop talking and listen to me will you!” Yuto snapped, grabbing both arms and spinning you to face him, your face open in shock as he leans his face close to yours. “Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks, you are perfect you are beautiful and you will be fine,” you boyfriend says as he kisses your cheek sweetly.

“Quite feeding me lies Yuto I know you’re just saying that because your my boyfriend,” you say shaking him off as one of his group members rounds the corner.

Yuto lets his hands drop, watching as you give him a cold look before turning towards your own dressing room where your group was waiting to do its first live stage. Leaving him to stand there as Wooseok walks up.

“Everything okay? Jinho said he heard yelling and wanted me to see whats going on,” Wooseok mumbles as he watches you turn into the room, closing the door a little harder than necessary causing the two boys to flinch.

“Just minor difficulties,” Yuto mumbles as he slumps into the younger member slightly.

“It’s her debut stage, it’s stressful. Don’t hold it against her too much okay.”

“I am not going to, I just wish she believed in herself as much as I do, she is going to do amazing, but she is worried she will blow it,” Yuto signed as both boys turned back to their own dressing room.

“Weren’t you the same way though? Jinho almost had to slap you silly to get you to calm down. We were all really nervous. Its natural to be nervous Yuto, you cant force someone to not be nervous,” Wooseok says as he put his hands in his pants pockets as they stop a the dressing room door.

“She is also nervous about what people will think about her because we are dating,” Yuto says as they enter the room, oddly quiet for being as full as it was with 10 members.

“Can you blame her on that, you and I both know that when female idols date male idols, usually the crazy fangirls go after the female idol,” Wooseok bumps E’Dawn who looks up from his phone. “Remember the rumors about Dawnie and Hyuna after Triple H debuted?”

E’Dawn rolled his eyes as he closed his phone and looked up at Yuto “Fans are crazy, they like to gossip. It wasn’t even true, give it a week and they will move on to someone else to harass.”

“It’s not me that’s worried though, its y/n” Yuto bites his lower lip.

“Then I will tell her myself,” E’Dawn says as he gets up heading to the door.

“Wait I-” Yuto tries to stop him but he exits the room before he can say anything more.

“Well, that went better than expected,” Wooseok smirked.

“She is going to kill me,” Yuto groans as he collapses on the sofa next to Wooseok, resting his head on the younger member.

“There, There,“ the younger says quietly as he pats the elders head.

The debut stage went off without a hitch you hit all your high notes and all the hard choreography.

Your fellow members excitedly entering the dressing room after, all of them talkative about the first show. All except you who were glued to your phone reading the message that had just been sent.

Yuto: I know you are mad at me, but you did amazing out there and you looked stunning. I love you, the members wanted me to ask if the rest of your group and you want to meet up for dinner tonight.

Looking up you looked at the girls, debating on if you wanted to tell them or just say no, but then you opened your text messages from E'Dawn.

E'Dawn: He really cares about you, I hope you know that.

You: I know I just hate how pushy he gets when I am stressed out.

E'Dawn: That’s just how he is, you know that too. Please don’t let your worries overlook the good things. You care about him right?

You: Of course

E'Dawn: You love him then to right?

You: Again yes, why?

E'Dawn: Then take a moment, breath and talk to him, don’t sweat the little things focus on the good things. Don’t let the media or the fans dictate your love for him.

Clutching your phone you look up at your fellow members “Want to go to dinner with Pentagon?”


As you enter the restaurant you and your members make your way to the reserved table in the Vip area, everyone conversing and mingling as they sit down together.

You sit down next to Yuto, smiling weakly as you both awkwardly gaze at each other before he finally speaks up.

“Hey,” he said shyly.

Something that reminded you of back when you first starting dating. This action causing you to smile slightly “Hey,” you said equally as quiet as his.

Food was shoved in front of you, prolonging the awkward conversation you were sure would have to happen eventually. As everyone stuffed their mouths with food.

Dinner came to a close and Yuto laced his finger in yours squeezing tightly before whispering in your ear. “I am sorry I pressured you, I just want to see you do better than me, I love you so much and I just want whats best for you okay.”

Blush crawls across your face as he kisses your cheek sweetly before leaning away, causing you to turn to look at him.

“Its okay, I forgive you,” you giggle quietly as you see him grin widely, shoving the last piece of food on his plate in his mouth.

Glancing over you see E'Dawn smile at you and wink. You could practically hear him saying “good job kiddo.”

Looking back at Yuto you give him a quick peck on the lips, causing most of the table to hoot and holler. The blush on Yuto and your faces was surely a cherry red.

Full Masterlist | Pentagon Masterlist 

The Perfect Granny, But A Little Preoccupied...

So, as I have already posted, this Halloween will be my third anniversary to my husband. Three years of marriage! It is funny, because it does not seem like three years have passed, since the day we stood at the altar, and said our “I do’s”. Without getting into any detail–there are, simply, some things that are meant to be personal–we have had to go through a great deal, since that wonderful day. We have both had to grow tremendously, and our marriage has been the only thing (many times) that has kept us both going. My husband is, and will always be, my rock. He is my place of comfort and support. I simply cannot imagine my life without him.

I bring this up, because yesterday morning, I only had the chance to make one granny square. You see, I decided, halfway through making the square, that there was a gift that I simply HAD to get him. One that will take a bit of time to put together. And one that, after October 31, I will gladly post about on this blog. (I cannot post about it any earlier, for fear that he might read about it, and the surprise of it will be ruined.)

I have already given him one of his anniversary gifts…the original gift that I had purchased for him. It was, at the time of the purchase, supposed to be the only thing I would be giving him. A gold anniversary band: a way to show him, through the symbology of a new ring, that I would still marry him, every single day.

Two days ago, we had a very emotionally draining day. Not anything to do with one another…just a day that was hectic, at best. So, yesterday morning, while I was crocheting my granny square, my mind began to wander (as it usually does), and I remembered this thing that I had seen online, a few months back. And, when I first saw it, I remembered thinking to myself that it would be such a cool gift idea to give to him.

Well…needless to say, I was barely able to finish the square, before opening a new page on my computer, and starting work on this brand new, and rather fabulous (if I do say so myself) gift.

I will also say that, due to this gift, which I have to finish today (or it will not arrive in time for my anniversary) I am unable to devote time to reading the blogs of all of my followers. I know that you may have noticed my absence yesterday, as well. This gift is the reason why. If I can place my order by the end of today, then it will arrive no later than October 30…one day before my anniversary. So, forgive me. And know that, once I have this gift completed, and on its way to me, I will make time to visit and comment on all of your posts.

So, the square worked yesterday morning…It is a square from the YARNutopia list. And, it is a square that, by all means, looks as though it should be far more complicated to work, than it actually turned out to be.

I started this square with a lavender yarn, deciding to work it in a bunch of different, fun colors. To start, you begin with your basic first round, from the standard granny square. Round two, worked in pink yarn, is also basic to the traditional square. Round three is where things get fun. I switched over to white yarn for the next two rounds. For round three, you wind up doing double crochets, into previous rounds worked, so that the white yarn goes to meet the stitches made in round one. (It is this that gives the complicated look to this square. But, it really was no big deal.)

Round four is just double crocheting, creating shells…nothing new, or to exciting with this.

Round five is a round that is made of mostly chains.

Rounds six and seven…Six is basically double crocheting in the chains made in the previous round. And seven is just single crocheting in every stitch made in round six.

When the square is finished, it actually looks really cool. It is basically like this square, made from rounds one through four, that looks as though it is floating inside the frame, made by rounds six or seven. It gives this completely neat look to the square.

And, that is all I can say for it.

Again, I am begging you be understanding. I know this post is short, when compared to my others. And, I know my description of this square may not be up to par, when looking at me descriptions in the past. But, to be honest, my mind is elsewhere, and right now, this project is really not my top priority. My top priority is finishing this gift, which I am incredibly pumped about. I know, if I can manage to finish it, and can make the purchase today (to guarantee it arrives on time), that it will be a gift that my husband totally LOVES!

I will be back for my next post tomorrow. And I promise it will provide all of the things that are expected, when reading my blog.

Until then..,

44 squares down. 421 to go. And, a kickass anniversary gift, to rush to get finished. Wish me luck!

How can someone say that Lagertha isn’t wise and acts based on her force solely? Look what she has conquered…
I don’t like the idea of perfection. She’s not a perfect woman, she has a lot of faults, but dumb? She was a farmer that became an Earl, and now a Queen. How can someone conquer so much based only on force? This person must have a brain, some cleverness…
If we’re going to say that Lagertha isn’t wise or intelligent, so neither is Ragnar, because both journeys are very similar. But Ragnar failed in many instances (more than Lagertha, undoubtedly): bad parent, bad husband, abandoned his family, Wessex settlements, Paris… and I don’t see anybody questioning his choices and mind.

But I understand all that hate toward Lagertha. Now she’s the antagonist fighting against the main character, Ivar. It’s like Jarl Borg fighting against Ragnar on season 2.

In my opinion, her biggest mistake was killing Aslaug.
I didn’t want Aslaug dead and, worst, dead by the hands of Lagertha.

Anyway, in our society is usual to discredit female achievements. Women are always called power hungry and dumb.


Part 1

I guess if you watch too much of something and then play too much of the other you end up wanting to do a Mash-up/cross-over so here’s My Hero Academia UA’s Class 1-A students as Pokemon.

I tried to fit them all based as closely to there quirk and if i couldn’t find similarities i just searched for similarities (shoto is half/half so i made him both types of vulpix). and i know i don’t have all of class 1-A, i do plan on making them later but i didn’t make them because i a having problems finding a perfect mach for them.

Ps: if you would like to see more of this please send me a note, also if you think some of them should be a different Pokemon also send me a note with the reason why, and lastly re-blog with your favorite mine was Tsuyu as Frogadier

Part 2

edit: this post is directed at the general populace. Mlm clearly have more of a right to dislike this game if it makes them uncomfortable, these are my thoughts on the matter however and not intended to trample on mlm. also i am a qu**r person who uses that word as an umbrella term but have seen how it’s bothering a lot of the rebloggers so i’ve changed it to LGBT

maybe you folks should ask yourselves why youre trying so hard to find reasons to demonize and hate Dream Daddy, a game with actual pure non-fetishized representation of mlm and honestly GBT men of all sorts that you’ll even go as far as to twist around components of a datamine into something theyre not

its okay to dislike GG, theyve done some shitty stuff in the past  AND present, and i dont even watch them or like them, but this game isnt made by them. its released by them. it was made by a couple college art students who did a great job at putting representation and real experiences in this game and they worked so fuckin hard on it. you know what youre doing by trying to make this game fail, or torrenting it so it looks like it did worse than it actually did? assuring more games with positive representation aren’t made, or released, or even fucking bothered with. i fucking promise you, with GG’s youtube channel and band and whatever else they do, that you torrenting or boycotting the game isnt hurting them in the slightest. it’s hurting the creators, it’s hurting LGBT game-makers everywhere, and it’s hurting the genre of LGBT games made by LGBT people with good, unfetishized or sex-oriented stories/characters.

so maybe get your heads out of your cynical asses, accept nothing you consume will be perfect, and try to support something with a genuine and positive representation of both GB and trans men. its a fun, lighthearted game with good stories and relatable characters and frankly, im sick of yall trying to assure LGBT oriented games fail because of such miniscule shit.


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤

When the signs are the happiest

Check Sun, Moon & Venus

Aries is happiest when they are able to do exciting things, & probably fight a lil
Bonus: they’re super cute when they’re happy ‘cause they get all flushed and when you say it they’ll be embarrassed & it’s adorable

Taurus is happiest when they’re trusted & can trust people, and when their financial (& material) status is good.
Bonus: buy them something expensive and you’ll get showered in love, the down side is they’ll get pouty every time you leave to go to the store & you can’t say no to their cutie pie face.

Gemini feels happiest when they’re talking to someone they like or express themselves artistically or spiritually.
Bonus: Geminis love when you remember lil things about them like what they like in their coffee or how late they go to sleep, they’re detailed and get shiny eyes when you remember/mention small things you like about them.

Cancer feels happiest when they’re nurturing/caring for others and being taken care of and when their home life is doing good.
Bonus: meet their parents and notice how they’ll sit there studying your face for five minutes as you smile softly at their fathers comment. They’re memorisers.

Leo is happiest when they feel confident about themselves and make others feel good by being generous (both spiritually and in material).
Bonus: when they give you something they’ll get fidgety because they genuinely hope you love it. So even if you don’t like it, act like you do because c'mon man they probably spend like 6 hours in the store looking for the perfect gift.

Virgo feels happiest when they’re overcoming their self criticism & able to analyse others.
Bonus: they’ll want to see every inch of you, everything. No matter what, they’ll remember you and all your little details.

Libra feels happiest when loved and in love, also when they have good relationship.
Bonus: the type to send sweet paragraphs for you to wake up to & send boxes of chocolate to your house when ur sick and even though they make you puke it’s worth it because they bought them.

Scorpio feels happiest when being able to be sarcastic/witty with someone while still being able to have deep ass talks with them.
Bonus: will talk about how the stars fell down in your eyes and rest in the spectrum of the rim of your *insert your aesthetic eye colour* hued eyes. Will take you on long walks and give you roses for anniversaries, the perfect definition of completely tied down to one person.

Sagittarius is happiest when their freedom is respected and they’re able to talk deeply with someone.
Bonus: they’re the type of people to wear bright red lipstick and indie band merch & go to ComicCon ‘cause they’re lowkey geeks. They’ll squeeze your hand when you hold theirs and dance with you in the rain, will later complain about pneumonia & make you take care of them.

Capricorn feels happiest when they’re respected, have a good career and good self discipline.
Bonus: they’ll stroke ur skin like it’s gold & call you soft, they’ll kiss your eyelids and they’ll turn off your alarm for work because they saw how tired you were last night. They’ll leave sticky pads all over the house with cute lil compliments and make you breakfast granola when sick (even if they hate it).

Aquarius is happiest when they’re able to be different and independent and everyone is equally as respected.
Bonus: talks about feminism with sparkling eyes and wants gender neutrality more than anything in the world, gives hugs from behind and kisses your neck ‘cause you’re their treasure.

Pisces is happiest when they’re being cuddled tbh, when they have someone to be with and are respected. When they have their dreaming space and aren’t judged.
Bonus: they don’t see your flaws as flaws but rather as cracks of pure gold in a lovely vase, they’ll hug you really tight and tell you how lovely you are. Loves late night talks & music. Kind of an over thinker but wouldn’t want you to get hurt, ever.

My First One Star Review on AirBnB

Story by shawk11/reddit

Buckle up boys and girls. My buddy and I just experienced some grade-A Creepyshit while on a trip to Red Rocks in Colorado. I write a lot of things down anyway and so I figured I might as well post the story here and see what you guys think.

So who here has used AirBnB? raises hand. I think I’ve used it no less than twenty times. All great experiences up until this point, seriously.

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A little thing I’ve been thinking about lately: Dorian’s comment that Felix was “a better man, clearly; not nearly as handsome.” It’s interesting - so many narratives have this idea of a character thinking they’re plain or ugly and that being part of general low self-esteem, because it’s taken as a value judgement. (It seems to come up a lot more in narratives written by women, depressingly, but that’s a whole other meta.) It’s an easy shorthand for “this character has self-worth issues.”

Dorian’s character writing swerves that. He knows he’s handsome. It was something valued in Tevinter, both as part of the casual sex he alludes to and as a status thing in general - part of that “perfect body, perfect mind” idea; it’s certainly easier to get your perfectly-distilled mageling kid married off if they’re nice to look at. What he’s worried about is that there’s nothing of worth on the inside. Look at his touched surprise and the way he doesn’t know how to respond when he’s called “a better man then he gives himself credit for” or “brave” - those are what get him, not the more obvious, easy compliments. He jokes to the Inquisitor about being “but an adornment upon your arm” - and that’s exactly what worries him.

Other characters call him arrogant, and eh, maybe, but only about particular things. The obvious things he can take pride in, that his peers back in the Imperium were bothered about - his appearance, his magical prowess - then sure. That’s how he’s used to playing the Game. But he’s constantly trying to work out what he is without those and without Tevinter ideas of status, and trying to live up to his own ideals and principles the way his father and Alexius ultimately couldn’t (”What’s in your heart” indeed). He’s trying, constantly, to approach people without ulterior motives and game-playing - look at how he says he’s had few friends (with the clear implication he wishes it were otherwise), look at his banters with other companions and the way he tries to level with them, and look at his general hatred of deception and politics and… well, everything about the Winter Palace. 

He’s got everything to prove - and he says that in a barely veiled way when he talks about wanting to show that “not everything from Tevinter is terrible.” He’s constantly trying to prove to himself and everybody else that he’s moral, that he has integrity, that he’s worthy of love (platonic or otherwise - look how pleased he is and how hard he tries to impress, to endear himself, when he’s making friends with the Inquisitor, never mind when he’s romanced, because he’s been rejected so many times that he’s startled and disbelieving when it doesn’t happen). That’s because on some level, he’s worried about these things.

He may strut and show off - after all, “Pavus” means “peacock” - but arrogant? Not exactly, if you know what to look for.

bts personality analysis: yoongi

yoongi is hard to analyse because his personality is so complex. he has a lot of sides that he shows the camera — the sleepy, the ‘swag’, the goofy. i think people misinterpret yoongi and see him as ‘lazy’ which is something that i cant even fathom thinking. we only see glimpses of this; when he is doing logs or vlives or at fanmeets — yoongi is the most passionate, kindest person i think ive ever seen. he has this desire so deep inside of him and in his mixtape, you could hear it. he has gone through so much to be where he is today and that makes him empathetic because he is aware of peoples struggles. yoongi is understanding. yoongi loves so deeply but doesn’t like to show it so he is perceived as cold. he cares so much about everything but he cant show it so he is perceived as careless. yoongi is irony. he is passion and desire and kindness wrapped all into one small body. please realise that yoongi cannot express his emotions as well as other members, so he puts his stories and thoughts into his songs.

yoongis personality is really layered, and i think that only a select few people that yoongi sees fit would be able to open him up and see all those layers. i feel like it would be hard to befriend yoongi because he seems to be selective in choosing who he likes and you have to be able to understand who he is and how he would react. but when you start to truly get to know him, yoongi is probably the most affectionate and clingy member in the group. he would be that boyfriend that acts like he doesnt want to be around you but really he would bring you in closer (literally in every analysis ive gone on a rant abt them i need TO STICK TO THE DAMN TOPIC AT  HAND). 

yoongi is very smart. he knows how emotions work and has developed a strong aura for himself which is very hard to do. although he is intelligent, he has a hard time with spontaneity. he needs to have a plan and needs to know everything that he is doing. in his vlive with hoseok, we could see the juxtaposition of their personalities: hoseok really just opened the face mask and put it on, but yoongi read the entire package front to back and followed the steps exactly as it was written. its a simple interaction but it is very telling about how yoongi reacts to situations. he is calculated without the cunning.

yoongi and jungkook are a relationship that is hard to define - i find that most jungkook related relationships are like this but ill get more into that in his analysis. both yoongi and jungkook have trouble expressing themselves so it wont be the most overtly affectionate relationship but i see them both having a lot of respect for one another and just a chill duo who just wanna have a relaxed time. yoongi and taehyung are a fun pair to analyse because they are so different; yoongi values realism and taehyung values optimism. they both see the world in juxtaposing ways and thats why i think that they would be a good pair since i believe that opposites do attract. yoongi and jimin are one of my favourite relationships in bangtan because jimin just wants to please yoongi and yoongi likes to be pleased so its just ?? so perfect??? i rlly dont have much more to say but i just love yoonmin. yoongi and hoseok are my #1 go-to relationship in bangtan. they are the most complex members and together they just fit together so perfectly, as if there personalities were made to be mended together. yoonseok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lvoe them. yoongi and namjoon are a genius pair. their combined creativity makes for a fierce track and i can only imagine the products that they have in the folders on their laptops. they both have such immense thoughts that together i feel like it would be too intense to sit in a room with them.  jin is most pliant when around yoongi, since yoongi’s character is pretty intense, i wouldn’t have thought that jin would be roommates with him; it just doesn’t seem like a good fit. but it really is kind of perfect. jin has the ability to adapt his personality and knows yoongi’s boundaries and that’s why i think he is the best person to be yoongi’s roommate.

min yoongi - infp/pisces. passionate, emotional, competent, perfectionist.

kim seokjin

okay, peter x michelle??? let’s discuss

  • first off the fact that both of peter’s potential significant others have been smart, strong, independent black women??? amazing! show-stopping! perfection!
  • it was actually kind of great that liz was peter’s first crush because she let him get away with a lot, so we got to see how peter handle romance when his girl doesn’t know about his web-slinging.
  • michelle??? it was said when she was first introduced that she was observant of peter’s weird behavior. and she’s the type of girl who is blunt and will for sure call you on your shit. so spider-man?? not gonna be a secret for long when peter and michelle share the screen more.
  • also she’s like hella smart? captain of the academic decathlon team, reading all the time, and an activist?? honestly, she and ned as the brains behind spider-man is all i want to come from the sequel.
  • and can i just say that michelle is not the type to just fall into things quickly? her feelings for peter when they develop (or finish developing) aren’t going to be some puppy-love, wishy-washy thing where both of them end up getting hurt. whatever michelle feels is going to be quite serious.
  • this may sound a little heavy in the emotions department, but peter’s clearly shown to have strong emotions too (ex. determination to an avenger, butting heads with tony, infatuation with liz).
  • so when their relationship forms it’s gonna be real and intense and it’s gonna last.
  • and michelle’s awareness of peter’s behavior is already pretty high, so when things get romantic?? how tuned in michelle will be to peter’s emotional state (ptsd, nightmares, anxiety attacks, world-on-his-shoulders syndrome) she’ll know almost immediately and be able to offer the support he needs.

in conclusion, peter x michelle??? fucking flawless. 

Venus: The Goddess of Love

Venus rules all things beautiful in love, lust, and desire, so it only makes sense that this placement represents how you attract your lovers. This sign is where you express love in all types of relationships, such as family, friends, crushes, and significant others. When looking at compatibility between you and your love interest, combinations of both your sun and venus sign are essential to getting a better understanding of each other. Often times your venus and sun signs may be the same which in turn cause an ever bigger influence on your acts of love, but this may not happen every time. Venus rules Libra and Taurus which means both signs are associated with beauty, sensuality, and materialism. If you have Venus in Libra or Venus in Taurus these placements are comfortable here since the planets are in place with their ruler. 

Venus in Aries: The admirable child-like spirit in Aries is no different in this placement. You attract your lovers with your ability to literally not give a fuck. You go after you want, no questions asked. You don’t like to waste time so anyone who plays games is getting cut off. Your actions are impulsive, almost selfish, actually very selfish, but this won’t be a problem to the person who really understands you. However, you will be attracted to many people since you get bored easily and can fall in and out of love quickly. Overall, you exude confidence, are not afraid to stand out, and you want things to be simple & direct. 

Venus in Taurus: Loyalty and constant devotion are your greatest attributes with friends and family. In love you seek security and comfortability often ruling out those who are fake and filled with drama. You enjoy fine dining and fine living. You are what they call husband or wifey material because of your desire to settle down and build a home with someone, kind of like Cancer. Change does not come easy to you so you may find yourself stubborn and set in your ways when it comes to love. The strong appetite for sensual gratification in the bull reaches from the dining table to the bedroom, and they will make sure you are taken care of in both matters. 

Venus In Gemini: It’s a no brainer that the way to your heart is through your mind. This Gemini is fun, flirty, and just wants to enjoy life in a number of ways. For this reason, you can only be tied down by someone who is capable of keeping you interested for, essentially, the rest of your life. It’s important for you to truly get to know a person before getting into a relationship. Otherwise, if you are not stimulated you will move on quickly. There is never a dull moment with you and you just want to be surrounded by other individuals who share this same interest. In matters of love, the dual personality shows a good side and a dark side, but this combination creates a unique, and inspiring individual.

Venus in Cancer: You are attracted to those who need you. You aim to nurture and provide an emotional blanket for your loved ones. Your intuition runs high and you use this to better take care of your partner. Although this can make them vulnerable because you might meddle into their lives to make sure you are needed. Depending on your sun or moon sign, you can be quite emotional and hurt easily but hide it well. Like any Cancer, once you get into your shell it’s hard to get you out of it. You are loyal, a great listener, and create families out of your friends. Overall, you have a big heart and this makes you very attractive. 

Venus in Leo: In order for your heart’s desire to be satisfied you need to be loved at all times. Sex isn’t even all that important to you if you’re not being made the center of attention. Feelings of insecurity rise for the Leo when you are not told that you are different or special. You don’t want to be like everyone else, you want to stand out. You are loyal, generous, and love hard. You have a lust for life and surround yourself with colorful people. Your sunny personality makes you fun to be around. You live a lavish life and show off your relationships and hope to be shown off the same way. It’s important for your loved ones to express their love to you in grand gestures because you expect the royal treatment. 

Venus in Virgo: Like Cancer, you want your loved ones to need you and appreciate you, this makes you happiest. You work quietly into the heart of others, taking your time getting to know people by observing them. Punctuality is important to you and you take this into matters of love as well often focusing on practical aspects of a relationship rather than being romantic. You don’t ask for much in a relationship but your partner might find it hard to satisfy what you want because you focus on small details that one can easily ignore. The pickiest of all signs, the person who wants the key to your heart has to be perfect or at least close to it. Is that too much to ask? Maybe, but you’re not willing to settle for anything less.

Venus in Libra: The world you envision is one of peace and serenityYou treat others the way you’d want to be treated. When all is well, both you and your partner are putting in the same effort into the relationship. Because of how dependent you are, you will most likely always be in a relationship. You’re all about fairness. You don’t like to stir the pot so you might conform to other people’s needs just to be likable, especially to stronger personalities that make you feel threatened. However, your personable appearance and amazing social skills cause you to be attractive to others no matter what you look like. A hopeless romantic you enjoy all the beauties of romance and want your love story to be like a fairytale. 

Venus in Scorpio: Intense. Intense. Intense. The dark and mysterious qualities of Scorpio are strong in this placement since their actions are affecting their love interests. In relationships, you want all or nothing. You want someone to surrender to you and give you control. In return, you give your full attention and extreme loyalty. Consequently, you are jealous and possessive, although this can be flattering to some people. Secretive, you don’t give much away about yourself, but want to know every detail of your significant other. You can read your friends as plain as day because of how well you can pick up vibes of other people. Your strongest asset is that you are not afraid of change, in fact, you thrive on the transformation of change. 

Venus in Sagittarius: Variety is the spice of life for you. You are always roaming, moving from one place to another, never really committing to anyone. Wherever you go you’re having a good time and searching for new experiences and knowledge. You’re fun to be around because of your free spirit, open-mindedness, and ability to entertain. You take pride in what you know and can be quite judgmental, but you’re very honest. You’re attracted to people of different cultures because you want to learn their different backgrounds and experiences. In love you just want someone who is going to partake in all your adventures and not ask too much of you since you value your freedom and independence. 

Venus in Capricorn: Reserved and humble, you attract others by keeping to yourself. Those who are willing to get to know you will do so. Very goal oriented and smart, you hope that your friends are as hardworking as you. In relationships you want what is cautious and safe since you are willing to build a home and family with this person. Social class is important to you so you care about how much money you make and might marry into wealth if possible. Although you are guarded in public, you are able to get in tune with your emotions in private. You’re affectionate and can express your love in various ways. Creating partnerships comes natural to you and people will know you to be loyal and responsible. 

Venus in Aquarius: No restrictions, no emotions, no fucks given. You basically do what you want and won’t settle for anything less. In love, however, you are committed and willing to compromise to your lover’s needs, only if they are worth it. But until then, if you are single, you are sufficient all on your own. You enjoy being eccentric and attract your crushes by making yourself stand out. Ahead of your time, you feel as though you have visionary thoughts. You are able to inspire others, although, at first they don’t understand you, but once they do, you’ve already moved on to the next thing. Your loved ones appreciate your oddities and quirks since this is what makes you special to them. Direct and honest you try to be as real as possible. 

Venus in Pisces: The type of love you seek is one that is soft hearted, empathetic, and a bit sensitive. You are intuitive and able to pick up the mood of others so you’re very understanding of people’s emotions. You are attracted to those who need saving or you yourself want to be saved. Loud and abrasive people make you uncomfortable because you suffer too many moods to be dealing with insensitive people. Because of how empathetic you may be, friends or lovers may take advantage of you since you can be afraid to say no. Feelings of insecurity rise when you are not being loved the way you wish to be. Since you are able to love people so deeply you want the same in return. Three words that sum you up: compassionate, mystical, and wistful. 

Why Arya threatening to kill Sansa is one of my favorite scenes in Game of Thrones

Growing up, Arya was sure of two things — that Sansa hated Jon, and that Sansa always wanted to be a queen.

  • Of the Stark siblings, Sansa was the only one who treated Jon like a bastard. The others all saw him as one of them. For many years, Arya watched Sansa treat her favorite brother unkindly.
  • Sansa lied about the whole Arya-Joffrey-Nymeria-Butcher’s-Boy affair to avoid hurting her chances of becoming Joffrey’s bride. Arya watched Sansa stick to this lie, even if her retracting it could’ve saved Lady.

Arya reunited with Sansa with neither of the above in mind. She knew they’re not kids anymore. That Sansa’s brattiness has probably faded away. After all, most of their family is dead. Why should she let the past get between her and her only sister?

But then came the lords demanding that Sansa replace Jon as ruler in the North. Arya is right. It is treason for them to even suggest overthrowing their king. And they did it so bluntly too. With utter disrespect in how they voiced it.

Enter Sansa. Her reply to treason… was brief, dull, indifferent. Arya is disappointed. Arya is confused. Then her memories awaken: Sansa always hated Jon, and Sansa always wanted to be a queen. Maybe she hasn’t changed after all… It all began with that. A couple of facts Arya always knew.

Enter Littlefinger fanning the flames with Sansa’s letter to Robb. And just like that, those two facts become cemented in Arya’s mind. She now thinks it’s very likely that Sansa will betray Jon. After all, she betrayed her own father and her trueborn brother before, asking him to bend the knee to the enemy. Why not betray the bastard brother she never cared for, and to achieve a dream she’s always had?

Angry that Sansa betrayed their family and suspecting that she’s going to betray Jon, Arya confronted Sansa. Threatened her life.

There is no way, for now at least, that Arya will accept Sansa’s excuse of having written that letter under duress. To her, Sansa was either a cold-blooded traitor, or a weakling who didn’t love her family enough at best. Either way, she was disgusted with Sansa. Arya is too much like Ned, who chose dishonor then death to save his daughters. Escaping, murdering, dying… Arya thinks these are far better options than cooperating with the enemy.

In Arya’s eyes, Sansa has now become one of the Freys. Someone responsible for the death of her loved ones. Worse, someone who could still betray Jon now. Arya is not a kid anymore. She’s not about to throw another spoonful of food at Sansa. She’s a Faceless Man now. She’s going to throw her a taste of death.

I absolutely loved this scene because of how true-to-character it is. It reminds me of what Arya was like as a child… of how much of a Stark she is… of how important loyalty is to her… of how similar she is to Ned and Lyanna… of how much she loves Jon… of the fact that she’s deadly now.

Many viewers ignore how this scene is a perfect display both of who Arya has always been and who she has become. The Starks are the good guys in Game of Thrones, so they expect nothing but hugs, kisses and smiles from them.

I read the leaks about the whole season even before Episode 1 premiered. Arya and Sansa will reconcile in the end. But I don’t know why people expected everything to be smooth-sailing in Winterfell the whole season. Game of Thrones is a drama series. Of course the writers will always create drama. And this scene was one of the most honest and best-written slices of drama they have given us.

Does anybody in this fandom ever stop and think... (pt.2)

(Ok so I know I’ve already made a post for Destiel but I have to know…)


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I get why people thought of shipping ships like Destiel but… I mean…. How did this ship start?!

Like, did people just go…. “Ok Dean and Cas are destined to be together but what about our precious Sammy? He’s got to have someone!”… “You know who would be perfect… GABRIEL!” 

I mean was it the height difference that people liked?

Or the differences in personality?

Or perhaps because they both have long hair?

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Help me out here people!!! I must know!!

Jonerys in 7.07 and Beyond :)

Okay so I have gotten a steady flow of asks both positive and worried after the finale so I thought I would just post one, big analysis of Jonerys in the finale for anyone interested in my take on things!

First of all I just want to establish that I loved this episode and it is my favorite of the season. There was much more to love than Jonerys here, but they are what I will focus on for this particular post, and I think this episode solidified their love in a major and lasting way. This is giant so I used a cut. 

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She got hot!- Peter Parker

Author: raeswritings

Pairing: Peter x reader

Requested: Yes, by anon

Request: Can u write about Peter and reader being friends and she moves away around middle school and come back junior year and she glowed up alOT and Peter is too scared to talk to her thinking she changed but she’s still in love w him.

Warnings: angst? fluff

A/N: It feels good to be back writings!! This is my first peter imagine. Hope you guys enjoy it xx

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For as long as anyone could remember, Y/N, Peter and Ned have been the three musketeers. The best of friends who always caused mischief everywhere they go. Their friendship dates all the way back to first grade when six year old Y/N dissed Ned’s and Peter’s favorite movie, Star Wars, claiming that it was stupid and that Star Trek was way cooler than Star Wars. This caused an argument between the three. Ned and Peter telling Y/N why Star Wars is superior to Star Trek. Which led them to Peter’s apartment where they watched both Star Wars and Star Trek. The rest was history. 

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bts personality analysis: jimin

park jimin is a man with two sides: an on stage persona, and his own personality that he shows to society. i think jimin is one of the few idols that doesn’t change when the camera is on him. im not even being biased because he is my bias, but i do believe that jimin is just genuinely good. and im not one to think that of people because i believe everyone has an innate side of them they arent too fond of - and im sure jimin does too (im going to talk about his temper later on). jimin believes in the good in people which can be both a strength and a flaw. i don’t necessarily think that jimin is naive, but he sees the good in people and could be manipulated due to the fact that he is so kind and compassionate. his niceties allow him to be vulnerable to people taking advantage of him and using him. and because jimin is so kind, he would let them - but only to an extent. i think jimin can hold his own because he is quite temperamental but you have to do something that challenges his own morals and valeus to see that side of him. he is genuine. he is authentic and you can tell that he was raised in a loving environment. 

jimin is temperamental. when he feels emotions, he feels it intensely. and because he has such strong values - ive noticed he values kindness and integrity most, he is understanding but he does not sympathise with people who have done the wrong thing -, when he is angry, he is angry. he is annoyed, frustrated, agitated. he is all the anger synonyms. this could be scary to witness firsthand because jimin is so sweet that you wouldn’t expect the intensity that comes with his anger. i dont think this anger is a flaw, though. because jimin is normally so tender, if he didnt have this frustration, he would be manipulated. its his psyche making a barrier to protect his feelings. his anger is also very telling as to what he believes in which is good when your making an analysis. he normally gets mad when people dont follow the rules, or when they are unkind. he doesn’t like conflict and wants harmony. jimin is a pacifist.

because he feels his emotions so intensely, he is prone to falling into his own thoughts of insecurity. i dont think jimin is as aware of his emotions like namjoon is which is why his reactions are always big and his entire body reacts - when he laughs, he laughs with his whole body. he would often fall into the trap of not feeling good enough and because he is so passionate and he expects so much of himself, nothing will ever reach the expectations he sets for himself. i see that jimin often reflects on his performance and monitors himself closely whether it be his diet or his shows, which is a really damaging mindset to have when he often thinks he isnt good enough because he is a perfectionist. he wants to be perfect when he knows that nobody can be. but because he feels this way, it allows him to understand people more, be more empathetic. that is what makes jimin so kind. its a shame that he doesnt see himself the same way when i believe he is an incredible person.

jimin and jin are a good pair because jimin has a habit of making people feel good and validated which is exactly what jin needs most, and i think jinmin’s relationship is healthy and beneficial for both of them!! jimin and yoongi are one of my favourite relationships in bangtan because jimin just wants to please yoongi and yoongi likes to be pleased. thats really all i have to say about yoonmin. jimin and hoseok are really lovely because jimin understand hoseok and his love for dance and i think hoseok really appreciate that. jimin knows when hoseok is tired and grumpy and knows when to stop and i think thats a really good quality in a friendship. jimin and namjoon r adorable because namjoon has a soft spot for cuteness and thats what jimin is - cute. jimin always knows how to make namjoon happy and jimin know how to makes him say aw - “YELLOW CARD”. jimin and taehyung are also one of my favourite relationships in bangtan because they seem to understand each other. they have this deep brotherly bond that they have formed over the years and i think its a really important relationship for jimins psyche because taehyung understands jimins personality better than i think anyone else does. its really beautiful to watch them interact and hear their inside jokes. jimin and jungkook are odd because as much as i love jikook, i think jungkook is a handful that jimin doesnt have the strength for. but jimin is a really crucial part to jungkook and i think that jungkook needs jimin as a shoulder, someone that he can rely on. jungkook is like jimins younger brother and i think they really do adore each other.

park jimin - enfj/libra. kind, temperamental, sensitive, charming.

kim seokjin ; min yoongi ; jung hoseok ; kim namjoon