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Have Him[Pt.3]

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“You heard what I said, Lin-Manuel Miranda.”

You watched as his eyes widened before he crossed the room to reach you. He placed his hands on your shoulder as he looked deep into your red rimmed eyes.

“[F/Name]. I have no idea what’s going on-”

You slapped his hands away from you angrily, stepping back from him seething. “Of course you fucking don’t. That’s because you’re a bloody idiot. That’s the whole damn problem!”

Your voice became higher and shrill with each word, confident that it reached outside the studio.

Lin flinched, this being the first time you ever cussed at him. And no matter how mad you were, you never brought yourself to use foul language towards him.


Hieda placed a hand on Lin’s arm. “I think it’s best if you left.”

Lin shrugged her hand off, eyes focused on you. “No. I need to know what’s going on.” He took a step towards you. “Why has your cheerfulness dissolved into hate and anger?”

You chuckled. “You really want to know?”

Just as he nodded his head, Karla rushed in, Andrew right behind her. Karla leeched onto Lin’s side, wrapping an arm around his waist, asking to you “Why did you run off? We were having such a good laugh.”

Andrew snapped his fingers, pointing at her and opening his mouth before you disrupted him.

“I think you have your answer.” Your words were as cold as ice and sharp like the very point of a knife. You raised your chin up, turning to Hieda. “It was nice working with such an amazing makeup artist, but, regrettably, I have to leave.”

At this time,Jimmy squeezed into the room, and with perfect sync with Andrew, questioned: “You mean you’re leaving Hamilton?”

Hieda grabbed your purse from the table and handed it to you. “Don’t worry. All of my things will be gone by tonight,” you directed towards Lin. Andrew stepped in front of you. 

“You’re not fucking serious, are you girl?”

“Dead.” You shouldered past him out the room, out the studio,and out of Hamilton’s life.


Surprisingly, the show that would’ve destroyed your public image was not aired, and replaced with Jimmy Fallon interviewing The Rock about the new movie, Moana.

Though online, there was some uproar on why the Hamilton cast video didn’t appear. And some tweets stating that you were jealous of the new ensemble member, Karla, and walked off stage because you couldn’t take a joke. 

But without proof, and with the help of fans, they quickly straightened out the rumors.

Like promised, you went straight to the theater after the show and managed to grab all of your items without being seen. But the cast wasn’t to happy about you leaving without any clear reason. 

The calls to your cellphone and house phone was getting horrendous, and you decided to take out the land line and turn off the cell. Your apartment had many knocks and ringing of doorbells throughout the past week that you learned to make it look like you weren’t home. It’s not that you’re a coward, not wanting to face them, it’s just that you needed time. 

You haven’t shed a single tear since leaving,and really didn’t fell like bursting out in tears in front of them.They didn’t deserve to see them.

Once you deemed it safe, you turned on your phones again. Not surprisingly, your land line beeped with multiple messages.One hundred and three in total.

Your cell was no different, reaching just under the mark of ninety messages.

And none from Lin. But a few from Karla. 

You scoffed, throwing the phone onto your bed. No way in hell were her messages any good, remorseful, or filled with any emotion except glee.

You grabbed a fluffy towel, heading to your bathroom.

She got what she wanted.


You turned the hot water on.


You just exited the bathroom when your phone pinged. Wrapping your hair up in a towel, you reached for it before stopping. A new voicemail. 

From Lin.

You debated listening to it as you pulled on clothes,staring at the phone’s position on the bed. Paranoia plagued your mind. Were you ready to hear his voice again? Ready to hear how things are faring? How happy the cast was since you left?

You shook your head. If they were happy, they wouldn’t come banging on your windows, screaming about talking to them.

But it-

You picked up the phone before any other toxin could enter you mind and pressed play.

LIN: [F/Name]…Geez. It’s been rough…

Don’t Ever Come Back (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: Reader is Peter’s best friend and doesn’t know his secret identity. She is waiting for him to come home while lying on his bed reading a book. Suddenly, Spiderman enters through the window and takes off his mask without realizing reader is there. They have a fight and Peter ends up telling her he did it to protect her because he loves her, but if she’s gonna judge him, she must go. Super cliché, I know.

A/N2: This is my first imagine ever, so sorry if it is too bad!

Warnings: One or two cuss words. 

You were reading a book lying on your best friend’s bed whilst waiting for him to come home. You had arrived thirty minutes before, and Aunt May had told you Peter was out doing the groceries and that he would be back in ten minutes. Thirty minutes after, you were still waiting for him. You were trying not to worry, but after seeing him come home with bruises for a few months, you didn’t know if you should believe him when he said that he was just clumsy.
Suddenly, you heard the window opening, and looking up from your book, you saw the famous Spiderman. You tried to keep your mouth closed, but you couldn’t help but wonder what the superhero was doing in your best friend’s room.
Without seeing you, the superhero took off his mask, and was beginning to unzip his suit when he turned around and saw you.
It was Peter.
Your best friend was Spiderman.
You quickly got up from the bed, not knowing what to do.
‘Peter?’ You stammered, ‘You are Spiderman?’
Peter just stood there, frozen, trying to figure out what to say to you. ‘Please, don’t be mad. I can explain.’
‘How could you not tell me? We’ve been best friends for years. You know everything about me. How cou-oh my God, you are Spiderman. It all makes sense.’
You felt the tears fall down your cheeks, feeling betrayed. Why didn’t he tell you? Did he not trust you? Had he actually told anyone? For how long had this been going on?
‘[Y/N], I swear to God, I can explain. Please, just calm down.’ You could see his worried expression, although you were crying and everything was blurry. ‘Sit down and let me explain.’
‘Why? Why didn’t you trust me?’
‘Please, [Y/N]. Nobody knows. Not even Aunt May. I didn’t want to put you at risk.’
‘Are you fucking serious? You didn’t want to put me at risk so you thought lying to me straight at my face was better? How many times have you lied? How many, Peter?’ You were shouting by now, feeling both angry and sad.
‘I didn’t want to have anyone after you. Having you know the truth was dangerous.’ He was getting mad by now, you could tell by the tone he was using.
‘Peter, you know everything about me! You know I can defend myself, why didn’t you tell me this? This is huge! And you just kept it to yourself! How could you?!’
‘Because I love you! I love you and I didn’t want you in danger!’ He shouted, not containing himself anymore.
You stopped on your tracks, frozen and not knowing what to do. ‘What? Since… since when?’
‘Since forever, okay?! I always have! And you never realized!’ You could tell he was trying to calm down, but he was nervous and shouting.
‘But… Why didn’t you tell me?’ You didn’t know what to say. ‘Peter, I… I’m gonna go. I need to think about this. I’m still mad. You can’t just come up with this to make me feel guilty. I don’t even know what to say.’
‘Go, and don’t ever come back if you are gonna judge me. I do this to help people, and if it bothers you, I don’t want to worry about making you happy. I have other things to worry about.’ He turned his back to you, and stared out of the window.
Feeling hurt, you left his room, saying bye to Aunt May and leaving the house, not knowing if you were going to be able to fix your friendship. What had you done?

Fake Boyfriend (Lafayette x Fem!Reader)

Prompt: “I thought ignoring the way I feel would make me fall out of love.”

A/N: This was so hard to write because I literally had writer’s block for like 3 days, so there’s definitely room for improvement! This is my first imagine so please go easy on me and let me know what you think!!

TW: like two bad words?

W/C: 1466


You had been friends with the Hamilsquad ever since John Laurens introduced you to his best friends on the first day of freshman year of college. You were new to New York and didn’t know anyone. John just so happened to sit next to you in your English class and you two immediately hit it off. When he introduced you to his friends, you were so shocked to see such beautiful men together all the time, but as soon as you got to know them you realized they were a lot dorkier than they looked. It had now been 2 years since you first met them and now you considered them your brothers. All except Lafayette…

You had always felt drawn to the beautiful Frenchman, but how could you not? You were now roommates with all 4 guys, and you would see him everyday. His curly locks and pristine pearly white smile were enough to make any girl swoon. Of course you could never let him or anyone else know you saw him that way because if your friends knew it would only give truth to how they teased you. You two always had the best chemistry and the others would always bug you and Lafayette about it, but you just ignored it because there was no way he felt the same way and your friendship was more important than a silly attraction.

“Ugh! What am I gonna do, Laurens? My parents are coming today and I don’t have a boyfriend!” you said sitting in a booth with Hercules, Alexander, and Laurens at the diner that your friends had dubbed “your spot” after you first walked in.

“Why did you even say that you had a boyfriend, Y/N?” Alexander replied.

“You guys haven’t met my parents, so you don’t understand,” you said. Then your face lit up. “You guys haven’t met my parents!” you said excitedly.

“I don’t know what your idea is but I do not like that look on your face,” Herc replied, beginning to hide behind Alexander.

“What are we talking about, mes amies?” Lafayette said taking a seat next to you.

“Y/N’s parents are coming into town to meet her boyfriend!” Laurens chimed in.

“When did you get a boyfriend?” Lafayette asked, turning to look at you with an expression on his face you couldn’t quite place.

“That’s the problem. She doesn’t have a boyfriend, which is where you come in!” Alexander said with a devious smile.

“Me? What am I supposed to do?” Lafayette said.

“Easy! Y/N and you practically act like a couple anyway, so now all you have to do is just hold her hand and say she’s beautiful!” Alexander stated proudly.

“What do you mean we act like a couple?” You asked.

Hercules, Alexander, and John all shared a look and burst out laughing.

“Don’t listen to them,” Lafayette said and you were almost positive that his cheeks had a slightly pink tint to them. “I’d be more than willing to help, and I’m the best actor out of the four of us anyway,” he said, glaring at the other guys.

“Really? You’re actually willing to be my fake boyfriend for the night? Lafayette you’re the best!” you hugged him. “They’re coming tonight, and we are going to a restaurant so just dress up a tiny bit fancy and pick me up at 6!” you said getting up to go get ready.

“See you later, fake girlfriend,” Lafayette said blowing you a kiss on your way out.

“See you later, fake boyfriend,” you winked.


It was now 6:15, Lafayette still hadn’t picked you up. It was a good thing you had planned for this and had told him to come earlier than he was supposed to. While you were thinking up the story of how Laf asked you out, you heard a knock at the door.

“Lafayette, you’re late!” you said opening the door, only to be frozen in your tracks upon laying your eyes on the elegant and tall Frenchman that stood before you. He had really dressed the part. He had decided to wear a simple suit that fit him perfectly and complemented his features. You hadn’t realized that you were still just staring at him and checking him out when he spoke up.

“You like what you see?” he said.

You blushed and regained your composure.

“I’ve just never seen you in a suit before,” you said shrugging it off, “I didn’t know you owned anything besides t-shirts and tank tops.”

“Ha ha very funny. You don’t look so bad yourself, cheri,” he winked, “Weren’t you just worried about us being late?” Lafayette said smirking because you still couldn’t keep your eyes off of him.

“Oh shit! Let’s go!” you said grabbing your bag and walking out the door.


You had arrived at the restaurant, and you stopped for a second to make sure you looked presentable, wiping invisible dust off your clothes.

“How do I look?” you asked Lafayette as he checked himself out in his car window.

“Absolument magnifique. You could not look more beautiful if you tried,” he said softly, intertwining his fingers with yours. “Shall we?”

“Let’s go,” you sighed.

“Mom, Dad!” you hugged your parents. “This is my boyfriend Marquis de Lafayette, but you can just call him Lafayette.”

“It is a pleasure to meet the both of you,” he said shaking your parents’ hands, “I have been looking forward to this. Y/N always talks about you two.”

“Really? Well, she failed to mention that her boyfriend was a Frenchman.” Your mother said giving you a knowing look.

The evening went on, and Lafayette had clearly charmed your parents. After dinner, you called a cab for your parents which left you alone with Lafayette walking along the streets under the streetlights.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for tonight, Laf. They absolutely loved you,” you said.

“Do you think they bought it?” he asked.

“I mean, yeah.” You stated. “You are a pretty good actor like you said. I almost believed you, too.” You joked nudging him with your elbow.

“Y/N… I have something to tell you…”

You looked up to Lafayette, and you could almost see all the gears spinning in his head as he tried to find the right words to say to you.

“I didn’t have to pretend to have feelings for you because the truth is… I am absolutely and unapologetically in love with you and I have been for some time now. I thought ignoring the way I feel would make me fall out of love, but that clearly didn’t work because pretending to be your boyfriend made me almost as happy as being your real boyfriend would make me, and I know that you probably don’t feel the same way because how could you? You’re beautiful, intelligent, lovely, funny, and just incredibly amazing. I just couldn’t keep it inside anymore. I wish I could stop loving you, but I fell in love with my best friend and I’m not ashamed of that. I love you I love you I love you.” He had to catch his breath from blurting it all out and he looked at you expectantly.

You didn’t know what to say. You were both in shock and realizing your feelings for him were the same. All the time you spent with him had only caused your feeling for him to deepen and you were realizing that now.

“Holy shit…” you whispered.

“I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable, mon ange. That was not my intention.” he asked carefully, searching your face for clues.

You looked up to see your best friend, the man you had had feelings for since the moment you two met. He was about to speak when you crashed your lips into his. His eyes widened in shock before he melted into the kiss, wrapping his arms around your waist. You wrapped one arm around his neck and ran one hand through his curly hair. You pulled away to get a breath of air.

“Is that the response you were looking for?” you breathed, your forehead resting against his with both your eyes closed.

“That’s better than I could have ever expected, mon cherie.”

You couldn’t shake the sense of bliss knowing that the man you were in love with loved you back.

“Now we don’t have to fake being boyfriend and girlfriend.” You said happily.

“Who said I wanted to be your boyfriend?” Laf laughed before jerking to avoid the punch that was coming towards him. “I am just kidding, belle. You are making me the happiest man on earth right now.” He said while the two of you walked through the New York streets happy as can be.

I ran track for nine years and it taught me that the only thing that ever mattered was beating your own personal best. If you came in last but ran your fastest time ever, it was a good meet. If you came in first with a worse time than last meet, it was a let down. Because all that mattered- literally all that mattered- was that you were improving. How everyone else was doing was irrelevant because they were your competition for one day and then you didn’t know if you were ever going to race against them again. As long as you were faster or stronger than you were last week, it didn’t matter who else was faster or stronger than you. And the same goes for being a good daughter/husband/sister/girlfriend or sticking to your diet or passing your exams. As long as you’re making an effort to be better than you were yesterday, you’re succeeding. And how everyone else is doing is completely insignificant.
A reason to be grateful to BBC Sherlock

This is a skatch I drew on November 12 2013.

The day I met the love of my life.

We were sitting on the stairs, in a room full of people and she noticed this sketch and said to me “That one looks like Sherlock”. This is the very first words she spoke to me. 
A year after that first meeting she became my girlfriend and she’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.
So I guess I should be grateful for that and give it to BBC Sherlock, because I may not have this canon OTP, but my OTP is canon.
And this is all that matters to me.

(Also Johnlock will always be canon in my heart and nothing is gonna change that).

@nancyesp I love you <3


Spin The Bottle (Josh Dun Smut) (Requested)


Word Count: 1859


A/N:If you guys haven’t seen the movie The First Time you should totally watch it because it’s so fucking good and its one of my favorite movies ever.



- I was sitting in my room on a normal Saturday night, eating hot pockets and watching Netflix, when suddenly my best friend Josh burst into my room.If it were anyone else I would be super angry and I’d probably yell vulgar things at them but me and Josh have been best friends since we were 6. He lets himself into my house and I let myself into his closet and I steal all of his clothes. Josh climbed up onto my bed and stood over me with his hands on his hips “Okay seriously? This is the 4th Saturday that I’ve come into your room and walked in on you watching Netflix and eating something with cheese in it.” I groaned loudly “Here’s a solution, stop letting yourself into my house.” Josh ignored my comment and plopped down next to me. “You’re not even watching anything new! You’ve watched all of  Bob’s Burger’s like 3 times!” I rolled my eyes “So?” He closed my laptop and took my plate of food. “Josh what the heck!” He didn’t respond he just picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, my head down by the back of his knees. “Jooosh put me down.” I whined, hitting his butt in the process. “Nope not until you agree to come over to my house tonight, I’m having a party and you have to come. No exceptions.” I stayed silent for a second and Josh pretended to drop me. I involuntarily yelped before yelling “Okay, okay fine! I’ll come to your stupid party, just put me down before you drop me on my head, you maniac.” I heard him chuckle before he dropped me gently on my bed. “See that wasn’t so hard now was it?” I stuck my tongue out at him and he pretended to bite at it, looking at me with wide eyes. “Get out so I can get dressed for your dumb party.” He stood up and walked out while yelling “Party’s at 8 be there or be…” I closed my door cutting him off. I changed into a black dress with a flannel and slipped on my black combat boots. I grabbed my phone and my headphones and started walking to Josh’s house. Even though we live in the same neighborhood we still are about 5 minutes walking distance from each other. I finally arrived at his house and checked the time 8:15. I mean I guess I’m fashionably late. I let myself in and went into his kitchen grabbing a bottle of water before making my way down into his basement where everyone was. As I walked down his stairs I heard laughter and multiple conversations. Everyone came into view and I knew most of them from Josh, as there were only about 20 people. Josh saw me walk in and he came over to me “Hey! You actually came.” He grabbed my hand and led me over where everyone was conversing. I noticed Josh’s friend Tyler was here and I said hi to him, quickly starting up a conversation. Somehow the topic of spin the bottle was brought up and Tyler shouted over everyone “Hey why don’t we play spin the bottle!” Everyone agreed and sat down in a large circle. Tyler went first and spun the bottle landing on a blonde girl who I didn’t know,Josh nudged me and told me her name was Jenna and that Tyler had a huge crush on her. Jenna spun and the bottle landed on me. I gulped and spun hoping that I would get someone good. It landed on a kid named Brendon. He was attractive but is known for being a bit of a man whore. I kissed him and it was nice, nothing special, and it only lasted for a few seconds. Brendon spun and it landed on a random girl. While the game continued on I glanced over at Josh and noticed he looked upset. I nudged him and whispered in his ear “are you okay?” He just responded with “Yup” and stayed looking forward. I didn’t want to push his buttons so I turned my attention back to the game just in time to see the bottle land on Josh. He spun and I almost passed out when it landed on me. “…Uh you can just respin.” I didn’t want Josh to feel like he had to kiss me because of some stupid game. But of course Tyler had to yell out “No way! Rules are rules! You gotta kiss her bro even if she’s your best friend.” I blushed and looked over at Josh. He muttered “rules are rules” before leaning in. His lips met mine and after a second I started to kiss back. The kiss was rough and needy but soft and passionate. After a few seconds people starting making wolf whistles and clapping so we hesitantly pulled away, both blushing like crazy. We played for a few more rounds and I ended up getting Tyler which was super awkward at first but it turns out that he’s a really good kisser, and I also got Josh again. This time it didn’t last for just a few seconds. It wasn’t until Tyler made a joke about Josh swallowing me whole, that we pulled away. We hung out with everyone for a little while longer but it was quite obvious that there was something bothering Josh. He just had this look on his face and I had never really seen it before. Josh made the excuse that he was getting tired and everyone started to leave. Once everyone was gone I stood up from his couch to leave but he grabbed my hand. “I don’t think we finished what we started earlier.” I turned to look at him and that look was back on his face, this time with darkened eyes and closer to my face. He stood up and slipped his hands around my waist, leaning in. Without hesitation I reattached my lips to his, this time not holding back. I ran my hands through his hair and tugged on the ends gently. He deepened the kiss, running his tongue across my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I granted it to him and I began to walk backwards until I hit what used to be Josh’s school desk. He pushed off all of the old papers and pens and lifted me up, standing between my legs. He started to make his way down my neck sucking and biting harshly, leaving purple and red marks behind. I gasped as he pulled away blowing lightly on them. Josh’s raspy voice cut off my heavy breathing and hushed whimpers “I hate to break it to you kitten, but I don’t like seeing you kiss other guys, and I also don’t share very well.” He moved his mouth closer to my ear with each word and I felt myself getting more and more turned on. “I’m yours Josh, please just do something.” I felt like a child begging for a lollipop in a candy store. I heard him grunt as he pressed his growing bulge against my thigh “say it again kitten.” I wrapped my legs around his waist and pressed myself against him, bringing my mouth up to his ear. I whispered “I’m yours Josh” before nibbling gently on his ear. I saw his eyes flutter shut for a second before they shot open when I slipped my hand under his waistband. He grabbed my wrist and glared at me “You aren’t in control here kitten. I am. Now stand up.” I slid off the desk and looked up at him. “Why don’t you take my shirt off for me kitten.” I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up, discarding of it once I got it off. I dropped down to my knees and began to undo his jeans. There was no way he was going to keep up this angry act, he might have been jealous before but he was slowly realizing that he had nothing to worry about. I tugged his black jeans off and pulled down his tight briefs. He sprang free and he watched me intently as I wrapped my hand around him. I placed a soft kiss on his tip before licking a long stripe up his length. He threw his head back and groaned. I swirled my tongue around the tip before taking him in my mouth, using my hand to get the places I couldn’t reach. I pushed him deeper down my throat and he hissed “Woah kitten, slow down, or this is going to end way faster than either of us want it to.” He lifted me up and carried me back over to the couch where he sat down and pulled me onto his lap. “Let’s get this off of you babygirl.” He tugged off my flannel tossing it in the direction of his clothes, doing the same with my dress. I wasn’t wearing a bra so I was left in just my soaking wet panties. He kissed down my collarbones and then quickly attached his mouth to my nipple, sucking and biting gently on the hardened nub. He switched to the other one after a few seconds but quickly stopped when I bucked my hips and whimpered loudly. My thighs were now shaking and my panties were drenched. I moaned loudly before whimpering “Josh please fuck me, I need you so bad.” He smirked and tightened his grip on me “You don’t have to tell me twice kitten.” He flipped us over so he was hovering over me before he lined himself up at my entrance and pushed in. He groaned “holy fuck you’re so tight.” He just kept hissing and muttering profanities under his breath while slowly pushing in and out of me. Finally we both adjusted and he started building up a rhythm. His hands were wrapped around my thighs and he leaned down, pressing soft kisses to my forehead every so often. I felt a warmth in my lower stomach and I felt myself tighten around Josh. He adjusted his position slightly and started thrusting harder suddenly hitting a spot that left me clawing at his back for more. I gasped loudly and gripped onto his shoulders as I felt a knot build in my stomach. “I’m so close kitten.” I only moaned in response, my brain too worked up to come up with a real answer. “H-harder.” I managed to stutter out. Josh’s thrusts became sloppier but he still obliged to my request, pounding into me with every thrust. Josh leaned down and purred in my ear “come for me kitten.” and I lost it. I tightened around him and my hips bucked as I screamed his name, he thrusted a few more times before he reached his peak too once again hissing profanities and moaning my name under his breath. He rolled off of me to catch his breath before getting up and grabbing me his T-shirt and throwing on his underwear. I slipped his T-shirt on and he slid on the couch next to me. He kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms tightly around me. I cuddled into his side and let sleep take over.

anonymous asked:

If you were interested in the story, would you help someone add nsfw into their kagehina fic (me)? [BecAuse, you're nsfw moments are so nice and ahfjwgdskkagkg just really wonderfully portrayed and I don't think I would ever be able to do the same,,]

First off: thank you for the kind words <3 Now, here comes the tough love.

I can certainly give advice on those and other types of scenes/writing, but working through the writing itself isn’t something I’d be able to assist with due to my fairly heavy workload. That being said, I do think the best thing you can do for your fic is to… write your nsfw! You may not write a perfect scene the first time you try it. But, I didn’t come out of the womb writing great smut, either. 

Write your scene, and if you’re not satisfied with it, take it out. Write around it - write the tension leading up to it, write the afterglow. If you really want it in there but aren’t confident yet in describing everything, blur it - write the emotions and the meaning behind the movements instead. You don’t need to write down every action of them getting action, you know?

This fic of mine has two decent examples of both these methods - the first part leads up to and stop right before things get sexy. The second part has a brief scene of frottage/fingering that just barely describes anything. Also, I would recommend checking out buu on AO3 if you have not already! Anything T or M by buu tends to have some really nice NSFW while still being very soft and almost never explicit. 

I hope some of this helps… but all that being said, you shouldn’t say to yourself “I’ll never be able to do this” without first giving yourself a fighting chance, that is one of the worst things you can do when you’re trying to create something! The best thing you can do is to try and write your scenes. You won’t ever know what you’re capable of doing ‘til you try and try and try again. I’m still super critical of my sex scenes (and all my writing), which is why I keep writing. Because even if it’s not perfect the first time, hardly anything is.

About Chel, Tulio and Miguel

I would love to be able to see them in a happy polyamerous relationship, but I can’t. Mainly because of a few things;

1) The Fight

Chel came between Tulio and Miguel and they had probably the worst fight in the history of their friendship because of that, so I have a problem seeing Miguel completely trusting her, ever. He could forgive her and Tulio, sure, even become her friend, but I feel like this is forever going to be a blockade.

2) “Forget Miguel”

These words will most likely haunt Miguel for the rest of his life. Especially considering how easily Tulio (who, lets not forget, is pretty much Miguel’s entire world) said them. If he, Tulio and Chel were to get into a relationship the nagging feeling of “I’m second best” would eat him alive.

3) The origins of Chel and Tulio’s relationship

The very first part of Chel and Tulio’s relationship, in my opinion, was mostly Chel trying to secure her way out, make sure Tulio didn’t cheat her. And it worked, so good for her, but this kind of a start does not shine a good light on the future of a couple.

4) The beginning for Tulio and Chel

Right off the bat the relationship they had was very physical. That might be the way it works in fanfiction, but it is so not healthy in real life (I’m speaking from personal experience). If a relationship starts out very physically the people involved easily forget there’s an emotional side, they continue being mostly physical with each other, never really getting to know each other until they feel their spark dying (or one of them does) and they realize they have next to nothing in common, or that they start to feel like strangers. It just becomes a really awkward and generally unpleasant experience.

5) Time between meet and hookup

Tulio and Chel met, and then within two days they were in a relationship. Now, I know this is a film and it doesn’t “have to make sense” but relationships that start that quickly rarely last. How many “oh we met at a party and the next day we were going out” long-term (and I mean really long-term) couples have you meet? I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule but from what I can tell they’re few and far between.

What If - Baekhyun/Chanyeol

Pairing: Reader/Baekhyun/Chanyeol  + Yixing as a very wise friend.

Summary: Based on the song What If by EXO (obviously)
When Baekhyun is hopelessly in love with his best friend but then Chanyeol comes into picture.

word count: 7533

a/n: this is the longest scenario I’ve ever written and the one I’m most proud of. Seriously, if you read it, please send in any kinds of reviews because I put my life in this fic and this is something I’ve never tried before, so…

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서로 바라보는 시선
eyes looking at each other.

They were always there, their gazes on each other. He knew it and she did too. Ever since that day when he first laid eyes on her, Baekhyun knew, she would take a special place in his life. And he was sure, she could see the attraction between them too. Their eyes met just once and that was the start of their precious relationship. Just one glance was enough for them to know – they would need each other in life.

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Rivalry- Theo Raeken

A/N: This imagine has caused me more frustration than anything in the entire world because I sat at my computer for like four days and couldn’t write a single paragraph but then I did it and shit, I love it. It’s 7 pages and has over 4,000 words and I hit a milestone in my writing. I love it and I hope you love it because 4,000 words can drain you quickly. Enjoy <3

You were always second best when it came to Theo Raeken, and it had always been that way.

Ever since you were little you two had been competitive, and it always seemed like you came in second. For the first couple years, it was okay, you didn’t really care about it and it wasn’t a big deal, that’s how friends were with each other. But then you started drifting away from each other, you started hanging out with more girls and he started hanging out with other guys, and that’s when it started to escalate. It wasn’t just about playful competition anymore, it was about who was the better person, and with it came a lot of cheating, name calling, pushing, shoving and arguments. From the day you entered the third grade, you were always at each others throats, and it lasted until one day, Theo moved away.

You had gone from play mates, to best friends, to enemies, to strangers all in the course of two years. You tried to remember when it had gone horribly wrong, but nothing ever popped up into your memories. You just woke up one day and you hated each other, no conflict, no problem, no reason, and no resolution was ever found. If you were going to be honest with yourself, you didn’t want to resolve it, because as long as Theo hated you, you knew you had his eyes on you.

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gallivant || bobby
  • comment: ok so I was originally planning on writing sort of a 50′s/60′s greaser style scenario for Bobby, but then I decided to write a second part to Bobby’s Ghost scenario that I wrote a while back because I feel like I needed to show Bobby’s perspective of the story and provide some form of closure, so yeah, hope you guys like this!
  • genre: of course, angst
  • this is part II to this scenario, so be sure to read that one first before reading this!!

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“I wasn’t looking for love, I was looking for a buzz.” 

          Gallivant; that’s the word Bobby thought best summed up what the last two years of his life were like. After he saw what remained of his broken family break even more, and after he got himself involved with the wrong people at the wrong time, Bobby decided that he would stop looking onto other people for support or care, because from what he had experienced in his life, he firmly believed that the only person you could ever really count on was yourself.

           Gallivant; boy, did he really embody that word well. For two years, Bobby somehow managed to get his away around, from motel to motel, earning a few bucks here and there from any job he could get. And before he knew it, all that money started going towards clubs and alcohol, the two things he swore he’d never get close to after he saw what it did to his own father.

           But, he couldn’t help it.

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I saw Ghost live three days ago in Chattanooga, TN! It was the best concert I’ve ever been to.. It was also my first “English-speaking” concert as well since all the artists I’ve seen live were Japanese. It was my first Ritual and it was quite possibly the best experience I’ve ever had in my life! My experience was made even better after having the chance to meet the band after the concert! I’ll write below, but I apologise in advance if my words seem mixed up so I’ll try to remember all I can! I’m sorry if it gets a little long!  <3 

The concert was great and I followed friends out the venue because we were waiting for the band afterwards. It had been raining throughout the entire day really hard, so we were prepared for it to start raining again at any given moment (during the concert, apparently it was really thundering and pouring down, but we couldn’t hear it due to enjoying the concert, haha). Eventually it did start raining again, but only lightly, enough to take coverage underneath an umbrella. We did not wait long afterwards, however! We waited for about an hour, leaving only a small handful of other fans waiting too. The venue began loading the band’s equipment into a semi-truck and we were left waiting next to a metal fence with the tour bus parked right on the other side of the fence. Not long after that, we saw Omega come out, weaving his way through the small group of people to enter through a gated door to the other side of the fence to get to the bus. He went in and Air followed shortly after. Alpha appeared too, which surprised everyone because we were all focused on watching the members enter the bus and he just stood behind us all. Water and Earth soon came out as well along with Papa too. They all entered the bus for a few minutes before returning to our small group with various silver and black ink pens in hand. Omega started off with saying no pictures of any kind lest they will return back to the bus and be on their way. Everyone complied with the band’s request and they all began signing items (most people had their VIP Offering Plate signed, their ticket, CD covers or their VIP / M&G badges signed). I was left standing there in awe at the band because they were all so gorgeous that I started shaking and I could feel my anxiety building up. I am learning Swedish currently, so I brought my Swedish studies notebook to be signed by them all. I willed myself to move so I went to Omega first, since he is my most favorite Ghoul out the band (don’t get me wrong, I love the band entirely, but Omega holds a special place in my little heart). I observed first to see how people were asking him things and conversing with him and then I approached him. He looked at me, thanked me for coming out the show and the reached for my notebook. I explained it was my Swedish studies notebook, and he became all excited and very happy. He was all, “Studerar du svenska? That’s great.” and I barely answered him at all. He smiled and signed away, looking through my notebook of VERY BASIC Swedish. He smiled to himself and then gave me the notebook back. I then asked if I could have a hug but because of my very shy and soft voice, he sort of stared at me for a moment before realising what I asked. Then he pulled me into a giant bear hug. I’m not the tallest person ever (I’m 163 cm), but he is very tall to me and he had to lean down in order to hug me fully. He was very warm and he could feel my shaking. He was all, “It’s okay! You’re fine” and patted my back. I was still shaking but I felt good afterwards! I felt I had enough courage to head over to Papa now. 

I walked over to where Papa was as he was signing many things while holding a conversation about possible tours with another fan. He kept looking to me every so often and it made me really nervous for some odd reason (probably due to the fact during the entire show he would stare at me as well, including coming over to my side of the stage and full on, hardcore staring at me since I was at the barricade.) It was my turn and he gave me the sweetest smile ever. He welcomed me and thanked us all for coming out the show. I handed him my book and politely, but very shyly asked if he could sign it. He looked it all, and flipped to the front to see it but then saw Swedish phrases and studies. He looked back to me all happy and then asked me something in Swedish along the lines of, “Studerar du svenska? Kan du tala?” I responded with, “Ja, jag talar svenska och japanska. Svenska är lite svårt, men, det är bra!” He smiled at me and signed the back of the notebook where I showed him. He went to hand me the pen back before he realised it was his own pen and laughed. (His laugh was  the cutest thing ever, omfg. take me now Papa) 

Next I went over to Alpha. He was talking with a venue worker before turning to see me since no other fan was near him. It surprised both of us, because he jumped and almost dropped the pen he was holding. He thanked me for coming to the show and took the notebook without hesitation. He signed it, handed it back to me and then leaned down all, “You are small. I like that. Thanks for coming out and enduring the rain!” I sort of forgot all English and then answered in Japanese without realising it AT ALL. I said, 「ありがとう。。」 before correcting myself immediately all, “I’m sorry, I meant, “thank you!”, sorry.” and he laughed at me, smiling all the more. 

No one was talking with or near Air at all, since he was sorta standing outside the group just watching everyone. I went over to him and said hello to him. He smiled and perked up. I handed him the notebook after politely asking if he could sign it. He of course did and then smiled at me, patting my shoulder. He said thanks again for coming to the show. I bowed out of politeness before he turned walking towards the bus. He left and then I turned back to the group to see that Water and Earth had already left as well. By this time the group of fans had dwindled to only about seven or eight of us left. 

Omega was nearby, just smoking and talking about feminist issues with one of the Sisters of Sin from the show. (She was very nice and very pretty!) I inched my way over to listen because my friends from the concert had already left and I was waiting for my ride back to where I was staying (lol). I really love Omega’s speaking voice, so my intention was really just to stand back and listen to him talk. He could read from a damn dictionary and I would sit there and enjoy it. Omega had watched me do so and slowly made his way over to include me too. Soon afterwards the small group of people that were within Omega’s area dissipated and it was just him and I standing there. I was really nervous and he then patted me on the shoulder all, “Hey there, you’re the Swedish studies girl.” I smiled and took a deep breath before continuing the conversation. “Yes, I am. I’m studying Swedish because of you guys, actually. I became really interested in it and I love the way Swedish sounds. It’s very nice!” He smiled before replying with, “Bra, that’s good, speaking of Swedish,” he turned to Alpha and asked him something in their native language. Papa chimed in too before they were all laughing at whatever Alpha responded with and it was cute! Omega returned his attention back to me while I gathered the courage to ask him about something else. I asked him about the city of Uppsala, in Sweden, because it is a city I may be going to next year for Swedish culture and language study. He was very intuitive about my question, answering it very thoughtfully. I asked him too about what the weather was like in Sweden, since where I live currently, I live in the desert part of the US. He compared Tennessee’s weather and greenery to what most of Sweden looks like. I was very happy to hear that and he was all, “It’s actually a bit surprising to say that this state of America looks very much like Sweden. If you changed some of the architecture and the language then it would very much like it!” He then asked me about my language studies, asking how far I was with it. I told him that I just began recently studying it, but because of English studies that it made it progressively easier, as much of the grammar is similar in one way or another. I then compared Swedish to Japanese, in terms of this, there, that, when or where grammar. Omega was very surprised to hear that and was all, “TELL ME MORE”. I explained there are many similarities grammar wise, but translating a word or phrase from Japanese INTO Swedish is the hard part, since kanji often times has an emotional standpoint to where the translation is often lost when translated into languages like English or Swedish. He was so into our conversation that he slowly began leaning down to my height since he was so tall. I never noticed it until he was right at the height where I stood, arms crossed and legs bent. He leaned forward all, “I’m sorry, I love our conversation we have because it’s so totally interesting, but I can’t help but remember something. You look very much like a girlfriend I once had, back in Sweden. She was learning Swedish too, but she wasn’t European born, American, I think. She had black hair like you and you look so much like her, it’s strange. I had to think it wasn’t her until I heard you speak Japanese to Alpha over there. Sorry, carry on!” I knew I totally blushed a red color, because Omega smiled and laughed, wanting to know more about translation issues. I went back to explaining about conjugations and the sort before he intervened again all, “it’s really interesting to hear you talk specifically, because I can see you thinking in another language while you speak English. I do the same, but I like watching other people do it.” After that Papa made gestures to Omega pointing the bus and the time. Omega nodded and thanked me again for coming out to the show. He said good luck to me and my language studies, patting me on the shoulder. Soon the band members left to get back on the bus as I left to head over to the parking lot, seeing my ride back home already parked there. 

All in all I love this band too much, and I went home, crying mostly from an anxiety attack after seeing Ghost live, meeting the band, and holding an active conversation with Omega! But I had the best experience ever and I already can’t wait until the next tour! 

You were my one.
 That one to build me up and then tear me apart. The one to rip apart my heart and then use your words to sew it back together.
My bad love, my first heartbreak. The one who taught me I could take more pain that I’d ever imagined. You showed me fists meant blood and that it wasn’t love unless it hurt. 
You taught me that angry souls are one of a kind and that I shouldn’t mind the pain because you were doing the best you could.
You showed me that your best still wasn’t enough because you pushed me beyond tough and made me numb. I’d always come crawling back to you because who wants a battered soul to try to hold onto?
You were a man who couldnt own up to his mistakes and put the guilt on my plate when you left this world trying to take all I had left with you.  The coward who left his fate to his own loaded gun.
You were my one.
—  You were my one. -B S
Let me teach you a thing or two - Surfer!Luke [fluff]

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A/N: I told you I’d be writing this


Word Count - 1528

Surfing has always been a passion of yours, ever since you were little and you first took to the waves. Over the course of 10 yeas you got better and better and you were set to become pro but then there was an incident that put you out of action for a while and ruined your chances. Instead you set up your own business by the sea, surfing lessons, and you’re one of the best in your field too, you’ve had a few famous clients in the past, not many because, truth be told, not many celebrities feel the need to learn how to surf.

One night, while you’re sleeping to be exact, you get a phone call in the office that rings throughout the building. You live in a beach house with the bottom floor converted into your surf shop so you have to trudge down into the back rooms of the surf shop to answer the phone.

“Hello?” you groan.

“Hi is that [Y/N]?” an aussie accent says

“Yes, what do you want calling at this hour?” you rub your eyes.

“Oh shit, timezones sorry, it’s only 7pm here,” he adds. “I was wondering about booking surfing lessons for tomorrow, me and my friends will be travelling over and we’ll have some spare time,” he continues.

“Sorry tomorrow is the day I usually schedule for recreation or private lessons, I won’t be doing classes,” you yawn.

“We’re willing to pay for private lessons”

“That’s over double the regular classes,” you tell him.

“We hear you’re the best in the biz so if that’s what it takes, my band and I have heard great things about you,” he adds in a smiley tone.


“Yeah, you might have heard of us, 5 seconds of summer?” he’s suddenly shy.

“Oh yeah, that Australian band, I read about you guys once, what one are you? Without trying to sound ignorant,” you laugh, slightly woken up now.

“Luke Hemmings”

“The blondest of the blondes,” you sleepily mutter making him laugh.

You turn the light on and locate your business diary.

“Is that what you want your reservation under? Hemmings?” you question.

“Uh, yeah, what time would you recommend?” Luke asks.

“Normally mornings are better but since I’m probably going to want to sleep in tomorrow I’d recommend the dusk sessions, they’re just as good because the beach is calmer, 6-8pm are probably the best,” you say.

“How about an extra long lesson from 3 until 8, that way there’s extra time for me to screw up,” Luke laughs. “Also it’ll take up more time we would normally be eating”

“It’s $200 per hour. Each,” you remind.

“We’re not exactly strapped for cash at the moment,” he chuckles.

“That’s fine by me, I’ll see you then”

The next morning you’re up at 10 making an energy filled breakfast before you start to get ready, showering and dressing in your beach shirts and tank top.

You’re relaxing in the back of the shop when you hear the bell at the front door go and you spring up to see 4 tall guys in skinny jeans wander in.

“Uh, w-we spoke on the phone?” the blonde says.

“Ah, Mr Hemmings I’d never have guessed, our schedule is fairly full today,” you grin ticking off the only thing on today’s to do list.

“Really?” Michael frowns slightly looking around.

“Sarcasm,” you laugh. “You’re not exactly dressed for the beach are you?”

“We figured you’d have stuff we could wear,” Ashton adds.

“I’m not sure if I’ve got wetsuits tall enough”

After a little while of rummaging you eventually find 4 wet suits that’ll fit and then 4 surf boards too.

“Changing rooms are just outside and then head down to the fenced off area of the beach,” you instruct before vanishing and changing too.

You tie your hair back behind your head and tuck your board under your arm to jog down the beach to meet them.

“Wait, you do the lessons? On your website all of the pictures showed these pro looking instructor guys,” Luke says.

“What are you trying to say?” you giggle. “Today was meant for recreation and private lessons like these, like I said, which means my chief instructors James and Kevin get the day off but if you’re that bothered I could call them in, you are paying me like $4000 for today”

“No, no, I was just surprised,” Luke blushes.

You nod, “I’ll have you know that before I had my leg broken I was going to be a pro”

You teach them the basics and one by one send them off to the ocean to try it out. Calum is first to last 5 seconds standing on the board and soon gets fairly good. Ashton catches up with Calum quickly as does Michael but 2 hours into the lessons and you are yet to allow Luke to try it out in the water.

“Come on, you let those guys go, at least let me try,” he whines.

“Health and safety, Luke, I can’t let you go in unless I’m certain you won’t seriously hurt yourself. That way you don’t have legal ground to sue me,” you chuckle at his childish nature.

“I promise I won’t sue you”

“You’re a celebrity, forgive me for not believing you”

He sighs and rolls his eyes muttering, “I am not a celebrity”

“Let’s try the drills one more time,” you tell him.

He follows through with the first of it well but as soon as he stands on the board you see him twist his foot slightly.

“You need to stop that,” you say as he snaps his feet back to normal.

“Stop what?”

“The foot thing!” you exclaim.

“What foot thing?” he chuckles.

His foot twists once more, “That foot thing!”

“That’s just how my foot is,” he pleads.

“If you can do the drills once through without doing the foot thing I’ll let you into the water,” you tell him. “Just focus on that, keeping balance and keep tension here”

You place your hands at his middle and hear him audibly gulp but you brush it off.

At last he is allowed into the water but he can’t stay up for longer than a few seconds at a time which is a source of a lot of amusement.

When the sun begins to set they’ve turned into semi-confident surfers and you sit back watching them have fun for a little while.

“Get in the water [Y/N] you’re getting payed $4000 but you’re just sitting there,” Michael shouts.

You paddle out to them all sat on their boards.

“Who do you think is the best surfer?” Calum asks.

“Well definitely not Luke,” you joke and he pouts “Probably Ashton”

“You know what,” Ashton chimes in. “I think you’re all talk and no trousers”

“I’m not wearing trousers,” you point out.

“Fine, all talk and no wet suit”

“Kinky,” you wink.

“Oh shut up, I think I could last longer than you riding the waves,” Ashton challenges.

“You want to go up against an almost pro surfer?” you raise your eyebrows.

He nods, “Try me”

That’s all it takes and the contest has begun, Ashton does manage to last a good minute before falling and paddling back which means it’s your turn.

“You’re turn sunshine,” Ashton smirks.

“Let me teach you a thing or two”

Luke’s eyes stay glued to you the whole time, partially impressed but as you get a little more risky you could say he was worried. You beat Ashton easily but eventually you do fall the only problem is, you don’t come back up instantly, not that worrying to you since you do surface but to Luke it’s a shock to his system.

“Shit, I got scared for a second there,” he says when he reaches you.

“Don’t worry deep water, if it was shallow water I might have hit my head or had another incident to stop me surfing,” you tell him swimming to grab your board.

You hoist yourself up to paddle along beside him back to shore.

“Is that how you broke your leg?” he asks on the way back to dry land.

“No, I was actually hit by a car that time,” you tell him.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he sympathizes

“Don’t be,” you insist, “It’s in the past. Where have the guys gone?”

None of them are on the beach any more and their boards have vanished too.

“They went to get some food,” Luke replies. “Ashton couldn’t stand to loose”

You laugh before untying your hair and allowing it to fall down around your face.

“I had fun today, maybe I could come back some day and we could surf together, outside of a teacher student kinda thing?” he proposes.

“Are you trying to score free lessons?”

“No I just, might kinda like you and wanted to ask you out but I know you’re busy,” he looks at his feet as you drag your boards out of the sea.

“Well in that case maybe you could give me some music lessons, show me something you excel at”

“I’d like that”


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What are the things you like most about Mary?

WARNING: Long post

First off, so SO sorry for making this Answer longer than it should be because I guess you were expecting a simple answer? :/ Your Ask has inspired me to make a proper post for her! So, I owe you one, let me know if you ever want any gifs/edits made and I’d try my best. :’D

Okay… So, what do I like about BBC Sherlock’s (then Ms. Morstan, now) Mrs. Watson?

I like that:

She is someone with strong principles.

People like Magnussen should be killed…

…that’s why there are people like me.

Right in front of the man whom she should be trying to make herself out to be sympathetic like we all expected her to do. Yet, she didn’t back down one bit and got defensive when her choice to harm Magnussen was questioned.

But she still can be kind and accepting of others in her own way.

She is very smart and skillful.

But she knows that she has limits and sometimes needs to step back and let others take charge.

She can get things done. Since I personally value efficiency, I find this trait of hers highly appealing.

But she is not without flaws and that is something I like about her too. Yeah, sure she could get things done but some of them are quite unsavory which made me go “No, Mary, no.”

And ultimately, she is courageous. I have to admit, I like the cliché. She has the courage to not just starting a new life, no, but also the courage to build relationships as well. I imagine some, knowing that there is a chance that the relationships that they make might fall apart due to the truth about their past, would maintain some distances from the rest of the world. But Mary - she seems to know what she has done in the past is shameful yet she did not choose to distance herself away from relationships. She did not shy away from possible heartbreaks and had her mind set to fight for the life that she wants. Maybe it’s because she’s a romantic, and maybe she has decided that John is that one man whom she is willing to take the risk for.

She has done some terrible things before her secret was revealed to the person she loves and her actions seem to tell us that she is a determined person. But, it also turns out that she would take a step back when she thinks all hope is lost - people whom she came to cherish knows about her past. She would not proceed to force them to return her love, but to step away and give them their space.

And I’m glad that she has found some friends and family who accept her for who she is…

(And I shall see if future episodes would invalidate these traits I like about her, but for now, this is my answer. x)

Girl code: smile politely. Turn our bodies into neutral parties we offer kind words and soft apologies because there is protection in the art of being a wallflower.

Girl code: wear longer skirts and high necked shirts because the first thing the officers might ask is, “What were you wearing?” And if we report the gym teacher for looking down our sports bras he might shoot us in the head so keep your head down and learn to be best friends with the walls.

Girl code: we survive by keeping together. If you’ve ever wondered why we move in herds to go anywhere- yes, including the bathroom- it is because we saw the aftermath of the massacres. The girls lying in alleyways with blank faces and skirts twisted up towards the sky and if this is a process of natural selection, we are just trying to survive.

Girl code: tell him you already have a boyfriend,smile, apologize. Because he will respect the faceless man more than the dignity of the woman standing before him. Don’t pose yourself as one of those feminist bitches, save yourself darling, please.

Girl code: carry kitten shaped brass knuckles, a bottle of pepper spray decorated in flowers. Keep your steps soft and your routes through the city always in an area where someone could hear you scream.

—  This is what we grew up to be, misogyny coiled in our chests until we learned to be stronger than an “I’m sorry”
“Love is bullshit,” she said
But I know she didn’t believe that, I know she doesn’t want to
I know because when we first started talking she talked about love as something sacred and untouchable
Because once she sent me a hundred-and-ninety-five-word text describing what love meant to her
Because once she described falling in love as “the best feeling you’ll ever experience in your life”
Because whenever she talked about someone she loved it sounded like they were the sun, the moon and the stars of her sky
Because when she loved that boy she gave him everything and did anything just to make him happy
Because when she loved him she gave him so much and didn’t get anything in return, and she didn’t care
Because the first time she thought it was over with him she cried herself to sleep every night for a week
Because no matter how many times he broke her heart she never left
Because when he didn’t love her back she stayed and tried harder, even though she knew he didn’t deserve her
Because even though it was never her fault it ended she still blamed herself
Because the only reason she stopped trying was because it was so exhausting it changed who she was
Because her smile when she saw him could light up my whole world
Because the way she fell in love and the way she loved someone is part of the reason why I fell for her
Because she was the one who taught me you can’t choose to fall in love, you just do
I know she didn’t believe love was bullshit
She couldn’t, even if she wanted to.
—  A story about you.

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lucas x maya on their first date pls?


this prompt is five (months) billion years old so i decided i’d like to do it before…you know, things happen on the show c; i’m actually just really sorry about how this turned out because i’m sure that it’s not what you wanted. but somehow i wrote 1.7k words without even getting very far into the date and i stopped because if i kept going, it would be like three times longer and i’m sorry about me but i hope you kind of like what i did manage to write.


In a million years, Maya never would have expected to find herself going on a date with Lucas Friar, not ever.

There were a lot of reasons for this.

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Okay.. Another Sherlocked posting. But my head is full of feelings and happiness and I need to share this. 

Last sunday was this really special day. I met Benedict. Okay. Well. I have met him before. Last year in London after Hamlet. But that day, he looked at me, he talked to me, he touched my shoulder. (You have no idea how hard my heart was pounding)

The first words were: “Oh, hey Sherly!” And I tried not to laugh, because it was so funny that he gave me this nickname. Then we made the picture together and after that, he said something like “Great costume” and “Thank you!”
God, I was.. no… I AM so happy!

I will never forget this. The announcement about his coming to Sherlocked came on my birthday, just a few minutes after midnight and it was the best gift ever. Thank you, dear Sherlocked Team. Thank you, Benedict. The weekend was special. 

You know, 3x11 actually happened. Yeah, the kiss happened. And then there was 3x13, Stiles’ dream (my first established!stydia au). Then 3x14 came along, Lydia’s words were just the. best. thing. ever. because. I mean. In the pilot she didn’t even know who he was and then there she was, in the woods, the exact same girl, telling him how smart he was… and that mostly because HE was the one to always tell her how smart she was. But that wasn’t it. We actually got 3x15… The red string, holding hands, Stiles tender way to comfort her and make her believe in herself…
Well, that were good days, and those days happened, and also 5x05 happened… And yes, the writers can ignore the kiss and the tether.
But they can’t ignore a canon conversation like the one between Scott and Kira, or Stiles being so protective over Lydia. Stiles wants Lydia, and I’m pretty sure they love Stiles and wanna give him what he wants in the end.
Aka stydia is endgame lol