because these two gave me a lot of feels


I love this game!
I watched @therealjacksepticeye’s playthrough and I felt a deep connection with Mae. About two weeks ago I had to come home from college because of some severe mental illness, and watching Mae’s adventure made me feel a lot less alone in this situation.
I loved the voices Jack gave them and how much he cared about them. It really gave me something to look foreword to. 💚

(Art by @holobat : Copic Markers, Faber-Castell pens, White Gouache)

(Please do not remove caption, I spent three days on this)

- Sincerely, Greggory

Mystic Messenger : Day 3 ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

Thank you for your support, you were all so sweet to me <3

Contributor (THANK YOU SO MUCH): @verycharismaticdragon
Thank you for suggesting your help : @therosettewolf, @anasaraz

Check out their tumblr !

If you are on phone, please setting the page to be seen in the computer version! On the phone, the answers are sometimes unaligned and it can confuse you…

In order to not bother and annoy my followers who don’t play this game by this looong post, I’ll put a seperate line. Click to see.

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In the emergency room, they put me on a wheelchair and I closed my eyes, half wishing to live, half wishing to die.

September 8, 2015 | 2:51 pm

I haven’t written in a while again. It’s just that a lot of things have been happening. More bad happenings.

I tried to kill myself a few days ago by taking all of my meds at once. I think I’m addicted to taking pills more than prescribed. I even wrote a suicide note for my friends just in case I don’t wake up. But then I called my mom to say I’m sorry and goodbye then she kept on insisting that I go home because I overdosed and that my psychiatrist wanted to admit me to the hospital. 

So that evening, I was rushed to the hospital. I was feeling super dizzy that time and my mom told me that I looked drunk. In the emergency room, they put me on a wheelchair and I closed my eyes, half wishing to live, half wishing to die.

I don’t remember much, just flashes, like the one where I was on a stretcher and I caught a glimpse of my aunt. I don’t even remember them taking some of my blood. When I came back to my senses, I was already in a private room and I had a IV on me.

The doctor told me that if I wasn’t rushed to the hospital, the overdose could’ve killed me. And from time to time, nurses and interns come to my room to check on me. They were asking weird questions like math, or if I know what time it is and they made me write sentences. I remember writing, “I want to die.” and “I don’t care about myself anymore, I’m only living because my family wants me to.” I was confined for two nights and two days. I was supposed to stay longer but I kept on insisting that they release me. 

Well, there goes a failed suicide attempt. My parents had to pay a lot of money because of it. I feel guilty. I only did that attempt impulsively. My dad and I had an agreement that if I ever do it again, I’ll transfer to a university close to home.

I’ll write again later or when I’m in the mood to. I’ll tell you all about my experiences inside the hospital and that my mom took my blade and gave it to the doctors without me knowing.

Another Day

Characters – Dean x Reader

Summary – When Dean begins to feel more for the reader than he expected to, he reverts back to his typical MO.

Word Count – 1,378

Warnings – Angst and a little fluff

A/N – Written for @just-another-busy-fangirl’s 1K Follower Musical Challenge.  I LOVE Rent and I was so excited to get the song Another Day!  Hope you like it!  As always, feedback is loved!!!

Originally posted by effie-w

“Who do you think you are?”

You glared at him.  “Well, I thought maybe I was on my way to being your girlfriend.”

His green eyes flashed at you, irritation flooding his face.  “Nobody told you?  Dean Winchester doesn’t do girlfriends.”

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BTS Reaction To: Their S/O Suffers From Chronic Migraines

Warning(s): might give you a migraine because it almost gave me one trying to relive the symptoms in my head

Author’s Note: This ask intrigued me especially, since I don’t see a lot of reactions online for things as brutal as migraines. I wouldn’t consider myself a migraine sufferer, but in my junior year of high school, I probably had a migraine about every two months. BUT, they lasted about two weeks at a time. They got so bad at one time that I was rushed to the ER. I haven’t had a migraine in a while, thank God for that, but I feel that I will have at least one in the future (since they run in the maternal side of my family rip). Migraines have many different triggers and vary in intensity from person-to-person, but I tried my best to describe them in words.

seokjin: The postdrome phase, though seeming like a relief to those who never underwent migraines, only added onto the torture you endured through the attack phase. Because the migraine took out all your energy, you were only left tired and confused each time.

Thankfully there were those, like your boyfriend Seokjin, who made this period more enjoyable for you.

Usually, Seokjin did his best to cook you a high-quality meal during postdrome, but this time around, he might’ve went overboard. The bed tray on top of you almost collapsed under the weight of plates upon plates pf food placed on it.

“I made sure to not cook with anything that had a strong, distinctive smell, just in case that brings your headache back,” Seokjin explained. “I know how sensitive you are to smell when you get migraines.”

“Oh, no, it’s okay: I think most of that phase is over,” you assured him groggily, looking down at all the food he prepared for you. Was he cooking for just you, or you and all six of his fellow bandmates? “But I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this? I haven’t eaten anything but crackers for days…”

Seokjin sighed.

“I know, but I just wanted to make sure you had plenty to eat tonight, especially since you still plan on going to work tomorrow. Don’t worry if you don’t finish it.”

He pointed at you in warning.

“But,” There was a large pause after, “This is probably the only time I’ll let you get away with not finishing everything.”

You rolled your eyes.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

yoongi: In your opinion, migraines were the worst when no one was around to nurse you through them. So, whenever a migraine struck you alone at home, you had no choice but to mope to your room, shut the doors and blinds, and cry silently until the pain lulled you to sleep.

Thinking you were asleep, Yoongi only shrugged and pulled the door shut, opting to spend his time in the small, makeshift studio of your apartment that he had put together in hopes of spending more of his time closer to you.

Though the room was located at the other end of the apartment, you were still sensitive to even the tiniest sounds. So, to you, his upcoming projects were as loud as they would be sitting front row at one of his sold-out concerts.

You finally decided to open your phone, squint at the intense light, and text out your frustrations.

‘Please turn your music down.’

His reply was unusually quick.

‘Did I wake you up from your six hour nap?’

‘Migraine.’ The text was small yet powerful.

In an instant, the music disappeared, allowing the house to be flooded with overwhelming silence. This silence was perfect for your throbbing migraine, however. You sighed with relief.

‘Better?’ That was your boyfriend’s only question. Too tired to type out words, you sent a thumbs-up emoji. He replied immediately.

‘Okay, good.’

Before turning off your phone and trying to catch up on some much-needed sleep, a final message caused your phone to vibrate once more.

‘Now stop texting me with that bright ass phone, close your eyes, and go to sleep.’

You laughed for the first time that day.

Originally posted by cyyphr

hoseok: You jumped as the bedroom door opened, slowly flooding the entire room with a minimal amount of light. But in your current state, this light had the intensity of a thousand suns, so you pulled the sheer bedsheets over your head, doing your best to retreat back into your safe haven of darkness.

Despite not seeing, you already knew it was Hoseok. He had taken free time away from his family to nurse you through this migraine episode, no matter how much you begged for him to visit them.

Placing two cold water bottles on the nightstand, he whispered, “Do you need anything else?”

“No,” you muttered. “Please just stay with me.”

“Of course,” Hoseok whispered, moving slowly into the bed and taking his place beside you. He was careful enough to keep his distance from you, for your hot flashes were way too sporadic at the moment. His only contact with you was by holding your sweaty hand, caressing the skin with his thumb. “Just promise me you’ll rest more, okay?”

You’ll try.

Originally posted by omojinyounghobi

namjoon: It was the fourth and probably last day of this tortuous migraine. Day by day, the pain lessened, so much that you could move around the house without becoming nauseated, walk into the sunlight without being burned alive, and finally fall asleep without hours upon hours of restlessness before.

But it came back.

In the middle of the night, you shot up from your slumber, panting heavily. Despite the darkness in the room, everything before you spun, revolved, and twisted around quickly, creating objects in your otherwise blank line of vision.

“Y/N?” Despite being a generally heavy sleeper, Namjoon rose up immediately after you. He was always alert during the most difficult times of your life, and this definitely was one of them.

You could only curl in on yourself pathetically, holding your head as your body began to shake with either pain or sobs: probably both. Namjoon reached out to touch your hand, but you couldn’t feel anything: nothing but the mind-splitting pain wreaking havoc on your brain.

You stuttered as you tried to speak. “N-Namjoon—”


Within seconds you were in his arms, numb to everything as he rushed your quaking body to the nearest hospital.

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jimin: Whenever a migraine visited, you were adamant on staying tucked in your bed, only moving momentarily to use the bathroom or check the time. So, it was uncharacteristic for you to agree to moving from your comforting bed, opting to step into a warm, lavender oil bath prepared by your boyfriend instead.

When he turned to leave, you surprisingly made Jimin stay. And so here he was, sitting with his back to you on the plush, bathroom rug to keep you company.

“And why exactly do I have to turn away from you?” Jimin wondered, following the wood pattern on of the bathroom’s cabinets to keep him from boredom. “I’ve seen you naked hundreds of times already.”

“Because you know how disgusting I look whenever I have migraines,” you answered matter-of-factly, as if his question was ridiculous. “It’s embarrassing.”

“You don’t look disgusting,” Jimin assured you, turning to look at you. “You just look like a woman, strong enough to deal with anything that comes at her, even if it’s something like a migraine.”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

taehyung: After months of being together, you and Taehyung still struggled to formulate a specific way to treat your dreadful migraines. But one day, in the midst of one of your episodes, you found your dazed self stepping out of the bed and heading towards the living room, relieved at finally finding the possible cure to all these terrible migraines.

This cure was Taehyung’s singing. Despite your hatred for sound during these moments in your life, his voice was an exception. So he was surprised when you took your spot in his lap, urging him to continue and then falling asleep in his arms within minutes.

Since this revelation, you two were glued to one another whenever a migraine hit you. Each time, you would lie in Taehyung’s arms as sung to you, allowing his soft melodies to put you to sleep.

“Are you sure my singing isn’t too loud for you?” Taehyung asked for the hundredth time, massaging his fingers into your scalp.

“Mmmm, less talking, more singing,” you whined, opening your eyes in annoyance.

With a gentle kiss to your forehead, Taehyung was back at it again, serenading you with one of his favorite childhood lullabies.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

jungkook: At this point, the ice pack on your head only made your migraine worse seemingly working alongside the chronic illness to crush your skull into pieces. Since crying did nothing to get you out this situation, you finally gave up.

Until Jungkook came in.

“I’m not sure if this would help, but online it said that gel packs are better than just ice for treating migraines,” Jungkook explained, leaning forward to place the pack on your forehead. “It should be a lot lighter.”

As soon as the innovation made contact with your skin, cool relief replaced your hot flashes. Your eyes fluttered closed at the relaxing sensation.

“Did that help?” he asked, sitting at your bedside to hold your hand.

His gestures were shy and tentative, something completely different from what you usually saw on stage when he was doing what he genuinely loved. Jungkook feared seeing you angry or, even worse, inflicting you with more pain.

“You’re so cute.” Your answer wasn’t entirely related, but it said enough.

Jungkook smiled at your words.

Originally posted by bangtanofarmys

Hopefully this was accurate. If you can’t tell, darkness, baths, soft music, caffeine, gel packs, cold water, crackers, and even just having my mom lie in bed with me until I fall asleep yes I’m lame help my migraines.

anonymous asked:

But Lottie, we cry, you haven't talked about Cursed Child yet, the people need to know


you’re right, I haven’t, I got distracted by going on holiday immediately after and then starting a new job so now The Cursed Child feels like it happened TEN THOUSAND YEARS AGO!!! but oh my god, I will talk about it. will I talk. 

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This took a lot longer than I thought it would and its still unfinished! (I gave up because I’m tired and lazy =_=)

I feel as though Zane would make a great hairdresser and that Kawaii~chan would always ask him to do it for her.

Also, I feel as though these two would try to twin (more so on Kawaii~chans part).

And I’m just here waiting for the crew to go camping. Like there was Love~Love Paradise and now Starlight Wonderland, and I’m sitting here like, ‘when they gonna go camping?’

My Best Friend and My Sister – Scott McCall Imagine (Feat. Stiles Stilinski)

Request by Anon: Can you write an imagine we’re your scotts younger sister and he notices that you and stiles have been hanging out more then usual. And Scott is very suspicious of you guys. And he asks you about it but you just say that your friends and he also tells stiles how he knows that he likes his sister. And Scott is very protective over you. And you and stiles tell Scott that you like each other and stuff:)

Word Count: 1,327

Author’s Note: Feedback is greatly appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

Originally posted by stilishwolfies

Scott stepped out of the building and walked towards the courtyard. From a distance, he saw his little sister and his best friend sitting on a picnic table together. Stiles had made a joke that had Y/N laughing with tears in her eyes. Scott saw Stiles watching his sister and he could tell his best friend was in love with her. Stiles had a genuine smile on his face as he watched Y/N’s head roll back while laughing hard.

It didn’t surprise Scott. Y/N had always gone to the lacrosse games to support her brother, but Scott knew she was also going to support Stiles. Stiles would tag along with Scott to her volleyball games, because as Stiles said, ‘best friends always do everything together’, but deep down Scott knew it was an excuse to see Y/N and show her the same support she shows him at his games.

However, lately, the pair have been hanging out more often. They always manage to pair up when anything supernatural related happens. Like her brother, Y/N was a werewolf and was a part of his pack. Although, she knew Stiles could defend himself with his trusty baseball bat, she always felt more at ease with him by her side.

Besides the supernatural stuff and the games, Scott knew they’d been hanging outside of school as well. There have been a couple of times where Stiles has offered to pick up Y/N from her volleyball practices when Scott was stuck at work with Deaton or taking his mom lunch at the hospital. Which sometimes led to grabbing a quick bite at the local diner or grabbing some ice cream on the way home. Scott didn’t mind the two of them together, but he was very protective when it came to his sister and her heart. She was his little sister. Even though he loves Stiles like a brother, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill him if Stiles broke his baby sister’s heart.

The only problem was Scott has been suspicious about the pair for a while and even asked them separately if they liked each other several times before. They both denied it, but Scott knew they were lying. However, today he was going to get to the bottom of it with them.

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Top 5 ichiruki moments

ok so there’s no way i’m gonna do this in order but here they are:


the rain has always symbolized despair for ichigo, when he lost his mom or when he lost rukia. so for him to say that she single-handedly stopped that rain is absolutely amazing. there’s also the fact that he lifted her rain too, he helped her cope with kaien’s death and form stronger bonds with other people around her. they both helped each other through their “depression” and became better people because of it :’)


an underrated moment in my opinion. ichigo had been told by chad to think of moments when he was proud to be a shinigami and he did but that didn’t work since there were too many to count. but don’t forget that riruka told him that fullbring can also be activated by feeling love. so that happened!!!! rukia gets her own panel and gets separated from the rest because she! is! speacial! to! ichigo! 


i’m sure this is a lot of IR’s favorite moment. this was at the beginning of the series but these two had already formed such a close relationship. this really showed how much they understood each other. rukia gave him the reassurance he needed without being overbearing or careless :’)


yes i’m a basic bitch don’t even @me. literally the most iconic ichiruki moment ever. the most romantic shoujo panels to ever exist. the look in their faces, how close they are to each other, rukia slowly fading away, everything about this made me a sad bish but also very very very happy because LOOK AT THEM!!! THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH!!! ichiruki invented love and tender looks #confirmed.


not to be a Soft Bitch but what the actual fuck??? rukia loves her man so much (The Man In Her Heart) that she can make him feel better in any situation!!! i love when couples encourage each other to be better and stronger for each other. inventors of healthy relationships tbh!!!

Ask me my “TOP 5/TOP 10” anything!

Dating Rocky would include...
Requested by an anon
  • He’s very laid back and calm a lot of the time, so you guys would probably do some low-energy activities like reading together, watching movies, playing video games, listening to music, and probably napping
  • Him being a sucker for PDA, though only on certain occasions. I.e. on birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, big days for the band or you. He’d just be so happy and excited about whatever day it was that he’d be holding your hand, kissing your face, and maybe even carrying you around
  • You and Rydel practically being sisters. You being able to tell her anything and go to her with any problem. You doing videos with her for her youtube channel, and helping her edit
  • Rocky not posted a whole lot of you on his social media since he’s quite a private person, though people would definitely know you two are together
  • Him being a huge softie and romantic with you. Buying you random presents, making reservations at fancy restaurants, and always telling you he loves you
  • You going on tour with him when you can, and facetiming/skyping, calling, and texting every day whenever you can’t go with them
  • Stormie constantly commenting on how cute you two are and how happy you make each other
  • Although Rocky wouldn’t post about you a lot, Stormie sure as hell would. With Rocky’s permission of course
  • You helping out with lyrics when he gets stuck, and always listening to their new music before anyone else
  • Rocky being a huge teddy bear and always wanting to cuddle and/or touch you in any way because he just loves you so much and always wants to be near you
Hyung line trying to get you and Haechan together
  • can y’all believe that hyuck saved us all with his teaser pics??
  • ugh, i’m so in love, let’s start this already plz
  • so, both of you were like bffs since always, the kind of bff that do everything together and see each other everyday
  • and everything was going fine between both of you until like a month ago when hyuck started to act like a bitch
  • oh my god, #drama
  • from one day to other he started to,, avoid you??
  • like, he suddenly started to ignore your texts and calls and basically all of you, lmao
  • and it was super weird bc both of you were friends since y’all were babies¿?? what¿
  • he would get all awkward if he’s by your side and he wouldn’t talk or even look at you
  • and this change was so sudden?? and you were so heartbroken aw :((
  • this last months hyuck started to have internal fights with his own feelings
  • “y/n is so beautiful”
  • “you can’t be in love with your best friend, donghyuck”
  • “she only sees you as a friend”
  • “i’ll never have an opportunity with her”
  • and he was so tired of all this
  • the only answer he could think about this was to distance himself from you, and well.. he did
  • and you eventually gave up and respected his decision,,
  • you didn’t talk to him and you didn’t show up to the dorms anymore aND OF COURSE THE MEMBERS NOTICED THIS
  • they were so !!! and ???
  • and y’alls feelings didn’t dissapear but just grew instead, because yes, you had a little crush on this prince too
  • and this was only making both of you sadder and make y’all think about each other more and more and aw :(( so sad oh my god
  • both of you were hurting each other so much but, oh well, you already did the mistake so,, to bad, gotta suffer now right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • this is a 100% how my logic works, lmao
  • but don’t rprry because the oldies r gonna save y’all
  • because baby hyuck was being so silent and distant from everyone and it was so obvious that he wasn’t feeling well
  • “we have to do something about it”
  • “but hyuck started all of this, he should resolve all of this, not us”
  • “yeah, but it’s because hyuck likes y/n”
  • and all of them look at jaehyun like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) good 2 know
  • the next day you had all the older members texting you and trying to convence you to go to the dorms that night
  • and of course there was something weird in here right, so ofc you said no at first but eventually agree
  • bc having ten people texting you was fucking unbearable
  • and even if you knew that they were planning something you still did show up that nighit to the doorms
  • but you froze in your spot when after knocking the door when was hyuck who opened it for you
  • he was wearing his grey sweats + a white t-shirt + hIS MESSY WAVY HAIR FGDHSJKL I’M-
  • you haven’t seen each other in so long and wow, it was so weird
  • you could even see a little smile in his face and ugh i love him
  • this last days you finally confirmed your feelings for him, and when you saw him and felt butterflies you wanted to die
  • “t-the members invited me”
  • he didn’t even had the strengh to get angry at all of them, not after realizing how much he needs you
  • “they’re still in practice b-but you should enter anyways, i-it’s cold outside”
  • and you smiled at him and fucking let him dead, d e a d
  • both of you started a small conversation that ended up being hours long
  • y’all even had dinner together and stayed talking until late
  • basically, the members planned a sleepover with both of you?? because it was fucking 1 am and they weren’t in the dorms yet
  • you were getting so sleepy and you were snoring every two seconds and so was he
  • so yeah gurl, you where spending the night there
  • he gave you some of his clothes and y’all washed up together
  • “i-i think you should sleep with me, j-just in case the members come y-you know? ah-”
  • once y’all were laying in his bed together he confessed all his feelings
  • “i-i’m really sorry for being a dick with you this days, the truth is that i-i like you a lot, y/n, i-i just didn’t know how to react about it”
  • you smiled widely at him and hugged him as you confessed your feelings back and ugh, it felt so good
  • “then,, let me do it right this time, do you want to be my girlfriend, y/n?”
  • “of course i want!”
  • ugh, y’all are so cute i‘m on tears
  • y’all cuddle each other to sleep and the next morning it was like nothing never happened
  • y’all were so smiley together and started to bother the rest of the members again
  • “we shouldn’t have plan this, this was a mistake”
  • lmao
  • the end <3
  • ugh, sleepovers requests are so damn cute
  • i fucking love writing those, anyways, bye lmao
Lost Years


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

A/N: Third part, more to come. How much more? I can’t say for sure. Anyways, sorry I haven’t been posting for a while, I’ve been pretty distracted. Hope you like this part!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Words: 3,624

Warning: insecure and unsure Bucky. Is that worthy of a warning? I think yes. ALSO, some Bucky and Ava being cute, the usual.

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Home | Montgomery De La Cruz

Originally posted by knightlley

To say the least Monty and I were exhausted, it was exam week and on the last day was actually a baseball game, like why would they plan it like that? Anyway I was also a cheerleader so atop of all my subjects I had to study for, I also had to practise the routine we made for the game, nearly as often as the baseball players practised which was almost every day.

Which brought us to now, the week had finished and it was Saturday, the game went well, although there were some moments I held my breath not knowing whether or not we were going to win because the boys seemed so tired. I actually saw a couple of them fall asleep while waiting to bat then finally the best players came around and brought the spirit back up. Not wanting to lose this game, they put the remained of their strength to winning and luckily they did.

The cheerleaders and I yelled in happiness, I instantly ran to Monty and jumped into his open arms but due to his exhaustion he basically collapsed, making us both fall and laugh as we laid on the field in each other’s arms. The rest of the night was a blur, there was a party but Monty and I rejected the invitation and went home to sleep.

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Supernatural Day

So.. apparently… It’s Supernatural day, and I… Kinda forgot, lol (so much stuff happened, so go away guilt!)

Anyway, I’m writing this post tired from 8.5 hours in school, of which 3 academic hours were math (in a row. In the end of the day. Cruelty par excellence, in my opinion)

Anyway (I use this word way too much), I wanted to make a post, because, why not? =)
Well, according to my knowledge, Supernatural is 12.
(And seeing as in Hebrew, show, as in TV show is female, you could say it’s Supernatural’s bat mitzvah but nevermind it’s my tired brain speaking)

Anyway, it’s my second SPN day I acknowledge in the fandom, marking I’ve been watching it… A bit more than a year and a half [(?) (I don’t know math)]

Despite the crew and cast not seeing this, I want to thank them, for 12 years of the show.
Thank them for being who they are, because they helped me, gave me hope, and really helped me see my life differently.
Despite a (not small amount of) disappointment or two, I love this show, a lot. It kinda sorta saved my life, literally.

It changed my life.

But, a huge part of the life change was thanks to you, guys, the fandom.

SPNfamily, you guys are awesome. Since my arrival, you’ve been almost nothing but nice and polite to me.

Thank you.

You guys made me feel accepted and dare I say, loved liked.

Be it just a short chat, or asking for my advice, or giving me one, or just sending ‘hello’, it all has so much meaning for me (I fucked up this sentence but screw English rules).

You people have been an anchor for me, at times my friends couldn’t be there (like 3am, lol).

You’ve been a better family for me than my own family at times (the fact I was listened to, my opinion acknowledged, was refreshing, lol).

Thank you for putting up with me, my weird sense of humor, and my obsessions (Dean, Jensen, and, of course, broccoli), and not to mention, giving me advice on so many different topics.

Deciding to watch this show was probably one of the handful of good ideas I’ve made in my entire (quite short) life.

Thank you!

(Look how it all fits)

@awed-frog , @askcastielangelofthelord , @prayforjensen , @pimentogirl , @plays-with-shadows , @caslikescoffeeandfreckles , @dr-dean , @deaneatscake , @dragonpressgraphics , @bend-me-shape-me , @ialwayscomewhenyoucall , @wanderingcas , @unforth-ninawaters , @jdragon122 , @jhoomwrites , @maplecas , @moonlightcas , @tenoko1 , @riseofthefallenone , @rosemoonweaver , @thefriendlypigeon , @elicedraws , @saawek , @savin-people-fucking-cas , @harplesscastiel , @hangsabove , @k6034 , @carrieosity , @dmsilvisart , @silvie111 , @mrsgabrieltrickster , @formidablepassion , @envydean , @elnawen , @blue-reveries , @anonymousantonym , @agent-superwholockian , @winchester-reload , @mishasboyfriend , @mixgoldenphoenix , @socially-inept-superwholockian , @maliciouslycreative ,

and other people I love and appreciate but for some reason can’t remember their URL (ugh, brain, I hate you.) Even if you’re not tagged, know that I love you, appreciate you, and am grateful.

Thanks guys =).

May we have a good year, new season, and just good time. =)

Why I deeply care about Dadvid au

(Please do not change or edit this)

So a lot of times I ask myself “Why am I so obsessed with this au? It’s not like Rooster Teeth will make it canon in the end. even if I wanted it to be.” And the reason I always tell myself is “Because I see a lot of Max in David.” 

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“Sick” Spencer Reid

You have not felt this bad since the time in college when you somehow managed to get pink eye, mono, and strep throat all at the same time. This time you had only come down with one thing, but it did not make it feel any worse. Your immune system was in bad shape. You were overworked and constantly exhausted. You had not been taking very good care of yourself because you were stressed. In an attempt to ignore your problems, you through yourself into your work. It was only a matter of time until you got sick and here you are.

You felt like complete crap as you laid on your soft couch. You should have just gone to bed hours ago but you did not have the energy to do anything of the sort. It was time to take more medicine but, you just could not force yourself to get up. You  lay on the couch, curled up, freezing cold even covered in three blankets, trying to ignore the pain radiating from your head. You attempt to fall asleep but it is fruitless. How can you be so exhausted and in such terrible shape but not able to fall asleep at the same time.

All of a sudden, you here a knock on the door. You know that you should get up or tell the visitor to go away but, when you try to shout at them to go away all that comes out is a groan. The door knob jiggles and your door swings open.

“Y/n?” a familiar voice calls out to you from inside your house. You hear your door shut behind him.

It is Dr. Spencer Reid. He was your closest friend at the BAU and as you got to know him, you quickly developed a major crush on him. You loved everything about him, from his awkward social skills and vast amount of geeky interests, to his lanky limbs and gorgeous golden curls. You found his endless ability to take in knowledge and his boundless mind incredibly endearing. He was unlike anybody else you had ever known, unique in his own perfect way, and you had fallen hard for him. Despite your life-controlling crush on the man that you had entered your home, you continued to sit inert on your house. He would find you in your misery eventually, it was not worth the energy to do anything more.

He came to your side within minutes. He knelt down beside you and he looked at you. You groaned as you opened your eyes. He looked at you, it was apparent in his eyes that he was pained for you. He wanted to help you to be better so badly.

“Hey, y/n.” he spoke softly to you. He gently brushed some hairs away from your face, you closed your eyes at the feel of his soft fingertips sliding across your head. He felt your forehead.

“Y/n, you are burning up.” he whispered to you. You groaned in pain as response. “When did you last take your medicine?” You shrugged, your eyes crushed together, pinching away all possibility of light from reaching your eyes, and burning them. That was the only answer he needed.

Spencer rose from where he had knelt down and wandered into your bathroom, leaving you alone on your couch, cold and shivering. He quickly located the medication that you had been using and took out the prescibed amount. When he returned to you, he brought you the three little pills and a glass of water. He carefully helped lift you into a sitting position and you groaned as you moved, aching all over, your head pounding and numb. He handed you the cure to your pain and you mindlessly through them into your mouth, he tipped the glass of water and you took a small sip, washing down what you had to swallow.

Spencer brought your hand into his. He looked up at you, his eyes shining with empathy, practically mirroring the pain that you felt. He delicately rubbed your back, moved the palm of his hand around in comforting circles. You slowly began to feel a little better, your mind clearing a little more and more.

Eventually, you cleared your throat. “Thanks, Spence.” you croaked out. You smiled gratefully at him.

He smiled back at you. “Are you hungry?” he asked “I made chicken noodle soup and brought you some.” You nodded. Now that you thought about it, food did not sound half bad, especially if Spencer made it.

A sharp shiver splashed through you, and you shook. Even through all of the thick layers that you wore, you were freezing. God, you hated being sick. Spencer noticed your movement and he quickly reached onto the chair adjacent to the couch and grabbed two blankets that were wrapped around the back of it. You do not remember putting those there. He must have brought them from your bedroom when he went to get the medicine. He wrapped both blankets around you tightly. His hand grazed your shoulder and you shivered again but, this time it was not because of your cold. It was because of Spencer. He looked at you, concern stretched in his gaze, his brows furrowed in sympathetic compassion and something that you could not completely perceive.

“Alright, I will be right back.” He left to go and fetch you some soup. You smiled as he left. He was so cute when he was all caring and protective of you. Then it hit you. You realized it. The little thing that had always nagged at you. The emotion that he hid, that you almost saw through the gates of his gaze, the one that you could not quite perceive. It was care, love. You felt your heart swell as you thought of the idea of Spencer liking you, too. You sat on your couch, smiling like an idiot to yourself, until he came back, two bowls of soup in his hands. He carefully handed one to you and watched you as you took your first swallow.

You ate in comfortable silence, both of you thinking of your own things. Then, without any warning or forethought you said, “Do you like me?”

He looked at you curiously. He was stunned by the uncharacteristic outburst. Normally, you would not simply  blurt out your thoughts, but your inhibitions were slowed by the painkillers and medication that Spencer had given you. You looked at him, waiting for his answer.

“W-well of course I like you. You are my best friend.” he stuttered

“Not what I meant.” you say through a mouthful of soup, pointing your spoon at him. “I meant like as in ‘like-like’ because I ‘like-like’ you and I think you 'like-like’ me, too.”

He laughed nervously. “That was a lot of 'likes’, y/n”

“You are avoiding the question, Spencer.” you gave him a pointed stare. Even though you were drugged, you were a profiler. You knew when he was evading a question, especially since he was your best friend.

He sighed. “Yeah, I do.” he said quietly “I do 'like-like’ you. I 'like-like’ you a lot.” He smiled at you. You smiled back.

Spencer snuggled closer to you, feeling like he was allowed to do so now that the two of you had both admitted your feelings. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you into his chest.

You were feeling a lot better now. You soon fell asleep in Spencer’s arms, warm and comfortable. He stayed with you  for the rest of the night. In the morning, despite your rejections to the idea, he insisted on taking the day off himself, and taking care of you.

Yeah, you definitely felt a lot better.

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Have I ever spoken about my florist Matteusz headcanons because I have many feelings™ about them.

-His grandmother (babcia) owned a flower shop in Poland which is why he was the first to notice the weird petals
-Matteusz loves flowers and used to make bouquets of them with his grandmother when he was younger
-He spend a lot of time with her, so they became really close
-The first time he had a crush on a boy, he used to send flowers through his mail slot on the door secretly
-He gave Charlie flowers on their second date
-He and Charlie discuss how flowers are different on earth and Rhodia
-Matteusz gave Charlie a flower crown and he smiled for like two whole days after because his boyfriend was so cute
-(Matteusz also loves flower crowns)
-He helped Tanya win a date with a cute girl (*cough cough* Clove) with violets because they’re lesbian flowers
-He knows a lot of different flower types and rambles about them when cuddling with Charlie

Feel free to add anything or write anything (but let me know! I’d love to read some fanfic of this)