because these two are cute

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Alex calling me Flower BAby makes my heart jumps ffffffff I like desperately need to kiss him. -🌷

Author: Then get over here, Flower baby!
Anti: You two are so.. grossly cute.
Author: Just because you can’t get the person you want doesn’t mean we’re gross, but we are cute.

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In honor of Stranger Things season 2 being aired tomorrow lets remember that those are real human beings and CHILDREN playing fictional characters and sexualizing them in any way is wrong and disgusting


Well, we can’t start killing people, we’re getting life back to normal and killing people isn’t normal, sweetheart.

Joel Hammond 1.02

I’ve made my little sister watch “In a heartbeat” and her first reaction was ‘What? Is that boy in love with that other boy?’ in a weirded out tone in the middle of the video and then when it ended I asked what she thought about it and she replied it was cute but weird because two boys being in love “is not something that happens everyday” which I replied with 'Yes it does it just doesn’t happen in front of your eyes’
I think I nailed it because she looked at me silent for a while and then wispered 'you’re right’.
I’m just really happy because if this helped my little sister realize that yes, two boys being in love is normal and something that happens, it can help so many other kids normalize lgbt stuff that they would otherwise see as something weird or scary.


Have a couple of old cats that have dealt with a lot of shit.

When ur friend writes a drabble of a fic and won’t share it, you bribe them with cats from said fic obviously.

Aizawa and Toshi make some weird looking cats, let’s be honest.

"Why don't you just come out?"

Because when I was 5, my aunt said, “Oh, you must be John’s girlfriend, because you like to play with him! You two are so cute together!”

Because when I was 7, my grandpa came out as gay, and suddenly nobody in my family wanted to visit him anymore.

Because when I was 10, my parents told me that I could have girls come to my sleepovers, but not boys.

Because when I was 12, my grandmother took me to church with her, and when the priest said that all gay people went to hell, she nodded along.

Because when I was 13, I was called a dyke for daring to have short hair.

Because when I was 14, I came out as bisexual to a lesbian friend, and she told me, “Well, I mean, it’s not like you’re REALLY gay. It doesn’t really count”.

Because when I was 15, I was finally given the right to marry whoever I wanted to, and people were angry with the Supreme Court.

Because when I was 16, a man went to the Pulse nightclub and murdered 49 latinx queer people in cold blood, and people tried to say that it wasn’t a hate crime.

Because by the time I turned 17, I had been told time and time again that I don’t belong, that I’m too gay for one community and not gay enough for another.


I think I’m in love!


selfie! :DDDD