because these stupids won't shut up about it

Ok Daily Mail I see you.

“Forced to hit out at critics” you say?

Well maybe he wouldn’t HAVE to post Instagram photos if his rep woke up from their
Rip Van Winkle-esque coma to shut down rumors and issue a statement like every other celebrity in Hollywood has ever done!

Almost…. as if….. They don’t actually want the speculation to stop…. 🤔

#188 Secret 'I love you'
  • Louis: "That's a fucking lie." You slur, the beer heavy in your hand as you swung it around when you talked. You leaned back on his bedroom wall, legs crossed out in front of you, his mimicking yours right beside them, he sat on the other side of the wall with a wine bottle. "I swear." He laughs and throws his hands up in the air. He takes another swig of the red wine he got from his mums cabinet, that seventeen year olds aren't aloud to touch. But come on, who did his mum think he was? "You're so stupid." (I love you). "I learned from the best." (I love you more). You smiled, and picked at the stray thread on his jeans near his ankles and sighed. "Whatever you say." You laugh softly and took another sip of bitterness in a bottle.
  • Niall: "You're just jealous that I'm better at it than you." You wink over at him, and look back up at the screen. To see your triumph because, honestly, you were kicking his ass in FIFA. "You're not better, I'm just having an off day." He mutters and tries to score, yet again, another goal but it misses. You cheer and throw your hands up in the air. "You suck just admit it." You laugh, he growls playfully, and throws his controller down on the couch. His fingers start dancing along your sides and its over, your squirming and thrashing your legs around until he sits on them. "Fuck you, sore loser." (I love you). You spit out and try to catch your breathe. He starts tickling you again, still laughing and inches away from your face. (I love you too).
  • Harry: "And you should never cut your hair cause I love the way you flick out your shoulder!" You sing, loudly, flicking Harry's extremely long hair off his shoulder. You giggle, and he laughs, both of you tipsy and tripping over the words of the song because you can. And he doesn't care, because there's still a smile on his face when you accidentally skip a verse and go straight for the chorus. You mess that up too and he probably laughs so hard he cries, but you couldn't exactly remember the next day. "But maybe I'm just in love when you wake me up." (I love you), He sings out of tune and screaming like you. "And you will never know just how beautiful you are to me." (I love you, too, maybe more) You laugh, and trip over your feet again.
  • Liam: You're under his arm, securely tucked into his chest. And he won't shut up, talking about superheroes and his favorite action figures - that he had as a child, as a CHILD, he swears - "Are Cat woman and Bat woman the same person?" It was a stupid question, and you should've known because he had just finished rambling about woman superheroes and their importance. "I just went over this, weren't you listening." "Of course I was listening, but in just want you to tell me again." (I wasn't listening, but I love you). "I'd have to start all over again." He sighs and his grip tightens around your shoulder, rubbing his thumb against the skin of your upper arm. "Fine, but just because you're confused." (It's okay, I love you).
  • Zayn: He's standing there with his arms over his chest, his legs shoulder length apart, and he actually looks masculine like this. Not some skinny, small thing that wouldn't hurt a bee even if it stung him on the ass. "You did not just say that to me." He warns, eyebrows raised, - he's playing, and trying to act offended when you called him a pussy because he wouldn't kill the fucking spider, and you - terrified to the point you could cry - had to kill it. "Pussy. You are a pussy." (In the weirdest way, that means I love you.) "You're the one who screamed, it wasn't but this big." He holds up his fingers to represent the size of the spider. "I would've killed it for you." (I love you) (Still, weird).
  • Luffy: I don't care!!! I won't forgive them!!!
  • Chopper: Woo!!!
  • Luffy: Robin, that stupid...!!!
  • Nami: Shut up!!!
  • Luffy: Well, it's true!!! We tried to rescue her, but she refused to go!!!
  • Nami: That's because she's worried about our safety!!
  • Luffy: She should be worried about her own safety!!! If we don't do anything, Robin might die!!! She doesn't wanna die, so we have to save her!!!
  • Nami: That's true, but...!!!
  • Zoro: Forget it... we were already gonna rescue her anyways.
  • Luffy: I don't care who they are, I'm gonna send them flying!!! I have a new attack I wanna try, too!!!