because these faces omg


the get down
☞  1.01 where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure 
↳ ‘large and in charge

Half cosplay, half my rad photoshop skillz

(Amelia, the Burrowing Owl Siren from @emo-rock-tale)


Qin Xiong has a cold and Xuezhang (senior) just wants to take care of him. 

Characters from ‘Their Story’ by Tan Jiu

  • *Naegi gets in a car*
  • Kazuichi: ...Are those helium balloons?
  • Naegi: Yeah?
  • Komaeda: Ah for fucks sake!
  • Kazuichi: I TOLD YOU the cars not made to handle helium balloons-Ah fuck it's too late we're flying away!

He’d rather wear flowers in his hair than diamonds around his neck. (✿◠‿◠)

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OMG THAT JYN/KRENNIC COSTUME SWAP IS PERFECT. Haha yeah I can imagine a 5'3" ft Jyn next to a 6'0" ft Tarkin and them just glaring at each other XD. Speaking of which IF YOU EVER DRAW TARKIN I WOULD PROBABLY EXPIRE BECAUSE CUSHING'S FACE AND EYES IN YOUR STYLE?? OMG

I may have to draw Tarkin because Peter Cushing does seriously have like the most amazing face? I bet it’d be so much fun to capture.

I wish we could put him as Van Helsing in the Doctor Who comics- though I imagine getting the rights would be a total nightmare. Ages ago I was going to do a print of he and the Doctor going through a dark, Hammer Horror-style house, with Christopher Lee’s Dracula sneaking up on them- but it never got past the very rough layout stage -

Life Is Strange

so me and my boyfriend are playing Life Is Strange on his PS4 and I mentioned it being kind of popular lesbian stuff and he just looked at me all confused like: whaat what lesbian there are none… wait you mean Chloe and Max… they are friends..umm but they are cute…ummmmmm I don’t know Kate.

*3 hours later*

Chloe: If you’re hardcore then kiss me Max 
choice one: Kiss Chloe                      
choice two: don’t kiss Chloe

me: ooooh yeeesss finally
boyfriend looks at me grinning while I laugh and try to steal the controller from him: ooooooooookaaay you were right *he himself hits option one* 

both: awwwwwwwwwww 

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The “you’re the hot one, yixing” couple

I was tag by @yixingsfurrygf a long time ago and I can’t believe I didn’t made it im so ashamed im doing this so late so here it is

excuse my house and my lq camara, lol

I tag @xingxingmees, @amaxing-daes, @mochikissme, @yehetingxing, @laybaeby, @lxrixna and @lovekatelynmarie

frisk control yourself please 


General Danvers Reaction Gifs


(ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c)

Arslan Senki Ch. 44 Spoilers

This chapter spoils me too much I feel so blessed because oh my fucking god so many good Gieve scenes:

Gieve stealin’ ALL YO GURLS (and your jewelry because why not)

Look at this piece of shit this perfect trash and his damn perfect face
if you can’t tell I’m thirsty af

And then this scene is just gold:

This scene is not even in the books and I don’t care because JASWANT’S FACE OMG.


Alfreed, no.


I hit 200 followers a week ago, but I waited until I was at a stable number. I’m honestly surprised a lot of people really like Lily and want to see all the crazy stuff she gets herself into. I’m blessed really so without dragging this on lets get this started.

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