because these expressions are priceless


Because he just can’t believe Yuuri can’t remember…

And something I assume was the fact that Victor already knew Yuuri was too drunk to remember most of the things that happened that night.

But he is actually surprised about it.

He’s like… “Wait what…”

“Don’t tell me… you actually don’t remember…”

“not even a single thing… nothing…”

He doesn’t even

remember talking with him.

Which means…

….he obviously doesn’t remember this either.

And that actually explains a lot of things.

Why Victor came and said this with so much confidence.

Because he already knew that’s what Yuuri wantend.

And we know now why Victor was actually surprised to see the other boy…

….acting so distant.

Poor Victor ಥ‿ಥ he actually went to Hasetsu thingking the other boy remembered.

That night was definitely the moment he started falling for the other, and Yuuri can’t even remember he talked with him.

today i tipped a waiter $20 even though my total was $8.55 because he was looking a little sad and his expression was priceless. he kept thanking me and saying “i can’t believe this is real. are you for real” and i’ve never felt so happy tipping anyone in my life

This is one of my favoutire parts of Sherlock. Even if sherlock may not externally treat Mrs hudson very well, he still cares about her so much that he won’t allow anyone else to disrespect her, apart from himself. And the expression on Mycroft is priceless because he didn’t expect Sherlock to react like that. Perhaps john but not sherlock, because even if Mycroft may be his blood family, John and Mrs Hudson is what sherlock truly considers his family and I think this scene is a perfect representation of that.