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sharkie-heart  asked:

Hi there! I'm not sure if you've answered something similar to this, but I'm wanting to write an autistic character. She's very severe, and has trouble communicating (slurred speech), her personality is also very spacey and oblivious. Any tips, or things to learn about writing an autistic character when I myself am not autistic? Thank you! Take your time!

Thanks for your question, love!  I apologize for the wait, but I’m happy to finally get to answer this :)

So first, I’ve got a a note on what you’ve described about your character.  For one thing, it’s preferred among most autistic people that there be no “sliding scale” of severity – because there are so many different symptoms and combinations of symptoms, and “severity” seems to only relate to symptoms that bother allistic people most.  Here’s a masterpost on how to handle this topic.

So now that this is out of the way, here are my official tips for writing autistic characters!

How to Write Autistic Characters

So it took me some time to prepare for this question, primarily because I saw so little information out there for writing about autism!  And that’s understandable, since it’s such a complex topic – after all, no two autistic people have exactly the same symptoms and coping mechanisms.  Plus, since autism is basically a top-to-bottom different living experience, it’s difficult for allistics to identify with.

But I’m going to discuss this in a few different parts: symptoms, coping mechanisms, positive qualities, and stereotypes to avoid.  I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible without sparing any information :)

Symptoms of Autism

There are many different symptoms of autism, although the mental/emotional aspects of the disorder is most often overlooked by the general public.  It’s important to recognize that every autistic person’s experience and symptoms are different.  Some people have few social problems but they can’t handle the sensory experience of a restaurant; some have few physical problems, but they struggle with OCD and can’t maintain a conversation.  The only difference between symptoms is that some are talked about and some are not, which makes them seem “uncommon.”

Physical Symptoms

  • Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) – SPD is defined as the struggle to process different sensory input – visual, auditory, tactile, taste, olfactory, proprioception, vestibular and interoception.  SPD causes hyper- or hyposentitivities to certain sensory stimuli (e.g. certain clothing textures, food textures, scents, and lighting – especially fluorescent lighting.  Ugh.)
  • Dyspraxia – A result of SPD, dyspraxia makes it difficult to control one’s physical movement.  It creates problems with planning and executing actions, as well as speaking or judging spacial proximity.
  • Sleep Disorder – Many autistic people struggle with sleeping for various reasons – hypersensitivity seems to be the greatest cause.  Offensive sheet fabric, noises, or lighting can cause sleep problems, as well as racing thoughts or anxiety.
  • Lack of Energy (or Spoons) – Often caused by sleep problems or SPD, a lack of energy intensifies normal symptoms.  Understand that when an autistic person engages in a stressful or energy-consuming experience (prolonged socialization, insomnia, bad sensory environments, anxiety, etc.)
  • Nonverbal Communication – This type of communication is used by nearly one-third of autistic people, either because they aren’t able to use language in a meaningful way, because it requires an excessive amount of mental/social energy, or because they suffer from a learning disability.  Some people go temporarily nonverbal in times of stress to conserve energy.  Most nonverbal autistic people learn other means of communication, like writing, sign language, or scripting/echolalia.

Mental Symptoms

  • Executive Dysfunction – This dysfunction makes it difficult for some autistic people to start, finish, and quit tasks; to make decisions and switch activities; and/or create, organize, and follow through with plans.  This should not be confused with procrastination, as it is not a decision – it’s a result of low energy.
  • Alexithymia – Alexithymia can cause autistic people to struggle to identify their own emotions, or separate physical feelings from emotional feelings.  It’s closely tied with lowered interoception, which is defined as the struggle (or inability) to define and assess physical sensations like hunger, thirst, tension, etc.
  • Meltdowns – Meltdowns are an emotional response to overstimulation and stress, causing some autistic people to “lose control” of visceral emotional responses (e.g. shaking, kicking, crying, shouting, etc.).  There is another type of meltdown called a shutdown, which causes an opposite reaction: dissociation and lack of external response.  It’s a flight reaction rather than a fight reaction.
  • Increased Likelihood for Other Mental Disorders – Since the world isn’t exactly built for autistic people, there are plenty of everyday challenges and stressors (as well as difficulty maintaining supportive relationships) that can cause other comorbid disorders, such as OCD, anxiety, and depression.
  • Learning Disability and Late Childhood Development – While autism itself is not classified as a learning disability, it’s often comorbid with different types of learning disabilities.  Autism can also cause late development of speech and motor skills, among other things.

Social Symptoms

  • Hyperempathy or Low Empathy – On two ends of the spectrum, autistic people often struggle with the “right balance” of empathy – being either unable to identify, express, and empathize with emotions, or unable to shut off or control their own emotions as well as to separate themselves from other people’s emotions.
  • Impulsive Behavior – Because of a (sometimes) weak understanding of social rules and/or imbalanced empathy, an autistic person may struggle to stop and think before they say or do something impulsively.  This can cause interpersonal issues, as impulsive speech may offend or hurt others, while impulsive actions may feel too “out-of-control” or “hard to manage” for loved ones.
  • Difficulty Interpreting or Expressing Social Cues – Autistic people often struggle to understand facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, sarcasm, flirting, or figures of speech – and because of this, they can often come off as “oblivious” or “simple” (although this is inaccurate and contributes to a lot of misrepresentation).  It can also be difficult to express social cues, which is why some autistic people can appear to be awkward, clingy, aloof, or uninterested in friendship/romance.
  • Social Anxiety – Social situations can be especially stressful for autistic people, due to the amount of thinking it requires – to interpret cues, to “pass” as allistic, to express themselves clearly, to curb impulses, to handle sensory challenges – and this leads to social anxiety.
  • Social Isolation – As a result of social anxiety, some autistic people experience isolation, as they may feel more comfortable in their own environment, alone.  This is an unfortunate result of ableist culture, and may be worsened by executive dysfunction which can make it difficult to reach out to others.
  • Struggle with Change – Whether in routine, environment, appearance, or the natural changes of life (such as graduation, moving, marriage, death in the family, new job, etc.), change can cause great stress for some autistic people.  This is why many autistic people enjoy comfort objects, old music, childhood memories/interests, or specific, consistent colors, styles, or textures for their belongings.

Coping Mechanisms for Autistic People

There are many methods of coping with the negative aspects of autism, but there are a few that are most popular:

  • Behavioral & Occupational Therapy – Therapy (often combined with medication) is a continuous process of reducing symptoms, coping with stressors, and learning how to function in an allistic world.  (The most common method of behavioral therapy, ABA, has reports of being abusive, so be mindful of this if you’re researching/writing about therapy!)
  • Stimming – “Stimming” or self-stimulating is a physical coping mechanism for sensory overload and similar stress.  Stimming can be healthy or unhealthy depending on the action involved (some unhealthy stims include skin-peeling or hitting one’s head), and it can be conscious or subconscious.  It’s often seen as “weird” or “bad” by allistics (especially parents), so some autistic people train themselves out of the habit from a young age.
  • Special Interests – Special interests are half a coping mechanism and half a natural part of autistic people’s lifestyles.  It’s defined as a devoted interest to one or two subjects or activities – special interests can reduce stress, help focus, and provide motivation against executive dysfunction. 

Positive Qualities of Autism

Now that we’ve gotten all the bad stuff out of the way, I’m gonna list a few common positive qualities of autistic people.  Remember that these do not apply to all autistic people, but may be a natural consequence of autistic traits:

  • Determination
  • Dedication
  • Divergence (from trends and social expectations)
  • Passion
  • Honesty
  • Uncritical nature
  • Attention to detail
  • Good memory
  • Logical reasoning
  • Active imagination
  • Integrity
  • Understanding of what it’s like to be judged or left out
  • Skilled with children

Autistic people, of course, have many other great qualities, and may struggle with many of the above.  Creating a character with all these qualities will yield you a stereotype, so be mindful!

Stereotypes of Autistic People

Finally, there are a few popular stereotypes of autistic characters, which should be avoided at all costs:

  • Autistic People are Psychic – We get this courtesy of shows like Touch, where the (usually nonverbal) autistic child suddenly starts speaking because they see ghosts or are somehow connected to “another world”.  Autistic people joke about themselves being “aliens”… but allistic people really shouldn’t.
  • Autistic People Need Caretakers – While some autistic people do struggle to manage their lives alone, it’s a pretty harmful stereotype in media considering the lack of positive representation autistic people get.  Plenty of autistic people (whether you consider them high- or low-functioning) lead successful lives on their own, and they deserve representation.
  • Autistic People are Burdens – The most stereotypical portrayal of autistic people is that they are the weight pulling on their parents’ ankles – that they destroy parents’ sex lives and make teachers crazy and their friends need a “night off” from their autistic friends.
  • Autistic People are Childlike – While many autistic people enjoy activities geared toward children, and while meltdowns can resemble an allistic child’s temper tantrum, autistic people are not childish or unintelligent.  Autistic adults are adults, no matter their struggles.
  • Autistic People Look Different – Autistic people don’t all look a certain way from birth – this is a myth that has been debunked time and time again, the same way that the Vaccines Cause Autism myth has been debunked, time and time again.  Don’t perpetuate these myths in your writing.
  • Autistic People are Like Robots – Autistic people may not express their feelings well, but they have feelings.  Being nonverbal, being dissociative, being aloof or awkward – none of these things make an autistic person unfeeling or non-human.  Be mindful to show the emotional side of your autistic character, even if they struggle to express it to others.

Resources for Researching Autism

A lot of these are courtesy of @anonymusauthorin, whom I thank very much for her information and deep connection to the autistic community!

  • Ballastexistenz’s blog (on her personal experience with multiple disabilities and autism). [NSFW language]
  • Yes, That Too (blog on the personal experience of an autistic person with other neurodivergencies).
  • Aspects of Aspergers (specifically about Asperger’s, which is now called Autism Spectrum Disorder).
  • Disability in Kid Lit (discussions of disability representation in children’s/YA literature).
  • @scriptautistic is an active advice blog for writing about autism.
  • @autism-asks is an active blog that takes questions about autism.
  • @undiagnosedautismfeels is an active blog that receives submitted anecdotes about autistic struggles, some specific to being undiagnosed/self-diagnosed.
  • @autisticheadcanons is an active blog that receives submissions of characters that actual autistic people headcanon as autistic.  You can find some common submissions (e.g. Lilo Pelekai, Newt Scamander, Sherlock Holmes) and check them out for examples!

Final Note: You may notice that none of these links are affiliated with Autism Speaks, which is for a purpose.  Autism Speaks has a long history of promoting eugenics, abusing autistic children and adolescents, silencing the voice of actual autistics, and promoting a “find a cure” narrative that’s harmful to the minds of both autistic people and potential parents of autistic children.  When doing research, I’d advise you to refrain from using their resources.

Anyway, this was hugely long but I wanted to really go into it, since I didn’t see many other extensive guides on writing about autism.  Note that while I, myself, am autistic, this is only the perspective of one autistic person.  Either way, I hope this helps you with your character!  If you have any further questions, my inbox is open and waiting :)

Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

  • Is an absolute mother hen over her Paladin but couldn’t care less about anyone else
    • Except for Allura. Red cares for Allura too
  • Keith: *Stumbles*
    Red: *Bursts through wall* MY SON ARE YOU HURT
  • Is protective of Keith for two reasons. One, she fears losing him and having to face Black about it afterwards. Two, WHEN WILL YOU STOP LAUNCHING YOURSELF INTO OUTER SPACE GODDAMMIT WHY DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING AROUND HERE
  • Likes the Peace & Quiet, ironically is one of the most active Lions, beside Blue and Green
  • #PoweredByRage
  • Will fight anyone, anytime, anywhere, for any reason
    • Will also fight EVERYone
  • Knew about Keith being half Galra since the very beginning and wasn’t gonna give him two shits, being very wary about this, but after he launched himself out the door to space for the first time she was like “Welp there’s not many of these just walking around in the Universe and he’s as reckless as me so I guess that’s it, let’s roll”
  • Ended up getting way too attached to him and will raise her barrier to shield him from anything
    • Shiro: Come on, Red. Let go of him, it’s his turn to do the dishes.
      Red: *Keeps barrier up, doesn’t budge*
  • Lance once told the story of The Lion King to the Lions. They all instantly decided Red was Zazu and provoke her like ‘What, will you sing the Morning Report to Black next too?’ every time she says something obvious.
    • Red likes Kovu the best btw
  • Red still doesn’t like the Blade Of Marmora folks. She holds a grudge against them because of those goddamned trials which hurt Keith so badly back then.
    • Red: Idc if you’re half Galra or if you somehow have a connection to those bastards because of your stupid butter knife, thEY HURT YOU AND I’LL KILL THEM ON SIGHT
      Keith: Red no
      Red: RED YES
  • Legit tried to close her mouth on Kolivan twice. Failed both attempts.
  • Red growls everytime Kolivan is in sight. Kolivan secretly thinks she’s adorable for being so over-protective
  • They once had a meeting outside the Castle right after some battle. As usual, Red was growling every single time Kolivan would be near Keith. At a certain moment, Kolivan glanced up at her and gave this tiniest smirk on the corner of his lips and Red almost shot him right there and then, not caring about everyone else around - just didn’t because Blue noticed and tackled her, engaging in a fight and distracting her away from the others

We had Space Malls. Now I want Space Casinos.

  • Run by the former space pirates Coran warned us about and they’ll take you for every gak you have
  • They won’t let Pidge in because she’s underage and she’s pissed until one of the other paladins says no, she’s totally An Adult, humans just age weird, it’s all good
  • All different kinds of alien gambling games, nobody has any idea what they’re doing and when Coran and Allura try to explain it it just makes it worse
  • Somebody picks up surprisingly fast and does fairly decently though
  • Somebody else *cough*LANCE*cough* spends most of the time just hitting on the cocktail waitresses
  • They go to some of the shows. It’s really weird. Alien entertainment is weird.
  • Somebody manages to wander back into the high roller area. This ends about as well as one might expect
  • Somebody bets and loses all their funds, the Castle, the Lions, and the clothes off their backs. The most unlikely team member wins it all back. They do so by just straight up bullshitting their way through it and getting really REALLY lucky
  • Somebody gets drunk off their ass at all the free booze handed out
  • Somebody gets escorted out by security. Bonus: It’s the person causing the least conventional amount of trouble but they’re suspicious because of some entirely alien reason.
  • It’s got Space Mob connections and somehow they get in over their heads with that
  • BONUS: They drag Slav along because he can calculate the probability of winning on any of the machines or games. This works really well until security catches on and then it doesn’t.

Welcome Back

Total angsty headcanon that if Natsu loses his arm, Lucy will lose hers too because they are (somehow) connected when Lucy wrote in the book of END. To Natsu, he might not have think about his own arm too much, but he knows that Lucy loves to write and thus he’s so hurt when he sees his friend loses something precious by trying to save him. Lucy feels happy enough to see Natsu coming back alive though she also knows he will feel guilty because of the arm. 

I don’t really ship Nalu as a couple and I see them more as friends (more than friends but less than lovers). I drew it because I like angst and Natsu’s really wounded arm inspired me to draw this. 


Since everyone is at this, here are my other two cents on this.


What is love – History – KKB – Wolf/Growl – MID - Exordium VCR – Lightsaber - Coming Over – Lotto - Mama 2016 VCR – Monster – Lucky one – LMR RU - Exoluxion vcr  - Overdose – SFY(I) – Pathcode/CMB –  Repackage - SFY(2) + For Life - MAMA

What is love

If you notice the mv, they do not have power in the very beginning. They are living normally, that’s why everyone is shown twice. First when they are normal and next when they have power. It can be interpreted that they were all meeting at some point and got the powers from Mama or they were experiments by red force who were injected with power. They power up and now they are getting adjusted to it.

** Mama is considered an entity here or rather can be symbolically represented as love


Mama is captured and they have the tree of life divided between them baekxing being the guardians

Light – sun

Eclipse – moon

Soo might be in love with Mama or connected to Mama somehow because he has connection to everyone.

They travel to earth.


They are now in earth and getting adjusted to it… they can’t use their powers well. A part of exordium vcr happens in this timeline when they are enjoying new life and also using their powers to help people here.


Their time together in earth but also how the eye of red force creates the evil within. Kris n luhan’s eyes turn red so we know somehow something has gone wrong with them.


They are remembering the past and the good times and also grieving for the things lost..

Exordium VCR

There are two parts to this.,.. some before the eclipse/calamity which means that they are leading normal lives in earth and saving people.. but also after the eclipse/calamity they use their powers to save people. At the end of the vcr we see everyone joining in, but that is because the red forces have somehow found out that they are here on earth and now they are anticipating the enemy moves.


Here in lightsaber, they are mostly having a will of battles…because red forces is after them and they have been found out. Some might be tempted to join (sehun), while other may work like double agent but for the benefit of others (baek) and (Jongin) knows which path he stands. We see them running or hiding and at the end they vanish when we are shown the red forces light on them.

But if we think about how Soo has connections to all of them, it makes sense that Jongin teleported from in front of the lift, and saved baek and sehun too.

Coming Over

They are hiding underground because ow red forces know about them.

Also some members are shown to recognize that red forces are keeping tabs on them and they are destroying the cams.


In Lotto it may seem at first that we are at a debauchery and divided teams, but we are not.

We can assume that this is because they have received a message from Mama(the girl) but she is tracked down and kept captive. So they are showing that they are not together and they are divided but Kyungsoo is observing all (Soo does so because they are maintaining an archive, Xiu is the archive). Their attack seems to work (Chan n team) and they are on the verge of freeing the messenger, but another force comes in. We can safely say that this is the red forces because there’s a red light on yeol’s face when he is going away with the girl. So instead of them freeing the messenger, they all are caught by the red forces.

(also, we see the girl giving yeol soo’s tape, this Is not the message but the video recorded the traitor)

Mama 2016 VCR

We see them in the opening shot in a chessboard which means they have been reduced to mere players of a game. We are seeing them at the red forces captive center…where they are given collars based on their document details.


An extended play of Lotto where they rebel and stuff. It can be said that after they were captured baek again started playing the double agent (or rather he never gave up the role).

Baek doesn’t get captured in lotto…. He is sitting too freely. He actually thinks that they have saved the girl and waiting for the others to meet him. But the others get captured in lotto. He realizes it when they are late and he goes to free them. They get free and have their dinner where Chen is standing in the middle…. But they are again captured by the forces (xing yeol Jongin chen might have killed some from red forces too) and actually captured along with Baek.

Lucky One

We see here that they are restrained and somehow sedated with that injected liquid and they have lost their powers. But with soo able to connect with all of them and being the center and holding the key, he breaks the windows, which is a significance that he is trying to break the walls in their mind and get their powers back. They do get back the powers slightly and are shown to try and escape. Soo and Jongin doesn’t have their powers yet. Soo is running to a room but stops and looks at something which effectively means he sees Jongin dancing and understands that his powers haven’t yet returned.

Lucky one ends with them still in the maze.

(soo is the lucky one because he is mentally connected to all members and physically through Jongin)


RU can be said as real whereas LMR is soo’s despair because he is not able to save them in lucky one. They are back to square one where they are still prisoners, and soo imagines himself as alice in wonderland. Also here, it is to be noted that they are still stuck in lucky one facility, because xing sees baek running(when he was running in lucky one same place).

Exoluxion vcr

This takes us back to lucky one because the members are still trying to break free of the maze.

(maze is not shown here but their struggles are shown… it’s a mix of interims between Monster and before losing their power in lucky one to again gaining power slightly.)


One of the most important mv, because they are still stuck in a place but soo receives a message. (if we remember lotto the previous message from Mama was undelivered because the girl is captured)Soo now knows how to leave the maze and reach their destination. He and Jongin are the first one to get out because kaisoo are connected themselves, they are the beginning-end. Also, when they leave the maze they end up in different locations across the earth.


The part where everyone misses each other is shown here, also we see soo driving the same car here as in pathcode. He looks back at the back seat signifying he is remembering the others. We can say that they have escaped but all of them are alone and missing each other.

Pathcode/ CMB

Soo n nini are very important
Because Colorado n london are same time
Now if we calculate everything with Colorado time
Hun yeol min baek tao jun dae xing
This is the order how the events happen

Soo day 1. He is out n o his way to Colorado.

Soo day 2.

Nini. Soo reaches him first because he will be teleporting with them.

Hun. He gets a msg from soo with a place code. He checks the place finds the home.. the two kids resemble lu n kris..But then he sees the eclipse n feels the wind… Signifying the return of powers

Yeol. He doesn’t start the fire.. the flick looks very much like soo/dae..He starts the fire but yeol is unaffected signifying his powers have returned.

Min. He touches the guy in stairs but no freezing happens. He receives the msg on the tv bcz he is the archive. He keeps his glass n runs.. the glass turns frozen. Powers are back.

Baek. He receives the msg in the middle of a chase. Lights are flickering because he is powerless n he is in danger. Lights go off. Baek reaches gate. He is scared but the teaser ends with light dots, meaning powers are back.

Tao. He reads paper. Something about forces joining. And suddenly there’s a burst n time stops. He is shocked because he can’t stop time because he is powerless. But when he leaves the store the outside time is frozen meaning his powers are back.

Jun. He gets a call n he’s calm because he knows the powers will be back. He welcomes the water.

Dae. He is reading in the rooftop. He’s there because he has got the msg. His powers return with the eclipse.

Xing. He is going in. The flower is dry. He is inside n gets the msg. He goes out flower has blossomed. His powers are back.

Soo day 3.
Nini. The forces know they have escaped and nini is followed. He has transported everyone n now returning back to soo at the same time which is the time in soo’s Colorado. Soo. His powers haven’t returned however he can connect to all the other members n return their powers. That is why he is waiting and worried. It’s also shown that the people are arriving..Wind water light in all those forms…
Completing the circle of begining = end


The eclipse stops the war.

SFY – II + For life

After they meet again, I think they sort of have a fight because of wrong decisions and them getting separated. The fight between yeol and jun finally resolves in for life because now he understands what all happened and they have the heart bracelet.


They forces reunite and return to exoplanet signifying their end of time in earth with the enlistment hiatus starting.

I know that Amami and Ouma didn’t interact at all, but have you guys noticed something very curious about these two?

I mean, during the game, they hardly talked to each other, but Kokichi keeps showing some interest about Rantaro after his death, mostly because he believes he was connected to the mastermind somehow (and that’s why he agrees to revive him and only him in the third chapter, when Angie makes the wax statues and the group decides to set a ritual to revive one of their dead friends, maybe that’s why he also keeps his wax doll in his room), not to mention that there’s a huge amount of parallels and coincidences between them.

  • Rantaro is the first victim. Kokichi is the last one.
  • Their deaths were caused indirectly by other people. Amami was killed by Shirogane after Kaede’s trap failed to kill the mastermind. He let his guard down and she took the chance to kill him and get away with the murder until the end. Ouma, meanwhile, was fatally injured by Maki, who shot a poisoned arrow on his back in order to save Kaito. While Ouma takes the antidote, he later agrees to die in order to set up a murder scene to fuck over the mastermind having Kaito to kill him with a hydraulic press, flattening his body beyond recognition (Momota mostly agrees because he doesn’t want Maki to be the blackened).If it weren’t for Ouma’s plan to create the perfect murder and killing himself, Maki would’ve been the responsible of his death, but Kaito was executed instead because he was the one to “give him the coup de grace” (To sum it up, their deaths were caused by other people other than the ones who were executed. While Kokichi preferred to die instead of Kaito, if he died mid execution, Maki was his real killer)
  • Both had their own plans to discover the mastermind. Rantaro went by himself to the library to stop the killing game, which was what had him killed. Kokichi, who knew more than everyone else, used Amami’s death as some kind of example for him and decided to do his own research and investigations in secret without telling anyone else (just like Amami did), he gathered clues from every case, analyzed all the murders by himself… if you check his room you’ll notice that that kid must’ve spent sleepless nights investigating EVERYTHING by himself with no rest, to the point of devising a perfect murder to confuse the mastermind. Kokichi didn’t want to be targetted by the MM just like Amami did, so he pulled ruse after ruse in order to confuse them, had everyone hating him and thinking he was the mastermind and pretended to enjoy the killing game so the real mastermind wouldn’t suspect him just like they did with Amami. 
  • Kaede and Kaito, both culprits in the first and last cases, were very very close to Shuichi and helped him to develop better as a character. Kaede was the first person he met and got attached to, always worrying for her and being by her side. She’d also try to make him feel better about himself, showering him in compliments and always telling him that she trusted him. After her death, Kaito is the one who takes this role, encouraging him with his words and actions just like Kaede did, but in his own special way. Note that Shuichi is incredibly devastated when both are found guilty and die, but he keeps them both in his memory because they both were the most important people in the game for him.
  • Meanwhile, Amami and Ouma are the ones who give Saihara the most “headaches” through the game. Even if Amami is dead, he still is a mystery for everyone, and Saihara is curious about his story, his past, his talent and everything that surrounds him. Meanwhile, Ouma, the little liar, is always there to give Saihara-chan a headache with his attitude but always helping him indirectly by throwing a lot of important clues at him to solve the cases. In his FTE with Saihara, not only does Ouma foreshadow almost the entire story, but at the same time, he becomes a living riddle before his eyes. In Saihara’s eyes, Ouma is as mysterious as Amami, and even through he can be annoying and all at times, I think Saihara is deeply interested in him much like he is with Amami.
  • Their research rooms are the last ones to open. You see, every character managed to access their own research rooms while still alive. However, Ouma and Amami’s were opened after they died, in chapter 6 (Amami died in chapter 1 and Ouma in chapter 5). Interestingly, both rooms have stuff that helps Saihara and the rest through the last trial. Kokochi’s research room had that book filled with pictures from the first danganronpa game (idk if there were pictures of sdr2) and Amami’s… well, it practically hinted his talent and had the video he recorded for himself where he basically reveals his talent and a lot of stuff about the killing game.
  • Their motives and all anyways remain a mystery to the living cast because Tsumugi doesn’t clarify some things about them at the end (correct me if I’m wrong) and spends the whole time talking… welp, about everything y’all saw in the last trial. Fiction, fiction, etc.
  • Both were characters that knew more than anybody else. Rantaro’s profile describes him as someone who “acted as though he knew more than the rest”, Ouma seemingly recovered his memories and directly talked about an “audience” at the end of chapter three claiming that there were people watching or something. Both kept what they knew for themselves and died without telling the rest about what they knew. Yeah, Amami had his video, but it’d have been nice if he had told the rest the truth with his own words.
  • Their plans were ruined by their own “killers”. Ouma’s plan to behave like the mastermind and all was ruined when Kaito decided to poison him to interrogate him and then Maki arrived him and shot him again which indirectly caused his death (he then chose to die as a last resource, because he was dying and there was nothing else to do). Amami’s plan was ruined when Kaede set that trap, got distracted and Tsumugi took the chance to end him with the metal ball. 
  • It might not be relevant but their color palette is complementary and both wear chain-like accessories on the right side of their shirts.

This makes me think that, had Amami lived, Ouma’s character would be extremely different. Ouma ended up being ridiculously intrigued by Amami’s backstory and motives that he agreed to carry a spiritual ritual to summon his spirit and kept the wax doll of him that Angie made before she was murdered. He was most likely tried to do the ritual by himself and summon his soul to ask him stuff or something to do his own research. If only he had lived enough to watch Amami’s video…

So, to sum it up, it’s just… amazing how they parallel each other, and it’s quite upsetting that both died without enough interaction, but I’m now seeing the point of their lack of interactions and Amami’s sudden death.

Imagine this...

We all know Lena has always been a nerd but imagine her being also a gamer.
I mean picture a 5 years old Lena Luthor, finding Lex while he is playing a video game.
Imagine Lena falling right into the couch with him and loving what she sees immediately.
Imagine Lillian being angry about it bc’ girls shouldn’t play that sort of things, and also because Lex should be studying.
So in order to keep it like a secret, Lex and Lena would play only at nights, with the help of their father. He always bought them the newest consoles and he even played with them.
When Lena was in boarding school she probably has this friend who had a Nintendo or something so she always played with her in their free times.
When Lena met Jack, they were so busy that she forgot about video games. Until one day when she found her old consoles and she decided to buy a new one. Since then, she and Jack spent every free time playing video games. And that just made Lena feel more weak about him, because somehow Jack reminder Lena about Lex and the connection they used to have.
Once she arrived at national city, she just couldn’t find time for playing. Besides, it hurt bc both of her relationships with Lex and Jack were ruined and playing just made herself remember of them.
So, one day she was at her apartment with Kara watching some movies. She went to the bathroom and when she came back, she found Kara with one of her old video games.
That’s how Kara discover her secret love for that kind of games and what they mean to her.
Since that day, they always played together even if it still hurt Lena.
Eventually it became part of their routines. Lena always wins but sometimes she lets Kara win just to see her smile.

On the issue regarding YH Boys

Allkpop posted an article about how YH Boys are plagiarising NCT Dream as well als NCT 127 and somehow it is connected to Tao because he is their mentor.
One thing : Stop it allkpop (don’t trust them, click bait alert) as well as knetz bashing on YH boys and Tao.
First of all, YH Boys song is COMPLETELY different from NCTs. Yes, their outfits are similar but since when was wearing similar outfits a crime? Those outfits were nothing new or creative, just some ‘fashionable’ clothes, honestly.
Now, you do realise that a MENTOR (which Tao apparently was/is to YH Boys) is not a music or mv director? I highly doubt that Tao picked their outfits - I guess he ,being an experienced idol, helped them with their singing, dancing, stage presence but he does not work for the company as a director of arts or something.
Can you guys like chill for a second and stop being so mean? Why do people always have to drag others down?/

Liar, Liar, Pants on fire (pt.1)

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I’ve been reading so much fanfiction, that i thought i would give it a try and write some! its probably shitty but oh whale. (Stiles Stilinski x reader: angst, love, death, smut) PART TWO// EPILOGUE 

Being part of this supernatural shit was exhausting. Constantly fighting to survive, to save my friends, was taking a toll on my mental and physical health. Death had become a reoccurring thought in my head. Specifically, my death. I know, I know. It’s so wrong to wish for death. But it’s what I want. What I NEED. A new life. Or so it’s what I thought I needed. Our pack was consisted of werewolves, were-coyote, banshee, kitsunes, and humans. Scott being our alpha and werewolf. Malia being our were-coyote and rebellious one. Lydia being our banshee, alerting us of new deaths. She was also our secret genius and fashionista. Kira being our kitsune, which is fox and being our Alphas lover. Then.. then there’s Stiles. Stiles is human. Neither of us have supernatural abilities, we just have our brain to thank that we can help solve these murder cases. Stiles is one of the smartest people I know, besides Lydia of course. I love my pack to death. But one of them happens to have all my love. In a pack, shouldn’t everyone feel close and like they fit in? Why don’t I feel that way? Scott and Stiles are best friends, Malia and Lydia are pretty much best friends. Kira, is Kira who is attached to the hip to Scott. Malia and Stiles were a thing. Stiles and Lydia, well. Stiles loves or likes her, I don’t know. Then there’s me. Little ol me. Where do I fit in? To top it all off, I’m in love with fucking Stiles. Him of all people. I could have picked another human, or supernatural being for all I cared. Just not him. Fuck, stop thinking about this stupid shit.

I groan and roll over on my bed, laying on my side and putting my head on top of my arm. I stare at my dark ceiling, the green color looking completely black. I sigh, closing my eyes and rub my side with my free hand. I clench my eyes shut, digging my nails into my skin. pain, pain, pain. Once I feel my skin tear, I move my hand away. I let out a shaky breath as I sit up when I hear my phone vibrate. On my night stand, I see my phone light up with a picture of Stiles. I roll my eyes and reach over, pressing decline. He just doesn’t get it.  None of them do.

In the last pack meeting I attended, I had announced that I wanted nothing to do with the supernatural or the pack. To say they were shocked is an understatement. They were furious. The boys yelling, and the girls trying to get me to talk. I literally sat there, taking their bullshit until I had enough. Until Stiles yelled “I want an answer, god dammit!”. Angrily, I stood up and pushed at his chest, causing him to stumble back. “Because I don’t fit in! Everyone is connected to someone, somehow whether it be best friends, exes, or new lovers. And then there’s me! I’m literally not connected to anyone. I’m just here. So forgive me for wanting to leave and try to find friends who make me feel like I belong!” I replied to him angrily, smashing the glass candle on the table. It stung badly, but I didn’t lose my stance. Everyone stayed silent and suddenly I felt like a deer caught in headlights. All eyes on me. I look down and release a shaky breath, shaking my head. I head towards Scott’s front door, only to be stopped by Stiles gripping my forearm. “Y/N..” he begins, but I rip my arm out of his grip. “Don’t. I’ve made me decision and none of you can change that. Scott, thank you for accepting me into your pack. Thank you to all of you. I’ll always love you” I hold back the tears as my voice shakes, walking out the door for the last time.

That was three months ago.

I grip my bathroom sink tightly as I replay that night in my head. I look up at the mirror, staring at my reflection. The girl I once was, is gone.

My once vibrant brown hair, dull and lifeless.

My brown eyes, black and empty.

My face thinner, the bags under my eyes darker.

My body.  My fucking body. I was bones. I had stopped eating, I stopped sleeping. I stopped caring about myself. The scars on my wrist and thighs, bright red and evidence I was in a dark hole. I shook my head, laughing and punched the mirror. As I watch it shatter, i feel my self shatter with it. 3rd mirror this week. Great, now I have to buy a replacement. I turn on the cold water, letting it run for a bit before I put my bruised, bloody hand under the water. I hiss at the pain, clenching my teeth. Once the bleeding stops, I lean against the wall, slowly sliding down. I close my eyes and begin to sob. When will I have peace? Death. Death thoughts run through my head again. I rest my head against my knees and wrap my arms around my legs. Something I was never able to do before. I cry for what seems like eternity..

When I wake up, I’m lying on my bathroom floor.

Cold and confused. The memories of the night come rushing back and I nod to myself. Right. I stand up on shaky legs and turn on the warm water. I wash my face slowly and brush my teeth. I grab my makeup bag and dig around for my life lines. Foundation, concealer, eyeliner, and mascara. They all give off the allusion I’m alive still. Once my makeup is flawless, I head to my room to get dressed. I pick out black leggings, a baggy maroon sweater and black combat boots. I sigh, putting my hair up into a ponytail. On old routine, I check outside my window for the blue jeep I’ve been in countless times. Disappointment and relief wash over me when I see there is no sign. I disconnect my phone from its charger and shove it in my backpack. Time to put on a fake smile.

Beacon Hills High School felt more like a prison now more than ever. As I walk inside, I greet the people who wave at me and I put on a big grin, hoping they don’t see I’m dying. Someone makes a joke and I laugh, hoping that I blend in. They all giggle and we all head our separate ways to our lockers. On my way to mine, I pass Scott’s and Stiles lockers. They stand there, leaning against them and talk about whatever I assume has to do with the supernatural. Scott stops talking and turns to look at me. Stiles mirrors his actions and an emotion I cant pin point crosses his face. My heart flutters as I look at the boy I love. I smile shyly and wave at them before heading off. This was also the first time I was seeing them in three months. I had changed my schedule to avoid them, I took a different route to my locker, during lunch time I would go outside. I did everything to not run into any of them. I unlock my locker, pulling out the textbooks for the first half of the day. I hum some random tune, as I dig into my locker. Behind me, someone clears their throat and it causes me to jump. I turn around and put my heart over my chest. “What the hell Stiles! You scared the shit out of me” I exclaim, as I try to catch my breath and I look at his feet. He scratches the back of his neck and mumbles an apology. “How have you been? You look… different” he questions, shifting from one foot to another. I look up at him and huff, rolling my eyes. “I’ll take that as a complement. I’m doing great, thank you for asking. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to class” I respond, shutting my locker and walking away. He grips my arm, just like three months ago. But this time, the slight pull he does causes me to stop dead in my tracks. I turn around to face him and he has a look of… sadness and concern on his face as he grips my arm tightly. “Can you please let go? You’re hurting me.” I whisper, unsure if he’ll hear me as I tug on my arm. But I know he heard me when he release my arm. “Y/N..” he whispers and I put my hand in front of his face. “Stiles, don’t. I already told you I don’t want anything to do with you guys. I love you guys, but I cant. I gotta go. See you around. Take care” I respond, my heart breaking for what felt like the millionth time this year. I quickly turn away, heading straight to my class. The first half of the day goes by in a blur. My brain only thinking of Stiles. Once the bell rings for lunch, I head to my locker to exchange my books. I head outside and I’m greeted with the cold, bitter wind. I smile and jog to the football field. I climb up one side of the bleachers and sit down, pulling out my phone. I check the missed calls, majority of them from Stiles. A couple of them are from Lydia and Scott. I delete the notification. The voicemails are from Scott. I sigh and delete those as well. All the texts seem to be from Lydia. Actually, one recent one is from Stiles. I chew on my bottom lip and shrug, opening the text message.

STILES: I can see right through you. You aren’t okay. I felt it.

I roll my eyes and delete the message. Just like I was deleting them of my life. Or at least trying. I toss my phone inside my backpack and close my eyes. Like out of a movie, I hear foot steps beside me and I feel someone sit down besides me. I sigh angrily, not caring to open my eyes to see who it is. “Wow, I see why you like eating here. It looks great when its unoccupied” Stiles announces, admiration rolling off his tongue. I hum, not wanting to communicate, knowing he’ll make me confess whats wrong. “What did you eat for lunch? Whatever it was, you ate it quickly because I was right behind you the whole way here.” he says curiously as he chews on something. I huff and sit up, opening my eyes to look at him annoyingly. “Sandwich. Why are you following me?” I question him as I scoot further away from him. He looks at me then my backpack as he chews his burger. “Where’s your sandwich baggie? I wasn’t following you, I like to come here as well” he lies with his mouthful as he struggles to swallow the food. I crack a small smile and shake my head. “Yeah, I bet you do. Since I’ve seen you here oh so many times. My sandwich bag is in my pocket.” I exclaim, pulling out a used looking sandwich bag. He inspects it as I hold it up and nods, finishing his food. I sigh and look away at the sky, thinking. “I miss you. We all do. Please come back” he whispers as he wipes his hand on his jeans, then places his hand on my knee. My breath hitches in my throat at the simple contact and my heart clenches. My heart is telling me to say yes and go back, but my mind is saying no and not to get attached again.. or more. I clear my throat and push his hand off my knee. I shift in my seat to face him directly. He looks at me with hopeful eyes as he stares into my soul. I sigh and look down at my hands. “We talked about this. My answer is no” I respond, playing with my fingers. He huffs and grabs my hands, replying “No. We haven’t talked about this. You decided on your own that you didn’t want to talk to us. You decided on your own to cut all communication. Whatever is going on, we can help you. I can help you get through it”. I roll my eyes and clench my hands in his. “There is nothing going on Stiles. Even if there was, I wouldn’t need your help. I can handle myself perfectly” I reply, angrily. He snorts and lets go of my hands, suddenly standing up and hovering over me. “You call the state your in, taking care of yourself?! Have you even looked in the mirror lately?! You look like fucking death. Don’t think the makeup fools me, because you know it never has. I can see your fucking bags under your eyes. I can feel your fucking bones when I grip your arm or your hands. You think I don’t feel the scars under your sweater?! Come on, Y/N! How fucking stupid do you think I am?!” Stiles voice quivers with anger and I can feel his blood boiling. His words only sting and make me feel less like I ever belonged with him. With them. I put my backpack on one shoulder and get up, standing in front of them. “Was that supposed to hurt? Because it didn’t. For your information, I have looked in the mirror. And you know what I see? I fucking see someone who is finally happy and feels like they actually fit in with everyone else. I’m not suffering, thinking “Oh, why don’t they trust me more?” or “I hope I get to sit next to Stiles or one of the girls”! I don’t spend my time, begging that one of you will pay attention to me! I’m not wearing makeup for YOU, im wearing makeup for myself! Because it makes me feel great. Stop being so selfish and think that everything is about you Stiles! As for my weight, that is none of your concern. I’m losing weight by eating right and exercising. The scars on my body are from my struggles! I don’t need you to remind me of them. Stop being an asshole and leave me alone for once!” I yell and I breathe heavily, digging my nails into my palms. He laughs, and he points at his chest, “I’m selfish?! IM selfish?! You were the one who left us! You left us without a choice if we wanted to be friends with you or not! You are the selfish one! You didn’t consider our feelings! You thought about yourself and how you felt oh so lonely! That wasn’t our fault you didn’t fit in! You were the one that closeted herself! Not us. So don’t blame it on us when you’re the selfish one. You’re pathetic!” he replies as he pokes at my chest. I grind my teeth against each other and spit out a “fuck you” as I turn around and walk down the bleachers. As I reach the bottom, I hear him huff and laugh as he shouts “That’s right! Run away like you always do! You know im right!”. I swallow the lump in my throat, and walk across the field quickly. Breathe in, breathe out. 1,2,3,4. 1,2,3,4. I exist through the school parking lot and head home. I cant deal with being in the same building as him. I quickly walk home, the sky looking as dark as my mind is right now. I can feel my phone vibrating in my backpack. I stop my walking, and pull out my phone. I stare at the screen as I see a photo of Scott. I roll my eyes and continue walking, shoving my phone in my back pocket. I hear the tires screeching of a motorcycle and I groan, looking up at the sky. Why cant I just walk home in peace?!  The roaring of the motorcycle becomes close until its right beside me. I clench my fist again, ignoring Scott. He yells my name as I keep walking. He growls and speeds up in front of me. Stopping the motorcycle on the sidewalk in front of me, he climbs off and grips my shoulders. “Can you stop acting like I’m not here?! I need to talk to you Y/N!” Scott growls as he stares at me, holding me in place. I scream and he lets go instantly. “Can everyone stop fucking touching me?! I’m not a fucking dog that anyone can touch and pet! Why cant you people just leave me alone! I’m trying to be happy but I cant if you guys keep bothering me!” I shout angrily. And on cue, like a movie, it begins to rain. I groan and push past him, continuing to walk home as I pull my hoodie over my head. Scott growls his alpha growl and I stop dead in my tracks. “Y/N. You will listen to what I have to say! You will stand there until I have finished and decided its okay for  you to leave! Understood?” he spits out, turning me around. I huff and sigh, nodding. He calms down, claws and fangs hidden again. “Stiles told me what happened between you two in the bleachers. He said if I got you to listen, to tell you that he’s sorry and didn’t mean it,” he begins and I flinch at the mention of Stiles and I know Scott sees me flinch. “He didn’t tell me exactly what he said, but whatever he said, it wasn’t true. None of what he said is true, you hear me? Stiles is just.. upset over the fact you aren’t in the pack and that you’re ignoring us. He took it the hardest. Constantly blaming himself. He isn’t doing so good. Well he wasn’t. But Stiles is better now. Thanks to Lydia. She got him to feel better, and he doesn’t blame himself anymore. Malia is angry at the fact you didn’t tell her what was going on with you, but her and the rest of us finally realized that you were right. We didn’t include you in everything. We didn’t treat you like we treated the rest of us. And we are all very sorry for it. I didn’t notice what was going on with the rest of my friends. I didn’t notice we were being unkind. So as an alpha and a friend, I want to ask you for forgiveness. And I want to ask you to come back. On behalf of all of us” he says, tenderly with raw emotion and love. I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding and hug him tightly. Scott wraps his arms around me tightly and whispers apologies and I loves you in my ear. I begin to sob and I think about the mess I have created. I pull away and wipe my eyes, and smile at Scott. He smiles sweetly at me and rubs my cheek. “I love you guys. So much. You will always be the best people I have ever met. I’m grateful for you all. I forgive you all. I could never stay angry at you guys. But I meant what I said Scott. I need some time to find people who I’ll fit in with right away. Its not fair that all of sudden, you guys FINALLY realize you were unfair to me. You guys should have noticed before I decided to leave. But did you? No. none of you did. Yet I still forgive you. I’m sorry but I’m not coming back. At least not right now. Maybe one day. Of course, if you guys text me or see me somewhere I’ll say hi. But that’s about it. I’m really sorry Scott.” I whisper as I reach up and cup his cheek with my hand. I watch as his heart breaks and he tears up, letting his tears run down his cheeks. He clears his throat and nods, hugging me once again. I hug him tightly, knowing this will be the last hug I’ll give him. We pull away and we walk towards his motorcycle. “Can I at least take you home? Its pouring really hard and I don’t want you to get sick” Scott begs as he gets on his bike. I smile softly and nod. I get on behind him, putting on my helmet and wrap my arms around his torso. Good thing he has wolf vision.

10 minutes later, we arrive at my house. I climb off his bike, and he follows afterwards.

“I just want to tell you that you are the most caring person and the most lovable person I have ever met. You are such a good, beautiful young woman. Don’t ever let anyone say otherwise. I love you and I’ll see you around some time, Y/N.” Scott replies proudly and sadly as he kisses my cheek and gets back on his motorcycle, driving away. I let the tears run down my cheeks and I let the loudest sob come out of my chest. I debate if I should go inside or go apologize to Stiles properly. I shift from foot to foot, until I decide to walk over to his house. I throw my backpack on the porch, and quickly start to walk to his house. Shivering, I arrive at his house after 20 minutes of walking. I see Roscoe parked on his driveway, indicating he’s home. I curse mentally, nervous as to what im going to say to the boy I love. I walk up to the front door, about to knock when I think against it. I stare at my fist that was about to knock and put it down. I bite my lip anxiously and decided to go through the back of the house and climb the tree to his window to surprise him. Once I get to the top and am next to his window, I peek inside. I see him pacing back and forth and yelling at someone else in the room. He pulls off his flannel and throws it across the room. I giggle at him throwing it. He stops what he’s doing and sits down on his computer chair, closing his eyes. Then I see someone else get up. And of course, its Lydia. Why aren’t I surprised. I huff and roll my eyes, watching the scene play out. She walks over to him, shaking her head as I presume she talks to him. Shes standing in front of him, hands on her hips. He looks at her and continues yelling. Eventually, he puts his head in his hands, leaning forward. She pushes him flat against the chair and climbs on his lap. My breath hitches and my heart stops beating. I watch him as he puts his hands on her hips, and they lean forward.. and they kiss. I look away, closing my eyes. I clench my teeth and I look again, only to see them undressing. I huff and slowly climb down the tree. So that’s how shes helping him. I should’ve known. I jump down from the tree, at a height I know wont hurt. I walk through the front yard, freezing when Sheriff Stilinski appears in front of me. He looks at me, surprised and puzzled. “Y/N? I haven’t seen you in forever kid! How are you? Where have you been?” he exclaims happily and all I can do is smile painfully. “Hey Sheriff. I’ve been okay. How about yourself? Still working double shifts? And I’ve been trying to focus on school and such” I reply with as much happiness as I can fake. He smiles widely, walking to the front door. “Well come on in! All three of us can catch up. I know Stiles misses you. Plus, I don’t want you to get sick!” he motions me inside and I shake my head. “I actually just came by to say hi to Stiles quickly. But he wasn’t answering his phone or the door. He must be asleep. Thank you for the invite, but I must go home now. See you around Sheriff.” I reply quickly as the tears threaten to come out. I quickly walk away, despite him shouting my name.

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RFA+V reactions to an MC who plays piano?

this is my first request since being back so thank you!!!! i appreciate you. (●´ω`●)

- yoosung loves that you play piano. he always has found the activity very elegant and it makes him even more in love with you than he already is.
- he asks you to teach him how to play. you color coordinate the keys of your travel keyboard and give him lessons on scales and cords. he’s not very good but it makes him happy to at least try.
- he calls you up on the phone every night and asks you to sing him a song before bed. he hugs the phone to his ear as he lays in bed and gently lulls off to sleep before the end.
- he likes to study to your recordings. they calm him when he’s stressing out about exams or projects.

- zen loves to sing with you as his accompaniment. you two pick songs from musicals, like phantom of the opera and beauty and the beast, and perform them. sometimes, he sits you in his lap and while you play your keyboard, he buries his face into your neck and absorbs the beautiful sounds you play.
- zen buys you about five travel keyboards just because he loves how your eyes light up when you see them.
- occasionally zen’s stage manager asks you to fill in if the pianist is sick and he can’t concentrate on his lines. only on your beautiful music.

- jumin purchases an exquisite grand piano for you for the penthouse. he gifts it to you along with sheet music of all genres and every classic imaginable.
- you play for the guests at his company dinner parties and all he can do is stand by the piano all night and listen to you. he beams whenever anyone gives him compliments about the choice of music and especially your skill.
- he invites all sorts of pianists and symphony leaders to the rfa parties in order to help get you discovered. you tell him that you don’t want it to be anything more than just a hobby but he still insists on letting them come “to pick their brain.”
- he constantly brags about your skills to his employees to make them jealous. his father and brenda from accounting have most likely heard his long drawls about how good you are and how you don’t want to be in the limelight about it and how his girlfriend is better than his father’s.

- whenever she has a free moment, she listens to you play. she’s working or running errands for jumin a good portion of the day so she cherishes this time. during her lunch break or working lunch, during her shower, and even during free time at home with you, she blasts out all the recordings she has of you (or even the real deal).
- you’ve attempted to recompose some of the musical numbers from zen’s plays, such as “promiscuous jalapeño topping” or “oliver.” you know how much she loves to watch zen’s plays with her limited free time and how happy it would make her. the first time she hears you play the opening song to “promiscuous jalapeño topping” is when you two are just watching tv and you’re fiddling with your keyboard. she turns to you and immediately turns into a puddle of tears. now, you play them for her on every occasion. she never gets sick of them.
- whenever she has a rough day at work or had to watch elizabeth, you play her some calming melodies. it helps keep her relax and betters her mood in the bouts of stress.

- saeyoung loves to play with your keyboard. he always changes the sound effects on it so when you go to play something, the keys make fart sounds or train whistles instead of what they’re supposed to.
- he also likes to plug a microphone into your keyboard so when you play certain songs, he can sing along to them karaoke-style.
- he’s super silly but is very supportive of your piano playing. he makes your songs his ringtone, voicemail message, his “hold” song when he’s on the phone with his boss, and has even fixed the coding of the rfa app so your songs play upon launching.
- he has considered putting up recordings of you playing like he did with zen singing but always decided against since that’s not what you want.
- so when he hacks for work, sometimes he inserts files onto the suspects computer that contain recordings of your playing. you know, just for the hell of it.

- v plays the piano too and loves to play alongside you. in many songs where it requires two hands, you act as the right and he acts as the left. he always insists that you two are somehow musically connected because of your ability to do this, and how good what you both play sounds.
- v is always quite bashful when it comes selling his photographs at the rfa events. in order to convince him to sell some, he makes you promise to play some of the songs that you wrote for the guests as entertainment. of course you do it, and all night long he hangs out by your piano mesmerized by your melodies and how lucky he was to have found an amazingly talented person like you.
- v has a baby grand piano in his apartment that he bought just for you when you moved in with him.
- sometimes when he’s away from home on photoshoots or other jobs and misses you, you call him before bed and play him one of your songs to remind him what he has to look forward to when he gets home.
- he loves to take photographs of you when you play because of how passionate and fiery but also soft and supple you look and you’re involved in your music.
- you wrote a song about him and your love story, such as how you met, all the struggles and bumps in your relationship, and your unconditional love for him. the first time you played it for him, he pulled you into his arms and cried tears of joy.

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Everybody keeps calling them unhealty. (What does it mean?) ive seen so many couples coodepedent, verbally abusing, staying in a relasionship not to be alone, they are not in love but they care about each other, they cheat and forgive. The lie and forgive. I mean its not surealism. But in terms of the soap itself every couple n character in there are messed up, toxic and abusive arent they?

Well to be honest I think Aaron and Robert do have a very unhealthy relationship if we’re judging them as real people, but you are right that this is soap and that it’s a bit different in that medium. Soap is all about the drama so you do get these huge storylines which wouldn’t happen in real life and make things messy. I mean just to start with, they covered up a death together, which isn’t exactly a solid starting point for any relationship! Most couples don’t actually have to deal with a hurdle like that! And then the writers decided to turn Robert full-on villain and then redeem him again. In real life if someone has been a ‘villain’ it’s not so easy to just start again with them and put aside what they’ve done, but because it’s soap, he gets shot, changes, and had a redemption storyline. As a viewer of soap, we accept this. But like I said, if they were real people it wouldn’t be that simple. Soaps take everything and ramp it up to the most dramatic it can possibly be. I think most of us watching understand that, and it’s why we don’t permanently hate every character in the show! Because most of them have done something terrible at one point. I mean Aaron, who is a fan favourite (and my absolute favourite and son), has done some dreadful things in his past. Just off the top of my head I can think of the warehouse robbery with Ross where he knocked out a completely innocent man that worked there so they wouldn’t get caught. And the fact he attacked Kasim is also HUGE. Or it would be in real life. But again, it’s British soap. We accept it. Realistically most soap characters should probably be in prison by now. 

This is why, although I entirely understand people who hate Robert, I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking myself. If he was real, then yes. But he’s a (sometimes) soap villain in the midst of an attempted redemption arc. Viewing him as you would a real person just doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for most soap characters. That’s why British soap is so unique and why I like it so much. It takes you to extremes, but at the same time tries to deal with the emotional fall-out in a semi-realistic way. It’s fascinating as a medium. 

This is part of why I still like them as a couple. Because yes, if you take them as they are and look at them like they are real people, it’s sooooo toxic. And the history there is enough to make you want to get them away from each other. Aaron has a terrible temper and so many unresolved issues, Robert is a master manipulator with a frankly shocking history. They don’t communicate properly (most of the time, although it’s looking better recently) and the stakes are always super high. BUT when you look at it within the context of British soap, it’s true that it’s hard to find any character, let alone a couple, which doesn’t have similar problems. Look at Cain and Moria, for example, which is a big fan favourite. If they were real people, I doubt they’d be rooted for as a couple, but viewers understand that it is soap and so they have a lot of support. There are people out there who like Debbie and Ross together (I hate it, personally. I’m all about Debbie and Rebecca), but Ross has literally shot a man in cold blood. It was a pre-meditated hit for cash. In real life would you want anyone to date him? Noooooo. You would want him in prison. But in soap, again, it’s different. (The same goes for the other big British soaps as well. I can think of so many examples of couples which would be regarded as toxic and even abusive if read in a real-world context.)

Rooting for relationships in soap is different from most mediums, because it’s more about the chemistry and emotional connection than anything healthy. Because it can get so ridiculous and fantastical (one day they’ll write a comedy ep, next it’s a whodunnit), it’s more about that connection between characters and who works well on screen together. It’s about who compels you and you want to see sharing scenes. This is why I think Robron are so popular. It’s not (as many would say) because people believe they are healthy and the perfect blueprint for a happy couple. It’s because they provide huge drama while somehow managing to maintain that connection and a very realistic sense of loving each other. That’s hard to achieve in soap, but somehow they’ve done it. Through all the dramatic storylines there’s been this constant, believable affection between the characters. It’s like they’re tied to each other. So despite the weirdness around them, you put them in a scene together where it’s just the two of them, and suddenly you have realism, because it feels like watching a real couple. I’ve honestly not seen anything like it in soap before and I have no idea how they’ve managed to create something like that in the medium of British soap. 

Part of the appeal of Robron for me is that they are two very damaged people. They both have BPD (imo, as someone who has that myself). They are capable or bringing out the absolute best and the hellish worst in each other. You never know if they’ll make it or not either, even though you want them to, because the mixture of their personalities could make them perfect together or a toxic mess. As a team they are unstoppable. Apart they are broken. And these are two huge Emmerdale characters with history (especially Robert). They’ve not been written for each other. It doesn’t feel forced. They just click. Those two established personalities provide some of the best interaction and chemistry in soap. Emmerdale struck so lucky there. I genuinely think it was an accident as well. They accidentally stumbled upon gold with their characters and actors, and they don’t even know what to do with it sometimes (hence the strange writing decisions which happen from time to time). Because they’re trying to fit a couple worthy of Wuthering Heights or some other huge, messy, dramatic, gothic romance, into a soap format. 

When I say they’re unhealthy I mean that if they were real, I would encourage them to stay away from each other. But because they exist in soap, I see past it. I agree with those who say the relationship is toxic by non-soap standards. They are absolutely right. But this is soap. This is the medium they exist in (which is often unfortunate). I think we have to accept that things will be extra dramatic and extra terrible but also extra brilliant as the storyline requires. If you want to see healthy couples in realistic domestic situations, then I’d say British soap isn’t the best place to look for that. (Unfortunately).  

Bite Me | part 3

Pairing: Unknown

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angsty? Just a lil

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“Fuck you Yoongi, don’t tell me how to live my life.” you hissed before stalking out of the kitchen.

“Dang, Yoongi she totally showed you!” Jimin snickered but Jin was furious, 

“HOW-WHAT-YOu-” he started but in the end just huffed and quickly walked out of the kitchen muttering obscene words to nothing.

Coughing you stumbled down a dark hallway to a door with a lock, grabbing it you jiggled it up  and down as if that would break it. “Y/n!” Jin called down the hallway worriedly.

“Fuck this.” you hissed before scrambling into a dark corner as if you could hide yourself from a vampires eyes. Coughing into your hand you pulled away to reveal blood. Cursing again you clutched your heart using the wall for support and slowly but surely made your way up stairs you’ve never seen before.

“Y/n?” Jungkook called before seeing you, “Y/n!” he quickly ran towards you and helped you up, “What’s wrong?” he asked before you coughed more blood. “That idiot! You idiot! You didn’t have to drink the blood just to prove a point to Yoongi!” He hissed before suddenly bringing you to Jin.

“Oh thank god, I knew this would happen!” Jin said before shaking his head, then with that they got to work.

Moaning you opened your eyes to a pale moonlight, looking around you saw seven boys surrounding the table.

“Ahem, Yoongi has something to say to you.” Namjoon said,

“I do?” Yoongi asked feigning innocence, until Jin elbowed him rather hardly in his ribs. “I mean yeah, sorry for, y’know almost killing you…” he mumbled.

“I’m the one that almost killed me, I decided to drink the blood. Yoongi didn’t force me so take that apology and shove it up your ass.” you hissed obviously still pissed at him, “Now if you don’t mind me i’m hungry so i’m going to eat something with sustainable nutrients.” then you got up and shakily walked to the door before pushing it open and leaving.

What inconsiderate little-ugh. Namjoon still hasn’t explained to my about what the hell is going on! 

Stomping down the hallway you kicked the table angrily before sighing and taking a seat.

“What’s going to happen to me mom?” you whispered, “I’m in a strange house with strange people and they won’t let me leave.”

“And give you to someone else? Oh ho ho of course we wouldn’t let you leave. Especially since you so stupidly wandered onto our territory.”  Jungkook said rolling his eyes taking a seat next to you.

“W-what are you people?” you asked, 

“Well since you’re here and asking may as well explain now.” Namjoon sighed as he walked into the room, “Please refrain from asking questions until the end, i’ll probably answer some on the way.” and with that he plopped down in a seat.

“We, as you can tell are very different than normal humans, if you can consider us human at all. We, are well, Vampires in your sense.” Namjoon started,

“What?” you asked, 

“Please don’t interrupt.”


“Now then, we are vampires in the simplest sense as you could tell when you well,” Namjoon paused then coughed, “Drank blood, your body took it much better than we thought although you will have some side effects. Anyways we have been alive for many generations, all of us together. It is rare for someone to simply wander into our territory because you have to walk great lengths to even access it. Yes, we are in the middle of the mountains. LIterally,”

“You mean to tell me that I walked thousands of miles over mountains to get here?! All I did was run away from a dog and suddenly i’m surrounded by gigantic pine trees!” You blurted out, “Sorry.”

“Ahh.” Namjoon chuckled, “That’s why we suspect that someone that has, ahem the same supernatural powers as us may have opened a rift between the fabric of space and time.”

“You mean what?!” you paused,

 “I mean someone else that has supernatural powers may have made a, bridge that somehow connects your forest with ours, because to put it simply it’s impossible for just a mere human to just wander into our parts.” Namjoon paused, “And because of that you have to stay here, we don’t know your connection with this mysterious person or his or her reason for putting you here but until then we can’t let you go.” Namjoon finished,

“Also, Yoongi here drank your blood, which means that he’s a little different than us now.” Taehyung said smirking,

“What?!” Namjoon bursted out, standing up so fast the chair flew back and toppled over, “Why didn’t you tell me? Oh this is bad, this is very bad.” Namjoon muttered,

“Wait, why is it bad?” you asked,

“WHy?! Because never in our entire existence have we ever drank human blood from a live human, it’s like drugs to put is simply. Once you have a taste you crave it, and if you were the first person for Yoongi to drink out of that means…” Namjoon trailed off,

“I’m linked to you.” Yoongi finished, “I’ve imprinted on you really if you think about it.”

“EXCUSE ME?!! I will not be linked to this foolish asshole!” you all but shrieked, 

“Wait then where did that blood come from?” You asked remembering the crystal clear red blood you drank just hours ago.

“Ah that’s quite an interesting question my dear bird.” Taehyung hummed, 

“That was taken from a nearby hospital.”

“W-w-w-what?????” you spluttered head spinning,

“Yes, we take blood from a nearby hospital in it’s frozen reserves so we don’t starve although we can eat food some prefer blood. But some still like to eat food because we still have taste which is why you saw regular items in the fridge.” Taehyung grinned,

“But you still shouldn’t take from reserves in a hospital…” you mumbled,

“Well it was that or humans, besides if that’s human blood what’s the difference if Yoongi bit me?” you wondered out loud,

“Well the difference is that human blood is fresher than blood in bags, also you’re living and the blood we get is dead or frozen sooo.” Taehyung sighed shaking his head at you,

“Besides, all this talk of blood is making me thirsty.” Jungkook said getting up, 

“I think I want a drink.” he smirked before appearing right next to you shocking everyone, “We also have super human speed baby.” He whispered breath tickling your ear, then you felt it, a prick on your collar bone. 

Jesus he actually bit me!

After a minute Jungkook backed away wiping his mouth eyes bright red, 

“Thanks darling.”

“You-you actually bit me! You’re linked to me!” you spluttered, 

“Oh my god…” Jimin sighed shaking his head, what was going to become of this human that wandered into the wrong home? 

“Maggie” as the Key: Thatcher Premonitions, HOUND/TD-12, and Mary drugging Sherlock

Sherlock asks Mycroft if Moriarty is connected to Margaret Thatcher because he just has a feeling that the cases are somehow connected — he has since he first saw the Thatcher shrine at the beginning of the episode.

“By the pricking of my thumbs …” — “Intuitions are not to be ignored, John. They represent data processed too fast for the conscious mind to comprehend.”

The only other mention of Margaret Thatcher on the show so far was that she was the person the head of the HOUND project was obsessed with — and we know that Sherlock doesn’t yet consciously realise that Moriarty was the reason he and John got sent to Baskerville.

“Are you having a premonition, brother mine?”

Sequence of Events:

- ASiB = (John writes “The Six Thatchers”. The timeline for blog entries is a bit odd here, but he has to write it some time before the 221b Christmas party.)
- ASiB = (Moriarty reads this entry — as he reads everything on John’s blog.)
- THoB = Head of the HOUND project happens to be obsessed with Margaret Thatcher and has “Maggie” as his password. HOUND is a drug that has been described as putting subjects in a state of paranoia/”extreme suggestibility” — prolonged exposure leads to violent outbursts. Multiple homicides/suicides was the reason it was covered up. It works through “fear and stimulus”.

“We saw what our minds wanted us to see”.

- HLV = “Hounds of the Baskerville” listed as one of Sherlock’s pressure points by Magnussen, linking HOUND back to Moriarty.

- HLV = Mary drugs Sherlock using HOUND/”TD-12″/a derivative and plants the Christmas memory where John forgives her in his mind. Remember that he can’t have a flashback to this memory because he wasn’t there. Both the hospital scene and Sherlock’s TST flashback share the same flickering quality of light, which likely indicates that this is the origin of the memory.

- TST = Sherlock asks Mycroft if Moriarty has ever expressed an interest in Margaret Thatcher — Mycroft asks him if he’s having a premonition.

“SHERLOCK: Moriarty. Did he have any connection with Thatcher? Any interest in her?
MYCROFT: Why on earth would he?
SHERLOCK: I don’t know. You tell me.”

- TST = Sherlock has a flashback to the fake Christmas/AGRA data stick memory after fighting with AJ/smashing the bust and looks shocked — perhaps he begins to realise that his memory has been tampered with. But then immediately afterwards he tells AJ “She’s my friend. And she’s under my protection.” So … maybe not then?

Sherlock didn’t know he was being drugged in THoB and completely freaked out — so it’s logical to assume that he wouldn’t immediately suspect that he is being drugged by Mary and instead latch onto a less concerning explanation — one that doesn’t incriminate her or mean that Moriarty is behind all of this.

- TST = AGRA data stick is in the Thatcher bust, where in John’s blogpost the knife/murder weapon was in the Thatcher bust.

- TST = Sherlock has a realisation on the bridge. The deduction sequence is ambiguous. We don’t see Norbury, but we do see shots of the AGRA data stick, Mary, smashed Thatcher busts, and who I presume is AJ. Sherlock then sprints off.

- TST = Sherlock sends Mary the “the curtain rises” text message. A phrase he has only ever said in reference to Moriarty. Is it subconscious? Or did he realise her connection to Moriarty and then have his memories altered from the vantage point of the future?

“I’m afraid that some of the memories you’ve had up to this point might also be corrupted.”

Lots of TD-12/HOUND/Thatcher things this episode that make me 👀

But especially the quality of flickering light in Sherlock’s impossible flashback.

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Until today I thought I felt this connection with you was just because of our same city origins, but today you proved me wrong.
We have this connection because we somehow have originated from the same star, our stardusts match and so do our thoughts.
I never believed in being connected to a human being in such a short time but you proved me wrong in about an hour.
To be openly honest and honestly open is what our conversation was.
To he openly loving and always and forever is what our friendship will be.

@creatingnikki I promise to never let you drown alone!

katchyalater  asked:

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿) //idk who has and hasn't gotten this. sorry if this is a repeat!//

This is such a cute ask and it took me ages to do it because I knew I’d have to think about it for at least an hour or so. Thank you (and it’s not a repeat)! I’m going to cheat a little bit and exclude my two very favourite fics (Pistols at Dawn and Call it Patience, Call it Hope) bc they’re pretty well-known, I think, and use the opportunity to shine a light on a few others that I particularly loved writing. 

And tell my name to distant ages (Bellarke): Clarke moves to a beautiful old house in the county after a professional disaster only to find herself being haunted. Does the ghost want to harm her? Or does it want to achieve something else? Local historian Bellamy Blake is there to help her figure it out. This started as a Secret Santa prompt and then grew into a 26k monster and I love it because I love this particular romance subgenre of “troubled heroine somehow finds a connection to a woman who lived long before her; finds love and herself in the process”. 

It’s you and it’s me and we’re going to be alright my love (Bellarke): In which I allowed myself to imagine Clarke and Bellamy going on some sort of mission to the sea and slowly heal from everything they’ve been through. It’s angsty and bittersweet I made myself cry a lot while writing it. (And I wrote it at some point during season 3A, I think, so the Luna in the fic is not canon!Luna.)

Jesus was a Crossmaker (Bellarke): 1920s/Bonnie and Clyde AU - frustrated smalltown doctor Clarke is swept off her feet by dashing outlaw Bellamy Blake, the “Robin Hood of the Midwest”. It was my first historical AU, and it sparked a passion - see also: Regency!Bellarke, Roman Britain!Bellarke and (currently in the works) Pirate!Bellarke. 

Talk is cheap my Darling (Ice Mechanic): Celebrity wedding planner Roan and romance skeptic Raven team up for Monty and Miller’s wedding. It shouldn’t work out, and yet somehow, it does. Involves food as foreplay, slinky dresses, and Raven as an IT mogul. 

A Magic Dwells in Each Beginning (Bellarke): Over the span of 100 years of canon timeline, these are three ways Clarke and Bellamy could have started, and one way they could start over. 




EDIT: Jesus, people… calm down. It is just a theory, I am not saying it is for sure Armin. It is probably not because he is one of boyfriends. All I am saying it does somehow connect and you are just super protective over Armin and stuff. Christ =/// I do like him, okay? XD