because these are her priorities

“You said, he loves you as much as you love him. Then, why the both of you are not still together?” he asked.

“We both love each other. Yes, yes. And I’m not really sure why we’re not still together.” she answered very carefully as if the words she said hurt her heart like knives cutting through her veins. “Some may say it’s because of our priorities in life. But some may say that it’s not yet the perfect time. But who the hell really knows? Is it me? Is it him? I don’t know. I don’t even understand. They say that opposites do attract each other, while same signs do otherwise. We’re like walking on parallel lines with an infinite spaces in between, that even if we run faster, we will never bump on each other at the finish line. No matter how hard we try.”

—  ma.c.a // And sometimes, the world seems to be against us

listen, I get that Allura isn’t perfect. she pushes the paladins and pushes them hard with no regard that they are (with the exception of shiro) no older than her. she ices keith out after finding out he’s part Galra. and she is generally quick to react with anger, especially in high pressure situations.

but she’s been through so much. She lost her planet, her family, her people, her culture. and now she’s being forced to lead a war when she’s just a kid. she had to sacrifice the last remnants of her father (his ai) for the sake of a war that she didn’t start. she was rejected by her father’s lion despite how strong she’s been and how badly she wants to follow in his footsteps. Not to mention she represses all her emotions instead of actually addressing them (which is probably why she iced Keith out in the first place) and has a tendency to ignore the individual over the whole.

she came face to face with the dead body of an Altean once she finally had hopes that she wasn’t the last of her race. and then she had to face the alternate alteans and the implication that there’s a reality where she filled Zarkon’s role. from the moment Allura woke up in episode 1, she has faced trauma after trauma and hasn’t been able to properly grieve because, again, she’s in the middle of a goddamn war.

she has every right to be angry and spiteful and vengeful and yet? she’s not. for the most part, Allura is entirely driven by empathy and a sense of duty to help others in need. At every turn she’s the one who insists they stop and help everyone who sends them a distress signal, she doesn’t care that it may be a trap and she doesn’t care that she would get to defeat Zarkon sooner if she didn’t. Because they are her priority. 

And she risks her very life for strangers on a regular basis. She goes down to the Balmera with enemies shooting at her–without a ship! and then she refuses to abandon them, instead giving them hope. Allura is, fundamentally and at her core a good person. An amazing person. She is only a teenager and yet she faces danger with bravery most Adults would not be able to muster.

Allura is a leader who fights alongside the others; even before becoming a paladin. She never asks of anyone else something that she herself would not do, and consistently puts the good of the universe above herself. 

so, yes, Allura has flaws. But those flaws make her more relatable to the audience and they’re invaluable to her character. And they most certainly don’t outweigh the good in her. So if you want to say Allura is “rude and racist” or “not a good person” then we’re gonna fucking throw down.

have i mentioned lately that i love krysta rodriguez and would do anything for her

Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 6 ❤️

A/N: Omg you guys are gonna hate me! *cries hysterically* This was so hard to write because of major feels, but i promise it’ll get better! Borky is a good dude ok and he will make it all better lol. I hope y’all like it! Enjoy! - Delilah  ❤️

Warnings: Swearing. Angst. Major feels. Get a tissue, you’re gonna need it. 

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Guuuys, this scene is dividing opinions, right?

Ok, my opinion: Sarada was priority because Sakura was worried about her, she decided to hug her first before talk to Sasuke because it was for her that she leaved the hospital, and she wanted to hold her daughter after almost being hurt by Shin, right?

Sasuke is also like “where’s my hug” which is very cute. Right after she hugs Sarada she goes talk to him. I don’t see it as a bad scene, but If I could chose, I’d rather that she had hugged him ^^ 

Fuuuck I put “” instead of “theeraofnaruto.tumblr” 😧😧

The Edolas arc had some small and cute nalu moments such as Natsu wanting to get a gift for Lucy

and giving her his cape since she was probably cold because of the rain. 

However, nobody really talks about a certain small nalu moment that also happened during the Edolas Arc. 

Natsu, Edo!Lucy, Wendy, Happy, and Charle are hiding from the guards since they aren’t able to fight them. When they discover that Lucy is in Edolas and has been found by the guards, Natsu immediately runs out of their hiding place in order to help her. Remember that he can’t use his magic, and he pretty much gave away their position by running out without hesitation.  Natsu is risking himself and the others being captured by the guards. However, that doesn’t matter to him because saving Lucy is his priority. He wants to help her even though he knows that he can’t fight all the guards without his magic, showing how deeply he cares for her. This is just one of the examples of Natsu prioritizing Lucy’s safety over everything else. 

No matter what the situation is, Natsu is always looking out for his beloved Lucy. ;) 


Requests: “i love your writing so much and im so happy youre doing bucky now lmao could you possibly do a one shot where the reader and him are arguing and it ends in fluff?” (Credits to gif owners!)

“That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard come out of your mouth! Please tell me you’re kidding?!” Y/N pleaded but the look in Bucky’s eyes told her he wasn’t joking. That if it came down to it, Bucky would get killed for her. He would just leave her without a second thought, just to save her. He had been through too much, and arguing made Y/N feel like it would make him unstable.

But Bucky wasn’t giving in. He kept thinking he said nothing wrong. In both of their cases, they were lacking the communication. Neither of them budging. “Look, hun all I’m saying is that if an enemy has a gun pointed to your head I’d offer myself before they took your life! What is so wrong with that?!” Y/N folded her arms across her chest. “Don’t look at me like that.” Bucky warned when she narrowed her eyes at him.

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What signs would you be able to provide that Caryl is romantic/going canon?

*soft voice* “we cut the son of a bitch open. Made sure”

*carol cries* *daryl gets up in the middle of the night to search for sophia*

“A flower?” “It’s a Cherokee rose” *tells a beautiful story to give her hope* *comments on how Sophia will like the trailer all clean *

*searches for Sophia until he almost dies. Then continues search because he took the responsibility for himself to find Carol’s daughter*

“You did more for my little girl than her own dad did his whole life” *literally puts Daryl in the position of a father on Sophia’s life.

“You’re every bit as good as them”

“I can’t lose you too”

*daryl fights with Carol, later brings her to the Cherokee Roses bushes, to apologize and stare at her the whole time * “Hey, I’m sorry about what happened this morning” *all of this while not giving 2 shits about apologizing to the rest of TF or treat anyone nicely*

“You’re afraid. You’re afraid cause you’re all alone. You have no husband, no daughter. You ain’t my problem. Sophia wasn’t mine” *deals with his pain by lashing out, not understanding why he puts himself in the position of protecting carol like Rick did with Lori and responsible for Sophia like a father is responsible for their kid*

*goes back the next day, listening to Carol’s advice and staying around the group cause she wasn’t going to let him pull away*

*Carol is definitely his “problem”, since he rescues her at the farm and always keep an eye on her, as we’ll see in the future*

*Massages Carol shoulder/suddenly the air shifts when he notices he is touching her and looks at her while doing it* pretty romantic. Screw around? *stops to make sure carol is really serious*
“I’ll go down first” “even better”

*Grieves at Carol being possible dead, can’t stand see a drawing with Sophia’s name, almost can’t stand the possibility of having to put her down if she is dead*

“What do you want us to tell Carol?” *even Glenn knew* “She’ll understand”

“Daryl’s gone? He left?” *cue to Carol trying to hold herself together at the realization Daryl left* “Daryl has his code, the world needs men like him ” *she understood*

“I’m glad you came back” *ten minutes of whispered conversation while eye fucking each other, and giggling at the end*

“Just so you know, I liked you first” “sorry pookie” *domestic Caryl cause why not*

*Michonne teased him, Daryl didn’t even bat an eye to that. Carol does, goes 10 shades of red in 2.5 seconds*

*rick banished her and ran away from seeing Daryl the best he could cause he knew he was fucked*

*Daryl finds out carol was banished, and wants to go find her, also almost hits Rick, also doesn’t care anymore about her being the killer, he knows her, knows she had a reason, wants to deal with ty, takes responsibility for what happened and for the kids too*

*almost cries*

*is dead inside while stuck with Beth*

*cant even believe when he finally has her back, hugs her in front of everyone, didn’t want to stop until Rick cockblocks him*

*carol was dead inside since she was banished/lost the girls, but Daryl makes her smile again*

*cant pretend that everything is ok next to him*

*carol almost leaves, he stops her*

*keep an eye on her the entire time*

*their bottle episode is dedicated to show how much they know each other and how he wants to start over with her, and how she just can’t bear to lose him, and how she’s scared of losing people specially him*

*his search for Beth goes to the background, his focus is carol*

*beth dies, Carol stops him for killing everyone*

*Carol swallows her pain to help daryl, because he is her priority*

*carols tell him to try even though she can’t*

*carol does everything to keep the group safe, specially Daryl as we’ll see in the future*

*carol avoids Daryl cause she knows she can’t fake nothing around him and he knows her better than anyone around*

*cant pretend she is ok when he asks her and hugs her*

*their life is completely messed up without the other’s presence*

*Daryl thinks about her when he is about to die*

*Carol admitis she is running away from love*

*Daryl is devastated when he hears she left*

*Daryl wants nothing more than revenge and praises Carol to everyone at how she would fucking end this shit if she was there*

*almost kills Richard for her and threatens even the weather if carol as much as has her hair wet because of the rain, in case she is upset by it*

*still, in front of her, can’t hide how hurt he is by her decision of leave HIM*

*carol opens up to him even though she pushed everyone else away*

*cant contain herself in front of him*

*confesses to him she couldn’t lose him and that he was the main reason she left*

*Daryl, who wants nothing more than just win this war, knowing full well Carol is not only necessary, but maybe the person who could help them win this shit for real, lies to her to protect her and keep her safe, because between losing everyone and dying, or having Carol losing herself or hurting herself, there isn’t even a debate*

*almost can’t leave her, goes back to hug her and NUZZLES HER SHOULDER*

*carol nuzzles him as well I mean the fuck, they smelled each other*

*carol almost goes after him*

*its stated in canon by Morgan that the same way his philosophy is what keeps him grounded and who he is in this world, Carol is the reason why Daryl keeps holding on*

All of this with two characters that don’t behave like that with anyone else besides each other. What I see between them that it’s romantic? Let me ask you something back: how can you see them as anything but romantic?

There is some serious inverse dynamic here in this fandom. Carylers don’t have to prove a thing. Haters, on the other hand… 🤔🤔🤔

In case y’all forgot:

- Brett and Lorilee’s entire family died in a fire.

-They were on their own for months until Satomi found them.

- Brett was less than 16 years old when he was forced to be Lori’s parental figure, a teenager.

- Not only did Brett have to look after himself during the deadpool, he had to look after Lori.

- Brett was willing to be a human shield for Lori.

- They both were worth the same on the deadpool (250,000).

- When Brett got separated from Lori during the assassin attack (4x10), they were both frantically trying to find each other.

- Since Brett was willing to help the McCall pack, Lori was too.

- Brett mastered lacrosse in one summer because Lori was lonely at school. 

- Lori was willingly to leave Scott McCall, an injured true alpha,  ecause she was afraid her brother was dying.

- Lori completely disregarded Liam screaming at her to stop because her #1  priority was getting Brett to safety.

- Brett and Lori died holding hands because if they were going to die they were going to die together.

- Lori’s last words were the same ones had once Brett spoke to her, only it was Lori comforting Brett instead of vice versa.

- Lori had to watch her brother die because the car running them over didn’t kill her. 

- Lori Rohr and Brett Talbot were two siblings deserved better.


Genya Safin, busy at work being hella diplomatic.

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Hey, I haven't read the Narnia books and I'm curious about why Susan isn't a friend of Narnia or something like that anymore, can you tell me?

okay so theres this misconception that lewis scorned susan for being interested in traditionally feminine pursuits (make up, fashion, etc) but from my pov lewis didnt leave her out for simple interest in being pretty but rather because thats all she cared about
she made fickle and shallow pursuits her top priority and turned from her siblings and narnia
to be fair she was in her teens and early 20s and people are allowed to like what they want but for a time she still chose fickle friends and parties over the love and support of her family and choices have consequences 

narnia didnt abandon susan
susan abandoned narnia

theres also the misconception that susan would forever be separated from narnia and her family because of the decisions she made as young adult but lewis wrote letters to children who were concerned about susan saying that he still had hope that susan would reach aslan’s country one day but that it was a much more adult tale than he was willing to write and he even encouraged the girl he was addressing to try writing it herself

while its rather depressing that susan was stuck alone at 21 after the deaths of her entire family in one train wreck i find her (and edmund’s) story to be the most realistic 

most people lose their way at some point in their life and it takes more effort than people like to acknowledge to get back to the person you know you are
its not easy and its not fun and it definitely isnt something i would expect to find in a book for young children

susan pevensie was given the hard road but that might just make her the most realistic of all her siblings

Hey uh I’m a gay loser who loves Newsies and Newsies fanfiction and if you’re also a gay loser who loves Newsies and Newsies fanfiction and you haven’t already go read like everything @thestoryweneededtowrite has ever written because it’s all amazing.

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is messy, and develops over time, and rooted in friendship, first and foremost. It’s a much more grown-up way of looking at a relationship, and it’s a relationship that we often don’t explore in these kinds of shows, and that’s part of the fun of it for us: getting to see as these characters get older, can they establish true, intimate and connected relationships with each other? DE fans said that The young love at first sight = stelena. Powerful Passionate = delena. Real life love = steroline

But where is this true, intimate and connected relationship, though? WHERE IS IT? I’m genuinely asking.

First of all, what DErs and SCers refuse and I mean this, they refuse to understand, Stefan and Elena evolve past love at first sight. Their relationship doesn’t stay as young love, their relationship wasn’t even young love to begin with, their relationship started very intimate and very profound and it actually just gets more profound with each season, hell with each episode. They continuously shift and figure out more aspects about one another.

Damon and Elena cannot have an actual conversation that goes somewhere because they are so scared by honesty

Damon continuously lies to her:

(this is when he still doesn’t tell her about the cure)

Elena doesn’t talk to Damon about her problems, she talks to Stefan and then Stefan tells her to talk to Damon:

Damon doesn’t talk to Elena about his problems, he talks to Bonnie:

Damon and Elena only really talk about having lots of sex:

and then they have lots of sex

but that’s not powerful and passionate love. Powerful and passionate love is being able to fight compulsion for each other:

loving and trusting each other so intrinsically that the other person can lead you out of your darkness:

like the SE love was that“our love can move mountains” kind of love, it did the impossible and as a really great bonus, they had really great sex:

Caroline and Stefan are never on the same page. Ever. In build-up, in the will-they-won’t-they, that worked, in an actual relationship it is a fundamental issue that they’re never truly communicating until it’s too late.

In season 7, Stefan deluded himself into thinking that Caroline wouldn’t want to be a part of the twins’ lives and Caroline didn’t want to tell Stefan that she actually wanted to be. Klaus and Damon had to tell Stefan he was being stupid. Stefan had to ask Lily for advice on how to handle the situation. In season 6 when he didn’t know what he was feeling, that’s fine, but when you’re in a relationship, you should know how to communicate with your girlfriend. Caroline relied on Alaric and Stefan relied on Valerie and then when Stefan left, Caroline got engaged and that didn’t need to happen. It’s the 21st Century, she did not need to get engaged to the father of her children, their situation is bizarre anyway, they have gemini twins who were sent to Caroline’s womb without her consent, she is a vampire, Alaric was a hunter turned original vampire turned human adventurer for the supernatural, so it’s not like they’re a conventional, traditionalist family.

And then in season 8, Caroline has to tell Stefan to rely on her when it comes to Damon, we never evolve past this point of Caroline telling Stefan to open himself up

and then Caroline suspends their engagement while she looks for her kids. She doesn’t feel like she can rely on him and be a team with him when it comes to her children because their priorities are different and these are important priorities, which carries from season 7.

They’re never really a family.

There’s Stefan’s life and Caroline’s life running parallel to each other but never connecting, not really.

Then when Stefan sells his soul for her children, she does the bare minimum to get him back. That isn’t an adult relationship, they don’t know how to work together, they don’t know how to be together, everything is a miscommunication, everything is an argument, they’re continuously trying to teach each other how to love one another

and it never sticks for more than a moment and that moment is usually in the morning before life actually begins and that isn’t a problem with Stelena:

So I ask again, what are they talking about?

im ngl i rly liked that episode, if for no other reason than it finally gave us some much needed screen time between rick and beth. rick finally admitted to loving beth, so much that he would do her the favor of lifting her biggest burden off her shoulders. beth finally saw rick for what he was and, most importantly, saw herself for what she is. and while their relationship isnt anywhere near halfway perfect, theyre starting somewhere. its also noteworthy to mention that as beth and rick become closer, beth’s relationship with her family becomes more distant.

this episode also had some rly important character development for beth that she’s honestly been needing. a huge trope that a lot of media falls for is the trope of the perfect female figure, where her flaws are either nonexistant or superficial compared to her male counterparts so she lacks depth. with this show, i think they tried rly hard to avoid that and let a female character be so flawed that she could even be considered the bad guy in some lights (though rick and morty isnt normally that black and white). so while beth is a fundamentally horrible person, and her trauma and childhood are explanations, not justifications, for this, she’s a good character who’s finally getting more depth.

another thing: beth finally recognizes that she’s as good of a person as her father. which means that she’s now aware of her actions and what she’s done. she knows she’s not a good parent, she knows she might make the same mistakes as rick, and now that she recognizes this, she can consciously choose to improve. but she wont. the fact that she even considered leaving her family with a clone that rick offered (whether or not she took him up on that offer, the show left it ambiguous) and the fact that she’s been inattentive to her kids means that she wont improve. and this time, her choice to not improve isnt backed up by some excuse to blame it on. she cant blame it on jerry, she cant blame it on rick, she cant only blame it on herself. and she’s owning up to it. this is where i think her character is shining the brightest

beth hates being wrong, she hates admitting to defeat. the moment she realized that she was a bad person and bad parent like rick, she had to realize that she’s been in the wrong the whole time. and yet instead of changing, she continues with who she is. instead of changing her actions to match her values, she changes her values to match her actions. now the idea of “good” and being “right” is being free. she’s adopting rick’s ideas of “good” and “right.” which is why she and rick had that final conversation, the favor he offered her of letting her go free to explore the universe without consequences.

beth is no longer the cookie cutter bad mom. now she’s a bad mom who knows she is, and is so stubborn and stuck in her ways that the idea of improvement caused her hesitation. beth is a deep character with full autonomy and control over her actions without connecting them to other people now bc she’s self aware, and yet she still chooses the wrong actions because her flawed priorities run so deep, and im so happy she finally got this treatment of being more complex

Olicity - shedding some light into the dark!

5.15 was not written for Olicity shippers; it was written to justify Olicity to the fanboys!  It was written to compare and contrast a Susan Vs. Felicity meta to them; its being done in a subtle way.

Oliver asked Felicity to help with the Susan situation after Thea refused to budge; and although saying yes was very hard for Felicity to do; she still said yes and did it. Because Felicity wants Oliver to be happy; and Oliver is still a friend!

She later stops him to tell him that she he has all the confidence he will win the impeachment proceedings and when he asks how can she be sure; she tells him that Oliver Queen is the star city hero.  This is where @scu11y22 comment of Felicity being way better than Oliver comes in.  Although it hurts her; Felicity helps him; she doesn’t have to; but Felicity is there for him; Felicity is able to separate their friendship from their romantic status and be there for him; not only because she is the better person; it’s because she loves him and wants him to be happy.

On her way into the hearing; Susan tells Oliver; that now she can’t out him as the Green Arrow; and tells him he deserves this.  Showing us and him how little she cares; and how shallow their relationship is.

@turtlejustice mentioned yesterday the significance of that scene in the hospital; where the doctor tells Oliver he needs not a necessarily a girlfriend but a friend; after which he tries to call Susan; and although she doesn’t answer; Oliver does not process the alternative the doctor gave him; call a friend, someone who knows you better than anyone; because in his Ollie mind; he can’t think of Felicity beyond ex-fiancé.

Susan comes back to Ollie only after she gets her career back; because obviously her career is her priority; while look at Felicity who continuously stood by him regardless of her employment situation (remember 2.5) and their romantic status. (4.23)

At the end of the episode Susan was taken instead of the usual Felicity; which was great; and we will see a different reaction from Susan to Oliver’s GA than has been from Felicity’s all along; contrasting the levels of belief and support they have in him. 

It’s unfortunate; but a second look at the episode tells me that this whole season has been an attempt to slowly contrast Felicity to Laurel as well; the biggest one was her reaction Billy’s death versus Laurel’s reaction to Tommy’s death (another use for Billy) proving again; that there is one woman whose faith stays unwavering in Oliver Queen and that woman is Felicity Smoak.

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Do you realize the only argument you have when someone says Sakura is only trying to make Sasuke hers is a quote from Kakashi ..? It's a little weak don't you think, compared to all the time she confessed at such wrong times only to make Sasuke stay, and the Sakura novel where Sakura herself says she will declare to Sasuke no matter how many times it takes. Plus the parallels between her never giving up when she fights and her confessions.

Do you realise that by this flawed logic, your argument for Karin putting Sasuke’s happiness above her own is every bit as weak when considering the only evidence you have is a quote from Karin?

See, not only is it that easy for me to throw your point back in your face, but I can also show you just how irrelevant it actually is.

Firstly, Sakura wanted to save Sasuke from the darkness - that was her goal during the story, and even in the Kakashi quote that is apparently our “only argument”, Kakashi mentions this as well, because that was her priority. While Sasuke was suffering in hatred, Sakura didn’t care about getting into a relationship with him. As Kakashi said, “she only wanted to save [him]”.

However, once Sasuke was saved from the darkness, he was able to embrace love again. He no longer needed saving, so in that case, what’s so wrong with Sakura again wanting to pursue a romantic relationship with him? Please Anon, answer me this question, because I really want to know why it’s so bad for Sakura to want to pursue a relationship after Sasuke’s been saved.

Secondly, that isn’t even the only argument there is to illustrate the fact that while Sasuke was still afflicted with the Curse of Hatred, Sakura wasn’t trying to make him her’s, because not only does she demonstrate during each of her confessions that the only thing she cared about was Sasuke’s happiness (and I can prove that too with other panels), but this is also portrayed during other instances such as after Team 7′s 2nd reunion in the Land of Iron where she made it clear that her dream was to see a smiling Team 7 again, not to make Sasuke her’s.

  • You mention all the “wrong” times Sakura confessed, well tell me what a “right” time would have been.
  • You say they were “only to make Sasuke stay”, as if that wasn’t part of the entire reason behind Naruto’s and Sakura’s efforts in the first place.
  • And then you mention Sakura’s novel, which takes place long after Sasuke had been saved, and therefore does absolutely nothing for your point whatsoever.

Because you see Anon, anti extremists often spout such drivel, including nonsense like how Sakura “only ever” cared about making Sasuke hers, or how she “only ever” viewed him as a trophy, or perhaps the most ridiculous one - how she “only ever” wanted to join the Uchiha clan because she wanted the status it provided. It’s them who say things like how that’s all Sakura ever cared about, when it’s very easy to see what utter rubbish that is - Sakura’s main concern while Sasuke was under the influence of the Curse, was always to save him.

Now then, if you’d be so kind as to answer my previous question -  why is it so bad for Sakura to want to pursue a relationship after Sasuke’s been saved?

so i was just casually thinking about michonne’s reaction to rick’s apparent death for the millionth time, you know as one does, and while i think i understand why people thought her reaction was out of character i can’t say i agree. tbh, i think it’s the exact opposite: it’s the natural culmination of all the character progression she’s gone through over the last few seasons.

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Treat You Better

Shawn x Reader

Summary: Shawn and Y/N were best friends until Y/N got with her (now) boyfriend, Blaze, who doesn’t let her even hang out with Shawn anymore. But when Shawn hears something happen between them at a party, Blaze’s rules might not be followed.

Warning: Mentions of physical abuse.

“Stick by my side the whole time”, Blaze explained as you both sat in the car, him at the wheel, “Unless I ask for you to get me a drink though”, he added, “Got it?”

“Uh-huh”, you looked out the window.

“Answer me properly please”, Blaze instructed.

“Yes, I will”, you sighed.

“Good”, he smiled while placing his hand on your thigh.

You decided to take a look at your phone, you hadn’t realized you had gotten a message from Shawn. Your eyes lit up as you opened the message.

S: Are you by chance going to the party tonight?

You smiled at the message before typing.

Y/N: Yeah, I’m guessing you are.

You got an almost immediate response.

S: Yup! Getting out of the car right now, hopefully, I’ll see you in a few.

You looked away from the phone with a sad look on your face.

Y/N: Sure

“Who are you texting”, Blaze asked while trying to look at the screen.

You turned your phone off and looked over at him, “Bethany”, you lied.

“Oh cool”, he smiled at you getting along with his sister.

“Uh-huh”, you sighed happily, not happy at talking to his sister but to Shawn.

You then felt an uneasy feeling in your stomach as you remembered what you dubbed, the worst night of your life.


“I’m gonna leave in a few minutes, but you can hang around”, you told your best friend while turning your phone off.

“With…him”, Shawn didn’t even like saying his name, “Or should I say, he who must not be named.”

You playfully slapped his arm, “Shut up”, you laughed, “He’s a good guy.”

“I don’t get that vibe from him”, Shawn replied.

“Because you automatically hate anyone who tries to get in the way of our friendship”, you joked.

“It’s not that…I just don’t like the way he talks, acts, everything. It’s just wrong”, Shawn shook his head while playing with your hair.

You were going to reply when the doorbell rang, “Be nice”, you told him before standing up and getting the door, “Hey Blaze, come on in”, you opened the door and stepped aside.

“Oh”, Blaze looked at Shawn on the couch, “Is this your brother”, he walked over to the couch.

“I don’t have a–”

“Shawn Mendes”, Blaze said like they do in the old Western movies, “What are you doing here?”

Shawn was looking down at his phone, completely ignoring him.

“Shawn”, you cleared your throat.

“Oh, I’m sorry Y/N. Did you say something”, he said sweetly with challenging eyes.

You sent him a smile that said to quit it, “Blaze was making conversation with you.”

“Who? Oh yeah that guy”, he said distastefully, “Shawn. Shawn Mendes. Y/N’s best friend since kindergarten, someone huge to compete with…it’s very nice to meet you”, Shawn held his hand up in a way to greet him instead of shaking Blaze’s hand.

“Well I’m her boyfriend now”, Blaze took a step forward.

You stood in the middle of them subtly, “Um…we better get going”, you walked toward the door.

“You stay away from her, buddy”, Blaze grabbed Shawn by the collar.

Your eyes went wide as you watched the scene.

“Don’t try me with that bullshit. You hurt her or anything like that, I’m breaking your face”, Shawn pulled Blaze off of him before looking down at his phone again.

“And if you don’t follow my rules…well, be aware that I know you have a little sister”, Blaze growled. Shawn looked up at Blaze with wide eyes, Blaze sent him a smile before looking back at you, “Let’s get going!”

That was the last time you had formally talked or hung out with Shawn, it had been almost seven months.

//flashback ended//

You stepped up to the door, arms linked with Blaze’s as you walked through the open door. You immediately heard ‘Crying in the Club’ by Camila Cabello and took a deep breath, ready for another night of partying.

“Hey Blaze”, a guy gave Blaze a bro-hug as they began to catch up.

You looked away, the first thing–or should you say, person, you saw was Shawn. He looked at you with kind eyes, waving at you.

You waved back while mouthing a 'hey’.

“Who are you–”, Blaze had ended his conversation and was now looking at you…the at Shawn, “That fucker”, he growled, “Let’s go”, Blaze yanked you by the arm and you began to walk up the stairs.

“Blaze, he just said hi. I was being nice, not a bitch”, you struggled in his grip as he opened a vacant room and pulled you both inside.

“No, I already told him when we first got together to stay away from you. That included talking, he knew the rules”, Blaze yelled in your face.

Little did you know that Shawn was outside the door, listening. He knew something was up and had followed you both upstairs. He was fighting the urge to barge in, thinking of what was best for Aaliyah.

“Leave him alone Blaze”, you finally screamed in his face, “It’s not his fault that you’re a fucking prick who can’t keep anyone, so you practically captivate them with you.”

He glared at you, “Don’t start.”

“Leave. Him. Alone”, you pulled away and crossed your arms.

“I would stop while I was ahead of myself if I were you”, Blaze was clenching his fists, he had never hit you. He wouldn’t.

“No. He’s my best friend and I don’t want you to ever come up with a bullshit 'rule’ like that again”, you stomped on the ground.

“You should really know who you’re talking to”, Blaze was losing his patience, but you had a lot to unleash.

“No! You should know a girl’s priorities before you get with her! Because mine is my best friend, Shawn. That’s not gonna change”, you yelled

Shawn smiled to himself, you had finally done what he only prayed for you to do.

Confidence ran through your veins, a fiery feeling. Suddenly you felt a hand come in contact with your cheek, sending a stinging sensation through your cheek. You didn’t even have time to process it before tears began falling from your eyes like waterfalls.

“Did you just hit me”, you sobbed.

“Yeah”, Blaze didn’t miss a beat.

Shawn had heard the slap, he didn’t believe it at first. Then he heard your sobs, the familiar cry that could either make him or break him.

“What did I fucking tell YOU when you were at her house that night”, Shawn barged in and pushed Blaze up against the wall.

You were too weak to say anything, but you only cried harder.

“Calm down man”, Blaze yelped, “Y/N get help”, Blaze instructed.

You only shook your head as you choked on sobs and Shawn continuously punched Blaze. It was about three minutes of continuous punching when you grabbed Shawn by his arm and pulled him away.

“Y/N”, he said softly while looking at your face. Tears going down your face, mascara running, red hand print on your right cheek, “That motherfucker”, he pulled you in for a hug, “Let’s go back to the party”, he led you out of the room and down the stairs, “Want a drink?”

You took in a deep breath to steady your sobs, “I wanna go home”, you cried.

“Alright let’s go”, Shawn led you out the door and you both stood outside his jeep as he cleaned up a bit before you sat inside, “I’m so sorry Y/N”, he said softly.

You felt the tears come down harder as you threw yourself onto his chest and cried. But for some reason, you suddenly felt something that you hadn’t before. You felt your love for Shawn turn into something…romantic.

“Everything I do is for you...”

Can we talk about this quote?? Just when I think Barry Allen can’t top himself in the off the cuff ‘wedding vow’ department he proves me wrong every single time.

I’m a sucker for a good love declaration so it doesn’t take much to make me happy but there was something about this one that was like a kick to the gut–in the best way possible. It’s one thing to say, “I’d do anything for you.” because that’s a HUGE declaration but it’s another thing entirely to say “Everything I do is for you.”

That’s all she wrote. There is not coming back from that. That’s the whole kit & caboodle. It’s a wrap.

To Barry, she is everything. Making her happy and keeping her safe are his priorities because SHE is his #1 priority. She comes before everyone else in his eyes and we’re seeing more and more of it as the weeks go by. They’re adorable together and you can literally feel the love emanating off of him when he looks at her. The smile he gets on his face when he listens to her talk or right before he kisses her is so wide it shocks me that it doesn’t crack his face. I love how light and happy he is with her. He literally has the weight of the world on his shoulders but coaxing one smile out of Iris is enough to make him feel like the luckiest had happiest person in the world.  

He is so in love with Iris West and he’s not afraid to show it. And I can’t say enough how important it is to see a black woman on television be loved. Not just loved but adored and prioritized first. Her life matters, her safety matters, her mental well-being matters. She matters.