because theres no colors


EB: merry christmas to you too!!

TG: dont forget hanukkah 

EB: and a happy hanukkah!


Even though I told myself to stop, I’m still gradually falling in love with him more and more.


黒執事のセバスチャンの目 -Sebastian’ glowing eyes // Different Shades

and i hope you feel okay tonight




My part of the art collab we made with Kiwiitin ! I surely took my sweet time and Kiwi basically had the patience of a saint with me with this one ;w; 

So yeah, Kiwi did the “sketch” (”sketch” because I was delivered a goddamn lineart, damn you, made my own scrubby sketch shiver in a shame lmao) and colors by yours truly.


Jacob Pitts as Lance Lord and Marin Ireland as Julia in the Sneaky Pete episode, “Sam”.

Two things to note in “Sam”:
1) Lance and Julia (no last name given) have begun to rekindle their relationship with an adult sleepover, in the previous episode. No such activity in this ep, just intense flirting
2) Lance asking Julia to “fuck science”. I don’t think he meant it literally.

This gifset was made for fanofthepegg who is cool. 


soooo after careful consideration i decided to make the pacifist frisk displayed in this comic really passive 

dont worry they’ll toughen up before the end of this journey. ^^ 

also the double update will happen but im not gonna post the next part until tomorrow i kinda fell behind and just barely managed to get this part done in time. 

im doing my best 

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I had a dream last night that I was playing this post-apocalyptic game where all of the people except you and your crew were turned into horrifying monsters

The way the game worked was it would open to you and your Cool Group of Angsty Survivors and their base is taken over by the monsters. So the whole point of the game is to survive long enough to get to another safe place.

You have four people in a team and you all just. Line up side to side and go in a straight line. You have one gun that does a set amount of damage (other weapons are available instead of a gun and some are pink and sparkly)

The monsters come at you in a straight line and basically, you have to fight them off, walking backwards to make sure you have enough time to beat them

So basically the object of the game would be to figure out how to fight each monster specifically so you go forward more than you go back and make it to a checkpoint

And you’d have this journal you make of every monster you see, with all the info on how to beat them, whether you were the one who fought the monster, or one of the other three players with you

You can play solo, but if three of the four people in your group dies but the fourth one makes it, all four of you can still progress, so single player mode is super hard. Computer players are available but they kinda suck

And as you go along you discover all of the other people have become these monsters, and certain monsters target certain people so there’s only so many monsters you can see on your own

Some monsters may specifically like to target girls over boys. Some may target people under the age of 20. Some may just want to only fight people who have a sparkly pink sword. The more odd the thing is that attracts the monsters, the harder it is to find them

So as you go through the game you have two objectives, get to a safe spot and end the game, or the optional one to keep heading out every day to find new monsters

Here’s Ed in a dress.

FUN FACT: up until about the 40s or 50s, pink was a boy’s color, since it was thought of as a diluted red. Blue was for girls, because Virgin Mary was oft depicted in a soft blue shawl.