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anonymous asked:

of all the bad episodes, which would u say r the worst?

I’d have to rewatch a bunch to really find the worst, but it’s difficult because there’s a lot of different ways an episode can be bad. Squandering a good premise, messed up morals, bad art and animation, lack of content, no real connection or impact to the bigger picture, the list goes on. To be honest episodes that have one thing I really hate are also saved by other things.

A good example is Sworn to the Sword. Now I can’t stand how Pearl never really apologizes for messing with Connie’s mindset, but the idea of her training her and taking it too far has potential! Plus Steven realizes what’s wrong and tries to fix it, ontop of there being a lot of nice action, some more details on what Pearl was like in the war, and it has a good song too. I understand some people don’t like it, but I try to consider all aspects of an episode when I try to figure out what the worst would be.

From what I do remember though I would say its either Three Gems and a Baby or Gem Harvest. There’s so much wrong in both of those episodes that I don’t think the positives can outweigh them. If anyone has a comprehensive list of episodes I’ll watch some of those in addition to these two to decide what I feel is worst, then just reblog the result here.