because there would be a demand for them to work

If no one will give me Allura/Lance bestie content, I will make it myself smh. So here’s some headcanons! :)

-Lance flirting with Allura in a joking, friendship sort of way with Allura either rolling her eyes while smiling or jokingly flirting back

-They would totally go shopping together, they’re shopping buddies

-“Okay, I love this dress but it’s really expensive.”
“Allura, babe, treat yo self.”

-They share beauty tips and fashion advice with each other. Allura is always in awe of Lance’s weird beauty tricks because they actually work like where did you find this Lance????

-Sleepovers! I 👏 demand 👏 cute 👏 sleepovers 👏

-Lance can’t get enough of Allura’s hair and will play with it for hours, trying out new hairstyles

-“Ohmygawd, there he is, Allura. What do I do???? What do I do???”
“Hey, my friend thinks your ass is hella fine!”

-They’re each other’s wingman.

-Lance to Shiro: Nice outfit. Bet it would look great on Allura’s bedroom floor.
Allura to Keith: Do you mind giving Lance your heart? His heart got stolen by a certain red paladin.

-Hunk joins them in their hijinks because 1. They’re his friends and he loves them 2. They need some sane friend to make sure they don’t blow their money on everything they see.

-Team You Can’t Sit With Us

-Their selfies with each other are either them being Gorgeous™ or with the dumbest expression you’ve ever seen, there is no in between

-Lance being overdramatic about something and Allura petting his head going, “There. There.”

-Lance: I’m going to jump! Everyone: Lance no! Allura: *videotaping* Do a flip!

-No but Allura really does care for Lance’s wellbeing and will fight anyone who insults him that isn’t part of the team.

-Allura: Lance is such an idiot. Someone: Yeah, he’s so stupid. Can he do anything, right? Allura: eXCUSE ME I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW HE THE MOST CARING PERSON I KNOW AND IF YOU DON’T SHUT UP RIGHT NOW YOU’LL HAVE TO DEAL WITH MY FISTS.

-Allura/Lance friendship guys

Missed Easter

Lance’s family always made a big fuss on Easter. They would fill the house with eggs hidden in every possible place for all the younger kids to find.
Then they would decorate the various eggs they had found before sitting down for a big family dinner.
Lance particularly loved Easter because it was one of the few times a year his entire extended family came together and his home was filled with noise and laughter.
Then he went to space and didn’t even realise it was Easter until Pidge checked the calendar they had on their phone telling them exactly what kid of day it was.
Lance demanded that they celebrate in some way, much to the others protests, and got to work decorating the common area.
While Lance was running around hiding egg shaped things he had found and making little Easter treats for everyone. No one else really got involved.
Sure Hunk made a big meal when asked, but everyone else went on with normal.
It wasn’t until Allura tripped over a hidden egg did she snap and yelled at him for acting so childish. She went on and on until the other paladins began to feel sorry for their team mate.
Lance just stood there taking it all in with his hands behind his back.
When Allura finally asked if he had anything to say for himself, Lance just broke.
His face crumbled and tears started falling down his face. He started mumbling about how sorry he was and that he would do better.
Allura felt awful.
She had been fed up and stressed so took it out on him which she knew wasn’t fair.
She tried to explain but Lance dropped what he was hiding behind his back and ran off to his room quickly followed by Hunk.
The others felt bad but when they saw what Lance had dropped they felt even worse.
It was a drawing made in incredible detail of the seven of them standing in front of the lions.
Written on the picture in small curly handwriting in the corner was:
“Happy Easter to the best space family a home sick guy could ask for.”

romidant-diarmi  asked:

Since it's on it's way: imagine having to explain April Fool's Day and/or the concept of pranking one's friends for the sake of amusement. Like, maybe the aliens understand setting something up in regards to honing reflexes or something, but things like whoopee cushions and complex Rube Goldberg machines to fling shaving cream at someone just baffle them. Also the concept of a prank war in space is just amusing.

Thrnawxh watched in confusion as Human Frankie attached some sort of transparent film to the entryway, snickering to themself and occasionally looking over their shoulder as if fearing they were being watched. It put Thrnawxh ‘on edge’ as the humans would say.

In xir experience, if a human was worried, anyone else ought to be terrified.

Eventually, xir worry won out, causing xem to ask what Human Frankie was doing.

“It’s the first day of April.” Human Frankie said, baring their teeth in a show of either aggression, or bizarrely enough pleasure. Usually Thrnawxh would be able to guess which one it was based on a human’s statement, but this one made no sense.

“Also known as April Fool’s day, and oh boy does Sara got something coming for her.” Frankie continued, apparently having no idea that xe didn’t understand their explanation. What’s worse was that Human Sara apparently had something hunting them.

“And this device will stop Human Sara’s would-be attackers?” Xe asked, not sure how that would work, but xe had seen humans accomplish much more demanding things with seemingly worse odds.

“No, no what I meant is that Sara doesn’t-” they began before pausing, seemingly to reconsider whatever they were going to say. “You remember when I explained human humour to you, right?”

“Yes, when I believed you were ill because of your stomach contracting while you looked at an oddly shaped root vegetable.”  Thrnawxh confirmed, not seeing the relevance.

“Great. So this is a joke. I’m going to play a prank on Sara, because it’s April’s Fool’s day.” They said, though some of the words didn’t seem to translate well or at all to xir native language.

“I do not understand,” xe said, looking up at them in a way xe hoped Human Frankie would realise was questioning. Xir hopes were however not high.

“Shit, right okay. Erm. So a prank is a trick - you know what a trick is, right? Good. It’s a trick that you pull on someone because it’s funny, or like today, because it’s tradition. Sometimes they’re mean, but unless you’re a dickhead, they’re just funny. Like… shoving a pie in someone’s face, or pulling cellophane across the doorway and having them walk into it. Just, harmless fun, you know? And April Fool’s day is the first day of April - that’s one of our months; one of the sub-parts we divide the time it takes for our home planet to orbit the sun into. So it’s the first day of that sub-part, and it’s tradition to prank people.” Human Frankie explained, giving a small nod when they were done as if confirming what they’d just said.

“Why?” Xe asked, getting only a shrug in return - a signal of uncertainty or non-commitment. “What purpose does it serve?”

“Oh, no no purpose. I mean, maybe it did at one time? Superstition or what ever, but it’s just fun.” Human Frankie said before delving into a story of a prank they and a friend did on an authoritarian learning monitor when they were younger.

The story itself was interesting, though Thrnawxh was hardly able to focus when xe had so much new information to process about human behaviour.

Xe certainly had a lot left to learn.

An open letter from Mateus’ Goblet Ward 12

And so I’m inspired to write my first, and hopefully only, tumblr post.

It’s come to my attention that certain cranky people are quite suddenly extra cranky about Mateus’ housing situation. That is to say: Mateus, which up until now has had the distinction of being the smallest server replete with open housing plots, suddenly has none left. This is in no small part due to the fact that SE has recently locked Balmung (among other worlds) and marked us as a “preferred server,” causing many from Balmung–which hasn’t even had so much as an apartment open in close to a year, if I understand correctly–to see us as the new promised land of milk and honey and housing. As such, we have officially unofficially been designated a secondary roleplaying server.

Do I feel sorry for Balmung’s housing woes? You know what–no. Not at all. They crammed something like 25,000 people on a server intended to hold about 7,000, assuming the population was appropriately spread throughout the datacenter. Which, okay. That was their choice! But people don’t seem to realize that it was a choice. Either you get to have the bustling community of dozens if not hundreds of characters everywhere you go and the rich market board full of any product you could dream of buying… or you get to have a small server with open spaces while tolerating an atmosphere I’ve heard described as “depressing” or even “skeletal” and a low-supply economy that may force you to be more self-sufficient than you’d prefer. They made their choice, and yet many felt entitled to have their bustling server AND open spaces of their own. SE did a fantastic job of obliging with the addition of apartments, which saw housing woes healed on basically every server but Balmung.

“But random internet person,” you say, “what does any of this have to do with Mateus?”

Many people feel entitled to own a house. They feel that even knowing there are only 2,160 plots (soon to be 2,880) on any given server, they can and should be allowed to go at their own pace and have free access to any content they like, including housing. They want a house of their own, but they don’t want to accept that lots of other people want it badly enough to work harder for it than they did. As such, when all the housing plots evaporate out from under them on account of people who wanted it badly enough, they get upset. And they find other places to direct their irritation–soandso is denying me a home–instead of directing it inward. At the end of the day, that upset person has had literal years to acquire a house of their own. Now that opportunity is lost, and it’s no one’s fault but theirs.

So Mateus is out of houses, and people are complaining because they feel like they lost out forever. That now they’re at the mercy of vicious plotflippers or camping for auto-demos. That this dream that hasn’t mattered to them enough to act on will now never come true.

“But random internet person,” you say, “what does any of this have to do with you?”

Well you see, fellow random internet person, a fair amount of the hate people are feeling is being lobbed toward myself and my friend, because people see something we did as very unfair. They don’t have the courage to speak to us directly about this, of course, but they talk a lot of crap behind our backs, and we’re not stupid and find out about it.

A little about me first, so you might perhaps come to understand why I care so much.

I’ve played FFXIV a long while. I had a legacy character from 1.0, but I restarted on Gilgamesh on zero-hour of 2.0 beta phase 4, in which any character you created was going to be carried over to the real game. I watched as it grew to immense proportions. You see, it had been designated the official BlueGartr and Reddit and, somehow, generally raiding server. Gilgamesh was where you went when you wanted to get shit done. I didn’t pick Gilgamesh for that reason. My husband was friends with some people who wanted to be there.

So it was crowded, and I wished it wasn’t. I didn’t really have a basis for comparison, though, having only really played on Gilgamesh in 2.0+.

I obtained a house in Gilgamesh when the subdivisions were first added, which was not long after they were first-first opened up from being FC-only to allowing for personal homes as well. My house was in the Goblet–ward 8 plot 54. Despite there being plenty of homes available to choose from, I chose the last ward’s subdivision quite on purpose, looking to carve out my own little sanctuary of peace and quiet. Well, a noisy FC moved in next door that liked to trample all over my fence and roof, so… so much for that. Still, I loved that house and put a lot of effort into the decor, which was tons of fun. I like to think I did a great job, but everyone thinks that, I guess.

So fast forward a bit–we’re in Heavensward now. I started a project that called for leveling an alt with the same name and appearance of my main. I picked Behemoth. It was still a big…ish? server, but it was nowhere near the size of Gilgamesh, and I finally felt like… I had been holding my breath without knowing, and finally I could breathe. So when a third alt was required for my silly project, I actively sought out the smallest, quietest server I could and transferred/fantasia’d my old legacy character there.

That server was Mateus, and to me, Mateus was perfect. Mateus felt like home. Random encounters with people were rare but incredibly friendly, and with Mateus’ inflated economy, I soon bought a home of my own with the money I’d made from PotD drops. For my home I chose a literally entirely empty ward. That first night, I watched the Moonfire Faire fireworks for hours from atop my roof, over a sea of empty plots, feeling at peace.

That screenshot is dated August 11, 2016. Less than a year ago. Housing was released to Free Companies on December 14, 2013, and expanded to allow for personal purchases on September 16, 2014. And yet, nearly two years after literally anyone could buy a home of their own, on Mateus, many wards of the Goblet were like this. Even the more in-demand areas of Mist and Lavender Beds had areas that looked like this.

Mateus showed no signs of getting bigger. At all. Homes were bought by whatever newbies were curious to play with them, and yet they were being demolished at roughly the same rate, as people streamed away from this “corpse” of a server toward the promised lands of savage modes and ex primals and real economies. Meanwhile I spent more and more time on Mateus, to the point where my small cluster of Gilgamesh friends were concerned that I was on the brink of leaving. Because to me, Mateus was perfect. Mateus felt like home.

Around this time, I got to chatting with a lovely person from Leviathan with whom I share some unique/niche interests. In September, we started alts on Mateus together, and we bought them houses together in the Goblet. Ward 12, plots 14 and 20, across the Brimming Heart from each other. We made a free company for ourselves, to share materials and gil, and when we leveled that up and saved up enough money, we bought ourselves the medium in the same area, plot 19.

We decided we really loved playing together–and that we really loved playing together on Mateus–so having no real attachments to Gilgamesh or Leviathan, we transferred our mains. And we bought them houses, too, once we were able to, seeing as how our savings had been wiped out by the transfer limits. But we worked together to earn the money, as we had the previous three homes, and we bought them. And we decorated all five houses together. Coming up with ideas, making lists, splitting up the work, placing things and playing with them until we got just the desired effect. It was the most fun we’d ever had playing this game. Our own tiny paradise, carved out just the way we liked it.

We finished those first alts to 60, and we started another pair. Because you see, our alts have a specific theme to them–a set of characters from this game, of which there are 15–and we wanted to have them all. It didn’t start out being about houses. We just loved making and leveling alts together. So I’d have 7 and my extra character for my side project, and she’d have 8. We had always planned it that way. And, well, we were only two houses away from owning all seven around the brimming heart, so we completed our collection when the second pair of alts hit 50.

Or so we thought.

We did some really amazing things with houses six and seven. Made rooms and scenarios unlike anything we had ever seen. Things we thought would be impossible with the items available in XIV. We had found our true love in this game, and it was decorating. We began to talk about what this or that character’s house would be like. When we wanted a break from leveling, we would pick a ward or five and ride around and look at every single house there. I’m serious, if you owned a house on Mateus at that time, we visited it. All of you.

The few other homes in our ward kept auto-demolishing. The mansion in 30 went first. We worked and saved and worked and saved, and it devalued and devalued for weeks, because there was no demand for it at all. We both had alts at 60 on another server–my aforementioned Behemoth alt, and hers elsewhere. We moved them both to Mateus and bought the mansion just before Christmas.

The next house to disappear was 27. That had been a cute little female elezen who always ran around in WHM AF, who was only like level 53ish… but one day their theretofore pristine chocobo stable stopped being cleaned, and a little over a month later their unsightly orange and blue default-colored house had evaporated. We only had three not-us neighbors left, and many of the other wards were in the same boat. We decided on an ambitious project given how disconnected our new mansion was to the Brimming Heart, where the rest of our homes were: we would claim the entire eastern half of the ward with our 16 characters, once they were all at least 50.

I mean, hell, clearly no one else wanted them. People were leaving, not moving in.

So we leveled and bought and decorated, leveled and bought and decorated. These homes were not just being claimed and left unused. They were, and still are, loved. We always go into a house with an idea. A theme. An intent. Furnishings are chosen with care. There are meanings in everything that no one will ever know but us. Symbolism. Look, we’re nerds, okay? The weirder it looks, the more symbolic its intent. Probably. These characters we’re paying homage to, we love them.

The next house to evaporate–and this was a huge surprise to us–was the mansion at 13. We knew for a fact the owner of 13 was still actively playing. He simply didn’t want the house anymore and let it go. He never did anything with it, so perhaps he just didn’t enjoy decorating as content. We knew exactly which character to put in it–someone who deserved a mansion but only had a cottage. Now that we had the chance….

So we took someone out of the Brimming Heart and moved him up there instead. And we were left with a hole where once there had been a sea of 17 beautiful matching black stone homes.

We wanted to fill the holes, and we still had so many ideas, and there were still at least a thousand empty houses on Mateus. That’s when started to make extra free companies and move certain characters around to new plots in order to expand on their ideas.

Today, there are no more plots left on Mateus.

But long before that happened, there were no plots left in Ward 12. We own 28 houses – 16 personal, 12 companies. Two of these thirty homes in the ward are not ours. We owned the whole ward even when this was posted, drawing sudden attention to the fact that this so-called corpse of a server had some meat left on its bones – food for carrion birds, should someone desire a feast.

And then SE closed Balmung and Gilgamesh, and Mateus was invaded. And suddenly, people care about Mateus housing for the first time in nearly three years. Suddenly, people think we are *the* worst people. Because how dare we enjoy the game in the manner we chose to enjoy it.

How dare we?

How dare you.

You, who finally deign to set foot in my home. You, who hated Mateus for all the same reasons I felt it was perfect. You, who would take away the last year of memories I’ve made with one of the best friends I’ve ever known. You, who don’t care about the fact that we have cultivated something unique, interesting, and amazing, because you feel it denies you the chance to throw up a hideous paissa wall and plop a chocobo stable and a garden plot in front of an otherwise unused black hole with Dragonsong screeching away in the background. You, with your head so buried in your cliques that you thought we came from Balmung within the last month and achieved all this thanks to SE’s allowance of free infinite gil transfers, not realizing we wanted to be here, that we love it here, that we worked our asses off for all this from nothing but the million gil each we were allowed to bring with us from our mains.

How dare you.

If you would look at something other than the placards in your impotent rage that the same FC tag is on a few of them, you just might notice you’re standing in one of the best goddamn wards in the entire game. But more than that, you might just realize you’re walking through the last year of our lives. You’re seeing what we love, our passion, our reverence, our teamwork, our achievement.

And you demand we just give it all up. Because suddenly, these houses that have been here for years waiting to be loved… suddenly, now, you want one.


Anyway, you’re welcome to come look. We aren’t quite done. We have a few closed homes, even (to our shame) a couple of yards that still need done, and some homes that want for some added detail since the doubling of furniture slots. It’s all on hold for just a short while thanks to Stormblood. But we have ideas, plans… and we’ll be right back to our housing obsession when we’re done leveling our first few things to 70.

Please look forward to it. I know I am.

Final notes:

1- I don’t claim to speak for my friend. For all I know, she’ll be horrified I’ve posted this. If you take issue with anything I’ve said, take it up with me. My main is Seraph Altima.

2- We are not affiliated with any similarly named individuals on any other server. If you think you can send a tell to someone on Balmung and be speaking to me (or someone who can speak sense into me), especially after I’ve gushed about how much I love Mateus, you are an idiot.

3- As our houses are our passion, we are both happy to answer any questions you may have about our ward. Just talk to us.

4- While we do not roleplay ourselves, you are welcome to explore our ward and use it for any roleplay event or storyline you like. You have open and ongoing permission. If you take notice of the theme of our ward, you can see it’s a perfect place to go if you’d like to write something about your OC being tricked, lured, or tempted by something otherworldly.

5- I’m well aware I’m not going to change any minds with this. People will say “but we couldn’t save in time” or “but my friend just started” or “but if you love decor so much, why not give others a chance to love it, too.” But we built this together, and I’m not giving it up, and you’re not changing my mind, either. I just want my perspective out there, because right now we’re just being demonized. Every story has two sides.

6- If you really want someone to demonize, the people in Goblet 12sub – all those homes owned by FCless characters, whose homes are closed or, in some cases, entirely unbuilt – actually did what you thought we did. But you know what? Whatever. They still put the work in before those without homes.

  • Students: Hey, so at this point a lot of students would rather break their own legs than go to school because of the immense workload placed on us in the form of increased standardized testing and out of school work. It is remarkably frustrating and stressful to students, and causes a strain on our mental health
  • Parents: Hey, so our children are extremely overworked and we have noticed a huge increase in time spent on homework rather than things that kids should be doing like socializing and naturally forming interests that could lead them to possible career choices
  • Teachers: The state curriculum is becoming more demanding, requiring our students to learn more in less time, all while increasing the number and frequency of standardized tests (giving us even less time to teach important material). This makes us sad, because we want to share knowledge with students, but are forced to give them large amounts of homework to make up for lost time in the classroom.
  • The U.S. educational system: So what you're telling me is.... you want... more test??

Capitalism kills science and scientific progress because it only funds things seen as immediately profitable.

Capitalism kills science and scientific progress because science that would work towards the common good and education of all is censored for the sake of profit.

Capitalism kills science and scientific progress because bosses exploit their mental labor by demanding a quota of papers to be published instead of allowing them to perform quality research.

Capitalism kills science and scientific progress.

anonymous asked:

is there by any chance you can do some insecure chubby mc ^^;


  • He caught MC checking herself in the mirror more than once
  • Poking or pinching her thighs, butt, and tummy
  • Always wearing the same frown
  • She covers up a lot, wearing loose fitting clothing
  • He probably doesn’t realize that she’s self conscious until either (a) she asks for reassurance or (b) someone insults her size and she starts crying
  • needless to say, someone who insults her might awaken Yandere!Yoosung (yay alliteration!), in which case, they better run
  • Yoosung, of course, loves her, reassures her, and comforts her once he starts recognizing what’s going on
  • When Yoosung catches her checking herself in the mirror, he likes to point out how beautiful she is


  • MC always remarks on how jealous she is of Jaehee’s clothes
  • They’re all so pretty, but MC feels like she can’t wear anything like it because of her size
  • Jaehee isn’t as quick with compliments as the guys are, but she shows she cares in her own ways
  • If Jaehee ever finds out MC has been crying, she makes sure to know why and see if they can’t solve the situation
  • She makes sure that MC never feels too self conscious by helping her do clothes shopping and picking out the cutest things in MC’s size, and if it doesn’t look good on MC, she finds something that does


  • Oh god, she would get so nervous about being seen in public with him, not wanting to ruin his aesthetic or image or something
  • I mean, yeah, she’s his manager, but she probably works really hard to not gain more weight/possibly lose it so as not to embarrass him
  • Zen is easy with the compliments of her beauty and declarations of love
  • But as much as she hears it and appreciates it, she can’t unhear some of the things said about her by his coworkers and fans
  • There’s even a couple of forums dedicated to her and how she’s hated for stealing Zen all for herself when she’s just a pig
  • MC was on set one day with Zen, he was getting changed in another room, and two of his coworkers were whispering loudly and snickering, calling her “Zen’s pet piggy,” wondering why he kept her around and how she must surely be an embarrassment
  • Her confidence continues to drop and she feels like her heart is breaking because she doesn’t feel like she’s good enough
  • But Zen is never embarrassed to be seen with her, he revels in just being able to be with her, and isn’t afraid to kiss her for the cameras
  • So as insecure about her figure as she is, Zen is always there to reassure, comfort, and love her
  • Plus, he probably tells off anyone he hears say (or hears they talked about) MC not being perfect the way she is


  • Well, life as Jumin’s lover/fiancé/wife certainly puts in the spot light and makes her deal with a lot of members of high society
  • Working for the RFA does the same thing but… RFA parties invite people without money as well
  • Most women she encounters are thin (sometimes sickly so), and openly put her down for being chubby
  • MC does her best to keep a stiff upper lip and not cry in front of them or anyone, but whenever Jumin hears those comments he demands asks for an apology because they were so rude
  • She talks to the nutritonist to change her diet to help her lose weight, starts working out
  • Jumin probably doesn’t think anything of this until a few months later when he finds MC crying by herself
  • When Jumin hears about her insecurities, feeling huge and so on, he’s actually really upset that she would think about herself like that
  • He makes her look deep in his eyes and assures her that she is perfect the way she is, and she is the best thing to come into his life (Elizabeth is a close second)
  • He also promises, that if she ever feels like this again, he will make her feel like princess she is meant to be


  • He’s the most observant and notices and realizes all her insecurities the moment she has them
  • Saeyoung is quick to hug her
  • He likes to tell her how he loves how soft and comfortable she is
  • Her boobs and tummy are really comfy pillows too he might not say this one to her face, unless its to break the tension and make her smile/laugh
  • If Saeran ever said anything hurtful towards her, in particular about her size, Saeyoung gets up in his face with a fake smile plastered on his face saying, “You meant to say how beautiful she is, right Saeran? Right? Isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t she beautiful Saeran?” Saeran’s suddenly too scared to do anything but agree
Some rarely-mentioned signs that parents are abusive

I see a lot of lists of things that abusive parents do. But some things I have never seen in a list so far and I would like to add them, because according to the other lists, I’ve never experienced abuse from my parents. But just because it doesn’t appear on a standard list doesn’t mean it’s not abuse, so here is an addendum.

I think most of these points are specific for kids who are disabled, mentally ill or neurodivergent, and that this is the reason why they never appear on other lists. But these kids are especially vulnerable to (emotional) abuse, so I made this.

1. Shaming you for your disabilities, mental illness or neurodivergency. This includes undiagnosed conditions. If a parent sees that their child is having problems, they should try to help or, if they can’t, get external help.

It is not okay for parents to shame you for self-harming.

It is not okay for parents to shame you for having meltdowns.

It is not okay for parents to shame or punish you for things you cannot help, no matter how hard it is for them.

Yes, if parents do honestly have no clue what is happening, they might misinterpret your (re)actions. But no later than when they talk with you about it, they should eventually realize that you’re not doing it on purpose. Parents can and should get help from others and/or professionals if it’s too much for them.

2. Shaming you for mistakes. People make mistakes. Inexperienced people make more mistakes. Young people are by definition inexperienced. Especially those of us who are mentally ill, neurodivergent or intellectually disabled, (but really literally everyone) is bound to make mistakes while growing up.

You might not know that there is a difference between cleaning agents and shower gel. You might not know that lotion isn’t good for a potted plant. You might now know that there is a reason why the cat is in that cage. You might think that something is a good and harmless trick but it actually has really bad consequences.

You might not know these things even if everyone else your age does. It’s not your fault. 

It’s okay for parents to be angry, disappointed or shocked. It’s not okay for parents to let it out on you. It’s their job to teach you and if they didn’t do it correctly, it’s not your fault. 

(For example, I didn’t know that cleaning agents and shower gel are different things until I was 18. As a little child, I was told to stay away from cleaning agents and not to touch them and I was never told otherwise, so I just accepted that until I was taught otherwise by someone else.)

3. Breaking promises. This sounds vague, I know. And I know that sometimes promises can’t be held. Sometimes they are forgotten. Sometimes even parents don’t have the energy to keep up their end of the bargain. It happens.

But if it’s a constant pattern, if you are coerced into doing things you don’t like by promises that will never be held, it’s not okay any more.

4. Threats. It’s one thing to explain to a child or teen the consequences of their actions. It’s okay to explain that you need to study or else you will fail your tests and it’s okay to explain what happens then.

It’s not okay to threaten you with grave consequences for minor failures. It’s not okay to remind you of these consequences every time you do something wrong. It’s not okay to keep threatening you when you are unable to do whatever it is they want you to do.

5. Threatening you with things that should not be threats. It’s not okay to threaten a child or teen with doctor’s appointments, hospitals, psychotherapy or psychiatry. These things are supposed to help. You should not grow up to be afraid of needing a doctor or a therapist.

Seriously, instead of a parent threatening their child with psychiatry, they should just go there and try to get help for the whole family because it’s probably desperately needed.

6. Sudden and unjustified punishments. It’s not okay to suddenly punish you for something that has previously been okay. 

If parents are fed up with their children’s behaviour, they should establish rules and explain and justify punishments, and give their children a chance to actually comply (while also considering their children’s abilities).

(For example, as a teen I never helped with housework. I didn’t have the executive functioning and I never got taught how to do it. But suddenly I was punished for not helping with housework.)

7. Unpredictability. It’s not okay to suddenly change the rules without warning.

It’s not okay if it’s “You should go out more often” one day and “No you are not allowed to go out” the next.

Some parents have trouble offering a constant reliability due to their own illness/disability/neurodivergence. It happens. 

But the moment it makes you as their child afraid of their reactions, afraid that they might have a sudden change of heart, it’s not okay any more.

8. Assuming bad intentions where there are none. As I already said, people make mistakes. People even make stupid mistakes. People misjudge, miscalculate, people lose their temper. This happens to parents as well as to their children and everyone else. 

What is not okay is for parents to see you doing something wrong and immediately assuming you’re doing it to harm them.

(For example, I always stayed up late. My parent had trouble sleeping. When I made too much noise, they assumed it was intentional in order to deny them their sleep.)

9. “I want you to do the thing but I also want you to want to do the thing.” This is a tricky one, but I have heard this from so many people that I’m including it as an extra point. I think it’s actually some sort of double bind, because you can only do it wrong or do it wrong in a different way.

It’s okay for parents to demand their children do things they do not like, for example doing chores, doing homework and similar things. (However, it’s not okay to demand more than you can actually do.)

It’s okay for parents to ask their children to do them a favour, for example sometimes do a little more housework, helping them with other stuff, going to the store and so on.

It’s okay for you to not want to do something. It’s okay to do something even if you don’t want to. Actually, most favours work that way, you rarely ever like them but you do them anyway because you want to do something for someone else. Most chores work that way. Almost nobody likes doing the dishes.

However, it’s not okay to make you feel bad for doing something anyway. If you don’t like doing something, you don’t like it, and nobody has the right to demand you to feel differently about it. 

10. Making you feel bad for opening up to them. If you tell a parent about your experiences, your feelings, your problems and your secrets, they should be accepting and loving.

Punishing you for things they would have never known if you hadn’t told them is wrong. Shaming you for things they would have never known if you hadn’t told them is wrong. It’s a parent’s job to offer their child emotional support. It’s wrong for them to show you that you can’t trust them.

So here’s the thing...

First off, this is NOT directly related to the Sebastian fan encounter from today, this is an ‘in general’ post. 

I’ve seen some folks asking where to find Sebastian or other celebrities in places that they’re often seen. And I don’t just mean like a general area. They want streets that they’re often seen on.

Most fans, have done a very good job of respecting them and not sharing where  they were when they met someone, which is fantastic. Others not so much.

Please, PLEASE, if you happen to meet any celebrity, whether it be Sebastian, or Chris in an area that they frequent, PLEASE do not tell people where this is. 

Why? Because it can totally disrupt their lives. Many people will purposely go to an area just to try to find them, and if that happens to be around where they live, you’re not only disrupting their private time, but also their lives because how can someone be comfortable near their home if suddenly their fans are all over the area just trying to catch a glimpse? Also, how uncomfortable would you be if random people just flocked to where you frequented just to see you based on your job?

The film/television/music industry is VERY demanding, and time consuming and celebrities get VERY little time off and what little they do get off is precious, hell I work in the film/television industry and its demanding even just on the crew. So please, respect them by not flocking to where they may be, and by not telling others where you saw them if you do. 

If anything, as fans we should be trying to help protect them and their private lives. If you happen to run into them, that’s great! I’m happy for you, but PLEASE don’t go looking for them and PLEASE don’t spread the word of where you saw them if you did. 

I hope this didn’t come off as mean or something but I see this so often and it’s stuff like this that stops celebrities from wanting to meet their fans and maybe even hate their jobs.

Best Mistake - Part 2 -Smut

Originally posted by readersleepingintheforest

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,140
AN: Part 2! This is gonna be a longer series than I thought…oops?

Part 1

Polish translations:
Skarbie - Darling
Kotek - Kitten

“Stiles, I’m pregnant.”

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The one where you just can’t do it anymore.

A/N This is the first part of the Divorce Series. I hope you enjoy it. I’m really looking forward to writing these series. Let me know if you liked it or what do you want to see happen. Should continue writing it? ENJOY!

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not all managers are demons. but some are demon warriors!

So a little while ago, I worked at a popular fast food chain known for these golden arches to hell. Anyway, I was on the night shift and I despised the manager and the customers. Most of the customers were coming home from the bars, or high. So they were really nasty, rude and one actually waited in the parking lot for me. I had refunded him his money but refused to give him his food and he pitched a fit about it. Then threatened to follow me home.

My manager wouldn’t call the police (or let me either)  during that incident and I ended up hiding in the restaurant til nearly seven in the morning when he finally gave up and went home. This manager was just awful, they mostly stayed in the office, eating a sandwich and the fries all the time while they slowly did paperwork and other manager duties. Never helping me with any midnight rushes or anything. The manager was also gay and very proud of it, (which isn’t bad. I’m bisexual myself) But, like, he was constantly putting straight and bi people down, talking shit about other employees, and always fighting about politics. He also wouldn’t let me listen to my own music, insisting we listen to his, and he’d blast it really loud to where I couldn’t understand customers or him a lot. And on top of that, he was constantly talking about all of his mental disorders to excuse his laziness. in short, he was a very unprofessional manager, and I dreaded going to work every time.

After a while, I got sick of it and filed a complaint with the GM, who listened intently and told me he was sorry I was putting up with that and he would talk to the manager. So, a few days later, I come into work and am surprised to see a different manager. This time, a girl probably no older than 18 (she had to of been at least 18 to have that position anyway!) but she looked much younger. Anyway, she says she was the new night shift manager and i went about my normal duties.

This…girl…was…AWESOME. she helped with cleaning duties, was very patient when training new people and would help with the piles and piles of dishes. The evening manager sucked ass and would leave us with a lot of stuff. But, the night manager was super awesome about helping out and dealing with the more difficult customers. Calmly giving them the corporate numbers they demanded (and making notes as to what REALLY happened during those bad interactions)

A lot of the customers who came in at night (mostly men) would try to bully her, because she was so young looking. but she had none of their shit. I don’t think she raised her voice more than three times while we worked, but when she did, they would totally cower away in fear and run away with their tails between their legs. I totally looked up to her. Things definitely changed for the better. I wish I could say that she stuck around and shaped the store up, but after nine months, she quit her job and moved away. And a few months later, I quit and got a job elsewhere that didn’t make me want to tear my hair out.

Well, last summer, I was at a well known theme park in Orlando, and guess who I ran into there? my freaking awesome manager. She apparently had gone to culinary school ,did an internship and scored a job as a chef in one of their best restaurants. Super proud of that girl. I follow her on instagram, and learned she actually has been dealing with depression and anxiety. her job as a manager really pushed her to her limits. So, one day, she decided she had enough and that she did not want to work with the general public. so she had moved to a whole different area, and changed herself. All I’m saying is, that even though she struggled a lot internally, she didn’t let that affect her life or bring it with her to her job. She acted professionally and didn’t bring other people down


Your daughter asks him for a brother (Big Bang)

Jiyong: -you two had 3 daughters and your oldest wasn’t happy when the third baby turned out to be a girl. So she asked him to have a boy delivered to them next time- “I wish it worked like that”

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Seungri: -he would get embarrassed because she asked the two of you to make her a baby brother. He figured she knew more than he hoped- “does she still believe the baby in the garden thing or does she actually know where babies come from?”

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Daesung: -having two daughters was interesting for him. Him and his daughters were on the same page as they hoped baby number three was going to be a boy- “you know what I want that too”

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Youngbae: -he would be embarrassed when she demanded a little brother because you and him never talked about having another child- “well I um that is something you have to ask your mother about”

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Seunghyun: -he would play along with her knowing that the baby in your belly was already a boy thanks to your last check up- “you know so do I but who knows what it is”

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Going Shopping With The Avengers Would Include...

• er, it would be disastrous
• like, Steve would go and pay for something and just to mess with everyone you demand a senior discount
• “You guys it’s fine,”
• “HES 100 YEARS OLD!”
• Bucky too
• sometimes going in disguise
• even though we all know they never work
• completely ignoring technology stores because if y'all got near one Tony would start ranting
• “Tony, that’s an iPhone 7,”
• Clint buying too many snacks even though you, Steve, and Natasha explicitly tell him not to
• but in the end all of you eat them anyways (guiltily)
• Bruce buys a science kit to prove that it’s too dangerous for little kids
• Steve is a gentleman, so he ends up carrying everyone’s bags- even Tony’s
• Tony and Clint follow you and Natasha into Victoria’s Secret for no good reason
• Wanda likes scented candles, something you learned after she bought like twelve of them
• Pietro “tests” running shoes by putting them on and running around the mall- coming back before anyone notices he technically shoplifted
• Peter being really excited every time he sees action figures of you guys
• he has a collection.
• Tony once bought out half a liquor store, so that happened
• Sam and Clint have dance offs on those wii display things
• always having to be the one to buys things that you guys actually need (with Steve) like toothbrushes and coffee and towels
• because everyone just buys the weirdest stuff and forgets to buy anything useful
• Clint bought a cat toy once
• he doesn’t even have a cat
• he bought animal footprint shoes too. He was very proud of them. No one else was.
• introducing Thor to all kinds of things
• “You have a machine simply to to pump moisture into the air?”
• always getting carried away bc money is basically not and issue so you, Nat, and Wanda always go all out on clothes and makeup
• you love shopping
• but you probably should just stick to online shopping because it hardly ends well

A House is Not a Home

Summary: Dan reminisces on how far he and Phil have come as they move out of their London apartment.

Word Count: 1114

If you would have told Dan in 2009 that he’d be living with his best friend 8 years later, he would have laughed at you. The prospect of living with Phil was one that Dan never thought would have happened. He still couldn’t believe that he had become friends with Phil after harassing him on Twitter endlessly. Back then, neither of them knew where their friendship would take them. He remembered that all he wanted in university was to live with his best friend, but knew that it would be practically impossible.

Dan remembered back in 2011 when he moved into the Manchester apartment with Phil. It all seemed incredibly unreal to him; he was actually moving in with someone who had inspired him to do something with his life. Sure, he was still working on that law degree but Phil made him have a purpose in making videos. Their Manchester apartment saw love grow and mental breakdowns as Dan had contemplated giving up entirely. And when that happened, Phil was there right beside him, helping him rediscover who he wanted to be. It was toward the end of their time in Manchester that he had realized how reliant he was on Phil. Dan still regrets how he started to shut Phil out and became more closed off from everything.

Moving to London helped a lot. They moved into their apartment and had little money left over to really make it into a home. They bought the cheapest furniture they could find and made it a home with what they could. It pained Dan to not be able to buy a lot of the things he wanted that would make it the home that he really wanted. For a long time, everything seemed bland and boring but, slowly, they added more and more to make it feel like it was finally their place. Dan reminisced on how those walls had seen both him and Phil grow into their current selves, with all the strange experiences and loud sounds. It had seen the birth of their gaming channel and the long nights planning their radio show. They wrote an entire book within those walls, going back through their lives, from when they were separate entities to now, where they couldn’t stand to be apart.

Then came planning a stage show and working out all of the intricate demands that that held. Their apartment became the place where they would drag themselves up the 47 stairs to collapse on the couch or in bed because they were exhausted and their legs were screaming in pain. It became a place where warm showers happened just to wash away the grime of rehearsing and a way to relax after working so hard. It became a safe place where no one could bother them about rehearsing lines or magic acts, just a place where they could be Dan and Phil.

Leaving for the tour was bittersweet; they were forced to leave the one sanctuary they had and live on the road for weeks at a time. But it didn’t really matter at the end of the day. Sure, they missed the comforts of their small apartment. But they had both figured out that they didn’t need that place to feel like they were home, they just needed to be with each other. Venues flew by until the final show had been played and they returned to the safety of the apartment, with much heavier bags and less space to put all of their things in. They had figured out that they were outgrowing the space they were in.

Dan lived in fear of the conversation of moving, although it was constantly at the back of their minds. It had gotten too hard to stay where they were, with the incessant noise surrounding them and the fear of having the place crumble around them. Dan didn’t know if he feared the impending destruction of the place or the fact that there was a possibility of living apart from each other. He knew it wouldn’t happen, obviously, but the fear that Phil would grow tired of him and his issues weighed heavily on his mind. These fears were calmed by the reassuring touches by Phil, the soft presses of lips to foreheads and the gentle touch of fingers on arms. Tucked into the side of the man he loved, Dan knew that everything would be okay.

That’s what he thought before, at least. Now, looking at how empty their apartment had become, Dan felt dread creep into his mind. How could he leave the place he had finally made into a home? He knew that not much would change in this new place, but then why did it feel so strange? While the final boxes were being moved out by some movers, Dan decided to walk around their place one last time. He managed to end up standing in Phil’s bedroom, a place that they had spent many a night in together. As he looked at that dumb wicker bed frame, he heard a voice call out.

“Dan!” shouted Phil.

“Yeah?” asked Dan, not moving from his spot in the room. Phil stood in the door frame, looking at his slightly morose boyfriend.

“All the stuff is packed into the moving van and we have to go hand over the keys. You ready to go?”

Dan turned to look at Phil. “Honestly,” Dan said, “not completely. I know we said we wouldn’t miss this place at all, but we made so many memories here. It just feels strange to leave it all behind.”

Phil walked up to him and encircled him in a hug. “I know Dan, but we can make a bunch of other memories in this new place as well,” he said, practically into Dan’s neck.

Dan smiled at that. He realized now that he could finally make a home with Phil, right from the start this time. There would be no financial worries or tensions between the two of them. They could create a life for themselves in this new place and pick up right where they left off. Phil broke off their embrace but intertwined their fingers.

“Come on Dan, it’s time,” Phil said. Dan nodded and they walked down all of those stairs together for the last time. As they handed over the keys, Dan couldn’t help but smile. They were going to be okay and create a new start together. The two of them got in the car together, sharing a smile. They both knew that a home wouldn’t be a home without each other.

This is absolutely disgusting. This has got to stop. When will people learn that idols are people too. They aren’t just some object that you can defile any time you feel like it. I don’t care how many followers you have or if you think you’re a someone special because a famous youtuber follows you. This is wrong. If you would have just posted it to your account I would have thought it was gross and then just moved on, but you actually had the audacity to tag Monsta X’s official instagram account. Where were you when they taught basic manners and courtesy? How were you raised that you think this is okay to tag them in? These idols aren’t you friends on a personal level. You don’t have the right to do this. “Fans” (I use the term loosely here since I don’t consider people who disrespect artists like this true fans) like you are what makes it hard for other fans to be able to enjoy their faves. If people keep doing this and other disrespectful things to idols just like what happened with BamBam on Twitter, idols will stop doing this type of fan service and real fans chances to interact with their idols will get taken away. Don’t be the bad apple that ruins it for the whole group. All I’m saying is 1.) Don’t disrespect an idol to their faces by calling them daddy in public 2.) Don’t disrespect an idol at a concert or fanmeet because you didn’t get picked to be paired with your favorite member (Seriously grow up. Thank your lucky stars you not only got to go to a fanmeet, but that you got chosen to interact with any of them whether they are your bias or not. If you can’t do that then sit down because plenty of fans would love to take your place.)  3.) Don’t ask for other members on an idols solo vlive or any type of broadcast. It’s rude and can hurt their feelings. If you don’t want to see that member then don’t watch. 4.) Don’t demand that your idols speak in your language. These idols have fans on multiple continents. If you want them to speak your language then they would have to learn everyone’s and that’s not realistic. We have wonderful fans who spend hours translating videos and messages in a ton of different languages without being asked. Enjoy their hard work and thank them. 5.) Don’t send lewd pictures or videos like the one above to an idol’s official sns. Its tasteless and gross. 6.) Don’t make fun of an idol or the way they look or dress on an sns you know they are active on. Idols are humans too and have the same feelings you and I do. We all joke and talk about our biases and none of us are innocent of making suggestive or silly comments. But keep it on your private sns or in your group chats and tags and don’t for the love of God tag the group in it. Have some class, it’s that simple. Common courtesy is a thing. Learn it. Live it.

Kind of a fuck bosses submission / rant

So we just had a summer training seminar with the owner of the company i’ve worked at for far too long. As hes a religious man that helps run his church and does public speaking, he enjoys gathering the employees and trying to uplift us about life and happiness. I have absolutely no problems with this, until he starts explaining how to do customer service. There were a few things I didn’t like, but this one just made me mad.

He starts explaining what the customers expect out of us when he brings up that 3rd world countries provide better customer service than Americans because they have to work for tips. This past fall I had the honor of joining him on a trip to a 3rd world country for business. The employees at the resort we stayed at were, in a sense, falling all over themselves to give us everything we needed. Calling us by name, learning our breakfast orders and whatnot, basically inflating our egos.

We toured the island and saw how almost all the homes were either falling apart or were shacks. The ones that weren’t were owned by rich 1st world people and were their vacation homes. All the others on the trip kept commenting on how sad it was that these people “lived like this” and then would get back to the resort and judge every move the workers made.

These people, I’m gonna emphasis people, were being expected to practically lick the dirt off of our shoes because if they didn’t they would loose their jobs and, from what I could tell, the resorts were the main source of large incomes. I became one of a small group that was constantly thanking the employees for whatever it was they were doing, whether It was constantly filling my water, directing me when I was lost in the resort or giving me a list of stores and directions that provided allergy meds. Two of them even remembered, for a whole week, what my odd food allergies were and helped me out without me ever asking. It was without a doubt the best customer service experience id ever had and yet some of my fellow trip goers were barely impressed or hadn’t even noticed at all.

One night we ate at this local restaurant. There were flyers everywhere telling people to eat local so we did. It was packed at this strip of restaurants and finally we found one. They managed to cram some tables together for our massive party of like 20 and rearranged the patio for us. They were extremely busy and I could tell the employees were starting to get a little overwhelmed. The group was loud and obnoxious and some of them out right ignored the serves when they were trying to take our orders. It took a while to get the food and one of the orders was wrong, but everything was great, well it was for me at least. On the walk back a few of them started talking about how the service wasn’t great and that they’d had better, I was furious.

Customer service isn’t just in the hands of the employee, the experience also comes from the customer themselves. The reason I have less than a handful of bad customer service experiences is because I don’t expect employees to kiss my ass. I don’t expect them to have all the answers because that’s what managers and supervisors are for. When I experience Customer Service all I expect is for the employee to, basically, do their job. To smile and be kind, maybe even patient if I’m being clueless. Anything above that and I can tell the employee is working hard or just very good at what they do.

As a customer I expect myself to be the exact same way. I expect myself and the people I’m with to smile and be kind, even patient if something happens to go wrong or there was an honest mistake. I always thank the employees for basically everything, I tell servers thank you after every interaction on impulse, and never demand anything. I want a great experience and so I make sure that I make myself a part of that great experience. As a customer, if you expect above and beyond at all times then what is the employee suppose to live up to? Being your slave? What does that make you then? Are you saying you’re better than them?

I’m still extremely upset about his comment. He has constantly in the past explained to us that customer service was just a stepping stone job, that it didn’t deserve a higher wage because it was so easy. Then he praises the poor workers because they “have to work” for their wage and demanded so much out of them. I don’t know if I’m just overreacting, but all I’m seeing is him praising slave wage labor. In a sense it felt like he was saying “if I paid you less like them then you would work harder”.

It does not matter what kind of job you have, every single person deserves respect. As a customer you deserve respect and as an employee you deserve respect. Fuck ANYONE that demands you make them feel important when you’re pouring them a cup of coffee or bagging their items. If we weren’t there to pour them that coffee or bag their item then they would be doing it themselves. If “getting your money’s worth” means treating employees like dirt then I’m sorry, you need to reevaluate how “important” you think you are.

It's getting real...

… since I’m graduating next week, I will finally have the time and energy to care about my writing on a whole new level.
At the moment, I am planning to publish my first poetry book on Amazon in about 2 months.
I hope it will be possible for me to include some poems which I have already posted on this blog because I poured my heart into each and every of it and I definitely want them in my book (does anyone of you know if that would work with the copy right?).
Moreover, it will include many new poems which I wrote during the last months and years, so that you will also discover new pieces of my art.
You will be able to buy my book as an ebook but also as a paperback on demand which is amazing!
Thanks to all the people telling me that they’d buy one of my books since that could actually be a huge fucking step for me and I believe I’ll be able to count on your support because you are fucking awesome!
Tell me what you think about it,
All the love,

NCT MTL to date someone active/healthy


Anon: Hi! Nct MTL to date someone who is healthy? Like someone who hikes or is sporty and someone who eats only healthy foods? Does that make sense?? Thanks in advance :)

Hi Anon! Hope I answered this okay, and that you like it <3

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Yuta would like having someone who’d share in his hobbies for having an active lifestyle. Working out together would totally be a thing and Yuta would often send photos of his healthy meals to you. I think he’d also really like the appearance body-wise of someone who likes to work out (the toneness of the body)

Jaehyun would also really like the appearance of a body of someone who works out, finding it admirable that they had worked so hard to get a body like that. The dedication of sticking to a healthy diet and/or workout regime would inspire him to keep up his own too.

With Johnny, I mean have you seen his arms like????? He’d just like having someone who’d come to the gym with him or go out on walks, help him with his workout regime and basically motivate him to excel and complete his goals.

Jeno, being a dancer, means he’d like it if someone had a hobby of similar/same energy aka working out. Not everyone dances but a lot of people do work out, so sharing an interest in active hobbies would be really bonding for him.

Jisung, again, is another avid dancer. Although he’s at the age where he shouldn’t really be worrying about working out etc as he’s still growing, having a partner who liked doing it and could help him and advise him on the best workouts/healthy eating would help Jisung make good decisions, health wise.

Ten would probably like someone who works out rather than someone who has a strict diet and can sometimes be fussy with their food. He’d want someone who wouldn’t mind overeating or indulging in rich, fatty foods, without worrying about how they look or what the weigh after.

Hansol, like Ten, would quite like someone whose quite active and looks after themselves well. Likewise, he’d like someone who could be quite lenient on their diet or food choices; someone who generally would eat quite clean, but would always treat themselves and let loose on dates with him or special occasions.

WinWin wouldn’t really care? As long as you weren’t ill or not eating enough/too much, he wouldn’t really question your food choices. He might someone who could get excitable with him sometimes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’d have to be active or sporty as much.

Jaemin really wouldn’t care about if you work out and/or eat healthily. As long as you were medically healthy and there was no risk of you suffering illnesses from poor health choices, it wouldn’t really bother him. Whether you work out/eat healthily, it’s your own choice.

Renjun would be like Jaemin - honestly, he wouldn’t care; your decisions were your own decisions and he’d just hope that you weren’t overworking yourself or being to hard on yourself, nor slacking and causing problems for your health.

Kun, I don’t think is interested in health or working out. He wouldn’t mind if you were as long as you’d always make time for him too, and it wasn’t the only hobby you had or thing you spoke about him with.

Chenle would totally be the type to always bring snacks and drinks with him everywhere. He’d want someone he could share them with, not someone who’d turn him down or only have a little bit. Since he’s so young, someone who works out/eat healthily might make him a little self conscious about his own health decisions.

Taeil is at the age, I think, where appearance or anything like that wouldn’t matter to him. He wouldn’t care about weight or if you had toned muscles or tight abs. He’d rather much like someone who would eat anything happily and still feel quite confident in their image.

Mark honestly wouldn’t care about a hobby/interest like this. Although, I do think in the need, he might end up with someone who wasn’t a strict gym-junkie or healthy eater. Not sure why, I think he’d just like having someone quite laid-back and chill and would rather stay at home than go out and be active.

Taeyong, I think would be the kind of boyfriend who’d love to spoil his partner and hate to see hem self conscious or worrying about their weight. However, generally, people who work out aren’t really overly worried about their image, but he’d still be worried for them seeing their very healthy meals or working out for a crazy number of hours.

Doyoung wouldn’t have much in common with someone quite active or health-conscious. He’d rather be able to openly and easily cook and eat out with his S/O, without them turning him down or opting for a healthier option because of what their regime demands of them.

Haechan would rather date someone quite like him, whose not interested in that kind of lifestyle. Yeah he’d want someone a little active in the sense, they’d always be up for an adventure - but honestly, I just don’t see him with someone like that but you never know!