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Beta Traz thoughts:

I personally find Shiro and Slav’s interplay more than a little hilarious here. Not because I think Slav is a joke at all- we see what he’s dealing with at the beginning of the episode. It’s entirely likely he developed his seemingly obsessive-compulsive tendencies to just try and feel like he has some kind of control over his situation in the face of that being violated on the deepest level- the warden was quite literally taking control of his mind and taking gleeful note of how there was nothing Slav could do about what his inventions would be used for.

No- the funny part is Slav and Shiro are doing basically the exact same thing with different outlets and this is pretty much the root of their conflict.

Because: This is Shiro, actively going back into a Galra prison. He seems calm going in, but he’s a tough person to crack- and he also seems in control, a term that keeps stealthily cropping up in regards to Shiro. When does he start losing his cool? As soon as he stops feeling in control- when Slav’s observation of rituals start to cause them delays.

We’re treated to a scene before Lance and Shiro split up that’s very unusual- we have Shiro, who has more or less the shortest range of the team (he fights literally with his fist) rushing and tackling a distance enemy, when Lance, who has a gun, is right there.

Slav’s rituals are things like blankets, puddles, cracks in flooring. Shiro’s is anything and everything that might hurt his team. Shiro’s coping mechanisms seem super reasonable- Voltron is the universe’s only hope, he lost his team once, there’s a bunch of dangerous things out there- but, again, we’re seeing that Shiro is not exactly a beacon of rationality. “I’m here, with Lance, and we need to hit a distant target. I could stand back and let Lance do the thing that he’s good at and has the weapon best suited for, or I could make sure nobody but me has the potential of getting hurt here.” Or, how about “I’m going to imply that I was personally responsible for myself and two other people getting kidnapped by aliens like there was literally anything I could’ve done about that situation and I didn’t get pistol-whipped with a space rifle for trying”. 

Shiro and Slav are both desperately trying to manage a stressful situation the way that feels like it works for them and the differences in their respective coping mechanisms proceed to drive each other up a wall. 


Effort before effortless 💕

I used to get so annoyed watching people’s handstands on Instagram and I’d get so frustrated because I just couldn’t find that balance. For the longest time it was a fluke if I could even hold it for just a few seconds.
But I kept trying and now I feel like I’ve finally worked out how to use my hands to balance. I’m addicted to that feeling of weightlessness when I get that little bit of airtime! And nothing else matters in that moment.
Some days it’s a wobbly disaster and other days it just works. But I literally love it! Because I struggled for so long and worked so hard for it, it’s so much more rewarding now it works. Don’t give up!
P.S. I may have secretly catapulted straight out of this 2 seconds after I conveniently trimmed this movie! #letsbereal #handstandaddict #yogapractice

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Were other people aware that Kanye West went to Trump Tower because I just saw an article showing that like he posed for pictures with the fascist cheeto puff in the lobby while talking about how they’ve been friends for a long time and then Trump said Kanye was a good guy before going up to have a meeting…. like, Kanye is literally the embodiment of human garbage tbh.

Also, I find it sorta funny how tumblr picks female celebrities apart for how much they did/didn’t talk about Donald Trump, but then Kanye stops for a photo-op at Trump Tower and like… nothing. I can’t think of any female celebrity that could pull that shit off without tons of posts, each getting tens of thousands of notes, labeling her garbage. Like the sheer public outrage would be insane… god this website is so fucking misogynistic lol

hunk wasnt being “cute and nerdy” when he was going on and on about keith being galra

he was being casually racist

i know this to be true because i have lived this experience many many times because i am a “white passing” mixed race person

and everyone is out here saying all these other jokes hunk could say and how sweet he was being and i literally need all of it to stop for the sake of my sanity. Some of the things hunk said to keith in the episode are, almost word for word, people have said to me after finding out i’m part black and its not funny or cute its annoying and does absolutely nothing except point me out as an “Other”. It points Keith out as an “Other”

literally rewatch the episode

Watch keith. hes really, visually unimpressed with hunks quips. by the end of the episode hes so done he literally yells at hunk to fucking stop it

As a keith fan and a biracial person it makes me sad and angry and alienated seeing all these folks not just defending the behavior hunk displayed but even perpetuating it and making more bad jokes

and as a hunk fan i’m beyond angry and deeply saddened that the writers at dreamworks would make him do that kind of thing it felt so ooc and to see my favourite do that kind of thing brought real tears to my eyes

tldr: stop putting all of hunks galra keith jokes in a positive light they were terrible and pretty racist lmao

Nightmare Demon Taunts and Responses

Because if one of these is already out there, I literally cannot find it. So here’s another.


“Your Inquisitor is a fraud, Cassandra. Yet more evidence there is no Maker, that all your "faith” has been for naught.“

"Die in the Void, demon.”


“Dirth ma, harellan. Ma banal enasalin. Mar solas ena mar din.” [Loose translation:  Talk to me, Trickster. Your victory meant nothing. Your pride appears dead.]

Banal nadas. [Nothing is inevitable.]


“Once again, Hawke is in danger because of you, Varric. You found the red lyrium. You brought Hawke here…”
“Just keep talking, Smiley.”


“Ah, there’s nothing like a Grey Warden. And you are *nothing* like a Grey Warden.”

“I’ll show you a Warden’s strength, beast.”

Iron Bull:

“The Qunari will make a lovely host for one of my minions. Or maybe I will ride his body myself.”

“I’d like to see you try.”


“Are you afraid, Cole? I can help you forget. Just like you help other people. We’re so very much alike, you and I.”



“What’s it like living as an apostate, Vivienne? Do you really think you’ll reclaim your power in the Circle…at your age?”

“Not one word.”


“Greetings, Dorian…it is Dorian, isn’t it? For a moment, I mistook you for your father.”

“Rather uncalled for.”


“Sera, Sera, Sera. If you shoot an arrow at me, I’ll know where you are.”

“Out of my head, bitch-balls!”


“Did the king’s bastard think he could prove himself? It’s far too late for that. Your whole life you’ve left everything to more capable hands. The Archdemon, the throne of Fereldan…Who will you hide behind now?”

“Is that all it’s got? I’ve heard worse than that from Morrigan.”


“Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir, the brilliant commander. Pity the one time you tried to rule, you failed so miserably. You had to be beaten, humiliated, lest you destroy your own country. You even doomed the Wardens by bringing the Inquisitor down on them. You destroy everything  you touch.

[Grunts] "Is that all you’ve got? Nothing I’ve not said to myself.”


“Warden Stroud. How must it feel to devote your whole life to the wardens, only to watch them fall? Or worse, to know that you were responsible for their destruction? When the next Blight comes, will they curse your name?”

“With the Maker’s blessing, we will end this wretched beast.”


“Do you think it mattered, Hawke? Do you think anything you ever did mattered? You couldn’t even save your city. How could you expect to strike down a god?
(if in romance) [Love interest] is going to die, just like your family, and everyone you ever cared about.
(if not in romance) You’re a failure, and your family died knowing it.”

Diplomatic: “Of course, a fear demon would know where to hurt us most. We must ignore it.”
Charming: “Well, that’s going to grow tiresome quickly.”
Aggressive: “I’m going to enjoy killing this thing.”

submission - Pool/Hotel AUs
  • It’s my very first day of work, I know absolutely nothing about this hotel or the layout, and a stranger comes up and asks where they can get a membership card?? Like, I can barely manage to find the bathrooms, sorry dude
  • Oh hell no, you did not just try weaseling your way out of paying $600 because your food was “too cold” and you ordered “nothing alcoholic”, I served you and now I’m shit out of tips!
  • A drunk man just walked up to me, took my hand, kissed the back of it, and left before I could even say anything or call for security or literally anyone
  • A drunk man who’s getting married the next day won’t leave the pool unless I arm wrestle him so I let him win and as I shake his hand goodbye, he tries to kiss me. Thankfully you’re there and it’s kinda cute seeing you get all huffy and defensive.
  • live for the days when the lifeguard on stand in front of me is you because hot damn
  • I accidentally charged a guest $200 and I’m freaking out and you’re trying to calm me down before I have a full blown panic attack
  • There are so many hot people in bathing suits, how can you even focus on anything else?
  • That lady’s wearing a thong and I am not telling her she can’t wear it. Have you seen her arms? She could slap the sin right out of me
  • There’s a fight going on in the pool so I have to watch the entrance for you, the security guard, and when it’s all over and done, you’re a little roughed up but smile when you see me and act like nothing happened. Like, I am totally worried about you and everything, but give me the deets.
  • You’re really cute, but you have the thickest accent I have ever heard, and you just want to know where the bathroom is but I’m talking about the price for a cabana by the pool
  • I don’t have a car so I have to come in four hours early everyday with my sibling, who happens to work at the same place, and hang out in the office with my boss(es) and share food with them and talk shit.
  • You’re new to the job and kind of awkward but oh my god, you have the dorkiest, classic nerd laugh and it’s absolutely adorable when you snort
  • I’ve only seen you in uniform, which makes you look like a total dork, and the first time I see you out of uniform I didn’t recognize you because holy shit you’re actually really hot
  • The same playlist of songs plays over and over for months and you hate it, I know, but I haven’t gotten tired of it yet so don’t put me down when I’m dancing and singing to it when the guests aren’t around
  • For the love of god, please ask to get your shift changed because if I have to work beside the bitchiest girl at the front desk in 100+ degree heat by myself, I will murder someone
  • We’re cleaning up the pool deck and you find a beer bucket filled with ice so you dump it all on me when I’m not looking and when the guests start cheering, you find another bucket and do it again. Well my friend, pay backs gonna be a bitch
  • We sold out of rental tubes today and me, the smollest of people, has to stand on my tippy toes to put them away at the end of day and you, the tallest person I’ve ever seen, is just standing around chatting with a lifeguard. A little help, please?
  • Why do I work with so many hot people?? Like, this is ridiculous, none of you should be this hot and here I am, tripping over myself and flubbing my words every five seconds in front of you all. Can I get a break please? Or a date?

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I don't know if this makes sense but I feel like the fact that hunhan are so ambiguous regarding each other makes the relationship even realer imo. Like luhan still keeps in touch with yixing, he's on friendly terms with kris since he commented on his ig post awhile ago, xiumin got a birthday shoutout during one of luhans concerts signifying their friendship is still alive, tao & him seem cool too. But with sehun?...Nothing. Everything is 100% private & secretive, we literally have to find clues

I get what you mean. In the face of the media, they do seem to make a somewhat conscious effort to ignore each other’s existence, perhaps because there could be consequences if they did otherwise. It is up for interpretation, but I do believe it’s a little fishy that us hunhan stans have to go forging for clues, when all of these other relations are so outwardly displayed. 

And im trying to find the courage to tell you how I feel because i want nothing more than a chance with you but my mind keeps cluttering with the debilitating ‘what ifs’ and the reminder that i could never be something you could love. And i feel like its already too late because in a few months you wont be here and you probably won’t even remember my name but i wish for once I could straight out tell you how i feel without panicking and my heart and mind racing.
—  july 3, written may 18; its too late (youre gone)
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: mason hewitt is literally purest soul to ever step foot into beacon hills (behind scott mccall) and he's done everything in his power to help his best friend after finding out he was a werewolf and didn't even hesitate before considering himself part of the mccall pack and stepping into the supernatural world like it was nothing and doing whatever he could be help save people and now he's been turned into this horrible beast and he has no idea and just knowing how broken he'll been when he realizes that people are dead because of him is breaking me and i need to know there's a way to save him without killing him because i do not want to see a teen wolf without mason hewitt
@ everyone hating on Magnus right now:

Fuck you all. Seriously, fuck you all.

I don’t care who you think you are, you don’t get to randomly pick the most hurtful, triggering words you can think of and throw them at a character that did NOTHING to deserve them.

Do you have any idea how important this is, what they have done with Magnus? Do you even understand what an inspiration he is for queer teens and young adults everywhere?

Because lemme tell you, just as Magnus, I’m bi (and also demi, which means I experience no sexual attraction towards anyone unless we share a deep emotional bond). And I literally CAN’T THINK of a single show with bi portrayal that I could find relatable until now. And it’s not like there are many shows with bi representation to begin with. And even less shows directed at a YA audience.

I’ve watched shows where:

  • ‘the bi character’ (because there’s usually just one) is always the one to ruin someone’s relationship;
  • the bi character eventually always cheats on their partner with someone of a different gender;
  • the bi character ends up involved in a threesome simply because they’re bi, or in an orgy;
  • the bi character is always torn between two people of different genders because apparently bi people can’t settle for one thing;
  • the bi character likes someone that isn’t available at the moment and therefore feels like they have to go to bed with any character of any gender they run into (which for me, since I’m also demi, makes it very hard to empathize with them);
  • the bi character has been coded to be the villain from the beginning or is later made into one;
  • the bi character’s only function is to be embodiment of unfaithfulness, lust and promiscuity.

Do you even know how much harm this causes to the image of bi people out there, to how the world views us, how we are even afraid to say we’re bi because we know people have the wrong idea about us? Hell, at first I wasn’t sure I wanted to be bi (as if that were something you can choose!), because even I had this wrong and ignorant concept about bi people. 

Do you want a fun anecdote? The other day my friend was talking with his mom on his phone and he mentions me, to which she asks if “I’m weird” like another friend of ours (weird is the term she uses to refer to lesbians —don’t get me started on that either). So he tells her that no, that first of all, I’m not weird, and second, I don’t only like boys. Her answer is “So, does she pounce on everyone she sees on the streets? What does she do, does she go to bed with everyone? She must be wild”. I’m not making this up. I wish I was, but I’m not. This right here is one of the million reasons why we need, why we deserve proper bi representation.

Magnus Bane, in contrast, is a character that defies stereotypes, someone who is confident, who is honest, generous, who tries his best to help and protect people, who is comfortable in his own skin, who is proud of his sexual orientation, who is determined, who knows what he wants and does what he can to get it, but still cares about not hurting other people along the way, who is on the side of the good guys FOR ONCE (and I CAN’T EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH, BECAUSE I’VE HAD IT WITH MOST OF THE VILLAINS OUT THERE BEING QUEER-CODED). 

Magnus is literally the best, most positive, most healthy, most relatable portrayal of a bi character I’ve ever encountered. *And he’s also fashionable as fuck.

  • His plot line is not just about I’m so bi, look how not straight I am, what am I gonna do with all my bi-ness and the situations that come up because of it. No. He has his own purpose. He has a job, he helps people for a living, he sometimes assists the Clave, he protects his kind (by giving shelter to other warlocks). He’s his own person. He’s just an awesome character that happens to be incidentally bi. 
  • And he’s not perfect. He has his own personal interests, he sometimes lets his heart rule over his head, he falls in love quickly and messily, he’s not very patient, but he never does anything out of pure spite. He’s kind, he’s flawed, he’s human where his psyche is concerned. 
  • He likes Alec, so he focuses on getting to know him, on helping him come to terms with who he is, and you don’t see him sleeping around to pass the time simply because Alec is not receptive yet (And I’m not slut shaming. People who slut shame are pathetic and narrow-minded. It’s simply that I never found a bi character who would just wait and see how things turn out with the one they actually love, and to me this is SO important because, being demi, this is what it’s always been like for me and I never found someone I could relate to in this respect). 
  • He doesn’t push Alec into anything, he lets him make his own decisions. He just wants the people he cares about to be happy. What happens here is that it looks like Alec could be very happy if he gave Magnus a chance. And yes, both interests (seeing Alec happy and wanting to date Alec) overlap, but that doesn’t make Magnus a terrible person for pursuing both, especially since they aren’t exclusive. Still, his priority is for Alec to be liberated from his multiple burdens and live a happier life.

So, all of this said, if you are still hellbent on speaking ill of Magnus and calling him a bunch of words whose meaning and impact I doubt you understand, not caring about how disrespectful you are being to the people who have been victims of actual abusers, predators or rapists in the process, I can only wish you sincerely to fall face first into a fucking cactus and leave this character and his fandom the fuck alone.

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He should be dead within 30 seconds. The werewolf heart is about two-thirds the size of a human’s; but, in order to shrink, first, it has to stop. In other words, he has a heart attack. All the internal organs are smaller; so, while he’s having his heart attack, he’s having a liver and kidney failure too, and if he stops screaming, it’s not because the pain has dulled: his throat, gullet, and vocal chords are tearing and reforming. He literally can’t make a sound. By now, the pituitary gland should be working overtime, flooding his body with endorphins to ease some of the pain, but that, too, has shut down. Anyone else would have died of shock long ago, but it won’t let him. And that’s the thing I find most remarkable: it drags him through fire and keeps him alive and even conscious to endure every second. Nothing like this could just evolve; this is the fingerprint of God, an impossible, lethal curse, spread by tooth and claw. Victim begets victim begets victim. It’s so cruel, it’s… perfect.” - Mitchell

Today I got really sad like terrifyingly sad the kind where you honestly either just cry your heart out or stare into nothing and feel nothing. So I skipped maths by hiding in the loo (because like that forsaken class ever made anyone feel better) and to distract myself from crying I literally just wrote down everything I could think of on a notepad. I ended up writing non stop for two hours and I have to say 10/10 would recommend despite writing callouses and sniff neck - sacrifice is worthy to save mental health and also organises thoughts well. Much better than a spiralling mess attacking your mind. You may find you feel a sense of resolve and/or closure. Or just find a friend in yourself, which is also good. Amen.

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How do u and Zoe have such a healthy friendship pls give tips all my friendships are so unstable

omg! this is so sweet honestly were just rly loving n supportive of each other after all this time like obviously we’ve gotten in Nasty fights before but not in like years and it’s gotten to the point where literally nothing would make us consider not being friends because we value each other so much. i think the key is just finding people who appreciate u as much as u appreciate them. also it’s important to find something u both enjoy doing so u can do it together and bond OMG BONDING that’s a big thing I used to make zoe and i watch movies all of the time so we could bond and she’d always make fun of me but it works!!!

if you think /jasper/ was the one being abused by /lapis/, literally unfollow me right now. i am tired of finding great jasper blogs and then a few pages in, discovering a post abt how “jasper was not the abuser.” jasper forced lapis’ hand, lapis did the only thing she could to save her friend, and she suffered for it.

garnet and pearl literally had a 5 episode arc about consent because pearl had tricked her into fusing for frivolous reasons, and jasper literally forced that corrupted gem to fuse with her, but y'all still think she’s done nothing wrong. miss me with that shit.

jasper is an amazing, complex character, with depth and self hatred and her own struggles to overcome, but she has also hurt a lot of people, and to ignore the bad things she’s done is really, /really/ gross.

doing bad things does not make you inherently bad forever, it does not mean you can’t change. things are not all black and white. this show is all about that type of complexity - pearl is one great example of this - and if you can’t comprehend that, than this show is not for you.

“how can you be a lesbian if you used to like/date men” because literally for all of my life, and every woman’s life we’re constantly told that pleasing men, being appealing to men, being attracted to men, liking men, is the priority, it’s what’s natural and normal and expected, and everything else is wrong and ridiculous. bc there was nothing i could look at and relate to about liking girls that wasn’t considered weird and creepy or oversexualized or a joke, because some people take time to find out what they’re comfortable with. bye

GD didnt talk about the police brutality that led to eric garner’s death. he didnt talk about racism.

he literally just said “yeah eric garner’s last words were i cant breathe thats moving i felt like that b4 so its in my exhibit”

stop gassing up non-black people for doin the bare minimum. GD did nothing powerful at all. he was just trying to seem deep

remember like literally a month ago when he intentionally made 네게 sound like n*gga and several korean speakers confirmed it?? remember all the cultural appropriation?

yall wanna act like he had some sudden awakening and hes down for the cause all because he briefly mentioned a basic fact about eric garner you could find literally anywhere?

hell no. nobody gets pats on the back for the bare minimum. nobody has to “respect” GD for doing the bare minimum. and if you think someone deserves a cookie for caring about black lives you are absolutely wrong

I dont understand how someone could hate asexual people so much. Like literally all they are is regular humans who dont want sex. It doesnt matter what their reasons are because it’s none of your business. But how can you shit talk ace people when they are doing absolutely nothing hurtful. I just dont get it. Is it because you automatically become insecure when you find out that a person whether you know them or not will never have any desire to fuck you??? Is that it???  Is your dick or pussy so full of sadness over that?

I love sex, how come I can understand ace people but you cant??? How is it hurting anyone?? So there are people in this world who dont have sex by personal choice. so???

“Everybody is mad because they kissed.”

Nope. Everyone is made because the protagonist is being a real right twat and nothing else substantial happened in the episode. Literally nothing in this episode happened. Every single moment in the episode could have been done without. We found out NOTHING new that feeds to the entire storyline except Maggie is pregnant. That is it. That is all. There is nothing here about love because one kiss does not equate to finding love and that goes for both of the kisses tonight (How juvenile the premise? Is this TeenNick?). The absolute definition of a filler was this episode. Everyone was talking in these contrived speeches that this is what life is now, except they are the same people from the start of the episode to the end. J*ssie is still looking for validation, Rick is still trying to get his dick wet and nothing else is going on. They did nothing with Maggie except put her in a sewer to reveal she is pregnant instead of her maybe talking with Michonne and Carol because I don’t understand why people are revealing things to outsiders. Two mothers did not pick up hints about a woman they’ve spent close to two years with? Rosita is crying off somewhere. Judith has evaporated. Carl is lost. Did we find out where Judith is? No. Did Ron do anything worth while? No. It was trying to get us to care but it failed miserably. You can’t just continue to have the characters say what’s going on rather than showing us what is going on. It’s not realistic. And it’s lazy. Deanna was okay except she is still the same person. I thought she was already giving power to Rick, but we needed her to say it? And a walker kill? Uh ok. The whole episode served it’s purpose to shoe how inept the Alexandrians are EXCEPT WE KNEW THIS ALREADY? The episode would have been better served showing Rosita doing hand gun lessons because apparently she’s doing that? I’m sorry but I will sit and watch a Beth episode on loop before I watch this again because not only did it do nothing to add to the storyline, it did much worse in making the protagonist look like the tool he was never meant to be. Rick’s allure was that he was always responsible. Always. There was a reason we rooted for Rick and not Shane. Nothing in the last 5 seasons (Well 4 ½, I will exclude 5B) would give you the impression he would act this way over a piece of tail. When, they gave that tail NO QUALITIES that would make you say, oh sure I could see how he could be interested, other than her looks. There was nothing that her character did but give him a haircut, yet I’m to believe he can open up to her because she knows him so well? It is the worst thing I’ve seen done to the hero in such a long time I have nothing to compare it to. TV Rick has been through the ringer yes, but his driving force has been his kids and that fact never changed until now, because??? The awful disappearance of Michonne and Carol made no sense especially after what they went through when we last saw them. I thought I would hate this episode because of the kiss but I ended up hating it for even more. If the kiss happened in an episode where other things were at play the backlash would not be so harsh. This episode happened so Rick can kiss this chick and their is no way around it. It is insulting to the people who live and breathe this show. It is insulting to your audience. There is nothing poetic about any of this. For the first time since season 3, I am looking forward to seeing Daryl Dixon and his muddy hair on my screen. The writers are playing us all for fools when they feed us this garbage. No, each episode does not have to revolve around my faves but I should know where they are and what they are doing. All these new faces popping up out of nowhere (who are you bruce?) and it’s insulting. Where was Heath? Morgan? I guess Rick doesn’t know about Morgan’s wolf prisoner? Nobody knows about that? Everything about this episode was terrible that it turned comical when I realized I was being played for a fool. I am only sticking with Rick because I feel like this whole arc is hogwash, but you can’t discount people who are really upset that their intelligence is being tested this way. Here’s to hoping for better. I do hope the reviewers rip this episode to shreds. I think this really is the worst I’ve ever seen.