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The Signs as Devalier Quotes
  • Aries : Your heart, your soul, and what you feel...This, my friend, is what truly lasts(Something to Remember You By)
  • Taurus : Love will change everything you thought you were, and at the the same time, make you more yourself than you could ever be alone (Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart)
  • Gemini : That's unfair though, isn't it? for People to just look at you and think they know who you are (Catch Perfect)
  • Cancer : You are such a wonderfully kind person, but you don't want anyone to know it. you have secret depths of fear. you love too deeply but you try to deny it because you know that the deeper you love, the more you hurt. (Besáme Mucho)
  • Leo : You change the world around me. You make it bright when everything is dull and grey and ugly. You take away everything awful inside me until there is nothing but you (Auf Widersehen, Sweetheart)
  • Virgo : sometimes it's hard to leave what you have always known; but then, sometimes it brings you something you otherwise never would have dreamt of (La Patisserie De La Rose)
  • Libra : believe that you'll survive another day. and don't just believe in tomorrow, believe in next week, and next month, and next year. believe in survival. believe in joyful survival. (Lily of the Lamplight)
  • Scorpio : you spend so long waiting for something to happen, then when it does, it's iver so fast you barely notice, but it's those brief moments that matter (Lily of the Lamplight)
  • Sagittarius : We all feel fear, but some things are worth pushing through that fear for. some things are important. some things are worth it (Besáme Mucho)
  • Capricorn : everyone here is a little odd. But mainly it's because everyone kinda has to be, you know ? it's easier to be odd or crazy than to hurt all the time (Catch Perfect)
  • Aquarius : Imagine if mankind reached for the stars instead of desperately trying to annihilate each other(Besáme Mucho)
  • Pisces : Every day the same hell. it was as though I was seeing in black and white. but then you arrived from no where, and you looked up, and you spoke, and you smiled, and everything burst into color again (Auf Wiedersehen, Sweet heart)
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Life is more than breathing.
It goes beyond just being.
Life is about the adventures,
and the self-discoveries.
Life is about 2am drives with 
no destination with people 
who actually matter.

And sometimes life gets hard
because no one said it was easy.
And sometimes it isn’t fair,
or perfect, or happy all the time.
Life is a series of fragments,
and moments that you have to
put together yourself.

There is no wrong you cannot right.
There is not a thing you cannot do.
Because life is made to be yours,
as crazy as that may seem sometimes.
And maybe one day you'll 
realize that life isn't what it
looks like on the cover of the box.

—  “This is your masterpiece”
Why Mary shot Sherlock

Okay, my .02, that no one asked for.

People are WAY overthinking the problem of why Mary shot Sherlock, imho.  Because yes, the answer Sherlock gives us in canon is the correct one:

SHERLOCK: Of course, you couldn’t shoot Magnussen. On the night that both of us broke into the building, your own husband would become a suspect.

Counter argument #1: Mary’s gun is different from John’s, so the police would never suspect John.

Yes, Mary shoots Sherlock with a different caliber gun from the one John usually carries.  So what?  The cops don’t know what kind of gun John usually carries (his gun is a secret), and more importantly, he doesn’t have his gun on him that night:

Downstairs, Sherlock goes out of the front door followed by John.
SHERLOCK: Don’t bring a gun.
JOHN: Why would I bring a gun?
SHERLOCK: Or a knife, or a tyre lever. Probably best not to do any arm-spraining, but we’ll see how the night goes.

Say Mary shot Magnussen and Sherlock, then left the way she came.

Imagine you are the police.  You get a report that shots have been fired in an office building. When you arrive, you find two dead men, two unconscious security guards, and an unconscious PA.  And one living, uninjured human.  Naturally your first and most likely suspect is going to be the living human.  But he’s unarmed!  Okay, so he stashed the gun somewhere – maybe he threw it out the window, maybe he put it in a toilet tank.

In all likelihood, it will be difficult to get a conviction on John without a murder weapon, but the cops will nevertheless suspect him and bring him in for questioning.  They’ll search the office for the gun, and when it doesn’t turn up, they’ll probably hassle John some more, because they have no other leads. What else are they supposed to do?

Counter argument #2: Sherlock’s ‘surgery’ explanation doesn’t make sense because she literally says, “Oh Sherlock, if you take one more step I swear I will kill you.”  

Yes, Mary does say that.  She’s bluffing.  She wants Sherlock to take her seriously, to back off and give her a second to think about how to deal with the situation. But Sherlock is putting her in a difficult position, he’s trying to force her to talk, and she’s not sure if she can trust him to keep her secret.  She’s not ready to come clean to him yet, so she tries to scare him into submission by threatening to kill him.

He calls her bluff, so she shoots him.  But she doesn’t shoot to kill because A) she genuinely likes Sherlock and doesn’t want him dead, and B) she loves John and knows Sherlock’s death would devastate him.

SHERLOCK: However, sentiment got the better of you.  One precisely-calculated shot to incapacitate me in the hope that it would buy you more time to negotiate my silence.

If Mary had wanted to kill Sherlock, she would have shot him in the head.  It’s that simple.  It’s like the very first rule of assassination – you ALWAYS go for the head shot if you’re at close range and you want the person dead.

Counter argument #3: Amanda Abbington herself said Mary had no reason to shoot Sherlock.

Okay, but Amanda didn’t write the episode.  She’s just an actor.  She doesn’t have any more insight into the plot or character than we do. It’s a relatively complex episode, and she missed some key points.

Look, if you want to find plot holes in HLV, you can – they do exist, because no writer is perfect.  But this isn’t one. 

(thanks to @callie-ariane for the transcriptions)

anonymous asked:

Can I also point something out? I agree with you 100000% on how sapiosexuality is ableist and racist. While it might not be homophobic per se, I also think it could hurt actual queer people because it could belittle an actual sexuality that a person is. Like, bisexual and people like to tell me my sexuality isn't real because I'm "greedy" or it's "impossible" and it's just "No...I really am attracted to more than one gender. What you're 'attracted' to is based on society's perception. (1/2)

(2/2). Idk, it might sound stupid but I really think there are gonna be people who see sapiosexuality and then look at legit sexualities, like asexuality and pansexuality, and think “Oh they are just like sapiosexuals, little snowflakes who want attention” because that’s not it AT ALL. Idk, it’s stupid.

No you make perfect sense and I feel the same way. It’s a tough subject because on one hand, it sounds dangerously similar to the “you’re hurting REAL gay/trans/etc people!!” but like………..

I’ve seen sapios legit claim they can reclaim the word queer, and I remember one especially irritating rant that was like “I’m wearing my sapiosexual shirt but I’m still in the closet so if my parents see me I’ll have to explain myself!!” And just,,,,, when there are people who are being murdered for,,, actually identifying with a sexuality that has to do with non-straightness,,,,,,,,,,, comparing “"being attracted to intelligence”“ to being bi or ace or lesbian is just,,, so gross and out of line imo

Plus it really has lead to devaluing of other sexualities. I’m seen lots of anti-sjs go "oh haha this is just like aromantic people!” and “this is just like demisexuality!” Like it is harming other sexualities. And when sexualities based on preference (especially ableist, very very very opinion-based ones) exist, it contributes to the shitty concept that sexuality itself is based on preference (y'know, like how lesbians are told they're choosing not to sleep with men)

Idk, I see what u mean it’s definitely harmful to queer/mogai/lgbt+ people

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I don't know, I feel like Jake did change. In S1 he was more protective of Finn and more often cheering him up or giving him advice and stuff; later Jake seemed more reckless and prone to being silly or not totally helpful. This could be either Finn realizing that Jake isn't just a perfect big brother guy who helps out and gives advice, and is instead his own person with flaws and stuff, or Jake decided to back off a bit because he knew Finn could handle himself better than the start of the show

Well, that’s why I used “that much” because yeah, it feels like he’s giving him more space now due to being older (like in the beginning of Flute Spell) but he is as protective and supportive as ever, if not even more.

It did seem like he backed off a bit during s5/s6 but they both have their issues they needed to handle themselves and Finn was kind of dickish too… but Jake was still there, worrying.

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I'm furious that some people are saying that Laura came to be only as Carmilla's wish! Why isn't her love perfect then? Why isn't Carmilla loved the way she wants and Hollstein falls apart? Why reduce what the show taught ut about choices to that and say that the only way Carmilla can find the love she craves is with divine intervention and not in a human way? The queen spoke of a girl. Nothing more. Didn't force feelings or dictate choices. They didn't fall in love because they're supposed to.


So, I got multiple asks about this. I personally took the fairy’s prophecy as her seeing things that were already in motion, predicting rather than creating. I defend this by pointing out that Mel physically reacted and obeyed when granted her wish, Carmilla did not. So, I assumed the fairy was telling her what was going to come. So no, Laura was not created to fulfill Carmilla’s wishes, no she was not dragged to campus to fulfill Carmilla’s wishes (notice that Laura didn’t react to that part and demand her free will back). They were meant to meet, so they did. End of story.